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Text Chapter 78 Personally

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    "Can you guarantee the natural feeling?"

    "Yes, it's the same as shooting with real people."

    "Can you still guarantee your acting skills?"

    "The worst and worst is better than a real person, right?"

    "Then your kind belongs to special effects, or what?"

    "Of course it's post-production special effects!"

    Zhuang Zhou continued to bewitch, and said: "Director Zhao, it's not that this kind of situation has never been done in the circle, but I have the latest technology, and there is no difference in essence."

    Indeed there are.

    Zhu Yuchen broke the news that he had been filming for a month, and he had never seen the male lead once, and he acted against the green screen every day.  Later, I asked the director, and the director said that the male lead had already been finished.

    This kind is not even looking for a stand-in, just uploading the cutout**.

    And Zhao Jun listened, and his heart was always fuzzy, and he couldn't make any sense for a while, but he instinctively felt that it was very dangerous.  He has always been conservative, and said: "Thank you for your kindness, but I really don't need"

    People hung up.

    Here, Zhuang Zhou shrugged: "I didn't fool you out."

    "Then what should we do?" A Yuan said again.

    "Director Zhao is a fan of the authorities. His plays are very suitable for changing heads. It seems that I have to do it myself. I will persuade him."

    "Are you going to Hengdian???"

    "Yes, you guard your home!"


    Due to the particularity of the space, one person must be left behind at all times.

    A Yuan has adapted to the life here, and the crisis on his mother's side has also been resolved, so he is very relieved.

    Zhuang Zhou was very happy. He first went to 2049 to travel to other worlds, and then got bored in Lingshui County when he came back. Finally, he was able to go out for a walk.  Ah Yuan was reluctant, so the first night was like glue.

    It can be said that the wind sweeps the fallen leaves, and the rain smashes the plantains!

    Zhuang Zhou's planned itinerary is not short, he packs his bags and goes to Shencheng first, then takes the train to Yiwu.  It is more than 40 kilometers from Yiwu to Hengdian, and you can take a taxi directly.

    During the epidemic, the global film and television industry was in a cold winter.

    Hengdian was depressed, and 60 crews stopped filming, but now they have been revived with full blood.  The latest data from the Actors Union, which serves as the vane of the industry, shows that the number of registrations for group performances in Hengdian has officially exceeded the 100,000 mark!

    Just after the new year, the weather in the south is also cold.

    When Zhuang Zhou got out of the car, he felt a magical attack, and it was wet and cool to the bone.  He carried his luggage and looked left and right, when suddenly a voice came from behind:

    "Old Zhuang!"

    A chubby guy with a hijab ran over and hugged him. It was Meng Chaoyang.

    "Fuck! Fuck! You kid can do it now, you're already the boss."

    "Be respectful"

    Zhuang Zhou pushed him away and looked him up and down: "Have your bones grown?"

    "It still hurts a little from time to time, but it's generally fine. Let's go for a walk and go to the hotel first."

    Meng Chaoyang has a kind appearance and a soft temper, otherwise he wouldn't be able to endure grievances all the year round and become a low-level playwright.  And along the way, I met many people who said hello, and they were very popular.

    After "The Legend of Langhuan" became cold, he changed the crew again and got mixed up in a small room.

    "I've wronged you. If you're not used to living there, there's a big hotel next to it. I'll stay with you for a night at 888."

    "Fuck off, I've never lived anywhere."

    Zhuang Zhou threw the bag away and touched the quilt. It was okay, not too wet.

    When old friends met and talked about the past, Meng Chaoyang asked, "You didn't make it clear on the phone, why did you come to Hengdian suddenly?"

    "Business. I don't know technology, so I have to do this. How is the environment now?"

    "It's good, there are many crews, and if you don't dislike it, there must be something to eat.

    Moreover, the epidemic has brought live broadcasting to the fore. Now many group performers act as anchors while filming, and some simply stop filming and switch to live broadcasting.  "

    "That's right, if there was no live broadcast, how many blind streams would there be in the society? It's all unstable factors."

    Zhuang Zhou chatted for a few words, and said: "I'm coming out this time, and I don't have a set time limit. I plan to go to the crew first to see the actual situation. How is your network?"

    "Don't dare to say anything else, friends will definitely do it!"

    "Then Cheng, I've been messing around with you these few days."


    Zhuang Zhou stayed in Hengdian.

    At the beginning, I ran several crews, and it was not a pretense. I did check it out, but none of them were suitable.  Then went straight to "Qing Shi Jiang Shan".

    This morning, Zhuang Zhou put on his mask and set off with Lao Meng.

    ? When I arrived at the studio of the film and television city, I was filming a downtown scene today, and the road was closed a long way away.Tourists pass.  Lao Meng made a phone call, and a buddy ran out from inside.

    "Hey, Brother Zhang!"

    Old Meng Sai went to pack a pack of cigarettes and said with a smile, "This is my real brother, I want to see and see."


    Brother Zhang glanced at him, and said indifferently: "Come in, don't touch randomly, and don't talk while shooting."


    Zhuang Zhou mixed in, there were a lot of staff members and extras, no one cared who he was.

    He first looked at the clothing, which was nothing special, and then looked at the styling, which was also the same, but this was the safest way.  Looking inside again, several actors were already waiting in the central area of ??the filming.

    "Why don't you start?"

    "This is a chance meeting between the male and female protagonists, and the male and female protagonists didn't come, what a fart!"

    "Then you are suffering!"

    Meng Chaoyang heard a little bit and felt the same way.

    "Who said it wasn't?"

    Brother Zhang sighed: "One is the ancestor and the other is the grandma. They are late every day. Just say that it is cold today, and we will take pictures after the sun comes out at noon. If there is any way, just wait."

    "Hey, I heard that the two of you are having an affair?" Meng Chaoyang also gossiped.

    "More than that!"

    Brother Zhang slapped his thigh, then glanced at Zhuang Zhou, Zhuang Zhou immediately promised: "I will definitely not spread the word!"

    In fact, it doesn't matter if he promises or not. Once people's gossip addiction comes up, no one can stop it, and they are not afraid of anything.

    "Privately, Jiang Chuan loves to find older sisters the most, and Li Weina loves young ones the most. The two hit it off. They don't avoid people, and they enter the RV openly."

    "Doesn't Li Weina have a financial backer, so she can still do this?" Meng Chaoyang was surprised.

    "Some financial supervisors are very strict, and some financial owners don't care at allcough cough!"

    Just as someone passed by, Brother Zhang coughed twice and remained silent.  He stared at Zhuang Zhou expectantly, waiting to see how he scratched his heart and lungs after eating half of the melon.

    As everyone knows, Zhuang Zhou knows more than him:

    ? Some donors are ** relationships;

    Some are partnerships;

    Some are ** + partnerships.

    Some bigwigs really don't care how the stars they support play, because they play better.  According to rumors, it is rumored that a celebrity couple met for the first time on the bed of a big man

    And there are quite a few people who openly hook up and do not avoid people in the film crew, such as Taiwanese steamed buns, but they just feel sorry for her husband.

    Zhuang Zhou waited for an hour, and seeing some commotion over there, the hero and heroine finally showed up.

    Immediately began filming.

    As a qualified dog-blood drama, the first time you meet this kind of plot, there must be a scene where the hero saves the beauty, the beauty saves the hero, and then they hug each other and circle in circles.

    Jiang Chuan and Li Weina were walking in circles.


    Zhuang Zhou wore a mask, only showing a pair of eyes, watched them shoot a few scenes, and then sat on a chair to rest, openly flirting.

    Following that, I filmed a few more scenes, and got into the RV with both feet.

    Zhuang Zhou stared at the chair for a long time, and then at the RV for a long time.

    Brother Zhang looked at his eyes and felt a little hairy for no reason. When those eyes turned around, they blinked and became warm and kind again, harmless to humans and animals.

    "What's the matter?" Zhuang Zhou laughed.

    "No, nothing."

    "Oh, thank you for today, I have time to eat. Let's go back first."

    He patted Meng Chaoyang and left the set.

    (Not every character has a prototype, some of them are mixed by me from several stars. Don't try to guess, those who can't guess, have no prototype.) </div&gt
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