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Rebirth Westward Journey Latest chapter update list


Chapter 1 Rebirth of Journey to the West Y: Dingguang JoyChapter 2 Rebirth of Journey to the West Y: Dingguang Joy BChapter 3 Rebirth of Journey to the West Y: Dingguang Joy CChapter 4: How Pigs became Holy
Chapter 5 Doujin: Biography of TaoistsChapter 6: The Canopy Is Demoted, The Pig Demon Is BornChapter 8: The pig turned into a monster, Changhong frightened away the yellow wind monsterChapter 9 **The magic needle, the pond lice monster
Chapter 10 Saints are Immortal, Thieves Are More Than OneChapter 11 Underwater Cave Mansion Zhu Ba PatriarchChapter 12 Members crossing the catastrophe, the ancestor said cause and effectChapter 13 The Ancestor Hosted a Banquet to Show off the Magical Treasure
Chapter 14 Ordinary needles, two general functionsChapter 15 Snatching the Cave Mansion and Occupying the MinesChapter 16: The Ancestor's RetreatChapter 17 Chi Lin's Death, Wu Jing's Contest
Chapter 18 Second Primordial Spirit Lihuo Golden BodyChapter 19 The Four-Dimensional Divine Cauldron Presses Qi Luck King Yu Refining Treasures to Protect JiuzhouChapter 20 The Reincarnation of the Golden ChanChapter 21 The group of demons belonged, the ancestor hosted a banquet to talk about the panacea
Chapter 22 Forging magic weapon, four images, five elements and one brickChapter 23 The yin and yang are upside downChapter 24 Twelve Golden Immortals Twelve HeartsChapter 25: The Yellow Dragon Returns to the Truth, I Want to Go to Heaven
Chapter 26: Biyou Palace, Holy Land of the Qing DynastyChapter 27 Five Elements Tongxuan Nine TransformationsChapter 28 Enchanting Xing Xian'er, Five Elements Thunder Tribulation PearlChapter 29: Buddha Treasure Relic, Great Treasure Golden Vase
Chapter 30 Halloween Dragon Palace Nine-Headed Demon SaintChapter 31: The Immortal Apricot FlowerChapter 32 A group of demons make trouble in Xiniu Hezhou (Part 1)Chapter 33 A group of monsters make trouble in Xiniu Hezhou (Part 2)
Chapter 34 A group of monsters make trouble in Hezhou, Xiniu (Part 2)Chapter 36 All sins are mineChapter 37 Peacock Ming King Kunpeng Demon MasterChapter 39 Sifang Cauldron Refining Clone (1)
Chapter 40Chapter 43: My Ancestor Has No VirtueChapter 44: Zhu Ba Shows Off His CapabilitiesChapter 45: Gaoming Shentu
Chapter 46 Beating the adulterer with a club, the bull devil has three bitesChapter 47 Earth Tiger Gai Tianwang River Demon Town Pagoda (Part 1)Chapter 48 Earth Tiger Gai Tian Wang River Demon Town Pagoda (Part 2)Chapter 49
Chapter 50 Don't grab big bargains, be greedy for small bargainsChapter 51: The Origin of Ten Thousand Buddhas Ancestor StyxChapter 52 The Patriarch Complains to Biyou PalaceChapter 53 Buddha Bone Skeleton Iron Ball Copper Juice
Chapter 54 Death of those who defy the sky, sorrow for those who follow the sky!Chapter 55: The Wonderful Work of the Supreme Qing DynastyChapter 56 On the Pingdingshan in the Lotus CaveChapter 57: The Death of the God
Chapter 58 Abandoning the Buddha and Returning to the Middle EarthChapter 59: Taiyi Saves the SufferingChapter 60 The Wrath of the SaintChapter 61 The Taiji Diagram Clarifies Yin and Yang
Chapter 62 Jingwei reclamationChapter 63 Emperor Yan and Nvwa Dayu and NvjiaoChapter 64 Finding Joy in BitternessChapter 65: Stealing Wind and Clouds, Chaos Bell
Chapter 66 The Beauty of the Twelve Heavenly DemonsChapter 67 You have a good plan and I have a wall ladderChapter 68 The Gourd Says GourdChapter 69 Zhu Ba Touches the Bone
Chapter 70 A group of monsters make a turbulent sand river (1)Chapter 71 A group of monsters make a turbulent sand river (2)Chapter 72 A group of monsters make a turbulent sand river (3)Chapter 73 A group of monsters make a turbulent sand river (4)
Chapter 74 A group of monsters make a mess in the Sand River (5)Chapter 75 A group of monsters make a turbulent sand river (6)Chapter 76 Huanglong Comes BackChapter 77
Chapter 78 Eight Hundred Quicksand Realms Three Thousand Weak Water DepthsChapter 79: The World in Your Palm and the Universe in Your HeartChapter 80 Monkey King's FightChapter 81
Chapter 82 One Hundred Thousand Mountains Block Lingshan (1)Chapter 83 One Hundred Thousand Mountains Block Lingshan (2)Chapter 84 One Hundred Thousand Mountains Block Lingshan (3)Chapter 85 One Hundred Thousand Mountains Block Lingshan (4)
Chapter 86 One Hundred Thousand Mountains Block Lingshan (5)Chapter 87: The Leader of the Demon Sect Capital, I Became the Grand Master (1)Chapter 88: The Leader of the Demon Sect Capital, I Became the Great Senior (2)Chapter 89: The Leader of the Demon Sect Capital, I Will Be the Grand Master (3)
Chapter 90: The Leader of the Demon Sect Capital, I Became the Grand Master (4)Chapter 91: The Leader of the Demon Sect Capital, I Will Be the Grand Master (5)Chapter 92: The Leader of the Demon Sect Capital, I Became the Grand Master (6)Chapter 93: The Leader of the Demon Sect Capital, I Became the Grand Master (7)
Chapter 94: The Leader of the Demon Gate CityChapter 95: The Leader of the Demon Gate CityChapter 96 Spiritual Roots Breed and Source Outflow, Yang God and Yin God Converge into OneChapter 97: A stick in the heart (1)
Chapter 98: A stick in the heart (2)Chapter 99: A stick in the heart (3)Chapter 100: A stick in my heart (4)Chapter 101 A stick in my heart is facing the sky (5)
Chapter 102 Killing the Two Corpse Gods in One DayChapter 103 The Obon FestivalChapter 104 The Great Wilderness Kunpeng Takes Off to WanlizhouChapter 105 Three Thousand Demon Gods Open the World (Part 1)
Chapter 106 Three Thousand Demon Gods Open the World (Part 2)Chapter 107 Three Thousand Demon Gods Open the World (Part 2)Chapter 108 Million Immortals Go to New LandChapter 109 Primordial Qi Pool
Chapter 110 Five-Color Divine Light Chaos BodyChapter 111Chapter 112 Selling Pork With a Buddha Head HangingChapter 113 It Turned Out to be a Fellow
Chapter 114Chapter 115: Yuanyang Merit RulerChapter 116: Supreme Cave, Lord of the Eight TreasuresChapter 117 **Six Ways Nine Twists
Chapter 118: Thick Black Realm, ShamelessChapter 119 The Golden Elixir of DeathChapter 120Chapter 121 Primal Chaos Spirit
Chapter 122 Demon God MemoryChapter 123 The Heavenly Sect AncestorChapter 124: Soul Searching ConchChapter 125: The strong have their own strong hands
Chapter 126 A Mountain Is Higher than a MountainChapter 127 Make a plan and kill HongjunChapter 128Chapter 129 Erlang Yang Jian
Chapter 130 The Daoist, I Don¡¯t KnowChapter 132 Great Barren Mountain, Wuji CliffChapter 133 DiscussionChapter 134 Training
Chapter 135 Shrimp Shark SeaChapter 136 Kunpeng Design and Three TeachingsChapter 137 Six Soul BannersChapter 138 Life and death, the ancient poisonous dragon
Chapter 139 Lu Ya DaojunChapter 140 PiousChapter 141 Demons and monsters are all small bellyChapter 142 Lu Ya Golden Arrow Shoots Patriarch (Release)
Chapter 143 Lu Ya Golden Arrow Shoots Patriarch (Release the Ban)Chapter 144 Changing Stars and Changing BattlesChapter 145: The Comet Strikes;Chapter 146: A Stick to the Sky (Part 1)
Chapter 147: Hitting the sky with a stick, the patriarch died on Yangzhu Peak (Part 2)Chapter 148 Killing your running dogChapter 149 Unbalanced Dao of HeavenChapter 150 Crossing the river and demolishing the bridge
Chapter 151: The Second Turn of the Golden Body Hongjun is also an IncarnationChapter 152: The Power of Good Fortune, the Spiritual Root Breeds a Small WorldChapter 153 Ten steps bored to one personChapter 154 Good Fortune Gourd
Chapter 155 Avalokitesvara Avalokitesvara Miaoshan Tathagata Buddha (ask for a monthly ticket)Chapter 156 Lu Ya's Great WishChapter 157: Lu Ya's Great AmbitionChapter 158 Lu Ya's Great Wish
Chapter 159 Good Fortune Clock ShenxiuChapter 160 Good Fortune Clock ShenxiuChapter 161: Stratus from Swinging ChestChapter 162 A ray of golden light flattens the six qi in the chest
Chapter 163 Hunyuan Jindou The Gate of the Mysterious FemaleChapter 164: In the chest, but with awe-inspiring spirit, don't teach evil spirits to invade the Middle Earth (ask for a monthly ticket)Chapter 165: The Great Immortal Zhenyuan: A Volume of Books from the Earth to Protect the WorldChapter 166 I Have a Lotus Heart
Chapter 167: The Evil Dragon Runs RampantChapter 168 All kinds of plans, I just go my own way (summon monthly ticket)Chapter 169 A List of Demon Gods Moves Thousands of Gods and Ghosts (Summon Monthly Pass)Chapter 170: The No. 1 Devil on the List: Hongjun's Three-Phase Dharma Body
Chapter 171 A group of demons dancing wildly, let's see who is more skilled (first update, please ask for a monthly ticket)Chapter 172 Praying Mantis Catching Cicadas and Orioles BehindChapter 173 I Want to Ping XichuanChapter 174: Floating Dragon Island, In Pluto¡¯s Palace
Chapter 175: Kneading Earth to Create a Man, Di Shigan is the younger generation (second update, summoning the monthly ticket)Chapter 176: The Net of Heaven and EarthChapter 177: A sea of ??blood and smoke rises, and the sun sets in the long river (first update, please ask for a monthly ticket)Chapter 178 Shameless Zhu Ba became the thirteenth brother; green lotus and white lotus can prove Subhuti
Chapter 179 The Shameless Man Zhu Ba became the Thirteenth BrotherChapter 180: Good People Don't Live Long, Disasters Will Be Destroyed for Thousands of YearsChapter 181 The Human Book Is Birth Who Will Determine the Six Paths of ReincarnationChapter 182: With Good Intentions, Taiyi Rescues the Suffering God
Chapter 183 Zhu Baliwei Six-tone Vibration Demonstrates Supernatural Powers (First Change, Summoning Monthly Pass)Chapter 184: There is a Great Universe in the Basin Karma Red Lotus Molding the Golden Body (Second Change, Summoning the Monthly Pass)Chapter 185 Spring Heart Ripples Zhu Bada Drives Guanghan Palace (third update, ask for a monthly ticket)Chapter 186 Good Intentions and Bad Deeds
Chapter 187 Ten Thousand Immortals Fighting the Sea of ??BloodChapter 188 Entering the Way with Weapons, Acquired Treasures Overcome Innates; Three Turns of Golden Body, Changing Hongjun Shows Supernatural Powers (3rd update, ask for a monthly ticket)Chapter 189 Meeting on a Narrow Road, the Brave WinsChapter 190: Fighting Formation and Killing Bureau Chaos and Melee (Part 1) (Second update, ask for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 191: Killing the Formation and Killing the Bureau Chaos and Melee (Part 2) Third WatchChapter 192: Firecrackers in the Coffin: The Merchant Among the ImmortalsChapter 193 Parting ways, Ran Deng assassinates the ancestor of Styx; in Yuxu Palace, Zhu Ba debates and teachesChapter 194: Zhu Moumou's Mystical Art Changes
Chapter 195 Beauty Slaying Demon SwordChapter 196 Yousheng Zhenjun Xuantian GodChapter 197 Widely Established Hell Ten Halls of YamaChapter 198 Xu You, Chaofu and the Bullock
Chapter 199: Smiling Face, Black Heart, Honey Belly SwordChapter 200 Taiyi Tianzun Incarnates Six Paths to Determine Reincarnation Zhu Ba Patriarch Inspires the Number One Person in the WorldChapter 201: All the Immortals Really Pray for BlessingsChapter 202: Ancient Buddha's Treatise on Treasures
Chapter 203 The Monarch of the Monster Race: The Great Ship of HongmengChapter 204 It's too clever to calculate all the organs, only to make wedding dresses for others (first update, tickets)Chapter 205 The Heroes Divide to Compete for the Gold List, Chasing the Banner Across the UniverseChapter 206 An Ancient Apricot
Chapter 207 Conferring the Lord of the Demon List, Zhu Ba's Unfathomable Scheme to Kill People;Chapter 208: Zhu Ba Annoyed the BuddhaChapter 209 The undercover agent next to Taoist BodhiChapter 210 A Mother Plant and Three Points of Luck
Chapter 211: Improving Vajra's Indestructible Body by PracticeChapter 212: Real Dragons Standing All Over the WorldChapter 213 Remarks on Gods and DemonsChapter 214 Nezha Raises Weiling Mountain, Zhu Ba Trains Troops and Distributes Treasures
Chapter 215 Tathagata Buddha Broke the Agreement Zhuba Patriarch Was Robbed for No ReasonChapter 216 Modding the Universe Picking the Sun, the Moon and the Stars (Second Change, Summoning the Monthly Pass)Chapter 217 Floating Dragon Island Hangs the Demon Sealing List, Long Hanjie Shows His Excellence for the First TimeChapter 218 Gather merits to kill the three corpses, set up Shura teachings to prove Hunyuan (first change, call monthly ticket)
Chapter 219: Zhen Yuanzi Can't Stop the GardenChapter 220 Unable to kill the corpse, Zhu Ba finds another way; Great War, Xuandu Yinshan retreatsChapter 221 The Most Powerful Fairy, The Hunted 'Father and Son'Chapter 222 The Great Desolation Is Broken
Chapter 223 Seeking skins with tigers, each has its own thoughts; 'adultery' revealed Lu Ya rebelledChapter 224 Operation Broken Arm Guanyin Assassinates Six EarsChapter 225: Styx Patriarch Mieling MountainChapter 226 The friendship between the villains, Styx is defeated and flees the floating dragon; the bell tower demon, two spiritual lights meet for the first time (Part 1)
Chapter 227 The friendship between the villains, Styx is defeated and flees the floating dragon; the bell tower demon, two spiritual lights meet for the first time (Part 2)Chapter 228 Dafa Three Thousands, Nirvana Can Prove the Tao; Qin and Bell Compete, Both Dragon and Crane Lose (Third Bird ~)Chapter 229 Grandmaster bearing, supreme bearingChapter 230: Styx Comes to Vote Zhu Eighth
Chapter 231 The decline of Buddhism, all the Buddhas are gone;Chapter 232 The Birth of Zhou Tian's ArtifactChapter 233 The Quartet's Forces Are Playing TricksChapter 234 The Demon Master Visits Floating Dragon Island, A Decisive Battle Determines the Winner
Chapter 235 Wujiya Gathering, the battle is imminent;Chapter 236: Ten Thousand Immortals Join Forces, A Foregone Battle (1)Chapter 237 Ten Thousand Immortals Joining Masters: The Final Battle (2) The third update, 9,000 words are completed, call for a monthly ticketChapter 238: Ten Thousand Immortals Join Forces, A Foregone Battle (3)
Chapter 239: Ten Thousand Immortals Join Forces, A Foregone Battle (4)Chapter 240: Ten Thousand Immortals Join Forces, A Foregone Battle (5)Chapter 241: Ten Thousand Immortals Join Forces, A Foregone Battle (6)Chapter 242 If I were the Emperor of Heaven in another year
Chapter 243 Acknowledging the ancestors and returning to the clan Zhu Ganglie is happy to have ten sons; various religions coerce the eighth ancestor to proclaim himself emperorChapter 244 The list of demons, 80,000 gods welcome Taihao God;Chapter 245 The Struggle of the Saints, Chaos in Hell, Ghosts and Demons RampantChapter 246 The Heroes Row in the Underworld and Calculate to Create Humans; The Three Must Have My Teacher Xuandu Wangqing
Chapter 247 Xuandu accepts disciples My way is not alone; Taihao washes the piano with a basin of clear waterChapter 248 All religions are stupid, Styx is about to moveChapter 249 Qin and Sword Conquest Qing Emperor AppearsChapter 250 It is unknown whether there is any merit in making people out of clay;
Chapter 251 Worried about the world, Zhen Yuanzi suspends his testimony;Chapter 252 Jin Chanzi's preaching, the second sage of the West became a disciple;Chapter 253 Sunrise in the East and Rain in the WestChapter 254 Wen Xianqu Wuhen's Spring Dream
Chapter 255 Keeping a low profileChapter 256 Fire and rain fall from the sky, making people out of earth is nothing more than fetching water from a bamboo basket;Chapter 257 Manifestation of Vientiane Life in DreamChapter 258: The World-Destroying Grinding Mill: The Godly Ax of Creation
Chapter 259 The Fifty Strings of the Qinsere for No ReasonChapter 260 Introduction to the immortal aura that has appeared. (must see, free)Chapter 261Chapter 262: Great Merit of the Perfect Man, Emperor Ziwei
Chapter 263 The Merit of the Perfect Man, Emperor TaihaoChapter 264: Yun Neutron Proving the Way: The Immortal Sword Attacks (First update, please ask for a monthly ticket)Chapter 265 Compromise The Saint in the Cloud Mie TaihaoChapter 266: Something Against the Heavens
Chapter 267: Something Against the HeavensChapter 268: Zhou Tian Da Xing Dou Golden Arrow Shoots Lu Ya (First update, ask for a monthly ticket)Chapter 269 The Crow Calls the Funeral Curse Is Just a Child's Play;Chapter 270 God's will tricks people, saints are not heartless; weeping silently, Your Excellency can be my teacher (third update, ask for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 271 Three Hundred Continents Gather on ZuzhouChapter 272 The sage in the cloud sows dissension, Kunpeng is secretly alarmed; the spirit beasts from all directions bow their heads and profess the vassal Phoenix presents his daughter for safetyChapter 273: Nightmare Becomes a Demon, Killing All Living Beings and Obsessing Their Nature;Chapter 274 Blue Bird Protecting the City Ehuang's Merit Has Not Been Lost;
Chapter 275 Infinite Life Buddha Enlightens Ehuang Six Paths and Seven Ksitigarbha Kings;Chapter 276 Born with supernatural powers, poor as a mount; Kong Xuan will prove the TaoChapter 277: Deputy Head of the Three Religions of Buddhism, Confucianism, and InterpretationChapter 278: Demon Master Scores Twice Lei Ze Gourd Appears
Chapter 279 Star Dou Great Mill and Jasper GourdChapter 280 The undercurrent surges, the aborigines conspire and calculate;Chapter 281 The Black Emperor Gets Married Taihao Watches the Ceremony;Chapter 282
Chapter 283: Zhen Yuanzi Establishes a Teaching: Fighting Techniques on Silent Island (Part 1)Chapter 284: Zhen Yuanzi Establishes a Teaching: Fighting Techniques on Silent Island (Part 2)Chapter 285: The Death of the Master of Nirvana and the Death of Lei Ze (Part 1)Chapter 286: The Death of the Master of Nirvana and the Death of Lei Ze (Part 2)
Chapter 287: Taihao Intentions to Retire Kong Xuan Proves ConfucianismChapter 288 The Spring and Autumn Strategy of the Sword and PenChapter 289 Mind and SchemingChapter 290: Emperor Taihao Happily Obtained the Proof of Taoism Wuzhishan Suppresses Jin Chanzi
Chapter 291: Taihao retreats, proving the way to Bodhi;Chapter 292 A certain pig also came to pour bitter waterChapter 293: The Seven Killing Doctrine Establishes ShuraChapter 294 Full of tricks, Styx was seriously injured and finally escaped for his life;
Chapter 295 Xuanzang preached the Dharma, the landlord's family wanted to collect rent; Taihao went out, and there was no food left in the heavenChapter 296 The Shameless One, Ran Deng flattered the pig's trotters; the power is in hand, Tai Hao understates and cuts powerChapter 297 Taihao wants to abdicate Haotian and dies among the colorful cloudsChapter 298 Haotian Jade Emperor Goes to Emperor Gao
Chapter 299 Don't Give Face, Jin Chan Was Suppressed Again; Give You Face, Zhu Bayu Xugong ProvesChapter 300 One person preaches, everyone works hard; disputes resume at the border of the universeChapter 301: One Wrong Move, Everything LostChapter 302 Four against one
Chapter 303: Light, Spiritual, Heavy, and Turbid Qi Generate Mutations The Sage of Xuandu Proposes to Open the Heavens AgainChapter 304 Xuandu said the sage, there will be no disputes for thousands of years;Chapter 305: Zhu Ganglie Makes a PlanChapter 306 Poaching corners and removing bricks and tiles to build a new house
Chapter 307 All the saints opened up the world one after anotherChapter 308Chapter 309 Want to borrow an axe? Bring personnel!Chapter 310 The Creation of the Heavens
Chapter 311 The Flesh and Flesh of the Taixuan SageChapter 312: Zhu Moumou is cheatingChapter 313 Good fortune jade plate, do you want it?Chapter 314 Daoist Hongjun Soothes Puzzles Taoist Disciple Enters the World
Chapter 315: The Reincarnation of the Nirvana Taoist Confucian Disciple Comes Out of the MountainChapter 316 The silver gun washed with blue bloodChapter 317 Lingji Bodhisattva's Ambush Amitabha's Big FeetChapter 318 Three Thousand Eight Virtues Pond: An Old Monk in the Fire
Chapter 319: Attack of the Western Sect: Nine-Eyed Golden Toad Fighting Fire AntChapter 320 The First Battle of Xuanmen's Entry into the WTOChapter 321 The Heavenly Court is Clear and ChaoticChapter 322
Chapter 323 Under the Dao, the Dao of Heaven is also an ant;Chapter 324 Under the Babel Tower, Ten Thousand Immortals AscendChapter 325 Yuan Tianzun betrayed Yu Qingtian, Taixuan Saint blackmailed the two leadersChapter 326: Yang Jian hangs a flag to beg for security
Chapter 327 In the Vientiane car, Kunpeng meets the original Tianzun for the first time; the bloody battle in the East China Sea, the great dragon encounters natural enemiesChapter 328 Fighting for the first line of lifeChapter 329 Under the saint, there is only one son leftChapter 330 Heaven's Lost Virtue Taixuan Fenbao
Chapter 331 Plotting Against HeavenChapter 332 The Final Battle (1)Chapter 333 The Last Battle (2)Chapter 334 The Last Battle (3)
Chapter 335 The Final Battle (4)Chapter 336 The Last Battle (5)Chapter 337 The Final Battle (6)Chapter 338 The Five Decays of Heaven and Man
Chapter 339: Mystery of Heaven and Earth, I shall be the HeadmasterChapter 340: The EndingChapter 7 The Little Demon Flying to the Sky: The Boar Climbs the TreeChapter 35: The Six-Eared Unknown Macaque
Chapter 38Chapter 41Chapter 42Chapter 131: Yi Xi Rejoices, Zhuang Zhou Rejoices
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