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Text Chapter 6 The New World

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    The rain finally stopped.

    The sun shines through the gaps in the curtains, highlighting today's good weather.

    His brain has not yet fully awakened, and after a delay of more than ten seconds, a thought suddenly popped up: "Oh, my home is gone! I have an extra master!"

    Immediately there was a rush of urination.

    He didn't take off his clothes last night, he slept in a singlet and big pants, seeing that the rags were still hanging, he asked with a rustling voice, "Morning, have you woken up yet?"


    A Yuan was obviously not used to being greeted, so he was taken aback before replying, and opened the curtain casually.

    Still wearing the ragged clothes and trousers, her hair was wet, her face was covered with moisture, as if she had just been washed, and dewdrops rolled in her black eyes.

    "I'll borrow the bathroom."


    As he said, he still let go.

    Zhuang Zhou didn't even have a towel or toothbrush, so he wiped his face indiscriminately, and when he came out, he saw that breakfast was already on the table, and he still porridge with pickled vegetables.

    "Aren't you going to take nutritional supplements today?"

    "I only eat it every few days, and what I got was for one person, now you are added!"

    "Don't be stingy, I'll help you earn it back soon."


    He cooked three bowls of rice again, which made Ah Yuan feel heartbroken, so he tapped his cell phone casually and said, "Morning news!"


    The holographic projection came out again, playing a piece of news.

    "The neon lights broke out again to protest against the government's reduction in the supply quota of tritium water drinks. The demonstration was suppressed by the police, and the scene was violent. We saw a young man whose head was choked by tear gas.  A head still yelling"

    "Several countries in the central part of the Western Continent have unanimously decided that the presidential election will be held at the same time this year. These candidates all claim that their own country is the orthodoxy that inherits the lighthouse spirit of freedom!"

    "The floating corpses in the Sujia River have piled up like a mountain, and the government has been doing slow dredging work for 50 years. Just today, a major event happened locally. Those floating corpses stood up!!!"


    Zhuang Zhou's blood boiled with enthusiasm, and he beat the case and laughed.

    And kind!  Stimulate!  Be in good spirits!

    Suddenly I am not nervous anymore.

    "As for Le Cheng?"

    "Too much, if you're on my side, you'll be happy too."

    A Yuan didn't understand, chewed the pickles and said: "Your biggest problem now is that you don't have a registered permanent residence. You have to find a way to get an identity. It's not very difficult."

    "Why is it not difficult?"

    "You are 26 years old and you were born after the war. It will be very chaotic. There are too many children without fathers and mothers. Now there is a policy to register for black households during the war and after the war. But you have to be familiar with the environment, I  I'll teach you how to say it."

    A Yuan gave the opportunity face to face, Zhuang Zhou doubted: "Are you sure?"

    "That's it, many people are like this. I'll take you out for a walk later."


    He did not refuse.

    Although he also resists the strange world, but just like his name, he always goes with the flow, commonly known as a big heart.

    After finishing the meal, A Yuan took a look around and took off the oversized coat: "Put it on and have a look."

    "Ha ha!"

    She couldn't stop laughing.

    Zhuang Zhou's appearance at this time, slippers, big trousers, and old coat, with his arms open, revealing the white vest inside.

    "That's right, that's right, it looks like we're the one who stacked the building!"

    She couldn't help but lead the people out, and the door was locked tightly.

    As soon as he went out, Zhuang Zhou was shocked.

    In front of me is a steel honeycomb, like a tube building, also like a housing estate in Hong Kong, towering, dense and scary.  Concave structure, building on three sides, leaving one side empty, small houses like honeycombs are connected by long corridors.

    The pots and pans are noisy, and the aroma is bursting.

    ?The floor where he is located is on the lower side, and as far as the eye can see, there are many signboards that read: Chinese medicine bone setting, pedicure, haircut, clothing and so on.

    There is also a light box at the door of my house, which reads recycling second-hand goods and old computers, blah blah blah.

    "If only it were cyberpunk or the Walled City of Kowloon, then I can ascend mechanically, or become a Hong Kong entertainment harem"

    He muttered, but A Yuan was too lazy to talk about it, and introduced: "This large area is an area of ??stacked buildings. In the era of disputes, the population was concentrated and there was no place to live, so this kind of buildings came into being.

    ? After peace was restored, stacked buildings became a problem left over from history, and there are many places.?The government couldn¡¯t resettle them for a while, so it simply operated as a community and built many convenient facilities.  "

    "That is to say, there is a new city?"

    "Well, you can go there by bus."

    "Has your bus been driverless?"

    "Not only that, there are also automatic taxis, you just need to input your destination."

    The two strolled casually, and he saw some greenery and fitness facilities, and even markets, clinics and schools.  And when he walked to a small square, he pointed to a five-story building on the right: "What is that?"


    Looking over, there is indeed a big sign: Tianhai City Hope Community Comprehensive Service Center.

    There are still old slogans painted on the wall: "Take the lead in maintaining stability, take the lead in rebuilding your hometown, promote social development, and promote community harmony."

    Next to the police station.

    Continue to walk forward, and suddenly see a woman running over, shouting: "Xiao Yuan!"

    "Miss Niu!"

    The woman was in her thirties, neat and clean, with kind eyebrows and eyes. When she saw Zhuang Zhou, she wondered, "Who is this?"

    "my friend."

    "Oh, I was just going to find you. I have nothing to do, so I will talk to you."

    Sister Niu pulled her aside and said earnestly: "Master Yuan is gone, everyone is very sad, knowing that you have deep feelings, I am afraid that something will happen to you if you can't figure it out.

    Look, how good this is!  Make more friends and do more activities, and you will be able to adjust quickly. If you have any difficulties, just tell me.  "

    Ah Yuan was obedient and nodded repeatedly.

    After chatting for a while, Big Sister Niu flashed away. Zhuang Zhou listened clearly and asked, "Who is this?"

    "In the old neighborhood, I moved to my husband's house when I got married. You go around when you have nothing to do, help the old lady, bully and bully the children, and the community will come to visit after a while, and you will follow my instructions.

    Then they will investigate to see if you have any mental problems, and the account will be released in a few months.  "

    "Yeah! Believe in you, believe in the government!"

    Zhuang Zhou nodded furiously: "The grassroots work in 2049 has not been left behind either!"


    After strolling around, A Yuan went to collect waste products.

    Zhuang Zhou hid in the house by himself, like a scumbag who eats soft food.

    It was almost evening when she kicked the door open with a bang and came in with a big box in her arms.  The hair is messier, the face is dirty, and the forehead is full of sweat, which seems to have taken a lot of physical strength.

    "came back?"

    "Well, what is this?"

    Ah Yuan looked at a screeching chicken that looked like a baby on a sunny day hanging on the beam of the dividing line.

    "I hung the doorbell, you pinch it."

    "Ah oh~~~~ah oh~~~~~"

    She was holding the screaming chicken, confused and a little bit playful, and then went out to get things: "I bought you a towel, toothbrush and bowls and chopsticks."


    What a fierce and kind child.

    Zhuang Zhou borrowed the other party's computer and searched for information all afternoon.  This world is very similar to the earth, and the historical and cultural progress is also very ambiguous. For example, there is no Confucius here, but there is another sage

    He got up to help tidy up, sat down again, and said, "You just came back, and there is something I don't understand."

    As he spoke, he clicked a few times, and a man suddenly jumped out from the lower right corner of the computer screen.

    This man has a handsome face, elegant demeanor and a delicate temperament, just like a real person, and he also said: "Dear Your Highness, what do you need me to do for you??
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