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Supreme Humanity Latest chapter update list


Chapter 1 Big Dream Thousands of YearsChapter 2 Torch Inheritance (new book please support~)Chapter 3 Fire Emperor Palace Suihuang (tears please recommend!)Chapter 4 Totem Pillar
Chapter 5 Great StimulationChapter 6 Heroes Among MenChapter 7 Soul SacrificeChapter 8 Too much deception (recommended on Monday!)
Chapter 9Chapter 10 Sword Gate Demon MarketChapter 11Chapter 12 Sword Qi Thunder
Chapter 13 Mutations in the Demon MarketChapter 14Chapter 15 Sword Gate Square Sword PavilionChapter 16 The Astronomical Mother
Chapter 17Chapter 18 Fish and Goose Fly TogetherChapter 19 Between Life and DeathChapter 20 Limit Reaction
Chapter 21 Dragon travels thousands of miles (please recommend!)Chapter 22 Konggu Hongyi (Please recommend on Monday!)Chapter 23 Why Carrying Big Rocks Can Be Faster, Physical ExplanationChapter 24 Absolute Trust
Chapter 25 ArrogantChapter 26 Cross PushChapter 27 Fighting IntenseChapter 28
Chapter 29 Dragon Blood Sword BoxChapter 30 The Girl in ThunderChapter 31 The Bull in the Neighboring VillageChapter 32 - Monster Race
Chapter 33 Sword Like ThunderChapter 34 The DryadChapter 35 Senior Sister ForgiveChapter 36 Traps
Chapter 37 Double Kill (Please recommend tickets on Monday!)Chapter 38 The Seal of the Beast GodChapter 39 Killing Qi RefinersChapter 40 Beast God Neidan
Chapter 41 DemonizationChapter 42 The Lord of Iwo Jima, the Trapped CityChapter 43 BreakthroughChapter 44
Chapter 45 Zhong Shan's Big Breeding CattleChapter 46 Sword CardChapter 47 Longxiang Sword QiChapter 48 Too Much Killing Intent
Chapter 49 Sword Gate Mirage DragonChapter 50Chapter 51 Not long memoryChapter 52 Ten Fierce Soldiers, Sword Cocoon
Chapter 53 Supernatural WarChapter 54Chapter 55 ExposureChapter 56 Sword Heart Palace Ten Fierce Soldiers
Chapter 57Chapter 58 InnocentChapter 59 A little painChapter 60 One thought opens hundreds of doors
Chapter 61: Crocodile Dragon Repays GratitudeChapter 62Chapter 63 Strange CreaturesChapter 64 Divine Heart, Divine Sword
Chapter 65 The Hornet's NestChapter 66Chapter 67Chapter 68 Planting people by the river
Chapter 69Chapter 70 East Sea Dragon MountainChapter 71 I'm VegetarianChapter 72 Guxia Demon City
Chapter 73 Underground VolcanoChapter 74 God's TreasureChapter 75Chapter 76 Above the Moon
Chapter 77 The God of the MoonChapter 78 The Great Sun Without BoundariesChapter 79: The Light Burns the HeavensChapter 80
Chapter 81 The Temple of the Western WildernessChapter 82Chapter 83 Senior Sister Don't CallChapter 84
Chapter 85 Soul SwordChapter 86 Black Tortoise Golden Spirit ShieldChapter 87 Wolverine and HyenaChapter 88 Offensive and defensive reversal
Chapter 89 Blood Stained Ice FieldChapter 90 Totem CommunicationChapter 91Chapter 92 Step on!
Chapter 93Chapter 94 The Old ManChapter 95 Carving the Sun (3rd update!)Chapter 96
Chapter 97 Martial Arts DefenseChapter 98 Moonlight Spirit BodyChapter 99 The Two AngelsChapter 100 Can't Soften
Chapter 101 Iron Thorn Barrier FormationChapter 102: Two Dragons Fighting for HeroChapter 103 Sword Sixty-Four FormsChapter 104 Leaving a Gap
Chapter 105Chapter 106Chapter 107 Testimonials on the shelf: the unknown secret in the mythChapter 108 Slashing the head of a beauty with a sword
Chapter 109 Xiao Chuqing, die! (The second is asking for a monthly pass!)Chapter 110 The Sun and the Moon Twin SpiritsChapter 111 Sun and Moon Treasure Photo (Ask for a monthly pass!)Chapter 112 Disciplining Your Wife (Ask for a Monthly Ticket!)
Chapter 113: Evil Storm by the RiverChapter 114 Primordial God Slashing Primordial GodChapter 115 Sun and Moon Double PupilsChapter 116 Six-eyed Godman (Ninth update!)
Chapter 117 BraggingChapter 118 Encountering an Open Wheel PowerhouseChapter 119: Burying Gods and DemonsChapter 120 Demon King Ming Jue (Ask for a monthly ticket!)
Chapter 121 Big Monster (Second Update!)Chapter 122 The Prehistoric Kun Clan (3rd update!)Chapter 123 Zhu Xian'erChapter 124 You Are Not Enlightened (Ask for a Monthly Ticket!)
Chapter 125 I Can't Trust YouChapter 126 The key (ask for a monthly pass!)Chapter 127 Six-Winged Golden CentipedeChapter 128 What's so Difficult?
Chapter 129 Inheritance of King MingChapter 130 The Third Divine EyeChapter 131 The EndChapter 132 The only obstacle
Chapter 133Chapter 134 100% Combat StrengthChapter 135 Divine Eye Slashes Primordial Spirit (Ask for a monthly ticket!)Chapter 136 Unbearable
Chapter 137 The Treasure of Gods and DemonsChapter 138 Thousands of Gods and Thousands of Demons Cast the Holy SpiritChapter 139 EscapeChapter 140 Eighteen Zhang Yuanshen
Chapter 141: Visitors from the Dragon ClanChapter 142 Kill him!Chapter 143 Long Street MassacreChapter 144 Blood Stained in the Empty City
Chapter 145 Aofeng Building in the East China Sea (first update!)Chapter 146 Flood Dragon True Biography (Second update!)Chapter 147 Apprenticeship (third update! Ask for a monthly ticket!!)Chapter 148 Lighting the Soul Lamp
Chapter 149 Leaving the Holy City Alone (Fifth Change!)Chapter 150 The vast night, the dance of fish and dragonsChapter 151 Deus ExChapter 152 Death of the Azure Dragon Gate Master
Chapter 153 Charming Demonic Voice (Ninth Update!)Chapter 154 I will not die, I will kill you allChapter 155 Fierce Underground BattleChapter 156
Chapter 157: A Battle That Cannot Be LostChapter 158Chapter 159 Murderous AuraChapter 160 Tenderness in Heart
Chapter 161 Do you have a date, brother?Chapter 162 Inverse Kaiyuan Mysterious RealmChapter 163 Talking about collapseChapter 164: Sucking Moonlight
Chapter 165 Thunder PondChapter 166: Inside the Spiritual BodyChapter 167 Sword EyeChapter 168
Chapter 169 Xiaomang TempleChapter 170 BombingChapter 171: Shot too fast (seeking monthly ticket~)Chapter 172 Living with Junior Sister
Chapter 173 The Moon BeautyChapter 174 Daoyi Secret Realm (Ask for a monthly ticket!)Chapter 175 Reverse Opening Five Rounds (Ask for a Monthly Ticket!)Chapter 176 God Realm
Chapter 177 Planting a SwordChapter 178 One wrong move and the whole game is lostChapter 179 Let me fight (first update, ask for a monthly ticket!)Chapter 180 This brat can't be kept!
Chapter 181 Let me tell you a secretChapter 182 Stealing Fire SeedsChapter 183 You Go Away (First Update!)Chapter 184 God Crow (Second update!)
Chapter 185 Indistinguishable from Loyalty and Traitor (third update!)Chapter 186 Sword Like a Dragon (Fourth Update!)Chapter 187 Cloudy and sunny circles (first update!)Chapter 188 Extravagance than Corpse Clan
Chapter 189 Pink Skull (third update!)Chapter 190 Guarantee Sign (Fourth Update!)Chapter 191 The Land of the Gods of WarChapter 192 Don't feel guilty for me
Chapter 193 Yang Fish (3rd update!)Chapter 194 The Godly Weapon Golden Ship (ask for a monthly ticket!)Chapter 195 God's Fingerbone (ask for a monthly ticket!)Chapter 196 Let him go
Chapter 197 TokenChapter 198 The battle has just begunChapter 199 Handover of short soldiers, killing people like grassChapter 200 The Protoss Clan (First update!)
Chapter 201 You Lied (Second Update!)Chapter 202 The gap is too big (third update!)Chapter 203 Between the FourChapter 204
Chapter 205 Jade Chilong GirlChapter 206 Tempering the BladeChapter 207 Reckless RoarChapter 208
Chapter 209 InterceptionChapter 210Chapter 211 Supernatural Power QianlongbiChapter 212
Chapter 213 The Land of Right and WrongChapter 214 Powder Tent HammockChapter 215: The Enchantress LostChapter 216 Mu Yao Kunpeng
Chapter 217 East Sea RebellionChapter 218 GreedChapter 219 KunpengChapter 220 The Ever-changing Soaring Dragon
Chapter 221 I still have something to doChapter 222 I am, Jianmen Zhongyue!Chapter 223 Ancestral BloodChapter 224
Chapter 225 Target: Holy ArtifactChapter 226 Ancestral Dragon SacrificeChapter 227 Innate DragonChapter 228 The Ancestral Dragon Test
Chapter 229 UndefeatedChapter 230Chapter 231 The Brat's ArroganceChapter 232: Unlocking the Third Divine Eye
Chapter 233 East Sea CarnivalChapter 234 The moonlight is so beautifulChapter 235 The Red Female AnemoneChapter 236 Fuxi's real body
Chapter 237: Taking the KnifeChapter 238 RuyiChapter 239 Climbing to the Eastern Desolation, Moving the StormChapter 240 Washing Knives by the River
Chapter 241Chapter 242 Identity RevealedChapter 243 MetamorphosisChapter 244 White Lotus
Chapter 245Chapter 246 The Tea Is Lighted UpChapter 247: The Bright Moon Shines on the RiverChapter 248
Chapter 249 Picking Yuan DanChapter 250 Death Without ProofChapter 251 Spirit Body FallsChapter 252: Holy Mountain Master Temple
Chapter 253 FormationChapter 254 Star Moon FormationChapter 255 FishingChapter 256: Sealing the Hall Master
Chapter 257 Abandoned from the Sword GateChapter 258: Great Violence and Great EvilChapter 259 CrazyChapter 260 The Locked Sixth Wheel
Chapter 261 Immortal BodyChapter 262 Seizing the SunChapter 263 ExplosionChapter 264
Chapter 265 Kill! kill! kill!Chapter 266 InvincibleChapter 267 - God Exorcism SealChapter 268
Chapter 269 The Man in Black RobeChapter 270 ShadowChapter 271 RejectionChapter 272: Flesh Becomes God
Chapter 273 Small Void Langya ListChapter 274 Looks like a bullyChapter 275 Something Big Has HappenedChapter 276 Shocking the myth list
Chapter 277 Three thousand feet of white hairChapter 278 Gathering of the PowerfulChapter 279 The Land of the EmperorChapter 280 Human Head Lantern
Chapter 281Chapter 282 Emperor WineryChapter 283 Drinking the Divine WineChapter 284 The Imperial Concubine
Chapter 285Chapter 286 I'll Help YouChapter 287 Transformation Mysterious ArtChapter 288 The Great Sun Demon Crow
Chapter 289 Qinglong Cloud Pattern BannerChapter 290 Trapped in a Small VoidChapter 291 Wen Wu First and Wu Wu SecondChapter 292 God Emperor Bloodline
Chapter 293 Evil God EmperorChapter 294 PrecariousChapter 295 Dragon Strikes Nine HeavensChapter 296 Let's Die Together
Chapter 297 Going to the Western WildernessChapter 298 WitchChapter 299Chapter 300 The Maiden Demon
Chapter 301 Primordial Spirit ImmortalityChapter 302Chapter 303 Magic Box Cloud SwordChapter 304 Ask for a few recommendation tickets!
Chapter 305: The Bright Moon in the SkyChapter 306: A Real Beast!Chapter 307 Suihuang YuanshenChapter 308 True Spirit Giant
Chapter 309 Passing the ThroneChapter 310Chapter 311 The Big WinnerChapter 312: Demons and Monsters
Chapter 313 Centrifugal (Ask for a monthly ticket at the end of the month!)Chapter 314 Sixty-Four Sword Styles! (The 4,000-character chapter asks for a monthly pass!)Chapter 315 It's the end of the month, ask for the next monthly pass and recommendation ticket!Chapter 316 Lion
Chapter 317 Very HungryChapter 318Chapter 319 The more you think, the more mistakes you makeChapter 320 Cangyun Out of the Snow Mountain (Please guarantee the monthly pass!)
Chapter 321Chapter 322 Return of the soulChapter 323 The Real Big WinnerChapter 324
Chapter 325Chapter 326 Alarming the Demon SoulChapter 327 Six Holy SpiritsChapter 328 God Shadow
Chapter 329 Absorbing the Holy MedicineChapter 330 The Curse of Gods and DemonsChapter 331 Life**Chapter 332 Burn After Reading
Chapter 333 Murdering Her HusbandChapter 334 Heavenly Sacred PhotosChapter 335 God Demon Tai ChiChapter 336 Update at 4pm!
Chapter 337Chapter 338 SurrenderChapter 339 Sixteen Heavenly Demon DanceChapter 340 Inscribed on the Sun Chariot
Chapter 341 Sun Demon FireChapter 342: The Sutra of the Great Sun DemonChapter 343 Violent BeatingChapter 344 Sweeping
Chapter 345Chapter 346 Demon God PuppetChapter 347 The Wheel of HistoryChapter 348: The Hundred Battles of Gods and Demons
Chapter 349 One Punch to DeathChapter 350 Innate Demon GodChapter 351 Maropa XunChapter 352: Book Presented by the Demon Saint
Chapter 353 The Violent Zhong YueChapter 354 Asura God PupilChapter 355 Great WealthChapter 356 Creator
Chapter 357: The Ultimate Kun ClanChapter 358 Slashing with Backward SwordChapter 359 Retreat Thirty MilesChapter 360
Chapter 361: The First ConfrontationChapter 362 God Demon YiChapter 363 Shocking HandwritingChapter 364 Triple Sacrifice (Part 1)
Chapter 365 Triple Sacrifice (Part 2)Chapter 366 Triple Sacrifice (Part 2)Chapter 367 Notice: Humanity Supreme Update Time ChangeChapter 368 I Have a Backer
Chapter 369 The Head of Bo XunChapter 370: Devil's EmbryoChapter 371 Xing TianChapter 372 Heaven and Man
Chapter 373 Six Paths of ReincarnationChapter 374 Curse (Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!)Chapter 375 Eight Faces of Prestige (Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!)Chapter 376: The Eighth Ancestor of the Demon Race
Chapter 377: Never stay!Chapter 378 Only One MoveChapter 379 Demon Saint, ExecutionChapter 380 No way out
Chapter 381 The Third CalamityChapter 382 Song of Persuading DeathChapter 383 Life and Death DoubtsChapter 384 Humanity Supreme is free for a limited time!
Chapter 385 Wonderful, Unpredictable HeartChapter 386: Demon IncarnationChapter 387 Blessing from the EmperorChapter 388 Earth Shaking
Chapter 389 The Kingdom of the Queen Mother of the WestChapter 390 Drinking Too Much, Headache, Asking For LeaveChapter 391 Who is the peak of the two mountains (first update!)Chapter 392 Two Mountains Merge (Second Update!)
Chapter 393 Crow's Mouth (3rd update!)Chapter 394Chapter 395 Arrogant and domineeringChapter 396
Chapter 397 The Flesh RealmChapter 398: The Boy Who Walked into the MythChapter 399 Leaving a Big Trap (Tears Subscribe!)Chapter 400: Flying Crane Passing Letters
Chapter 401 The Battle to Break the SituationChapter 402: Too RuthlessChapter 403: Capture the FlagChapter 404: The Copper Pillar Locking the Southern Wilderness
Chapter 405: Dragon on the Embarrassing WayChapter 406: Like a Poisonous SnakeChapter 407 Sea King's Pursuit (Please recommend!)Chapter 408 Omnipotent (please recommend!)
Chapter 409 Doubly EvilChapter 410Chapter 411: Frozen Ancient CityChapter 412 Gods and Demons in the Ancestral Star
Chapter 413 Flower Snow PictureChapter 414 The Sun Shines GoldChapter 415 Shaohao BellChapter 416: Bai Ze's God
Chapter 417: Inheritance of the Marquis BaiChapter 418 Missed, can't do it againChapter 419: City Lord of Wind ValleyChapter 420 Mysterious Art of Transformation
Chapter 421: Myriad ChangesChapter 422Chapter 423: When things are over, take off your clothes and hide yourself and your nameChapter 424: Brilliant Ancestral Star
Chapter 425: Divine ToothChapter 426: Reshaping the Sword Gate Kung Fu SystemChapter 427: The Birth of XuanyuanChapter 428
Chapter 429 Enlightenment with a cup of teaChapter 430Chapter 431 The Male and Female ThiefChapter 432: Clan Extermination
Chapter 433 Kunpeng's ArrivalChapter 434 Soutian JueChapter 435: Western Desolation Divine CourtChapter 436: Fifty Thousand Years Ago
Chapter 438 Kunlun RealmChapter 439Chapter 440 God Wu ZunChapter 441 Fairyland Festival
Chapter 442 Convincing others with virtueChapter 443 Not in the state, the second update will be moved to tomorrow, please leave~Chapter 444 Five Success PowerChapter 445 Returning to the Market Flat Peach
Chapter 446: Teleportation Golden TalismanChapter 447 Returning to the Market Once in a Thousand YearsChapter 448 DecapitationChapter 449: Wrathful Soul Fruit Tree
Chapter 450: Miracle FruitChapter 451 The Face in the RiverChapter 452Chapter 453: Meeting Your Opponent
Chapter 454Chapter 455 Pangu Six PathsChapter 456 Six Gentlemen Returning to the RuinsChapter 457 South Heaven Gate
Chapter 458 How can you break your promise?Chapter 459 Tianhe SwampChapter 460 Killing Like GrassChapter 461 Nothing is more sinister than the human heart
Chapter 462 Six Fruit TreesChapter 463 Queen Mother's DecreeChapter 464 Evil Five Fingers MountainChapter 465 Nine-turn sacrificial method of gods and demons
Chapter 466: The Divine Peach TreeChapter 467 TeaseChapter 468 Nine-turn Yuandan, Earth Force FieldChapter 469
Chapter 470: Thunder and Earth Fire meet againChapter 471 I will not kill BorenChapter 472 The King's ManChapter 473: Flat Peach Mother Tree
Chapter 474: The Holy Emperor's BrandChapter 475Chapter 476Chapter 477 Tai Chi Force Field
Chapter 478 So I'm Already So ??StrongChapter 479 LootingChapter 480: Treasure WaterChapter 481: Lore
Chapter 482Chapter 483: There is nowhere to escapeChapter 484 RoaringChapter 485
Chapter 486: AmbitionChapter 487Chapter 488: Delicacy Falls from the SkyChapter 489: Seeker
Chapter 490 Going to the Western Wilderness Again (Part 1)Chapter 491: Ten Fierce Soldiers and the Realm of Divine AbilityChapter 492 Never cause troubleChapter 493 The third chapter has been updated~~
Chapter 494: The Sword Points at the Court of GodChapter 495 AnnihilationChapter 496 Extravagant HopeChapter 497 Sending off Fellow Daoists (!)
Chapter 498: Only One MoveChapter 499Chapter 500: Top of the MythologyChapter 501: On the Supreme List
Chapter 502: From the Hardest to the Strongest, Fight FasterChapter 503: Call a Fellow DaoistChapter 504Chapter 505 You think too much (Ask for a monthly pass at the end of the month!)
Chapter 506Chapter 507Chapter 508 Kun Clan InvasionChapter 509 I'm out of shape, I'll make it up tomorrow.
Chapter 510: Calamity StarChapter 511 Heading to Kunxing (second update!)Chapter 512: Encountering Fu (the third update!)Chapter 513 That Human Race is So Strong!
Chapter 514 Refining and refining giantChapter 515 Betting against the Demon GodChapter 516 Death ApproachesChapter 517: Exploration
Chapter 518 Great Sacrifice to GodChapter 519 CommanderChapter 520 BetrayalChapter 521 Corpse God Chrysalis Flower (Ticket requested on Monday!)
Chapter 522 Destroy the city with one strikeChapter 523 OverbearingChapter 524Chapter 525 Monster
Chapter 526: The Bloody BattleChapter 527: Misfortunes never come singlyChapter 528Chapter 529 The choice of firewood
Chapter 530 Send Yiyuan awayChapter 531 Great dedicationChapter 532: The Profound Sutra of Universal LightChapter 533: Mallet
Chapter 534: Poignant and BeautifulChapter 535 DestructionChapter 536 No one can controlChapter 537: The Way of the Heavenly Emperor
Chapter 538 The road is under your feetChapter 539: Technological God TreeChapter 540 Absolute Heaven and Earth Supernatural AbilityChapter 541 The Witch Passionate
Chapter 542Chapter 543: Raising the Prestige of Our ClanChapter 544: Brilliant SmileChapter 545 Parasite
Chapter 546 Asking for leave, asking for a ticket~Chapter 547 Self-proof of innocence (first update!)Chapter 548 It's not easy to be a teacher (second update!)Chapter 549: Nine-Headed Lions (3rd update!)
Chapter 550: Wild Lions in Hundred Battles, Octopus Fierce SoldiersChapter 551: Master BlockChapter 552: Emperor Master DahongChapter 553 Capture the Sun Spirit
Chapter 554 The Flint Tree and the Crow's NestChapter 555: The Sun's ScratchChapter 556 Reflecting EverythingChapter 557: Ten Days of Glory
Chapter 558Chapter 559 Meeting the EmperorChapter 560 Asking YiChapter 561 Refining the soul into a spirit
Chapter 562: Kun God ComesChapter 563 We Came for PeaceChapter 564 Good people don't live long, but evil people live for thousands of yearsChapter 565 Disaster
Chapter 566 Goddess FlawlessChapter 567: Magic LampChapter 568 Three WishesChapter 569 Counter-sacrifice to heaven and earth (seeking a monthly ticket!)
Chapter 570: WormChapter 571 Strange LandChapter 572 City of Nature (Happy New Year's Day!)Chapter 573 Just finished eating, put it tomorrow~
Chapter 574 Only bones left (first update!)Chapter 575 Six Ways of Subduing Demons (Second Update!)Chapter 576 Dark AgesChapter 577: Sinister Eye
Chapter 578 The Last FuxiChapter 579 TrialChapter 580 Strange ExplosionChapter 581
Chapter 582 Return of the soulChapter 583 DogChapter 584 Just had dinner...Chapter 585 Original Gold Liquid (First update!)
Chapter 586: The Moon God Repays His GraceChapter 587 Destined Soul Soldiers (3rd update!)Chapter 588Chapter 589 Thunder Tribulation Dao Flower
Chapter 590 One Catastrophe One HeavenChapter 591 Flying Dragon in the SkyChapter 592 Hunyuan Conferred GodChapter 593 Stepping on the forty-nine heavens
Chapter 594 Subtle influenceChapter 595 Let's go, I'll take you to slaughter the godsChapter 596Chapter 597 Quick!
Chapter 598: Taking the HeadChapter 599 The Second SacrificeChapter 600Chapter 601: The Stunning Sword Light
Chapter 602: The Teacher Is HereChapter 603 Eight Dragons TownshipChapter 604 The Ancient CallChapter 605: Lost Knife
Chapter 606 Sword GateChapter 607 Chasing and intercepting, a glimmer of lifeChapter 608: Killing the Gods with One ShotChapter 609 Six Seals of Reincarnation
Chapter 610 Never get caughtChapter 611: Negotiating with Marquis LongChapter 612 Goodbye ChixueChapter 613: Desert, Sunset, Residual Blood
Chapter 614 Great MigrationChapter 615: Eastern Desolation Confers ZenChapter 616Chapter 617 Old fellow Taoist, please go up the mountain!
Chapter 618: Marquis of RefinementChapter 619 Sacrifice to the KunhouChapter 620Chapter 621 All crimes belong to me!
Chapter 622: The Human WorldChapter 623 Yang Yao and Yin Yao, four-dimensional deductionChapter 624 ObserverChapter 625: The Sixth Battlefield
Chapter 626 TraitorChapter 627Chapter 628 Walk all the way and die all the wayChapter 629 Betting against the Demon God
Chapter 630 Breaking the law with the lawChapter 631 Prince Shi YunChapter 632 Three God Slaying StylesChapter 633: The Dharma King Wrath
Chapter 634Chapter 635Chapter 636: There Are No Good People in the Prison WorldChapter 637: The Emperor's Burial Demon Eye
Chapter 638Chapter 639 Qu and AnChapter 640 Burning, Killing and Looting, EverydayChapter 641 Distant cousin
Chapter 642 Not Relatives Not AlienatedChapter 643 Innate True SoulChapter 644 Emperor-Level Divine Ability Six Soul BannerChapter 645 Sneak into Hell, Embark on Reincarnation
Chapter 646Chapter 647 Forging the Book of Life and DeathChapter 648 Sudden Change (Happy New Year's Eve!)Chapter 649 Happy New Year's Eve!
Chapter 650 Earthshaking (Happy New Year's Eve!)Chapter 651 True and False Inspectors (Happy New Year!)Chapter 652 Happy New Year~Chapter 653 Eat and get cards (Happy New Year)
Chapter 654: The Abyss of PrisonChapter 655: ScoundrelChapter 656: Great Retrograde Slashing of the Heavenly ScripturesChapter 657 Mysterious Breakthrough
Chapter 658 Creator He LanChapter 659 Ancestral CousinsChapter 660Chapter 661: Shocking the Audience with Skills
Chapter 662 InterrogationChapter 663 Don't worryChapter 664: The Ancient Region of ShenzangChapter 665: The Sky Sees The Heavens Listens
Chapter 666Chapter 667 Meeting on a Narrow Road, the Brave WinsChapter 668Chapter 669: Skeleton Qi Refiner
Chapter 670 Reversing Six WheelsChapter 671: Visitors From Extraterrestrial SpaceChapter 672 Deduction of Six Paths of ReincarnationChapter 673 Assassination
Chapter 674: Clock Bone EmperorChapter 675 Sky CrackChapter 676Chapter 677
Chapter 678 No way to escapeChapter 679: The Cthulhu GodChapter 680: Evil God's EscapeChapter 681 Shock
Chapter 682 Walk all the way, die all the wayChapter 683 Clearing the fieldChapter 684 Galaxy Spirit BodyChapter 685 Singer in the Song World (First update!)
Chapter 686: The Third Form of Slaying Gods (Second Update!)Chapter 687 The strongest spirit body (third update!)Chapter 688: The Son of the World LordChapter 689 Water is like a mirror
Chapter 690 Impossible WorldChapter 691: The Hua Xu FamilyChapter 692 Past IncarnationChapter 693: Romance from Heaven
Chapter 694Chapter 695 DecapitationChapter 696: A Catastrophe (First Update!)Chapter 697 Eight thanks to make friends (second update!)
Chapter 698Chapter 699 Sunrise in the east, sword light like a rainbowChapter 700 The Mystery of the Flesh BodyChapter 701 Heavenly Maid and Weaver Maid
Chapter 702 Desperate ConfrontationChapter 703 Invincible DeductionChapter 704: Slaying the Heroes in One BlowChapter 705 The final trick
Chapter 706: Top Ten Prison WorldsChapter 707: Weaver Girl CowherdChapter 708: SeamlessChapter 709 Molesting the Prince
Chapter 710Chapter 711Chapter 712 handsome with blood on his faceChapter 713
Chapter 714Chapter 715 Don't Make TroubleChapter 716 There is no second change at nightChapter 717 Eighteen Emperors of Sky Cloud
Chapter 718 Hands up and head down (second update!)Chapter 719 Deep understanding of righteousness (third update!)Chapter 720 WeaknessChapter 721 The Realm Emperor Arrives
Chapter 722Chapter 723 You Are DeadChapter 724 Five Elements Sealing SealChapter 725 Evil God Zhong, You're Bullying Me!
Chapter 726 First LawChapter 727Chapter 728Chapter 729
Chapter 730 Ghost MotherChapter 731 Wisdom Destroys the Ghost EmperorChapter 732 Racial Primitive Combat PowerChapter 733 Emperor-Level Supernatural Powers
Chapter 734Chapter 735Chapter 736: The Emperor's Heart TechniqueChapter 737 The plot is stuck, I will make it up tomorrow at midnight
Chapter 738 Second Bloodline SealChapter 739: Two BeastsChapter 740 Fallen (3rd)Chapter 741 Gale (first update!)
Chapter 742 The Authority of the Heavenly Emperor (Second Update!)Chapter 743 Tianyun Zijin PavilionChapter 744 An Unprecedented Dangerous SituationChapter 745 Origin
Chapter 746Chapter 747 Looks Easy to BullyChapter 748Chapter 749 Unexpected
Chapter 750 Innate Holy Sacrifice Profound ArtChapter 751 Innate QiChapter 752Chapter 753
Chapter 754 Strange FogChapter 755 Lei ZeChapter 756Chapter 757 The dragon fights in the wild, its blood is black and yellow
Chapter 758 Yanhuang Lieshan ClanChapter 759 Simple and rudeChapter 760 Battle to the Nine HeavensChapter 761 Dragons without a leader, all six lines move
Chapter 762 GuardianChapter 763 Pure Yang Dao FruitChapter 764 Innate Dao BrandChapter 765 Mirror Spirit
Chapter 766Chapter 767 Identity ExposureChapter 768Chapter 769
Chapter 770 Blood Sea Storm Evil (First update!)Chapter 771 Reincarnation of Life and Death (Second Update!)Chapter 772 Salute to me (third update!)Chapter 773 Developed
Chapter 774 Young man, run!Chapter 775 Surrounding, Chasing, Blocking, InterceptingChapter 776 One Hundred Thousand Years AgoChapter 777
Chapter 778: Shi Ji Chases and KillsChapter 779Chapter 780 The Strongest Curse SpiritChapter 781
Chapter 782 The second seal, unsealed!Chapter 783: FirewoodChapter 784: Fu Xi Is ImmortalChapter 785 Fumin Daoist Heart Sutra
Chapter 786Chapter 787: Young Lei ZeChapter 788: Endless WisdomChapter 789: The Heavens Have No Way
Chapter 790 WhippingChapter 791 Entrustment of Emperor NongChapter 792 - Heaven's JealousyChapter 793
Chapter 794Chapter 795 Human Race FuliChapter 796 AmbushesChapter 797 Kneeling Lives, Standing Dies
Chapter 798: The Wandering PlanetChapter 799Chapter 800: Entrustment of Emperor NongChapter 801 That kneeling
Chapter 802: TraitorChapter 803 UnexpectedChapter 804Chapter 805 Play in person
Chapter 806 I was injured tooChapter 807 Fighting BodyChapter 808 Shameless YouChapter 809 Halfway Interception
Chapter 810 JellyfishChapter 811Chapter 812 Star HandlerChapter 813 Burial
Chapter 814Chapter 815 Dare to call the emperor a senior brother (please vote!)Chapter 816: Behind the scenesChapter 817
Chapter 818Chapter 819Chapter 820 Uncle MasterChapter 821 Eight Thousand Fuxi
Chapter 822 Put it on tomorrow tonight, and make it up at three o'clock tomorrow~Chapter 823 Treacherous Like Loyalty (First update!)Chapter 824Chapter 825 Empress Tensi
Chapter 826Chapter 827 An Angry SongChapter 828Chapter 829 Serial Bureau (First update!)
Chapter 830 The female heroine of the human race, causing troubles in the worldChapter 831 Heavenly Court NavyChapter 832 Don't care about the floodChapter 833 Peerless Military Advisor
Chapter 834Chapter 835 ReunionChapter 836: The Great Black PalaceChapter 837 The Mystery of the Primordial Spirit
Chapter 838: One Hundred Thousand ZhongyueChapter 839 Begging with a Golden BowlChapter 840 The Covenant Between Wind and BellChapter 841 The Mermaid and the Fish (First update!)
Chapter 842 Human Race Mr. Yi (Second Update!)Chapter 843 Playing with legs (third update!)Chapter 844 Bridal chamberChapter 845 The Gods Are Peerless
Chapter 846Chapter 847 The Upside Down WorldChapter 848 Back to the pastChapter 849 Traitor
Chapter 850: Remember This FaceChapter 851 Mrs. ZhongChapter 852 The First GodChapter 853 Can't update tonight, please leave!
Chapter 854 Brother-in-law (first update!)Chapter 855Chapter 856 Nine Steps Invincible (3rd update!)Chapter 857
Chapter 858: Fu Xi Vs Fu XiChapter 859 The Big Six Paths of Reincarnation SystemChapter 860Chapter 861
Chapter 862 The Qilin ChariotChapter 863 Easy to Thief, Easy to Reverse, Easy to RapeChapter 864 Dragon Slaying Technique, Imperial FamilyChapter 865 God and Demon Unity
Chapter 866 Demon Lord Demon NatureChapter 867 Great Accomplishment of Demon DaoChapter 868Chapter 869
Chapter 870 Innate Holy LandChapter 871: Ancient CovenantChapter 872Chapter 873 Ugly
Chapter 874 The Lord of WarChapter 875 Yanshi Heavenly KingChapter 876Chapter 877
Chapter 878 Pre-sale of the Third PrinceChapter 879 Six Great Imperial ClansChapter 880 Chaos God AoChapter 881: Map of the Dao of Heaven
Chapter 882 Fishing for the GodsChapter 883: ChaosChapter 884 Dao Overwhelms the EmperorsChapter 885
Chapter 886 Captured (Happy Children's Day!)Chapter 887: The SinnerChapter 888 Breaking the SealChapter 889 Kindness and Cruelty
Chapter 890Chapter 891 Yin-Yang IntercourseChapter 892 ChildishChapter 893 Bravely Entering Star Humboldt
Chapter 894 SmileChapter 895 Artifact of CreationChapter 896 Unbelievably tyrannicalChapter 897
Chapter 898 Demon King WudulangChapter 899Chapter 900 The Scourge Is ComingChapter 901 There is a female Tencel, the heart of a child
Chapter 902Chapter 903 TearChapter 904Chapter 905
Chapter 906Chapter 907: Suppressing the SkyChapter 908Chapter 909 Invasion like fire (recommendation ticket please!)
Chapter 910Chapter 911Chapter 912 Prehistoric Dark AgesChapter 913: Great Prehistoric Discovery
Chapter 914 Thunder RollingChapter 915: Second Prehistoric Ancestor (Third Update!)Chapter 916 ResurrectionChapter 917 Silence (Second update!)
Chapter 918 Homeland (third update!)Chapter 919 IntimacyChapter 920 Innate Meat WingsChapter 921 Rebirth
Chapter 922 The Holy LotusChapter 923 Follow the Fragrance (First update!)Chapter 924 Anger against the Emperor (Second update!)Chapter 925 Centrifugal Virtue (3rd update!)
Chapter 926 Chaotic Time and Space (First update!)Chapter 927 The First Lifeform (Second Update!)Chapter 928 In Tiantian Mansion, the Land of Opening HeavenChapter 929 Fragments of Time and Space
Chapter 930Chapter 931 Eight Desolate God Kings (First update!)Chapter 932 God King of the HeavensChapter 933 Shocking change (third update!)
Chapter 934 Funeral Song of Twilight DrumChapter 935 Dao RealmChapter 936 In My NameChapter 937: The Dao of Heaven
Chapter 938 The Seventh Secret RealmChapter 939Chapter 940: Emperor's VisitChapter 941: Path of Transformation
Chapter 942 Change the Future (First Update!)Chapter 943 Chaos Clan Offers Treasures (Second Update!)Chapter 944 The Three Great Spiritual Roots (the third update!)Chapter 945 Chaos God Fruit (Fourth Update!)
Chapter 946 Wisdom is no match for supernatural powersChapter 947Chapter 948 The Seventh Vertebrae (First Update!)Chapter 949 The Weapon of Heaven (Second Update!)
Chapter 950 The Husband and Wife (Third!)Chapter 951 DisasterChapter 952Chapter 953 The Five Emperors Seizing Luck (First update!)
Chapter 954 Future Emperors (Second Update!)Chapter 955: Six Paths Unite (Third Update!)Chapter 956: The Future Demon EmperorChapter 957 Where is Fuli?
Chapter 958 Devil Emperor, God EmperorChapter 959Chapter 960 Stealing Treasure (First update!)Chapter 961: The Secret of Biluo Palace (Second Update!)
Chapter 962 Abolish Providence (third update!)Chapter 963 The Commander of Absolute Rationality (First update!)Chapter 964 Evil Storm (Second Update!)Chapter 965 Offending Tianwei (third update!)
Chapter 966 Joining the WTO (first update!)Chapter 967 Killing with a thousand swords, cutting with ten thousand swords (second update!)Chapter 968 Ask Zhi Yu Dao (third update!)Chapter 969: The Myth of Invincibility
Chapter 970 Must be Hacked to DeathChapter 971 IndelibleChapter 972Chapter 973: Heavenly Court Troubled by Disasters
Chapter 974Chapter 975Chapter 976: CultChapter 977 Let's Fight!
Chapter 978 Cult (Second update!)Chapter 979 The nine hundredth sound, shocking everyone (third!)Chapter 980Chapter 981 Sowing the Seeds
Chapter 982 The Centennial AgreementChapter 983 Rare Customers (Second Update!)Chapter 984 Ancient Agreement (Third update!)Chapter 985 Empress Empress
Chapter 986 Invincible NavyChapter 987Chapter 988Chapter 989 The thief is nearly a hundred feet (the first update!)
Chapter 990Chapter 991 Never be a slave (third update!)Chapter 992 Zhongshan's fox, so wise and close to a demonChapter 993
Chapter 994 Stealing the sky and changing the day (recommended on Monday!)Chapter 995 The Extraterrestrial Death SquadChapter 996 Iron Blood Is Still HereChapter 997 Six Seals
Chapter 998Chapter 999Chapter 1000 The Dragon Is TrappedChapter 1001
Chapter 1002 BeastChapter 1003 ExecutionChapter 1004: Wuji's ProblemChapter 1005 The Answer to Immortality
Chapter 1006 Chensu Secret RealmChapter 1007 Dao SacrificeChapter 1008 I have loved my empress for a long timeChapter 1009 Supernatural powers are invincible for days
Chapter 1010 Star Sea BanditsChapter 1011 Looking up in the mudChapter 1012 Candle Dragon Sky Suo Mysterious ArtChapter 1013 Invincible Flesh Body
Chapter 1014 Demon Emperor TransformationChapter 1015: Naturally RebelliousChapter 1016 Emperor StrikeChapter 1017: Stepfather
Chapter 1018Chapter 1019 Father-in-lawChapter 1020 LadiesChapter 1021 Consummation
Chapter 1022 Hidden ThingsChapter 1023 Truth AsuraChapter 1024 The Divine Dao Bell of the HeavensChapter 1025
Chapter 1026 Prison RobberyChapter 1027: True and False PrinceChapter 1028Chapter 1029 Blocking Hundreds of Millions of Lions
Chapter 1030 Battle of the Red Valley SunsetChapter 1031 Illness¡ª¡ªChapter 1032 Habayashi Army, DismissedChapter 1033 Invincible
Chapter 1034 The Battle of Xunfeng GorgeChapter 1035Chapter 1036 LifelikeChapter 1037 Heartbreaking Cry
Chapter 1038 Justice and EvilChapter 1039 The Great Demon King Comes Out of the MountainChapter 1040 Breaking into Heaven AgainChapter 1041 The strongest emperor soldier
Chapter 1042 LeaderChapter 1043: Emperor Star FaltersChapter 1044Chapter 1045 Funeral for me
Chapter 1046 Immortal ConsciousnessChapter 1047Chapter 1048Chapter 1049 No Solution
Chapter 1050 InadvertentlyChapter 1051 Destined to leave a nameChapter 1052 Three Thousand RealmsChapter 1053 Death
Chapter 1054 Birth and Death Tribulation RealmChapter 1055 A way outChapter 1056 CreepyChapter 1057: Yi
Chapter 1058 Abducting Emperor SoldiersChapter 1059 Nine Fate Black PotChapter 1060: The Most EvilChapter 1061
Chapter 1062Chapter 1063Chapter 1064 I am FuxiChapter 1065
Chapter 1066 The Dark SideChapter 1067 The Cruelest TruthChapter 1068 Emperor Slaying TerraceChapter 1069
Chapter 1070 The Emperor's Coffin RiverChapter 1071 Void ContractChapter 1072 Seven Paths of ReincarnationChapter 1073 The Second Primordial Spirit
Chapter 1074 ShamelessChapter 1075 FireChapter 1076 BetChapter 1077
Chapter 1078Chapter 1079 SacrificeChapter 1080Chapter 1081 Big Six Hells
Chapter 1082 Legend of ImmortalityChapter 1083Chapter 1084 Soldiers on the Emperor StarChapter 1085: Recasting the Sky Plate
Chapter 1086 September outbreak declaration! !Chapter 1087 The Emperors Seize TreasuresChapter 1088 Companion to a king is like a tigerChapter 1089 Unbreakable
Chapter 1090 Has been updated, ask for a monthly pass!Chapter 1091 Ninety-Five Supreme (First update!)Chapter 1092 Faceless ManChapter 1093 Invincible to death (third update!)
Chapter 1094 Today's four chapters have exploded, ask for a monthly ticket!Chapter 1095 Don't Resist Me (Forth Monthly Pass!)Chapter 1096: The Running Head (First Update!)Chapter 1097 Challenge the Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 1098 Hundreds of millions of bones, paving the throne (third!)Chapter 1099 Adding Another Dead Soul (Forth Monthly Pass!)Chapter 1100 Target Mu Xiantian (first update!)Chapter 1101 Mutual Encounter
Chapter 1102 Heartless and ungratefulChapter 1103 The Battle of the Three EmperorsChapter 1104 When is killing not killing? (First update!)Chapter 1105 The Secret Realm of Robbery
Chapter 1106: Unknown Life FormChapter 1107 The Source of HeavenChapter 1108 Pros and Cons Big Six Ways (First update!)Chapter 1109 The Twenty-Second Emperor¡¯s Absolute Learning
Chapter 1110 Heaven and InvincibilityChapter 1111 Good and evil are divided into two sides (first update!)Chapter 1112 Disarmed and Returned to the FarmChapter 1113 Retired and Returned Home
Chapter 1114 Insufficient accomplishment (first update!)Chapter 1115: The Call of the Void (Second Change)Chapter 1116 The Truth of the Void Realm (3rd update!)Chapter 1117 Sea of ??Consciousness Dreamland
Chapter 1118 Go Forward! (The second is asking for a monthly pass!)Chapter 1119 The Place for the Elderly (3rd update!)Chapter 1120 The Lower Realm of the Five Emperors (First update!)Chapter 1121 The Five Emperors Strike (Second Update!)
Chapter 1122 Shaking the Emperor (third update, ask for a monthly ticket!)Chapter 1123 Defeat in Three Moves (First Update!)Chapter 1124 Unraveling the Bond of BloodlinesChapter 1125 Beheading and Sacrificial Flag (third update!)
Chapter 1126 How can I tell that I am a traitorChapter 1127 Heavenly Dao Supernatural PowersChapter 1128 Seeking Tao through Love (Third update!)Chapter 1129 Detonating the Emperor Star (First Update!)
Chapter 1130 Wisdom Enters the TaoChapter 1131 Holy Medicine Becomes Emperor (third update!)Chapter 1132 Enthusiasm (first update!)Chapter 1133 Congenital Daze (Second update!)
Chapter 1134 Killing all (third!)Chapter 1135 Tit for TatChapter 1136 Old Guys (Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!)Chapter 1137 Empress Huaxu (Second update!)
Chapter 1138 Tao is a toad (third update!)Chapter 1139 Fish Pond (Ask for a monthly ticket in the fourth month!)Chapter 1140 Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Ask for mooncake tickets~Chapter 1141 Praying Mantis Catching Cicadas (First update!)
Chapter 1142Chapter 1143 The Oath of Heaven (the third update!)1144 Please kill yourselfChapter 1145 Corpses pile up like mountains, blood flows like rivers
Chapter 1146 Bloodwashing Dao Mountain (third update!)Chapter 1147 Damage to the reputation (first update!)Chapter 1148 The twenty-seventh corpse (second update!)Chapter 1149 Change of Returning to the Ruins (3rd update!)
Chapter 1150 The Abacus Failed (First Update!)Chapter 1151 Great Seal of Heaven (Second Update!)Chapter 1152 Yuan Crow StrikesChapter 1153
Chapter 1154 Grace (Second update!)Chapter 1155 Seeing Pangu and Becoming a GodChapter 1156Chapter 1157 Life and Death
Chapter 1158 How Loyal the Imperial Clan IsChapter 1159 The Imperial Clan's CharacterChapter 1160 AssassinationChapter 1161 Yunjuanshu's visit (third update!)
Chapter 1162 A small inventory of the second half of this monthChapter 1163 Tigers surround the dragonChapter 1164 The Heroic BearChapter 1165 Nine Heaven and Earth Spiritual Roots (Third!)
Chapter 1166 The Last LeafChapter 1167 Innate Xuan FemaleChapter 1168 Invincible SkinChapter 1169 South Heaven Gate
Chapter 1170 Tianhe Emperor BattleChapter 1171 Bo Yun is treacherous (third update!)Chapter 1172 Emperor Falls into TianheChapter 1173 Loyalty and gallantry, future generations comment
Chapter 1174 Yunjuanshu's Black HandChapter 1175Chapter 1176 Two Women Conquer the Emperor (Second Update!)Chapter 1177 The seabed needle is unpredictable (third!)
Chapter 1178 The Mystery in the Eyes (ask for a monthly ticket!)Chapter 1179 It's the end of the month, it's doubled, ask for a monthly pass!Chapter 1180 Dao Zun's PlanChapter 1181 Heaven Academy (third update!)
Chapter 1182 You Don't UnderstandChapter 1183 Unspeakable WayChapter 1184Chapter 1185
Chapter 1186Chapter 1187Chapter 1188 Wisdom CollisionChapter 1189 October 1st, Happy Birthday to the Motherland
Chapter 1190: The Three TraitorsChapter 1191 Tanggu and XiguChapter 1192: A Blow from the Supporting WoodChapter 1193
Chapter 1194 The Primordial God KingChapter 1195 Aftermath of Time and SpaceChapter 1196Chapter 1197: Killing the God Emperor
Chapter 1198 The Horrible HallowsChapter 1199 Chapter 1161Chapter 1200 Black Arrow Shoots Golden CrowChapter 1201 Renewing Life
Chapter 1202 BedbugsChapter 1203 Reincarnation Burial AreaChapter 1204Chapter 1205 The Seventh District of Reincarnation
Chapter 1206 Yin Demon in the Burial AreaChapter 1207: Creatures in the Burial AreaChapter 1208 Eat HappinessChapter 1209 Heavenly Bliss King
Chapter 1210Chapter 1211 Notification, Zhaizhu public WeChat account activity!Chapter 1212 Wisdom Demon KingChapter 1213 Taking advantage of the fire to rob
Chapter 1214 CooperationChapter 1215 The Immortal CallChapter 1216Chapter 1217 Burial
Chapter 1218 Heavenly MedicineChapter 1219 In it, the Tao is outside itChapter 1220 Looting Feng WujiChapter 1221 Supreme Divine Ability
Chapter 1222Chapter 1223 Chaos Divine AbilityChapter 1224 I Have Big Thick LegsChapter 1225
Chapter 1226 Please use supernatural powersChapter 1227 One Sword Burial AreaChapter 1228 Capture the Spiritual RootChapter 1229 The Wonder of Spiritual Roots
Chapter 1230Chapter 1231 Town Clan HeritageChapter 1232 Innate SelfChapter 1233 The Final Seal
Chapter 1234: The Third Cave of the Cunning RabbitChapter 1235Chapter 1236Chapter 1237 The Future Curse Spirit Emperor
Chapter 1238Chapter 1239 Quick KnifeChapter 1240 The Killer in the PaintingChapter 1241 Plum Blossom Aoxue
Chapter 1242 Molesting QingheChapter 1243 Future six real bodiesChapter 1244Chapter 1245 Heroes refining the emperor
Chapter 1246 Water Cremation Clay BottleChapter 1247 The building will collapseChapter 1248 The Nightmare Is ComingChapter 1249 Holy Medicine
Chapter 1250Chapter 1251 Don't Blame YourselfChapter 1252 Accompanied by you, walk together all the way (first update!)Chapter 1253 Mantle
Chapter 1254 Nightmare (third update, ask for a monthly pass!)Chapter 1255 The Foundation of Rebellion (First update!)Chapter 1256 Bird Eggs (Second Update!)Chapter 1257: Biography of Zijun Yanhuang (Free)
Chapter 1258 Invasion of darkness (third update!)Chapter 1259 White Emperor (first update!)Chapter 1260 Dao GodChapter 1261 Moody
Chapter 1262 Eye Opening (First update!)Chapter 1263 Deceitful (Second update!)Chapter 1264 Reverse Bone Poking to the South Heaven Gate (third update!)Chapter 1265 Humanitarian Era
Chapter 1266: Plan of Heaven and ManChapter 1267 Man (third update!)Chapter 1268 New DaoistChapter 1269 Countless Zhong Yue
Chapter 1270 Killing the FutureChapter 1271 Resurrection Orb (Second Update!)Chapter 1272 Are you going to die?Chapter 1273 The Eye of the Black Emperor
Chapter 1274 The Two Emperors XuanqiChapter 1275 The Land of OriginChapter 1276 A CorpseChapter 1277 Paradox
Chapter 1278 Unifying the Seven PathsChapter 1279Chapter 1280 OriginChapter 1281: Artifact of Rebirth
Chapter 1282 Empty Glove EmpressChapter 1283 BrotherChapter 1284 Father and BrotherChapter 1285 God's Will
Chapter 1286 Sow discordChapter 1287 BlasphemyChapter 1288 Miaodi's Fighting TechniqueChapter 1289
Chapter 1290 Emperor MuChapter 1291 Monarch and Subject ConcentricChapter 1292 The Calamity of HellChapter 1293 The Annihilation of the Whole Army
Chapter 1294 Become a DogChapter 1295 Mysterious ReincarnationChapter 1296 Mr. BaicaoChapter 1297
Chapter 1298 Heavenly TreasureChapter 1299 Heaven InvasionChapter 1300 Prepare for Battle and Exterminate EvilChapter 1301 The target evil emperor palace
Chapter 1302 EvilChapter 1303 Unlimited Evil PowerChapter 1304 SummoningChapter 1305 The Evil Emperor Confers the Head
Chapter 1306Chapter 1307: The Sly Rabbit and the HunterChapter 1308 Seventy-Four CitiesChapter 1309
Chapter 1310Chapter 1311 Three parts of the ancient universeChapter 1312 Two Children DebateChapter 1313 Landlord Collecting Rent
Chapter 1314 The Fifty Way of HeavenChapter 1315 Good AbilityChapter 1316 Sacrificial KnifeChapter 1317 Liquidation
Chapter 1318 The Son of the Thai EmperorChapter 1319 Nine EmperorsChapter 1320 The Heavenly Maiden AskedChapter 1321 Sky Mending Project
Chapter 1322 The Heavenly Emperor Meets FriendsChapter 1323 Emperor PrestigeChapter 1324 No regrets in this lifeChapter 1325 Lei Ze Rebellion
Chapter 1326 Slashing the Realm of the Fallen EmperorChapter 1327 Demon KingChapter 1328 Seeing the Dragon in the YuanChapter 1329 Pangu
Chapter 1330 Undead and UndefeatedChapter 1331 Daoist TrapChapter 1332 The Second DragonChapter 1333 Six Weapons
Chapter 1334 The Cruel TruthChapter 1335 NemesisChapter 1336 ClansmenChapter 1337 Fishing for Chaos Again
Chapter 1338 OriginChapter 1339: The Gate of the Dao Realm (Part 1)Chapter 1340 The Hero's Twilight (Second Update!)Chapter 1341
Chapter 1342 Roe Owl Eating CorpseChapter 1343 HuntingChapter 1344Chapter 1345 Dark Starry Sky
Chapter 1346Chapter 1347 Afterglow of the Earth ChronicleChapter 1348 Birth and Death ReincarnationChapter 1349 Assassination
Chapter 1350 The Twilight Song of the DijiChapter 1351Chapter 1352: Entering the Dao with a SwordChapter 1353 Flying in the sky
Chapter 1354 HeirChapter 1355Chapter 1356 Masked ThiefChapter 1357
Chapter 1358 The Overlord's PlanChapter 1359 The Demon Sword Is OminousChapter 1360 Returning to the clanChapter 1361 The Prestige of Mysterious Female
Chapter 1362 BeautyChapter 1363 Invite the Prime MinisterChapter 1364 - King of Prime Minister's Cracked StarChapter 1365 Cut off the future
Chapter 1366Chapter 1367 Time and Space Forbidden ZoneChapter 1368 Promise Time and SpaceChapter 1369 Subversive Dao Realm
Chapter 1370Chapter 1371 Opening up the Seventh DistrictChapter 1372Chapter 1373
Chapter 1374 The Reincarnation ControversyChapter 1375 The Death of GuyueChapter 1376 Sacrifice to the VoidChapter 1377 Grandmother
Chapter 1378 Killing decisivelyChapter 1379Chapter 1380 Emperor GodChapter 1381 Wind and Cloud Meeting (Happy New Year!)
There was an error in the last chapter, it has been corrected!Chapter 1382 Future InvasionChapter 1383 Self Blood SacrificeChapter 1384 Chapter 1342 The Lonely Goddess
Chapter 1385Chapter 1386 Two Hundred Years of HistoryChapter 1387Chapter 1388 Surprise
Chapter 1389 Never DefeatedChapter 1390 Cheng EmperorChapter 1391 Rebel and Proclaim EmperorChapter 1392 Chapter 1349 Brother
Chapter 1393 Get OutChapter 1394 Flattening ZiweiChapter 1395 Returning to the God of WarChapter 1396 Returning to the sect
Today is still two chapters in a row tonight!Chapter 1397 The Eve of the Final BattleChapter 1398 Ming YiChapter 1399
Chapter 1400Chapter 1401 Dao Solution ReappearanceChapter 1402 Chapter 1359Chapter 1403 Sacrificial Knife
Chapter 1404 The Brilliant Six RealmsChapter 1405Chapter 1406 BladeThe two chapters will be updated together at 8:00 tonight!
Chapter 1407 The Great Seven Paths of ReincarnationChapter 1408 Burying Fellow DaoistsChapter 1409 Heaven Emperor YueChapter 1410 Old Stuff
Chapter 1411 The Age of the Fifty-Five KingsChapter 1412 The White Emperor wins the fateIt's too late to update at noon, and the two chapters will be updated together in the evening!Chapter 1413 One Body with Two Sides
Chapter 1414 Void CrackChapter 1415 Void UpheavalChapter 1416 Chaos Drifting BottleChapter 1417 Taking History as a Mirror
Chapter 1418 TransformationNotice, the two chapters will be updated together tonight!Chapter 1419Chapter 1420 Fight against heaven and earth, never admit defeat
Chapter 1421 Reincarnation Celestial SphereChapter 1422Chapter 1423 Another gameChapter 1424 Meticulous
Chapter 1425 Dao solves the darknessChapter 1426Chapter 1427 InvincibleChapter 1428 Origin of True and False
Chapter 1429 Questions and Answers of the Two SaintsChapter 1430 Three PointsChapter 1431 Three PointsChapter 1432 Heavenly Emperor's Order
Chapter 1433 Pulling Into ReincarnationChapter 1434 The First Spiritual Root (Happy New Year's Eve!)Chapter 1435 DaoguangChapter 1436 Traps
Chapter 1437 Life WastelandChapter 1438 Overbearing and DarkChapter 1439 Dao Realm ReincarnationChapter 1440 Dao Fa Murderous Intent
Chapter 1441 SecretChapter 1442 Fatal FlawChapter 1443 - Amazing CutChapter 1444 My Country
Chapter 1445 Origin of Dao WorldChapter 1447 Never ForgetChapter 1448 Unheard EchoChapter 1449 Saint King of Reincarnation
Chapter 1450: The Dao God's MessageChapter 1451Chapter 1452 Boundary BreakingChapter 1453 Haoyi Qinduan
Chapter 1454 Humanity Supreme officially comes to an endChapter 1455 The Void on the Other SideChapter 1456Chapter 1457
Two chapters in a row tonight!Chapter 1458 The Biggest ConsequenceChapter 1459 InvincibleChapter 1460 Empress
Chapter 1461 Breaking the Eternal Torrent with One ShotChapter 1462 No one can beat meChapter 1463 suppressed this eraHappy Lantern Festival!
Chapter 1464 Encounter Across Time and SpaceChapter 1466 Origin of Dao RealmChapter 1467Chapter 1468 full of loyalty and righteousness
Chapter 1469 Chaos Comes AshoreChapter 1470 Killing Towards The FutureChapter 1471 Never admit defeatChapter 1472 Breakthrough Point
Chapter 1473Chapter 1474 ContractChapter 1475 Encounter by chanceChapter 1476
Chapter 1477 reopening the Dao RealmChapter 1478 The Most Glorious MomentChapter 1479 Broken HeartChapter 1480
Chapter 1481 WonderfulChapter 1482 The Road to SupremeChapter 1483 Invincibility and DeathChapter 1484 Beheading
Chapter 1485 ShockChapter 1486 Chapter 1441 Shilong ResurrectionChapter 1487 The Spirit of the Son of HeavenChapter 1488 Earth Emperor Vs Earth Emperor
Chapter 1489 People with lofty idealsChapter 1490Chapter 1491Chapter 1492 Death of the Empress
Chapter 1493 Chaos ReappearsThe two chapters will be updated together tonight!Chapter 1494 Chaos of time and spaceChapter 1495 The Nine Sons of the Thai Emperor (First update!)
Chapter 1496 Fighting Heaven and EarthChapter 1497 Acknowledging a thief as a father (third update!)No update at noon, update at night!Chapter 1498 The Collision of the Wise Men
Chapter 1499 Wisdom equals the skyChapter 1500 HeartacheChapter 1501 Ant's LifeChapter 1502 Reincarnation Ring
Chapter 1503 Unable to Sell Famous Learning FushangChapter 1504 The Rebellion of the Two SaintsChapter 1505 Reincarnation Pile of Abnormal TreasureChapter 1506 Void Clock
Chapter 1507 Fighting Poison with PoisonChapter 1508 Tit for TatChapter 1509 Tai Sui and Commander-in-ChiefChapter 1510 Intelligent Supernatural Powers
Chapter 1511 The Power of the Thai EmperorChapter 1512 Courage is late and deadChapter 1513 Father and SonChapter 1514 Jumping out of the cycle of reincarnation
Chapter 1515 Afterglow of the Imperial DynastyChapter 1516 All Living Beings Are AntsChapter 1517 The Strongest Killing Formation in HistoryChapter 1518 Daoist Trap
Chapter 1519 Guillotine Slays the HeroesChapter 1520 Brothers meet on a narrow roadChapter 1521 AuthorizationChapter 1522 The Thai Emperor Exits
Chapter 1523 Breaking ReincarnationChapter 1524 Origin of ReincarnationChapter 1525 Jump out of reincarnationChapter 1526 Heaven's Perish
Chapter 1527 Only Knowing That I Am MeChapter 1528Chapter 1529 Farewell TorchChapter 1530
Chapter 1531 Gathering Spiritual RootsChapter 1532 EnlightenmentChapter 1533 InvincibleChapter 1534 Chapter 1488 Reincarnation
Chapter 1535 Chapter 1489 The Thai Emperor AbdicatedChapter 1536 EarthChapter 1537 Wind of Ancestral StarShock! The truth that makes men silence women's tears is a must-see! (actually the end of this testimonial)
Chapter 437: Evil God EmperorChapter 1446 The Dove Occupies the Magpie's NestChapter 1465 This hatred is endless, running out of time 
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