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Extraordinary Tales of Immortality Starting at Ca Latest chapter update list

author£ºThe Truly Foolish Elderly Pers

Text Chapter 1 Caishikou RebirthVolume 2 Chapter 2 Account Books and DiariesVolume 3 Chapter 3 Immortal Dutch WaterVolume 4 Chapter 4 Book Boats and Fishing
Volume 5 Chapter 5 Ancient Version Blind BoxVolume 6 Chapter 6 Remnants of Hundred BirdsVolume 7 Chapter 7 The First Law of the Practice WorldVolume 8 Chapter 8 The Scary Old Man
Volume 9 Chapter 9: When a country is about to perish, there must be evildoersVolume 10 Chapter Ten Pigs and SheepVolume 11 Chapter 11 Fish? Bait alsoVolume 12 Chapter Twelve Wonderland
Volume 13 Chapter Thirteen Master Lin XiaohuaVolume 14: Tao Qian eats bait, source qi enters the bodyVolume 15 Chapter Fifteen Entering the Qi-Entraining RealmVolume 16 Chapter 16 Forbidden Immortal Hall and Demon God Army
Volume 17: Tao Qian's Actual Combat GoalMain Volume Chapter EighteenVolume 19: Tao Qian Attacks and Kills Four Beasts in She CountyVolume 2 Chapter 20 Touching the corpse is the only way to get rich!
Volume 21 Chapter 21 Full HarvestVolume 22 Chapter 22 Heroes with lofty ideals, court eagle dogsMain Volume Chapter 23: Tao Qian Shows His Sage, and the Power of the Dragon (thanks to the leader of Anyi for the reward)Volume 2 Chapter 24 The way forward is unclear, where can I find the big book?
Volume 25 Chapter 25: Half-Dragon, Half-Man, Flying Snake at NightMain Text Volume Chapter 26: A mortal stumbles into Teng Snake Mountain by mistake, and the Plague Golden Toad speaks outVolume 2 Chapter 27: Delight in MoneyVolume 28 Chapter 28 Delicious Meat Feast, Book-eating Elderly
Volume 29 Chapter 29 The Great Self-Contained Monk, the Wild Fox Chan SutraVolume 30 Chapter 30: Grinding the Sand to Confused God, Tao Qian Defrauds the Old FoxVolume 31 Chapter 31: The Remnant Book of the Secret DemonVolume 32 Chapter Thirty-two: Fierce ghosts and dwarfs, dead babies
Volume 33 Chapter 33 Brass Bells, Nascent Soul EscapeVolume 34: Tao Qian's Concubine, Miss XiaoqingMain Volume Chapter Thirty-fifth Qingyang Daojing, Dragon Nature Is ObsceneMain Volume Chapter 36 Finding the Fundamental Law, Lingbao Nine True Maps
Volume 37 Chapter 37: Bodhisattva Bodhisattva Bodhisattva Arrives, All High Terraces Are False ImmortalsVolume 38 Chapter 38 Wugou Buddha Heart, All EscapeVolume 39 Chapter 39 Corpse Slave Demon Dance, Great BenefitMain Volume Chapter 40 Shocking Secret, Ancestral God's Forbidden Law
Main Volume Chapter 41: Tao Qian Subduing the Dragon, Nine True Spiritual VoicesVolume 42 Chapter 42 Monks and lofty men, grand sights and wondersMain Text Volume Chapter 43 Iron Fleet Suppresses Hebo, Golden Rope Binds DemonsMain text volume Chapter 44: Xiexiu was killed in Caishi Street, and the beautiful corpse descended to Xunxian County
Main Volume Chapter 45: Corpse Buddha Refining Demons, Immortal Babies Are in DistressVolume 46 Chapter 46: The Prestige of Lingyin, Peach Blossom and Five EvilText Volume Chapter 47: Reincarnation of Dirty Blood, Puppet Outside of BodyVolume 48 Chapter 48: In front of the Iron Buddha Temple, the skeletons are full of trees
Volume 49 Chapter 49: Fairy's real body, Tao Qian is terrifiedVolume 5 Chapter 50 Realistic Performance, Jade Face Tattoo on the BackMain Text Volume Chapter 51 A Blessing in Misfortune, Mysterious Demon Refining GodText Volume Chapter 52 Jade Demon Killing Knife, Iron Buddha Demon Banquet Opens
Text Volume Chapter 53: The Secret of Longevity, Do Not Enter the PalaceVolume 54 Chapter 54: Vine Ghosts and Elephant Demons, Secrets of Hundred BirdsVolume 55 Chapter 55 Wild leeks in the mountains, blood refining in the fetusText Volume Chapter Fifty-Six: Mad Demon Sword Art, Different Fire Pill Volume
Volume 57 Chapter 57 Breaking through the realm to increase lifespan, Saintess Worm CaveVolume 58 Chapter 58 Lingbao Destined Embryo, Innate Dao SeedVolume 59 Chapter 59: Tao Qian catches demons, Yuanshen soarsMain text volume Chapter 60 Eat all the demons, an accidental transaction
Volume 61 Chapter 61 Wanhua sacrificed his life to hear a secretMain Text Volume Chapter 62 Purgatory on Earth, Parasitic Flesh InsectsVolume 63 Chapter 63: Scary Human Face, Spiritual Voices to Repel EvilVolume 64 Chapter 64 Nascent Soul Illuminating Mirror, Meeting Lin Xiaohua Again
VOLUME 65 Chapter 65 Alien Creatures, Flesh PeopleText Volume Chapter 66: The Power of the Sword of Sacrifice, Wanying Reverend XiaoVolume 67 Chapter 67 Outside Xunxian City, People SurviveVOLUME 68 Chapter 68 Insect Disaster Relief, Goodbye Matchmaker
Volume 69 Chapter 69 Master and Disciple Snuggle Up, Secrets Wheeze in My EarsMain Text Volume Chapter 70: Peach Blossom Treasure House, Infant and Mother Origin PearlVolume 71 Chapter 71: The Cub ReappearsText Volume Chapter 72: Preaching and Solving Puzzles, Nine Realms of Practice (Revision)
Text volume Testimonials on shelves!Volume 73 Chapter 73: The Country of No Eating Ghosts, Xiaohua's MarriageVolume 74 Chapter Seventy-Four Experts Gather and Kill the Iron BuddhaVolume 75 Chapter 75: A real person bestows a treasure, inquiring about secrets
Text Volume Chapter 76: Peach Blossom Immortal Brew, Baby Demons DieVolume 77 Chapter Seventy-Seven Mountains and Nine Differences, Tao Qian picked up the leakMain Volume Chapter 78: Blessed Fate of Immortality, Weird Flesh and BloodText Volume Chapter 79 Surprise Harvest, Jade Navel Vicious Child
Volume 80 Chapter 80 Peach Blossom Banner Destroyed, Heavenly Demon Buddha MotherVolume 81 Chapter Eighty-one Hundred Birds Wanted to Enter the Belly of a BodhisattvaVolume 82 Chapter Eighty-Two: Opening the Pulse of the Gorgeous Corpse, Thunder Sha Crystal PillVolume 83 Chapter 83: The Holy Son¡¯s Plan, a gift of fortune
Text Volume Chapter 84 Marriage in the Ghost Country, the Secret of No PhaseVOLUME 85 Chapter 85: Solicitation by Real PeopleVolume 86 Chapter 86: Peach Blossom Spring, a Place of RetreatText Volume Chapter Eighty-seven Mysterious Yin is Invisible, Promoted to Qi Refining
Text Volume Chapter 88Main Text Volume Chapter 89: Complete the Ten Thousand Transformations Technique, Then Catch the Sky DemonText Volume Chapter 90 Su Nu Supplements Yuan, Vajra EcstasyText Volume Chapter 91: Regaining the Sword Art, the Magic Summoning Technique
Text Volume Chapter 92: Desire to go to the Lingbao, the demon country on the groundText Volume Chapter 93: The Power of the Scarlet Sun, Canonized by the Demon GodText Volume Chapter 94: Treacherous Sword Cultivator, Interrogating DemonsVOLUME 2 Chapter 95: Standard Demon God Order, Two Little Zombies
Text Volume Chapter 96 Weird Meat Collection, Tao Qian Sudden First DisasterText Volume Chapter 97: There is a Dao in the Cannibal Sutra, and the sword comes out of Wuwu to kill demonsText Volume Chapter 98: Fragrant Meat Tragedy Spreads to Southern GuangdongText Volume Chapter 99 Qi Refining Level 2, Wanted Throughout the Territory
Text Volume Chapter 100: Xuanzhen Shocks the Soul, Help Me CultivateText Volume Chapter 101: Tao Qian Slays Demons in Jinfu County, and the Great Demon of Iron Buddha Temple Comes Down the MountainText Volume Chapter 102 Mistakenly Mistaking the Lingbao as a Secret DemonMain Text Volume Chapter 103: Tao Qian Wants to Make the Best of It, Refining the Corpse Evil Demon Pill
Text Volume Chapter 104: The Ridiculous Demon Don't Think About It, Lost His Wife and Lost His ArmyText Volume Chapter 105 Riding on the Yellow Mountain to hide the murderer, Mo Luo Zhantan deters the soulMain Text Volume Chapter 106: The Substitute Devil Bullies Zhan Tan, and the Poisonous Tongue and Spiritual Voices Arouse the Baby DemonText Volume Chapter 107: Xiudao, this son has no supernatural powers
Text Volume Chapter 108: Yuanyangzong in front of Meiling Mountain, long live the monsters and monstersText VolumeText Volume Chapter 110 Sudden gift of life number 180, baby spirit cries for the second disasterText Volume Chapter 111: The Ten Absolute Formation of Xuanmu Tianmen
Text Volume Chapter 112: Hearing Secrets in the Cave, the Real Man Wants to Go to Guanyin TempleText Volume Chapter 113 Tao Qian's Self-Called Magic, Eleven Disasters of DestructionText Volume Chapter 114: The Plum Pass is Difficult to Survive the Second Disaster, Tao Qian Invites the Demons AgainText Volume Chapter 115: Wonderful, Wonderful, and Mysterious Female Wind, Reckless and Bumpy, Mysterious Demon
Main Text Volume Chapter 116Text Volume Chapter 117: Wuxiang is like a Moon Palace Immortal, who claims to be able to undo magicText Volume Chapter 118: The Holy Son's Inexplicable Brain Pill, Tao Qian Suddenly Hears the Secret of the Fairy FishText Volume Chapter 119: Taishang Lingbao has no body, and there are demons in the world outside Fangwai
Text Volume Chapter 120: Spirit Treasure Gold List, Mysterious MasterText Volume Chapter 121: Taixuan Slashes Monsters, Weird JouleVOLUME 122 Chapter 122: Huangji Township, Daughter's Spring WaterText Volume Chapter 123 Daughter King, Daughter of Demon God
Text Volume Chapter 124: Baoyin Bodhisattva scares the demon girl, Tao Qian wants to worship Master YunhuaVOLUME 125: The Three Disasters Come Again, The Corpse Goes CrazyText Volume 126: Flesh and Flesh Bodhisattva Swallows Demons, Crazy in Love with MatchmakerText Volume Chapter 127: The Demon Girl Makes Her Deterrence, and Wants to Accept Tao Qian as Her Face
VOLUME 128 Chapter 128: Shocking SecretText Volume Chapter 129: Demonic Beppu, two-day tabooText Volume Chapter 130: Infant Sect Shantong, the Great War Is About to BeginText Volume Chapter 131: Heavenly Demon and Taiyin, Goodbye Hundred Birds
Text Volume Chapter 132VOLUME 133 Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Three Birds Borrow, Xianxian Will Be DefeatedText Volume 134: The Taiping Army Arrives, Robbing the EnchantressText Volume Chapter 135 Suddenly Knowing the Truth and Rejoicing in the Dharma
Text Volume Chapter 136 Destruction of Your Way, the Controversy of PracticeText Volume 137 Chapter 137: The Power of a Kind ChildMain TextText Volume
Volume II Chapter 140Main Text Volume Chapter 141: Hundred Birds Count Everything, Just Make a Wedding Dress for Tao Qian (Big Chapter!)Text Volume Chapter 142 Heavenly Punishment Slays Demons and Suppresses Buddhas and Demons, Spirit Treasure Returns to ImmortalsText Volume Chapter 143: The Daughter's Spring Floods the Princess Mansion, Catch Wild Mandarins in Taiyin Pond
Text Volume Chapter 144: The Demon Goddess is Fascinated by Jieqi, and Fairy Yunhua is also destinedText volume End of volume summary, score report and update arrangement!Text Volume Chapter 145: There is a reason for the name of the Demon CityText Volume Chapter 146: A Good Time in the Sea of ??Penglai
Text vol. Chapter 147: Fairy Yunhua is agile, and the daughter of the Palace Master has a letterVolume IIText Volume Chapter 149 True Monarch Duobao Asks the Heart, Lingbao Miaoshu Builds the Dao FoundationText Volume Chapter 150: The Three Immortals of the Wonderful Tree**yuan
Text Volume Chapter 151: Tao Qian Shows His Upper BodyText Volume Everyone, choose an update method!VOLUME 2 Chapter 152: The Yellow Aphid and the Three Immortals Want to Achieve the Tao, Tao Qian Swallows the Immortal VeinText Volume Chapter 153: The God Leaves the Golden Rope in the Wonderful Tree, Tao Qian Completely Builds the Road Foundation
Text Volume Chapter 154 Duobao has a quirk, Yunhua gave him the Immortal Island (two chapters in one)Volume IIText Volume Please leave!Text Volume
VOLUME ONEText Volume Chapter 158: The Taoist of Wine and Meat Was Once EmperorText Volume Chapter 159 Tai Sui Food Qi Produces Good Fortune, Nurse Woman Passes GossipText Volume Chapter 160 Cultivate the Nirvana Mantra at ease, the Buddha, the Bird, and the Vajra Catch the Dragon
Text Volume Chapter 161: Tao Qian's plan to tune the tiger away, Nine Poems of the Name of the Lord of LongzeText Volume Chapter 162 Xuanming Great Forbidden Town Water Veins, Buddha Ape Protector Subdues the DragonText Volume Chapter 163: Nine Female PoetsText Volume Chapter 164: Gossip Nirvana Tells the Truth
Text Volume Chapter 165 Changle Taoist hides ghosts and ghosts, Tao Qian hears the fairy fish formula againText Volume Chapter 166: The Patriarch's Teachings Have a Mystery, and the Hundred Girls of the Crystal Demon Receive the Second Mansion (Big Chapter!)Text Volume Chapter 167: Tao Qian regains control of the gods and bans, and the nursing woman presents demon pearls late at nightText Volume Chapter 168 Spiritual Elephants Swallowed Hundreds of Thousands of People, Tao Qian Suddenly Hears the Secret of the Absolute Immortal
Text Volume Chapter 169: Fire Cave Beppu Changes, Violent Divine Ability Surprises the Same FamilyText Volume Chapter 170: Ingenuity Fairy Keeps Cause and Effect, Fengshui Furnace Makes Fire PillText Volume 171: All Three Vessels Fully Opened, Clairvoyant CloneText Volume Chapter 172: Innate Dao Body Conceals Vitality
Volume IIText Volume Chapter 174: Tao Qian Infiltrates the Mansion, Wanting to Plant Longevity PeachText VolumeVOLUME 16 Chapter 176 Thunder Transformation, Longevity Old Man
Text Volume Chapter 177 The Longevity Peach Immortal Gets the Name, and the Time Comes to the Absolute Immortal IslandsVolume 178: The Thirteenth Prince, Princess BaoshouText Volume 179 Chapter 179: Absolute Nightmare God, Strange DwarfText Volume Chapter 180: The Great Treasure Hidden in the Foreign Kingdom
Text Volume Chapter 181: The Treasure Orb Hidden in the Mountain of White BoneText Volume Chapter 182: The True Biography of the Lingbao and the Eight Immortals, the Taoist of Wine and Meat will perishText Volume Chapter 183 Tianxin leaves the soul, Changle diesText Volume Chapter 184: The Secret Island of the Lingbei, Fairy Baiyin
VOLUME 2Text volume Please take a leave of absence for urgent business, and make up tomorrow.Text Volume Chapter 186: Five Baht Immortal Coin, A Real Man Without a PhaseText Volume Chapter 187: Chief Alchemist, Eight Immortals Demon Island
Text VolumeText Volume Chapter 189 Vajra Subduing Demons, Nine ToadsVOLUME 190 Chapter 190: Return of the Immortal Corpse, Disintegration of the CorpseMain Text Volume 191
Text Volume Chapter 192: Abandoned by the Nine ToadsText Volume Chapter 193: The Big Fish Takes the BaitMain Text Volume Chapter 194Text Volume
Text Volume Chapter 196: Duobao Refined a Human Fetal Bag, Tao Qian Summons the Outer DemonText Volume Chapter 197: The Holy Child of the Spiritual Mother, Myriad Treasures Immortal CliffText Volume 198 Chapter 198 Consummation of the Dao Heart, the Secret of the Absolute ContestText Volume Chapter 199
Text volume There is no change in the Mid-Autumn Festival, and it is the last time to ask for leave this month.Text Volume Chapter Two HundredText Volume Chapter 201 Five-Day Alchemy, Secret Devil AnziText Volume Chapter 202 This Treasure Is Destined For!
Text Volume Chapter 203 Tao Qian Incites Yuan Gong, Duobao Black HistoryText Volume Chapter 204: Yuan Gong Confers the Sword, True Biography ConferenceText Volume Chapter 205 Everyone, I'm Going to Kill YouMain Text Volume Chapter 206: Eighteen True Biography Plays Names and Surnames, Tao Qian Gets the Sutra of Enlightenment
Text Volume Chapter 207 Absolute Immortal True FaceText Volume Chapter 208: Opportunity in the Demon City, Great Changes in the Mortal WorldText Volume Chapter 209: The Catastrophe Enters the WorldText Volume Chapter 210: Western Tricks, Three Corpses of the Taiyin
Text volume Ask for a double monthly ticket, this month Fat Fish will get up and charge.Text Volume 211 Chapter 211 Heresy and ten thousand methods, a scene in the magic cityText Volume Chapter 212 Warlord Proton, Crimson Pearl FairyText Volume Chapter 213: Mei Niang¡¯s Body Is the Spiritual Material of the Demon Pill, Master Yuchan Wants to Reincarnate and Repair
Text Volume Chapter 214 Purgatory on Earth, Pregnant Women Give BirthText volume Please do me a favor!Text Volume Chapter 215 Maiden Fairy is a Buddhist, Tao Qian learns the method of fishing for toadsText Volume 216: The Evil Doctor Is Originally a Fisherman, Our Lady of the Yellow Lotus and the Medicine King
Text Volume Chapter 217: Heretic Witch Jiang Ruyu, Demon City Giant Merchant Liu HongshengText Volume Chapter 218: Tao Qian peeps into the secretText Volume 219 Chapter 219: There is a Mystery in the Golden Pagoda of Gathering WealthText Volume Chapter 220: It is determined that the giant merchant suffered two disasters, Tao Qian asks the sword to subdue the golden mouse
Text Volume Chapter 221 Gaining Fame with One Against FourText Volume Chapter 222: The Four Enchantments Hidden in Dongying MansionText Volume Chapter 223Text Volume Chapter 224: Slave and Banshee, Let's Participate in Joy
VOLUME 226 Dragon's Sexual Obscenity, Black Water Demon KnifeVOLUME 227 Magic Eye Peeks into Secrets, Yun Rong Sleeps Soundly228 Picking Supernatural Powers, Shameless and TreasureVOLUME 229 The Silent God Thunder, the Jin Family Salon
230 Princess Rakshasa, an Angry ScholarVOLUME 231 The Three Immortals of Ultimate Bliss in the Great Barren Mountain, Concubine Zhao Asks for the Secret Method of the Bed232 There is no way to save the country, and the catastrophe strikesVOLUME 233 The True Biography of the Niezong, Men's Favorite Yulou
234 Fellow Daoist, Your Doom Has ArrivedMain Text Chapter 235236 The Ninth Prince of the Dynasty, Tao Qianji Lives Up to a Hundred Years OldVOLUME 237 Ask Yuan Gong to conquer Yulou, and Tao Qian uses beautiful men to trick
238 Haotian Treasure Mirror, Catching the Sky Demon AgainMain Text Chapter 239: There Are Many Monsters in the Demon CityMain Text Chapter 240 The Daoist Ancestor Named Yuanshi, Zhu Qiwu Sword Yi PeigongVOLUME 241 Hiding in the City, Mysterious Realm of the People
VOLUME 242 The Flesh and Flesh of Demons Grinded into Mud243 See also Fighting Technique, Hungry Ghost Troll244 Fellow Daoist's Death Arrives, Tao Qian Reappears245 Heart Lamp and Green Flame, Haunted by Secret Demons
246 Sudden Knowledge of Secrets, Extinction NeedleVOLUME 247 Three-day practice, the first kalpaVOLUME 248 Ugly Refuses to Practice Yulou, One Hundred Thousand Swords of the Red DustMain Text Chapter 249
250 Steaming Xiao Chunjiao Alive, Her Identity Is Finally RevealedText Volume 250: Tao Qian casts another spell, and the group of demons devours the Jade TowerText Volume Chapter 251: Tao Qian cheated on the red dress, and finally survived the first catastropheText Volume 252 Chapter 252: Many treasures plan, Tao Qian pays for the mountain
Text Volume Chapter 253: The Alien Catwoman, the Secret of the MantraText Volume 254: Blood Rains in the Demon City, Tao Qian Gets PregnantText Volume 255: Tao Qian shakes people, the secret of the demonText Volume 256 Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty-Six Instigates Against Yin Qiye, Chi You's Three Pan Sutras
Text Volume 257 Chapter 257: Supreme Elder, Primordial Demon AppearsText Volume 258 Chapter 258: Empty Cicada Arhat, Revenge for Blocking the WayText Volume Chapter 259: The law usurps the heart, Mei Niangzi is in dangerText Volume Chapter 260: The Holy Son Was Originally a Second-Five Boy, Tao Qian Added the Desire Demon Pill
Text Volume Chapter 261: Hong Girl Coaxes Mei NiangText Volume Chapter 262: Mei Niang loses her body and enters Yuhuan, Zhu Qitun Danjin DongxuanText Volume Chapter 263Main Text Volume 264: The White Bone Pagoda of the Demonic Buddha and the Wonderful Method, the Original Lord Behind the Son
Text Volume 265: Tao Qian Bestows a Dharma, Golden Scale Slaps His FaceText Volume Chapter 266 Twelve Heavenly Immortals Subdue the Demon Formation, Tao Qian's Fighting Method and Huang JingdaoText Volume Chapter 267: Ten Breaths Break the Formation, Nine Lanterns ConspireText Volume Chapter 268: Good Destiny and Karma Must Be Rewarded, Tao Qian¡¯s Transformation
Text Volume Chapter 269: The Shocking Truth, Mountains and RiversVolume 2 Chapter 270: Fascinating Dafa, Absurd Things in the WorldText volume I'm not in the right mood, so I'll ask for a day off.Text Volume Chapter 271: Silver Coins of the Holy Monarch, Demon Buddha is at ease
Main Text Volume Chapter 272: Seventy-two high-ranking officials are born in the dynasty, Zhu Qi wants to break the ancestral god's banText Volume Chapter 273: Fish and Dragon Dance in the Tianjiang River, Ending in the Second CalamityText Volume 274: Thousands of Demons Come Out of the Cage, Fungal Corpses Stand in the ForestText Volume 3rd update 10,000 has been updated, please encourage me!
Main Text Chapter 275: A Silver Lining, Crazy Father and SonText Volume Chapter 276: The Toad Beads Collide with the Immortal Axe, and the Secret Demons of the Yuan Dynasty are destroyedText Volume 277: Tao Qian Survives the Second Calamity, the Heavenly Demon General Transforms into a Secret DemonText Volume 278: There Are Survivors in the Celestial Dynasty of Longevity, Sea God Brings Millions of Corpses
Text Volume 279: Nine Lanterns Arrive, Killing PeopleText Volume Chapter 280 Sudden to the Third Calamity, the Secret Devil Gets the TreasureText Volume 281: Tao Qian Responds to the Tribulation, Fairy Fish Have BaitText Volume Chapter 282: Alchemist's Details, Tao Qian Wants to Rebel
Text Volume Chapter 283: Tianjie is full of Gongqing bones, Qianlong and Fengfei enter the imperial capitalText Volume Chapter 284: The First Righteousness of Longevity in Yangsui, Tao Qian's Third Calamity (Part 1)Text Volume Chapter 285: Taishang Liuli Dream Magic, Concubine Xiang is PregnantText Volume Chapter 286 Unworthy Descendants of the Heavenly Mandate Emperor, the Great Secret of the Longevity Alchemist
Main Text Volume Chapter 287 The First Justice of Longevity in Yangsui, Tao Qian's Third Calamity (Part 2)Main Text Volume Chapter 288: Taizong of the Zhu Clan Was Divided, Duobao Dare Not Call My TeacherText Volume 289 Chapter 289: Blissful Reality Xiu Zhonglin, Qiankun Treasure Boat and Seven Fragrance ChariotsText Volume Chapter 290 Transcendental and Realistic
Summary at the end of the main volume: explain the problem and talk about the new volume.Text Volume Chapter 291 Seventy-two provinces are all independent, and the sages rule the world togetherText Volume 292 Chapter 292 Eighteen Rebels Excavate the Emperor¡¯s TombText Volume Chapter 293: Yuanshi Yinzong is finally born, and there is a city in the north to call for anointing
Text Volume Chapter 294: Ten Birds, Hundreds of Herbs, and Thousand Corpses Soup, the Gao Clan is All AnimalsText Volume Chapter 295: Qingluo Wipes the Bodhisattva Female BodhisattvaText Volume Chapter 296: The Zhu Clan Brings Rare Treasures, Hundreds of Thousands of People Can Eat DemonsText Volume Chapter 297: The Twelve Artifacts of Kyushu, the Son of the Great Freedom Buddha
Text Volume 298 Chapter 298Text volume It is the last month, please keep your monthly pass first.Main Text Volume Chapter 300 Dayan Divine Art Counts Roots, Tao Qian's Alias ??RuziniuI really can't write the main volume, not tonight, and there will be an extra chapter tomorrow.
Main Text Chapter 301Text Volume Extra Story: Peach Blossom Screen Wall and Dreams Are Here, But I Don¡¯t See Nong Yuniang (Part 1)Text Volume Chapter 301 Taiwei Escapes the Immortal Technique, There Are God Corpses in Changliu MountainText Volume Chapter 302: A Dashang Yibao Escape Talisman
Text Volume Chapter 303 Tao Qian Debao, Toad God WadangText volume Tomorrow three updates!VOLUME 305 Jade Demon Pregnant, Ancestral Dragon Secret Society306 Dark Clouds and Blood Miasma Covering Sands, Human Flesh and Flesh Demon Refining Pill
307 Magic Pill of Joy, Flesh FactoryVOLUME 308 Meet the childhood friend of the original body, and hear the seven secret chapters of the mysterious corpse againText Volume Chapter 308: Hay and Mud Filling Human Sloughs, the Great Secret of the Seven Evil GodsMain Volume
Text Volume Chapter 310: The Panacea Pill Will Be Released, The Toad God Wadang Makes Another MeritText Volume Chapter 311 Three Poisons and Six Dusts Turn into Nine SmokesText Volume Chapter 312: Extraterritorial evil spirits, Tao Qian deceives the four demonsText Volume Chapter 313: Casting Method Passed Down by the First Emperor
Text Volume Chapter 314: Don't Avoid Spirits Outside the Territory of All Laws, Dung Sea Temple in the Savage MountainText Volume Chapter 315: Lian Jinger Swallows the Divine Machine Dice, Ying Qingdi Assassinates the DemonText Volume Chapter 316: The Supreme Heavenly Heart Asks Your Own Destiny, Sees the Princess in Front of the Hidden DragonText Volume Chapter 317: Immortals and Demons Gather Ancestral Dragons, and the Yellow-clothed Waiter Spits Out Evil Sounds
Text Volume Chapter 318: The Sutra of the Yue Girl Slaying Demons and Running the Wheel, the Qing Emperor was originally a mixed raceText Volume Chapter 319 Another Look at Huanxi Zen, Twin Body Longevity TempleText volume Last day of this month!Text Volume Chapter 320 Immortals and all are equal, Huang slave swallows soul
Text Volume Chapter 321 The Strategy of Longevity, the Secret Book of HuangtianText Volume Chapter 322: Yuan Gong offered a plan to occupy the magpie's nest, and Tao Qian sent a demon to plot against the Qing EmperorMain Volume Chapter 323 Sanyuan Kills Kuang FushengText Volume Chapter 324 Fangcun True Biography Chen Xiyi, Murdered Taoist Couple Yingqing Emperor
Text Volume Chapter 325: Liu Ding Liujia, the Lantern of the CoffinText Volume Chapter 326 Unknowingly Possessing the Prostitute in the Boat, That Night Will Be in CatastropheText Volume Chapter 327 The Girl Summons the Corpse in the Water, Tao Qian Detoxes the Yellow Clothes PoisonText Volume Chapter 328: Nine Sons and Ghosts in the Midwest
Main text volume Chapter 329: All the heavenly prides want to seize power, and the whereabouts of Jiuchanzhu finallyText Volume Chapter 330: Lin Runiu Served as a Grain and Grass Officer, Yin Susu Wants to Win the God of Grain GuiText Volume Chapter 331: Sky Demon Absorbs Essence, Wadang Hit GirlText Volume Chapter 332: Toad Sect's True Inheritance Reveals Its Roots, Tao Qian Defeats Four Cultivators Alone
Text Volume Chapter 333: Toad God Rewards Ingots and Orbs from Outside the TerritoryMain text volume Chapter 334: No name or surname on the ancestral steleText volume The monthly pass is doubled on the last day, fat fish begging for help!Text Volume 335 Chapter 335: Yellow Clothes Lustful Charm, Peeping True Body
Text Volume Chapter 336: Dutian Raging Fire, Killing the Evil CreaturesText Volume Chapter 337 Beauty Attacks at Night, Joyful Zen DramaText Volume Chapter 338: Secrets in Lustful Charm's Mouth, Qing Emperor's Life Experience Has a MysteryPlease take a leave of absence.
Text Volume Chapter 339: The New Moon Uprising is known to the world, Zulong seizes half of the province on the first dayText Volume Chapter 340Text Volume Chapter 341 Goodbye Qin Wuxiang, Feng Shui TurnsText Volume Chapter 342
Text Volume Chapter 343: Zhong Ziyang hurts his feelings and Taoist heart, and makes great wishes to defeat the Qing EmperorText Volume Chapter 344: Tao Qian Voluntarily Accepts Karma, and Obtains Secret Magic from OutsideMain Volume Chapter 345: The Buddha Speaks Against the Demon Sutra, Saving Qin WuxiangText Volume Chapter 346: Bada Bodhisattva, Great Opportunity
Text Volume Chapter 347: The Seven Eccentrics of the Ancient Times and the Evil Sect's Civil WarText Volume Chapter 348: Baihua Please Kill the Intelligence Officer, Toad God Wadang ReappearsText Volume Chapter 349: The Langjiao Jade Furnace Produces Purple Smoke, and the Magic Machine of All Souls Hides the Evil CaveText Volume Chapter 350: Tao Qian Can Summon the Five Buddha Birds, and All Ancestral Dragons Attack Shangyang
Text Volume Chapter 351: The Name and Surname of the Book on the Ancestral God Tablet, Tao Qian Promised the Old Toad GodText Volume Chapter 352: The Qing Emperor¡¯s Original Dao, Origin of Spirit CrystalText Volume Chapter 353: The two armies confront each other in front of Shangyang City, Yumian Xianlang kills and kills his heartText vol. Chapter 354: The Green Snake Lady Shows Her Charm Dance
Text volume Happy New Year everyone! Thank you for accompanying Changsheng!Text Volume Chapter 355: Friends of the Daoist Tribulation Arrives, Skull Smashing Taoist Real Man (Please subscribe for a monthly pass for the New Year!)Main text volume Chapter 356Text Volume Chapter 357: Dragon Rhinoceros Smudges Thousands of Miles, Tao Qian Holds a Treasure to Intimidate the Audience
Text Volume Chapter 358 Extinct Blood Soul and Call the God of Flesh, Kyushu Yu Ding finally reappearsText Volume 359: Skull-Smashing Real Man Uses an Ingenious Plan, Yuding Town Monument Breaks ShangyangText Volume Chapter 360: Yumian Xianlang Was Stabbed in the Back, and All Zulong Members Have DisagreementsText Volume Chapter 361: Cave Heaven and Blessed Land to Avoid Disasters, Yumian Xianlang Gambles on Taoism
Text Volume Chapter 362: Sad Zen Xuandao wants to destroy the Taoism, and the dragon and rhinoceros borrowed a son to come to the worldText Volume Chapter 363: The Power of the Dragon and Rhinoceros, Wanting to Kill Tao QianText Volume Chapter 364: The Nightmare Bead Blessed by the God of the Toad from Outside the Territory, and the Dragon Rhino Monster Turns into a Green DragonText Volume Chapter 365: Tao Qian¡¯s Supernatural Powers Are Like Demons
Text Volume The train goes home today, probably nothing more.Text Volume Chapter 366: The Qing Emperor's Prayer Wants to ReappearText Volume Chapter 367: The Mechanical Tai Sui Suppresses Evil CurseMain Volume Chapter 368: The Prajna Golden Sword Slashes the Fate of Dust, the Asura Secret Technique
Text Volume Chapter 369: The Ancestor Dragon Repays the Old Debt, Tao Qian Sees the True DemonText Volume Chapter 370 One Against Ten, the Yellow Clothes Confer GodText Volume Chapter 371: Taiji Demon-Suppressing Sword, with a golden ape every inchText Volume Chapter 372 The Golden Rope of the Sun
Text Volume Chapter 373: Ancestor Longxi Compensates Babies, Lama in Yellow Praises Evil SutrasText Volume Chapter 374 Ziyang Bewitched, Yuanzhen Returns His LifeText Volume Chapter 375: Yuan Gong leaked the secret, Tao Qianjin DongxuanText Volume Chapter 376: Kyushu Yu Ding Refining Spirit Qi, Tao Qian Sends Buddha to Capture Lama
Text Volume Chapter 377: Heretic bandits are at the end of their skills, and the square-inch gold ape reads the cassockText Volume Chapter 378: Spirit Seal Transformation God, Rainbow Bone RelicMain Volume Chapter 379: Dafan's Hidden Words of Infinite SoundsText Volume Chapter 380: Tao Qian Wins 60% Luck, Demon God and Five Daughters Seek Cloud and Rain
Text Volume Chapter 381 Huang Yi pretends to be an ancient sage, Tao Qian takes the opportunity to spy on the secret XinText Volume Chapter 382: All the powers come to seek revenge, Tao Zhenren comes to WutongText Volume Chapter 383: The Secret Mantra of Preservation, Tao Qian Fishing ToadText Volume Chapter 384 Preserving Essence and Eating Qi Can Conquer the Spirit, Master Tao Breaks the Second Level
Text Volume Chapter 385: North-South Controversy, Lingbao ShengshenText Volume Chapter 386: A real person's first test of cloud and rain love, and I will not go out with Li NuText Volume Chapter 387: The Tianmu Needle on Yuhuan Mountain, the alchemist wants to help the ancestor dragonText Volume Chapter 388: Traveling for Three Days, Thinking About the Future, Spring and Autumn Chariot Wants to Choose the Master
Text Volume 4D update postponed until tomorrow!Text volume Chapter 389: The demon concubine fled south to Qiantang Province, and the monsters feasted in Guangping CityText Volume Chapter 390 Overseas Fairy, Breakthrough OpportunityText Volume Chapter 391: A Hundred Demon Lords Capture Demon Concubines
Text Volume Chapter 392: Yuhong joins the gang, jealous of poisonous womenText Volume Chapter 393: The Gao Family's Four Ultimate Bliss, Hearing the Name of Kong Chan AgainText Volume Chapter 394: The Holy Embryo is Renamed as a Human Race Bag, and Lingbao Daozi Becomes the Son of BuddhaMain Volume Chapter 395: Spirit Dog Locking Yin, Alienation of Five Powers
Text volume Response to book friends, tomorrow's double update will remain unchanged.Text Volume Chapter 396: Evil Money Copper Plate, Wugou Wonderful Voice (Please subscribe for the first update!)Main Volume Chapter 397: Swallowing Heaven and Earth, Buddhist Couple (Please subscribe for the second update!)Main Volume Chapter 398: Ten Generations of Resentful Couples Desire Mahayana, There Is a Reason for the Name of Wugou
Text Volume Chapter 399: Yuan Gong Asks Tao Zhenren, All Stupid Monks in the Zen Buddha CityMain Volume Chapter 400: Shivi Arhat, Buddhist scriptures assholeText Volume Chapter 401: Tao Qian Slaps the Giant Baby Three TimesMain Volume: Chapter 402: Purifying the Bad Name, Blessing the Divine Pestle
Text Volume: Chapter 403: The True Monarch Presents Treasures, Rejoices the Wonderful BuddhaMain Volume: Chapter 404: You Yang's Conspiracy, Gao Yang's ConspiracyMain Volume: Chapter 405: Burning Incense Buddha's Verse to Raise the Demonic Monk, Wugou Buddha's Son Roaring as a LionText Volume Chapter 406 The Good and Foolish Demon Monk, the Supreme Bodhisattva
Text volume Regarding changing the title of the book, please cast your vote.Text Volume: Chapter 407: Zhu Xun's Restoration, Two Fishing ToadsText Volume Chapter 408: Cyber ??City, Annihilating Demon BuddhaText Volume: Chapter 409: Thunder Sound and Buddha Flame
Main Volume: Chapter Four Hundred and TenthMain Text Volume Chapter 411: Shenxiu said a word to subdue the demon monk, and Tao Qian borrowed luck to invite a gambleText Volume Chapter 412 Tao Qian Plans to Earn Shenxiu into the Urn, Kong Cicada Wants to Make Wugou FamousText Volume Chapter 413: Supplementary Bodhisattva, Zhen Family Treasure Ship
Text Volume Chapter 414: The Sutra of Bright Tomorrow Women, Tao Qian Plays WomenText Volume Chapter 415: Taizhen Cloud and Rain, Outside Gusu CityText Volume Chapter 416: The Prodigal Hidden Secret, Tao Zhenren cracked down on counterfeiting in publicText Volume Chapter 417 Double-sided Elaborate Work, Tongtian Pagoda
Text Volume Chapter 418: Defeating Immortal Body, King of AssassinationText Volume Chapter 419: The Controversy of PathsText Volume Chapter 420 One question and one answer, the master and servant are sure to winMain Text Volume Chapter 421 Cheng Luohan Wants to Be Like an Ancestor, Tao Zhenren Also Fishes
Text Volume Chapter 422 List of ruling the world, do not learn sword artText Volume Chapter 423: Heavenly Outer Flame Refining Bodhisattva, Mechanical Essence Volunteering Different SpeciesText Volume: Chapter 424: Not Crazy Buddha, Loves Fengyue, Wants to Write a Love Letter for Tao QianText Volume Chapter 425 Immortal Drunk Buddha, Tao Qian Sees the Secrets
Text VolumeText Volume Chapter 427: Wugou Monk Wants to Destroy the Country of Evil People, Jialan God Opens the Door of ConvenienceMain Text Volume Chapter 428Text Volume Chapter 429: Tao Qian Meets Treasure, Conspiracy of Master and Disciple
Text Volume Chapter 430: Yu Ding Lianbao, Jialan commits suicideText Volume: Chapter 431: The Fish Take the Bait, Gradually Gaining FameText Volume: Chapter 432: Offering a Longevity Lamp to Live LongevityText Volume: Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty-Third
Text Volume Chapter 434 Husband and Wife Fight, Named by Demon BuddhaMain Text Volume Chapter 435: Tao Qian Beheaded Garan with Hot Hands, Refined All Birds to Make Buddha ClothesText Volume Chapter 436: Tao Qian Obtains the Five TreasuresText Volume Chapter 437: Heroes gather in the provincial capital, and Tianyi is called Xianjun
Text Volume: Chapter 438: Wugou Buddha's son shows off his fierce power, who is the father and who is the sonMain Volume: Chapter 439: The Ugly Monk Shenxiu¡¯s Call to the Battle, Who Is Righteous and Who Is EvilText Volume Chapter 440Text Volume: Chapter 441: The Lucky Head of the Ceremony and the Dance of the Demon Concubine
Text VolumeText Volume Chapter 443 Three people in the quiet room of the Buddhist templeMain Volume Chapter 444: Buddha's Fragrant Meat, Father's Love Is Like a MountainText Volume Chapter 445: Daoist Tao has a source, Aunt Yunhua sends a message
Text Volume Chapter 446: Marriage of Tao Qian, Southern Army and Northern ExpeditionText Volume Chapter 447 Aunt's Fairy Trail, Duobao JokingMain Volume Chapter 448Text Volume Chapter 449 Savage scenery, Tao Qian's congratulatory gift
Main Volume Chapter 450: The Sisters Double Harvest, Demonic Buddha ProjectionText Volume Chapter 451: Wretched Arhat, Sister Controls Spirit BambooMain Volume: Chapter 452: The Buddhist Sutras Now CompiledText Volume
Text VolumeText VolumeMain Text Chapter 456: Dual Personality, The Secret of the Demon ConcubineText Volume: Chapter 457: Tao Qian Was Tragicly Calculated, and the Demon Concubine Wanted to Become the Emperor
Text VolumeText Volume 459: False Brothers and Sisters, Perfect Match MasterText Volume Chapter 460 Pregnancy on the Day, Live FightingText Volume 461 Chapter 461: Shocking Changes
Text Volume Chapter 462: Demon Concubine Teases, Ancestral Dragon StillbornText Volume Chapter 463: Mechanical Zulong, Sesame ArhatMain Volume: Chapter 464: The Nameless Buddhist Sutra, Destroying Your WayMain Text Volume Chapter 465: The Battle of Skills, the Main Event
Text Volume Chapter 466: Mountains and rivers are ruined, and another barrier is establishedText Volume Chapter 467: The Feast Begins and the Demon Concubine Enters the CageText Volume Chapter 468: Disobedience to Human Relations, Cyber ??ReturnText Volume: Chapter 469: The Treasure of Proving the Way, the Qiantang Incident
Main Volume: Chapter 470: The Buddha Appears, The Gao Family DiesText Volume Chapter 471 Castration in public, the world's attentionText Volume Chapter 472 Merits and Virtue Pond Completed, Demon Buddha Will Be BirthText Volume Chapter 473: Duobao Territory invites foreign aid, Tao Qian vents the bottom pit Arhat
Text Volume: Chapter 474: The Poison of Nature Takes HomeText VolumeText VolumeThe main text volume is not updated today.
Main Text Volume Chapter 477 Instigating Against ShibiText Volume Chapter 478Text Volume: Chapter 479Text Volume Chapter 480: In charge of the two provinces, the Buddha came to vote
Text Volume Chapter 481: The Provinces Explode, Tao Qian Calls for TreasuresText Volume Chapter 482: Sun God Drum, World Measuring RulerText Volume: Chapter 483: The Twelve Alchemist Emperors, Liu and Li Want to Compete for a SonText Volume
Text Volume Chapter 485 Forbidden Law and Divine PowerText Volume Chapter 486 Master Xuandu presents the list of godsText volume Five shifts are over, ask for a monthly pass!Text Volume Chapter 487 Fengming Qiantang, Holy Emperor's Will
Text Volume: Chapter 488: Half a stick of incense kills the whole province, Tao Zhenren's plan finally succeedsText Volume Chapter 489 Washing the Heart and Transforming the DragonText Volume: Chapter 490: The Miracle of the World and the Seven Emperors Come to the WorldMain Text Volume
Text Volume: Chapter 492: Yuan Xiangcheng Missed the Tiger Talisman, Zhang Jinluan's Soul Refining LushanText Volume: Chapter 493: Ancestral God Forbidden Will Finally Be RecastText Volume: Chapter 494: Forbidden by the Ancestral Gods to Purify the WorldText Volume: Chapter 495: Mo Xie¡¯s Immortal Sword Cuts the Demon¡¯s Body
Text Volume: Chapter 496: The Twelve Emperors Invite Tao Qian to a BanquetText Volume: Chapter 497: Extraterrestrial Pantheon of GodsText Volume: Chapter 498 Jinxia Daoist Shows Its True Identity Yuan Gong Invites PatriarchText Volume: Chapter 499: Lingbao Tianzun bestows a talisman
Volume: Chapter 500: The Best Steamed Ancestral Dragon SuspiciousText volume Chapter 501: Daoist Duobao Slays Karma Mountains and Rivers Ancestral Spirit ResurrectionText Volume Chapter 502: Tao Qian Measuring Mountains and RiversText Volume: Chapter 503: Tao Zhenren was originally a good fruit. The Twelve Emperors are guilty and punishable
Text volume: Chapter 504: On the dragon-slaying stage, all the emperors, blood, people, fat, people, and ointments are also prison cagesMain Volume: Chapter 505: Taoist Daobao ReincarnatedText Volume Chapter 506 Witnessing the Three Paths in the Banquet of the GodsMain text volume Chapter 507 Miaoshu treasure boat travels to the heavens, the concubine presents clothes with jujube milk
Text Volume Chapter Five Hundred and EightMain Volume: Chapter 509: Si Xi Wants to Conspire Tao ZhenrenText Volume Chapter 510: Tao Qian Was Originally a Peach Blossom Ancestral Dragon Demon Embryo Hidden in the Great AbyssText Volume Chapter 511: Fairy Pansi Has Been a Neighborhood Wife
Text Volume: Chapter 512: Tao Qian¡¯s Marriage News Spreads to the WorldText Volume Chapter Five Hundred and Thirteen: Performing the Celestial God Technique for Three TimesText Volume Chapter 514: Tianzun created the method of cutting off the sky, and Taoist Duobao surpassed itText Volume Chapter Five Hundred and Fifteen
Text Volume: Chapter 516: Aunt Pansi Wants to Get Close to Lingbao and Take a BathText Volume Chapter 517: The Kingdom of No-eating Ghosts Invites Xiaohua, and the Magic City Turns into a Cyber ??CityText Volume Chapter 518: Lin Xiaohua is haunted by love and robbery, and all the female ghosts are willing to be smallText Volume Chapter Five Hundred and Nineteen
Text Volume Chapter 520: The Real Man Appears, and the Animals ExplodeText Volume Chapter 521 Dao Nightmare Suddenly Arrives, Tao Qian Protects the MediaText Volume Chapter 522: The Demon Tao Qian, Boiling the Star ApertureText Volume Chapter 523 Primordial Heavenly Demon Chaos Longevity, Innate Ingenuity Saves Real People
Text Volume Chapter 524: Evil spirits and gods all come to vote, knowing this nightmare is the first difficultyText Volume Chapter 525: Shocking the Spirit BellText Volume Chapter 526: In order to solve the first difficulty of the nightmare, the God of Toad from outside the Territory bestows another treasureText volume Chapter 527 Yuanshi Tianzun surrendered the decree, Lingbao Chizi asked the heart
Text VolumeText Volume Chapter 529: Immortals and Couples Secretly Happiness, Real Amorous HistoryText Volume Chapter 530: All the guests have backgrounds, Fang Cun Yuan wants to find an opponentText Volume Chapter 531: A Close Friend of Many Treasures
Text VolumeText Volume: Chapter 533: Myriad Tribulations and Immortals MapText Volume: Chapter 534: The Evil God of the Injustice, the Spiritual Treasure and RainText Volume Chapter 535 Taizhen Tells the Secret, Haotian Kills the Devil
Text Volume Chapter 536: There Are Gods Outside the Territory Called Food Immortals, Real People and Kings Want to Create HumansText Volume Chapter 537: Yunrong Yindan Shows His True Nature, Beauty Will Never Land on the IslandText volume I wish everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, and will resume updating.Text Volume: Chapter 538: The Infant Sect¡¯s Wonderful Method Makes Up for the Sky¡¯s Deficiencies, and the Spiritual Mother Resurrects
Text Volume Chapter 539: Spiritual Mother Maitreya, Tao Qian GuardsText Volume Chapter 540: The Little Heavens and the Stars Deter the GodsText Volume Chapter Five Hundred and Forty-OneText Volume Chapter 542 The Luna Goddess Lonely Searches for Faces, Yuanhai Demon Dog Swallows Everything
Text Volume Chapter 543 Lingbao Song Jue Chasing Vicious Dogs, Toad God Wadang Smashes Dogs' HeadText Volume Chapter Five Hundred and Forty-FourText Volume Chapter 545: Mysterious Elephant Demon, the Patriarch of the Four SpiritsText Volume Chapter 546: Dayuan once issued a conferred calamity, Tianpeng Zhenjun has a demon body
Text Volume Chapter 547: The Curse of Heisha Eats Obscenity, All Demons Beg Tao NuMain Text Volume Chapter 548: The King of the Digistar Remembers My Name, and the True Yellow Bat Begs for My LifeMain Text Chapter 549: The Corpse of the Ice Mountain Goddess, the Blood Infant Calls the Yin WindText Volume Chapter 550: The Empress Wa conceived, the twin ancestors of the filthy
Text Volume: Chapter 551: The Second Army of Buddhas and Demons Slays Evil Creatures, Tao Qian Practices Three-Year SkillsText volume Ask for a monthly pass!Text Volume Chapter 552: Good girl is so fierceText Volume Chapter 553 Grandma Taizhen has an old man, Lord Yuan personally bestowed on Xuanmu Yin
Text VolumeMain Volume: Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty-FiveText Volume Chapter 556: The Moon Mother Star Hides Ten Thousand TreasuresText Volume Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty-Seven: Fu Nie Zhenjun is the main medicine, refining the pill of the same longevity as the sky
Text Volume Chapter 558: The God of Zhongshan Candle Nine YinsText VolumeText Volume Chapter 560 The Great Sun¡¯s Secret Biography of Lord Honglin, There Are Gods in the Mountain and Sea BoundaryText Volume
Text Volume Chapter 562: Red Scale Dies, Tao Qian PrefersText Volume Chapter 563: Chisheng Has Supernatural Powers, Master of Secret Demon ZhongxingText Volume Chapter 564: Tao Infiltrates the Secret Demon, Bao Gu Practices MedicineText Volume Chapter 565: All the Demons Beg for Personnel, Our Lady of Ten Thousand Puppets
Text Volume Chapter 566: The Mysterious Demon Nest of the Heavens, Passed Down by Emperor WaText Volume Chapter 567: The Gods Pass the Dharma to the Immortal Dynasty, Bai Yin Wants to Make Good DeedsText Volume 568 Chapter 568: The Charming Voice of Troubled TimesText Volume
Text Volume Chapter 570: Wanton lust and lust for the secret devil son, immigrant from the heavens to live foreverText Volume Chapter 571Text Volume Chapter 572 Encountering Ambushes on the Road, Ecstasy Demon ConcubineText Volume Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy-three
Please take a day off for the main text volume, make it up tomorrow, and enter a new volume by the way.Text Volume Chapter 574: The Demons of All Realms Do Their Own Evil, Tao Qian¡¯s Sister-in-Law Is Trapped by DemonsText Volume Chapter 575 A Sword Smashes the Demons, Cangxi Zhenjun Wants to Redeem His WifeText Volume Chapter 576 Sword Name Slashing Evil, Ten Styles of Sacrifice
Text Volume Chapter 577: Sister-in-law Returns Completely, Tao Qian Adds AdditionText Volume Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy-Eight: Five Directions and Five Turbidities Destroying the World SutraText Volume Chapter 579: In the World of Inferior DemonsText Volume Chapter 580: Butterfly Dream Art, All Heavens Are Addictive
Text volume A new volume has been opened, everyone can participate!Text VolumeText Volume Chapter 582: Tao Qian Transforms into the God of Sou, Suddenly Turns into a Pig ShowThe main text volume will be updated tonight and moved to tomorrow morning, with double or third updates.
Text Volume Chapter 583: Xuan Corpse Families Pretend to Be AngelText Volume Chapter 584: The Virgin of the Black ClamText Volume Chapter 585: The Three Secret Demons of the HeavensText Volume Chapter 586 Three Secret Demons Compete for Bids
Text Volume Chapter 587: Demon whores for nothing, Yin and Yang two demonsText Volume Chapter 588: The Second Empress of Liang StateText Volume Chapter 589: The Sisters Cry and Have No Way to LiveText Volume Chapter 590 The Devil Seeks a Predestined Person, the No.
Text Volume: Chapter 591: The Devil Gets Peach Blossom GirlText Volume Chapter 592: Searching for Gods and Monsters, Goodbye Akasawa-kunText Volume: Chapter 593: Tortoise Shell and Red StringText Volume Chapter 594: The Devil Shows His True Colors, The Sisters Have Dreams
Text Volume Chapter 595: Qitu Bodhisattva, Sisters Receive BothText VolumeText Volume Chapter 597: All the wild gods drive away tigers and devour wolves, and Tao Mozi feeds the way of heavenText Volume
Text Volume Chapter 599 Seven Slaughter King Zhang Xianzhong, there is a reason for searching the God RealmText Volume Chapter 600: King Xiao Wants to Recognize Tao as Father, Peach Blossom God Overwhelms Bodhisattva (Part 1)Main Text Volume Chapter 601: The King of Filial Piety Wants to Recognize Tao as FatherText Volume Chapter 602: Nightmare Pill Divine Power, Loyalty Treasure
Main Text Volume Chapter 603: The Righteous Brother Launches into the Water, Preaching to the KingText Volume Chapter 604: The Seven Sons Shout for Father Together, Pray for God's WrathMain volume: Chapter 605 Please get Yunrong to see Mingzhen Qitu Bodhisattva turns into a fish basketText Volume: Chapter 606: The Wanyu Jade Pillow Shows Its Power Again, Smashing Avalokitesvara into Dreams
Text Volume Chapter 607: Misfortune diverted to the east, corrupting the way of heavenText Volume Chapter 608 High-grade Transformation Wonderful Body, Goodbye Xie LingjiText Volume Chapter 609: Myriad Magic Body, One SwordText Volume Chapter 610: The Bodhisattva Kills the Fish and the Devil Benefits
Text Volume Chapter 611: Tao Qian Summons the Heavenly Furnace Demon, Repeats His Old Skills and Makes an OathText Volume Chapter 612: The Devil Gets the Plague UmbrellaText Volume Happy New Year to everyone.Text Volume Chapter 613: Master Avalokitesvara Leads the Red Thread, Marries a Beautiful Woman in a Fish Basket
Text Volume Chapter 614: The Great Master Zhenjun has an affair, and he directly treats Tao Lang as Ma LangText Volume Chapter 615: The Demon Son Wants to Refining Spiritual BodyText Volume: Chapter 616: Tao Qian Exploded and Died, Refined to an Absurd BodyText Volume Chapter 617: Pure Yang Jinggen Roots of Trouble, Wan Miao Xuanzhu Can Get the Way
Text Volume: Chapter 618: Ten Calamities Come to the World, Reborn as a DemonText Volume: Chapter 619: Longevity and Sweet Rain, Dust of Ascension to Immortals (Revised)Text Volume Chapter 620: Thieves extort the gods, Hei Jinchan preaches westwardText Volume Chapter 621: The Buddhism of the Heavens Has a Great Plan, and the Merit Buddha Overwhelms the True Monarch
Text Volume Chapter 622: Demons also Learn Fishing TricksText Volume Chapter 623 Luxurious Golden Cicada, Generous Gift of Three TreasuresText Volume Chapter 624: Emperor Wa gave birth to the six demon tribes, and the sons of the heavens and Buddhas made great wishesMain text volume: Chapter 625: The Land of Ultimate Bliss Buddha hides the kindness and dirt, and the golden soup of merits and virtues refines the six demons
Text Volume Chapter 626: Lord Jinshan Mansion Sends Divine Dove, Jinpeng Sends Eight Treasures SoupText Volume Chapter 627: Tao Qian Secretly Practices Joy ZenMain Text Volume Chapter 628: Demon Lord Yin Zhou is the scapegoat, and the Demon King Xu ShijieText Volume Chapter 629: The Holy Monk Wants to Seek Ginseng Fruit
Text volume Seeking a wave of subscription and monthly pass encouragement!655 Zhu Rong Has a Daughter, All Love Blossoms Are Evil656 The Lotus Fairy Wants to Kill Her Husband, the Queen Mother Comes with Seven Daughters657 Love in the World, Fairy Elopes
658 The Daughters Show Their True Colors, The Devil Turns One Peach into Three Peaches659 Asking for a March Pass!660 One Green and One White Snake Immortal Comes, The Demon Swallows the Fragrant Bait GreedilyText Volume Chapter 661: The Heavenly Snake Lady Is Mother-in-Law, The Dragon Python Arhat Wants to Become a Buddha
662 Dragon Tiger Golden Lotus Life Elixir, Absurd Demon Swallows BloodMain Text Chapter 663 Lure fellow villagers to eat blood, Tao Qian eats Qi and swallows nine demons664 Toad God Generously Helps Me Practice665 Thief Arhat Wants to Swallow Two Daughters, Tao Mozi Takes Drugs and Rapes
666 Asking for a Day Off!667 Arhat Reveals His True Form, Demon Makes Great WishesMain Text Chapter 668 Ten Thousand Buddhas Chased Kasyapa, Tao Qian Gets the Golden Hoop669 The Rape Counts the Buddha, the Demon Son is the Son-in-Law
Text Volume Chapter 643 Xing Tian Has a Sinner, Lingshan Borrows Buddhist SoldiersText Volume Chapter 644: The Devil Gives a Wonderful Gift, Eight Heavenly DragonsMain Text Volume Chapter 645: Rotten Fat Returns to the Yuan Sutra, the Remnant Head Humiliates the BuddhaText Volume Chapter 646: The Evil Body of the White Dragon, Avalokitesvara Kills the Fish
Text Volume Chapter 647: The Devil Swallows the Lord, Turning the Original Soup into the Original FoodText Volume Chapter 648: Immortal King Kong, Divine Eyes of PunishmentText Volume Chapter 649: Three Demons Gather for the Banquet of the GodsText Volume Chapter 650: Yuanyang Demon God, Lord of the Egg People
Text Volume Chapter 651: All the demons take turns reporting the names of the dishes, and Tao Qian casts spells on the Three GodsText Volume Chapter 652: Baihua Fairy Gives Yellow Robe, Taiyin Ascension Immortal Gives Black MoonText Volume: Chapter 653: The Four Heads of the Wanshen Mountain, and then go to the Lingshan Mountain to borrow Buddhist soldiersText Volume Chapter 654 Peach Blossom Bliss Bodhisattva, Nine Spirits Good Fortune Tai Sui Pill
Text Volume Chapter 655: The Devil Wants to Seek the Body of Yuanyang, Subduing the Dragon and ArhatText Volume Chapter 656: Grandma ChangchunText Volume Chapter 657: The Hundred-Eyed Demon Monarch Releases His Ominous Power, The Devil Wants to Drink the Blood of ArhatText Volume: Chapter 658: Buddha blocks Yuanyang, Tao Qian swallows hundreds of eyes
Text volume Ask for a monthly pass, ask for a subscription, and there is a chapter with 4,000 words.Text Volume: Chapter 659: Wanlian Lingshen has achieved great success, and the devil coerces the ancestorsThe text volume of the swastika has been changed, ask for a monthly pass, and explain it by the way.Main Text Volume Chapter 660: Mo Zishen Nearly Achieved Taoism, Tao Zhenjun Conspires to Yuanshi
Text Volume Chapter 661: Yuqing is too illusory and true, fellow daoists, please stayText Volume Chapter 662: Ran Deng Was Originally the Patriarch of the CoffinText Volume Chapter 663: Congenital Fire Pill Subdues Pagoda, Subduing Devil King loses faceText Volume Chapter 664: Mrs. Suzhi, the devil bears revenge
Text Volume Chapter 665 Melting all kinds of methods, Taoism can be formedText Volume Chapter 666 Taixuan Emergence, Jiexian CorpseText Volume Chapter 667: The Nether Pond Raises the Corpse, the God of Chaos IronText Volume Chapter 668: Wanlong Drags the Corpse, Taixuan Returns Home
Text Volume Chapter 669: Immortal Corpse Becomes EssenceText Volume Chapter 670 One Fish and Three Eats, True Monarch NotorietyText Volume Chapter 671 Infamy and DisastersText Volume Chapter 672: Ten Thousand Demons Formation Formed, Ending Mercy Calamity
Text Volume Chapter 673 The city is full of kindness, Tao Qian is frightenedText Volume Chapter 674: Medicine Master Glazed Monk, Maitreya Buddha's SubmissionText Volume Chapter 675: The Treasure Boat Crosses the Sea, and the Xiu Family Has a DaughterMain Volume: Chapter 676: The Buddhas of Lingshan Threaten the Demon Son, and the Son-in-Law Wants to Act Out a Plot to Conquer the Tang Dynasty
Text Volume: Chapter 677: The son-in-law finally shows his prestige, and the prince is mistaken for baitText Volume Chapter 678: Taixuan transforms Taixu, the devil deceives the king of heavenMain text volumeText Volume Chapter 680: True Ancestor Huanglong Seeks Supernatural Powers, Taoist Taixu Invites Golden Crow
Text Volume Chapter 681: Fellow Daoists, Please Stay Away, The Zhang Family Begs Heavenly VenerableText Volume Chapter 682: Everyone in the country is a confidant, and the whole world wants to defeat TangText Volume Chapter 683: Sister-in-Law Recognizes Adoptive FatherText Volume Chapter 684: Sister-in-Law Returns, Demons Accept Their Fate
Text Volume Chapter 685: As treacherous as a ghost, Master TaoText Volume: Chapter 686: Buddha Incense Covers Gods, Evil Incidents Happen in LingshanText Volume Chapter 687 Immortal Buddha melee, secret demon fishermanText Volume Chapter 688: The Son of the Toad God is the Taoist Lord, Acting as the Heavenly Insect Swallowing the Way
Main Volume Chapter 689: The Holy Monk Has a Last WordText Volume Chapter 690 Collective Ascension, Evil Buddha and Evil AncestorText Volume Chapter 691: The Arrival of the Buddha and the Collapse of the God RealmText Volume: Chapter 692: Golden Body of Chaos, Buddha Blocking the Way
Text Volume: Chapter 693: Two Buddhas and DemonsText Volume: Chapter 694: The Great Secret of the Sea of ??Origin, Self-Exploding IdentityText Volume The last request for a monthly pass!Text Volume: Chapter 695: Searching Gods to Refining a Secret Demon Nest, the Sovereign Is Really the Number One Scum
Text Volume Chapter 696Text Volume Chapter 697: The Secret of the Alien Soul, The Origin Marsh is DangerousText Volume Chapter 698 Penglai Sea Climb ImmortalsText Volume: Chapter 699: Lingbao Captures the Heavenly Deer Girl, and the Nine-Colored Deer Immortal as a Mount
Text Volume Chapter 700: Tao Qian Holds the Fairy Peach Banquet Again, Yuan Hai Fu Nie Looks for His AuntText Volume Chapter 701 Tianzun Gifted Fu Nie Treasure, Yunrong Invited to HaotianjianText Volume Chapter 702: The Land of Stars Savage Mountain, Ancestor Dragon built Xianqin outside the territoryText Volume Chapter 703: The Empress Arrives and Conspires to Assassinate Zulong
Text Volume Chapter 704 Daojun Borrows the Zhou CD-ROM, Peeping at the Yellow Clothes as a Minister of the Same DynastyText Volume Chapter 705: The Meat God's Firstborn, The Nephew ArrivesText Volume Chapter 706: The Ancestral Dragon Veteran Arrives, Lu Sheng Subdues the Second DemonText Volume Chapter 707: Huang Yi is the father of the prime minister, Tao sneaks into the fairy Qin
Text Volume Chapter 708: The Yellow Clothes Seal, Tao Qian Peeks into the SecretText Volume: Chapter 709: Wan Qi Dharma Body Raises the Evil Dragon, Tao Qian Adds Materials to Be a FishermanText Volume Chapter 710: The God of Misfortune, the Secret of InspirationMain text volume: Chapter 711: In the Fu Nie Formation, I became a Tribulation Immortal, and I refined the yellow clothes into Dao clothes (Part 1)
Text Volume Chapter 712: Boundless Flesh and Flesh, Senior Sister Enters the BodyText Volume: Chapter 713: Obtaining the Tribulation Immortal in the Fu Nie Formation, Smelting the Yellow Clothes into Taoist Clothes (Part 2)Text Volume Chapter 714: FinaleText volume Finish this testimonial and talk about the new book!
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