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The Druid Master of Hogwarts Latest chapter update list

author£ºReading books strains the eyes

Text Volume 001: The Man Who LivedVolume 002: The Quietly Disappearing BonitoVolume 003, Owl BiographyVolume 004, Change! Change it for me!
Volume 005, An OwlVolume 006: Tabby Cat: Incarnate as a HumanVolume 007, Animagus?Volume 008, Cat Breeder
Volume 009: The Daily Life of the McGonagall FamilyVolume 010. Meow lives to eatVolume 011. Being cute is a must-have skill for catsVolume 012: Training Cats
Volume 013. What kind of wickedness can a kitten have?Volume 014 Waiting for You to Grow UpVolume 015, School Begins!Volume 016, School Begins Again!
Volume 017, Diagon AlleyVolume 018: Fisch's WandVolume 019: The Journey from the Hogsmeade PlatformVolume 020, Topic Characters
Volume 021: The Sorting HatVolume 022: The Protagonist of Flowing Water, Hanna the IronVolume 023: Fisch's Sorting CeremonyVolume 024: Dinner Party
Volume 025, BanbanVolume 026. Night is the Time for Catsbody 027Text 028. Depressed twins
body 029. Lively breakfastBody 030. The campus life of kittensBody 031. NicknameBody 032. Flight lessons
Text 033. The little cat is unhappyText Thank you for the reward (finally home...)Text 034. Cats can always be forgivenbody 035. Go home!
Text 036. It's not a disaster if you don't get caughtText 037. Your nameText 038, confinement¡Á3Text 039. Friends who are also in confinement together, why is there such a big difference in treatment
Text 040. I didn't expect it, I didn't expect itText 041. Ron is missingText 042. Invitation from Malfoybody 043. Everyone Loves
Text 044. Check-in in the lounge?body 045Text 046. Fei Xu is smart!Text 047: Brothers Unite
Text 048. Dare to be a kittenText 049. Confinement can be done again! ©c(??¨Œ?)¥ÎText 050. Kittens will never be slavesText 051. Brave Cat, Not Afraid of Difficulties
Text 052. Bad old manbody 053, good boyText 054. The book contains...Text 055. Confinement again?
Text 056. Harry is my beloved relative, friend, brotherbody 057Text 058. Fisch's FriendsText 059. Good-tempered Lu Wei
Text 060. It¡¯s only natural for cats to play with ballsbody 061. Finding the ballText 062. Yaya is rightText 063: Mountain Thousand Fist
Text 064. Fisher is rightText 065 When Did Mom Lie to YouText 066 Don¡¯t Guess the Little Cat¡¯s MindText Testimonials
Text 067. Caused by a Golden Snitch...Text 068. Teacher of Defense Against the Dark ArtsText 069. Success, but not complete successText 070: Midnight Duel
Text 071. Quilo: I want to write a big miserable wordText 071. Qi Luo: I want to write a big miserable word (MD sent it to the wrong place)Text 072. Arrangements clearly and clearlyText 073. You are embarrassing me, Fisher!
Text 074. There is nothing to be afraid of anymore!Text 075. A world where only twins are injuredText 076. Tiger (skin cat) howls in the Forbidden ForestText 077. Trouble
Text 078 Get dry!Text 079. Son of NatureText 080. CatmanText 081. Of course I choose to forgive him
Text 082. Cat ears are justiceText 083. PeripheralsText 084. Little lions who enhance their relationshipText 085. Halloween Eve
Body 086. Quidditch matchtext 087. I Caught the Snitch!Text 088. Professor McGonagall: I finally got the chancebody 089. Repeated battles and repeated defeats, repeated defeats and repeated battles
Text 090. The Heartbroken Old MotherBody 091. SupperText 092. HomeworkText 093. Human-induced dyslexia
text 094. Didn't expect that!text 095. Fairy tales are full of lies!Text 096. Ginger is still old and spicyText 097. Many-to-one tutoring program
Body 098. A Failed Group Activity (Having the Title of Fan!)Text 099: NeptuneText 100. Fisch's Christmas presentText 101. Invisibility Cloak
Text 102. Christmas BanquetText 103. The benefits of reading more booksbody 104. The kitten is down!body 105. Weaknesses
Text 106. The Mirror of Erisedbody 107. FamilyText 108. Fish McGonagall is not motivatedText 109. Dyslexia syndrome
body 110body 111. Forbidden ForestText 112. A cat is a vengeful creatureText 113. Fighting Makes Cats Grow
body 114. Cats like to jump at bugsText 115. No wrong nicknamebody 116. Busy FishText 117. Deceiving the kitten again!
text 118. That's it?text 118. That's it?Text 119. The Melancholy of Rubeus Hagridbody 120. Morphology
body 121Text 122. One World, One MotherText 123. Although Fisher is not a human being, you are real dogsText 124. The Forbidden Forest is Quiet at Night... Probably
Text 125. Suction!Body 126. The kitten who loves to listen to storiesbody 127. I prefer fried eggsText 128. Twelve Methods of Dragon Eggs
Text 129. Life is not easy, Maomao sighsbody 130body 131. I am upside down and upside down, like wavesText 132. Norwegian Ridgeback - Norbert
body 133Text 134. Scared the cat to death!body 135. KanaloaText 136. Mermaid Village
body 137body 138. It's you again!Text 139. Kitty defeats Voldemort twiceText 140. Fish must die!
body 141. Whenever I see the moon, I will think of mebody 142body 143body 144
body 145Body 146. The Savior Training ProgramText 147. Only we can stop Snape!Text 148. Passing through the trapdoor
body 149Text 150. Walking with the TrollsText 151. Intuition Bbody 152
body 153Body 154. Harry Potter's surpriseText 155. End of the first academic yearBody 156. Fisher's holiday life
body 157. Birthday partyText 158, No. 124, Shell StreetText 159. Animagus ClubText 160. What I cook is Stir-Fried Pork and Fish Fillet with Explosive Belly...
body 161. Cats depend on foodbody 162Text 163. All cats know (first update)Text 164. The chicken flies and the cat jumps (second update)
Text 165. Fisher's Nose Works! (third change)Text 166. Girlfriend (fourth update)Text 167. Saving Scarhead HarryText 168. Yiquan Maomaoren
body 169. The best birthdayText 170. Happy times are always shortbody 171Text 172. Lu Dongbin, Drunken and Strong at Lifting Pots
body 173. GringottsText 174. At Lihen BookstoreBody 175. The Lockhart Storiesbody 176. School starts again!
Text 177. The Sorting Hat: I¡¯m Too DifficultText 178. Gilderoy Lockhartbody 179Text 180. Handsome is worthless in front of cuteness
Text 181. Gryffindor palace schemingText 182. Lockhart is a Good GuyText 183. The new semester starts with a vigorous breakfastbody 184. The Whomping Willow
Body 185. On the Importance of Fischbody 186. Taking picturesbody 187body 188
Text 189. Lockhart: Dangerous!Text 190. I, Lockhart, have never been weaker than others all my lifebody 191body 192
body 193body 194. ParseltongueText 195. Brave Gryffindor is FearlessText 196. Useless astrology
Body 197. "Shake Me" Chocolate (Frog)text 198. Times have changed!Text 199. The realm of photography, those of you who play with equipment will never understandBody 200. Professor McGonagall's new story
Text 201. Me in fifty years...body 202. Tom Riddle's indignationBody 203. Tom Riddle's confusionText 204 Descendants of Slytherin
Text 205. Professor McGonagall who refuses to admit defeatbody 206: Ouroborosbody 207body 208. Different routes
body 209. TrackingText 210. Why don't you ask Magic Cat?Text 211 Trick or treat even if you give candybody 212 two evening parties
body 213. Words on the wallText 214. Fish McGonagall's waveringbody 215body 216
Text 217. Stalker Dumbledorebody 218body 219. Calm Dumbledorebody 220 Only fools keep diaries
body 221 English gentlemanText 222. Fisch's Summoning Orderbody 223. Curiosity of catsText 224: Battle of Behemoths
Text 225. When the cat starts to work hardText 226. Unlucky Harry Potterbody 227Text 228 Dawn of Form
Text 229. Dumbledore who made it his ownText 230. Fan (fan) is dead!body 231. Greeting cardText 232: The Bad Luck Riddle
body 233Text 234 Duel Clubbody 235body 236
Text 237. Group ExercisesText 238 Three competitionsText 239: Phoenix Nirvanabody 240. Fisher's circle of friends
body 241. Animal affinityText 242 Compound decoctionbody 243Text 244. Cat (hei) cat (xiong) person (jing) Hermione
Text 245. Form of black-footed cat ¡¤ Pseudobody 246. Experience cardText 247. Kitty's revengebody 248
body 249. Stormy maternal loveText 250. Little cats have many little secretsbody 251body 252. Dumbledore: I have a plan
Text 253. Slytherin's Inheritance CatText 254. Lockhart's big moveText 255. The relationship problem of kittensbody 256. Valentine's Day card
Text 257. Top secret diaryText 258. The little cat who hates writingText 259. Why don't you play your cards according to the routine?Text 260. Voldemort: In short, I regret it very much
Text 261 You are a bit insulting to catsbody 262 White liesText 263 Hey~Text 264 No one bullies cats like this
Text 265: Voldemort's nemesisText 266. Three liarsText 267. The Cause of EverythingText 268 Long time no see, Tom
Text 269: The Dark Lord is Autisticbody 270Body 271. Elective coursesText 272. What exactly does Peeves want to say?
body 273Text 274. The kitten who learned badlyText 275: Cat Demon King FishText 276: Snape's Halloween Candy
Text 277. Loris AwakesText 278. The end of the second school year [reminder from the editor in charge]body 279Text 280. Animal reduction surgery
Text 281. As expected of my promising successor!Text 282: Newt ScamanderText 283 Where are the Fantastic BeastsText 284. Basilisk's Contact Lens
Text 285. Initiating rebellion against my beautiful motherbody 286body 287. Travel planText 288. The little cat who wants to help
Text 289. Fisch: I'll show you something good, meow!body 290. Purchase textbooksText 291. Firebolt? Meow soon?Text 292. I agree to this marriage!
Text 293 Tea party for mothersbody 294. Birthday giftbody 295 Hermione is such a good girlText 296. Kitten's shopping trip
Text 297. The kitten who intends to start earning moneyText 298. Overnight at the Leaky CauldronText 299: Knockturn Alleybody 300. Snape is a good professor
Body 301, platform nine and three quartersText 302. On the Hogwarts ExpressText 303. Remus John LupineBody 304 Dementors
Text 305: Hermione GrangerText 306, Quirrell and Rohart liked itText 307. Hostility from catsText 315. Divination professor
body 308 Rejuvenate!Text 309. Hermione Granger's Great Victorybody 310. Problem of falling into waterText 311. Empty Nest Dumbledore
Body 312 WerewolvesText 313. The kitten loses college pointsbody 314. Feeling that life has reached its peakBody 316 Cats and Tea
Text 317. Trelawney's Prophecybody 318Text 319. Fisch's mouth is so strict!body 320. Cats are never wrong
Text 321. Cat assistantText 322. The Boggart in the closetText 323. No gaming experienceText 324. What is a campus superstar? ¡¾Tactical back¡¿
body 325. Unexpected harvestText 326 Candlelight DinnerText 327 Merry Christmas on the Fourth of OctoberBody 328 Gryffindor's Big Plan
Text 329 Fisch hates Minerva the mostBody 330. Harry Potter's BoredomBody 331 Sirius BlackText 332 As soon as I came, I saw Lu Wei calling unknown
body 333Text 334. Fisch's deterrent powerText 335. Hogsmeade's mascotText 336. Harry Potter: Forget it all!
Text 337 Fat Lady EscapesText 338 Fish has never seen Black MeowText 339. The Battle of Unknown Number of Cats and CatsText 340. I travel at night, fight and speak dirty words, but I am a good cat
Text 341. Quidditch is not fun at all ¡¾Happy New Year¡¿Text 342. Harry: I have seen this plot!Text 343. How disobedient!body 344. Fisch's failure
Text 345: Battle against the bad old manText 346 Bad Old Man Doesn't Talk About Wu Moralitybody 347Text 348 Tiger form
Text 349. More importantly...body 350body 351 Two pleasant things intertwinedbody 352 I remembered something happy
Text 353 Unconvinced kittyText 354 Basilisk?Text 355 Giant squid?Text 356. The Entity Patronus Is Nothing Great
Text 357. Making money is not easy...body 358Text 359: Cellar of the Duke of HoneyText 360: Unlucky Potter
Text Not so important noticeText 361. Marauder's Mapbody 362 Don't read it! Forget it!body 363 Cornelius Fudge
Text 364. Retractable earsText 365. Let's catch Black together!body 366Text 367. Fisch's Plan Is Perfect
Text 368. Sirius: I am just reckless, not stupid.Text 369. Maomao wants to celebrate Snape's birthdayText 370. Fish did not spend any money on this gift, so don¡¯t dislike meowText 371: Malfoy Wants to Be Small
Text 372. King Arthur does not understand people's heartsText 373. It shouldn't be...Text 374: Gryffindor vs. HufflepuffText 375. The second break-in
body 376 Doubt and conflictText 377. Malfoy's Boggartbody 378body 379. Surveillance
body 380. Showing off?Text 381: Lupine in actionText 382. Quidditch finalbody 383. Cats are like this
Text 384. Showing off!Text 385: Take a punch from Ben Meow!Body 386. Cats, Werewolves and Dogsbody 387
Text 388. Snape Holds a GrudgeText 389, Moonface, Wormtail, Padfoot, and ProngsText 390 Human beings are so complicatedText 391. Gran has many "points"
Text 392. A kitten with a bad memoryText 393. The Little Atmosphere Destroyerbody 394Text 395 Final Exam
Text 396. Professor Trelawney's ProphecyText 397. Lupine: Who am I? where am I? what happened?Text 398. Werewolf formText 399. The end of the third academic year
Text 400. Invitation [Happy New Year's Eve]Text 401. Girl wake-up service [Happy New Year]Body 402. Cat wake-up serviceText 403 Granger House
Text 404. Fish (Hermione)'s roombody 405Text 406. Approval from the future mother-in-lawbody 407
body 408. TV programsbody 409body 410. Big cat winnerText 411 This was exposed too quickly!
Text 412. The love problem of cats and catsText 413. Love Makes Cats GrowText 414. Since you want to pursue excitement, follow it through to the end!body 415
Text 416. At Scamander's houseText 417. Hermione's AnimagusText 418. Port keybody 419
body 420Text A slightly important noticebody 421Body 422. Bagman and Crouch
Text 423. Quidditch World CupBody 424. MascotText 425, Quidditch, really boringText 426: Dark Mark
Text 427. Maomao mark [Happy Lantern Festival]Text 428. Back to Hogsmeadebody 429Body 430. Triwizard Tournament
body 431. School starts again!Text 432. Hermione takes the leadText 433: Mad-Eye Moody (pseudo)Body 434. Registration qualifications
body 435body 436. Respective plansbody 437Text 438. A serious study cat
body 439body 440. ConflictText 441. A well-mannered catText 442. The Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor's Enemy
text 443 Two cats walking beside the groundText 444. The Unforgivable CurseText 445: Avada Eats a Big MelonText 446. Hermione: Thank you all!
body 447body 448body 449Body 450. Anecdotes about house-elves
Text 451 The last time I was ignored or the last timeText 452 This matter has nothing to do with catsText 453. Beauxbatons and DurmstrangText 454. Quarrel caused by cats
Text 455 Goblet of Firebody 456Text 457. Dumbledore's meansbody 458
Text 459. Shouldn¡¯t there be trophies for winning games? !body 460body 461. Double ponytailbody 462
Text 463 Four WarriorsText 464. Why can't Meow bring a few more warriors to play Meow with Fish?text 465 Barty Jr. in actionText 466. The little skin cat is in action
Text 467 You know nothing about the destructive power of catsText 468. Those who don¡¯t make small reports are good professorsbody 469Text 470 Finally, the fight begins!
body 471: Rita SkeeterText 472. Detection wandbody 473. English mediaText 474. Fish looks deceitful
Text 475. Fisher: Fair! fair! It's still fair!body 476. Hungarian HorntailText 477. The first item (Part 1)Text 478. The first item (medium)
Text 479. The first item (below)Text 480 You fell down before I could exert any forceText 481 Dragon Eggs Are Not TastyText 482 Voice of the Mermaid
body 483Text 484. Fish feels a little weirdText 485. Rita Skeeter Suddenly Appearingbody 486
body 487. You too?text 488. Fish is so obedient!Text 489 Everyone wants to dance with MaomaoBody 490. The most beautiful appearance
body 491Text 492. Do you want to build a snowman?Text 493. In terms of beauty, humans are inferior to catsbody 494
body 495Text 496. I want to play a game.Body 497. Rita Skeeter's Big Discoverybody 498
Text 499. Cash charge and defeated dogBody 500. Rita Skeeter¡¯s scoopText 501. Inhuman bloodText 502 Cats are easy to deceive
Text 503. Gambling is an abyss full of disastersbody 504Text 505. The second itemText 506. "Fish wins anyway"
Text 507. Technical adjustmentsText 508 Padfoot is backtext 509. LabyrinthText 510. Mr. Crouch is crazy
Text 511. The disappearing CrouchText 512. There must be something wrong with Alastor, meow!body 513body 514
Text 515, the third item (1/4)Text 516 No, I still win? (1/4)Text 517 It's not an AnimagusText 518. The second door key
body 519. Blood, flesh and bonesbody 520 Death EatersText 521: Cats and Voldemort Reach a ConsensusText 522: Harry's battle
Text 523 Flashback spellbody 524. SubstitutionText 525. The Unbreakable VowText 526 No one understands Fisch better than me
body 527body 528. Moon and starsText 529. Remus Lupine added his praiseText 530: The little skin cat beats Voldemort three times
Body 531. Back to Hogwartsbody 532body 533body 534
Text Extra Story ¡¤ Fish's Holiday Part 1Text 535. Practice is the only criterion for testing truthText 536: The bonus is in handText 537. The end of the fourth academic year
Body 538. Dumbledore's proposalText 539: Order of the PhoenixText 540, No. 12, Grimmauld Placebody 541
body 542Text 543 Fisch's kindnessbody 544body 545 Good and bad
Text 546: Mundungus FletcherText 547. Boring vacationText 548 Dudley Encounters a DementorText 549. Cats and cats make great contributions
Text 550: Arabella FigeText 551. Little cats are usefulText 552. Relevant arrangementsText 553. Advance guard
Text 554 Death Eaters are so uselessText 555: Harry's ResentmentText 556. Harry: I am no longer a human being!body 557
Text 558. TrialText 559Text 560. The Brave CatText 561. Prefect (1/4)
Text 562. Magic pocket with special origin (2/4)Text 563: Draco Malfoy (3/4)Text 564: Luna Lovegood (4/4)Text 565, School Starts Again!
Text 566. Song of the Sorting Hat (Today is World Intellectual Property Day, please support the original version)Text 567. Prefect's workText 568 You are a prefect now, set a good examplebody 569: Fish's dream
body 570. Professor Umbridgebody 571. Plan failureText 572. Curriculum elaborated by the Ministry of MagicText 573. Qualifications to enter the principal's office
Text 574. Fish, this prefect, is competent!Text 575. The tree in the dream (Happy May Day)Text 576 OcclumencyText 577. Busy fifth grade
body 578Text 579. An old capitalistText 580 You deserve it because you don't have a birthday presentText 581 Legilimency
Text 582: Cat Leopardbody 583Text 584. Say important things three timesText 585. Whereabouts of Hagrid
text 586Text 587. Giant trees and broomsText 588. Has the patron saint evolved...?Text 589: The common room at midnight
Text 590. What is he here for?Text 591. Hogwarts Senior InvestigatorText Extra Story¡¤Essay¡¤Not a Dreambody 595
body 596Text 597. Maomao's patience is running outText 598. A trip in vain?Text 599. The Animagus has moved!
Text 600. Kitty¡¯s Bad Thoughtsbody 601text 602 Look at your good deeds!Text 603 Look at this pot, it is big and round
Text 604. The last step of Maomao ProjectText 605, Education Order No. 24body 606body 607. Stalker
Text 610. Turn your face and deny the catText 611. Special Events of the Cat ClubText 613. The targeted Gryffindorbody 614
body 615Text 616. A different MalfoyText 617. Attentive UmbridgeText 618. "Honest" cat
text 619. Returnbody 620. Hagrid's storyText 621. Umbridge Wants to Take Crimes and Make Merittext 622: Glop
Text 623. We seem to be worried about the wrong partnerText 624. Cats also want to be teachersText 625. The McGonagall family's education methodText 626. Dumbledore must have done something!
Text 627, Hermione: Maybe we can have more sparring partnersText 628. Is this the sparring partner you mentioned?body 629body 630
Text 631. Double standardText 632. Fish is going to St. Mungo's to play Meow!body 633Text 634. The Aurors Annihilated
Text 636. Don't let the cat touch the wine!Text 637. SiriusText 638. St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Injuries and Sicknessbody 640
Text 641. Cats are getting bigger!Text 642¡¢God is a catText 643: A new guest at 12 Grimmauld PlaceText 644 Extracurricular guidance
Text 645. The omnipotent cat and cat helperText 646: Fisher's doubtsbody 647. End of vacationText 648 Fisch has seen this plot before meow!
Text 649. Knight busText 650. The first assembly after the holidaybody 651Text 652 Excited beetle
Text 653. Rita: How come news reports lack artistic processingText 654. "The Quibbler"Text 655. Fangmin's mouth is better than FangchuanText 656. Confinement by Dolores
Text 657. Umbridge Helplessbody 658body 659, Dumbledore's reminderText 660. Cats are very patient when hunting
Text 661. Feudal superstition is badbody 662Text 663. The Ministry of Magic is in actionText 664, Surprise!
Text 665. Fudge: Something is wrong!Text 666: The Perfect Coordination of Bad Old Man and MaomaoText 667. Connelly Slashes the Toad with TearsText 668. The growth of Maomao Club
Text 669. Employment guidanceText 670. I don't want to write anymore...Text 671, O.W.L. Exam (Part 1)Text 672, O.W.L. Exam (Intermediate)
Text 673, O.W.L. Exam (Part 2)Text 675. AttackText 675. Attackbody 676
text 677. AccessText 678: Return from the FirelightText 679. Fuji's Wonderful Plan to Safeguard the World (This book marks the first anniversary!)body 680
Text 681. Fudge who makes a big fuss (Fisch's birthday!)Text 682, Sheng¡ª¡ª¡ªText 683. Connelly Arbitrarily Sentenced the Break-and-End Case, and Burns Fairly Selected Mao MaoText 684. Fish: What happened?
Text 685. Time is running out for Fudge!Text 686. Gaunt's old houseText 687. Today's Meal at McGonagall's HouseText 688. Fisch's allies
Text 689: Albus DumbledoreText 690. Spider's End AlleyText 691. New MinisterText 692. To exchange or not to exchange
text 693. TestingText 694 HorcruxesText 695: Horace SlughornText 696. Collectibles
Body 697 TranscriptsText 698. The lost prophecyText 699. Discussion on the Awakening of Druid Spells and Its RulesText 700. On the train
Text 701. Slug ClubText 702: Snape got his wishText 703 A kitten lost its dreamText 704: Snape's Defense Against the Dark Arts Lesson
Text 705. Handwriting (the timing is wrong...)Text 706: Half-Blood Princebody 707Text 708: The Gunter Family
Text 709. The third batch of membersbody 710. InvitationText 711. It¡¯s not a bad thing to join the slug clubText 712. Horace is a good man!
Text Extra Story¡¤Brain Hole¡¤Broom, Flying in the SkyText 713. Cabinet and pile of cockroachestext 714 SurpriseText 715. Poor Merope
Text 716. Differential treatmentText 717. The mysterious Riddlebody 718Text 719. The significance of the existence of Maomao Club
Text 720: Resurrection StoneText 721: Memories of ChaosText 722. Taskbody 723
Text 724. Maomao has very high requirements for molar sticksText 725 Professor, I want to ask you somethingText 726. Mission failedText 727. Felix Elixir (Wrong Time Set Again)
body 728body 729body 730body 731
Text 732: The little drunk cat makes a big fuss at the Christmas feastText 733, MISSON COMPLETE!Text 734. The most magical numberText 735. The real Gryffindor
Text 736: Gryffindor's Swordbody 737Text 739 Tonks and LupineText 740, GGAD
Text 741. Greyback's ChangeText 742. Studious catText 743 Apparition classText 744. The danger of apparition
Text 745 It's a catText 746 She must be waiting for her boyfriendText 747. Gold cup and locketText 748 Voldemort's request
body 749body 750. Dumbledore's choiceText 751: Stupid GrandpaText 752. Respective preparations
Text 753 Infernal Corpsetext 754body 755Text 756: Tom the Coward
body 757Text 758, R.A.B.Text 759. Regulus Arcturus BlackText 760. Treant? tree cat?
Text 761. Dumbledore's planText 762: The Seventh Horcruxbody 763Text 764. Kreacher's story
Text 765. Cornelius Fudge:? ? ?Text 766. Anecdotes about EasterText 767 Voldemort is too steadyText 768: The price of becoming the Dark Lord
Text 769: Getler GrindelwaldText 770. Impossible! Absolutely impossible!Text 771. Is there any problem that the Dark Lord can't beat cats?Text 772. Voldemort is very satisfied
body 773Text 774. Voldemort: I have the advantageText 775: The First Meeting of the Two Generations of Dark LordsText 776. Voldemort's (Dumbledore) plan is progressing smoothly
body 777Text 778. The First Battle of the Maomao Society...Text 779. Voldemort As long as Dumbledore dies...Text 780. Minister in prison
text 781 Rumorsbody 782body 783Text 784. The Dursleys Leave
Body 785. "Transfer"Text 786. The Ministry of Magic's Offensive and Defensive WarText 787. Voldemort:? ? ? ! ! !Text 788, Goo Kill!
Text 789: The Dark Lord Has Escaped AgainText 790 Another game?Text 791. The Last Horcruxbody 792
Text 793. Kung Pao Chicken and Mapo Tofu (Sprinkle at the end)Main text SummaryText Ahahahaha~ new book is coming~ 
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