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Text Chapter Nineteen I'm Not Going Anywhere

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    "When you and I accidentally think of her again, draw a cross in my memory, draw a cross in my memory"


    At the opening scene of a resort, a group of people danced and danced to the music.

    This song is very easy to learn, especially suitable for bringing atmosphere to group activities.  After Grasshopper's performance, he saluted and waved goodbye¡ªthis was all intelligently set.

    Immediately disappeared, and was already on her way to the next game

    "Ding dong!"

    "Your account has been transferred to 120,000 yuan!"


    Ah Yuan looked at the account balance, his eyes were shining.

    It was a morning in August, and the two were eating.

    Now that he had some money, Zhuang Zhou moved out of that family's house and rented a room for himself, which was on the upper floor of A Yuan.  Every morning, afternoon and evening, I run down to eat, and surf the Internet by the way.

    He persuaded A Yuan not to collect the trash anymore, and cleaned up the house, and put it away for cleaning, it looked much cleaner.

    In view of the particularity of the space, I cannot do without the stack, and I have long been bound to her.  Fortunately, I like the atmosphere of stacked buildings, and I don't want to leave.

    After finishing the meal, he drank another cup of nutritional supplements.

    A Yuan rubbed his fingers, a little confused: "I won't accept second-hand goods, what will I do in the future?"

    "We start a business together, and I will teach you."

    "But I haven't even studied in college."

    "It's okay, hey, I forgot to ask, why didn't you go to school?"

    "I went to school, did not do well, and my grandfather was ill for a long time. I took care of him. Later, I failed the exam and my grandfather passed away, so I just stayed like this."

    "It's okay, entertainment is simple."

    Zhuang Zhou wiped his mouth and said, "Do you understand our situation now?"


    "Then what kind of blocking method?"

    "I don't know."

    So he explained the nature of the matter in detail, saying: "The platform has locked our publicity and distribution channels, making it impossible to reach the general public. This is one of them. The platform has also locked our online income, making it impossible to raise a large amount of funds.  , the second.

    If it is an ordinary producer, it will soon be unable to sustain it, and it will admit defeat or simply break up.

    However, we have a large number of excellent works to support, so we don¡¯t have to worry about lack of follow-up, so the most important thing at present is to break through the blockade and find new publicity channels.  "

    "But Brilliant is so powerful, how can there be any new channels?"

    "Think about it again, is there really no dead ends?"

    Under Zhuang Zhou's continuous inspiration, A Yuan's eyes suddenly lit up: "TV station!"

    Then he frowned again, and said in doubt: "But the TV station can't do it now, except for the old men and old ladies who are stacked on the floor, who still watches TV?"

    "This is the second question, who are our current customers?

    ? On the day of the competition, my aunt said that there are 100 million people in the stacking area across the country, with similar ages, cultural structures, and hopeful communities. My confidence was greatly increased at that time.  I dare not say everything, if I attract one-third of the audience, it will be a big success!

    Don't look at the 4 million likes we have now, this is just a drop in the bucket.  "


    A Yuan was a little dazed, as if in her cognition, no one had told her the meaning of the existence of stacked buildings.

    Zhuang Zhou continued to inspire: "Have you ever been to the city?"


    "What do you think of stacked buildings in the city?"

    "Look down on us! If you say we are from the countryside, or even from other places, you are not considered Tianhai City people at all!" A Yuan was angry.

    "But stacking is very united."

    "Yeah! Our community is super united. When I was young, I went to other stacked buildings with my grandfather, and the people there were also nice. There is also Lord Qian. They have friends all over the place, and they often organize joint parties. It feels good."

    "Does Brilliant Entertainment value stacking?"

    "There used to be publicity, but we didn't like it, and we stopped coming after a long time. They think we are poor, backward, conservative, and unable to keep up with the trend."

    "So, this is a blank and huge market, and now we want it!"


    For some reason, Ah Yuan felt a sense of trembling all over his body, and then he heard the other party say: "And you remember one sentence, it fits our plan very, very well."


    "The countryside surrounds the city!"

    ? Back then, when Yang Yuying made her debut, the company tailored "Tea Mountain Love Song" and "Wind and Love in Water" for her.Smiling".  It was very popular as soon as it was released, and later there were works such as "Tell You Gently".

    Following the sweet song route, he hit the rural and township markets, and was later selected as one of the "Top Ten Favorite Singers of Chinese Farmers", and his album easily broke one million.

    Another example is Daolang's "The First Snow in 2002", with genuine sales of more than 2.7 million and pirated sales of more than 20 million, still without any publicity.

    This triggered a wave of ridicule from the so-called pop music orthodox, represented by Yehenaraying.

    "Anyone who goes to ktv to order Daolang songs is a farmer!"

    This sentence, whether Laying said it or not, is not sure.  But she looks down on Dao Lang, and any fool can see it.

    This is not the end.

    Zhuang Zhou hit the little girl again.

    "And I found that the languages ????of the two worlds are almost the same. Tianjin dialect is called Jingu dialect here, Cantonese is called Nanyue dialect here, and Hokkien dialect is called Min dialect here. You watch entertainment programs in 2021 every day, so you don't have any ideas?"


    A Yuan is like a rookie in Xinshou Village who meets an expert by chance and is forcibly empowered.

    "No one writes Southern Cantonese and Hokkien songs anymore. Is this also a huge blank market?"

    "Of course!"

    Zhuang Zhou finished his enlightenment, and said with a smile: "Although the TV station is not working now, at least it has its roots. What a good platform it is!"


    The sun is warm, warm but not seductive.

    Zhuang Zhou was in front, and A Yuan was like a primary school student and a little assistant, following behind.

    "Yo, Xiao Zhuang!"

    "Xiao Yuan!"

    "It's too much for us to strive for success, come, come, take it."

    The residents I saw along the way were all enthusiastic and proactive, and they could stuff two eggs in their hands.  Those who have good things still follow behind, and follow to see what they are doing.

    Arriving at the small square, the office buildings of the community still stand, and the old slogans are still painted.

    ?But today is different, Zhuang Zhou is far from being as carefree as when he first arrived. He entered the building and asked, "Hello, is Uncle Wu here?"

    "Hey, isn't this Xiaozhuang! I'm here, I'll call for you."

    Not long after, Old Wu came out with a happy face, and he held his hands and did not let go: "I didn't expect it, I didn't expect it! This is our community, no no, this is the first time in the history of the stacked building area!"

    "The civilized community is safe, right?"

    "Hey, if my own people say this, they will be out of touch."

    Old Wu didn't blush, and then he was worried: "However, your resignation has a lot of impact, and you will definitely cause trouble. Although our ability is limited, we can help as much as we can."

    "Well, that's why I came here!"

    Zhuang Zhou also grabbed his hand and did not let go: "Uncle Wu, can you speed up my account, I need it urgently!"

    "Urgent need? What are you going to do?"

    "I'm going to start a small company and specialize in making my own products."

    "It's good to start a company, young people should make a living"

    Old Wu was very happy when he heard it, and enthusiastically said: "Is there any plan now, have you chosen the venue? Where is it? The location is very important. I know a friend in the city, do you want to"

    "No, no, no, I don't plan to go to the city."

    "and you?"

    "It's here, I'm starting a company here, and I'm not going anywhere!"

    (Also ?
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