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Journey to the West: I am Tang Seng s father Latest chapter update list


Chapter 1 I'm Tang Seng's FatherChapter 2 Jiangzhou ZhizhouChapter 3 Public opinion karma, pull out Heiyunzhai (1)Chapter 4 Cause and effect of public opinion, pull out Heiyunzhai (2)
Chapter 5 Recovering the Great General Wei JingwuChapter 6 Golden EyesChapter 7 The Little Tang Monk Digging out the Bird's NestChapter 8 System Upgrade, Princess Wencheng
Chapter 9 Avalokitesvara's DesireChapter 10 Bodhisattva Difficulty, Light Sharp SufferingChapter 11 Rain from the sky, a domineering kissChapter 12 Destined for Three Lives
Chapter 13 The figure of Buddhism, fighting against TuboChapter 14 Fighting the Earth ImmortalChapter 15 Fighting wits on a moonlit night, the fairy dragon girlChapter 16 Become an Earth Immortal and share the Lightning Rain (Part 1)
Chapter 17 Become an Earth Immortal and share the Lightning Rain (Part 2)Chapter 18 The system recognizes the master, a rare gift package! !Chapter 19 Humanitarian Disaster, Yuan Shi Accepts DisciplesChapter 20 I'm Guilty
Chapter 21 A Chinese Ghost Story? !Chapter 22: Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger, Leaving Xia XiaochengChapter 23 Task task, gathering of heroesChapter 24 The Heavenly Dao Chaos Begins, Guang Rui Tears
Chapter 25 The Dryad Probes, Guangrui Fights BackChapter 26 Digging the Gold Tower, Fighting the Tree DemonChapter 27 Slaying the Tree Demon in the TribulationChapter 28 God's Will Mission, Punish the Old Demon (1)
Chapter 29 God's Will Mission, Punish the Old Demon (2)Chapter 30 Precipitation promotion (1)Chapter 31 Precipitation promotion (2)Chapter 32 Nine Nine Ice Fire Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 33 Icy Eyes and Silver EyesChapter 34 The Arhat Who Doesn't Want to Be ShavedChapter 35 Father's love is like a mountain, and the soul is crackedChapter 36 Update Tonight!
Chapter 37 Fighting the Green-haired PatriarchChapter 38 Killing Lumao, Yanchang ApprenticeshipChapter 39 The Peerless Beauty, Has a Female Yang ChanChapter 40 Love at First Sight, Fall in Love Under the Moon
Chapter 41 Love and Concubine, Went to Banquet in the East China SeaChapter 42 Fighting and wandering gods, "face-slapping" the jade girlChapter 43 Dragon Lady Ao Ling'erChapter 44 In the cave world, Yazi must be defeated
Chapter 45 Crazy task, supernatural powersChapter 46 Proud to the East China Sea, the Holy Maiden of the Flood DemonChapter 47 Great gods passing by, I have lost all my money for milk powder!Chapter 48 The Sword Defeated the Saintess, the Maid Defied the Heaven
Chapter 49 Boundless mana, the Holy Son was defeatedChapter 50 The prestige is activated, I am the Immortal! (superior)Chapter 51 The prestige is activated, I am the Immortal! (Down)Chapter 52 Enlighten the Jade Dragon, Tai Billion Golden Immortal
Chapter 53 The East China Sea is in trouble, martial arts cloneChapter 54 Pointing to the White Dragon, Meeting the Great Sage for the First Time (Part 1)Chapter 55 Pointing to the White Dragon, Meeting the Great Sage for the First Time (Part 2)Chapter 56
Chapter 57 Giant spirits and gods block the wayChapter 58 King Wu Fights Thunder LordChapter 59 Five Virtues Sealing PalmsChapter 60 Martial Dao Tianbei
Chapter 61 Broken pagoda with bricks, Samadhi shocked the Three RealmsChapter 62 Dongsheng Shenzhou, Six-Eared MacaqueChapter 63 The Old MonkeyChapter 64 Five thunders strike the top, and the universe is a fart
Chapter 65Chapter 66 Instance Quest, Unlimited Merit (Part 1)Chapter 67 Instance Quest, Unlimited Merit (Part 2)Chapter 68 Instance Quest, Unlimited Merit (Part 2)
Chapter 69 Eight-Armed Evil Dragon, Surpassing Thunder Hand (Part 1)Chapter 70 Seek the Support of Passing Gods!Chapter 71 The Eight-Armed Dragon, Surpassing the Thunder Hand (Part 2)Chapter 72 Brother has a magical tool, so you don't have to worry about fighting monsters
Chapter 73 System update, invincible lottery draw (Part 1)Chapter 74 System update, invincible lottery draw (2)Chapter 75 System Update, Invincible Lucky Draw (Part 2)Chapter 76 Pea shooter? Refining Harvest
Chapter 77 Special magic weapon, King Wu makes a moveChapter 78Chapter 79 Passing by the Great God!Chapter 80 King Wu fights for disciples and flees after hearing the news
Chapter 81 The Great Luo Controversy, Guangrui LayoutChapter 82 See Big Uncle, Erlang God Yang JianChapter 83 Fighting against each other, slightly betterChapter 84 Great Gods!
Chapter 85 The name of the sword king, the emperor of heaven wins overChapter 86 Marshal Canopy, an Defying Chance (Part 1)Chapter 87 Marshal Canopy, a Heaven-Defying Chance (Part 2)Chapter 88 Haotian God, invited to the banquet
Chapter 89Chapter 90 Seek the Support of the Passing Gods!Chapter 91: Cloud Stack Cave in Fuling MountainChapter 92 The layout of all parties, Mingfeng is passionate
Chapter 93 Taking advantage of the danger of the demon, this wayChapter 94 Avalokitesvara comes, the eight precepts follow the BuddhaChapter 95 Great harvest, junior brother Wu WangChapter 96 Three Flowers Gathering, System Repair
Chapter 97 Counting the harvest, the earth spirit leaves the customsChapter 98 Magical loyalty value, eight-armed evil dragon apprenticeChapter 99 King Wu is Trapped, Old Sha with a Black BellyChapter 100 Against Lao Sha
Chapter 101 King Wu escapes from trouble, Jiuyou burialChapter 102 Avalokitesvara Begging for a Treasure StaffChapter 103 The Phoenix returns to the heart and sneaks into the underworldChapter 104 Mingfeng Nirvana, first hearing about Shura
Chapter 105 Purple-haired Underworld General, Master Takes ActionChapter 106 Master is mighty, suffering from kidney painChapter 107 Nirvana is accomplished, disturbing the StyxChapter 108 Despicable and shameless, I was wronged
Chapter 109 Imposing, with a shiny foreheadChapter 110 The Dragon King of Jinghe was chopped down, Guangrui rescued the old dragon (Part 1)Chapter 111 Ahem, please vote!Chapter 112 The Dragon King of Jinghe was chopped down, Guangrui rescued the old dragon (Part 2)
Chapter 113: The Son of Heaven sincerely builds a meetingChapter 114: The Great Sage Who Moved Mountains, The Meat-Eating MonkChapter 115 Connected by Blood, Foodie CombinationChapter 116 All four chapters have been updated today, give me some encouragement! Gods!
Chapter 117 Dad's holiday, foodie voyagesChapter 118 Karma Heavenly Sovereign, Heavenly Court Attends Banquet (Part 1)Chapter 119 It's the third watch today, give some support, gods!Chapter 120 Karma Heavenly Sovereign, Heavenly Court Attends Banquet (Part 2)
Chapter 121 Zidian repairs, Tianzun hastilyChapter 122 Raising sentient beings in captivity is not as good as livestock (Part 1)Chapter 123 Three Watches Completed!Chapter 124 Raising sentient beings in captivity is not as good as livestock (Part 2)
Chapter 125 Strong Forced Marriage, Talented Mind ReadingChapter 126 Today is the third watch!Chapter 127 The villain is rampant, father and son go into battleChapter 128 Bigfoot breaks the door and suppresses everything
Chapter 129: Hearing about the Demon Lotus for the First Time, Ancestor XimenChapter 130 Continuing with the third watch today!Chapter 131 Fighting quasi-sage hard, the crisis is approachingChapter 132 Sneak attack and serious injury, falling into a secret realm
Chapter 133 The deity descends, the broom covers the skyChapter 134 The third shift is complete, please ask for a ticket!Chapter 135 Saint means, the light of meritChapter 136 Wraith Ghost Pond, damn it
Chapter 137 Lord of the Nine Serenities, Count the HarvestChapter 138 Ancient Immortal Secret Realm, clone out of controlChapter 139: Here Comes the Third Watch! Ask for ten votes!Chapter 140 Dangerous opportunity, break through together
Chapter 141 Desolate Ancient Witch Clan, Descendant of a BoyChapter 142 Resource dungeon, preparing to build a sectChapter 143 Plane Merchant, Running So FastChapter 144 Driving a Hummer to Hunt Dragons
Chapter 145: The Curtain OpensChapter 146 Great Gods, Today's Fourth Update!Chapter 147: General of the Official House, Ziqing SwordChapter 148 Jianmen is established, and the Three Realms are shocked (Part 1)
Chapter 149 Jianmen is established, and the Three Realms are shocked (Part 2)Chapter 150 Good fortune Shenxiu, look at the foolish quasi-sageChapter 151 Today is the fourth watch, please ask for some referral tickets!Chapter 152 Sword Sect accepts disciples, with boundless mana (Part 1)
Chapter 153 Sword Sect accepts disciples, with boundless mana (Part 2)Chapter 154 Master Builds Dreams, Invincible Adds Points (Part 1)Chapter 155 Master Builds Dreams, Invincible Adds Points (Part 2)Chapter 156 Flourishing, Wu Gang remembers less
Chapter 157 It will be presented at the fourth watch today, may the great god enjoy watching!Chapter 158 Robbery and Punishment Master, Can Fight SaintsChapter 159 Thousand Illusion Array Banner, Wuzhi Mountain GodChapter 160: Fighting failed miserably, it was all routines
Chapter 161 Ignore saints, the law of cause and effectChapter 162 Alchemy lottery draw, dark clouds in my heartChapter 163 Digital Immortal Cultivation, Golden Immortal Wan'erChapter 164 Stunning and enchanting, the golden house hides the charm
Chapter 165 There will still be no less than three shifts today!Chapter 166 Yiren is dead, the holy witchChapter 167: The Three Old Men Are HelplessChapter 168
Chapter 169 The third watch is over, it's late!Chapter 170 King Wu makes a move, white jade colored glaze (Part 1)Chapter 171 King Wu makes a move, white jade glaze (Part 2)Chapter 172 Today is the fourth watch, please ask for some tickets!
Chapter 173 Big Dream, Breakthrough from the TempleChapter 174 Welcome to Journey to the West: I Am Tang Seng's Father, Welcome to Journey to the West: I am Tang Seng's FatherChapter 175 Humanity is in chaos, and provocations come to your doorChapter 176 Close the door and let the tiger go, eat some melon seeds
Chapter 177Chapter 178: The Four Watches Are Completed, Tickets Are Here!Chapter 179: Update later, go up the mountain to hunt dates today!Chapter 180 Shy Shiji, Two Kings Contest
Chapter 181: Ask for Twenty Tickets, Make Four Resolute Changes!Chapter 182 Millennium karma, demon gods fightingChapter 183 Niankong is Dangerous, the Wrath of the Great SageChapter 185 Special Reminder!
Chapter 186 The land of good fortune, the five-star spiritual rootChapter 187 The fourth watch is complete, good night everyone!Chapter 188 Ask for a promotion ticket, and I will send it at midnight todayChapter 189 Forcibly accepting his wife, shameless
Chapter 190 The White Dragon Horse Who Doesn't Follow the RoutineChapter 191 Avalokitesvara Toothache, Guangrui Lying on the GunChapter 192 The third watch is over, it's late!Chapter 193 Seeking Recommendations, Encouragement!
Chapter 194 Who hit it, the suspect GuanyinChapter 195 Overcast Clouds, Bajie joins the groupChapter 196 Ask for a recommendation, and I will deliver it at midnightChapter 197 The Royal Family of the Deep Sea, Rebellious (Part 1)
Chapter 198 The Royal Family of the Deep Sea, Rebellious (Part 2)Chapter 199 Avalokitesvara comes, the third hoopChapter 200 The third watch is over, it's late!Chapter 201 The wind is about to blow, and the doppelg?nger falls
Chapter 202Chapter 203 The Evil Figure, Daniel Saves the Beauty (Part 1)Chapter 204: Demon's Figure, Daniel Saves the Beauty (Part 2)Chapter 205 Who is the Black Hand, Demon Hunter
Chapter 206 I Let You Pretend, Violent SpatulaChapter 207: Black Lotus in Guo Town, the Decree of the Heavenly LordChapter 208 Brewing disturbances, Xuanyuan RealmChapter 209 The White Tiger Collar Farce
Chapter 210 The Careful WomanChapter 211 Constellation falls, what is a nightmareChapter 212 The witch is ashamed and annoyedChapter 213: The Sky and the Earth, the Bridal Chamber War
Chapter 214 Liver Intestine Broken, Heart Meridian BreakthroughChapter 215: Artifact Refining ArrangementChapter 216 Lingbao is born, Hunyuan peepsChapter 217 Hunyuan is really funny, the witch is in danger
Chapter 218 Mysterious fairy, in the darkChapter 219 The seal of the avenue, Wan'er runs awayChapter 220 The will of the people, spread the hunting netChapter 221 Shangguan Heroine, Lord Zhen Shuixing
Chapter 222 Violating the rules of heaven, life and death crisisChapter 223: Void Battlefield, Four Celestial MastersChapter 224 Void Battlefield, Four Heavenly Masters (Part 2)Chapter 225 The Holy Lord of Karma, Guangrui breaks the game
Chapter 226 Dragon Inn, I am a villainChapter 227 Donkey Riding Fairy, Disaster BusterChapter 228 Twelve Yuanchen, Monk with a Big BellyChapter 229 Zixia Fairy vs Soul Eater Witch
Chapter 230 The zodiac fits, Maitreya is confusedChapter 231 Fixed-point attack, Guangrui tricksChapter 232Chapter 233 Beauty is like a flower, it is difficult to choose
Chapter 234Chapter 235 Embarrassed and angered by the Queen MotherChapter 236 A lot of harvest, black and yellow monstersChapter 237 Recapturing an Ancestor
Chapter 238 Sanxiang smelly fart, stone monkey loses treasureChapter 239 Seizing the Flying Dragon Wand, UnbearableChapter 241 Six Ears Worship the Mountain, Making things difficult for AvalokitesvaraChapter 242 The Curse of the Water Demon, The World of Swords
Chapter 243 Big Waves of Time and Space, Sedum Seen for the First TimeChapter 244 Integrate into the plot, Guangrui speculatesChapter 245: Teaching Cultivation TechniquesChapter 246 Reborn, slightly punished
Chapter 247: Teaching Gong Again, Mao Mao is DangerousChapter 248 In the early days of the great master, the ground is a prisonChapter 249Chapter 250 Spirit Source**, Fog Fox Demon Spirit
Chapter 251 Abducting the girl and appearing in the second buildingChapter 252 Resurrection NightshadeChapter 253 Breakthrough of divine sense, fighting against the heavy buildingChapter 254 Contempt for Chonglou, Robber Shushan
Chapter 255 Evil thoughts are used in seconds, if you don't accept it, you will fightChapter 256 Defeating the primordial spirit, wanting to enter the demon towerChapter 257 Gift of Sword and Dragon Scale, Sedum ApprenticeshipChapter 258 Kill decisively, the ice crystal banshee
Chapter 259 Phantom pupils and dreams, who lacks a heartChapter 260 What is a myth, the demon emperor sits on the throneChapter 261 The Stele of Reaching the SkyChapter 262 The word "Yong" Tianbei, something happened in Shushan
Chapter 263 Fighting Incident, Encouraging SkillsChapter 264 Nuwa's Descendants, Pressure MotivationChapter 265 Frozen Emperor Fist, cameo role as Yue LaoChapter 266: The Mysterious Expert Molesting the Holy Aunt
Chapter 267 Tianxiang Firefox, draw your sword to helpChapter 268 Saving a Life, Demons Make MessChapter 269 Change of plan, ground stinky water foxChapter 270 Furious mutation, fire and water spirit fox
Chapter 271 The Holy Lady Cries in ShameChapter 272 Ice Fire Demon Ape, Guteng TrickChapter 273 Mysterious Ice Cold Flame, Plane StoreChapter 274 Suzaku Bow, Qimen Dunjia
Chapter 275 The Sun Talisman, Consciousness ComesChapter 276 Guangrui Rescue, Wind Fire Sky FanChapter 277: Laojun Lost Treasure, Paradise of ParadiseChapter 278: Grand Virtue, Fire Lotus at the Heart of the Earth
Chapter 279 Little success in domineering body, five ignorant real fireChapter 280 Fate is inevitable? so masterChapter 281 The saint attacked the mountain, and the spirit was dangerousChapter 282 Four-image fusion, great karma
Chapter 283 Sword Burying Ronaldinho, Poor BugChapter 284 Turning Hands into Clouds, Turning Hands into RainChapter 285 Surviving a near death, despair continuesChapter 286 Desperate Breakthrough, Master Returns
Chapter 287 The temptation of longevity, abducting back to JianmenChapter 288: Demon Venerable Goes to Battle, Ancient Divine BeastChapter 289 The fierce generals are like clouds, and the woman speculatesChapter 290 Stone monkeys steal fruit, the law of gravity
Chapter 291 Consideration of the Earth Ancestor, Bu Zhoushan FingerChapter 292 Brazen, Guanyin grinds his teethChapter 293 Parallel world, meritorious missionChapter 294 crossing the river with a reed, pity in the eyes
Chapter 295 Holy Spirit swordsmanship, savage collisionChapter 296 Black shop crisis, sword out to killChapter 297 Trip to the Dragon Palace, Yuanli RewardChapter 298 Fighting against the Dragon Girl, the Sword of Clear Water [Please recommend, please support]
Chapter 299 Enchanting and charming, one night of lust ¡¾Please recommend, please support¡¿Chapter 300 Laojun is suspicious and kills the cat demon ¡¾Please recommend, please support¡¿Chapter 301 Ruo Shui Finds Her Husband, Shocking God BowChapter 302 Descendants of Yuanshen, Wu Gang is surrounded
Chapter 303 Frighten the Rabbit, Take a LessonChapter 304 Matching hard, who to fight with [seeking recommendation, please support]Chapter 305 The sun is really hot, my brother is a nanny ¡¾For collection, recommendation¡¿Chapter 306 Dangerous door-to-door, knocked down with one punch
Chapter 307 Unswerving until death, true love lasts forever ¡¾Recommendation, collection¡¿Chapter 308 The iron man is jealous and premeditated¡¾For collection, recommendation¡¿Chapter 309 Taking action to heal and parting with a sudden change ¡¾Please recommend, please support¡¿Chapter 310 Collision Reaction, Zijin Chain¡¾Please recommend, please support¡¿
Chapter 312 Little quasi-sage, besieging the Holy InfantChapter 313 My heart is cold and my killing intent is awe-inspiringChapter 314 Angrily tearing in half, angry GuanyinChapter 315 Returning from waking up, the black hand who picked up the stars¡¾Please recommend, please support¡¿
Chapter 316 When Tianzun is angry, the world loses color ¡¾Please recommend, please support¡¿Chapter 317: Gather a crowd and order generals to conquer JiuyouChapter 318 Injure Nine Serenities, Immerse in WaitingChapter 319 Calling again, Wumen's strong support
Chapter 320 Brother Calabash, Our Lady of Fire SpiritChapter 321 Where the Tao is, Wumen recruits apprenticesChapter 322 Lightning Divine Body, Seven Killing Battle BodyChapter 323 The One-horned Golden King
Chapter 324 Arrogant capital, how to chooseChapter 325 Defeated and lost treasure, please enter the urnChapter 326 Rejoicing about the changes, the nine evils are fierceChapter 327 God's will not allow, meet the emperor
Chapter 328 Emperor Dark Flame, taboo against robberyChapter 329 Severely injures the Stone Emperor and abducts the Supreme [seeking recommendation, please support]Chapter 330 Kicking to the ancient times, training XiaoyueChapter 331 The battle between the two emperors, King Kong royal family
Chapter 332 Cardamom Years, Long-lost MissionChapter 333 Arriving in a short time, the king of the ancientsChapter 335 Power is king, three-legged silver toadChapter 337 Title of King, Earthly Branch Golden Rooster
Chapter 338 Challenge the Supreme, show off your sharpnessChapter 339 Mission accomplished, violent suppressionChapter 340 The Ancient Goddess, Bending the Bow to SlaughterChapter 341 Slender old man, killing a lot
Chapter 342 The pit girl's loving father, the return of TianzunChapter 343 Yang Jian's Death, Goddess YaojiChapter 344 Wanting to split Peach Mountain, old monster MofengChapter 345 Baolian Dengwei, luck and misfortune
Chapter 346Chapter 347 The Kidnapping of GuanyinChapter 348 The world divides, pretending to be a grandfatherChapter 349 Martial arts seeds, full of doubts
Chapter 350 Guangrui Lost Treasure, Tsundere Hen BirdChapter 351 Suzaku Fairy, Mysterious Golden LightChapter 352 In ancient times, the water gods worked togetherChapter 353 Qinglian's battle suit, hanging and beating Gonggong
Chapter 354 Four-color double phantom pupil, an ancient lunaticChapter 355 The mastermind behind the scenes, a token of loveChapter 356 Pregnancy Spirit Formation, Monster Calling Banner, Holy EmbryoChapter 357 The first time I saw the scorpion spirit, the passionate beauty
Chapter 358 Breaking through Da Luo, the magic is bright and sharpChapter 359 Death Python, Black Mao MaoChapter 360 Chains of order, frightenedChapter 361 Chaos Demon, Green-faced Styx
Chapter 362 The Avenue of Nirvana, the Point of the WheatChapter 363 Desperate, deep loveChapter 364 Six-Eared Disciple, Listen TiedlyChapter 367 Tianyan Forty Nine, Past and Past
Chapter 368 Incognito, committing crimesChapter 369 Punish the Land, Six Confused Real FiresChapter 370 Copper Coffin Female Corpse, Ice ChainsChapter 371 Frozen Flame Mountain, Equivalent Exchange
Chapter 372 The female saint transformed into a dead body, throwing herself into her armsChapter 373 The old man is angry, born to be extraordinaryChapter 374: Ancient Buddha Relics, Ancient RelicsChapter 375 The stone monkey is angry, confusing the real with the fake
Chapter 379 The sisters meet, the sword is on the verge of breaking outChapter 380 Agarwood's trump card, becoming immortalChapter 381 The giant spirit releases water, and the storm breaks outChapter 382 Hitting the Young Ones and Provoking the Old Ones
Chapter 383 Tiangang Sword Formation, Supernatural Power White Jade HandChapter 384 Premonition Comes True, Don't WorryChapter 385 Desperate Heavenly King, Ugly ChildChapter 386 Guangrui Godson
Chapter 387 Draw a sword to help, Luo Xing fist mightChapter 388: Fist and SpearChapter 389 Great Imprisonment Law, Buddha is the WayChapter 390 Fishing in troubled waters, besieging Huangmei
Chapter 391 Slender Hands, Serial Treasure HuntingChapter 392 Fairy Qingxia, Borrow a FireChapter 393 The bloody butcher's blade sweeps through the stormChapter 394 Hunyuan Bull Demon, Spirit Treasure Success
Chapter 395 Master Yaosong, Our Lady of Cold ThunderChapter 396 The Devil is One Foot High, the Dao is One Foot HighChapter 397: The Law of Quickness, Qing'er ApprenticeshipChapter 398
Chapter 399 Despicable and ShamelessChapter 400 Opening the artistic conception of the sky, the god of wealth has the wayChapter 401 Martial God of Wealth, Karma YuanbaoChapter 402 Strong Wumen, Cowherd's Secret
Chapter 403 Seven-color banshee, acting according to planChapter 404 Beauty trickChapter 405 Thousand-Eyed Demon Monarch, Flowers Bloom on the Other SideChapter 406 Graceful beauty, arrogant and conceited
Chapter 407 Pilanpo vs. Eight-armed DragonChapter 408 Both losers, Tianzun orders the arrowChapter 409 Powerful Sword Gate, Disciple of Three GenerationsChapter 410 Acting hard and soft, with a soft heart
Chapter 411 Erlang carries the mountain, the soul refines the stone axeChapter 412 Yin and Yang Double Chopsticks, Power of XuanhuangChapter 413 It's no coincidence that the barefoot fairyChapter 414 Quasi-Saint Fighting Technique, Evenly Divided
Chapter 415 God King City God, Thousands of TalentsChapter 416 Breaking the Evil Dragon's Breath, the Queen Mother Comes Down to EarthChapter 417 Misfortune diverted to the west, the city of sinChapter 418 Indifference to the bones, the entire army was wiped out
Chapter 419 Swallowing the Demon Lion, Manjusri OverlookedChapter 420 The Heart of Killing, Great Soul SlashChapter 421 Great Deprivation Law, Perfect LayoutChapter 422 Princess Peacock, gloating
Chapter 423 Five-color divine light, let you pick itChapter 424 Heaven and earth are not benevolent, but heaven and earth are mercifulChapter 425 Antarctic Immortal, Defeated and DefeatedChapter 426 The Law of Shadows, Half Avalokitesvara
Chapter 427 A False Alarm, Exploring the Bottomless PitChapter 428 Unscrupulous father, deaf and dumbChapter 429 The White Dog God Mastiff, Yang Jian is in DistressChapter 430 Yang Jian's soul, come a step late
Chapter 431 Doubtful, Yang Jian plansChapter 432 God's will is ruthlessChapter 433 Missed, ethereal girlChapter 434 This idiot, you can't accept it
Chapter 435 Helping Yang, playing tricks to deathChapter 436 It's all routines, fighting in the voidChapter 437 Kunlun Mirror, Karma FistChapter 438 Mutation, Fight
Chapter 439 Daleiyin pointed, disappointed and dissatisfiedChapter 440 Qingxia is ashamed, the king's secretChapter 441 Memories, trivial mattersChapter 442 Thorn Forest, Muxian Nunnery
Chapter 443 The ancestor of zombies, Golden RetrieverChapter 444: Heartbroken and sword wounded, brutally taken awayChapter 445 Iron-Blooded Fleet, Extraterrestrial HiveChapter 446 Da Luotian, the Holy Judgment
Chapter 447 Ice Beetle, ValkyrieChapter 448 Charming Light, Swinging a Sword into a RiverChapter 449 Wild Fortress, For SurvivalChapter 450 Low-key fat man, close to the end of the world
Chapter 451 Chicken and tiger fight, unlucky boyChapter 452 Desolate Beast Jiao, Bloody Battle in the Illusionary DomainChapter 453 Donghuang Zhongyin, cold-faced and kind-heartedChapter 454 Great Harvest, Desperate Tempering
Chapter 456 Endless Sea of ??Insects, Encounters in CrisisChapter 457 Explosive Flame Emperor FistChapter 458 Whirlwind Poison Dragon Drill, Petrified EarthwormChapter 459 Disciple Experience, Suanni Baize
Chapter 460 In the Corrupt Sword Domain, Bajie is defeatedChapter 461 The stone monkey lost the treasure and moneyChapter 462 Demon Venerable Fighting Primordial SaintChapter 463 A coquettish kick, embarrassing old face
Chapter 464 Strength and dignity, hot temperChapter 465 Emperor's law, a grievous struggleChapter 466 Fire Beetle King, Absolutely ShockingChapter 467 Poking the Hornet's Nest, the Wisdom of the Bug King
Chapter 468: Lunar Demon Knife, Very UnkindChapter 469 Racial SorrowChapter 470 Black-bellied and ruthless,Chapter 471 Intrigue, Powerless to Resist
Chapter 472 The so-called order, crazy exchangeChapter 473 Angel Fortress, Soldiers Come to BlockChapter 474 Super star celestial body, the strong are proudChapter 475 Yin and Yang Grinding, the Arrow of Judgment
Chapter 476: Saving Hair, Mutant DeathChapter 477 Hexagram Teleportation, Desperate MomentChapter 478: A Desire to Die, a Cut of HairChapter 479 Half of the punch, strange jade butterfly
Chapter 480 Fang Yutu, approaching crisisChapter 481Chapter 482 Control EverythingChapter 483
Chapter 484 Armed, I Can't Go BackChapter 485 half-step detachment, unscrupulous uncleChapter 486Chapter 487 Unexpected harvest, first hearing about the gods
Chapter 488 Test each other, Zen Master WuchaoChapter 489 Arriving at Lingyun FerryChapter 490Chapter 491 Firm Faith, Never Give Up
Chapter 492 Breaking Through the Bridge, Bajie's PersistenceChapter 493 Approved by the younger brother, return to the true selfChapter 494 Stubborn White Dragon, Working TogetherChapter 495: Old Turtle's Request
Chapter 496 Fat beat up Ananda, KasyapaChapter 497 Venerable Bai Xiong, the battle of BuddhismChapter 498 Wang Bashen Fist, Duer SanskritChapter 499 The Law of Heavy Water, Avalokitesvara
Chapter 500 Tathagata makes a move, just as a wedding dressChapter 501 Avalokitesvara speculates, ready to break throughChapter 502 The power of quasi-sage, eternal perditionChapter 503 The five virtues of kendo break through one after another
Chapter 504 Chess player, sprints to the sub-sageChapter 505 I want to return to vulgarity, I think too muchChapter 506 The so-called quasi-sage is a blessing or a curseChapter 507 Wukong is decisive, Nezha is desperate
Chapter 508 Bodhi Patriarch, Howling Moon SiriusChapter 509Chapter 510 Giants fight for the top, Bodhi suffersChapter 511 Golden Spider Ant, Lucky Escape
Chapter 512 Returning to the fortress, the rise of mercenariesChapter 513 Ancient Bronze Palace, Exchange for LingbaoChapter 514 Sensational Fortress, Qi Ling XiaopangChapter 515 Five Elements Continent, Golden Lord
Chapter 516 Magic Cannon, Goblin FortressChapter 517 Tens of thousands of incarnations, Bodhi's black faceChapter 518 Dawn of Despair, Heroic MissionChapter 519 Attack one after another, the meteorite breaks the ground
Chapter 520 Admitting the wrong person, a thrilling secretChapter 521 UntitledChapter 522: Poking a big mess, how to deal with itChapter 523 Iron Fist Arhat, Senior Brother Takes Action
Chapter 524 Lightning Arhat, Iron Wall and Copper WallChapter 525 Aoki King Kong, evenly matchedChapter 526: Sword Qi Like SilkChapter 528: Ending in a draw, Fuhu encounters
Chapter 529 Gengjin battle body, Prajna palm printChapter 530 Fuhu falls, nine snakesChapter 531: Mysterious Ice Continent, Enemy's Road is NarrowChapter 532 Helpless to escape, splitting the sky palm
Chapter 533 The Demon Dimple is Strong and Happens to Be RescuedChapter 534 Extreme Temptation, Invincible and InvincibleChapter 535 Lively and fragrant, the cold wave strikesChapter 536 Man's Charm, Difficult Woman
Chapter 537 Chang'an situation, Sedum has not changedChapter 538: Being Tricked, Rejoicing With FriendsChapter 539 Sub-Saint Showdown, Vajra Combat SkillsChapter 540 Holy Fire Sword Jue, Manjusri Combat Strength
Chapter 541 Extortion, Wisdom Flame SwordChapter 542 Destruction Flame Slash, Male and Female ThiefChapter 543 Mutation Suspicion, the Second General of the Turtle ClanChapter 544 Slim and tall, tame the two turtles
Chapter 545 Three years in a hurry, the trip to the Shark PalaceChapter 546 Father's kindness and son's filial piety, speed competitionChapter 547: Moon Worshipers on Fairy IslandChapter 548 The situation is grim, against the fairy island
Chapter 549 The Witch Wan'er Keeps Her CardsChapter 550 Shocking the enemies, the saint is ashamedChapter 551 Swordsman in white with a female YueruChapter 552
Chapter 553 Demons are raging, doing justice for the skyChapter 554: Fortune tricks people, dangers surround themChapter 555 The death of the pig demon, the fortune of the old turtleChapter 556 Enemies get together, by mistake
Chapter 557: The Old EncounterChapter 558 The trip to Suzhou, the moon is shyChapter 559 Not being trusted, Wan'er is in dangerChapter 560
Chapter 561 Covering the sky with one hand, making a perfect debutChapter 562 Ling'er is wrongedChapter 563 Heroes contend for supremacy, experience babyChapter 564: Great Victory, Banning the Air
Chapter 565 Arranged Marriage, Cocooning Yourself (Part 1)Chapter 566 Arranged Marriage, Cocooning Yourself (Part 2)Chapter 567 Turning around, Buddhist catastropheChapter 568 The fish that slipped through the net, the blood demon corpse
Chapter 569 Dark Night Phoenix Sword, Hidden MurderChapter 570 Fengming Heaven and Earth, the punishment of cutting aliveChapter 571 Looking for Allies, Poor SiblingsChapter 572 Fake goods come to your door and sell hard
Chapter 573 Unjust and helpless, Yinglong goes up the mountainChapter 574 Tianzun's lectures make Shushan strongChapter 575 Ruthless swordsmanship, self-seeking blessingsChapter 576 The routine is too deep, from the prehistoric
Chapter 577 Unscrupulous, hit the right wayChapter 578 Heading to Shushan,Chapter 579 Juggernaut vs. SedumChapter 580 Sword Rain Rivers and Lakes
Chapter 581Chapter 582 A Little Touched, Searching for the Cold WaveChapter 584 Exploring the cold wave again, the harvest is not smallChapter 585 Fake Saint Master
Chapter 586 Predestined fate?Chapter 587 Tears of grievance, never unreasonableChapter 588 Nine-Headed Demon Snake vs Nine-Headed InsectChapter 589 A slap, arming Xiandao
Chapter 590 Disappointed girl, the danger of JianmenChapter 591 The four sages gathered together, the way of heaven is ashesChapter 592 Arrogant capital, one against fourChapter 593 Phantom of the Heavenly Demon, the Net of Tribulation and Punishment
Chapter 594 Strong pursuit, powerful fistsChapter 595 Dream life, go astrayChapter 596 Preoccupied, deep dreamChapter 597 Great Wuxiang Jue, Pure Youth
Chapter 598 Touching fate, Guangrui makes a moveChapter 599 Qing'er Wakes Up, True or FalseChapter 600 Young Master Evil, Hitting the GunChapter 601 The goal of hand training is cute and cute
Chapter 602 Sisters' grievances, Zixia is decisiveChapter 603 Iron Maniac Iron War, a slap blows awayChapter 604 The Realm of the Emperor, Killing Chickens and MonkeysChapter 605 On the verge of collapse, subsequent impact
Chapter 606 Butterfly Forest, HittingChapter 607 Black Widow's Death, Magical EncounterChapter 608Chapter 609 Generous treatment, lost memory
Chapter 610 Suspicious clouds, worship the moon leaderChapter 611 Old man, loyal boyChapter 612 Devil Boy Ghost Mother, Danger Is ComingChapter 613
Chapter 614 Who will make the shot, we will meet in the endChapter 615: Ye Huo Shows His BrillianceChapter 616 Exit and breakthrough, look down on youChapter 617 Fighting against each other, sub-sages collide
Chapter 618 Ice Soul Fairy, Domineering Man in Black RobeChapter 619 God has eyes, love is as deep as the seaChapter 620: Exploring the Tribulation of Love, Holy Wine and Sword ImmortalChapter 621: Hit the right way and walk together
Chapter 622Chapter 623: The Grasshopper After AutumnChapter 624Chapter 625 Inculcation, mysterious person
Chapter 627 The power of magic fistChapter 628 Two Saints Bickering, Descending to the Immortal SwordChapter 629 Fighting Shark King, Pioneer of the UnderworldChapter 630 The price of being arrogant, wild hope
Chapter 631: Scraping the Six Realms, Crazy CrazyChapter 632 Reincarnated Buddha, draw the curtainChapter 633: The Sword Qi Is Like the Sun, Shining Nine HeavensChapter 634 Unparalleled charm, winning the monster and winning the monster
Chapter 635: Admiral Protecting the Nation, ImposingChapter 636 Repaying Karma and Accepting White LotusChapter 637 Bestowed with a magic weaponChapter 638 Lord of Penglai, Fairy Tsundere
Chapter 639 The Ultimate Artifact Arrives in Chang'anChapter 640 Coincidence on Qixi Festival, Plagiarizing Song CiChapter 641 Nine-tailed Phantom Fragrance Fox, Reached GuessChapter 642 Fighting with words and guns, the fairy shed tears
Chapter 643 Thousands of charms, stunning double charmsChapter 644 Accepting apprentices like a dream, climbing Lishan MountainChapter 645 shy, caged birdChapter 646 Live Erotic Palace, Undead Viper
Chapter 647 Lao Tzu speculates, the end of the Dharma eraChapter 648 Blazing Flame, False Spirit TreasureChapter 649 I'm Doppelganger, My Son Comes Out of the MountainChapter 650 Bad boy, Queen Mother of the West
Chapter 651 Yang Jian fights the queen mother, the guy who killed halfwayChapter 652 Chapter 629Chapter 653 Exiled by time, five-color divine lightChapter 654 Old Mother of Lishan, Infinite Sword Lake
Chapter 655 An old punch, continue to refuse to acceptChapter 656 Saint-level collision, who is the one who steals the skyChapter 657 Defeating the Demon Lord, Perfect ClothesChapter 658 Good Man Luo Hu, Emperor's Dream
Chapter 659 Accept the task, War Demon CultivatorChapter 660: The Flood Blasts the Dragon King TempleChapter 661 Women's WarChapter 662 Bad old man, Guangrui lies down
Chapter 663 Don't See Whose Son It IsChapter 664 Witch vs FairyChapter 665 Wushan Goddess vs Giant Scorpion GuardianChapter 666 The giant scorpion is defeated, the power of the emperor
Chapter 667 Infinite hell, hard to escapeChapter 668 Unable to extricate oneself, wanting to goChapter 669 Super Secret, Ancestral Witch GonggongChapter 670 God of War Xingtian, blood is thicker than water
Chapter 671 Roaring Luck Golden DragonChapter 672 Five-clawed Golden Dragon, Mayfair PlaysChapter 673 Gathering in the restaurant, the farce beginsChapter 674 It's all messed up, fat lizard
Chapter 675Chapter 676 Fighting the Dragon Eight Steps, Premeditating Snake SoupChapter 677 A new plane, visitors from outside the skyChapter 678 Take Action, Wild Hope
Chapter 679 Supernatural Powers vs Hundred-Level Forbidden CurseChapter 680 Benefits First, Experience SpaceChapter 681 Zuo Qianhu vs Mo XuanChapter 682 People are unpredictable, contentment is a blessing
Chapter 683: Come out in full force, in full swingChapter 684 Each has a ghost, this hatred is endlessChapter 685 The background of the magic gate, the hope of the godsChapter 686 Prehistoric turmoil, humanitarian catastrophe
Chapter 687 Stealing the Eastern Emperor BellChapter 688 The Barbaric Giant, Emperor FengduChapter 689 Protecting the country dragon, the Jade Emperor takes actionChapter 690: The Saint of Humanity
Chapter 691 The Birth of the God Dynasty and the Achievement of HunyuanChapter 692 The Conferred God Ranking Revives, Patriarch HeitianChapter 693 Karma robbery punishes the body, Xiaoyue losesChapter 694 Exiled in time and space, closed for thousands of years
Chapter 695 Annihilation of the Devil Emperor, kicking into the bottom of the valleyChapter 696 Eternal Annihilation, a Powerful Battle DemonChapter 697: Nezha is in dangerChapter 699: Blue Sky and White Sun, Fighting the Demon
Chapter 700 The Great Yin-Yang Sword Art, Soul Breaking AwlChapter 701 Divide the day and night, four heads and eight armsChapter 702 Hei Lian makes a move, Han Yan's supernatural powerChapter 703 The Power of a Saint, Kongtong Seal
Chapter 704 Four-armed sword demon, see calculationChapter 705 Pulling into the water, Jin Jiao scissorsChapter 706 Heavy Loss, Goodbye BeautyChapter 707
Chapter 708 I'm so ashamed, the fire will startChapter 709 Gathering, Ruins, DiscoveryChapter 710: Fighting Saint, Human TraffickerChapter 711 Rebuild and progress, the Emperor of Heaven takes action
Chapter 712: The Powerful Ancient Beast RaceChapter 713 Five-color double pupils, the power of the emperorChapter 714 The Wrath of the Emperor, the Original Flame MightChapter 715 Haotian Tower, the collision continues
Chapter 716 The War Destroys and the Suanni Clan is DestroyedChapter 717 Martial arts patriarch, wide open the mountain gateChapter 718 Three Bald Donkeys, PhoenixChapter 719 So overbearing, the beginning of the encounter
Chapter 720 Disciples who have grown upChapter 721 Swallowing the Sky Rat and Conquering the Flame LionChapter 722 The tiger pretends to be the tiger, and the seal is successfulChapter 723 Molesting senior brother, withered ghost eyes
Chapter 724: Absolutely Strong, Take a Mutant ShotChapter 725 Strong to the end, journey to XuantianChapter 726 Gray Demon Emperor, Invisibility TalismanChapter 727 The catastrophe of annihilation, killing the Earth Demon Emperor in seconds
Chapter 728 Become Stronger and Determined to Achieve SuccessChapter 729 Retreating and practicing, destroying the DaoChapter 730 Inner World, Destroy the EmperorChapter 731 Chaos Orb, Land of Death
Chapter 732 The Avenue of Death, the Heart of Seeking the WayChapter 733 Karmic relics, the five declines of heaven and manChapter 734Chapter 735 On Fenglin Continent, Immortal Phoenix Grass
Chapter 736 Eight-winged Sky Python, Heart of Heavenly EmperorChapter 737 The Emperor of Heaven remembers little, the past is like smokeChapter 738 A place of healing, a chance encounter with an ancient godChapter 739: The Battle Between Two Sides Without Eyes
Chapter 740 Fierce debut, Phoenix Dance Nine HeavensChapter 741 King's contract, Fenghuang fleesChapter 742 The Dragon Clan Appears, Yu LinglongChapter 743 Phantom Wuhen, the Green Demon Envoy
Chapter 744 Misfortune diverted to the east, the mysterious fire manChapter 745 Taoist Tianhuo, interests firstChapter 746 The wind disaster, dumbfoundingChapter 747 Sudden accident, no break, no stand
Chapter 748 Disciple of Jianmen, punching the Emperor of HeavenChapter 749 The Emperor of Heaven is stained with blood, Emperor Qinghua of the East PoleChapter 750 Blade of the Void, a moment of separation between life and deathChapter 751 Bronze ancient lamp, dripping water
Chapter 752 Don't Distinguish Between the Enemy and OurselfChapter 753 Yanbing holy beast, a disagreementChapter 754 *****, Myriad Demon PalmChapter 755 Subdue the fierce beast, the Demon Blood Emperor
Chapter 756 Absolutely bloody, powerful and powerfulChapter 757: Going all out and fighting fiercelyChapter 758 War-crazed, sympatheticChapter 759 The Taiyin is really hot, the fight continues
Chapter 760 Brainless, Demon King of ConfusionChapter 761 Full combat power, poor donkey skillsChapter 762 Invincible fist, goal achievedChapter 763 God's Tomb World, a door-to-door sparring partner
Chapter 764 Chapter 741. Punching the Angel, the Idol of LightChapter 765 Ingeniously joining the group, brothers in distressChapter 766 If you have a big ticket, you can set it on fireChapter 767 Lord Spear Demon, Vulcan Spits Blood
Chapter 768 Gathering of heroes, first meeting the witchChapter 769 Foodie realm, take away hatredChapter 770 One against five, invincible marksmanshipChapter 771 The strong are respected, follow the plot
Chapter 772 Test the Way of Heaven and HelpChapter 773 You Can Still ExplodeChapter 774 The situation is grim, killing a god king is like slaughtering a dogChapter 775
Chapter 776 There are twists and turns, but you can still save itChapter 778Chapter 779 Sorrowful respectively, Fazu has two tricksChapter 780 Juli Wild King, Golden Gu Demon Ancestor
Chapter 781: Ten Thousand Swords, Acting SchoolChapter 782 Take Longer as his disciple, draw his sword and chopChapter 783 Bloody battle against tyrants, heaven is jealous of talentsChapter 784: Battle, battle, battle...
Chapter 785 Tragic shopping, unyielding willChapter 786 Is it an illusion? Fazu MetamorphosisChapter 787 One pot, change the battlefieldChapter 788
Chapter 789 Standing on the sidelines, road and wayChapter 790 To restore strength, the visitor is the guestChapter 791 A friend is not easyChapter 792 Three years in a hurry, the evil spirit is born
Chapter 793 Practice progresses, demon soul first appearsChapter 794 The strong gather, the way can be saidChapter 795 Old friends reunited, Xiaolu helpedChapter 796 Little Liudao, Bana Flower
Chapter 797 The Sea of ??Suffering Is Boundless, Scaring the Baby to DeathChapter 798 Space magic, a dragonChapter 799 Heavenly Tribulation Listens to the Rain, Cry Demon MonarchChapter 800 Acting as one pleases, Fazu is dissatisfied
Chapter 801: Taking pleasure in others' misfortuneChapter 802 Goodbye Calling, Close the Door and Let the Dogs GoChapter 803 Human-dog battle, want to eat hot potChapter 804 chance, accident
Chapter 805 Favors are priceless, burning with angerChapter 806 Estrus, stunnedChapter 808 Mixing the plot, too lazy to make a moveChapter 809 Go upstream and scare the dogs
Chapter 810: The Beast Claw Destroys the World and Finally Makes a MoveChapter 811 Violent old man, the posture of a great emperorChapter 812 In order to become stronger, Lei Hai was robbed and punishedChapter 813 Qualifications of strength, fight against magicians
Chapter 814: Everyone is Busy, Not DesperateChapter 815 Unparalleled strength, worthy of the battle nameChapter 816 A bunch of catastrophes, heaven is such a virtueChapter 817 Oh my god, I want to slaughter the sky
Chapter 818 Indiscriminate AttackChapter 819 Perfect World, Bold TryChapter 820 Straight to the avenue, if you don't agree, come to fightChapter 821: Great Demon King
Chapter 822 Dancheng, cry from heavenChapter 823 War broke out again, the fifth world fellChapter 824 The Overlord's Pose, Unparalleled PowerChapter 825 Strong confrontation, suppressing the heavens
Chapter 826 , turn your hands for rain, turn your hands for rainChapter 827: Set off on a campaign to kill TaikooChapter 828 The Remnant of the White TigerChapter 829 Untitled
Chapter 830 Past and present, be a heroChapter 831 Cause and effect, chaosChapter 832 The rudimentary form of the avenue of supernatural powers, longingChapter 833: Extinguishing the black hand is still close
Chapter 834 Obscene combination, arriveChapter 835 The sky is scared, and I see the scapegoat againChapter 836 Huang Tian is dead,Chapter 837 Don't provoke me, brother is very irritable
Chapter 838: The strong are respected, the power of pressureChapter 839 Chaotic battlefield, fighting each otherChapter 840 There is a girl Xiaoxuan, a warm and fragrant nephriteChapter 841 The witch is hard to deal with, brother has a cleanliness addiction
Chapter 842 Clean up the door, and the murderer is bornChapter 843 Molesting the goddess, the ultimate battleChapter 844 Heart of the Strong, Domineering ManChapter 845 Cause and effect are polarized, so and so?
Chapter 846: Great MeleeChapter 847 A generation of outstanding people, peeking into the light of the skyChapter 848 Huge harvest, hero among menChapter 849 The Holy Artifact Bricks, The Door of Reincarnation Opens
Chapter 850 Emphasizing color over friends, incarnation shotChapter 851 Destroy the sky again, a blessing in disguiseChapter 852: The Great Battle BeginsChapter 853 Daughter Houhou, the return of the king
Chapter 854 Rising EmpowermentChapter 855: The Ending JourneyChapter 856 Cover the sky with one hand and quell the catastropheChapter 857 Strong to the end, oppressing the heavens
Chapter 858 New Enmity and Old EnmityChapter 859 Saint, saint, rise againChapter 860 Half-step detachment, what about morality?Chapter 861 Great treasure hunt, each has its own harvest
Chapter 862 Escape, Qilin PatriarchChapter 863 Great reversal, the weird DonghuangChapter 864 Where is the witch clan, life and deathChapter 865 Fusion success, fire of hope
Chapter 866 Big event, comingChapter 867 Unexpected harvest, heroic beautyChapter 868 World Evolution, Power of OrderChapter 869 Do it if you don't accept it, support the Wu clan
Chapter 870 Sing folk songs, life and deathChapter 871 Extremely Tragic, Great Senior Goes CrazyChapter 872 Time flies like an arrow, a lunar mirrorChapter 873 The singing is sweet and gloating
Chapter 874 The Girl Is ExtrovertedChapter 875 Fire of the Void, Way of the SwordChapter 876 Crazy promotion, swordsmanship of the heavensChapter 877 Sword fight, cut through the ages
Chapter 878 Genius of Kendo, Sword Mastery on the BattlefieldChapter 879 Rich Rewards, Five Virtues Sword IntentChapter 880: Collect Blood, Mission CompleteChapter 881 Youzi Chen Xiang, splitting the palm of God
Chapter 882 Jade Emperor Embarrassed by BoldnessChapter 883 The Jade Emperor is impatient and has nothing to doChapter 884Chapter 885: Yang Jian Comes, Mountains, Rivers, Sun and Moon Seal
Chapter 886: The Queen Mother Arrives, She Can't EscapeChapter 887 Emperor Zhenwu, Sword Monarch and Fellow DaoistChapter 888: The Enemy Comes Suddenly, Falling Into a Bitter BattleChapter 889 Desperate Saburo, Parents
Chapter 890 The Sorrow of the Weak, CallingChapter 891 Broken treasure, glib tongueChapter 892 A sword soars to the sky, shocking the prehistoricChapter 893 The Original Sin of Greed, Seven-Color Fighting Dragon Heart
Chapter 894 Extreme Joy Begets Sadness, Chaos Secret RealmChapter 895 Extremely tragic, seriously injured and dyingChapter 896 Blade of Order, Evolving the HeavensChapter 897 Eliminate hidden dangers, the road of good fortune
Chapter 898 Cloud Atlas of Myriad Worlds, Great Devil EmperorChapter 899 Immortal and Disabled, Great ChanceChapter 900 The Inner World, the Beginning of TransformationChapter 901 Time Storm, Reincarnation Falls
Chapter 902 Beloved Madame, Azure WingsChapter 903: Wealthy and powerful, seal the heavensChapter 905 The earth tearing hand, a bellybandChapter 906 Tower of Inheritance, Body Tempering and Flame Refining
Chapter 907 The Emperor of Flowers, Go to the Second FloorChapter 908 Heavy water space, ferocious LangniaoChapter 909 The power of the tower spirit, the deep blue cold pythonChapter 910 The power of gold is tricky
Chapter 912Chapter 913 Innate Five Virtues, Heaven-Tearing HandChapter 914 Losing an arm, killing him in angerChapter 915
Chapter 916 Shopping, EscapeChapter 917 Chasing, fighting and collidingChapter 918 Ghosts, Gods, Angels and Royal Family, Good Fortune FingerChapter 919: The Innate Five Virtues in the Middle Stage
Chapter 920 Ogre Beast Demon Clan, Fighting FlamesChapter 921 Battle-hungry, powerful killChapter 922 Kill one more and be on the listChapter 923 Flee in panic and continue to break into the tower
Chapter 925 Extreme animalism, uneasy colorChapter 926 Eternal Frost Dragon, Raw Swallowing BirdChapter 927 Practical body forging, gathering of mastersChapter 928 It's hard to keep a low profile, please come to the door
Chapter 929 The Three Ghost Emperors Are Very BloodyChapter 930 Die if you don't escape, confront the mysterious ghostChapter 931 The five virtues tearing the sky, the consciousness of deathChapter 932 You thought you were playing, the hope of life
Chapter 933 Insight into opportunity, six-color double pupilsChapter 934 Seeing flowers in the fog is insurmountableChapter 935 five virtues body training, secret competitionChapter 936 The Proud Holy Spirit Clan Shows Its Edge
Chapter 937 Five-color figure, limit breakthroughChapter 938 In the late stage of the five innate virtues, extreme body trainingChapter 939 Showing the edge, unyielding willChapter 940 Become a laughing stock and fight against each other
Chapter 941 It has become a climate, and the undercurrent is ragingChapter 942 The Holy Demons Team Up With the Frost DragonChapter 943 Fighting with a punch, a three-inch tongueChapter 944 The Three Powers Join Forces, Five Virtues of Thunder Spear
Chapter 945 Annihilate the Holy Light and take advantage of the situation to attackChapter 946 She's a Woman, She's Absolutely PowerfulChapter 947 Five Virtues Cycle, Cold Wave StarlightChapter 948 Heavenly Demon Slash, Water Curtain Mohua
Chapter 949 Save the beauty, the saint is out of controlChapter 950 Escape from danger, mutual generation and mutual restraintChapter 951 The Five Elements Offset, and the Holy Maiden WinsChapter 952 Firmly Goal, Successfully Mastered
Chapter 953 Crazy Advance, Ten-Colored Giant FingersChapter 954 Peak duel, future bodyChapter 955 Chaos-level genius, taking advantage of the situationChapter 956 Unbelievable, realize the five virtues again
Chapter 957 Ancient Bronze Palace, Five-Colored ChaosChapter 958 Winner and loser, majestic old handsome guyChapter 959 Lord of the five virtues, the strong will live foreverChapter 960 Master of Creation, Hongjun Daozu
Chapter 961 Children love each other, and things are forgottenChapter 962: Ninety-ninth Heaven Ranking, Son of the Star EmperorChapter 963 The Great Dao Saint, Apprentice Master of the WorldChapter 964
Chapter 965Chapter 966 Three months later, the night is dark and the wind is highChapter 967 The Secret Way Comes, The Golden Pecking Demon BirdChapter 968 Killing the leader and escaping crazily
Chapter 969 Dark Universe, PerseveranceChapter 970 Retreat to the tower, the future enemyChapter 971 Are you scared? crazy moveChapter 972 Helpless
Chapter 973 Chaos Golden SpiritChapter 974: Jin Li quenches the body, the peak of the innate five virtuesChapter 975 Chaos five spirits, perfect combat bodyChapter 976 Ghosts and gods, the emperor's son Guitian
Chapter 977 The sixth emperor's son, Gui Luo, came out of the tower to practiceChapter 978 Ghosts and stars, who do you despiseChapter 979 Encountering a FoolChapter 980 You're an ass, teach me a lesson
Chapter 981Chapter 982Chapter 983 Who is strong and who is weak, escape from crisisChapter 984 Eighth on the Tianbang, the three-stroke covenant
Chapter 985Chapter 986 The Second Punch, The SpoilerChapter 987: Purple Phantom, Guiluo Sneak AttackChapter 988: Princess You Ji, Zi Yuan's Killing Intent
Chapter 989: Ziyuan Fights Ghost HeavenChapter 990 The heart of the strong, the fire in the backyardChapter 991 Devil May Cry Ambition, Working in CollusionChapter 992 Devil's Hand and Ghost Fist, Ghost Star Explosion
Chapter 993: The Devil's Voice Cracks the Sky, Ghosts and GodsChapter 994 Crazy trampling, fist shadows like a forestChapter 995 Extreme Joy Begets Sadness, A Rotten Purple SunChapter 996 Almost life and death, the six emperors join forces
Chapter 997 Chapter 974. Corrupted purple light, Ziyuan is insaneChapter 998 Demon servants are not as good as dogs, extreme madnessChapter 999 The situation is reversed, dumbfoundedChapter 1000 Ghosts and gods fighting body, son of the purple devil
Chapter 1001 Take a shot to kill, and there is a hole cardChapter 1002 Wonderful duel, the situation is changingChapter 1003 The evil spirit devours the gods, the conspiracy succeedsChapter 1004 Push the drums to pull the rotten, two dead in a row
Chapter 1005 Shameless ghost, rebellion in the denChapter 1006 Siege and kill Ziyuan, one against threeChapter 1007 Poor and strangers, who is stronger and who is weakerChapter 1008 Both sides hurt, the shadow of death
Chapter 1009 Destroy the magic gun and seize the houseChapter 1010 Who wins when the snipe and the clam competeChapter 1011 Go to the temple and protect the beastChapter 1012 The temple is opened, destined
Chapter 1013 The charming eyes of the treasure, the billion-year-old ghostChapter 1014 Killing the old ghost with fists, cursing the mistChapter 1015 The strong prey on the weakChapter 1016 Son of the Holy Spirit, Ice Fairy
Chapter 1017 Demonizing Temple GuardsChapter 1018 Like Purgatory, Feeling ChillChapter 1019 Use every means, Ice MonsterChapter 1020 Laura of the Dark Eldar, transcending the Temple Guard
Chapter 1021: Go All Out, The Stunning FairyChapter 1022 Yin and Yang Qi, Beauty HelpsChapter 1023 Intrigue, angerChapter 1024
Chapter 1025 Teaming up to fight Guitian, Guitian is terrifiedChapter 1026 Entering the Ancient Bronze PalaceChapter 1027 God's son was tricked, the ghost is proudChapter 1028 It's dangerous to join forces
Chapter 1029 The hero saves the beauty, VulcanChapter 1030 Matching men and women, fighting is not tiringChapter 1031 The Young Lord of the Ogre Demon ClanChapter 1032 Delaying time, angering the Son of God
Chapter 1033 Intense collision, beauties helpChapter 1034 Miserable, Mysterious ManChapter 1035 Powerful Mysterious Man, Dead EndChapter 1036: The Kun beast died, and the demonic nature arrived
Chapter 1037 The deity, clone join forcesChapter 1038 Colorful Phoenix, Earth Vajra ApeChapter 1039 Strong beheading, shockingChapter 1040 Severely Injures the Earth Vajra Ape
Chapter 1041 Situ Junwen, the hope of the human raceChapter 1042 Dark Eldar Laura, Light and DarknessChapter 1043 The Son of God and the Witch, the Five Gods and SpiritsChapter 1044 Restraint, the Man Faced Demon Spider
Chapter 1045 God's son and emperor's son both fallChapter 1046 Crystallization of God's WillChapter 1047 Accepting the inheritance, the demon screams and the ghost criesChapter 1048 The catastrophe is coming, who is the savior
Chapter 1049 Emperor Chapter 1026 Chaos and turmoil, mysterious and old wayChapter 1050 Emperor Chapter 1027 Infinite Heavenly Venerable, Sophisticated StyleChapter 1051 Unfathomable, Extreme CrisisChapter 1052 Playing, greedy
Chapter 1053 Injure the ruler, Qinglian Emperor ZunChapter 1054 Third Empress, Great MasterChapter 1055 Holy Light Emperor, One Man Against AllChapter 1056 Peerless appearance, but also a great enemy
Chapter 1057 Smelly shameless, catastrophe beginsChapter 1058 Slay the devil and dominate the combat powerChapter 1059 Execution, the Power of Eternal Space OrderChapter 1060 Leave calmly, the journey home will be a long one
Chapter 1061 Divine Fire City, Violent BeastsChapter 1063 Thousands of saints, a huge situationChapter 1064 Fighting, five-legged murdererChapter 1065 Fierce Beast Mowei, Fire Emperor Yandi
Chapter 1066 Liannu retreats from the enemy, the situation is grimChapter 1067 Death Jiao, Wrath of Emperor YanChapter 1068 Ten Devil Dogs, Four-Winged Blood MephitChapter 1069 The Wrath of Emperor Yan, the Beastmaster of Different Universes
Chapter 1070 Retreat strongly and meet Emperor YanChapter 1071 Enemy Road Slaughter, Bone Demon Eats UpChapter 1072 Leaving the chaotic universe, an unqualified candidateChapter 1073 Ambition is extinguished, the bewitching goddess
Chapter 1074 Bestowed by Heavenly Venerable, High-profile MarriageChapter 1075 Dao Ke Dao, the Great World of GodsChapter 1076 Ambitious Zeus, catastropheChapter 1077 Pioneer God King, Foresight
Chapter 1078 Failure prophecy, the human world prepares for warChapter 1079 Cannon Fodder Pioneer God War ArmyChapter 1080 The catastrophe is coming, there is no turning back, and the witch clan returnsChapter 1081 The way to prosperity, giants gather
Chapter 1082 Powerful Primordial, Frightening Great WorldChapter 1083 Who crushes whom, Pillar of OrderChapter 1084Chapter 1085 Chaos Dao Tribulation, Too Confident
Chapter 1086 Overcoming Tribulation Strongly, Provoking the DaoChapter 1087 Battle Crazy, Skeleton EmperorChapter 1088Chapter 1089
Chapter 1090Chapter 1091 The hair is like a chain, sweeping away the heroic spirit of TianjiaoChapter 1092 Unsurpassed supernatural powers, Dao injury addedChapter 1093 Forge my spear, just to protect
Chapter 1094 Fighting Titans with Spears, Goddess of the EarthChapter 1095 Strong to the end, against ZeusChapter 1096Chapter 1097 Shocking the Enemy Group and Discussing
Chapter 1098 Prepare for war, not ruthless enoughChapter 1099 In the Profound Chaos RealmChapter 1100 Tianjiao Wushuang, Demon King of Different CosmosChapter 1101 Killing the Evil Emperor of Different Cosmos
Chapter 1102 Do your best in a ruthless worldChapter 1104 Rampant, Desperately Join ForcesChapter 1105 Human Race Prodigy, Death CrisisChapter 1106 Make a move, the ruler of the human race
Chapter 1107: Courteous first and then soldiers, bullying the small with the bigChapter 1108: Knowing the way, with sinister intentionsChapter 1109 Ambitious, leave angrilyChapter 1110 Aggrieved and frustrated, come to Shenhuo City again
Chapter 1111 Taking advantage of the situation and being ambitiousChapter 1112: Investment, act vigorously and resolutelyChapter 1113 Arrangement, Ghost MotherChapter 1114 Bone Demon Great Elder, Conspiracy
Chapter 1116 Tianji Clan, Shocked by the EnemyChapter 1117 discovery, recklessnessChapter 1118 Dangerous Situation, UnavoidableChapter 1119 Extreme sun burns the sky, black flames
Chapter 1121 Soul Devouring Ghost Fire, Soul TransformationChapter 1122 Ambitious and UnforgivableChapter 1123 Unable to take care of himself, soldiers approach the cityChapter 1124 Soldiers against soldiers, generals against generals
Chapter 1125 Unyielding in the bloody battle, the prestige of Yao LaoChapter 1126 Insidious and cunning, persecutionChapter 1127 Survival of life and death, the height of the devilChapter 1128 despair, hope
Chapter 1129 Don't give up, jokeChapter 1130 Desperate for hatredChapter 1131 Despair SpreadsChapter 1132 Completely defeated, a catastrophe of extermination
Chapter 1133 Crazy, fiascoChapter 1134 The Fall of the Master, Land of HopeChapter 1135 Mo Qilin, will powerChapter 1136 Dominant Realm Dzogchen Combat Strength
Chapter 1137 Yin-Yang Treasure LandChapter 1138 Zijin Titan, hiding identityChapter 1140 Retreat to the tower, please enter the urnChapter 1141 Strong Execution
Chapter 1142 If you don't agree with each other, you will killChapter 1143 VulnerableChapter 1144 Dao is ruthless, and demons from different universes attackChapter 1147 Deep in the cave, encounter by chance
Chapter 1149Chapter 1150Chapter 1151 I don't know the so-called, I can't recognize the reality clearlyChapter 1152 Bloody Awakening
Chapter 1153Chapter 1154 Bloody PriceChapter 1155Chapter 1156 Killing the Different Cosmic Trolls
Chapter 1157 Wraiths from Different CosmosChapter 1158 Burning Essence and Blood, Terrible Wraiths from Another UniverseChapter 1159 Seize the House, ResentmentChapter 1160 Unexpected, the heart of the strong
Chapter 1161Chapter 1162 Heavenly Pillar of Divine Consciousness, Suppressing the Sea of ??ConsciousnessChapter 1163 Extreme Joy Begets SadnessChapter 1164 Shocked, a strong enemy appears
Chapter 1165Chapter 1166 Ice and fire kill, who is more crazyChapter 1167 Awakened Blasting SpiritChapter 1168 Chaos, Escape
Chapter 1169 Divine Might UnrivaledChapter 1170 The situation is reversed, the magic power is unstoppableChapter 1171 Fierce defeat, run quicklyChapter 1172 Race Against Time
Chapter 1173 Scarlet Demon EyeChapter 1174 The spirit of battle is immortal, and the will of war will last foreverChapter 1175 EscapeChapter 1176 Greatly Increased Power
Chapter 1177Chapter 1178Chapter 1179 OverbearingChapter 1180 Group fights, scared to the knees
Chapter 1181 ConfusedChapter 1182 PeepingChapter 1183 Watching the BattleChapter 1184 Powerful Battle Formation
Chapter 1185 The Powerful Holy Spirit Clan God KingChapter 1186 Infiltrating the Army of Ghosts and GodsChapter 1187 Mixing In, ManipulatingChapter 1188 status, preliminary success
Chapter 1189 Fighting again, meeting on a narrow roadChapter 1190 Collision of ArmiesChapter 1191 Fishing in Troubled WatersChapter 1192
Chapter 1193 FightingChapter 1194 Chapter 1171. OpportunityChapter 1195 FlawsChapter 1196: Big Defeat
Chapter 1198 So WeirdChapter 184 Fragrance disappears jade damage, demonic energy is mightyChapter 240 Bad Event, Dharma Protector Golden DragonChapter 311 Overthrowing Yang Chan, Fire Cloud Villa
Chapter 334Chapter 336 Superimposed fist power, one punch explodedChapter 365 Beauty of Seven Colors, Cowherd and Weaver GirlChapter 366 Destined Marriage, Meeting West Lake
Chapter 376: Unruly ghost car, poisonous light and nine phoenixesChapter 377 Fire dances and phoenixes fly, Yang Jian arrivesChapter 378: The dragon's water stinging essence breaks the peaceChapter 455: Overlord, Teammate Pig
Chapter 527 Yi'er invites to fight, subduing dragon fighting skillsChapter 583 Frozen Emperor FistChapter 626 Super big change, killing to the God RealmChapter 698 Apprentices reunited, Yin-Yang Sword Demon Zhong Kui
Chapter 777: HeroChapter 807 The so-called powerful, one palmChapter 904 Black-robed ghost emperor, a strong duelChapter 911
Chapter 924 The battle of fierce beasts, savage fightingChapter 1062: Beasts Attack the City and Protect GloryChapter 1103 Life and Death, Withered LifeChapter 1115 Divide into Parts, Survival of the Fittest
Chapter 1120 On the verge of death, rescueChapter 1139 Powerful Alien Cosmic DemonChapter 1145 Angry, take actionChapter 1146 Daomen dominates the realm of great perfection, retreating to the cave
Chapter 1148 Selfishness, Yinyang Shenzong SiteChapter 1197  
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