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He Comes from Beyond Latest chapter update list

author£ºInk Sorrow

Volume 1 Chapter 1 The Man Without ShadowVolume 2 Chapter 2 The Little Girl Selling NewspapersVolume 3 Chapter 3 Intrusion Event 0-418Volume 4 Chapter 4 Invasion Events and Medal Holders
Volume 5 Chapter 5 Abilities Without MedalsVolume 6 Chapter 6 RecruitmentVolume 7 Chapter 7 MeetingVOLUME 8 CHAPTER VIII LETTER FROM THE COUNCIL
Volume 9 Chapter 9 ArrangementsVolume Chapter 10 Induction TrainingVolume 11 Introductory EducationVolume 12: Test
Volume 13 Chapter 13 ReturnVolume 14: The Second Invasion IncidentVolume 15: Investigation (for collection)Volume 16 Key words
Volume 17 New CluesVolume 18 Chapter 18 Hunting (for collection)Volume 19 Chapter 19: Lu Ming's Ability (for collection)Main Text Volume Chapter 20 Interrogation (for collection)
Volume 21 Chapter 21 Progress (for collection)Volume 22 Chapter 22 OrientationVolume 23 Chapter 23 Tortuous SituationVolume 2 Chapter 24 Extra-staff Members of the Medal Holder Squad
Volume 25 Chapter 25 ApplicationVolume 2 Chapter 26: A Neighbor That Doesn't Exist (Part 1)Volume 2 Chapter 27: A Neighbor That Doesn't Exist (Part 2)Volume 28 Chapter 28 Association (new book for support)
Volume 29 Chapter 29 The PuppetMain Text Volume Chapter 30: The Living Dead (new book please support)Volume 31 Chapter 31: Analysis (for collection)Main Text Volume Chapter 32 Conclusion (new book seeking support)
Volume 33 Chapter 2 TrainingVolume 34 TypesVolume 35: The Spiritual World (for collection)Volume 36 Chapter 36: Mental Variation Items
Volume 37 Chapter 37 PatrolVolume 38 Chapter Thirty-Eight: Cleanliness PatientVolume 39 Chapter 39 TreatmentVolume 40 Chapter 40 Meeting
Volume 41 Chapter 41 DeteriorationMain Text Volume Chapter 42 Collective Spiritual PollutionMain Text Volume Chapter 43 Lord of ShadowVolume Four: Chapter 44: White Gloves
Volume 45 Chapter 45: FinishedMain Text Volume Chapter 46 SummaryVolume 47: Code Name: ShadowText Chapter 48: Caf¨¦ Conversation
Text Chapter Forty-ninth Wildfire Village MutationText Chapter 50 Search PlanText Chapter 51 DepartureMain Text Chapter 52: The Investigation Begins
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