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Text Chapter 141: This Summer Will Be Very Hot

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    , this is not entertainment

    Still that clubhouse.

    Zhuang Zhou has mixed up until now, and still has no house or car in the capital, so he came here by taxi.

    Indeed, at the very beginning, he still wanted to save some start-up funds, but more and more he found that money had no concept for him.  It's not that I make more money, but that I really don't care.

    He is more keen to complete his own plan, so as to get the greatest sense of accomplishment.

    "Why are you here so early?"

    "I'm used to waiting for you, and you take a taxi again?"


    "It's not that I can't afford it. If you lack a card, I'll get you one."

    "Forget it, I'm fine with Lao Mo's car."

    Yang Tianbao has already ordered meals, which are all the two of them love to eat. She has no great wisdom, but she has a set of clever tricks, especially social bullying, which most people can't learn.

    After chatting for a while, Zhuang Zhou said: "I have indeed heard what Mr. Zhang said, but I don't know much about it. Can you tell me what's going on?"

    "It's actually very simple. It's a partnership to make money. They operate behind the scenes, and we stand on the front."

    Yang Tianbao wiped his mouth and said, "For example, the boss of a listed company has one billion cash."

    "One billion cash?!"

    "Of course they don't have so many in their hands. They usually borrow from banks by pledging stocks."


    Zhuang Zhou was taken aback. A company's market value and cash flow are two different concepts. To have one billion cash is awesome.

    "The boss wants to use this one billion yuan to make a lot of money in the shortest possible time. What should we do? We need to come forward. For example, you have reached a cooperation and you opened a film and television company.

    Then prepare for big dramas, each costing 200 to 300 million yuan.  The boss will invest money for you, usually accounting for more than 50%, and the remaining share is reserved for other film and television companies, executives, satellite TV, and online platforms.

    After the filming of the film is over, sell it to satellite TV and platforms, 200 to 300 million can be sold to 500 to 600 million.

    Why is it so expensive?  Because they have also invested themselves, and the money that the platform paid for dramas at sky-high prices will flow back through various methods"

    "For example, your 80 million."


    Yang Tianbao glared at him, and continued: "In short, even if the platform loses money, it is the users and shareholders who lose money, and the management earns.

    Then in this way, your company will have a profit that increases year by year, 300 million, 400 million, 500 million.  Even if there is no growth, the boss will operate in secret and inject water into you.

    After a few plays, your company has become an upstart in the industry, and its valuation has increased.  At this time, the boss will use his listed company to acquire your company.

    But for the acquisition of this money, the boss only pays part of the cash, and the rest is done by issuing shares and raising funds.

    When the acquisition is successful, the boss's money will be returned in full, and the remaining money will be divided into 30-70.  And if the boss buys a good company, his own stock will also soar"


    Zhuang Zhou silently gave a thumbs up, and said: "So that's how it is. So sometimes, when the star on the platform overturns, it will also drag down the boss behind him, the stock plummets, and the loan is not paid."

    "But no matter what, the boss is making money, and we can also have some soup. The company's loss is the company's business."

    Yang Tianbao explained the process very naturally, without taking it seriously at all.

    How many viewers now think that celebrities are only concerned with personal moral issues?

    As long as there is a company under the name, or those who use relatives and friends to hold it on behalf of them, it may be unfair to catch people with closed eyes, but they will definitely not make mistakes if they catch one every other.

    "Of course we are different in nature. You are already well established. You are good for the company and you are also a popular star. The boss will value you more."

    Yang Tianbao sipped his drink and asked, "After talking for a long time, why did you ask me to come out?"

    "It's like this"

    Zhuang Zhou pondered his rhetoric for a while, and said: "Actually, neither my company nor my celebrity is the core value, and I feel that you have never discovered my true value."


    Yang Tianbao thought for a while and asked, "What's your technique?"


    "Isn't it just a special effect?"

    "To be precise, it is AI technology. The film and television industry may not care about this, but in the entire large social industry, the AI ??market can reach an economic value of 190 billion U.S. dollars. If it is combined with industries such as tourism, retail, automobiles, and medical care, it can  Create $3.5 trillion to $5.8 trillion"

      "Stop stop!"

    Yang Tianbao looked confused, and said: "The more you talk, the more outrageous you are. You have a good impression in my heart. Don't make yourself look like a liar."

    "Okay, let me keep it simple, do you want to invest in me?"


    When it came to business, it was when Yang Tianbao had the highest IQ. She leaned back and said seriously, "How to invest?"

    "You use your portrait rights to invest, and we will operate together within five years and share the profits. I said this when I met you. Now that trust has been established, you can reconsider.

    If you are more courageous and invest 200 to 300 million yuan, it is not impossible for me to give you some shares.  "

    "200 to 300 million? You think my money came from a strong wind?"

    Yang Tianbao snorted and asked, "Why are you so sure that your technology will appreciate?"

    "After the success of "The Overwhelming World", 13 dramas asked me to change faces. In the first half of the year, 2 dramas have been broadcast, there are 6 dramas in the summer, and 3 dramas in the second half of the year.

    Soon people will find that the acting skills of traffickers are blowing out!

    Traffic people will also find that their value and reputation are increasing!

    Bosses will find that they can't do without my technology!  "

    Zhuang Zhou smiled and said: "Those bosses want me to stand on their platform and play old-fashioned financial games, but they don't know that I have a better bargaining chip in my hand.

    I only inform you in advance that I am kind to you. This summer will be very hot.  "


    "The Kuroshio" wrapped up at an astonishing pace.

    People who have worked with Zhuang Zhou are used to it. When filming his scenes, more than 80% of the work is in the later stage.  Everyone ate a breakup meal, Zhao Tian drank too much and cried during the dinner.

    "WooooooI like filming, I don't want to go back and engage in script killing, I don't want to be an npcI can always act as a stand-in woo"

    "Then you can stay!"


    Zhao Tian's crying was choked by fright, and she cautiously said, "You, you"

    "Anyway, there will be more filming later. You performed well, so we will sign a two-year contract. You can stay in the company."

    "Then what am I?"

    "Professional stuntman, I didn't say that you will become a leader in the industry."

    This little girl in her early 20s probably never imagined that she would become the leader of a "new career in film and television".

    In the past, Zhuang Zhou would stay in the capital after filming, but this time after the breakup meal, everyone suddenly found that there was no one to find.  I don't answer the phone, I occasionally reply to WeChat, and every time I ask, it's a post-retreat.

    No one was seen.

    His broken company has returned to the leisurely life of Shichibukai, the king.

    And in the entertainment circle, and even the capital circle, the hot summer has just begun.
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