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Text Chapter 177 Technology Ethics Discussion 2

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    The official blog of "Mr. New Zombie" did not end at the beginning, just sit and watch netizens discuss.

    "I like to watch old black and white movies. Many of the actors in them are dead. Isn't it good to watch now? I don't have any fear or awkwardness!"

    "Li Bai and Su Dongpo have been dead for a thousand years. Are you uncomfortable reading their articles?"

    "As long as you get the authorization, it's ok if it's not embezzlement. It's purely full and moaning without illness. You may be horrified to see your dick!"

    "Don't confuse the concept! Look at those old movies, they were made when the actor was alive, and "Mr. New Zombie" was resurrected after the actor passed away. Can that be the same?"

    "Anyway, I feel awkward, maybe it's the uncanny valley effect."

    "Xiaobai ask me, what is the uncanny valley?"

    "Simply put, when the similarity between humanoid toys and robots is closer to human beings, human beings are more disgusted and fearful, and the favorability drops to the bottom, so it is called the uncanny valley.

    However, when this similarity is close to or even equal to 100%, the fear will disappear again and become the empathy between human beings.  "

    "The uncanny valley is nonsense! Dolls worth tens of thousands of yuan are naturally good, and dolls worth thousands of yuan are also pretty good. I have never had any resentment, and I only feel grateful."

    "Are you a serious doll?"

    "There is one thing to say, the Uncanny Valley is not appropriate to put here. And Uncle Ying and Lao Wang are not only close, but they are starring real people. I can only be shocked in my heart!"

    "There should be no such thing as the resurrection of the dead. To put it bluntly, it is to consume the dead and use the dead for profit. It is extremely immoral!"

    The navy team guides public opinion in a targeted and segmented manner.

    At this level, the main discussion is whether it feels awkward or whether it violates morality.  When the fire was almost ready, the official blog of "Mr. New Zombie" came to an end in seconds:

    "Thank you for your attention. All issues related to portrait rights in this film have been authorized in advance by the parties and close relatives.

    They expressed that they are happy to use emerging technology as a carrier to have a unique meeting with everyone, and part of the proceeds will be donated to charity.  "

    As soon as the statement came out, the debate on this point was mostly weakened.

    The parties and family members don't care, what are the netizens doing with righteous indignation?  Next, is the second point, acting.

    "Acting skills are rare now, and there will be even fewer in the future.

    ?Because the older generation will gradually fade away, and the Mesozoic generation will gradually grow old, but judging from the current situation, I don't see the slightest hope that the younger generation can take the lead.

    Most of the post-90s are in their 30s. This is the golden age of actors, the stage where they are most likely to make achievements, right?

    But if you look at those post-90s actors, isn't it the little yellow duck who plays the leading role?  What's more, the momentum of Little Yellow Duck has also dropped sharply, and there are no good works.

    Look at those little flowers and little fresh meat again, how optimistic people must be to give them hope?  The times have changed, people no longer rely on acting skills!  "

    "Speaking more deeply, the general environment is so bad that even if you have acting skills, you can't get out."

    "Worse than young actors are young directors. How many young directors have come out in recent years? Isn't it still those old gangsters who recite poetry occupying resources?"

    "One thing to say, face changing is not uncommon, right? Isn't it often revealed that a certain person is not professional, uses a double, and cuts out pictures in the later stage? Now it's just an upgrade in technology, why should we be so surprised?"

    On this point, netizens rarely agree.

    Those who are not fans express their deep abhorrence towards the traffickers; those who are fans may get some inside information, but they dare not say anything for the sake of their brothers and sisters.

    The third point is more interesting: Will it squeeze the living space of existing actors?

    Many netizens hate the entertainment industry. One important reason is: why not eat minced meat?

    Celebrities and ordinary people live in two worlds, with money, fame, backers, privileges and conveniences everywhere This has caused their cognition to be incomplete.

    In this way, the contradiction of "stars say they are ordinary people, but subconsciously they don't regard themselves as ordinary people" is formed.

    That's why I have it, Sister Su 650 is not enough for a day's food expenses;

    After Gao Yixiang passed away, a bunch of celebrities jumped out and said that we are a high-risk occupation, the working hours are too long, too tiring and dangerous;

    Sun Yizhou said to an amateur family who was desperately earning money to repay the mortgage in the show, "I bought a house and chose it next to the airport, so that I can fly to work in the morning and go home to spend time with my family at night." I hope you can learn from it and learn more  accompany the child;

    Guan Gege took it for granted: I am just an ordinary?Students, I often go out for shopping, walking, and eating skewers. I think it is natural to get close to lifeat least not floating in the sky. I think ordinary people will not accept floating in the sky.

    Ever since, netizens exploded this topic in turn.

    "What is a living space? Do you mean a small private room?"

    "To what extent is it squeezed, from 1 cool to 0.001 cool? Wow, I can't earn 2,000 a day in my life!"

    "Squeeze it out, squeeze out the water and leave some dry goods."

    "Squeeze or not, art school students can't find a job now. Do you know how severe the employment situation is? Do you know how many people are saving money every day? Do you know how many people have difficulty even in basic living security?  Get, do you know how many people live just to try?

    Of course you don't know that your so-called hard work is just the normal state of ordinary people.  "

    "It's just that you have a lot of shit in the entertainment industry! Shit!"

    This big discussion lasted for many days.

    Most netizens think that "as long as it is reasonable and legal, we are willing to see more and more similar works appear, so wash your eyes!"

    In the end, the end of the official media is almost the same, because all countries are engaged in AI competition, which is one of the core projects of future technology.

    The country hopes that the creativity of the people will explode and break through the technical bottleneck as soon as possible. Of course, there must be boundaries.

    For example, infringement of portrait rights, dissemination of pornographic and false videos, etc., these have direct legal regulations, but there are many other behaviors that do not have comparable laws and regulations.

    The technology is so new that there are no regulations.

    In short, this must-go technical ethics discussion has been passed smoothly under full preparation and guidance.

    The bigwigs behind the scenes, mainly Zhuang Zhou, got the result they wanted, took advantage of the situation, and issued some statements:

    "The company promises that before producing such film and television works, it must fully respect the opinions of the parties and their families and abide by legal procedures."

    "The company has reached cooperation with a number of film and television companies, and will jointly develop more new types of works. In addition to Uncle Ying, Zu Xian and others, you will see more outstanding actors reappearing on the screen, and will refer to netizens  their suggestions."

    As soon as this remark came out, he suddenly went crazy.

    "I want Brigitte! I want Brigitte!"

    "I beg Jet Li to woo woo woo woo"

    "South Jiao Bei Gu, the four beauties at the end of the world gather together, it's best to get it in a movie, I don't want to watch those old puppets and ugly men!"

    "The sisters upstairs are absolutely perfect, ahhh, just thinking about it makes me cum!"

    "Since you say that, Li Jiaxin, Guan Zhilin, Wang Zuxian, Zhou Huimin, Qiu Shuzhen, Gigi Lai, Athena Chu, Suzuki Honami, Matsushima Nanako, Hirosue Ryoko, Fujiwara Norika, all come!"

    "Damn it! Don't do this to the brothers upstairs, I have to open a webpage to calm down!"

    "There is hope for the domestic region!!!"

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