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Text Chapter 199: "The Kuroshio" Attack Again

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    The second season of "Kuroshio" is online.

    With the foreshadowing in front, it can be said that the whole network is looking forward to it.  There are still two versions at home and abroad, the mainland version is harmonious, and the overseas version is pornographic. Last time there were four waves, and this time there are eight beautiful legs.

    The content is inherited from the previous one:

    The prosthetic body is a precious thing in the eyes of the common people, but to the upper class, it is just a tool for squandering or even playing.

    Xie Junhao plays a big shot in Sky City, who, together with the other oligarchs, monopolizes every aspect of the people from life to death.

    In order to ensure that his memory is not lost, he will regularly transmit data (memory) from the stack to the private satellite.

    In order to prove their strength, many hacker groups are desperately trying to break through the satellite's firewall and steal memory.  The Wind Media Association is one of them. They are essentially an organization that buys and sells information, including celebrity gossip.

    They successfully stole a memory. They wanted to see if the big man had any scandals, but they found that this memory contained a bill, which was aimed at all residents of the Lower Ninth District.

    Once implemented, everyone will become no different from slaves.

    A Ming is a member of the Wind Media Association, so he was hunted down by gangsters, and his girlfriend and his girlfriend's sister, Yang Tianbao, were implicated.

    A Ming hid his memory in the brain of a semi-mechanical white whale in Ocean Paradise. In the process of searching for clues, the two heroines played by Yang Tianbao and Lu Ke met the vice president of the Wind Media Association played by Zhang Luyi.

    When he appeared on the stage, he was submissive, timid and funny, and he was always regarded as a small person, but he was actually full of bad water.  He doesn't trust the protagonist, and looks at the other party from the perspective of an observer, giving some true or false suggestions from time to time.

    In the second season, the vice president is like an introduction, threading needles, connecting many plots and characters together, and finally joining the protagonist team.

    The villains are weird androids and prosthetics, like the Werewolf Club and the Beauty Spider.

    The Werewolf Club is a group of cyberpsychopaths who have transformed their internal organs, taste buds and digestive system, and are proud of eating raw flesh and blood.

    The beauty spider is even more mentally ill than them. It simply turned its brain into an AI, with eight slender, round, white and tender super beautiful legs. Both men and women love to mate, and will eat each other after mating.

    And the protagonist has mastered the stolen memory, so he uses it to make friends with various organizations and scattered people in the Lower Ninth District, and unite more and more people around.

    In the end, the two sides fought naturally.

    During this period, the protagonist is constantly thinking and examining the society, gradually clarifying the way ahead, which also leads to the content of the third season

    At the end, the big man has a conversation with the protagonist.

    She stood on the mountain of corpses piled up with fragments of human flesh and mechanical components just after the war. The satellites outside the sky connected to the communication terminals that can be seen everywhere, and a voice seemed to sound from all directions:

    "The Lower Ninth District has existed for two hundred years. They live there, stable, hardworking, alienated, reformed, cannibalistic, murderous, addicted to drugs, longing for the Upper Ninth District, and can sell anything It has always been like this, so I am curious,  Why are you different?"

    "Should it be like this since it has always been like this? Should it be humble since it was always humble? Should it be high if it was always high?

    Prostitutes, vendors, subterraneans, thugs, vagrants, intelligence dealers People you regard as insects, stand here now, behind me!

    Your prosthetic bodies are at your fingertips, you transfer your memories and claim to be immortal, and you claim to be gods, but how can gods talk to mortals?  Because you are afraid, you are afraid that we will unite, and you are trembling!  "

    She raised her head and pointed to the sky covered with fishy clouds:

    "I want to kill the city in the sky!"

    The styles and ideas of the two seasons of "The Kuroshio" are in the same line.

    Still the same sentence: All cyberpunks tell you to resist, but they don¡¯t tell you how to resist, and what to do after resisting?

    There is now.

    If the first season is relatively obscure, the second season is clear, but anyone with a little IQ can see it: revolution!

    "666! Age of Miracles yyds!"

    "It really should be seen by the entertainment industry, this is called a work! But with this trend, I guess the third part may not come out."

    "Be bold and remove the possibility. One of the conditions for China's accession to the WTO is not to export revolution!"

    "Don't spread rumors upstairs, the decision not to export to the outside world has been made since the opening, and it has nothing to do with wto."

    "Then why can Lao Mei export it to us???"The comment made a subtle turn, as if the discussion just now had never happened, and began to study: "Jiu Jianxian is still so handsome, I always think he has a special temperament, handsome and sad at the same time."

    "Lu Ke is the most capable female star in China, no one has any objections this time, right?"

    "Baby we will always love you!"

    The second season is still streaming on Netflix.

    Before "Squid Game", Netflix successfully unlocked the explosion code, and a large number of anti-chaebol and anti-political works flooded the platform.

    As a milestone, "Squid Game" has achieved outstanding results. It once set a record of 111 million global viewers in the first four weeks of its broadcast, becoming the strongest in the history of Netflix.

    But as I explained earlier, Koreans filmed these, just like an rbq for global audiences to vent, no one cares about its essence.

    Now the Chinese are also filming, and the feeling is completely different.

    "I am a fan of cyberpunk, and I have seen almost all cyberpunk works, but I have to say that this film made by the Chinese is different, and it feels very complicated. It reminds me of my grandpa inexplicably.  A firm belief¡ªRussian netizens.¡±

    "In addition to novelty, it is also beautiful. In addition to being beautiful, it is also shocking. In addition to shocking, it is also a bit scary. I can't tell the reason, maybe because it is a Chinese work-Thai netizen."

    "This is the best thing I've seen on Netflix. Its special effects just fascinate me. I love that big spider. ¡ª¡ªTurkish netizen."

    "South Korea will soon apply for World Heritage - Japanese netizens."

    "The Japanese will soon be buried by volcanic ash. When the cyber age really comes, we will resurrect the Japanese and put them on display in the zoo¡ª¡ªKorean netizen."

    "Didn't India say that it surpassed China in any field? Where are the Indians? ¡ª¡ªPakistan netizen."

    "India is already a great country, and we can also produce such works. We will become a permanent member of the council before 2030¡ª¡ªIndian netizens."

    "In order to protect their ass, the fireflies in India dare not shine. But this show is really enjoyable. It's the first time I saw such cybernetics. They are really resisting. If they were replaced by French, they would already be licking  The xx of Sky City¡ª¡ªBritish netizen."

    "Yes, when one of our battalions is surrounded by three people, we will raise the white flag and surrender¡ªFrench netizens who give up on themselves."

    (I don't know why the reader group disappeared, maybe it was reported, and ?
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