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Demon Arrival Latest chapter update list

author£ºPure Little Dragon

Text Chapter 1 WelcomeMain Text Chapter 2 End and BeginningMain Text Chapter 3 Lord, are you awake?Text Chapter 4 Seven Demon Kings!
Text Chapter 5 Grass TeamText Chapter 6 Blood RaceText Chapter Seven I'm BlindText Chapter Eight The Name of the Inn
Text Chapter Nine: Demon JumpText Chapter 10 Awakening of the Blood RaceText Chapter Eleven DesireMain text Chapter 12 Do you long for power?
Main Text Chapter Thirteen Licking the Dog until the EndMain Text Chapter Fourteen Something HappenedText Chapter 15 RecruitmentText Chapter Sixteen Weird
Text Chapter 17 The Taste of BloodText Chapter Eighteen Flying Against the WindText Chapter Nineteen: Competing for MeritMain Text Chapter 20 Promotion!
Text Chapter 21: The Sudden DemonMain Text Chapter 22 The Rainy Day Belonging to VampiresText Chapter 23 Good Sword!Text Chapter 24 Original Sin
Main Text Chapter 25 Si NiangMain Text Chapter 26 Relatives ComeText Chapter 27 Fate is beyond wordsText Chapter 28 Return to the city!
Text Chapter 29 Where to Find Gentle CountryText Chapter 30 Professional ManagersMain text Chapter 31 The most fearful, the air is suddenly quietText Chapter Thirty-two Cut it!
Main Text Chapter 33 Upgrade Method!Text Chapter Thirty-Four: Catch the TeacherText Chapter 35: Is a WerewolfText Chapter Thirty-six: Beifeng Liu Family!
Text Chapter Thirty-seven: Pharaoh's requestText Chapter 38: Short-lived TeacherMain Text Chapter 39 Negotiation Expert: Blind ManMain Text Chapter 40 General Teacher: A Ming
Main text Chapter 41 Half-step ninth grade!Text Chapter 42 Collective Advancement!Main Text Chapter 43: A Quick Cram Course for the Demon KingMain text Chapter 44 My lord, you are so talented!
Text Chapter Forty-FiveMain text Chapter 46 Happy to be a fatherText Chapter 47: Stitch RemovalText Chapter 48 One verse is better than six
Text Chapter 49: Kill the Thief!Main Text Chapter 50: The Magic Pill Comes Out!Main text Chapter 51: Difficult to be a stepmotherText Chapter 52: The Deep Sea
Main Text Chapter 53 Unbelievable... Advanced!Main Text Chapter 54: Western Piano and Eastern ErhuMain Text Chapter 55 Can Ann tell if I am male or female?Text Chapter 56: Xue San and the Dog
Text Chapter Fifty-seven: Taking Dog Ding HaoText Chapter 58: The brightest cub in the audienceText Chapter Fifty-ninth: Really DirtyText Chapter 60 Exterminating the Gate
Text Chapter 61: Meat Eaters DespiseMain text Chapter 62: I am a masterText Chapter 63: The real... strong manText Chapter 64: Laying
Text Chapter 65 Ask for an explanation!Text Chapter 66 A Certain Book of Desert-Savage!Text Chapter 67 The Attacking Lieutenant Zheng (Big Chapter)Text Chapter 68: Dead
Main text Chapter 69 Please drink teaMain text Chapter 70 The traitorText Chapter 71 Encounter at the secret doorText Chapter 72: Deadly Change! (superior)
Text Chapter 73: Deadly Change! (Down)Text Chapter 74: Stirring MessText Chapter 75 Summoning, Success!Main Text Chapter 76: Not a loss!
Text Chapter 77 Gu, I will fully support you!Text Chapter 78: A Sister Lin Falls from the SkyText Chapter 79: A Dutiful SonMain text Chapter 80 Guilty
Text Chapter 81 My family has 300,000 soldiersText Chapter 82 Return of Soldiers and HorsesMain text Chapter 83: Demon's Cave BanquetText Chapter Eighty-Four: Nanwang Master Wang Another Year
Text Chapter 85: The Mourning HallText Chapter 86 Zheng Family TraditionText Chapter 87: Marquis of JingnanText Chapter 88: The Dog That Doesn¡¯t Bite
Text Chapter 89: The Day of the Dead is TodayText Chapter 90: Dagan, here I comeText Chapter 91 First Shot!Text Chapter 92: Wolf Smoke!
Text Chapter 93 Ulla!Text Chapter 94 Breaking the City!Main text Chapter 95: Close the team!Text Chapter 96: The Tiger Father Has No Dogs
Text Chapter 97: The Peach Blossom on the Human FaceText Chapter Ninety-Eighth: Miao ZanText Chapter 99 Mutation!Text Testimonials (must read)
Text Chapter 100 Possessed by a magic pill! (Please subscribe!)Text Chapter 101 Desperate situation! (Please subscribe!)Text Chapter 102: Tiger, Tiger, Tiger! (Please subscribe!)Text Chapter 103 Domineering! (Please subscribe!)
Text Chapter 104 Playing RightText Chapter 105: The Merciful MasterText Chapter 106: So DifficultText Chapter 107 Assassination!
Text Chapter 108 StimulationText Chapter 109 HeroesMain text Chapter 110: Dangerous rivers and lakesMain text Chapter 111: The gift of Green Willow Castle!
Text Chapter 112: Hero, please enter the pitText Chapter 113 Shatuo Queshi and HeroesText Chapter 114: StormText Chapter 115: Magic Pill Perspective
Text Chapter 116: Called by Lord HouText Chapter 117 Entering BeijingText Chapter 118: Meeting the Sixth Prince AgainText Chapter 119 Revenge!
Text Chapter 120 Questioning the GuiltText Chapter 121 Receiving the orderText Chapter 122: The Vengeful FanText Chapter 123: The Overthrow of the Great Yan Clan!
Text Chapter 124 Blood NightText Chapter 125: Ascension to the SkyText Chapter 126 Face SaintText Chapter 127: Lord Zhenbei
Text Chapter 128 PushedText Chapter 129 A man should be like this!Text Chapter 1 Present and FutureText Chapter 2 Recruitment
Text Chapter Three BewareText Chapter 4 My SonText Chapter 5 WaterText Chapter 6 Speech
Text Chapter VII Winning People's HeartsText Chapter Eight Wanfeng DiseaseMain Text Chapter Nine Knowledge SoldiersText Chapter 10 Entering the City!
Text Chapter 11: SoldiersText Chapter Twelve Charge!Text Chapter Thirteen I'm Dirtier than YouText Chapter Fourteen Dirtier
Text Chapter 15 BluffingMain Text Chapter Sixteen Dwarfs and VassalsText Chapter Seventeen Returning the CampMain Text Chapter Eighteen
Main Text Chapter 19: There's an Inside TasteMain text Chapter 20 Big pearls and small pearls fall on the jade plate!Main Text Chapter 21: The Shepherd Boy Points to Xinghua VillageText Chapter 22 Killing with a Borrowed Knife
Text Chapter 23: Could it be a fool?Text Chapter 24: The East Wind RisesText Chapter Twenty-FiveText Chapter 26 Foreshadowing
Text Chapter 27: Slashing the Dragon Veins!Text Chapter 28: King Fu's HeadText Chapter 29: Zhenbei Army Goes SouthMain Text Chapter Thirty
Text Chapter 32: SegmentationText Chapter Thirty-Three Great GraceText Chapter 34 PeachText Chapter 35: Conspiracy
Text Chapter Thirty-Six: All BeingsText Chapter Thirty-seven Masters of the Art of WarText Chapter Thirty-eight There is death but there is no life!Text Chapter Thirty-Nine: Charge!
Main Text Chapter 40: Defeat and Grab!Text Chapter 41 MarriageText Chapter 42 Do you want a wife?Text Chapter 43: It's Dark
Text Chapter 44 SurrenderText Chapter 45 CharacterText Chapter 46 Anger!Main text Chapter 47: Here Comes the Swallow Dog
Text Chapter 48: The Second Sword of Qian KingdomText Chapter Forty-ninth Meeting the EnemyText Chapter 50 Don't DareText Chapter 51: Two Sides
Text Chapter Fifty-second Emperor QianText Chapter 53: AssassinsText Chapter Fifty-Four Turning PointText Chapter Fifty-Five: Returning to the Night
Text Chapter 56: The Disappearing ArmyText Chapter 57 NorthText Chapter 58: WestText Chapter 59 South
Text Chapter 60 East! ! !Text Chapter 61 Angry OfficialsText End of Curriculum TestimonialsText Chapter 1 Discussion of Merit
Main Text Chapter 2 Sky High Let Birds FlyMain Text Chapter 3 CutieText Chapter 4 ParasitismText Chapter Five Providence
Text Chapter Six Sacred ObjectsText Chapter Seven City GuardText Chapter Eight FallText Chapter Nine Hey Hey
Text Chapter 10 Carrying the coffin and fightingText Chapter Eleven TransactionsMain Text Chapter Twelve Playing OffText Chapter Thirteen Sword Master
Main Text Chapter Fourteen Armor Removal!Text Chapter 15 HeadText Chapter 16 Peerless BeautyText Chapter Seventeen One Word
Text Chapter 18 I'm sickMain Text Chapter Nineteen Rivers and LakesText Chapter 20 Ancestors with spiritsText Chapter 21 Soup Cake
Text Chapter 22 AskingText Chapter 23 Victory!Text Chapter 24 Queen Mother!Text Chapter 25 Coincidentally?
Text Chapter 26 Bad WaterText Chapter 27 Borrowing SoldiersText Chapter 28: Site!Text Chapter 29: Becoming a Dog
Main text Chapter 30 Foregone conclusionText Chapter 31 Advanced!Text Chapter Thirty-Second Discussion LaterText Chapter Thirty-Three Bang!
Text Chapter 34: The FirstText Chapter Thirty-fifth: Sheng Gong'anText Chapter Thirty-six InvasionText Chapter 37: A Set Within a Set Within a Set
Text Chapter 39: Treasure HouseText Chapter Fortieth Raiders of the Lost ArkText Chapter 41: Closing the netMain text Chapter 42
Text Chapter 44 ProvocationText Chapter 45 A little problemText Chapter 46: BreakthroughText Chapter 47 Suicide
Text Chapter 48: EvilText Chapter 49 Finding the TreasureMain Text Chapter 50 Bloodline?Text Chapter Fifty-first
Text Chapter 52 SettingsText Chapter Fifty-Three: KillingText Chapter Fifty-Four: SiegeText Chapter Fifty-Five: Stupid Upgrade
Text Chapter 56 StudyText Chapter 57 EmbarrassmentText Chapter 58: The PrinceText Chapter Fifty-ninth: Bingyun Reappears
Text Chapter 60 Old Silver CoinsText Chapter 62: SnowfieldText Chapter 63: GodfatherText Chapter 64 Scars
Text Chapter 65 Rhododendron BlossomsText Chapter 66: Black Dragon BannerText Chapter 67 SeeText Chapter 68 Kneel!
Text Chapter 69 Looking at the sceneryText Chapter 70 RollText Chapter 71: The Young MasterText Chapter 72 Joke
Main text Chapter 73: The golden cicada escapes its shellText Chapter 74 Winning and LosingText Chapter 75 Chicken RibsText Chapter 76 Debt Collection
Text Chapter 77 Bad News!Text Chapter 78 InjuryMain text Chapter 79 Pay attentionText Chapter 80 Whiteheads
Text Chapter 81 Jing NanText Chapter 82 See you on your kneesMain text Chapter 83: CompositionText Chapter 84 Wild Species
Text Chapter 85 LivelyText Chapter 86: Where is the Sword?Text Chapter 87 Early Childhood EducationText Chapter 88: Mountain Fire
Text Chapter 89 PromotionText Chapter 90: On the RoadMain text Chapter 91: TribulationText Chapter 92 Shameless
Main text Chapter 93: TruthText Chapter 94: Flowers Bloom and WitherText Chapter 95 CredentialsText Chapter 96 Grief
Text Chapter Ninety-Seven: City GuardsText Chapter 98: Your home is goneText Chapter 99 Daily lifeText Chapter 100 Waves
Text Chapter 101 ExpeditionText Chapter 102 ProphecyText Chapter 103 SupportText Chapter 104 Preparations
Text Chapter 106 DeathText Chapter 107: Taking a BathText Chapter 108: SisterText Chapter 109: Yan Xiaoliu
Text Chapter 110 FuneralText Chapter 111: The Waves Are Out (1)Text Chapter 112: The Waves Are Out (2)Text Chapter 113: The Waves Are Out (3)
Text Chapter 114: The Splashes Are Out (4)Text Chapter 115: The Waves Eliminate the HeroesText Chapter 116 SadnessText Chapter 117 Flattery
Text Chapter 118: The Bitter PeakText Chapter 119: The Li Bell Rings!Text Chapter 120: JingyunText Chapter 121 About Winter
Text Chapter 122 ProclamationText Chapter 123: The Marquis of Jingnan Sets OffText Chapter 124: PixiuText Chapter 125: Huh huh
Text Chapter 126: Be an IndividualText Chapter 127 Drinking BloodText Chapter 128: Life requires a sense of ritualText Chapter 129: The Power of the Sword Master!
Text Chapter 130: One Emperor Through the AgesText Chapter 131: Little ThreeText Chapter 132: Praising General ZhengText Chapter 133 Magnificent
Text Chapter 134 BreakthroughText Chapter 135 Horse Stepping Joint VentureText Chapter 136 HotText Chapter 137 Arrangements
Text Chapter 138: Carrot SealText Chapter 139: Carrying the FlagText Chapter 140: Leaving the CityText Chapter 141: Does He Look Like a Person?
Text Chapter 142 No Refund!Text Chapter 143: Fate!Text Chapter 144 Who is the Immortal of the Sword!Text Chapter 145 Stare
Text Chapter 146 Drumming Gathering GeneralsText Chapter 147 GrainText Chapter 148: Keeping PrisonersText Chapter 149 Gale!
Text Chapter 150: Crush Them!Text Chapter 151 DespairText Chapter 152 FeastText Chapter 153: The Wind Comes from the West
Text Chapter 154: Gu YanzhiText Chapter 155 MeetingText Chapter 156: KnighthoodText Chapter 157 Heart-to-heart
Text Chapter 158: MiddleText Chapter 160 Feeding a Tiger with Your BodyText Chapter 161: PillarText Chapter 162: Confer the King!
Text Chapter 163: Little SixText Chapter 164 No problem!Text The next chapter is being writtenText Chapter 165 Re-entry
Text Chapter 166: Uncle HiranoText Chapter 167 DowryText Chapter 168 RewardsText Chapter 169: Savage King
Text Chapter 170: TopSummarize the text.Main text Chapter 172: Into my nestText Chapter 173: Hong Yanyan
Text Sorry, I really can't write today.Text Chapter 175 GaleText Chapter 176: Tiger Talisman!Text Chapter 177: Execution of Slaves
Text Chapter 178 Change of MindText Chapter 179 Come and seeText Chapter 180: What does it have to do with me?Text Chapter 181 Really Hurts
Text Chapter 182: Feng PingText Chapter 183 DomineeringText Chapter 184 Heart DoorText I have something to do at home, let's talk about it today.
Text Chapter 185: Silly SmileText Chapter 186 AngerText Chapter 187: SonText Chapter 188: Thorn Pulling!
Text Chapter 189: Funeral!Text Chapter 190: Send troops!Text Chapter 191 StrategyText Chapter 192 Resignation
Main text Chapter 193: InvincibleText Chapter 195 DefeatText Goo one day, not tonight.Text Chapter 197: Demon King
Text Chapter 198: UnparalleledText Chapter 199: The Monk and the SwordText Chapter 200 The Emperor's HeirText Chapter 201: Hiring
Text Chapter 202 Male and femaleText Chapter 203 In-lawsMain text Chapter 204 Gift givingText Chapter 205 Surname Ji
Text Chapter 207: The Old MadamText Chapter 208 ShandaText Sorry, don't wait tonight.Text Chapter 209 Death
Text Chapter 210 Watching the SnowText Chapter 211 Autumn OutingText Chapter 212: ResurgenceText Chapter 213 Here She Comes
Text Chapter 214 Get upText Chapter 215 Sweet DreamsText Chapter 216 I ComeText Chapter 217: Demon
Text Chapter 218 Breaking the EmbankmentText Chapter 219: The Weasel Sends a Chicken for the New YearText Chapter 220 DrowningText Chapter 221 New Year's greetings
Text Chapter 222: Cheap NameText Chapter 223 CaughtText Chapter 224: The Dream Is GoneText Chapter 225: A Sword
Text Chapter 226: Star PendantText Chapter 227 MegaText There is no second chapter tonight.Text Chapter 228: Magic Stone
Text Chapter 229: Eat SugarText Chapter 230: Chu TraitorText Chapter 231 AssassinationText Chapter 232: The Min Family
Text Chapter 233 Yes!Text Chapter 235: Beauty HairpinText Chapter 236 StuffedText Chapter 237 Treatment
Text Chapter 238 Good SisterText Chapter 239 ThresholdText Googling tonight.Text Chapter 240: Change the Songbook
Text Chapter 241 Try?Main text Chapter 242 Fighting angleText Chapter 243 Bet!Text Chapter 244: Lord Hou Sends Troops
Text Chapter 245: Paper Flowers Fly Down in Xiayong City, Uncle Hirano Vs BeggarsText Chapter 246 SelectionText Chapter 247 Eunuch Zhao Succeeds with a Sword, Uncle Zheng Sees a Beautiful WomanText Chapter 248: Magpie's Nest and Dove Occupation
Main text Chapter 249Text Chapter 250 ActingText Chapter 251 Wine, Sword, Dragon, TigerText Chapter 252: I scold myself
Text Chapter 253 Poetry and wine, re-entering the inner courtyardText Chapter 254 Hold backText Chapter 255: SlutText Chapter 256 Bureau
Text Chapter 257 Opening!Text Chapter 258: Uncle Hirano!Text Chapter 259: RegicideText Chapter 261: Night Road
Text Chapter 262: Licking the DogText Chapter 263 Calling BrotherMain text Chapter 264 The current worldText Chapter 265: One Man, One Army
Text Chapter 266: Qu Lang's Ingenious Plan to Secure the World, Lost His Wife and Lost His ArmyText Chapter 267 Qingming (Part 1)Text Chapter 268: Premature BirthText Chapter 269 Qingming! (Down)
Text Chapter 270: InheritanceText Chapter 272: HomecomingText Don't wait at night, wake up tomorrow morning and watch it.Text Chapter 273 Meeting Ceremony
Text Chapter 274: Borrowing a SwordText Chapter 275 RestructuringMain text Chapter 276 Imperial decree and entering the abdomenText Chapter 277 Military Parade!
Main Text Chapter 278 Point GeneralText Chapter 279 Sharpening the KnifeMain text Chapter 380: Don't leave chickens alone!Text Chapter 381 Bloody
Text Chapter 382: Deploying TroopsText Chapter 283 Chaos!Text Chapter 384 Everything is under control!Text Chapter 385: Countering the Rebellion!
Main text Chapter 286 Head and faceText Chapter 287: Two Old FoxesText Don't wait tonightText Chapter 289: The Real Chess Piece
Text Chapter 290 Mountain ClimbingText Chapter 291: HunmenText Chapter 292 UntitledText Chapter 293 Incense
Main text Chapter 294: Entering BeijingText Chapter 295 This is a masterText Chapter 296 BanquetText Chapter 297: Tian Family
Text Chapter 298: Huxin PavilionText Chapter 299 Mr.Text Chapter 300: Military CalculationText Chapter 301: Seeking a Battle
Text Chapter 302: Become a PotentialText Chapter 303: Beacon SmokeText Chapter 304 WrathText Chapter 305: Facing Chu
Text Chapter 306: Wolf SmokeText Chapter 307: ServantText Chapter 308: DayiText Chapter 309 Exercise
Text Chapter 310: Strike the Autumn WindText Chapter 311 SiegeText Chapter 312: Killing a Chicken with a Butcher KnifeText Chapter 313: A Real Dog
Text Chapter 314: Juggernaut Out of the City (Big chapter, please subscribe!)Text Chapter 315 PromotionText Chapter 316 History is like a knifeText Chapter 317: Bingfa
Text Chapter 318: WindText Chapter 319 Bad NewsText Chapter 320 MeteorText Chapter 321: The generals set up the stage, and the uncle rides a horse
Text Chapter 322: The Chosen OneText Chapter 323 HappyText Chapter 324: Wang Qi!Text Chapter 325 Filling the pit
Text Chapter 326: StarsText Chapter 327 The First Town!Text The second chapter is gone tonight.Text Chapter 328: Hou Mansion
Text Chapter 329 Father's love is like a mountainText Chapter 330 Bloody Battle (1)Text Chapter 331 Bloody Battle (2)Text Chapter 332 Bloody Battle (3)
Text Chapter 333 Bloody Battle (4)Main text Chapter 334: The whole army attacks!Text Chapter 335 Do it!Text Chapter 336: Breaking the Army!
Text Chapter 337: Old StuffText Chapter 338: ContinueText Chapter 339: InheritanceText Chapter 340: Sealing a Marquis
Text Chapter 341 Xue San ReturnsText Chapter 334 Showdown!Text Chapter 335: PositionText Chapter 336 Enraged
Text Chapter 338: Breaking the CityMain text Chapter 339: OppositionText Chapter 340 Oral InstructionsText Chapter 341: Immortal
Text Chapter 342: Standing the FlagText Chapter 343: TrampleText Chapter 344 Dragon BodyText Chapter 345
Text Chapter 346: The Big PictureText Chapter 347: Taking advantage of the situationText Chapter 348 Good!Text Chapter 349 Go!
Text Chapter 350 Boiling!Text Chapter 351: SailingText Chapter 352: StartMain text Chapter 353 Play as you please
Text Chapter 354 Feast!Text Chapter 355 SurnameText Chapter 356: Going South to the Imperial CityText Chapter 357: Hospitality
Text Chapter 358 Special greetings!Text Chapter 359: Uncle!Text Chapter 360 DrinkingText Chapter 361: Sword Master
Text Chapter 362 Together?Text Chapter 363: Natural DisastersText Chapter 364 DifficultyText Chapter 365: Changfeng Rises!
Text Chapter 366 ThirstyText Chapter 367: Slave Killing!Text Chapter 368 Big Victory!Text Chapter 369 Counterattack, from now on!
Text Chapter 370 FriendsText Chapter 371: Wang QiText Chapter 372: Lord, Save MeText Chapter 373 Under the King's Banner, Bingfeng Points!
Text Chapter 374: Nanhou Fenghua (1)Let me talk about some inner thoughts and future plotsText Chapter 375: Nanhou Fenghua (2)Text Chapter 376: Nanhou Fenghua (3)
Text Chapter 377: Rivers and Lakes (Part 1)Text Chapter 378: Rivers and Lakes (Part 2)Text Chapter 379: LeftoversText Chapter 380: The Spring and Autumn Annals of Righteousness
Text Chapter 381 Unrivaled!Text Chapter 382: Fire Phoenix!Text Chapter 383: One City, One PersonText Chapter 384: Uncle Hirano Riding Alone
Text Chapter 385: Tian WujingText Chapter 386!Text No update tonightText Calvin, please take a day off
Main text Chapter 87: Rivers and lakesText Chapter 170 DrunkText Chapter 388: SummationText Chapter 389 Carrying the sedan chair
Text Chapter 390 EndingMain Text Chapter 391: Getting RichText Chapter 392: StandingText Chapter 393: Marquis
Text Chapter 394: NothingText Chapter 395: Tiger, Carrying MountainsText Chapter 396: ManText Chapter 397: No Loss
Text Chapter 398 Dragon ChairText Chapter 399 BusyText Chapter 400 Picturesque CountryText Chapter 401: Dayan Zhongliang
Text Chapter 402: The BeginningText Chapter 403 Young Lord Marquis, Former PrinceText Chapter 404 PingxihouText Chapter 405: Foundation Laying!
Main text Chapter 406 Add moneyText Chapter 407: WinterText Chapter 408 Emperor HeartText Chapter 409: Great Construction
Text Chapter 410: Anniversary NightText Chapter 411 Warm WinterMain text Chapter 412: SweetheartText Chapter 413 I am looking forward to it
Text Chapter 414: A complete lieText Chapter 414 WestboundText There is a little Calvin, please don't wait tonight.Text Chapter 415: When the autumn is high and the horse is fat
Text Chapter 416: GrandmaText Chapter 417: Someone from her natal familyText Chapter 418: PhysiognomyText Chapter 419: Mystery
Text Chapter 420: The Little Red Robe EunuchText Chapter 421: A HandText Chapter 422 HumiliationText Chapter 423 Sunrise in the West and Rain in the East
Text Chapter 424: AssassinatedText Chapter 425 From now on, the king will not go to court earlyText Chapter 426: Swordsmanship, FreedomThe text "" signed for publication
Main text Chapter 427: Pick him upText Chapter 428 Kneel down!Text Chapter 429: Black Dragon BannerText Chapter 430 Perfect! (seeking subscription)
Text Chapter 431: Best Movie King! (seeking subscription)Text Chapter 432 Doing things, being a manText Chapter 433 Xu PangpangText Chapter 637 Dirty
Chapter 638 The Hungry Broadsword!Text Chapter 639 BrotherChapter 640 SuicideText Chapter 641 Donkey Hoof
Text Chapter 642 BloodyText Chapter 440: Grief and Indignation!Chapter 644: Zhizhu is Holding Lord ZhenghouText Chapter 442 Accident of Accidents of Accidents!
Chapter 646 From Dayan's... Anger!Text Chapter 647 KneelingText Chapter 648 Definitely must dieText Chapter 446: Behind the scenes!
Text Chapter 447 Yanjing Wind and RainText Chapter 448 In-laws, ask for a bowl of noodlesChapter 652 I, Seize the Day and Night!Text Chapter 653: Prince of the Zhenbei Marquis Mansion
Text Chapter 452: SecretText Chapter 453: Going HomeText Chapter 454: Siblings ReuniteÕýÎÄ µÚ658ÕÂ Ëï×Ó
Text Chapter 457: Lord Hou asks the crime!Text Chapter 458: The Iron Horse and Glacier Come to DreamText Chapter 662 Revealing identityChapter 663 Juggernaut One Sword
Chapter 664 Re-entry to the second product! (13K chapters)Text Chapter 665 Jianghu flavorChapter 666 The youth of the blood race is back!Chapter 667 Praise the ancestors
Chapter 668 Hunter and PreyText Chapter 669 Forbidden CurseChapter 670 Entering Beijing!Text Chapter 671 Passed away
Text Chapter 469: The Dead Can TalkText Chapter 673 Ambition and cool teaText Chapter 471: Dialogue with Tian WujingChapter 675 Ben Wang, Leading You Away
Text Chapter 676 I, rememberChapter 677: The Emperor Qing's side!Text Chapter 678 EmperorText Chapter 679 Yanjing wind rises
Chapter 680 In the letter, secret!Text Chapter 478: Zhenbei KingText Chapter 479: Choosing CubsChapter 683: The prince seizes the heir!
Text Chapter 684 NoText Chapter 685 Attack!Chapter 687 Little Six's Hole CardChapter 688 Your surname is Ji!
Chapter 689 The world is like chess, life is like a gameText Chapter 487 Break it, a hundred years of national fortune!Text Chapter 488: Emperor Yan¡¯s Death DateChapter 692 Ten days!
Text Chapter 693 DawnText Chapter 491: The Grand Court Meeting!Chapter 695 The Min family, buy and sell!Text Chapter 696
Chapter 697 Unexpected Turning Point!Chapter 698 Lonely, bet she is kindChapter 699 Conviction!Text Chapter 497: A Loving Father and a Filial Son
Text Chapter 701: The Marquis and the PrinceText Chapter 499: The Emperor's IntentionText Chapter 500 LaughingText Chapter 501: Here I Come
Text Chapter 705 Good GrandsonChapter 706 Old Stuff!Text Chapter 707 Ziwei Emperor StarText Chapter 708: The New King!
Chapter 709 Emperor collapses!Main text Chapter 507: Pass the decree and dispatch troops!Chapter 711 Outside the palace gate, the peach blossoms are still thereChapter 712: The Sixth Son Enters the Imperial City, Lord Zheng Hou sits on the dragon chair
Text Chapter 510 My CountryChapter 714 It's My Time!Text Chapter 715 RevengeText Chapter 716 Sunset
Chapter 717 Eat me with a sword!Text Chapter 718 Huashan RoadText Chapter 516 The sun is outText Chapter 720 The curtain ends and the spoils are divided, the new king will be more generous
Chapter 721 Ben Wang, Tian WujingText Chapter 519 Northern King and SonText Chapter 520: The First FamilyText Chapter 724 Tian Family Begins, Li Family Ends
Text Chapter 522Text Chapter 523 A hundred years ago, who is the father!Chapter 727 Two Kings Gather, Horse Steps into the Royal Court!Text Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty-Five Kun's White Hair
Chapter 729 Don't seal the knife!Text Chapter 527: The prince removes his armorText Chapter 528: Dayan, there is no more King JingnanText Chapter 529: Bibimbap
Text Chapter 530: A New EraText Chapter 734: A ThunderboltChapter 735 Animals in the PalaceChapter 736 Credentials from the Western Empire
Text Chapter 534: The Northern King EndsText Chapter 535 Let Madam, Have FunText Chapter 739 What should be doneText Chapter 537 Harem
Text Chapter 741 Pretending to slap your faceText Chapter 742 Lost in FateText Chapter 540 He is alive!Text Chapter 541 Sacrifice
Text Chapter 542 Rolling Looking at the Passing Water in the East of the RiverText Chapter 543 Come on, son!Text Chapter 544: From My Son, JealousyText Chapter 545 Dad, I want to advance!
Text "" physical book is now on the shelves!Text Chapter 546: Father and SonText Chapter 547 Rise up a hundred thousand Yin soldiers!Text Chapter 548: Where about the wine? pay!
Text Chapter 549 Please Lord Pingxi go up the mountain!Text Chapter 550: Boundless WorldText Chapter 551 Mother and child are safeText Chapter 553 Fengxin One Day of Water
Text Chapter 554: MapText Chapter 555 Do you want a child?Text Chapter 556: The Rage of the Magic PillText Chapter 557 Sadness
Text Chapter 558: AcknowledgmentText Everyone, Happy New Year's Day!Main text Chapter 559 March!Text Chapter 560 Accident!
Text Chapter 561 AwakeningText Chapter 562: Catch upText Chapter 563 Capture!Text Chapter 564 Are you... also there?
Text Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty-FiveText Chapter 566 Happy Home!Text Chapter 567 WavesText Chapter 568 Bloodline
Text Chapter 569 RememberedText Chapter 570: WarText Chapter 571: A Rare GourdMain text Chapter 572 A hundred years of wealth, since then the war has begun!
Text Chapter 573: Pingxihou Mansion, Xue FanliText Chapter 575 Instigate your angerText Chapter 576: True and False Ping XihouText Chapter 577 Dangerous Situation
Text Chapter 578 ComfortableText Chapter 579: The world's number one licking dogText Chapter 580: BaguiText Chapter 581: Coming
Text Chapter 582 Overthrow!Text Chapter 583: Catch the bastard!Text Chapter 584: Catch a turtle in a urnText Chapter 585: Face
Text Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty SixText Chapter 587 Arrested!Text Chapter 588: The Emperor's DecisionText Chapter 589 Execution!
Text Chapter Five Hundred and NinetyText Chapter 591 Good jobText Chapter 592: Confer the King!Text Chapter 593 Fate
Text Chapter 594 Happy moneyText Chapter 595 Carrying the CoffinText Chapter 597 Treasure!Text Chapter 598: That Night
Text Chapter 599 Transitional ChapterText Chapter 600 Falling illText Chapter 601: That's itText Chapter 602: Dungeon, Black Armor
Text Chapter 603: Bastard!Text Chapter 604 Are you laughing?Text Chapter 605 Black Armor RoarsText Chapter 606 What are we?
Text Chapter 607 Demon KingsText Chapter 608 Thank youText Chapter 609: King Conferring CeremonyText Chapter 610: Jingnan Army
Text Chapter 611 Getting angryText Chapter 612 Turn it upside down!Text Chapter 613 Respect!Text Chapter 614: Okay
Text Chapter 615 Beating SexText Chapter 616 PrettyText Chapter 617 FootprintsMain Text Chapter 618 Private Life
Text Chapter 619: Worthy or notMain text Chapter 620 Great turmoilText Chapter 621: Here Comes DadText Chapter 622: Into the Urn!
Text Chapter 623: The Sky Collapses! (big chapter)Text Chapter 624 Brother Zheng, Brother MeText Chapter 625: PrinceText Chapter 626 It's time for us
Text Chapter 627 Prince Jingnan...received the orderText Chapter 628: Expedition!Text Chapter 629 RebellionText Chapter 630: Die!
Text Chapter 631: FaceText Chapter 632 Dayan's...anger!Text Chapter 633 MarchingText Chapter 634: Remains of Great Xia
Text Chapter 635: One World War and Overthrow of the Nation!Text Chapter 636: Start the War!Text Chapter 637 RebellionText Chapter 638 Jingnan Army, Mighty!
Text Chapter 639: Divine Soldiers DescendedText Chapter 640: The road back then!Text Chapter 641: ChoiceText Chapter 642 Raise the flag!
Text Chapter 643: The prince is here!Main text Chapter 644: The Kingdom under the King's Flag!Text Chapter 645 Martyrdom!Text Chapter 646 Princess Fu
Text Chapter 647: Father¡¯s Kindness and Son¡¯s Filial PietyText Chapter 648: Welcome Father back home!Text Chapter 649 Breaking through the capital, capturing the empress!Text Chapter 650 No one is a man!
Text Chapter 651: DeadText Chapter 652 No martial arts!Text Chapter 653: Awakening from a DreamText Chapter 654 Officials
Text Chapter 655 UntitledText Chapter 656 ThunderstormText Chapter 657: Here we come!Text Chapter 658: Besieged on all sides
Text Chapter 659: The Imperial Capital Has Fallen! (superior)Text Chapter 660: The Imperial Capital Falls! (middle)Text Chapter 661: The Imperial Capital Has Fallen! (Down)Text Chapter 662 Please, gentlemen, die for this king!
Text Chapter 663 Open the way for the prince!Text Chapter 664 Swear!Text Chapter 665: Crushed!Main text Chapter 666: The duel at the pinnacle of swordsmanship!
Main text Chapter 667: The sword comes from the sky!Text Chapter 668 Give it to me, get lost!Text Chapter 669: ComingText Chapter 670: Wrath of the Juggernaut!
Text Chapter 671: Folding SwordText Chapter 672: Swallow DogText Chapter 673 MindText Chapter 674 Playing Right
Text Chapter 675 You Are ScaredText Chapter 676: Emperor¡¯s Heart ChangeText Chapter 677: King Pingxi, repaying grievances with virtueText Chapter 678: Spoils of War
Text Chapter 679 KillingText Chapter 680 AngerText Chapter 681: Setting Sun Like BloodText Chapter 682: Tong Yan Wuji
Text Chapter 683: I don¡¯t know if I¡¯m a guest in my dreamText Chapter 684: Everyday DreamText Chapter 685 Tellingtext say something
Text Chapter 686 Health PreservationText Chapter 687 Monk TaoismText Chapter 688: Vision from Heaven!Text Chapter 689: Counterattack from the palace!
Text Chapter 690 Suppression!Text Sorry, not tonight.Text Chapter 691 Princess BirthText Chapter 692: Happy Palace
Text Chapter 693 Who can imprison him?Text Chapter 694 TitleMain Text Chapter 695: Many Sons, Many Debts!Text Chapter 696 Naming
Text Chapter 697: The Man Feeding the HorseText Chapter 698: Private Interview with Pingxi WeifuText Chapter 699: Drinking wine to release soldiersText Chapter 700: Master
Text Chapter 701 GodsonText Chapter 702 Good SonText Chapter 703: GeneralMain Text Chapter 704: Fourth Mother Gives Birth
Text Chapter 705: Son of the Demon KingText Chapter 706: Your Royal HighnessText Chapter 707 Willing to do anything for youText Chapter 708: Ordered by Heaven
Text Chapter 709: Feng ChanText Chapter 710 Anger!Text Chapter 711: The Sigh of the JuggernautText Chapter 712: Long Yuan Changes Owner!
Text Chapter 713: AmbitiousText Chapter 714: The Emperor Goes Out of BeijingText Chapter 715: Welcome King PingxiText Chapter 716 Monarch and Subject
Text Chapter 717 That knife!Text Chapter 718 Let me see a doctor?Text Chapter 719: The Emperor's Dragon BodyText Chapter 720: Yanhuang's Choice!
Text Chapter 721 Breaking down the city!Text Chapter 722: Chu FengText Chapter 723 Pingxi King's Import!Text Chapter 724: Fighting with Heaven
Text Chapter 725: A Dream LivesText Chapter 726 PromotionText Chapter 727: I am the only true fan in the world!Text Chapter 728 News from the West!
Text Chapter 729: The peak of swordsmanship comes from the Zheng family!Text Chapter 730: Prince enters BeijingTextText Chapter 732: Hitting
Text Chapter 733 Dayan Regent!Text Chapter 734: The Emperor's Surgery!Text Chapter 735 WorshipText Chapter 736: Changing Colors of Heaven and Earth
Text Chapter 1 Run away from homeText Chapter 2 Brother TianMain Text Chapter 3 The Prince ArrivesMain Text Chapter Four Zheng Family Father and Son
Text Chapter 5: The Great Swallow Wind RisesText Chapter Six Ancestors and AncestorsMain text Chapter 7 Wang Qi calls troops!Text Chapter 8 Cut!
Text Chapter 9 Heavy Armored Cavalry!Text Chapter Ten Declare War!Text Chapter Eleven Wang ZhaoMain text Chapter 12 The opening match, my son!
Text Chapter Thirteen King vs. KingMain Text Chapter Fourteen You, too?Text Chapter Fifteen My Son!Text Chapter 16 He saw it
Main Text Chapter Seventeen: Chen Xianba's WrathMain Text Chapter 18 Battle of the New Generation!Main Text Chapter Nineteen Great Swallows and Two Bibi!Main Text Chapter 20 Great Chu Fenghua!
Text Chapter 21 Main ActText Chapter 22: TakanoMain text Chapter 23 This world is beyond recognitionText Chapter 24 Trash Tablet
Text Chapter 25 Dogs and Horses!Text Chapter 26 National War (1)Text Chapter 27 National War (2)Text Chapter 28 National War (3)
Text Chapter 29 National War (4)Text Chapter Thirty National War (5)Text Chapter 31 National War (final)Main Text Chapter 32 Drums of War!
Text Chapter Thirty-ThirdMain Text Chapter Thirty-FourMain text Chapter 35: There is no more savage king in the world!Text Chapter Thirty-Six: Tiger Roaring and Dragon Crying
Text Chapter Thirty-seven This destiny is written by myself alone!Text Chapter 38: Decisive Battle!Text Chapter Thirty-ninth: Destroy the Country!Text Chapter Fortieth Killing the King
Text Chapter 41: The Lord of ChuMain text Chapter 42: Meeting the mother-in-lawText Chapter 43: The CoupText Chapter 44 Death!
Text Chapter 45: Your Royal HighnessMain Text Chapter 46: A Generation of Talents, Starving to DeathText Chapter 47 Pingguo PolicyText Chapter 48: The Greedy Regent
Text Chapter Forty-ninth Uncle, bow your head firstMain Text Chapter 50: Warning from DayanText Chapter 51: A Different RegentText Chapter Fifty-two: Jianghu Showdown
Text Chapter Fifty-Three: Teacher's Gate, Borrowing a Sword from a Thousand Miles!Text Chapter 54: Father, the Kingdom of Chu I Won for YouText Chapter 55 DomineeringText Chapter 56: Two Swords
Text Chapter 57 The narrow-minded prince (big chapter!)Text Chapter Fifty-Eighth: Domestic Disturbance in YanText Chapter Fifty-ninth Gu, here to pick you upMain Text Chapter 60: The Battle of the Cities!
Text Chapter 61 Proclaiming EmperorText Chapter 62: Seal, open!Text Chapter 63 River WaterMain Text Chapter 64: The Invisible...Father
Text Chapter 65: A Big PitText Chapter 66: Zhuge ZhengfanText Chapter 67 Military Orders Like Mountains!Text Chapter 68 Mess in a Pot of Congee
Main text Chapter 69: The talent of the younger generation!Main Text Chapter 70 That Hardworking...Old DogText Chapter 71 Here I come!Text Chapter 72: The Black Flag Rolls the Dust!
Text Chapter 73: Cutting down the sacrificial flag!Text Chapter 74 Entering the third grade!Main text Chapter 75: Destroy the country easilyMain text Chapter 76 Gu, all immortals, please return to heaven!
Text Chapter 77: Daddy Takes You Up the MountainText Chapter 78: Do it, surrender!Text Chapter 79: The WorldMain text Chapter 80 Thousands of miles of mountains and rivers, one willow
Text Chapter 81 The EmperorText Chapter 82 Bad NewsText Chapter 83: Lord, Demon KingText Chapter 84: The Emperor of Great Swallow!
Text Chapter 85 Come on!Text Chapter 86: Demon King... GameText Chapter 87 Fan Li's Power!Text Chapter 88 Second Grade! Second product! Second product!
Text Chapter 89 RollingText Chapter 90: The Legendary... Yipin!Text Chapter 91: Demon Lord!Text Chapter 92: Great Yan National Fortune!
Text Chapter 94 Final Chapter!Text End of this testimonials:Text Extra Story - JuggernautMain text Extra episode 2
Text King, Di Renjie's short story is onlineText New Book Project!Text The new book "No. 13 Minke Street" has been released!Text Asking for a day off, I need to think about it.
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