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Text Chapter 95: Industry Benchmark

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    On the third day after the launch of "Dragon Transformation", Boss Mo called everyone to celebrate the success.  It's just that the celebration banquet was a bit shabby, and there were no Australian lobsters and two-headed abalone, a small stir-fry with water.

    Boss Mo held his mobile phone and said: "Be quiet, I received a message from the platform before I came here. It's good news, just for everyone to read!"

    He cleared his throat, and said: "As of 24 o'clock yesterday, the effective clicks of "Dragon Transformation" have reached 3.05 million, breaking the record of the Internet University in a row. Congratulations on your good results, and I hope you will continue to work hard"

    "How much is 3.05 million?"

    "Is the account split more than 12 million?"

    "It's 12.2 million!"


    Everyone is excited, isn't it true that for two consecutive days, the accounts have broken 6 million?  In the past, this number was often their final score.

    "Cheers! Cheers!"

    ""Dragon Transformation" is a big seller!"

    Boss Mo is good at making arrangements, and it is the most suitable for organizing activities. He bluffed for a while and asked Zhuang Zhou: "Have you received the invitation?"

    "Got it, what the hell is this Golden Goose honor online movie night?" Zhuang Zhou said.

    "It's a broken award created by Goose Factory Video itself. It is usually held in June. Looking back at last year's results and looking forward to the second half of the year the value of the award is not high, but I suggest you attend. There will be many high-level executives present at the time, so it is good to get to know each other.  "

    "You mean the top management of the goose factory?" He Saisai's eyes lit up.

    "What are you thinking! It's the senior management of Penguin Film and Television."

    Boss Mo explained: "There are two film and television companies under Goose Factory, one is called Penguin Films, which focuses on the theater market;

    Penguin Film and Television is affiliated to the video platform. It produces self-made dramas, self-made variety shows, and also has artist managers, such as Rocket Girl and Hard Candy Girl, all of which are owned by it.  "

    "That's awesome!" He Saisai sighed.

    "Of course it's awesome, that's a goose factory!"

    Boss Mo also sighed, full of the small workshop's longing and admiration for the big labels.  Although they also belonged to the film and television industry, they were on the fringes, and TV dramas and theater movies were the core.

    Zhuang Zhou did not participate in this topic, but said: "I have also received an invitation from the Light Chaser Club, and there will be a small event at that time."

    "It's of no value. I'll just send you a certificate, interview, and then communicate with me about how to do the next one. It's useless. It's better to send money directly!"

    "I think it's quite useful, but I'm wondering what to do next."


    This sentence, like a bell ringing in everyone's ears, everyone paid attention.  I just heard Zhuang Zhou ask: ""Desert Scorpion" can be finished in another month, which happens to be staggered with "Transformation Dragon".

    I plan to open 1-2 more films within this year, but I really haven't thought about it. I will chat with the platform and see what they think.  "

    "This, this If there is anything you need to help, just ask!"

    "Don't worry, brother, we are very happy to cooperate. If you don't mind, let's continue with the next play?"


    Boss Mo didn't say anything, so he did it, and Dai Han didn't say anything, so he did it too.

    Eat, drink and drink until 11 o'clock in the evening before everyone left.

    This place is not far from the hotel. Zhuang Zhou was about to walk back when He Saisai came over and said in a low voice, "Boss, can I have a chat with you?"

    "What are we talking about?"

    "I just don't understand something, don't worry, it's a serious chat!"

    Who is going to have a serious chat?

    Zhuang Zhou looked around, but there was no suitable place, and said, "Oh, let's go."

    So I strolled towards the hotel. The late night in the capital is not deserted, especially in summer, there is still a lot of traffic.  He Saisai wore a small skirt and black silk boots, which perfectly reflected her own characteristics:

    Sexy and tacky.

    "Boss, do you think I can be a good actor?"

    "What is a good actor?"


    "From the perspective of acting skills, you have poor talent and low comprehension, and your achievements in this life are limited. From the perspective of dedication, you are willing to endure hardships and dare to work hard, so you are very popular with everyone.

    I don¡¯t have any advice for you, I just want to make more money while I¡¯m young so that I can have a secure life in the future, and I can treat filming as a hobby, and you will live a happy life.  "

    He Saisai scratched his head and asked, "Then will you find me in your next play?"


    "Really?Authored, the web drama version of "Three-Body Problem"!

    ? Starring Zhang Luyi, Yu Hewei, Chen Jin, Wang Ziwen, Wang Ziwen plays the young version of Ye Wenjie, and Chen Jin plays the old version of Ye Wenjie.

    Director Yang Lei, this one, has made good works, such as "Red", and also made not so good works such as "Counterstrike: Brilliant Stars" and "Kyushu Sky City".

    The level fluctuates.

    The two parties have admired each other for a long time, and Bai Yicong's attitude is enthusiastic: "The special effects of "The Dragon" are superb. I heard that it was produced by your company. I admire it!"

    "I don't dare to be so, it's more admirable for Mr. Bai to shoot "Three-Body Problem"."

    "The prestige of "The Three-Body Problem" is too high, and I am walking on thin ice. If I make no big mistakes, I will win."

    The two exchanged business cards. Bai Yicong was obviously interested in the special effects resources of Happy Tour, and Zhuang Zhou should also socialize. This is one of the values ??of participating in the event.

    Not long after, the party began.

    First, the vice president of Goose Factory Video, surnamed Han, came up to Balabala to give a talk.  Then the person in charge of Tianji Studio came up and gave a talk.

    Boss Mo popularized science in time: "Goose Factory Video has three major studios, Tianxuan, Tianji, and Tiantong, which are mainly engaged in the production of self-made dramas."


    It's too high school.

    Then the awards began, last year's top 10 favorite online movies of the audience, top 5 favorites of members, best fantasy, action, comedy Barabara

    There are all kinds of awards, all of which are meat.

    Zhuang Zhou yawned as he watched, finally finished talking about last year, and started talking about this year.

    "Online movies have entered a new stage of quality improvement, redundancy reduction, and orderly development.

    Up to now, we have launched a total of 88 movies, of which 11 have a box office of more than 10 million, and the amount of account sharing has reached 188.7 million, and many excellent works such as "Dragon Transformation" have emerged

    The next part is the initiation ceremony for the new batch of members of the Light Chaser Club, please let us"

    "You go! You go!"

    Zhuang Zhou kept pushing Lao Mo.

    "Aren't you going up?"

    "I'm thin-skinned, I'm sorry."

    Are you thin-skinned?

    Lao Mo couldn't believe it, so he had to go up by himself, and received a certificate just like the three good students, and the little friends stood in line.

    There are 11 people in total, that is, the 11 movies with over 10 million yuan, most of them are companies that have just entered the industry for a few years.

    This club is good for newcomers, because some small companies may be lucky, and suddenly shoot a movie with a rating of tens of millions, often in a flash of enthusiasm, the next topic is wrong, and it is short-lived.

    The club is to help guide, how to choose topics, how to market and so on.

    And when Lao Mo went up, he attracted the attention of the audience, especially the host introduced: "The production team of "The Dragon", the red fox"

    Buzz buzz!

    Lao Mo instantly endured the rape from all directions.

    Today is the eighth day of its launch, and the momentum of "Dragon Transformation" has slowed down. The daily box office has plummeted, but it is still approaching the 40 million mark.  The word-of-mouth has not diminished at all, and the Douban score has remained stable between 7-7.2.

    And many up owners are spontaneously recommending this film, and the popularity of station b has soared.  Colleagues are betting whether they can pierce the 60 million ceiling of Net University?

    So as soon as Lao Mo made his appearance, the audience remembered this face, and planned to make good contact at the dinner party later.
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