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Text Chapter 97: Number One in Net University

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    "I'm ugly, but I'm gentle, indifferent on the outside, fanatical on the inside, that's me. I'm ugly, but I have music and beer"

    In the holographic projection, an unremarkable man with a big nose and small eyes is singing.

    Both tender and roaring, full of a different kind of attraction.

    After singing one song, follow the next one: "I am a little bird, I want to fly but I can't fly high"

    Jiang Chao heard tears in his eyes and was extremely excited, as if he sang his own voice, and said: "Boss, your tour is really valuable! This, this"

    "Zhao Chuan."

    "Oh, Zhao Chuan! He will definitely be popular, big fire. And that Xu Xiaofeng is also extraordinary!"

    Isn't this nonsense!

    Zhuang Zhou scoffed, and wrote Zhao Chuan's name under sr, and Xu Xiaofeng's name under ssr, juxtaposed with Teresa Teng.

    Xu Xiaofeng, who became famous in Hong Kong in the 1960s, is a superstar at the level of grandparents, and her masterpieces are "Selling Tangyuan", "The Season of the Wind", "Flow and Countercurrent", "A Thousand Miles of Bright Moon and Lovesickness" and so on.

    In 1992, at the age of 43, he held 43 concerts at the Hung Hom Stadium, breaking the record since the opening of the port. Since then, he has been nicknamed "Xu Forty-three".

    The voice is thick and textured, the rare mezzo-soprano, and can play both Cantonese and Mandarin songs.

    Needless to say, Zhao Chuan.

    In short, Zhuang Zhou now wants to speed up the promotion of works and use a lot of resources to make money in order to complete his plan-take the backward technology here and convert it to high-tech over there.

    ?This time it is Zhao Chuan and Xu Xiaofeng. The next wave and the next wave are ready. Beyond, Wu Bai, Chen Shuhua, and Zhou Huajian will take turns.

    There are also TV dramas, and I have also communicated with Chu Jiming.

    "I will only stay for a short time when I come back this time, and I will recruit a few more people to make proper arrangements for the next stage of work, especially the establishment of my own broadcasting platform."

    "Are you going to collect wind again?"

    "If you don't get inspiration, you will have to worry about it in the future."

    "It's okay, I'm used to it Hey, why didn't Ah Yuan come today?"

    "Oh, she's sleeping (testing) lazy (subject) sleeping (one) at home, I'll go back and have a look."

    Zhuang Zhou chatted with Master Qian for a few more days, wiped himself off and went back to the building, opened the door of A Yuan's house, walked into her bedroom, and then walked into his own bedroom. Once he opened the door, the world changed in the blink of an eye.

    Go downstairs and drive, go straight to the driving school.

    ? The first test is better, but the second test is the big battle.  When he was taking the second exam, it was winter, and he got up early and waited outside, all the cars parked.

    Then go into the waiting area and wait. There is surveillance video in the waiting area, and you can see the exam situation in real time.  It's called the world with all kinds of attitudes. No matter whether you have passed the test or not, there are people who cry.

    Zhuang Zhou waited for a while, then Ah Yuan ran out, happily said: "98 points, pass!"

    "Is there anyone to answer the questions?"

    "No, it's strict. I took the exam by myself."


    He pampered his girlfriend like a small animal, and had a big meal to celebrate when he returned to the county.

    "I made an agreement with Jiang Chao, I will be away often in the future"

    "Well, just do your thing, I'll watch over here, and now I can go back, it's better than the two of them disappearing together."

    A Yuan cooperated without hesitation, and said: "And I have a plan myself."

    "what's the plan?"

    "Output, it's not for nothing that I've been with you for so long! Isn't it going to build a platform in the next stage? I think it's too complicated in China, but it's easier overseas."

    "That's right, the lighthouse is torn apart, and Dongying Biohazard, that's all that matters."

    "So, let's kill the overseas market first, especially animation, wow, it's so good!"

    A Yuan Balabala, who sounded decent, said: "Now the East is clouded, and the works are full of mutations, reflections, and revenge on society, and each one is more than another hell.

    I'll give them some sunshine and let them recall the good life when everyone had one head"


    "How about "Unheard Flower Name"?"

    "That's a big killer."

    "Is it right? I want to be Netflix + Disney!"

    Ah Yuan is ambitious.

    Zhuang Zhou's sincere applause was indeed unexpected. If a platform is established to fight in his own country, although he can break through the encirclement, it will take time and effort after all.  It's different if you go around, and export directly to overseas.

      A Yuan's country has experienced a great war, directly established its political status, and exported some cultural products with small meanings¡ªeven smaller than Hollywood.

    In contrast, my side is more challenging.


    Taxue Wuhen's speed was very fast, and not long after the conversation was over, several outlines were sent in one breath.

    There are zombies, wasteland, alienation disasters, and mechanical ascension. Zhuang Zhou looked at them one by one, and the brains of Internet writers are indeed not small.

    For example, this article is called "Defending the Earth in 1999".

    The first sentence that came up is: "This story is made up based on real events in 1999. Any similarities are purely coincidental"

    The author knows how to avoid censorship. Instead of putting the timeline directly in 1999, he made a virtual reality game and put the story in the game. Players defend the earth and resist the Sabians in the game.

    Good guy, this not only has the memes of 1999, but also incorporates the fourth natural disaster flow.

    Zhuang Zhou scratched his head watching it. It's not that it's bad, it's very funny, but it's not suitable for making a movie.  In other words, it is not suitable to be made into a movie now.

    Then look at the zombies.

    The general idea is that a girl met a handsome guy in a nightclub, she was happy to see Lie Xin, and the car shook that night.  Unexpectedly, she was infected with a virus and slowly turned into a zombie, and she was the source, zombie number zero.

    In the end, she became the queen of zombies, fighting against the human army


    Zhuang Zhou shook his head and sighed, and contacted Taxue Wuhen.

    He was quite excited, and said: "Brother Zhuang, how do you feel after reading it?"

    "The ideas are good, but it is more difficult to operate. You are too self-indulgent, and a little more routine."

    "Uh, can you be more specific?"

    "For example, in disaster movies, the protagonist of every disaster movie has an unhappy family, either divorces his wife and has a child, or is about to divorce and has a child, usually in the process of rescuing a broken relationship, such as going on vacation together, it happens that  When disaster happens.

    The protagonist naturally steps forward, and teammates join in at this time. Usually there will be a black man, a technical dog, a grumpy old man, a sloppy old man The black man must die first, and the irascible old man will die later. The sloppy old man will die heroically at the critical moment and turn the tide.  "

    "Oh, I get it, I get it!"

    "You must first make an outline of the routine, and then let yourself go; don't let yourself go first, and then return to the routine."

    Zhuang Zhou thought for a while, and said: "This way, write a detailed outline of disasters, and then write a detailed outline of zombies. Zombies will be based on your article, and my sister will mutate a little bit."


    "Whether you use it or not, it will be the price of the first two articles."

    "Brother Zhuang is open-minded, I'll write the code right away!"

    Treading Wuhen has gone offline.

    Zhuang Zhou scanned these articles again, "Defending the Earth in 1999" is really fun, you can keep it for now, for the future I will play games directly from now on!

    Holographic simulation!

    All Star Wars!


    Zhuang Zhou's blood was boiling, and he was about to have fun with Xiao Yuan. Yao Lin, the senior project manager of Goose Factory Video, who had chatted with him before, suddenly sent a message:

    "When is it convenient to do an interview?"

    "Why are you doing an interview all of a sudden?"

    "Didn't pay attention to "Dragon Transformation" recently?"

    Yao Lin's voice was very cheerful, and she said with a smile: "As of the beginning of July, the account share of "Hualong" has reached 57 million, surpassing "Qimen Dunjia", ranking first in the Internet University!"</div&gt
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