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Text Chapter 220 Look at This Prosperous World 3

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    "The first-day box office of "Crazy Rich Asians" has exceeded 100 million. This achievement is already excellent in the post-epidemic era. The current market response is good, the reputation is good, and it is unrivaled in the same period. It is predicted that the final box office will be 1 billion to 1.2 billion."

    "The so-called new genre films have appeared frequently in recent years, first on online platforms and later on theaters. This is not the first new genre film to be shown on theaters, but it may be the best one.

    This also gave the producers confidence. They said that there are several films in the waiting list. Among them is Wang Jing's new work "Yi Tian Tu Long Ji 2", starring the original cast. After 32 years, Zhang Wuji finally came to find Zhao Min.

    There is also "New East and West", which joined the Spring Festival file war. Liu Zhenwei came out to direct again, Leslie Cheung, Brigitte Lin, Jacky Cheung, Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Wang Zuxian, Carina Lau, Zhong Zhentao, Ye Yuqing, etc., there are many original cast members.

    According to the preliminary market survey, countless viewers have expressed their expectations, and it is the day of family reunion during the Spring Festival, and the box office is estimated to start at 3 billion.  "

    On the bus going back, Yamei swiped her phone.

    The mood is very complicated, not happy, not angry, not sad.

    When she looked out of the window, she was still in the city she was in, but it seemed to have changed and was no longer so familiar.  She turned her head again and glanced at the screen of the uncle's phone in front of her.

    The uncle is wearing headphones and watching a short video.

    Four people, four ugly men, He Jiaju, Cheng Kui'an, Huang Guangliang, and Lee Shau Kee, sang "The Light of Friendship" on stage.

    "How many confidants there are in this world, how many friendships can last forever, today we parted and shook hands with both of you, friendship is always in our hearts"

    Yamei knows this song, an episode of "Prison Storm".

    She also knew these four people, known as the "Four Great Villains in Hong Kong Movies", three of them died, and only Huang Guangliang remained.

    The uncle watched it seriously, until after playing for a while, he suddenly turned his head and said, "Do you like this song?"

    "Well, I've seen the movie too."

    "Every time I hear this song, I will think of the picture of Chow Yun-fat playing the erhu in the prison and leading a group of people to sing."

    "Yeah, every time I listen to "If There Is Love", I think of Jacklyn Wu running on the viaduct in a wedding dress."

    The uncle's eyes lit up, and then he sighed again: "There are not many young people who can talk to me about these things, we are all a group of veteran gangsters, we take time out to have a meal, drink a drink, and sometimes talk about these things.

    However, there have been a lot of gatherings recently, and I usually keep in touch with my mobile phone, and I even made an appointment to go to the theater to see Zhou Huimin next week.  "

    "Do you like Vivian Chow?"

    "Hey, who didn't like her in my day?"

    Yamei returned home.

    Sitting in front of my own safety desk, every time I sat down before, I really felt a sense of security, but today it seems to be invalid.

    She was a little irritable, turned on the computer, and began to explain "Crazy Rich Asians".

    But as I was doing it, I found that my head couldn't calm down, and there were always messy thoughts.

    One will be Leslie Cheung, one will be the uncle on the bus, one will be the overwhelming new genre idol dramas this year, and the other will be newcomers being born and disappearing every day, as if the mainland entertainment industry has suddenly sped up

    She tapped the keyboard hard, gave up, took a few deep breaths, began to type another paragraph of text, and then posted it.

    "Before I knew it, I had been a video up host for five years.

    As a Tucao up master, I feel that I have lived up to this profession, and the concept of crushing bad movies is 100%.  I can't talk about noble sentiments, but at least I look forward to the domestic film and television industry getting better and better.

    But today I suddenly feel that I can't understand, everything is rapidly becoming strange and absurd.

    That's right, I used the word absurd. Capital harvests fans of the new era with faces of the new era, and fans of the old era with faces of the old era.

    What's even more frightening is that everyone is happy to accept it.

    I no longer have any expectations for this grotesque film and television industry, so I will stop for the time being and see you again.  "


    Rabbit Sauce is an Internet celebrity anchor.

    She herself has a very good foundation, fine-tuned, and her body is straight and straight. She needs breasts and legs as well as legs.

    But she is different from those anchors who show off, play around, and even distribute benefits in VIP groups. Her professional resume is relatively clean. She usually chats, sings and dances, and occasionally brings goods.

    ? I also have a small team, shooting some short videos and the like, the popularity is not weak.

    ? To be honest, the rise of the live broadcast industry and internet celebrities, Solving the employment problem of a large number of young people in third- and fourth-tier cities and urban-rural fringe areas.  Even in a small county, so-called "media companies" can be found.

    ? They will specialize in cultivating anchors and creating Internet celebrities.

    ? On this day, the big brother on the list ordered a song, and Rabbit Sauce sang it passionately. The fans were flattering, and the atmosphere was happy.  In the barrage, a message suddenly popped up:

    "Stop pretending, usually pretend to be serious, doing that kind of thing in private, it's so ridiculous!"


    Rabbit Sauce frowned and asked, "What do you mean? What do you mean?"

    "Still pretending!"

    "Speak clearly, did something happen that I don't know about?"

    Fans also questioned, but the man just didn't say anything, he just kept provoking and mocking.

    After a long time, a big fan suddenly sent a private message: "Rabbit, I believe in you, but look at xx, the situation is not good."

    Her heart skipped a beat!

    As a network anchor in the new era, some information cannot be blocked. Even if she hasn't read it, she has heard that xx is a famous pornographic website.

    Immediately downloaded the broadcast and informed the team.  The team searched immediately and found a video:

    "Lonely Beauty, Internet celebrity Rabbit Sauce's beautiful private life leaks out!"

    There is also a "popular" sign on the video, which has hundreds of thousands of hits and is classified in the star area.

    Her lips were trembling, and when she clicked on the video, it turned out to be a short video of xxoo, and the heroine's face, clear, perfect and natural, was exactly herself!

    She clicked into the celebrity section again. There were not many videos, but each of them was a real female celebrity or Internet celebrity, and most of them required an additional fee.

    "This, this is"

    "It's obviously an AI face change!"

    The team is all women, but one of them seems to understand, said: "A while ago, a film and television company approached you to buy portrait rights, do you remember?"

    "Remember, I didn't sell it, you mean they deliberately retaliated?"

    "That's not necessarily true. It's just that this technology is very popular now and widely used. It is inevitable that it will be leaked intentionally or unintentionally, or even sold directly.

    Once it falls into the hands of people with bad intentions, this will happen.  "

    This girl seems to still watch it often, flipping through those videos: "The previous ones were set on the ready-made videos, but these were specially shot.

    That is to say, find someone with a similar figure to act, and then put on the face of a star Wow, this effect can be faked!  Or call the police!  " Genius remembers the address of this site in a second.
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