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Text Chapter 203 Creating History (Prince Huang Li adds more)

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    When the awards ceremony was still being broadcast live, there was a lot of noise on the Internet.

    "It's such a joke! I thought the entertainment industry was bad enough, but I didn't expect it to be even worse. Yang Tianbao slapped all the hard-working actors in the battle today.

    Are your fans happy?  Let me tell you, from now on, there will be no more acting schools in the Chinese entertainment industry, and no more audiences who can appreciate the performances. This industry will completely become a joke, a joke worse than the national football team!  "

    "Really, you have created history, and that old crooked-neck tree is watching you!"

    "Don't put your hat on here! I still enjoy the performance. There are so many literary and artistic films with good acting skills. Why haven't I seen you and haven't seen them? With so many low-key and powerful factions, why haven't I seen you support them? They are all ordinary people at heart, and they all pretend to be nuns.  Ma's innocence?"

    "I admit that I am a layman, but today's award is really disgusting! It may not be her own performance."

    "Then why don't you just watch black and white silent films? There's no sound at all, and it's all in your brain. From silent to surround, from black and white to color, from film to digital, from 2D to 3D, which change is not a technological leap? Which change?  No old school invective?

    It's just entertainment, entertainment is entertainment.

    You are always arguing that there are no good-looking dramas or good acting skills. Now that you have them, you can finish watching them. What are you so obsessed with?  "

    "Baby's acting skills have improved, everyone can see it, and interviews can show acting skills live, you are prejudice!"

    "That's right. She was ridiculed so much in the early days, but she worked hard all the way. She can be called a late bloomer, an inspirational model!"

    After the ceremony, the organizer prepared a dinner.

    Celebrities who are not in a hurry will stay. This is a rare social occasion.

    Yang Tianbao changed into lighter clothes and rolled up his hair. He is the well-deserved queen of the dinner party. Holding a glass of wine, he looks exquisite and impeccable.

    Congratulations everywhere.


    "Ah, you went backstage before congratulating you just now, congratulations."

    Tang Yan showed his trademark silly white sweet smile, complaining inwardly, and hugged Yang Tianbao intimately.


    "Well, congratulations!"

    Da Mimi also embraced enthusiastically, but actually rolled her eyes wildly.

    Yang Tianbao turned everything he could, just to show off those two trophies. The gold content of the Golden Eagle is very low now, but it is still very dazzling for TV drama fans, especially for actors who want to transform from idols  .

    Many people showed envious expressions, even if they knew the inside story.

    It doesn't matter, isn't it just AI technology, there is no moral burden at all!

    Liu Tianxian and his team were also watching together, with envy in their eyes.

    She is 37 years old this year, and she is still living on her laurels. With the roles of Zhao Linger and Xiaolongnv almost 20 years ago, she is still standing today, the white moonlight in the hearts of countless people.

    It is also miraculous!

    In recent years, she still has no influential works, and has repeatedly jumped between domestic capital and Hong Kong capital, and now belongs to the artist of the Goose Factory.

    Seeing Yang Tianbao like this, his eyes were hot, and he whispered: "Do we want to be with the Age of Miracles"

    "Not yet!"

    Before she finished speaking, the agent interrupted her, saying: "Wait a while. Your face is extremely valuable. No matter who will be at the helm in the future, you will be indispensable, so there is no need to mix it up."

    If it really enters the era of comprehensive face-changing, Liu Tianxian's peak face will be more marketable than her own.

    The manager said again: "But it's still okay to say hello, how about normal communication huh?"

    As he spoke, he looked around, looking for Zhuang Zhou, but there was no one there.  At the same time, Yang Tianbao was so excited, he also thought of him, grabbed his assistant, and asked:

    "Where is Mr. Zhuang?"

    "he's gone."

    "Gone? Why didn't you say anything?"

    "I'm in a hurry to catch a plane. I said I'm going to retreat, so don't miss it."

    "Don't miss"

    Yang Tianbao muttered, inexplicably lost, and had a feeling: If we meet again, it must be a completely different look.


    "The small town has many stories and is full of joy and joy. If you come to the small town, you will gain a lot"

    In the morning, the stacked building area.

    The music is melodious and the singing is sweet. Accompanied by this song, everyone started another day of life.

    A Yuan was standing in the corridor, leaning on the railing,Chatting with Master Qian who was far away: "You-morning-up-eat-what-what-ah?"

    "Meat-bun-zi, you-down-come-eat-ah!"

    "No, I'm cooking!"

    After chatting, A Yuan looked at his mobile phone, wiped himself and went back to the house. As soon as he entered, he heard a knock on the door, and one person shouted: "Trash group takeaway!"

    "I'm coming!"

    She walked through the two bedrooms, ran over there to open the door, and there was a little brother in yellow clothes standing outside, handing over a large portion of takeaway.

    One vegetable porridge, two shredded potato burritos, one meat bun, and one pickle.

    She pulled over the small bench, started to eat, and picked up her mobile phone casually, watching dramas while eating.

    A Yuan's real age is 20 years old, but when he registered here, he falsely reported one year old, so he is 21 years old.  He was a little taller, about 162cm.

    Half-length hair, round face, big eyes, blingbling is particularly bright, but the skin is never white.

    Zhuang Zhou was away for half a year and at home for half a year. She herself was not lonely at all because there were too many things to do.  In addition to helping Zhuang Zhou deal with some technical issues, he focused more on the building company.

    She is fascinated by what she hears and sees, and she is very good at outputting works, and she does it vividly.

    While eating, he suddenly stopped, tilted his head, pressed the phone, and listened carefully.  It seemed, as if, there was some noise at the door.


    She was chewing the Roujiamo, and went to the door. Sure enough, there were fine pieces outside, as if someone was wandering.  Looking through the cat's eyes, the man was wearing a hat and bowed his head, unable to see anything.

    A Yuan thought for a while, and sent a text message command to someone on his mobile phone.

    Soon, someone's location was transmitted.

    This is an anti-theft function of 360. Bind the number to the mobile phone of relatives and friends, and you can query the coordinates.  And this text message command, the other party is invisible.

    "Who is outside?" A Yuan asked.


    The man didn't speak, and his voice was more frequent, and he even looked like he was about to slip the door and pick the lock.

    "who are you?"

    "Go away quickly, I'm calling the police!"

    A Yuan yelled a few times and didn't want to play anymore, so he opened the door directly: "Come in quickly, I'm still eating!"


    Zhuang Zhou entered the room with a dull expression on his face: "How do you know it's me?"

    "I won't tell you!"

    "Hey, I don't have any gaming experience at all. I wanted to sneak into the house and hide, and wait for you to come in. Wow!"

    Zhuang Zhou hugged her, like a pig arching a cabbage, between her neck mua~mua~mua~

    "Didn't you say you're coming back today? Didn't you say you can rest after the Spring Festival?"

    "That's rest, I have to do the post-production."


    A Yuan broke free, sat back on the small bench, and continued to eat angrily.

    Zhuang Zhou relaxed in an instant, removed all the layers of masks on the outside, returned to the truest self, and just lay down on the bed.

    "I'm going to sleep first for an overnight flight. ?
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