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Chapter 1229 The Boss Behind The Scenes

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    Old Su was also a little embarrassed, the key point was that he couldn't tell whether everyone was praising Su Xun or had other meanings.

    Mainly he himself didn't expect that his son would be so cruel, and he agreed to find a relationship, but he was really a little worried that he would be so tyrannical, what would he do if he suffered a disadvantage in it.

    If something happened to Su Xun, he would have to be skinned by Su Xun's mother when he returned home. The status of the two of them in the family would not be the same at all.

    Of course, Lao Su quickly let go of his heart. Since his son graduated from high school, he feels that the whole person has calmed down a lot.

    There are some ways to deal with things, Lao Su knows more or less, and knows that Su Xun will not mess around. Since he dared to go in like this, it means that he actually has a way, and there is no need to worry about anything.

    "I said, why don't we go in together, we can't let a young man like Old Su son go in alone, that would be bad, and going together can give us a strong momentum."

    I don't know who suddenly suggested it.

    However, he was quickly stopped by Lao Su, who waved his hands hastily, and said at the same time: "No, no, my son told me, we just wait outside. If we go in suddenly, it might be a bad thing."

    "That's fine"

    Everyone once heard that the parties concerned have said so, so what else do they have to say, they can only wait outside.

    Su Xun rushed in alone, saying it was really arrogant.

    ?Because of this kind of broken company, there is really nothing that can make Su Xun afraid.

    "What's the matter, you two, who allowed you to bring people here casually, you are not allowed to bring people in during work, you know, drive him out."

    At this time, a guy in a suit who looked like a dog came up and angrily said: "If there is another time, you two will get out of here."

    "It disturbed everyone's work, who will be responsible for this, can you two be responsible?"

    The two security guards were very wronged by the scolding, and the elders were so wronged that they almost cried.

    Te Niang was beaten outside, and now she is being scolded again. This is simply not human.

    The security guard then said: "Manager, we didn't bring him in, it was him who insisted on coming in, and there is nothing we can do about it."

    "If you have to come in, you can let them in, can't you stop them for me? What is the company paying you for, let you come to raise tigers?"

    This manager seems to have a bad temper.  Those who didn't know thought that a small manager like him was some kind of great big shot. When he scolded people, he was a set of tricks, which made people feel a little uncomfortable.

    After scolding the security guard, he came to Su Xun again, with a bad tone, "And you, when I give you three seconds, get out of here quickly, otherwise don't blame us for being rude."

    Su Xun almost laughed, what is this, a bluff?

    Use the arrogance outside to cover up your inner anxiety.

    Those who don't know think that others owe them a sum of money. This group of people are cheating money, and they are so crazy that there is no limit. It is really incomprehensible.


    Su Xun didn't say a word, just went up and slapped the manager, making the manager dizzy.

    With Su Xun's current status, it's already a little bit worthless to deal with ordinary people, but there is no way, some people really owe too much, so he can only behave like this.

    If Su Xun really wanted to, he only needed one thought. All the people in this company would probably be wiped out, leaving no one alive.

    It's a pity that there is no need for that, liars are liars, Su Xun will not kill casually, that would be too cruel, and what is the difference with demons.

    The two security guards were watching there, seemingly silent, but in fact they were already relieved.

    Xin said that the beating was good, and I have long seen that the manager is upset, pointing at other people's heads and scolding all day long, he deserves to be beaten.

    The manager scolded angrily: "What are you two doing? Seeing me standing still after being beaten, hurry up and fuck me."

    The two security guards were terrified when they heard this, and hurriedly backed away, thinking that they were joking, they had seen Su Xun's brutality before, and he was obviously not an ordinary person.

    I don't dare to do it anymore, who the hell would work hard for someone like you, I really take myself seriously.

    So the security guard said very truthfully: "Manager, it's not that we don't want to go, but we really can't fight, otherwise he can't either.??Here, you better do it yourself.  "


    When the manager was about to speak and get angry, Su Xun pinched his neck and said, "I'll give you a chance now, take me to your boss's office, or I'll kill you."

    Su Xun now has to confirm one thing, whether the owner of the leather bag company, who is also the big liar behind it, is in the company.

    If you are not here, it will be a bit troublesome to deal with this matter.

    The manager's head felt cold for a moment, and his body had already started to break out in cold sweat. For some reason, he felt that Su Xun's words did not seem to scare him, but might really kill him.

    I panicked in an instant, completely lost the ability just now, nodded and said: "Okay, go, I will take you there now."

    When Su Xun heard this, he knew that the boss was in the company, so it was pretty good, so he pushed the manager directly and asked him to lead the way.

    After walking a few steps, he came to a "President's Office". Su Xun looked at him, and the manager nodded in fright, indicating that it was here.

    Su Xun stopped talking nonsense and kicked the door open, scaring the manager's eyes wide again.

    This huge door weighs hundreds of catties to say the least, and it can fly with one kick. I was really frightened by tons.

    It seems that I didn't provoke this person just now, it was the right decision, if I provoked him, I might really kill myself.

    The people in this office were also greatly frightened in their hearts. There were unexpectedly two people inside, both disheveled at this time, doing something that everyone liked to see.

    After Su Xun saw it, he frowned and asked, "Is that guy your boss?"

    The middle-aged man in it looks like he has a swollen face. In the TV series, he looks like the kind of robber in ancient times, and he doesn't even need makeup.

    "That's right" The manager dared to tell lies at this time, he had lost the courage to deceive Su Xun.

    The boss with a sultry face inside had already yelled, "Which bastard is Te Niang's, is she courting death?"

    "Hey, life is not bad. It seems that you don't know that there are so many people outside asking for money to collect debts. They are really big-hearted."

    Su Xun walked in, opened his mouth and said.

    At the same time, he glanced at the terrified woman, "Get out, it's none of your business here." (Remember the website website:
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