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barbarian throne Latest chapter update list


Chapter 1 Wildhammer IIChapter 2 Abyss LordChapter 3 Fat KiddChapter 4 The Troubled Boy
Chapter 5 Spider ForestChapter 6: Dragon Meng BaoxiangChapter 7 Camel Bell Merchant GroupChapter 8 Jungle Hunting
Chapter 9 The Eight-Armed NagaChapter 10 Choosing a MindChapter 11 The Great Coffin SplitterChapter 12 Future Grandmaster
Chapter 13 The Storm Is ComingChapter 14 Rocket UpgradeChapter 15 Chasing down the rebelChapter 16 Disadvantages of mental methods
Chapter 17 Ziluo TianzhengChapter 18 Praying Mantis Catching CicadasChapter 19 Star Academy DeanChapter 20 Exchange Feelings
Chapter 21 The Two-Headed Flood PythonChapter 22 The irresistible temptationChapter 23 Leaving the ForestChapter 24 Hosting Disturbance
Chapter 25 Enrollment in Magic BantChapter 26Chapter 27 Surprised the old enemyChapter 28 Master Gran
Chapter 29 Spiritual StormChapter 30 One Breath MethodChapter 31 BrutalityChapter 32 Tourmaline Magic Knife
Chapter 33 Abyss ExperienceChapter 34 Fighting Qi Like a KnifeChapter 35Chapter 36 Sinking into the Abyss
Chapter 37Chapter 38 Murderous IntentChapter 39: The Coffin SplitterChapter 40 The Evil Spirit Codex
Chapter 41 The Mysterious Ancient BookChapter 42 Preparing for RevengeChapter 43 Blood of the Holy DragonChapter 44
Chapter 45 Forging bones and tendonsChapter 46Chapter 47Chapter 48 The Chamber of Commerce is destroyed
Chapter 49 Two Prodigal SonsChapter 50 The Mysterious WomanChapter 51Chapter 52 Prairie Wolf Cavalry
Chapter 53Chapter 54 Grassland CustomsChapter 55 Godfall DesertChapter 56 Barbaric Central Plains People
Chapter 57 Desert Sneak AttackChapter 58Chapter 59 Subduing Thunder EagleChapter 60 Breaking through the tenth level
Chapter 61 Training by the LakeChapter 62Chapter 63 Little Black EvolutionChapter 64 The Stunning Beauty
Chapter 65 Secret of Mental PowerChapter 66 Entering the battlefield by mistakeChapter 67 Epic BattleChapter 68 Battle Qi Transformation
Chapter 69 Looting the TempleChapter 70 God's Bone MarrowChapter 71 Scarlet Sky Demon GodChapter 72 Returning to the Village
Chapter 73 Cultivating Evil SpiritsChapter 74 The Temple of AdventChapter 75 Open Martial ArtsChapter 76 The True Holy Land
Chapter 77 Fighting Saint Fist GodChapter 78 The Bridge of Life and DeathChapter 79 The Rise of Southern BorderChapter 80 Take Out the Essence
Chapter 81 Integrate into the bloodChapter 82 Half way interceptionChapter 83 I am invincibleChapter 84 Soldiers and nobles
Chapter 85 Fighting Qi Like a GangChapter 86 AssassinationChapter 87 Dragonrider Forbidden ArmyChapter 88 Holy Dragon Knight
Chapter 89: Cameron Rich (first change, ask for a monthly pass)Chapter 90 Spiral Dou QiChapter 91 The Two PrincesChapter 92 Good things happen again and again
Chapter 93 Little Black EvolutionChapter 94 Dogs and BonesChapter 95 Eight Golden LocksChapter 96
Chapter 97 Elemental SwordChapter 98 You Are the One Who Beat UpChapter 99 The Moro FamilyChapter 100 Let's Sworn
Chapter 101Chapter 102 Sending You On Your WayChapter 103: Golden WordsChapter 104 Swamp Centipede
Chapter 105 Experts from all walks of lifeChapter 106 Mysterious AltarChapter 107 Space RaceChapter 108 Golden Behemoth
Chapter 109 Hundred Saints Killing FieldChapter 110 Taige wakes upChapter 111 Sacrifice PalaceChapter 112 Controlling Space
Chapter 113 The Holy Yuan ThroneChapter 114 Sean and his daughterChapter 115 Sincerity and FirmnessChapter 116
Chapter 117: Dawei TianlongChapter 118 Murderous IntentChapter 119 Enlightenment of Martial ArtsChapter 120 Killing
Chapter 121 - Demon Flame Burns His BodyChapter 122 Fusion of mind and lawChapter 123 Candidate SaintessChapter 124 The Sun Shaking Longstring Bow
Chapter 125: Building Ships Entering the SeaChapter 126 Abyss Bone DragonChapter 127 Undead Holy MagisterChapter 128 Victor Simon
Chapter 129 The Strongest Spear and ShieldChapter 130 Beast Race BerserkerChapter 131 Praying Mantis Catching CicadasChapter 132
Chapter 133 ControversyChapter 134 Sword Master Sword IntentChapter 135 Meat PigChapter 136 Strong Enemies Emerge in Large Numbers
Chapter 137 - Violent BattleChapter 138 The 138th PalmChapter 139 Iron Prison Sealing DemonsChapter 140
Chapter 141 The Secret of DantianChapter 142 The Realm of SubtletiesChapter 143 Covering the sky with one handChapter 144 Breaking Out
Chapter 145 The Fifth Floor of the Iron PrisonChapter 146 The Barbarian Holy FatherChapter 147 Heart of PlutoChapter 148 The Parasitic Lord
Chapter 149 Dragon Clan ElderChapter 150 The Sword of ImpossibilityChapter 151: Fighting Qi Like a MountainChapter 152 Spiritual Power Transformation
Chapter 153 The Lost TempleChapter 154 The Mysterious StoneChapter 155Chapter 156 The Orc Queen
Chapter 157 Holy Level Spiritual PowerChapter 158Chapter 159 Elders MeetingChapter 160 Fox Maiden's Tail
Chapter 161 Fist Intent TransformationChapter 162 AtrocitiesChapter 163Chapter 164 The Grand Master of Alchemy (third update, ask for a ticket)
Chapter 165 Provocation (Part 1)Chapter 166 Provocation (Part 2)Chapter 167Chapter 168 Breaking the Seal
Chapter 169 Infinite GrowthChapter 170: ImmortalityChapter 171 Fat Dragon Takes RootChapter 172 Murderous Intent Sprouts
Chapter 173 God of War FormChapter 174 Attack of the JuggernautChapter 175 - Battle at SeaChapter 176
Chapter 177 The Sea of ??GhostsChapter 178 The Son of HellChapter 179Chapter 180 Ancient Mage Tower
Chapter 181 The Shocking SecretµÚ182Õ ¸ßÊÖ±²³öChapter 183: Demon's Outer FormChapter 184 Dragon Race Master
Chapter 185 The Frost Elemental Spirit and Tai Ge, who is righteous and thinChapter 186: Annihilation of Ancient MonumentsChapter 187 Sword Saint Corpse KingChapter 188 The Eye of Truth
Chapter 189Chapter 190 Demon God True BodyChapter 191 Uninvited GuestChapter 192 Fist Intent
Chapter 193: Fools and GeniusesChapter 194Chapter 195 Aldan WildhammerChapter 196 Entering the Fighting Saint (Third update, 12,000 words updated!)
Chapter 197: The Powerful ShowdownChapter 198: Dragon Hunting DinnerChapter 199: Miraculous Merits and Fighting Qi RankingChapter 200 The Sea of ??Scourge
Chapter 201 Fist Shattering the VoidChapter 202 Nine DeathsChapter 203 This guy is not TaigeChapter 204 Warcraft Frenzy
Chapter 205 Chasing down AragornChapter 206 Demon God TaigeChapter 207 Pursuit of PowerChapter 208 Shocking the Fighting Saint
Chapter 209 Chaos Gray LayerChapter 210 The Demon God Pazu's Magic RemnantChapter 211 The Immortal Golden Body of the God KingChapter 212 Demon God Guard
Chapter 213 The God Slayer Asks for a Monthly Ticket Here (Part 1)Chapter 214: God Slaughter Here (Part 2)Chapter 215 Seizing the GodheadChapter 216: Reincarnation Devil Embryo
Chapter 217 Three Cerberus EvolutionChapter 218 Killing Damco (Part 1) Asking for a Monthly TicketChapter 219 Killing Damascus (Part 2)Chapter 220 The Endless Obsession Despite Death
Chapter 221 The Perfect CerberusChapter 222 Dare to stop Xiao Hei and Brother Tai?Chapter 223 Large Gravity FieldChapter 224 Beating You to Death
Chapter 225 Death of the LichChapter 226 Meeting Yier AgainChapter 227 Alluring PowerChapter 228 Entering the customs, die!
Chapter 229 Blood SacrificeChapter 230 MassacreChapter 231 Head-to-head or gang fight?Chapter 232 Achievement of Fighting Saint
Chapter 233 Upheaval in Northern XinjiangChapter 234 Talking and laughing (seeking a monthly ticket!)Chapter 235 Please go to the bridge, life and death!Chapter 236 Peak duel (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 237 Demon Pets and Human Pets (ask for a monthly ticket!)Chapter 238 The great era is coming (at the end of the month, ask for a monthly pass!)Chapter 239 Ah Man's GiftChapter 240 Innate Body
Chapter 241 The World's Most Fierce (New January, ask for a monthly pass)Chapter 242 The Evil God's ProjectionChapter 243 Suppressing Great Master ChimingChapter 244 Legendary Powerhouse
Chapter 245 Lord of Hell (make up for yesterday's)Chapter 246 Longevity Fruit TreeChapter 247 The Pope of Hades PalaceChapter 248 An Unprecedented Blood Sacrifice!
Chapter 249 The Perfect DemigodChapter 250 The Treasure of HiventamChapter 251 The Gate of Time and SpaceChapter 252 Space Collapse
Chapter 253 The Origin of Dou QiChapter 254 Taking the FleshChapter 255 The Tragedy of the Scarlet Sky Demon GodChapter 256 The Gate of Rebirth
Chapter 257: A Fox Pretending to Be a TigerChapter 258 Goddess of LiesChapter 259 Abyssal Dragon Realm (two in one chapter)Chapter 260 The Ambition of the Dragon Clan
Chapter 261: Sky Swallowing Golden Dragon ArmorChapter 262 Dragon Clan CemeteryChapter 263: All SuppressedChapter 264
Chapter 265 The Young Lord of the Temple of the GodsChapter 266 Jin Guangji RaceChapter 267: Temple of the GodsChapter 269 Fighting and Decisive
Chapter 270 Devouring GodheadChapter 271 Demigod RealmChapter 272 Twelve Pillars of Heavenly Demon GodChapter 273 Chasing and Killing the Two Great Demon Gods
Chapter 274 Joining forces with Chi MingChapter 275: The Ancient and Modern God of WarChapter 276: A Generation of HeroesChapter 277 God King Falls
Chapter 278 Origin of the GodsChapter 279 The Holy Grail of LifeChapter 280 The True and False ThroneChapter 281 Paros
Chapter 282 Destroying the God StatueChapter 283 Alof's SloughChapter 284 Destroying the Palace of God KingsChapter 285: Peerless Orochi
Chapter 286 The Seal of the GodsChapter 287 The Great MuseChapter 288 Gaia ContinentChapter 289 Past and Present
Chapter 290 The Temple of the Gods DisintegratesChapter 291Chapter 292 Cronus AltarChapter 293: The Evil Gods of the Heavens
Chapter 294 Battle of God KingsChapter 295 The Last BattleChapter 268: Be Myself Back 
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