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Text Chapter Twenty-Eight: Another Path

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    There are routines in marketing.

    ?Being the first to act first, beat back, lie down and let ridicule, sincerely apologize, divert firepower, step on the opponent, passers-by speak out, victim forgiveevery routine has a classic case.

    ? For example, the case where the Flower of Evil cheated on her before, but turned against her and forced her ex-husband to a dead end, is a compulsory course in the industry.

    Another example is "I am a good man, and a good man is me" who cheated.

    The public relations side asked him to apologize first, and then started to show off: first #xx夜店小王子#, then #xx开房#, followed by Yang Tianbao

    And these few people collaborated on a variety show "Running Man".

    All the artists of "Running Man" were collectively hacked, so a simple question of derailment in marriage was cleverly turned into "someone deliberately framed "Running Man"".

    This is public relations.

    Some people may ask, if other celebrities were hacked innocently, would they have any objections?

    Don't worry, everyone is smart.

    In the entertainment industry, this is the rule that is played. If you are used to block a gun today, you may be the beneficiary tomorrow. No one wants to keep clean.

    Unless you don't want to be popular, but then again, why don't you want to be popular in the entertainment industry?

    Xu Bai is the boss of a marketing company.

    There are not many formal employees, but they have a lot of energy. He has several chat groups, each group member is the leader of the navy, and there are a bunch of younger brothers under him, who respond to everyone.

    At this meeting, he also brought three or five horses to the meeting.

    "There is no news about that shit planting flower studio?"

    "Well, I said I would consider it, but I didn't agree."

    "Backbone! I appreciate newcomers who have backbone!"

    Xu Bai laughed mockingly, and said: "In that case, we will give him a set meal for free, who should I tell?"

    "Their most popular song is their song, but I think we can start with the song, such as "Sweet Honey", I scold her for singing vulgar, weak, and decadent sound, which does not meet the vigor, progress, and purification of aesthetics that is most needed in this era.  Spirit!

    The target is standing, find a few gunmen with strong pens to write articles, search for them, and the rhythm will pick up in the area of ????big v.  "


    Xu Bai nodded, this is an old way for the company to make money.

    If you don't ask me for marketing, I will force you to come!

    He suddenly felt his mobile phone vibrate, and when he saw it, it was a message from a celebrity team. He couldn't help laughing: "Haha, now even the budget is saved. We are not hacking, and some people are begging us to hack!"

    "You all come up with a plan as soon as possible, and then start working!"


    at the same time.

    Not only Tianhaitai, but the other four also sent people to talk with Zhuang Zhou, and then received a rather confusing draft contract:

    "The studio is willing to become a content supplier for the TV station, including but not limited to songs, TV dramas, variety shows, evening parties, cultural life programs, etc

    If the TV station has specific needs, it can also customize the content The studio reserves the copyright, and only signs the broadcasting right!  "

    "What do you mean? What do you mean?"

    The leader of Tianhaitai couldn't believe it. He asked Lu Yiyi, and Lu Yiyi said cautiously: "It means literally. We will talk face-to-face, and there will be no mistakes in a single word."

    "Now there are still people who take the initiative to make programs for TV stations?"

    The leader suddenly felt that the society was changing rapidly, but immediately said: "Don't come back for the time being, just stay there so that we can communicate as soon as possible!"

    After finishing speaking, regardless of how hard the subordinate was, he clicked a button: "Have a meeting!"

    Swipe, swipe, swipe!

    ? High-tech trance, the whole room is full of projections.  The leader explained the meaning and asked, "What do you think?"

    Everyone couldn't believe it. After digesting for a while, one person said: "The song creation of Zhonghua Studio is obvious to all, but the tone is too loud, right? Listen to this, he can contract the entire TV station's program?"

    "That's right, he said that we can customize it, as if he can come up with whatever we need!"

    "There is no need to talk about these nonsense!"

    The leader didn't bother to listen, and said, "Either you get me a show, or shut up and give me some constructive advice!"

    Everyone resented.

    Nowadays, no one watches TV, so there is less advertising revenue, less income, less production funds, less production funds, and programs are fooled, an endless loop.

    "Let them try the Mid-Autumn Festival Gala?" Someone suggested.

    "No, our team is working overtime, outsidersIf you squeeze in, it will affect your work!  If it's just a few shows, that's okay.  "

    "The party is not good, the effect is only temporary, we need a longer-term sustained enthusiasm."

    "Then it can only be TV dramas, variety shows, or something else."

    After some research, most of them think that they can test the waters with TV dramas first.

    The leader immediately contacted Lu Yiyi, issued an order, and specially emphasized: "Let them come up with the outline first, and the production cost should be kept as low as possible, but the friendship must be guaranteed!"


    At night, at Zhuang Zhou's house.

    Lu Yiyi was very respectful, with a lamp hanging above his head, he was almost about to step down from his seat.

    There is no way, the task is too difficult, the money given is too little, and I have to guarantee friendship with him, how can I be the second fool?

    "The number of episodes can't be too long?"

    "Yes, the audience is impatient now. In the past, in order to sell more money, they were all water-filled dramas. In the last eight episodes, they didn't even take off their clothes. It's more suitable for less than 20 episodes, and it's better if it's around 10 episodes."

    "10 episodes, 20 episodes?"

    Zhuang Zhou is quite excited and challenging!

    The audience of Datianchao, after being devastated by 70 and 80 episodes of water injection dramas for a long time, can't stand it from top to bottom.  Some conscientious filmmakers in the industry began to create short and powerful works.

    And he thinks that the model of Japanese dramas is super awesome. A dozen episodes can create countless classics, which is a test of the skills of screenwriters and actors.

    "What about the theme?"

    "not limited."

    "Is there a classification?"

    "There are ratings for bloody violence, horror thrillers."

    "Not allowed to engage in yellow?"

    "Just kidding, let the pornographic Mr. Qian already stay in the richest group, what kind of cultural exchange association is there!"

    Makes sense!

    "That is to say, ghosts can appear?"



    "What do audiences like to watch now?"

    "There is no fixed taste. Everyone loves good dramas, but there are too few good dramas. There are also many who like novelty and excitement, and they are all young people. You know that with the current technology, any picture can be produced.

    But after more than 20 years of work, it is almost the end, and everyone has racked their brains to come up with new ideas.  There are rankings of popular dramas on the three major platforms, you can refer to them.  "

    "Okay, what's your budget?" Zhuang Zhou asked again.

    "Uh, this, this, you also know that we have little funds and can't pay too much"

    Lu Yiyi was very embarrassed, and said: "Old Zhuang, I know the conditions are not good, so don't worry about it, and there will be no objections on the stage, just a preliminary chat."

    "It doesn't matter. After I get the outline out, I will discuss the specific conditions in detail. There is no righteousness in buying and selling."

    "Hey, it would be nice to have your words."

    Lu Yiyi relaxed and said with a smile: "Look at this, the station is going to let me be your special matchmaker, I'll go back to the city first, and communicate at any time.

    You think highly of me, we are friends, just talk if you have something to do in the future!  "

    (Dragon Boat Festival Ankang! ?
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