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Text Chapter 201: The Peak of Life, Yang Tianbao (Xiang Kai plus more)

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    "Bang bang!"

    Zhuang Zhou went directly from the airport to the company. Just after entering the door, Qi Wuhai and Ba Sand Sculpture lined up on the left and right, holding a ribbon tube and started playing, and there was a sand sculpture playing "Good Day".

    For a while, the sky was full of hype, and golden lotuses sprung up from the ground, just like a wedding scene.

    "Welcome back, boss!"

    "Congratulations to the explosion of "The Kuroshio"!"

    "This is double happiness!"

    "Yeah yeah!"

    Looking at this group of people, Zhuang Zhou felt a little happier. He tore off the ribbon on his head, and it was still sticky.  The hospitality was not to be violated, and he even prepared red wine, so he had a drink with the staff.

    During work, drink openly!

    Finally, he entered the office, called someone, and asked, "Have you signed the contract between Lu Ke and He Saisai?"

    "It's all signed."

    "Where's Zhao Tian's?"

    Zhao Tian, ??Yang Tianbao's shadow stand-in.

    "She didn't sign it, saying that the boss is kind enough, but she doesn't want to follow others, she would rather go back and start a script to kill."


    Zhuang Zhou smiled, but he was smart.

    Just as I was talking, the front desk called: "Boss, Miss Yang is here!"

    "please come in."

    "Then I'll go out first."

    This employee was very discerning and passed by Yang Tianbao.

    She was at the pinnacle of her life, with joy in the corners of her eyes and brows, dyed curly hair, a small skirt, and red-soled high-heeled shoes, and kicked the door shut: "You miss me!"

    "The subject is unknown, is it you or I?"


    Yang Tianbao made a gesture to fight, but found that the window was bright and there were no curtains, so he had to look at him as if he was an enemy, and said, "You can't say something nice?"

    "What did I say? You should thank me."

    "Yes, yes, I have to thank you. I can't thank you enough."

    She sat down on the sofa with her feet resting on the coffee table, her whole body was clean and crisp, exuding the pleasant hormone taste of self-taught.

    This is the satisfaction that comes from a career.

    Zhuang Zhou seemed to be admiring a large-scale performance art, which he organized by himself, and said with a smile: "The Golden Eagle Goddess has been selected, how many votes do you have?"

    "Are you making fun of me?"

    Yang Tianbao rolled his eyes at him and said, "Even without me, I am the most popular. Who can compare to me now?"

    "That's right, I look forward to seeing you reach the top."

    "Can you come then?"

    "Come on, how can I not be here at the historical moment? But after participating, I have to retreat."

    "Are you retreating again?"

    "Do post-processing for "Global Online", don't be sloppy."


    Yang Tianbao's eyes wandered, he hesitated to speak, and suddenly said: "Did a lot of people contact you recently to discuss financing?"


    "I want to say that Mr. Zhang also has the same idea. The conditions they offer are definitely the best."

    Seeing that the other party should not respond, she bit her lips and struggled a little: "I know you don't like it, but most of the time one person can't change anything, I just hope you can think about it."

    "Okay, I'll think about it."

    When Yang Tianbao took a look, he knew that the other party didn't take it seriously, but he didn't say any more.


    The Golden Eagle Goddess began in 2006.

    It's just a commercial gimmick, and the selection criteria is the hottest new-generation actresses in the TV drama field. Note, they are new-generation actresses.

    The Golden Eagle Award is held every two years. The goddess in 2006 was Liu Tianxian, Li Xiaolu in 2008, Wang Luodan in 10, Liu Shishi in 12, Zhao Liying in 14, Tang Yan in 16, Reba in 18, Song Qian in 20, and Yang Zi in 22  .

    Liu Tianxian is the youngest, 19 years old.

    Tang Yan and Song Qian are the oldest at 33 years old.

    In fact, they are usually candidates in their 20s, and 33 years old is already the limit. Yang Tianbao is really embarrassed to compete with a group of young girls.

    And among these goddesses, except for Fatty's water queen, none of them has ever won an award.

    This year's goddess candidates, the age group has been further updated, and all the little flowers born after 00 have come out.  But the main force is still 90-dan, Guan Gege, Xu Lu, Zhao Lusi and so on.

    Vote online, within 15-20 days, and the award ceremony will be held immediately after the selection is made.

    This year's goddess is Zhao Lusi, who has obtained 452,142 flying aid points.

    One generation is not as good as one generation.

      The first Golden Eagle Award was held in 1983, and the best actor was: Chen Baoguo "Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Blue Purple", Guo Xuxin "Waste Time", Zhu Yanping "Wu Song".

    The actresses are: Qin Yi "Under the Roof of Shanghai", Xiao Xiong "Waste Time", Wang Fuli "The Fifth Neighbor".

    Since then, the winners and works of almost every session are really popular and familiar to the public.

    For example, You Benchang's "Jigong", Zhu Lin's "Triumph in Midnight", Zhang Jinlai's "Journey to the West", Zhang Kaili's "Desire", Ge You's "Story of the Editorial Department", Jiang Wen's "Beijingers in New York" and so on.

    However, the influence and authority of the Golden Eagle Awards have gone from bad to worse.

    If shady ballots, regional considerations, and secret operations by the judges are just procedural injustices, then the entertainment industry is fully capitalized, traffic dominates, and awards are no longer regarded as golden blessings, which is the key factor.

    I don't have a prize, and I can get 50 million in my last variety show, so what do I want it for!

    Therefore, these awards, including Magnolia, Feitian, Golden Rooster, etc., have all been reduced to a small group of powerful factions, and a certification that idol stars want to transform into powerful factions.

    Yang Tianbao is the latter.


    In October, Changsha Night.

    The 32nd Golden Eagle Awards lasted for 3 days. The opening ceremony on the first day featured the appearance of the Golden Eagle Goddess, performances by various stars, and the awards ceremony on the last day.

    International Exhibition Center.

    Zhuang Zhou did not attend the opening ceremony. He just arrived today. As the producer of "Passing Through 1990", he walked the red carpet with Yang Tianbao, Tang Yan and others.

    He has been in the entertainment industry for several years, hiding behind the scenes, this is the time he has seen the most celebrities.

    The elders include Chen Baoguo, Li Youbin, Tang Guoqiang, etc., the middle age Yin Tao, Zhang Yi, Hao Lei, Qin Hao, etc., the young generation Zhao Liying, Ni Ni, Hu Ge, etc., and the new generation Yang Zi, Liu Haoran, etc.  .

    There is also the newer generation, that is, the post-00s.

    Either as an award presenter, or as a guest performer, or to be nominated, or simply to promote a new drama

    Zhuang Zhou looked at these stars, starting from the limit of 80, his style of painting began to deviate, that is, he looked very imaginary, lacking the confidence and background of a good actor.

    Even those guys who won awards and were blown away by their acting skills.

    Objectively speaking, the Golden Eagle Award is permanently settled in Hunan Province. Although many black hands have been involved, Mango Channel¡¯s business is a must, which indeed saved the Golden Eagle Award that was on the verge of ending at that time.

    Looking at it at this moment, it is star-studded.

    Walking the red carpet as usual, Zhuang Zhou and others waited in the concierge car. Tang Yan looked at Yang Tianbao, who was proud of the spring breeze, with envy and hatred in Chi Guoguo, and only hoped that "Global Online" could also turn him over.

    Salted fish doesn't sound good, but as long as it can turn over, it doesn't matter what it's called.

    After waiting for a while, the etiquette staff signaled that you can get off the car.  So everyone came down, including the male actors in the play, and obediently let Zhuang Zhou walk in the middle.

    Zhuang Zhou just came to see the play, he waved his hand to let them go first, and he followed behind.

    Ever since, Yang Tianbao, dressed in a fairy robe, walked in the middle of the cheers without hesitation.

    Tang Yan was by his side. He was 40 years old and accompanied him like a minion.

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