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Lin Yuan Xing Latest chapter update list


Chapter 1: Xiang Xu, the Fox Accompanied by ReadingChapter 2 The Gate of Heaven Opens, and the Ghost City AppearsChapter 3 Timekeeping by the Yellow Clock, Asking the Spring and Autumn of the WorldChapter 4 The Heavenly Gate Opens in the North Sea
Chapter 5 Eight Doors Chaotian TempleChapter 6 Residents of No Man's LandChapter 7 Transformation of Hong Furnace, Good Fortune Turns into WorkChapter 8 Sky Bridge Out of the Sea of ??Clouds
Chapter 9: Old Man Stealing ImmortalsChapter 10 UntamedChapter 11 The Old Man Under the Willow TreeChapter 13 Killing a person in five steps
Chapter 14 Seven Days Crossing the TribulationChapter 15 The sinister human heart is better than the demonChapter 16Chapter 17 The Immortal Sword Slays the Demon Dragon
Chapter 18 The Elders in the Town Are Not HumanChapter 19: Visitors from Shuofang CityChapter 20 Struck by LightningChapter 21 Su Yun crosses the catastrophe
Chapter 22 Confucianism and Taoism supernatural powersChapter 23 Not enough knowledgeChapter 24 Small Town SuspicionChapter 25 Looking up at the sky is not a sin
Chapter 26 Heavenly Dao Temple GronChapter 27 - A Foreign Object ArrivesChapter 28 Walking in the AbyssChapter 29 The Burial of the Dragon Mausoleum
Chapter 30 The True Ending of the Battle of BlizzardChapter 31 Blood-stained Tianping BridgeChapter 32 Trying to Be a Normal BoyChapter 33: You Must Grab Him
Chapter 34 - Seeing the Light AgainChapter 35 Heroes of Heaven and EarthChapter 36 2019, The Story of Shepherd God, 2020, Lin Yuan XingChapter 37: The Chaotic Zone of the Sky City Wall
Chapter 38 Demon Demeanor (Happy New Year)Chapter 39 Wen Shenggong TempleChapter 40 GhostsChapter 41 Darkness Falls
Chapter 42 Qiu Shuijing and the big shotChapter 43 Spiritualist Su YunChapter 44: Flying Snow Reflects Supernatural AbilityChapter 45 Land Candle Dragon
Chapter 46 Long Night PastoralChapter 47Chapter 48 Disturbed Herring TownChapter 49 We have a bad atmosphere
Chapter 50 Calamity Gray MonsterChapter 51Chapter 52Chapter 53: Boarding a Thief Ship by Mistake (Please recommend)
Chapter 54 Killing in sleepChapter 55 The Ordinary BoyChapter 56 A Little DifferenceChapter 57 The Scholars from the Countryside Are Not Human
Chapter 58Chapter 59 Code Name: The Whole Village EatsChapter 60 The Girl with Two PonytailsChapter 61 What is it with you?
Chapter 62Chapter 63 Beaten to Death for Being Too HonestChapter 64 Farewell to classmatesChapter 65
Chapter 66Chapter 67 Best ClassmateChapter 68 You Are Too WeakChapter 69 Ranking Fourth
Chapter 70 Young ChivalryChapter 71Chapter 72 Girl, aren't you cold?Chapter 73 Sword Picking Indus
Chapter 74: The Immortal Sword Slays DemonsChapter 75 The Mystery of Longevity (Please recommend on Monday)Chapter 76 Shuofang fourth, top three in the countryChapter 77 I Have a Heavenly Dao Temple
Chapter 78 Two WorldsChapter 79 The Ash God WingChapter 80Chapter 81 Willing to be barbaric and not a gentleman
Chapter 82Chapter 83Chapter 84 Killing you, anytime, anywhereChapter 85 I want to ascend
Chapter 86Chapter 87: Great Unified TechniquesChapter 88 Night Detective Robbery Ash FactoryChapter 89 Mutant Spirit Soldiers (Ticket on Monday)
Chapter 90 Underground Robbery of Gray CityChapter 91: True and False Envoys Coincidentally MeetChapter 92 Gambling with the DevilChapter 93 Great Holy Spirit Soldier
Chapter 94 The Flash of HumanityChapter 95 The Tribulation Fire Burns, and the World Is DestroyedChapter 96 Falling into a DemonChapter 97 Sword Breaking Tribulation Ash Mountain
Chapter 98 What is a big weapon?Chapter 99 Written Before "Lin Yuan Xing" was releasedChapter 100 Wen Xin Diao LongChapter 101 One male and one female
Chapter 102 Knocking Mountains and Shocking TigersChapter 103 New Rich Man (Fourth Change)Chapter 105 Doctor Dong and General YutianChapter 106 Junior brother, do you want to join the club?
Chapter 107 Mr. HiringChapter 108 Rebellious, like a god like a devilChapter 109Chapter 110 Suzaku Panlong
Chapter 111: Those who are close to vermilion are red, and those who are close to ink are blackChapter 112Chapter 113 Holding a Book in the Left Hand and Holding a Knife in the RightChapter 114 Ambushes, anti-killing
Chapter 115Chapter 116 Apprenticeship to Water MirrorChapter 117 Shuofang Yi CommonerChapter 118 The Sage of Shuofang
Chapter 119 Planting Fire in the Spirit WorldChapter 120 Immortal ArtChapter 121 No one casts a golden body (seek votes on Monday!)Chapter 122 It's Not the Raptors Who Cross the River
Chapter 123 Immortal Art Immortal PhysiqueChapter 124 Meeting Friends AgainChapter 125 The Master of Tanglin (Please Subscribe Monthly Pass)Chapter 126 Immortal Family Bloodline
Chapter 127 You Are Unfathomable, Did You Know?Chapter 128 Superficial BrothersChapter 129 Open Yingying's BookChapter 130 100% chance of winning
Chapter 131 - One Move of the ImmortalChapter 132 The Battle of the Big BrothersChapter 133 Alright, Gewuyuan is gone (seeking a monthly ticket)Chapter 134
Chapter 135 Invincible Brain Supplement (Ticket on Monday)Chapter 136 The Mystery of the Heavenly TribulationChapter 137 Cultural ExchangeChapter 138 The Ninth Sword Formation
Chapter 139 True Dragon AbilityChapter 140 BombingChapter 141 Seven Old ImmortalsChapter 142 What's even rarer is this humility
Chapter 143 Ye Luo, You Are Vomiting BloodChapter 144 Sending the BellChapter 145: The Godly Photo of the Heavenly CourtChapter 146: Demonic nature is hard to overcome
Chapter 148 Land reclamation periodChapter 149 Tongtian Pavilion's number one thugChapter 150 The Saint's Horse ThiefChapter 151 The Saint's Mask
Chapter 152 Saint BodyChapter 153 The magic of using it is all in one mindChapter 154 Killing on WaterChapter 155
Chapter 156 Black Coffin General LiChapter 157Chapter 158 Zuo Songyan's Combat StrengthChapter 159 And you, helpless
Chapter 160 My Sword ComesChapter 161 Walking into the Power Center (Ask for a Monthly Ticket!)Chapter 162 The Death of the Team LeaderChapter 163 The Whereabouts of Chaotian Tower
Chapter 164 I will control my destinyChapter 165 The Sixth Cave and the Seventh Spirit RealmChapter 166 Immortal Strike (Seeking Monthly Ticket Subscription)Chapter 167 Abnormal Cloud
Chapter 168 Teacher, that's it?Chapter 169: Five Imperial Hunyuan SkillsChapter 170 The Mystery of the Broken Seventh Spirit WorldChapter 171 The Unquenchable Tribulation Fire
Chapter 172 Violently Beating the Emperor of the Eastern CapitalChapter 173 My Greatest Strength Is Only A Little Longer Than YouChapter 174 Master and Apprentice (Where is my ticket?)Chapter 175 Riding a Dragon at Night
Chapter 176 Shuofang is in chaos or not, I have the final sayChapter 177 I still have something to do, let the emperor waitChapter 178 Water Mirror Xu LaiChapter 179 Detonating Shuofang
Chapter 180 Flipping the TableChapter 181 Above the moon, between life and deathChapter 182 The face of a saint, the heart of a childChapter 183 Demon and Dragon
Chapter 184 The Ash God King (4,000-character chapter)Chapter 185 So, You Are DeadChapter 186 The No. 1 Powerhouse in ShuofangChapter 187
Chapter 188 Dawn is approaching, the battle of JinxiutuChapter 189Chapter 190 The Great Trend of SaintsChapter 191 Four Myths
Chapter 192 The Family Governs the WorldChapter 193: An Injury Only a Fairy Can SufferChapter 194: Daoist Sky EyeChapter 195 Touching the Old Bottom of the Saint
Chapter 196 Team Leader Senior Brother and Han Jun (ask for a monthly ticket!)Chapter 197 Looking for ConsonanceChapter 198 ConcertChapter 199 - The Great Emperor's Smash
Chapter 200 Memory Unsealed, Dragon Burial Mausoleum 150 Years AgoChapter 201 SacrificeChapter 202 Seal of Herring TownChapter 203 The Su Family
Chapter 204 Farewell, ShuofangChapter 205 January Day in the MirrorChapter 206 Moonlight Guanghan PalaceChapter 207 Strange things in the eastern capital
Chapter 208 I Am Your BrotherChapter 209: Mortal HeartChapter 210 Mountains and rivers in foreign lands, envoys of the Great Qin DynastyChapter 211 Not so good
Chapter 212 Yuan Shuo's No. 1 Hero Bai YuelouChapter 213 Letting You GoChapter 214: A Little HungryChapter 215 Eat it directly
Chapter 216 Qiu Shuijing Takes PowerChapter 217 Beast Su YunChapter 218: The Mountain ManChapter 219
Chapter 220 The Royal Family Has NothingChapter 222 Beating the Second Saint ViolentlyChapter 223 The Flying Fox of the Eastern CapitalChapter 224 The Fourth Myth
Chapter 225 The Battle of the Sky City WallChapter 226: All Kings Are IdiotsChapter 227 Why Don't You Run?Chapter 228
Chapter 229 Mourning the Dead and Commemorating the HeroesChapter 230 The Hand of GodChapter 231 Ancient SchoolChapter 232 I'm Barefoot
Chapter 233 Settled AloneChapter 234 The Strongest Summoning TechniqueChapter 235 The Number One Demon God in the Eastern Capital (for Subscription)Chapter 236 The Wild Fox Reappears (Subscribe)
Chapter 237 The Prime Minister ReturnsChapter 238 I'll FightChapter 239 Beat Wen Shinhwa ViolentlyChapter 241
Chapter 242 Qiu Shuijing mournsChapter 243 The Master of DemonsChapter 244Chapter 245 Xue Qingfu in the strongest state (seeking monthly ticket subscription)
Chapter 246 Emperor Ping and Fox (for subscription)Chapter 247 Senior Brother Qin Wuling (Da Zhang asks for a monthly ticket!)Chapter 248 Clouds in the Eastern Capital (Da Zhang asks for a ticket)Chapter 249 Demon God
Chapter 250 The sky, the cloud strikesChapter 251 God Demon TransformationChapter 252 Brother YinglongChapter 253 Responding to the Power of the Dragon
Chapter 254 What is beyond the realmChapter 255 Water Mirror Same SkyChapter 256Chapter 257 The shadow of a lifetime
Chapter 258 Lingnan Robbery Ash FactoryChapter 259 Su Yun BraggingChapter 260 Broken Dao HeartThe child is sick, please take leave
Chapter 261 Nightmare in the DreamChapter 262: Mischief at Sea (Second Change)Chapter 263: Nine Infants of the Demon God (Part 3)Chapter 264 Discussion: How to give birth to offspring with Kun
Chapter 265Chapter 266 Yuan Shuo State StyleChapter 267 Aquarius Out of the GalaxyChapter 268 Poor and Extremely Hungry
Chapter 269 I hit someone for moneyChapter 270 The First Pot of Gold OverseasChapter 271 Sword Pavilion SaintChapter 272 The Pixiu Gate
Chapter 273 Demon God's AuraChapter 274 Thirty Years of Rain and RainChapter 275 Three Heroes of the Jiange (Part 1)Chapter 276 Can't beat the dog (second update)
Chapter 277 Upheaval in Feiyun Valley (third update!)Chapter 278 Get StartedChapter 279 Su Yun's lecture, gods and demons dance wildlyChapter 280 Girl, I'm Hurt
Chapter 281 God Emperor Swordsmanship (Suggest changing to: You call it)Chapter 282 The First Case in the West, the Argali CaseChapter 283 The History of Tongtian PavilionChapter 284: Elder Bai Ze
Chapter 285 Concubine Ming Yu who has not passed the doorToday's two chapters will be updated in the eveningChapter 286 Demonization of the ArgaliChapter 287
Chapter 288 There is a girl Xia MengjueChapter 289 Try and DieChapter 290 Gods in the TempleRecommend a new book, the flood is coming
Chapter 291 New God InvasionChapter 292: The Ash God King Su YunChapter 293 The Seal of the Underground Demon GodChapter 294 Saintess Ming Shengyan
Chapter 295 ConcubineChapter 296Chapter 297 Short LoveChapter 298
Chapter 299 Zuo Songyan's Good BrotherChapter 300: Xinglin's pastChapter 301 OutlawsChapter 302 The Criminal
Chapter 303 I killed someone (Da Zhang asks for a ticket)Chapter 304 Dawei Tianlong (Da Zhang asks for a ticket~)Chapter 305 The Murderer Zhang SanChapter 306
Chapter 307 The Gods SufferChapter 308: The Truth About the Argali RebellionChapter 309 Capture the Murderer Zhang SanChapter 310 Another Old Brother Comes Out
Chapter 311 The Three-Legged Son-in-LawChapter 312 Golden Retriever, Ornithosaurus, Tamper and Pectoralis MajorChapter 313 It's My TurnChapter 314 The dark knot of the bead tire and the friendship between Qin and Jin
Chapter 315: Zhong Shan Candle DragonChapter 316Chapter 317 Fire Cloud CaveChapter 318 Stealing the sky and changing the day (Da Zhang asks for subscription and ticket)
Chapter 319 The First Holy EmperorChapter 320Chapter 321 Extraterrestrial Spirit SoldiersChapter 322: Upheaval in the Outer Space
Chapter 323 Intercepting and Killing the Sword Pavilion SaintChapter 324 Under Desperate SituationChapter 325 Ninety-six Men BehindChapter 326 Great Qin Sage Emperor
Chapter 327 Traitorous Loyalty (Second Change)Chapter 328 The Perverted LeaderChapter 329 Fire Virtuous LordChapter 330 Ma Dudu, Figure him out
Chapter 331 Sword Slaying ShentuChapter 332 At the Foot of the Great Wall of the North CrownChapter 333: The Golden Body Becomes a ShintoChapter 334 What is divine power? Like a mountain like a sea
Chapter 335 What's the useChapter 336: New Pavilion Master AscensionChapter 337 Do you know that your father is a monster?Chapter 338 The Ascension of the Immortals
Chapter 339 The Third Way to Kill GodChapter 340 The Pavilion Master Who Will Never ProdigalChapter 341: Working With Demons (Part 1)Chapter 342 I, Little Willow (Second Update)
Chapter 343 Fengqi Wutong (third)Chapter 344 Who Has the Biggest Fist, Who is the GrandpaChapter 345Chapter 346 Deceiving Dao Heart (Ask for a monthly ticket on Children's Day!)
Chapter 347 Give People the Demonic Dao Heart DemonChapter 348 Tiandong, the imperial court, a foreign land, a strangerChapter 349 Immortal World Guanghan MountainChapter 350
Chapter 351Chapter 352Chapter 353 The Indus on the MoonChapter 354 Eighth Realm
Chapter 355 Lingnan Qiu Factory SupervisorChapter 356: The Last Day of the First Year of YuanshiChapter 357: Team Leader Senior Brother Qin WulingThe second volume is the first year of the Yuan Dynasty, the end, the third volume is beyond the sky, and it will be updated tomorrow
Chapter 358: Su Yun's CrowdChapter 359 Breaking ground on Tai Sui's headChapter 360 Money EyesChapter 361 The mob, the whole army is wiped out
Chapter 362: The Truth about Human and God MixingChapter 363: The Argali GirlChapter 364Chapter 365
Chapter 366 What you see is what I let you see (big chapter!)Chapter 367 The Afterglow of Embers (please subscribe, ask for a monthly pass)Chapter 368 Although Yuan Shuo is old, his life is renewedChapter 369
Chapter 370: Yuan Magnetic ExcaliburChapter 371Chapter 372 The Young Saint EmperorChapter 373 Why did His Majesty rebel?
Chapter 375 Su Yun's DojoChapter 376 I am homeChapter 377 Little Broken ChildChapter 378: Emperor Tianshiyuan
Chapter 379 I Almost Believed It!Chapter 380 Four Forbidden Places in TianshiyuanChapter 381 The Prestige of the Immortal SealChapter 382: Immortal Sword Filtration Plan
Chapter 383The two chapters will be updated together in the eveningChapter 384Chapter 385 Awakening the Devil
Chapter 386: Immortal QiChapter 387 You slept with an argaliChapter 388 The first battle outside the sky, the power of the immortal (Da Zhang asks for a ticket)Chapter 389 Emperor Seat Cave
Chapter 390 Space Distortion TechniqueChapter 391 Heavenly Constitution ArtChapter 392 Peerless Immortal PhysiqueChapter 393 Talking about tuberculosis first, fighting and fleeing
Chapter 394Chapter 395 WanxianfangChapter 396 Am I dead?Chapter 397 Who is he?
Chapter 398 Unlucky ChildChapter 399 WarmthChapter 400 A Young Man Doesn't Know What It's Like to Be SadChapter 401 An Anthem of Loyalty
Chapter 402 In my name, the fox pretends to be the foxChapter 403Chapter 404 Engaged on the same day, married tomorrowChapter 405: The wedding night in the bridal chamber, go to Leichi alone
Chapter 406 UntitledChapter 407 Shy in the RainChapter 408: Great SageChapter 409 The Mystery of Immortal Dao
Chapter 410: The Chai Clan's No. 1 PersonChapter 412 Your Father Defrauded His CorpseChapter 413 Don't open the coffin!Chapter 414 The Daughters of the Mango Demon
Chapter 415: Cliff Sword WallChapter 416 Don't show mercyChapter 417 Immortal Vine Black BloodChapter 418 Opening the Hanging Coffin
Chapter 419 Hanging Coffin Lock YunxiChapter 420: The Truth About the Hanging Coffin in the Sky City WallChapter 421 A glimmer of lifeChapter 422: Wanhua Burning Immortal Furnace
Chapter 423 The Third Immortal SealChapter 424 The Past of the Old God KingActivity, activity! ! !Chapter 425 Take All (Ticket Asked!)
Chapter 426 Gathering togetherChapter 427: The Divine Sovereign StrikesChapter 428Chapter 429 Going to Thunder Pool Together
Chapter 430Chapter 431 Shameless YouChapter 432 Gentlemen, follow me to fight (ask for votes!)Chapter 433
Chapter 434 Allied MissionChapter 435Chapter 436 The King of WarChapter 437 Teacher, disciple will send you on your way
Chapter 438 Borrowing a SwordChapter 439Chapter 440 Immortal World Smuggling PlanChapter 441 The Emperor's Old Age Is Unlucky
Chapter 442 Resurrection of the Emperor's CorpseChapter 443Chapter 444 Loyalty, righteousness and courage, unparalleled in the worldChapter 445: Zhongshan Cave
Chapter 446 Weed-like VitalityChapter 447 The Great Wall SmugglingChapter 448 The Daily Life of Gods and Demons in the Immortal World (seeking tickets)Chapter 449 Smuggling into the Nether Realm
Chapter 450 Your thoughts are dangerousChapter 451 A Group of Little White SheepChapter 452: It's All MineChapter 453 I Seem to See Sky Ichigaki
Chapter 454Chapter 455 You Are Not NobodyChapter 456 UnrivaledChapter 457: Something in the Darkness (Part 1)
Chapter 458: The Secret of Hades (Second Change)Chapter 459 Prince Su Yun (Tickets requested!)Chapter 460 The Emperor's Brain (seeking tickets)Chapter 461 I Killed Your Son
462 ѵ飨ƱChapter 463: Lu Chi ReturnsChapter 464: Candle Dragon MutationChapter 465 The Pure Countryman
Chapter 467 Half-brother (seeking tickets)Chapter 468 Candle Dragon CreationChapter 469Chapter 470 Purple Mansion
Chapter 471 Turning to Hong Jun in one breath, Hunyuan enters the innateChapter 472 Misfortune Comes Out of Mouth (Ticket on Monday)Chapter 473Chapter 474
Chapter 475 Immortal Carrying the Coffinleave, people in the hospitalChapter 476 Magical WonderlandChapter 477 Undefended
Chapter 478 Killing Liu Jiannan AgainChapter 479 Brave and Brave PunisherChapter 480Chapter 481 Five colors of gold, the dead body sinks into the sea
Chapter 482: Immortal MeansChapter 483 You Are BeautifulChapter 484 Yuanshuo parent civilizationChapter 485 Yingying Highlight
Chapter 486 Obsessed with the Nine-Tailed FoxChapter 487 Forbidden AscensionChapter 488Chapter 489 Big and Strong (Da Zhang asks for votes)
Chapter 490Chapter 491 Repeated Horizontal JumpChapter 492 The Former Residence of the MasterChapter 493
Chapter 494 Today I Will Be Famous All over the World (Tickets Asked on Monday)Chapter 495: The Golden Immortal Is ComingChapter 496 Goodbye IndusChapter 497: Skyship Cave
Chapter 498Chapter 499 Immortal Emperor MonsterChapter 500 There is a sky beyond the sky (ask for a ticket)Chapter 501 Heart of the Evil Emperor
Chapter 502: The Golden Immortal Comes, The Golden Immortal Is GoneChapter 503: Chaos Immortal Execution FingerChapter 504 Riding the Emperor's Heart for a DriveChapter 505 My Immortal Envoy Father
Chapter 506 Exile the Emperor's HeartChapter 507: Exile FailedChapter 508Chapter 509: Supreme Sword Art
Chapter 510 Unparalleled SwordGoing through the hospitalization procedures for my daughter, the update has slowed down in the past two daysChapter 511 I don't know swordsmanship, I'm not interested in swordsmanshipChapter 512 I Come to Kill Someone
Chapter 513 Killing the Emperor's EnvoyChapter 514: Ass TheoryChapter 515 May You Come Back, Still a Young BoyChapter 516 Su Yun's Love at First Sight
Chapter 517Chapter 518: Immortal VisitChapter 519 The First Loyal Minister of the Former Dynasty, Su ShenghuangChapter 521: Tribulation Ash Immortal
Chapter 522 Those who learn from me will die (seeking votes in September!)Linyuanxing September monthly ticket sprint, the line of fire is urgent! ! !Chapter 523 Immortal Immortal Art? beat!Chapter 524 Nine Profound Immortality
Chapter 525: The Battle Between True and False Martial ImmortalsChapter 526: Changes in the UnderworldChapter 527 The Black Hand Behind the Scenes (Subscribe)Chapter 528
Chapter 529 Sword EmperorChapter 530 Ten Thousand TribulationsChapter 531 Enlightenment in the rain, the magic sword will becomeChapter 532 Deciphering the Sword of the Immortal Emperor (for Subscription)
Chapter 533: Evil Burial CorpseChapter 534: The Evil Emperor Qin ConcubineChapter 535: Concubine Qin in the PaintingChapter 536 Old God, Ruler of the Ancient World
Notice, the new chapter has been updated, there is an important announcementChapter 537 Evil SacrificeChapter 538 Dispute of WordsChapter 539: Two Swords Combined (Ticket Asked!)
Chapter 540 The worst battleChapter 541 Unparalleled qualifications (seeking monthly ticket subscription)Chapter 542 The Second Profound Art (for Subscription)543 Chapter 543 It's not going to get better (please vote~)
Chapter 544 Out of FavorChapter 545 Zhong Ruo JiuyuanChapter 546: Empress Hong LuoChapter 547 The world is so nice (Da Zhang asks for a ticket!)
Chapter 548: Demonstrating the Power of the Five-Layer DojoChapter 549: A Grip of the UniverseChapter 550 Girls Come to Kill (Calling a Monthly Ticket)Chapter 551 Girls playing hooligans (Da Zhang asks for a ticket)
Chapter 552 Su Yun steps on three boatsChapter 553 The Origin of Supernatural Powers (seeking tickets)Chapter 554 Underworld InvasionChapter 555 Teacher, take care
Chapter 556 Doom is approaching (Da Zhang asks for a ticket)Chapter 557Chapter 558: Su Yun's DoomChapter 559
Chapter 560 The Concubine Is SubmittedChapter 561 Let Me See The Wound (seeking ticket)Chapter 562 The Immortal Emperor's TechniqueChapter 563 Congenital Purple Mansion (seeking ticket)
Chapter 564 Origin of Chaos (please subscribe!)Chapter 565 Gentlemen, don't look at evilChapter 566 Curious BaizesChapter 567 Unseal the Taikoo Forbidden Zone
Chapter 568 You are about to become a fairy (ask for a monthly ticket!)Chapter 569 The Heart Is Distracted (Please Subscribe!)Chapter 570 The Ancient Forbidden Zone (for Subscription)Chapter 571: The Emperor's Sword Descends
Chapter 572 The Two Immortal Emperors Gather (Subscribe)Chapter 573 My Immortal Emperor FatherChapter 574 The Corpse Demon Emperor Zhao (please subscribe monthly ticket~)Chapter 575 I Can't Resist (Please Subscribe)
Chapter 576Chapter 577 The Holy King of Hades (Double votes!)Chapter 578: Killing Immortals and Demons in the Five MansionsChapter 579
Chapter 580 The Limbs of the Chaos EmperorChapter 581 Complete Emperor ShuChapter 582 The Grave in the Chaos SeaChapter 583 Household slaves with three surnames (Happy motherland holiday!)
Chapter 584 Plump BodyChapter 585: The Scheming Beauty of the Violent Sword (asking for a monthly ticket)Chapter 586 Stepping on six boatsChapter 587: What's the deal with eachother?
Chapter 588 The Great Emperor Grants Supernatural Powers (for Subscription)Chapter 589 Molesting the Fairy QueenChapter 590: Mrs. YingyingChapter 591 The First Holy Emperor (seeking tickets)
Chapter 592 Emperor Shu and Wanhua Burning Immortal Furnace (seeking tickets)Chapter 593 She's CrazyChapter 594: Invincible Under Heaven (ask for a monthly ticket)Chapter 595 The Five Mansions Show Their Supernatural Powers
Chapter 596: You Can't Die If You Touch It (Ticket Request)Chapter 597: The bell-breaker, Su Yun!Chapter 598 Yinglong's Sorrow (please subscribe!)Chapter 600 My Dao exists alone, and it will not last long (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 601 You really have to live with it!Chapter 602 The Mystery of the Three Saint EmperorsChapter 603 Chained Ship (seeking further order)Chapter 604 Delivering the Canopy
Chapter 605 Immortal Emperor's Visit (Ticket on Monday)Chapter 607 Someone elseChapter 608Episode 609
Chapter 610: Su Lang Doesn't Know the Man in His DreamMy daughter-in-law is in the delivery room, I'm asking for leave todayAlready born, mother and daughter are safeChapter 611: Duke Wen still has a day to capsize, and Su Yun also has a time to flourish
Chapter 612: The Ten Thousand Gods of the Emperor's SoulChapter 613 The Young EmperorChapter 614: Guaranteed You To ProsperChapter 615 The Unbearable Weight of a Small Boat
Chapter 616 Good Man Su Yun (Da Zhang asks for a ticket)Discharge today, update tonightChapter 617 Where is the sacred place?Chapter 618
Chapter 619Chapter 620 The Art of Stepping on a BoatChapter 621 Wen Qiao Lifts the TableChapter 622 Your Majesty, You Are Getting Old (Da Zhang asks for a ticket!)
Chapter 623: The Evil Emperor is InvincibleChapter 624 Don't Resist (Please Subscribe)Chapter 625: Strengthening My PrestigeChapter 626 I'm fine, I can handle it
Chapter 627 The Indus Flower Blooms and the Phoenix Comes BackChapter 628 The murderer is right hereChapter 629 What happened back then was dirtyChapter 630 The Empress Meets the Evil Emperor
In the hospital to see a doctor for the little daughter, there is no change at noonChapter 631 Kill Shi Weiran First (Da Zhang asks for a ticket!)Chapter 632 The Peerless Demon MonarchChapter 633 The only flaw (Ask for a monthly pass at the end of the month!)
Chapter 634: The Rules of the Imperial CourtChapter 635 Funeral Bells (Da Zhang asks for a ticket)Chapter 636 Practice forever, for Su Lang to take a lookChapter 637 Demons Bewitched (Ask for a monthly ticket at the end of the month!)
Chapter 638: The Holy Emperor's SchemingChapter 639Chapter 640: Su Yun's FriendChapter 641 Co-owner of the Lower Realm
Chapter 643 Unparalleled Combat Power (Please guarantee the monthly pass!)The new chapter has been updated, November 1st, ask for a guaranteed monthly pass!Chapter 644 Who will get it? (Ask for a guaranteed monthly pass!)Chapter 645
Chapter 646 The Devil's Burial in LonglingChapter 647 My way will become a thousand sorrows (subscription required)Chapter 648 My Way Is CompletedChapter 649: Nobody Becomes Immortal
Chapter 650 Su Shenghuang's first shipwreckChapter 651 I want you to help me cultivate!Chapter 652 Su Yun Drunk (for Subscription)Chapter 653: Number Two in the World and Number One in the World (Da Zhang asks for a ticket)
Chapter 654 The Charm of Su Shenghuang (Subscribe)Chapter 655 Unfavorable YearsChapter 656 Continuous Capsizing (seeking ticket)Chapter 657: The Twelve Ancient Gods
Chapter 658 The Daily Life of a Faint LordChapter 659: One word awakens the dreamerChapter 660 World Destruction Golden CoffinChapter 661 Self-Destruction of the Great Wall (Seeking Tickets)
Chapter 662 The Gatekeeper of the River of Forgetfulness (Da Zhang asks for a ticket!)Chapter 663 Who will compete with the emperor if he doesn't come out?Chapter 664 My Son Liu JiannanChapter 665: The Truth About the Gate of the Immortal World
Chapter 666 Parting from Heaven and Beyond (seeking order)Chapter 667 The Zi Mansion strikes, go all the wayChapter 668 But that's it (seeking votes)Chapter 669
Chapter 670Chapter 671: The Era of the Dance of Gods and DemonsChapter 672: Second in command behind the sceneChapter 673 Silkworm Baby's Unlucky Day
Chapter 674 Immortal Emperor's CourageChapter 675: The Best Treasure in the WorldChapter 676 The emperor fooled you (seeking tickets for subscription)Chapter 677 Everyone Knows Su Daqiang's Heart
Chapter 678 I Advise Your Majesty to Do ItselfChapter 679 Infinite Ring of Dust and Sand CalamityChapter 680 The tyrant diesChapter 681
Chapter 682Chapter 683 The Willow Coffin MonsterChapter 684 I taught you the way of the swordChapter 685: The Way Stops Here
Chapter 686 Protecting MeChapter 687: The First Formation of Sword DaoChapter 688Chapter 689 The Emperor's Scheming
Chapter 690 Book Monster Cultivating ImmortalsChapter 691: Picking up money is not ignorant of Su DaqiangChapter 692Chapter 693: A Corner of the Future
Chapter 694: The Evil Emperor's DefeatChapter 695: The Eighth Scale of the Yellow ClockChapter 696 My way is called lonely as soon as it comes out (ask for tickets at the end of the month!)Chapter 697 Unfathomable
Chapter 698: Journey to AshesChapter 699 Mysterious Sea of ??Divine AbilitiesChapter 700 My Heart Is BrightChapter 701 Emperor Shu, my friend! (Ask for a monthly pass!)
Chapter 702 Crossing the Sea of ??Magical Powers and Coming to Wuxian GateChapter 703 Bewitching the crowd (ask for a monthly ticket!)Chapter 704 Chaos TidesChapter 705: The First Encounter in the Chaos Sea
Chapter 706 Chaos Sea ObserverChapter 707: Dead Bones in the ShipChapter 708 You are looking for a dead endChapter 709: The First Peak of Sword Dao
Chapter 710: The Mystery of the Burning Immortal FurnaceChapter 711 Dao Realm Nine Heavens Outer Heaven (Please subscribe!)Chapter 712: The Battle of the Chaos SeaChapter 713: Dao Slave Trap
Chapter 714 Peerless BeastChapter 715 BrotherhoodChapter 716Chapter 717 Su Yun's Brothers
Chapter 718 Standing in the Sea of ??Supernatural PowersChapter 719 Undersea caves and prehistoric ancestorsChapter 720Chapter 721: Juvenile Immortal Absolute
Chapter 722 Linyuan is the strongest beaterChapter 723 This is Your MissionChapter 724 The Second Immortal World, The Story of Zhong JinlingChapter 725 The Third Immortal World, Master and Apprentice
Chapter 726 The Fifth Immortal Realm, Immortal Emperor Yu YanzhaoChapter 727 The Sixth Immortal Realm, Has His Majesty ever fulfilled his wish?Chapter 728 On the road of reincarnation, the branches of the worldChapter 729
Chapter 730: Father and Son RecognizeChapter 731Chapter 732 Thunder Pond DestroyedChapter 733 Therefore, I need Liwei
Chapter 734 Sword Sweeping South RiverChapter 735: The Bell of Time and SoundChapter 736Chapter 737: The Birth of a Demon
Chapter 738 Du Ying Must Die (Please ask for a monthly ticket, please subscribe)Chapter 739 The emperor couldn't keep it, so Weiran came out of the wallChapter 740 Dao is one foot high, God is a thousand feet highChapter 741
Chapter 742 Sending the Old Immortal into the CoffinChapter 743 Sending More Old Immortals into CoffinsChapter 744 Su Jun is very beautifulChapter 745 In five steps, the best in the world
Chapter 746 Great WallChapter 747 The first appearance of Hongmeng, the beginning of the Great WallChapter 748 We met in the pastChapter 749: The Story of Demon Alchemy in the Blessed Land of Tiangang
Chapter 750Chapter 751 Death of Prison LordChapter 752 Indus' long-cherished wishChapter 753 Win every step
Chapter 754 The Eldest Man Praises Haikou, Su Daqiang Gets a Glimpse of Innate NatureChapter 755In the last three days of 20 years, ask for a monthly pass! !Chapter 757
Chapter 758 Crushing and breaking the game (seeking tickets at the end of the year)Chapter 759 Brother?Chapter 760 Continuing the great cause, far away without a wifeChapter 761 Supreme Treasure Tribulation
Chapter 762 Unpredictable Heart, Unpredictable CatastropheChapter 763 Emperor Yunxian, Dao Conflicts (seeking monthly ticket)Chapter 764 Let's go, I'll take you to see the futureChapter 765 The most beautiful love story (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 766 Prince EdwardChapter 767 God EmperorChapter 768: Further to the Asura Field (seeking monthly ticket)Chapter 769: The Black Tie Bell's First Appearance
Chapter 770Chapter 771 Dao is equal to body (monthly ticket!)Chapter 772 Strange MatterChapter 773 Sacrificial Self
Chapter 774 Brave New WorldChapter 775 Exploring the Soul and SpiritualityChapter 776 The Way of the Dao MonarchChapter 777 We are born from the same root, so why rush each other?
Chapter 778 The Holy Emperor and Her MajestyChapter 779 The Temptress IndusChapter 780 On Guanghan Mountain, On the Bedside of the NewlywedsChapter 781 Prepare to fight
Chapter 782 The First Battle: Blood Stained CangwuChapter 783 Sending the BellChapter 784 The Battle of the Hanging BellChapter 785 But for the sake of the king, I have pondered until now
Chapter 786 Holding hands and joining togetherChapter 787 The eight alleys of Yuefu, wolf ambitionChapter 788 Emperor Yuntian ascends the throneChapter 789: Unstoppable
Chapter 790 You guys go first, I'm hereChapter 791Chapter 792 Do nothing, nothing will invadeChapter 793 Emperor Yuntian angered Wushuang
Chapter 794 Dao Primordial SpiritChapter 795: The Supreme Wisdom of Immortal DaoChapter 796Chapter 797 The Obsession of Demons
Chapter 798 Demon and PrinceChapter 799 If you don't get rid of your obsession, humans and demons will never dieChapter 800 Wedding dress planChapter 801 Emperor Hu's Body
Chapter 802 The Second Immortal Court in WangchuanChapter 803: Emperor Jie HuiChapter 804 The Responsibility of the Heavenly EmperorChapter 805 Immortal Prime Minister Sudden
Chapter 806: Recreating the Cosmic Starry SkyChapter 807 Fighting the Emperor of the Five Mansions (Dazhang asks for a monthly ticket!)Chapter 808: Even Heroines Have Ling TianzhiChapter 809: The Place of Righteousness
Chapter 810: Seeing the Evil Emperor in the Water MirrorChapter 811 Don't Regret Even If You SacrificeChapter 812: Battle of ImmortalsChapter 813
Chapter 814Chapter 815 Heavenly Master Vs Emperor's HeartChapter 816 Wine is the Elixir of a Thousand AgesChapter 817 This battle, here I come! (Dazhang asks for a monthly pass!)
Chapter 818 The Fisherman Under the MoonChapter 819 It's just that I was at a loss at the timeChapter 820 The building will collapse (seeking a monthly ticket)Chapter 821: The Ultimate Biluo
Chapter 822: Evil Emperor, I am Proclaimed EmperorChapter 823 What is the difference between me and that emperor?Chapter 824 Reappearance of Dao Slashing (Please guarantee the monthly pass!)Chapter 825
Chapter 826Chapter 827 Fulfilling Your Supreme Prestige (Ask for a monthly ticket!)Chapter 828Chapter 829 Wan Guchen
Chapter 830 Emperor Suzhi Bailidu (Happy Birthday Pig)Chapter 831 Thunder in the Starry Sky (Da Zhang asks for a monthly pass!)Chapter 832 Cut off all the immortals in the world, and cut off the three flowers on the topChapter 833 The Battle of Thunder Pond
Chapter 834Chapter 835 Destroying the World's Number One TreasureChapter 836 Rescue the Emperor of the UnderworldChapter 837 The Mystery of the Underworld
Chapter 838 Black Stone PillarChapter 839: Alien HeavenChapter 840 Dao GodChapter 841: Imperial Court and Foreign Lands
Chapter 842 Dao Shrine (Happy New Year's Eve!)Chapter 843 I am InfinityChapter 844 Who is in favor and who is against?a thank you letter
Chapter 845 Decisive battle against Emperor Shu (Happy Year of the Ox!)Chapter 846 - Big and Little Emperor ShuChapter 847 Life and Death StruggleChapter 848 The Great Wall of People's Hearts (Revert to normal update!)
Chapter 849 The God of Taoism You Chaosheng (Ask for a monthly ticket in the middle of the month~)Chapter 850Chapter 851 The Battle of Dao BodyChapter 852 Emperor Chaos' Divine Sword
Chapter 853 Enemy of the UniverseChapter 854 Emperor Yuntian's light, wind and moon, Baili's righteousness thins YuntianChapter 857Chapter 858
Chapter 859Chapter 860Chapter 861 Gathering ImmortalsChapter 862: Jade Immortal Sword Gate
Chapter 863 I am an ant colonyChapter 864: Su Yun Kaitian died, and Diying copied homeworkChapter 865 Is it against the heroes of the world?Chapter 866 Unparalleled Swordsmanship
Chapter 867 Six Paths Sword WheelChapter 868: Fighting to the DeathChapter 869: Outsider and Emperor ShuChapter 870
Chapter 871 Dongjun entered the ancient times, and the emperors disappearedChapter 872 Dong Jun and the CoffinChapter 873Chapter 874
Chapter 875 I wanted to be a wise kingChapter 876: WormChapter 877 GraveChapter 878: Thief Ship
Chapter 879 Improved AmputationChapter 880 Emperor Chaos Summons the Emperors, Su Daqiang's UnwillingChapter 881 Invasion of the TombChapter 882 Dao Yu Fights Dao Jun
Chapter 883 The future is the past, and reincarnation will never changeChapter 884 Becoming a ForeignerChapter 886 The End of the TimesChapter 889 Grace and Enmity
Chapter 890 Reaching the Supreme Way, Poor UnsettledChapter 892Chapter 893 Overturning the Chaos SeaChapter 894 This beauty, guard it with your life
Chapter 895 Death StrandingChapter 896: Infinite TribulationChapter 897 Waiting for the Wind to ComeChapter 898 Friendship and decisive battle between men
Chapter 899 Heavenly Venerable UnfathomableChapter 900 Peerless Sword ImmortalChapter 901 What is the use of this sword?Chapter 902 Yunshu Avenue, the Empress Seeking a Child
three days offChapter 903Chapter 904: Fudge the EmperorChapter 905 My opponent is not you
Chapter 906 Entrustment of Life and DeathChapter 907 PatchingChapter 908 The Fifth Possibility of the FutureChapter 909 The Battle of Reincarnation
Chapter 910 Middle FingerChapter 911: Quack Doctors Harm PeopleChapter 912: Battle of RighteousnessChapter 913: Fork in the Road of Reincarnation
Chapter 914: EnmityChapter 915: Fury of IncompetenceChapter 916 Dihu's Real Body (Big Chapter)Chapter 917 Heart attack (big chapter!)
Chapter 918 The ashes turned into snow, and Qingqing looks for relatives (Dazhang asks for a monthly ticket!)Chapter 919: An Eye For An EyeChapter 920 The Catastrophe Has ArrivedChapter 921: They Are All Enemies
Chapter 922 Yingying is HereChapter 923: Emperor JiehuiChapter 924 InhumanChapter 925 Heavenly Emperor Zhong Jinling, Immortal Emperor Yu Yanzhao
Chapter 926Chapter 927: You Chaosheng and the Holy King of ReincarnationChapter 928 Fighting Saint KingList of Daoist realms
Chapter 929Chapter 930Chapter 931 InvincibleChapter 932 Reincarnation Hell
Chapter 933 Sword Piercing ReincarnationChapter 934 The Immortal Dao LightChapter 935 You Can't UnderstandChapter 936
Chapter 937 Planting Lotus in the WellChapter 938 Ten YearsChapter 939 The Second FutureChapter 940
Chapter 941Chapter 942 Emperor Chaos and Feng Dao ZunChapter 943 Great Kindness and KindnessChapter 944: Past Events in Reincarnation
Chapter 945Chapter 946: Empress ChapterChapter 947: The Tombs of the EmperorsChapter 948: A Mountain Is Higher Than A Mountain
Chapter 949: The Bell RingsChapter 950Chapter 951 Another Spring of Indus BlossomsChapter 952 There is no good and evil in the Tao, good and evil are only the heart
Chapter 953 The Strongest Evil Way in HistoryChapter 954Chapter 955Chapter 956: The Sadness of Reincarnation
Chapter 957 RevengeChapter 958: The Age of CoercionChapter 959Chapter 960 Chaos Tide
Chapter 961: The No. 1 Dao God in the NationChapter 962 My name is XinhuoChapter 963 Seventh Prince of ChaosChapter 964: The End
After finishing this testimonial, itches to explode! ! !The short story "Yunluoxu" is coming!Chapter 12Chapter 104 Serious Injury Once a Day (Part 1)
Chapter 147 The Lord of Tongtian PavilionChapter 221 The New and Old Learning ControversyChapter 240 The Herring Town of Childhood (seeking tickets!)Chapter 374: Meteorite from the Sky
Chapter 411 That's right, it's meChapter 466 Immortal World Bitch (Ticket Asked!)Chapter 520Chapter 599
Chapter 606 projection, upper bodyChapter 642Chapter 756 Book Fairy Realizes Dream, Powerful RobberyChapter 855: Innate Divine Sword
Chapter 856 Miluo Heaven and Earth TowerChapter 885: Emperor Absolute ResurrectionChapter 887 I can lose, this battle cannot be lostChapter 888 Your future has other possibilities
Chapter 891 Mr. Shui Jing's Conspiracy   
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