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Text Chapter Seventeen The Most Vigorous

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    "I really like your facial design, every frown and smile are so touching, especially those two dimples.

    You are tall and slender. In our inherent cognition, this kind of figure is an oval face or an oval face.  But you are different, with a round face and a plump feeling on the whole"

    Han Yu really likes it, and Barabara said a lot: "You know what I love most about you? When you sing, there is light in your eyes, full of tenderness, that kind of taste that can communicate with the audience across distances, it's great  It's great! It's great!"

    After her words fell, Qin Lang was not stingy in praising, saying:

    "Although I don't pay attention to singing skills now, I want to say that the sound and style are really well designed. The articulation, breath, transliteration, and light tone and accent processing are seamlessly coordinated.

    There is this work again, I don't know how to praise it.  Young audiences may feel a bit old-fashioned after listening to it, but it is this kind of old-fashioned that makes the whole song full of a touch of nostalgia.

    I read that one of the comments said it well, you may not like it today, but when you have some experience and your own story, you will definitely fall in love with this song - "I Only Care About You".  "

    "Wow, boom!"

    "Wow, boom!"

    After another burst of applause, the host interrupted first and said, "Okay, let's see the number of votes for this contestant Wow!"

    I was listening to the song before, but at this moment, I saw excitement on and off the stage, and before I knew it, the number of likes had reached 3 million!

    The growth rate has slowed down, but it still hasn't stopped.

    And the ranking also exceeded the previous first place, impressively occupying the championship position!

    "It seems that we were fortunate enough to witness a miracle in the closing battle before the final, and the number of votes on the spot exceeded 3 million! Congratulations!"

    Bang bang bang!

    Fireworks are blooming, salutes are roaring, the audience is cheering, and special effects are flying all over the sky. The atmosphere is organized and skillful, and it has reached the peak!

    "I remember that the last supernova was in the second season. Gu Tianwang also broke 3 million on the spot, reaching 10 million in a week, and no one has been able to break it so far."

    Gu Tianwang is the ace artist of Brilliant Entertainment. He debuted in Supernova back then, and he was a superstar who was abruptly promoted.

    The host mastered the rhythm and said with a smile: "Mr. Yao, it's your turn to talk about it. What do you think?"

    In an instant, the number of people in the live broadcast room increased again:

    "Yao Dazui, you have today too!"

    "Yao Sang, the flowers of evil in my hometown are in full bloom, come back quickly!"

    "Hahaha, I'm so excited!"

    Yao Shuwen was still holding the broken fan, stroking the stubble of his beard, and said like a dog: "People are in the rivers and lakes, and it is inevitable that there will be times when people miss. Today I admit defeat, and I will do it myself."

    "Oh? Then you think this song is good?" Qin Lang added insult to injury.


    "Does it resonate?"


    "Can it soothe the soul?"


    Yao Shuwen has given up struggling, and is even going to buy a trending search by himself: #Ì·´ó¿Ú¿éƽ#

    Still the same sentence, black and red are also red!

    Everything is about foreplay, sex, and aftertaste. The host knows this well. Public provocation is foreplay, singing is sex, and the chatting just now is aftertaste.

    She felt that the heat was almost ready, Fang brought the topic back to the competition itself, and asked: "You are far ahead in the number of votes now, and it is very likely that you will win the first place.

    Then we have a total of 15 contestants who will advance to the final, and we will prepare the second work. Do you have the confidence to achieve such a good result in the final?  "


    A Yuan is manipulating it outside, and he is already possessed by a real soul.

    She was so nervous that she opened her mouth, unable to speak, and then suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder and patted it lightly, as if to encourage her.

    She clenched her small fists, her voice trembling: "I, I want to say one thing now. I am already very satisfied to be able to stand on such a great stage as Supernova.

    In fact, I came here to test the work. I am very, very honored that the audience likes it so much, but I am really not ready to participate in the final"


    The atmosphere group froze for a second, and the host was more like a duck being pinched by the neck: "You, you said you won't participate in the final?"

    "Uh, yes."

    "You want to retire?" Qin Lang's face turned green.

    "Excuse me, yes."


    Yao Shuwen directlyLaughing out loud, contemptuous of Qin Lang without saving face, Feng Shui turns, who does the sky bypass?  Aren't you very proud just now?  !

    Anyone who understands knows that the reason for retiring from the competition is that he does not want to sign the Overlord contract of Brilliant Entertainment.

    There have been withdrawals before, but most of them chose to submit. The parent company behind Brilliant Entertainment is a colossus, and it owns the largest music platform in China.

    ?Equivalent to three times the scale of Wang Yiyun, there are countless songs and countless listeners.

    There is also one of the best video networks in China, and it is one of the most important platforms for film and television dramas and short videos.

    With such a size, who would dare to offend?

    But I saw them today, and there were still two of them, and Grasshopper followed suit and said they would not participate in the finals.  After finishing speaking, cut off the signal, and the swipe projection disappears.


    There was a weird moment of silence inside and outside the arena, and then boom!

    It's all on.


    "It's amazing! It's amazing! Why are the newcomers so aggressive now?"

    "Just saw a good show and my social circle went crazy."

    "I think it's boring. It's nothing more than getting a wave of likes by withdrawing from the game. You haven't watched her before, and she has 4 million views?"

    "Pull it down. Brilliant Overlord's contract is well known to everyone, and only those who have no backbone will sign it. I'm just worried about them. After listening to such a good song, don't be like the few retired players who were suppressed by Brilliant and disappeared.  "

    "Then it's obviously because I'm weak in succession, can the glory cover the sky with one hand?"

    "One-third of the sky can always be covered. If you are determined to block together, half of the sky will do."

    "It's hateful. Anyway, release the resources and then block them. My dad is urging me to play the song."

    "My mother asked me to play the song +1!"

    "My whole family asked me to play the song +1!"

    Inside the club.

    A Yuan and Master Qian took off the equipment, both frightened and nervous.  Zhuang Zhou brought them a unique spiritual feeling in just ten minutes.

    After all, Master Qian was an old dog, and said, "Boy, are you not afraid of causing trouble if you offend others?"

    "It doesn't matter whether you are afraid or not, you can only do this."

    Zhuang Zhou told the truth, he couldn't hand over Teresa Teng to others to run it, but he wanted to watch her, step by step, climb to the top of the music world!

    "Then let's take advantage of the fire to fight back, let's do more commercial performances, and it's over if we get banned." A Yuan said stupidly.


    Zhuang Zhou wanted to explain, but felt that she couldn't understand: "Anyway, don't worry, it's all right."

    The contestant has retired, and the show has to be broadcast live.

    It's just that no one was in the mood to read it, and it got to the end in a daze.

    Inside Brilliant Entertainment, there has been a lot of quarrels, and the attitude is tough: "This is the first time I have seen someone stepping on us, don't even think about it, block it! It must be blocked!"

    One faction is more moderate: "Calm down, okay? The government is already paying attention, and you don't dare to come out now without seeing the old horse?

    We just have a positive attitude and take the initiative to cooperate. Only by eating some meat in the entertainment industry can we survive, so don't make trouble.  "

    "What kind of trouble is a mere newcomer?!"

    "Okay, okay, anyway, let's communicate first, everyone is happy if it succeeds, let's talk about it if it doesn't succeed!"

    (and) </div&gt
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