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Text Chapter 206 Gradually Bustling

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    "Do you want to go and see?"

    "I don't care, I'll accompany you."


    Zhuang Zhou kissed her ear, and said slowly: "When I first came to your world, I thought I couldn't go back. At that time, my first thought was to survive, and the second was to start a business.

    How to start a business?  It is to transfer all the classic works that I think are here.

    But then I was able to go back again, and with your support in the back, I didn't pay much attention to this side.  But now, I find more and more that the memory of stacked buildings is warm and beautiful, but it is just a spiritual place for me.  "

    "What's the meaning?"

    "Have you ever heard a saying?

    The new things before the age of 15 are prehistoric civilizations, the new things between the ages of 15 and 30 are the most important inventions that changed human history, and the new things after the age of 30 are heresies.  "

    A Yuan thought for a while, and said: "You mean that as people grow older, they will become more conservative and old?"

    "I can't say all, but there must be many, many people, including me."

    "You? I don't think so."

    A Yuan smiled and said: "Although you are lazy, you are definitely not an old guy."

    "That's because I met you!"

    "This thing talks about social psychology, it's too broad, let's narrow it down a bit and focus on entertainment.

    I am keen on old-time entertainment. I like Li Jiaxin, Zhou Xingchi, "Marrying the Right Man in the Wrong Sedan Chair" and "Prime Minister Liu Luoguo", "Sudden Self" and "Dark Sky", I like Suzuki Honami, Hirosue Ryoko, I like  Winona Ryder and Leonardo

    I despise contemporary entertainment, I think the current TV dramas are shit, blown out data and acting skills, star faces produced on the assembly line, even the bone-cutting techniques are the same.

    When people reach a certain age, they will always miss the past unconsciously, create information barriers, and ignore things that they are not interested in.

    For example, middle-aged people hate young people's abbreviations and language stalks, what yyds, absolute sons, they don't speak well!

    But young people think: middle-aged people are the most annoying, as if the whole world has to revolve around their era!

    This is true from generation to generation.

    If I hadn¡¯t met you, I might have been like many people, looking for my own circle on the Internet, looking for a sense of security in the information barrier created, and by the way despised the things I was not familiar with and I artificially rejected.

    I'm not talking about these things, I just think this kind of mentality is quite old.

    Are all new things after the age of 30 heresy?  Many people may think so, but I want to try to make a breakthrough.  "


    Ah Yuan understood, and said: "So stacked buildings are your spiritual reserve, but you use new technologies to make troubles. Wow, your attempt is to fuck the entertainment industry, you are a criminal."

    "That's right!"

    Zhuang Zhou said something from his heart, but he was not serious, he hugged her pig and cabbage, mua~mua~mua~

    The song downstairs is still singing, still retro:

    "There are three hundred and sixty-five sunrises in a year, I send you three hundred and sixty-five blessings, and the clock turns one thousand four hundred and forty times every day"


    When Zhuang Zhou was in retreat, the second film in the Hong Kong circle and the second film in the mainland came online one after another.

    In essence, they are all piles of stars.

    One is for Hong Kong and Taiwan, and the other is for the mainland. They are not stupid, and they know how to do some extra work.

    Damimi's "Ziyuntai" played a lot of interaction, and this film was arranged by Li Lianhua's He Song, and all the artists under the banner were cast, and the gimmick was the older generation of mainland stars.

    With her back on the platform, she successfully obtained the images of He Qing and Chen Hong.

    So these two beauties, who can be called the two beauties of ancient costumes in the mainland, appeared in a TV series with their peak faces.  Hesong is not the same as Jiaxing. Jiaxing is full of traffic, even the boss.

    Li Lianhua has proved herself anyway, and Zhao Liying, who is praised by fans as the number one acting in the 80s, is still able to carry it.

    In short, there is nothing to say about the appearance. It can be called a competition for beauty, and it has successfully brought a wave of enthusiasm.

    Is He Qing pretty or Nazha?  Is Chen Hong pretty or Zhou Ye pretty?

    Of course, the old aunts don't have fan clubs, and their fighting power is weaker, but they also attract people who eat melons, and they make a lot of noise.

    As for the Hong Kong circle, the "I Have a Date with a Zombie" card is being played.

    Reproduce the peak condition Tianyou and Ma Xiaoling, and those 107cm invincible legs.

    Back then, Lin Zhengying created a craze for psychic films with "Mr. Zombie".Since Hong Kong Island followed suit, a large number of good or bad zombie movies have appeared.  Audiences got bored quickly, and for a while it went into decline.

    Lin Zhengying's career was affected and fell into a trough.

    In 1995, ATV restarted the zombie film and hired him to star in the TV series "Zombie Daoist" with a high salary of one million Hong Kong dollars, which unexpectedly won high ratings.

    The following year, Lin Zhengying made "Zombie Daoist 2" again, and the results were still good.

    In 1997, he originally planned to film "Zombie Daoist 3" for ATV, but unfortunately he was suffering from liver cancer, so the filming was terminated and became his final wish.

    Later, ATV released "I Have a Date with a Zombie" in 1998, with a big word in the opening title: To commemorate a generation of zombie priests!

    Who knew this show would be a hit!

    It is not necessarily true to say that it is an idol drama in zombie skin, because it does create a new setting.

    Introducing real history, starting from the Japanese invasion of China, a guerrilla captain and Japanese army major were bitten by the zombie king, turned into zombies, and lived to modern Hong Kong.

    Later, the story of Fahai and Qingbai was introduced, the love triangle between Ma Xiaoling, Wang Zhenzhen and Kuang Tianyou, the end of the world in 1999 and so on

    This is a bit like urban superpowers and urban fantasy web articles, which are very in line with the entertainment needs of young people at that time.  Later, I shot two consecutive films, and the third film was a bit stretched.

    Using "I Have a Date with a Zombie" to pick up "Mr. New Zombie", there is a connection in the context, and Lin Zhengying made a cameo appearance for a few minutes, joined forces with Ma Xiaoling to fight against the enemy, and killed the zombie boss.

    It can be regarded as fulfilling the wish of co-starring "Southern Hair and Northern Horse".

    ?In addition, the original cast members such as Yang Gongru, Chen Qitai, Wu Tingye, Zhang Wenci, etc. all appeared, except Du Wenze.  This product has been blocked, the Hong Kong circle wants to make money, and is very knowledgeable about current affairs.

    The film is still being played on the Internet, and as usual, it has aroused a large-scale discussion.

    "Horse thighs! Horse thighs! My enlightenment target!"

    "The general is a zombie who sets the ceiling. I was fascinated by him back then!"

    "Wan Qiwen is also over 50 years old. I heard that she opened a homestay in the Mainland. Time is not forgiving!"

    "I remember it was broadcast on Phoenix Satellite TV. When I was in junior high school, it was broadcast every night and replayed in the morning. Even if I couldn't watch it at night, I had to get up early to watch the rebroadcast, otherwise I would have no common topics with my friends in class.

    Oops, I really miss the old days.  "

    The Hong Kong circle is very thieves.

    In addition to Wang Zuxian, although Lin Zhengying and Wan Qiwen are influential, they are not too popular after all, so they will not be released in theaters.

    There are so many Hong Kong stars, push them one by one, followed by Gigi Lai, Zhu Yin, Qiu Shuzhen and so on.

    Wait until Bruce Lee, Shuangyicheng, Huazai, Manyu, Qingxia and other levels start to appear, and then they will consider going to the theaters, let alone have a big killer!

    Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui.

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