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author£ºMaster of June

Volume 1 Chapter 1: Where to Go on the Demon Way!Volume 2 Chapter 2 Sword Qi Cuts Off! Meaning ghosts and gods!Volume 3 Chapter 3 Swallowing Dao Xing! Looting supernatural powers!Volume 4 Chapter 4 Getting stronger starts with building a dojo!
Volume 5 Chapter 5 The night is cold and windy, ghosts are dyingVolume 6 Chapter 6 The Big Tiger! Monsanto!Text Volume Chapter Seven: The Lizi Order of the Nine Palaces OrderVolume 8 Chapter 8: Demon Hunting Mansion! Kill the demon officials!
Volume 9 Chapter 9 Taoist Master Baoshou is short of money again!Volume 10 Chapter 10 Groundbreaking! Demons are at work!Volume 11 Benxiong wants to guard the grave of Daoist Baoshou!Volume 12 The Taoist Priest Who Always Walks Ahead of You!
Volume 13 The Taoist cuts the river with one sword!Volume 14 Chapter Fourteen Monster! Sign up!Volume 15 Chapter 15 Burning Rivers and Boiling Rivers!Volume 16 Chapter 16 What can happen?
Volume 17 Chapter 17 Supernatural powers!Volume 18 Chapter 18 If you don't kill this person, you won't be a bear!Volume 19 Chapter Nineteen Pindao is kind in nature, always kind and friendly, adhering to...Volume 2 Chapter 20 What? Can this thing kill people?
Volume 21 Chapter 21 Styx Spell, Deduction from Heavenly SecretsVolume 22 Who is the murderer? I am a murderer!Volume 23 Chapter 23 My God! The Taoist temple has raised its price again!Volume 2 Chapter 24 Taoist Priest Knocks on the Girl's Door at Night!
Volume 2 Chapter 25 I Killed People!Volume 26 Chapter 26: The Opportunity to Promote to the Realm of God AlchemyVolume 27 My suzerain has taken a fancy to Fengyuan Mountain!Volume 28 Chapter 28: Swords Up! cloud points! Stop the wind! Ray stop! Rain break!
Volume 2 Chapter 29 We are the only ones in the whole world who don't know that he is an expert!Volume 30 Chapter Thirty Listen carefully, do people say anything?Volume 31 Chapter Thirty-one The poor man obeyed the law and was framed, how innocent?Volume 32 Chapter 32 Damn! There are monsters?
Volume 33 Chapter 33 Divine Beast Cub! A catastrophe!Volume 34 Chapter 34 Baoding Brick Refining, Taoist Spiritual MaterialVolume 35 Chapter 35 Disaster for Aries! Protect all beings!Volume 36 Chapter Thirty-Six Seeing the God with a Clear Heart!
VOLUME 37 Chapter 37 Half-sleeved Gold Clothes!Volume 38 Chapter 38 One more word, I will kill you!Volume 39 Chapter 39 Taoist Master Baoshou is fair and selfless!Volume 40 Chapter 40: Aries Purgatory!
Main Text Volume Chapter 41: Heinous Sin, More Than DeathText Volume Chapter 42: Dead bodies must be hot, and murder must be earlyVolume 43 Chapter 43 The old guy doesn't follow the rules!Text Volume Chapter 44 Is that all?
Text Volume Chapter 45 Taoist Master Baoshou, you have been tricked!Volume 46 Chapter 46 The Yin God Views the World! God Realm!Text Volume Chapter 47 Old Ghost Yuheng: This old man will be invincible!Volume 48 Chapter 48 What misunderstandings do you have about your own abilities?
Text Volume Chapter Forty-ninth I said to cut you 120,000 paragraphs, and I can't do less than one paragraph!Volume 5 Chapter 50 You really don't want to make money?Text Volume Chapter 51 Today's Taoist temple, I have taken it apart!Text Volume Chapter 52 Want to tear down my hut?
Volume 53 Chapter 53 Want to leave? Take off your pants first!Text Volume Chapter Fifty-Fourth Are you disgusted that there are no poor names on the monster hunting list?Volume 55 Chapter Fifty-fifth Golden Clothes Kill Demon Officials!Volume 56 Chapter 56 Fellow Daoist, please stay!
Volume 57 Chapter 57: Is there a vixen? Pindao hasn't experienced it yet... Bah, I haven't seen it!Volume 58 Chapter 58 Gold Clothes Raise Demons, Taoist Priests Stop Demons!Text Volume Chapter Fifty-ninth: A copper plate that promotes the golden pattern of merit!Volume 60 Chapter 60 This little monster is worthless, let's make some soup first?
Volume 61 Chapter 61: Leek Bear's Sense of CrisisVolume 62 Chapter 62 Little Bear: I am half a year old in Qi Refining Realm!Volume 63 Chapter 63 Tigers Refining Gods, Top of the Monster Hunting ListVolume 64 Chapter 64 Hunting for the top spot, the imperial tomb is stolen!
Volume 65 Chapter 65 Do you think my master Baoshou is stupid?Volume 66 Chapter 66 Master, he insulted your intelligence!Volume 67 Chapter 67 Do you really think this seat can't cure you?Volume 68 Chapter 68 Master Luo's kindness is hard to refuse, so why bother?
vol.69 Chapter 69 Lord Xiong Collects the CorpseMain Volume Chapter 70: Facing the Golden Clothes in the Demon Hunting Mansion!Text Volume Chapter 71 Taoist Priests Must Die Today, I Said That!Volume 72 Chapter 72 Siege Baoshou Yaodao!
Volume 73 Chapter 73: It's better to kneel faster when talking about swords!Main Text Chapter 74 Miraculous white light! Kill the god of refinement!Text Chapter 75: Sword Breaks the Demon Hunting Mansion! Kill Du Jinyi!Text Chapter 76 No one can stop the sword of the poor!
Text Chapter 77 Bear, the government collects 99% of the taxes!Main text Chapter 78 It's really not possible, let's kill after fattening up?Text Chapter 79 Young Master Xiong is about to choke to death!Main text Chapter 80 Cut open the stomach?
Text Chapter 81 The progress of the poor Taoist practice is too slow!Text Chapter 82 Give the master a taste of a pot of urine!Main text Chapter 83 Zhang Jun: Even the sword is enlightened, but I haven't enlightened yet!Text Chapter 84: Chixuan Flood Dragon Out of Distress!
Text Chapter 85: The Disaster of the Flood Dragon, Disaster Reaching the Three RealmsMain text Chapter 86 Invite the Taoist priest to go down the mountain and kill the dragon!Text Testimonials after ten years on the shelves!Text Chapter 87 Taoist Priests Go Down the Mountain to Slay the Flood Dragon! [Seeking the first order! ¡¿
Main text Chapter 88 Sword Slays Flood Dragon, National Teacher Exits! [Please subscribe! ¡¿Text Chapter 89 Dragon Slaying Feast!Main text Chapter 90: The half-sleeved purple dress that owes money and runs away!Text Chapter 91 A white light, please return it!
Text Chapter 92: The Stars of the White Rainbow Temple! [Please subscribe! ¡¿Main Text Chapter 93: Daoist Priest Earns Blood, But I Don't Lose!Text Chapter 94 Little Bear: What is my price for a rare breed?Main text Chapter 95: The foundation is completed! The formation is obvious! Yinshen travels freely between heaven and earth!
Text Chapter 96: Where is the evildoer, offending me at Fengyuan Mountain!Main Text Chapter 97 Gather a crowd to besiege Fengyuan Mountain! Fight back against the Baihong Sword!Text Chapter 98: Purple Gold Pagoda! Yin Swallowing Master!Text Chapter 99 Taoist Discusses the Old Man! The national teacher talks about Taoist priests!
Main text Chapter 100: Headmaster-level Combat Strength!Main Text Chapter 101: Merit and Virtue Golden Pattern Reveals the Sacred Text!Main Text Chapter 102 Summary of Baihongguan's Mortgage Loan Failure!Main text Chapter 103: A bear rides a tiger, leads the armor down the mountain, and the demons are in danger! [Please subscribe! ¡¿
Text Chapter 104 Don't Ask, Don't Check, Don't Search!Text Chapter 105: The Sword Qi of Baihong Guan Lao Dao! [Please subscribe! ¡¿Text Chapter 106 The Holy Maiden: Capture the little Taoist alive and give birth to a child!Text Chapter 107: Stele Suppressing the Enemy! Five big purple clothes!
Text Double Monthly Pass Event!Text Chapter 108 The Taoist priests on the mountain have gone crazy, and even the monsters they raised have been killed into golden eyes!Text Chapter 109 Yan Luodian: Explore Fengyuan Mountain tonight!Main Text Chapter 110 Kill Fengyuan Mountain! Take back the Soul Refining Cauldron! [Monthly ticket third update asks for subscription! ¡¿
Text Chapter 11: Yuan Xiaozhou's Trace! The place where the old headmaster fell! [Monthly ticket changes four times! ¡¿Text Chapter 12: Pindao Gives You Another Chance?Main Text Chapter 13: Sword Slashing the Nether Suppressing Prison God!Main Text Chapter 14: Destroy a corner of the Great Xia National Fortune with the Chaos Orb!
Main Text Chapter 15: The White Rainbow Temple is the Source of Ten Thousand Laws! The most powerful technique for refining the gods!Main text Chapter 16 The Empress of the Great Zhou Dynasty: Taoist priests are my own family!Text Chapter 17: Ancestral Court Mountain Gate Preaching Method!Main text Chapter 18: Yuan Xiaozhou: I must practice the Baihong Guan technique!
Main text Chapter 19: Star Luo Divided View was hijacked! The Taoist went down the mountain holding a sword!Text Chapter 120: Hidden in the Belly of a Sword!Main text Chapter 121: Young Master Xiong urinates and kills Yuan Xiaozhou! [Please subscribe! ¡¿Main Text Chapter 122: The Tiger's Mouth Takes Food! The golden cicada escapes its shell!
Main text Chapter 123: Refining the Zijin Pagoda on a small path! The old-fashioned sword points at the unfilial!Main text Chapter 124: The Taoist smashes the pagoda! Fang Yu Xianzong became famous!Text Chapter 125: The Secret Land Involving the Foundation of DaxiaText Chapter 126 What does the old gentleman think of this sword?
Main Text Chapter 127: Ancient Immortal God Town Earth Dragon!Text Chapter 128: The First Immortal in Nine Thousand Years!Text Chapter 129 No one can stop the old way from becoming a fairy!Main text Chapter 130 The rumors may not be true, try killing Fengyuan Mountain?
Text Chapter 131: The Promise Demon Sect Steals the Dragon Head!Main text Chapter 132: Poor and incompetent, one sword strikes thousands of miles to startle the Yang God!Main Text Chapter 133: The Taoist priest is furious! The national teacher will die! Wind in all directions! ¡¾Anti-theft chapter¡¿Main text Chapter 134 Taoist priests go down the mountain to fetch elixir, catastrophe befalls Qingming Prefecture
Main text Chapter 135: The Earth Dragon Disaster in Ding Township, Taoist Priests Suppress Heaven and Earth with One Thought!Main text Chapter 136 There is a great terror hidden in the abyss, the Taoist priest hides his face and escapes afterwards!Main text Chapter 137 In the year of the weak crown, with the strength of one person, it is comparable to Xianzong!Text Chapter 138: Master Baihongguan True Biography!
Text Chapter 139 Taoist Priests Refining the Yang God, Storms Rise in All Directions!Main text Chapter 140 Eight parties invade Fengyuan Mountain! The sword chanted and howled Qingmingzhou!Main Text Chapter 141: Heavenly Demon Please Die!Main Text Chapter 142: Congratulations to Taoist Priest for being promoted to Yang God! Congratulations to Dao Long Sword for Slaying the Heavenly Demon!
Main Text Chapter 143 Bear Cub Misses, Taoist Kills Demon Sect!Main text Chapter 144: Immortal Burial Formation Destroys Taoists!Text Chapter 145: Master Xiong's Miserable Wanderings!Text Chapter 146 Taoist Priests' invincible posture should be made by national teachers!
Main Text Chapter 147: Chance to Become a Immortal!Text The next chapter is slow to write, please read it tomorrow morningText Chapter 148: The Ancient God Court! Immortal Dao Fruit!Text Chapter 149: The Emperor's Conspiracy! The world of the Hunting Demon Mansion has changed! Master Wen was captured!
Text Chapter 150: The Bloodline Curse of the Great Xia Royal Family!Text Chapter 151: The Taoist priest in the painting beheads a real person!Text Chapter 152 What is the relationship between Patriarch Baihong and my Daoist Baoshou?Main text Chapter 153 Eyes and ears are all over Qingming Prefecture, Lord Xiong is famous in Jiuxiaozong!
Main Text Chapter 154: Birth of the Native Demon! The vision of the sky appears!Main text Chapter 155: The ancient magic trick!Text Chapter 156: Breeding a dragon and bear cub?Text Chapter 157 Either be number one! Either the Taoist temple opens!
Text Chapter 158 These two little monsters are so outrageous!Main text Chapter 159: The invincible posture under the Baihong Guanmen!Text Chapter 160: Dare to Steal the Immortal Sword of the Poor Dao! [Congratulations to the leader of Baiyin Alliance, Nuanyang 1314! ¡¿Text Chapter 161: The No. 1 Expert in the Zhongyuan Realm!
Text Chapter 162: Nine Thousand Years of Doom! The sentient beings abandoned by the heavens!Main Text Chapter 163: The Palace Lord Steals the White Rainbow Temple at Night! The patriarch cut the black goat with his sword!Main text Chapter 164 Master Dao, don¡¯t kill any more¡ªthe fourth hall master who can never die!Main text Chapter 165 Sword Slaying the Lord of Yama! Face Yan Mo Tianzun directly!
Text Chapter 166 Run away after pretending to be aggressive in front of Pindao?Text Chapter 167: Yan Tianmo is strong! Young master Xiong's heart is ashamed!Text Chapter 168 Teacher Ying: Within nine days and ten places, is there such a handsome and unrestrained person?Text Chapter 169 Xiong Cub failed his studies abroad, Daoist Baoshou is heartbroken!
Main text Chapter 170 Seeing the Taoist Lord with my own eyes today, I don't want to practice anymore in this life! [Ask for a monthly pass! ¡¿Text Chapter 171: Bear Immortal Technology Training Center!Text No update tonight, let's make it up tomorrow!Main text Chapter 172: Hunting the power of the demon mansion, beheading Baoshou Daojun!
Text Chapter 173 Can the power of the whole country suppress and kill the poor?Text Chapter 174: The master never forgets his original intention! Incarnate into the sword cottage with grace!Text Chapter 175: The Great Xia Dynasty's Shocking Plan?Text Chapter 176: By the order of the head teacher, I came here with a congratulatory gift!
Text Chapter 177: The Mysterious File in the Hand of the Minister! Da Xia besieges and kills the Promise Sect Master!Text Chapter 178 Ancient Runes! Create fairy gods!Main text Chapter 179: Man can conquer the sky, so the sky is auspicious!Main Text Chapter 180 This seat is lying in the courtyard, restraining the power of half the country!
Main text Chapter 181: Storms rise from all directions! Daojun Town Demon Lord!Main Text Chapter 182 Bury Zhongzhou, achieve greatness!Main Text Chapter 183 One-man Sword, Meets the Might of Two Hundred Thousand Forbidden Army!Main Text Chapter 184 Pindao wants Daxia to know what despair is!
Text Chapter 185 Pindao's most powerful opponent in twenty years is born!Text Chapter 186: Great Xia Emperor! The Sword of Fortune!Text Chapter 187: Slaying the Emperor Xia! Dao Extermination Fruit! The sword points to the first generation of God Emperor!Text Chapter 188: His Majesty the Emperor! Pindao is a loyal minister!
Text Chapter 189 Face the First God Emperor!Main Text Chapter 190: Lord Baoshou Daoist vs. the First God Emperor!The text will be updated around twelve o'clock in the eveningMain Text Chapter 191: Big Zhou Comes Off! The battle to destroy the country!
Text Chapter 192: Second Heaven of Pseudo-Fairyland! Righteous Lord of the Void Palace!Main text Chapter 193 You brat is the sixth generation temple master?Text Chapter 194 Shocking millions of troops with one word!Text Chapter 195: One Sword for Three Hundred Heavens! One person retreated six million troops!
Text Chapter 196 Patriarch: The five generations of temple masters are simply too dark!Text Chapter 197: Emperor Taizu of the Great Zhou Resurrection! The Hell Suppressing Prison God is here!Text Chapter 198: True God! Patriarch returns to the mountain!Text Chapter 199: The Patriarch 2,800 Years Ago!
Main Text Chapter 200: The Mystery of the Ancient Era and the Ancient Era!Text Chapter 201: The Great Terror Under the Abyss!Text Chapter 202 The Abyss Grants Longevity! The Nether Envoy!Text Chapter 203: The Fallen Great Dao Immortal!
Main text Chapter 204 Seizing the House of Baoshou Daojun!Text Chapter 205 Long Live the First Patriarch! The God of War was buried in the Netherworld!Both chapters of the main text were posted in the early morningText Chapter 206 A sword sharper than Taoist Lord Baoshou!
Text Chapter 207: The National Teacher of the Ninth Heavenly Heaven in the Pseudo-Fairyland!Main Text Chapter 208 Is the poor mentor who fell into your hands?Main text Chapter 209 Old way: Bao, are you surprised or not? Is it surprising?Text Chapter 210: An old Taoist priest who attained enlightenment and became immortal!
Main text Chapter 211: Lord Baoshou Dao enters the ancient market! The first patriarch meets Mingzun! [Ask for a monthly pass! ¡¿Main text Chapter 212 The national teacher who has run out of oil and lamps! [Please subscribe! ¡¿Main Text Chapter 213 Please let the Immortal God of Hedao worship Baoshou as his teacher?Main text Chapter 214 The national teacher would rather die than drink urine!
Text Chapter 215 Treasure, do you abdicate and let Xiong Zai be the master of the temple?Text Chapter 216 According to His Majesty's oracle, Taoist Ming Baoshou accepts the order!Text Happy National Day! Ask for a monthly ticket! Make an event!Text Chapter 217: Ruthless Killer Master Xiong! For the rich and unkind Great Master!
Main Text Chapter 218: The God of Prison Suppresses the Yin Emperor!Main text Chapter 219: Bitter-fated little bear cub! Restless First Patriarch!Main text Chapter 220 This cloudy emperor came to seduce the old man again?Text Chapter 221 Face the Emperor Taizu of the Great Zhou!
Text Chapter 222 Yan Mo Tianzun moved?Text Chapter 223 Me! Mr. Xiong! The youngest in the history of refining gods!Text Chapter 224: The Legendary Son of Heaven!Main text Chapter 225: You will not be the Lord of Baihong Temple even if you are killed!
Text Chapter 226 Longevity Bear? Rich bear? The Dao name of the Sixth Generation Temple Lord!Text Chapter 227 Yan Mo Tianzun: Stop hitting! stop fighting!Text Chapter 228 Taoist Demon Venerable Makes Best Friends! The whole body is left with a knife in both sides!Text Chapter 229 Shocked! The grandparent and grandson beat up the disabled!
Main Text Chapter 230 Take down the God Emperor within a quarter of an hour!Text Chapter 231: The Darkest Doom! The turmoil of Jiuding!Text Chapter 232: The supreme supernatural being who casts the Nine Tripods!Main Text Chapter 233 I have a sword that cuts through the darkness, shatters calamity, and scares away the demons!
Text Chapter 234: Young Master Xiong: Poor and rich!Text Chapter 235 Master Wen: I never thought of this way of making money!Text Chapter 236 Xiong Zizi, what is the crime for disrespecting Da Zhou!Main text Chapter 237 Sword Slashing Great Zhou Luck!
Text Chapter 238 Within ten breaths, the most outstanding person in the world will be determined!Text Chapter 239 One man, one sword defeats a country! [Please subscribe! ¡¿Text Chapter 240: The Ninth Heaven of Pseudo-Wonderland! A sword pierces through the Nine Heavens!Main text Chapter 241 Sword Slaying Great Zhou Taizu!
Text Chapter 242 Zhongyuan Realm... It's over!Text Chapter 243 Trapped and Killed Alien Beasts! Bear was robbed!Text Chapter 244 Lord Xiong is angry with the broken horn! Daojun enters the Buddha realm with a sword!Text Chapter 245 When the Lord of the Underworld bumps into an old Taoist priest!
Text Chapter 246: The Buddha Suppresses Demons with His Body!Text Chapter 247: True Immortal Returns to the Mountain Gate, Returns to the Southern Wilderness!Text Chapter 248: True Immortal Fights Ancestral Dragon!Text Chapter 249 Heavenly Demon: I admit that it is impolite to speak louder
Text Chapter 250: The source of the birth of the Nine Heavenly Demons!Main Text Chapter 252: The Master of the 1,800-point Temple of the Baihong Temple in the Western Yuan Realm!Main Text Chapter 253 The Avenue Restriction Disappears! The divine light from beyond the sky came to the world!Main Text Chapter 254 Consequences of Breaking the Boundary of Heaven and Earth!
Main Text Chapter 255 It is the worst plague god in the world!Chapter 256 Young Master Xiong Fights King Kong Arhat!Main Text Chapter 257: The Controversy Between Immortals and Buddhas!Main Text Chapter 258 The two of you please kneel down, and ask for help!
Text Chapter 259 You fucking came to beat me up!Chapter 260 Master Xiong Fights the Strongest Golden Body!Main Text Chapter 261: The Supreme Elder of Baihong Temple! Master Baoshou's junior brother!Main Text Chapter 262 Sword Pointing at the Future Buddha!
Chapter 263 Taoist Priests Forcibly Break into the Supreme Buddha Kingdom!Text The person is in the hospital, the computer is brokenText Chapter 263: Baihong Temple's backhand!Text Chapter 264 God of God's Thunder Destroys the Buddha Kingdom! My master is very afraid of death!
Main text Chapter 265 Buddha reappears! Sacrifice to destroy demons!Text Let's see it tomorrow morningMain text Chapter 266: The seven-foot body of the poor, against the 130,000-foot indestructible golden body!Main text Chapter 267 The Buddha is fearless, why should the poor be afraid?
Main text Chapter 268: Pindao also mourns himself?Main Text Chapter 269: The Invincible Lord Who Patrols the Void!Text Chapter 270: The World is in Danger! The ceremony of offering sacrifices to the moon! Daozu Legacy!Text Chapter 271 Master, I dare not pee on your face again!
Text Chapter 272 Daozu Kungfu! Thirteen layers of immortal realm!Text Please take a day off tonight, my headache is killing meMain Text Chapter 274 Intention to kill the Yang God! What seat does Baoshou grant?Main Text Chapter 275: The New Celestial Master Succeeds!
Chapter 276 Who dares to stop the poor from filling their own pockets?The text is still in the hospital...Text Chapter 276 Dao Domain Killing God! Daoist Baoshou!Text Chapter 277 Xiong Cub: Baihong Daojun Patriarch Bless!
Text Chapter 278: Succession Ceremony of Heavenly Master!Text Recent situation...Main text Chapter 279 Baoshou: This celestial master has finished speaking, who dares to object?Text The old man's operation went well!
Text Chapter 280 Succession to the Celestial Master! The Monster League is coming!Main text Report the current situation, restore more!Text Chapter 281 Heavenly Master Slays the Dragon!Text Chapter 282 Heavenly Master Baoshou confronts the Lord of the Demon League!
Text Chapter 283 Dao Realm! Immortal!Text Chapter 284 I, Taoist Priest Baoshou, Taoist-level True Immortal!Text Chapter 285: True Immortal Falls! Extraterrestrial power!Text Chapter 286 Baoshou: Hit Master with one hand!
Text Chapter 287 The Tenth Dao True Immortal within the Nine Realms of Heaven and Earth!Main Text Chapter 288 Sword Slays the True Immortal! Shock the ten directions!Text Chapter 289: The Arrival of the Six Gods and Demons!Main text Chapter 290 One person controls the three avenues!
Text Let the students who raised books be slaughtered! It's about to be ordered!Text Chapter 291 The strongest celestial master of Taoism visits God's Domain!Text Chapter 292: The Way to Immortality of the Ancestor God!Text Chapter 293: Nine Cauldron Inner Realm? pure land? Sin soil?
Main Text Chapter 294: The Great Dao True Immortal Infected by Evil and Darkness!Main Text Chapter 295: The Invincible Divine Sovereign Sword Points at the Yin Emperor!Text Chapter 296 From now on to control the Tianyu!Main Text Chapter 297: The Great Heavenly Craft King Kong Building Ship!
Text Chapter 298 Master Wen is missing in the investigation, and the demon-killing officials go up the mountain to ask for helpText Chapter 299: Baihong Reward! The world is shocked!Text Chapter 230 Dao Domain History! Kill and silence!Text Chapter 301 The National Teacher will not let you down!
Main text Chapter 302: Meng Qiu, who is just showing his talents!Text Please take some time off!Text Chapter 303 National Teacher Enters Beijing! Clouds move in all directions!Text Chapter 304 Patriarch, I am coming to kill you
Main text Chapter 305 Let Da Xia change to another emperor!Text Chapter 306: The Great War Will Begin!Text Chapter 307 Baoshou: Do you use this for fucking sparring?Text Chapter 308: The Fourth Sword of Immortal Ascension Lord!
Main Text Chapter 309 The Emperor Yin made a bold move, and Taoist Lord Baoshou fell suddenly!Text Chapter 310 The Sea God of the Northern Territory: This deity has boundless mana!Text Chapter 311 Respectfully invite Patriarch Baihong Daojun to slay demons!Text Chapter 312 The three great gods and demons have been surrounded by the fifth child!
Text It's the end of the month, let's adjust it for a few daysText Chapter 313 Baihong Daojun Patriarch reappears in the world!Text Chapter 214 Invincible under detachment!Main text Chapter 215 Practice in the poor way, do not rely on external force, rely entirely on yourself!
Text Chapter 216 Half a quarter of an hour, Pindao buried the Yin Emperor!Main Text Chapter 217Text Chapter 218 Sword Name: Killing Ghosts and Gods!Main text Chapter 219 Pindao has even chosen the next Emperor Yin!
Main text Chapter 220: Shenglong Tianzun makes a move and captures the bear cub!Text Chapter 221 Little Bear's First Birthday Gift! The blood of the ancestor of the holy dragon!Text Chapter 222: The Truth About Jiuding Zhenshi!Text Chapter 223 Little Bear: May the master ascend to heaven as soon as possible!
Main text Chapter 234: Pindao has soared again!Main text Chapter 235: Slay the mighty outsider with the sword!Text Chapter 336 The only holy sword in the world: Baihong Sword!Main text Chapter 337: Fang Yu refines the gods! Baoshou gift!
Text Chapter 338: The Arrival of the Extraterrestrial Powers!Text Chapter 339: Pindao besieges and kills 15 detached and powerful beings today!Main text Chapter 340: I am less than 98% sure of killing the enemy, this time I am doomed!Main text Chapter 341 Seeing the Taoist Lord, the Star God sheds tears!
Main text Chapter 342 Please allow the poor to think about the correct way to die!Text Chapter 343 Dao Lord Thank you Star God!Main text Chapter 344 Longevity Daoxiong suffers from old diseases, Baoshou Daojun is too worried!Main text Chapter 345: Lord Dao arrives at Starry Sky City!
Text Chapter 346 Immortal Monarch Mansion, Lin Jingtang!Text Chapter 347: The Dark Tribulation Power in Starry Sky City!Text Chapter 348: Yin and Yang! Thousand weight gourd! Thousands of swords are fired!Main text Chapter 349 Cutting meat and selling blood, brat!
Text Chapter 350: Within the nebula, among the sacred trees, the Immortal Monarch's Mansion!Main text Chapter 351 Baoshou Taoist Lord is not confident enough, and the gambling mandrill is overjoyed!Text Chapter 352: Poor Way! Indifferent to fame and fortune! Bearish life and death! Kindhearted!Main text Chapter 353 Pindao Baoshou, Yongzhen Mountain Top!
Text Chapter 354 The third sword of Daoist Baoshou!Text Chapter 355: The Antidote to the Great Thousand World!Main text Chapter 356: Great wealth and honor Ma Shihuang!Text Chapter 357: The Sword of Benevolence and Virtue of the Sage of Baoshou!
Text Chapter 358: Nine Cauldron Realm Guardian God Tree!Text Chapter 359: All parties compete for opportunities in the Jiuding Realm!Main text Chapter 360: Pindao doesn't want to show off!Text Chapter 361 Bear Cub: Do you want to return to your old business?
Text Chapter 362: The True Intention of Daoist BaoshouMain text Chapter 363: Bai Hong's plan to raise pigs!Main text Chapter 364 Sword wound Tianzun try his best?Text Chapter 365: The Art of Cutting the Sky! Fuck the big picture!
Text Chapter 366 Shaoyang Tianjun descends to the Nine Cauldron Realm!Text Chapter 367: The Zhengdao Man Hiding Behind the Scenes!Text Chapter 368: The First Sword to Suppress Heaven!Text Chapter 369 Taoist Lord Baoshou, you are defeated, kill yourself!
Text Chapter 370: A two-year-old idiot who has not yet become a fairy!Text Chapter 371 Subduing Lord Baoshou? Shaoyang Tianjun is mighty!Text Chapter 372 Xuanqiong Datianzun makes a move!Text I have had a cold for two days, take it easy tonight, thinking about the ending plot
Main text Chapter 373 Please go to death!Text Chapter 374: The Thirteenth Celestial Lord in the Great Thousand World!Text Chapter 375: Put it to death and live again!Text Chapter 376: Go to the Xuanqiong Dynasty and become the son-in-law!
Main Text Chapter 377: Thunder strikes Su Tianzun!Main text Chapter 378: Mixed source white rainbow penetrating Nikkei worth twenty-nine dollars! The same method as Baoshou Daojun!Text Chapter 379: The sword tester of the fourth sword!Main text Chapter 380 This sword cuts the Heavenly Lord!
Text Chapter 381: Sword to Death! Tianzun has fallen!Main text Chapter 382 How can Xiongzi cut off the root of the disease, only by sawing the horns for a golden body!Text Chapter 383: The Emperor of Heaven is not dead! Xianjun is going to die!Text Chapter 384 If you hear the Tao in the morning, you will die in the evening!
Text Chapter 385: The only hope of the world!Text Chapter 386: The Opportunity of the Fourth Sword!Text Chapter 387 Sword Qi Tong Xuan! Kendo reincarnation!Text Chapter 388: Killing with Seven Feet! Six feet reincarnation!
Main text Chapter 389 With your swords, destroy the eternal calamity!Text Chapter 390: A Sword That Turns the World Around!Text Chapter 391Main text Chapter 392 Sanqing returns to the body, using the body as a sword!
Text Chapter 393: Promoted to Heavenly Venerable!Text Chapter 394 Finale [1]Text Chapter 395 Finale [2]Text Chapter 396 Finale [3]
Text Chapter 397 Finale ¡¾End¡¿The text ends this testimonial!Text The new book "I have a page to change my life"! 
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