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Text Chapter 76 Do You Want to Change Your Head 2

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    "Love in Military Uniform" is the romantic story of a special soldier and a military doctor falling in love as mentioned earlier.

    The male lead, Huang Yu, has a technical secondary school degree and dropped out of school before finishing his studies.  Relying on his strong body and face, he ran to be a wild male model, and has been unknown for a long time, but suddenly he was able to catch the A-level production of "Operation Red Sea".

    Since then, resources have skyrocketed and have been rising all the way.

    The heroine Li Xin, who was born in Kunqu opera, was terrible at acting in the early days. Fortunately, she knew how to hone her skills, and she gradually developed a little look.  For example, Tian Xiao'e in "White Deer Plain", although there are still shortcomings, compared with the previous roles, she has made considerable progress.

    But for some reason, in the past two years, one drama has been worse than the other, and he has become a new "professional household of bad dramas".

    The traffic of the two is not small, and "Love in Military Uniform" has received a lot of attention.

    After the first two episodes were broadcast, the single episode had 13 million+ views, and the Douban score was over 7 points by fans.

    Following three or four episodes, the number of single-episode broadcasts soared to 60 million+.  Now they are all converged, and data operations are performed according to the actor configuration.  Based on the traffic of Huang Yu and Li Xin, they think 60-80 million is reasonable.

    A total of 40 episodes, with a total broadcast volume of 2 billion+, is also reasonable.

    Well, it makes sense.

    And as the episode aired, a large number of passers-by and sunspots rushed in, and Douban's score dropped to 4 points in an instant.  Netizens launched a merciless mockery:

    "From the beginning to the end, this drama did not reflect the intersection of the work of soldiers and doctors, and did not use the conflict between the two jobs to contrast the emotions of the characters. It just fell in love through the identities of soldiers and doctors.

    It is really unnecessary to put on the cloak of a military drama and stage a scene of being forced to live together and agreeing to fall in love. It is better to make a romantic drama generously.  "

    "I agree with the host. If you say that you are a romantic drama from the beginning, I will definitely not scold you!"

    "What kind of career is filmed in China, and what kind of career is ruined!"

    "I've never seen a military doctor who is blah, blah, blah, blah!"

    "Huang Yu's face is paralyzed, and her lines are weak. It's an insult to our special forces. Give it up!"

    It is very simple to evaluate the strength of a movie actor. If you act in a literary film, you can see how many awards he has won; if you act in a commercial film, you can see whether he can carry the box office.

    It is also very simple to evaluate the strength of a singer, let him hold a concert!

    Similarly, how to evaluate whether a TV series is popular or not depends on the popularity of its discussions.

    When this kind of data looks good, but no one discusses the show, who knows who is embarrassed.  At first, the film crew wanted to struggle a bit, but big fans like Liu Piaopiao led the army of bullies and took the lead.

    But I gave up soon, because the word of mouth has declined, and there is no possibility of saving it.  The second is that someone in the team came up with an excellent idea: find another way to attract attention!

    "It's a failure for the male and female protagonists to speculate on CP. Fans don't recognize it, and passers-by don't feel it. The quality of the show is here. We can't expect the public to be the same as the fans, but we might as well change our thinking"

    This man suddenly had a whim, and said: "Which one of you pays attention to the male second? Is it the male second who has changed his head?"


    Having said that, the film crew will understand.

    A work is not afraid of black spots, but most afraid of nothing.

    As long as it can bring heat, black spots can also be used.  Ever since, "Love in Military Uniform" was broadcasting, and suddenly a lot of hot searches and passers-by appeared.



    "The director of the show recently revealed that after the Li Jingyu incident broke out, the TV series had already been scheduled, and had to urgently adopt an AI face-changing technical method to ensure smooth broadcasting.

    Judging from the current response, the effect is still good"

    With such a mention, the audience also reacted one after another:

    "Damn it, I just remembered that the male lead was changed!"

    "I didn't pay attention at all when I watched it!"

    "I have never seen such a natural head change. The last time was Paul Walker in "Fast and Furious 7."

    Some people posted the previous promotional videos and tidbits, comparing before and after the head change, which attracted more and more amazement from netizens.

    "The company responsible for changing heads is called Xiaoyaoyou, 666!"

    "Why does it sound familiar? Ah, Station B!"

    "I'm going, I actually watched the short video of this company!"

    "Everyone can take a look at their works. They are very good. A special effects company is so active that it can be called a mudslide in the industry!"


    A successful work is the best advertisement.

    Changing heads is not common in the film and television industry, nor is it rare, and the demand is medium.  most conventional,Even the originally scheduled actor exploded; and in the later stage, if the substitute was found to be revealing, he had to change his head.

    "The first business is a friendly price, 50,000 per minute. If you can introduce some projects, I can also offer a discount."

    "What? Just take the item you introduced?"

    "Go to hell!"

    "Final payment? That's ok, first let's say yes, we only give materials with watermarks, and we don't give the final payment and don't remove the watermark."

    "Helping your sister a favor! Go and inquire about "The Legend of Langhuan"!"


    Zhuang Zhou was angry.

    There is indeed a lot of business, and prostitution is considered good, but the most disgusting thing is trying to take advantage of you.  And the few people who talked about it were all small money, which was not interesting.

    "It seems that I have to find some business"

    He moved the box again, and neatly stacked 8 mobile phones.

    "Who are you messing with?" A Yuan was excited.

    "Childish, not so easy to deal with!"

    Zhuang Zhou explained: "Look at the cost first, blackmail a person, the average is 1 million to 3 million, if the profit is too small, it is unnecessary.

    Second, look at the background, such as Topaz.

    This person has a lot of black material, but the financial backer behind it is very strong, no matter how black it is on the Internet, it should be filming and filming, and it should take resources to get resources.  So gradually everyone stopped talking, knowing that black is useless unless he is uprooted.

    ?Looking at the facts in the end, some of them are not serious enough to cause a change of roles, so they can't be used The last time I got involved with Li Jingyu was because I found witnesses, otherwise it would be easy to reveal the truth.  "

    He had done this before, so he naturally had some black material, but he didn't need it at this stage, so he called that brother Song.

    "Hello, Brother Song!"

    "Xiao Zhuang! You made a big noise last time. The industry is full of praise. They say that some god did it, and it's a hit!"

    Brother Song's voice suddenly wentssip, and he asked, "Where did you find the video?"

    "Do you think I can say it?"

    "You have to understand human nature, what's going on this time?"

    "Are there any new melons?"

    "Hey, it's been quiet lately. It's either fake or sloppy. You can't even hear it when you throw it into Weibo."

    "Is there any new filming, top-notch acting?"

    "That's too much, which type are you asking?"

    Behind the top streamers are big capitals, and nothing can be done, but Zhuang Zhou quickly changed his mind and said: "I want the top streamers who play big names, are not professional, have poor acting skills, and don't come to the set every three days."


    Brother Song seemed to be looking for it, and hummed: "There is one."

    "Old rules, old prices."

    Brother Song was silent for a moment, and asked: "Xiaozhuang, I don't understand, what are you going to do?"

    "Let's play, let's start now!"

    (It's gone today.

    There are a lot of things going on in this period, and I have to go on a long trip in a few days. The update will not be very stable. I will notify you in advance if there is anything.  ?
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