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Text Chapter 26 The Bull Breaks Into the China Store

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    As soon as Zhang Yue went to work, he found that the atmosphere was not right.

    Colleagues are all sneaky, hesitant to speak, very restless.  He didn't think it was strange, because he was like this too, he was full of things to say, but he was embarrassed at work.

    Can only work.

    He has just joined the job, and everyone else is a senior and has a certain age.  While he was busy, a colleague in his forties next door seemed to be unable to bear it, and suddenly hummed in a low voice:

    "Three minutes are destined"

    Without waiting for his reaction, another colleague instinctively continued: "Seven points depend on hard work."


    Immediately, it was subtle, and after about a few seconds, the office seemed to open a floodgate, and it suddenly became lively.

    "Did you watch it too?"

    "Have you watched it too? This Hokkien song is quite interesting."

    "I can hum a few words, but I can't remember the words, and I want to find resources but I don't have any."

    "There must be a rebroadcast on the TV station. I saw it this morning."

    "Hey, "Sweet Honey" is pretty good too."

    "Yeah, have you listened to "Wandering the Road of Life"?"

    "What song? I don't know!" Zhang Yue wondered.

    "The new song sung in Nanyue Taiwan is super amazing!"

    "Then let me listen."

    Zhang Yue blatantly fished and found Nanyuetai's gala last night, "Walking on the Road of Life".

    After listening, I took off the earphones and started talking with increasing interest. A young man in his early 20s unobtrusively blended into a group of middle-aged people.

    The biggest support for star chasing is liking idols with many, many people.  So his thoughts became stronger and stronger: I must hold a support club!


    The largest search engine in China, Du Niang.

    A group is having a daily meeting, and the person in charge just happens to be on a business trip to listen to the report through a holographic video call.

    "Within 12 hours, "Walking on the Road of Life" accounted for 11.3% of searches by song category, ranking first.

    "Sweet Honey" and "Love to Fight to Win" accounted for 10.9% and 10.5% respectively, "Baby I'm Sorry" and "Half Dim Sum" also ranked in the top 15.

    They are all new songs at the Qiqiao Gala last night. The producers are not clear, but the lyrics and music all show a team called "Flower Planting Studio".

    In the star classification, Teresa Teng occupies a terrifying proportion of 23.6%, far ahead.  "

    "Teresa Teng?"

    The person in charge sounded a little familiar, thought for a while and said, "Oh, it's the one who retired and was suppressed by Brilliance. Where's her previous search data?"

    "When I first retired from the competition, it rose for a short period of time, but I didn't contact us afterwards, and the popularity quickly went down."

    "What now?"

    "No contact now."

    "So calm"

    The person in charge was quite surprised.

    As for search, as we all know, it is necessary to bid for ranking.  When a netizen enters a keyword, what they see first depends entirely on how much money the relevant party spends and how much marketing they do.

    Brilliant said hello before, with Du Niang's size, it is not necessary to hang on to Brilliant, but Zhuang Zhou didn't spend money, so he naturally wouldn't take the initiative to promote it.  So just follow the flow and favor, the heat will definitely go down.

    But on the other hand, if a person is too popular, and netizens search for you but can't find effective information, your own brand will also be damaged.

    No one can ignore the 23.6% ratio.

    "Search according to normal standards, don't let netizens find it. You can communicate again and say that we can do better promotion. They are newcomers and may not understand anything." The person in charge said.


    At the same time, the largest social platform in China.

    Netizens always call this place a feces (wei) pit (bo). As everyone knows, without this cesspit, the online world would have been full of excrement and urine.

    In fact, there is already a lot of excrement and urine, almost no platform is clean, the difference is in the degree.

    "Hot phrases such as Teresa Teng, "Walking on the Road of Life" and "Sweet Honey" have risen to the 48th place, and "Love to fight will win" is also gaining momentum, and will soon squeeze into the top 50."



    Depend on!

    The project director couldn't help giving a thumbs up, awesome!

    Outside the circle dare not talk about hot searches, but in the entertainment circle, none of the hot searches are innocent!  It costs money to be on the trending search and withdraw from the trending search.

    If you see someone's fans pushing Lai Lai, saying that we didn't buy it!  Not for buying!Just spray it!

    Even if they didn't buy it, it was bought by people who hacked them, such as the classic case of sister Malan Shanpo:

    The number one ranking is: Ms. Po's WeChat account cannot be logged in.  Ranked second: the United States asked China to close the Consulate General in Houston.

    From this, an idiom was born: "It's hard to be thankful."

    ? It is used as a metaphor for a very dangerous thing, even more dangerous than Sino-US relations.

    But at this moment, facing such a Buddhist team, the supervisor was very puzzled and could only say: "Go and communicate and say that we can do better promotion. They are newcomers and may not understand anything."



    Brilliant Entertainment is also in a meeting.

    "After overnight analysis by our creative team, first of all, the five songs are all top-notch, so I don't need to talk about that.

    Secondly, they are different from the current popular music styles. Even "Baby I'm Sorry" is not very fast, and the melody is catchy, which is completely different from the electronic and synthetic sounds we use.

    As for the slow songs, I have to admit that "Sweet Honey" is tailor-made for this person, it fits so well!

    But what is even more frightening is "Wandering the Road of Life" and "Love to Fight to Win". We all know how much potential there is to tap in these two dialect areas.

    Generally speaking, I think this, uh, they don't have an official name, they only released a flower planting studio, so I'll call it for now.

    The route of this flower planting studio is very clear, and the building is stacked.  Everyone wants this market. We have tried it before, but the taste is weird. If they are really infiltrated, they must be a terrible opponent.  "

    Before, everyone thought he was an ordinary newcomer, and disappeared after a while.  As a result, he found another way, and jumped up and down in front of his eyes.

    "Then what do we do now?" Someone asked.

    "Hey, as long as you can make money, there is no such thing as a deep hatred!"

    "The other family will definitely not be able to bear it, let's wait and see."


    Of course the other family can't help it, who has a grudge against money?

    The two giants of Yinhe and Spring and Autumn, as well as small and medium-sized companies are all about to move.  And the TV station, the most direct partner, moved even more quickly.

    Lu Yiyi happened to be taking a break when he was kicked by the leader onto the bus going home.

    He went to university in Tianhai, then worked, and was close to home. From this point of view, he was very happy.  But at the moment I was a little nervous, holding some gifts I bought, and hurried home.

    "Hey, why are you back?"

    Uncle Lu just came back from a walk, and it was strange to see his son.

    "That's what I said, my son misses me, so I'll go back when I say it. I also want to thank Brother Zhuang, I feel proud in the stage."

    "Brother Zhuang?"

    Uncle Lu looked at his son who was four years older than Zhuang Zhou, and scolded: "Do you still want to show some face, get out!"

    "Don't, don't, what building does Brother Zhuang live in, I'll visit."

    "Hey, hey, are you still my real father?"

    Ink for a long time, at any rate inquired about it.

    Lu Yiyi walked over with his things in his arms, a bit strange, why did he go to A Yuan's house?  When they got to the place, they slammed on the door. There seemed to be a panic inside, and there was a mess of voices.

    After a while, A Yuan, who had grown up by himself, poked his head out, followed by a handsome guy.


    He was shocked, and then elated: "Oh, brother-in-law!" </div&gt
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