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Starting out as the leader of a theater troupe Latest chapter update list

author£ºSeeking from Below

VOLUME 1 Chapter 1 Die from Too Salty FeetVolume 2 Chapter 2 Surprisingly Sold by Human Traffickers!VOLUME 3 Chapter 3 Escape Designvol.Chapter 4 Cheat Finger Finally Appears
vol.5 Chapter 5 Power-on Password RequiredVolume 6 Chapter 6 Unlocking the Opera SystemVolume 7 Chapter 7 Explanation of the Opera SystemVOLUME VOLUME 8 Chapter 8 The most annoying thing is to comfort people
vol.9 Chapter 9 Fire Spit and Seven PlatesVOLUME 1 Chapter 10 The Pose of the Seven PlatesVOLUME 1 Chapter 11 Fire-breathing MightVOLUME 1 Chapter 12 Another New Mission
VOLUME 1 Chapter 13 Finding a Job to Make MoneyVOLUME 1 Chapter 14 Washing the Dish and Lighting the FireVOLUME 15 Chapter 15 The Mission Reward Is...VOLUME 1 Chapter 16 The Beauty of Ventricular Skills
VOLUME 1 Chapter 17 Huahua and Liu'er's CluesVOLUME 1 Chapter 18 Series of TasksVOLUME 1 Chapter 19 Fighting with DogsText Volume Update Instructions
VOLUME 2 Chapter 20 Rosemaryvol.2 Chapter 21 The Magical Use of the Seven Pansvol.2 Chapter 22 Broken Windowvol.2 Chapter 23 Iron Cage
vol.2 Chapter 24 The Wrath of a Womanvol.2 Chapter 25 Interrogation CluesVOLUME 2 Chapter 26 Trapvol.2 Chapter 27 Wisdom Breaks the Trap
vol.2 Chapter 28 The Clown Is Actually Himselfvol.2 Chapter 29 Sleep BetterVOLUME 2 Chapter 30 Yichun BuildingVOLUME VOLUME 31 CHAPTER 31 STRESSED OUTSIDE
Text Volume DescriptionVOLUME 32 Chapter 32 Troupe CultureText What is the troupe leader doing now?Text Chapter 33 Crying
Main Text Chapter 34 Fierce BattleMain Text Chapter 35 The members are finally found!Main Text Chapter 36 Mission Reward!Text July 18
Text Chapter 37 History of the troupeMain Text Chapter 38 Members of Yichun HouseMain Text Chapter 39 The Dilemma of Yichun BuildingMain Text Chapter 40 Liuer and Rope Technique
Main Text Chapter 41 Special Effects of Rope TechniqueMain Text Chapter 42 Huahua and Changing FaceMain Text Chapter 43 The Bustard in ChunmanlouMain Text Chapter 44 Fighting in front of the door
Main Text Chapter 45 Saving Yichun BuildingMain Text Chapter 46 Rehearsal in progressMain Text Chapter 47 Oiran Election 
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