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The ultimate anti-day cultivation system Latest chapter update list


Chapter 1 Activating the SystemChapter 2 Strange System SettingsChapter 3 My rhubarb is pregnant?Chapter 4 Time is running out
Chapter 5 I was tricked by the system againChapter 6Chapter 7 PreludeChapter 9 Pop Pop Pop
Chapter 10Chapter 11 Lucky DrawChapter 12 Harvesting the BeautyChapter 13 The Trouble Comes
Chapter 14Chapter 15 Negative EmotionsChapter 16 Another Wave of PointsChapter 17
Chapter 18 The system is out of order againChapter 19 I'm Afraid of PainChapter 20Chapter 21 Sugar Chicken Shit
Chapter 22 Another Wave of PointsChapter 23 Foundation Establishment PillChapter 24 How about you guess?Chapter 25 Five Elements Platform
Chapter 26 Foundation Establishment PeriodChapter 27Chapter 28 CompetitionChapter 29 Green Hat
Chapter 30 EpiphanyChapter 31 You can figure it outChapter 32 ChangeChapter 33
Chapter 34: Middle Stage of Foundation EstablishmentChapter 35 Dog's Mouth IvoryChapter 36 Contribution ValueChapter 37 The Stomach Is Big Again
Chapter 38 Gou ZiChapter 39: The System Finally Has a ConscienceChapter 40 The Perverted DogChapter 41 Big Boobs Brother
Chapter 42 Watching a TheaterChapter 43 Good ActingChapter 44 Overlord? bastard?Chapter 45
Chapter 46 TestimonialsChapter 47 Five Elements PagodaChapter 48 A Group of Spicy ChickensChapter 49 It's so cool
Chapter 50Chapter 51 Old Wet MachineChapter 52 Another New PlanChapter 53
Chapter 54 Invisibility TalismanChapter 55Chapter 56 - Eating ChickenChapter 57 The Chicken Should Be Roasted
Chapter 58Chapter 59 What Did You Do To The Feather?Chapter 60 Good thingsChapter 61 I want to go through the back door
Chapter 62 Then you go through the back doorChapter 63 Peerless TalentChapter 64 Betting or notChapter 65 I'm Invincible
Chapter 66 Come on, be happy!Chapter 67 I just went through the back doorChapter 68 It's Worth ItChapter 69
Chapter 70 Announcing the RankingChapter 71Chapter 72 GreatnessChapter 73
Chapter 74 The Old Driver DrivingChapter 77: A Real Man in Five SecondsChapter 79 Wang Lang's appointmentChapter 80 Sleeping
Chapter 81 I tell you to let him goChapter 82 Five breathsChapter 83: Going Back to Their Homes, Finding Their MomsChapter 84 The Kidneys Are Good
Chapter 85 Young Master, I'm Not Short of MoneyChapter 86 Master Shangguan, I found the chicken featherChapter 87 The Magical Wooden SignChapter 88 I'm Afraid of Pain
Chapter 89 - A PunchChapter 90 Chicken Soup for the SoulChapter 91Chapter 92 Can You Be Stronger?
Chapter 93 Qin Feng is dead?Chapter 94 Save or not?Chapter 95 ValueChapter 96 Wake Up By Himself
Chapter 97 Don't go through the back doorChapter 98: Really Fragrant, So Big, So SoftChapter 99 Worse than a DogChapter 100 Longevity and Tianqi
Chapter 101 Here Comes the Point GiverChapter 102 Morinanko RossiChapter 103 Group DestructionChapter 104 Seeing the World
Chapter 105 Outer Sect Golden ElixirChapter 106 NONONOChapter 107 Come again when you have timeChapter 108 Gouzi's Pink Girl Heart
Chapter 109 How Steel Is TemperedChapter 110: The Plan BeginsChapter 112Chapter 113 What is this?
Chapter 114 It's SnotChapter 115 Conclusive EvidenceChapter 116 I am not as good as a dogChapter 117 Everyone Dislikes
Chapter 119 This Is MineChapter 120 We Are Not RobbersChapter 121 Fireworks during the dayChapter 122 Pumping for me
Chapter 123 HijackingChapter 124 Millions of sand washing formationsChapter 125 Slap (Second)Chapter 126: Starting to Compile Again (Part 3)
Chapter 127: Go or Go (Fourth)Chapter 129 Finally gone (second update)Chapter 130 Show me (third update)Chapter 131 The troublemaker is here (fourth update)
Chapter 132: The First Battle of the Inner Sect (Part 1)Chapter 133 Afraid? nonexistent. (Second more)Chapter 134 Come on, hit me if you have the ability! (third change)Chapter 135 Magic Fight (Fourth)
Chapter 136 Millennium Killing Squad (Fifth)Chapter 137Chapter 138 - Chased and KilledChapter 139 Hunted down
Chapter 140 I Only Watched Half of ItChapter 141 I just watched itChapter 142 Breakthrough is only possible under pressureChapter 143 The Trouble Comes
144 Call Someone If You Can't Do It (1/5)145 Telling Nonsense (2/5)146 The Situation Reversal (3/5)147 Prelude (4/5)
Chapter 148 Daoxing Is Not As High As Me (5/5)Chapter 149 Buy the Most ExpensiveChapter 150 Tiger WhipChapter 151 Say a few words.
Chapter 152 The Slut ChickenChapter 153Chapter 154 Night Attack on the Widow VillageChapter 155 The Prodigal Son
Chapter 156 I'm Helpless Too!Chapter 157 FightingChapter 158 Strategic retreatChapter 159 He wants to pursue me
Chapter 160Chapter 161 You are short of a moonChapter 162 I Have a SecretChapter 163 Stewed
Chapter 164 Danyun MountainChapter 165 Easy to get the targetChapter 166 Another goalChapter 167 Do Big Things
Chapter 168 Not cheating? nonexistentChapter 169 We Are SureChapter 170 It's Just a Hygiene InspectionChapter 171 Family!
Chapter 172 Inescapable FateChapter 173 Fang Wenshu's Spiritual LiquidChapter 174 Hurt Each OtherChapter 175 Picky Eating Elixir
Chapter 176 He Asked Me To Do ItChapter 179Chapter 180 Leave after scolding, love for war is a dog!Chapter 181 Meeting Qian Xiyu by chance
Chapter 182 Finally ArrivingChapter 183Chapter 184 Pretending to be 13Chapter 185 I'm going to the toilet
Chapter 186 Talking DogChapter 187 Gouzi, don't be afraidChapter 188 These Are All PointsChapter 189: The Show Begins
Chapter 190 Domineering Side LeakageChapter 191 The Rich Friend's Qi MingyueChapter 192 The demeanor of a strong manChapter 193 I'm Back Again
Chapter 194 So I Should Thank You?Chapter 195 What a Big BirdChapter 196 The Powerful Qian XiyuChapter 197 Breakthrough
Chapter 198 Successful BreakthroughChapter 199 The third brother is hereChapter 200 Brothers MeetChapter 201 Beast Mountain
Chapter 202 Cang Yanyun CraneChapter 203 Fierce BattleChapter 205 Two Roots Satisfy YouChapter 206
Chapter 207 Spirit Beast FarmChapter 208 The Keen Third BrotherChapter 209 Going to Danyun Mountain AgainChapter 210 Friendly Comrade Brother
Chapter 211 StudyChapter 212 Just pretend to be meChapter 213 Not as good as bath waterChapter 214 You Have Changed
Chapter 215 I'm BorrowingChapter 216 It Must Be HimChapter 217Chapter 218
Chapter 219Chapter 220 Sour to YouChapter 221: Sprinkling Dog FoodChapter 222 Too Sour
Chapter 223 Two Dead Old MenChapter 224 Second Grade AlchemistChapter 225 The Breath of ArtChapter 226 Test Medicine
Chapter 227 Dogs Are Safer Than YouChapter 228 Flexible FattyChapter 229Chapter 230 Standing Doll
Chapter 231 Knocking on the door in the middle of the nightChapter 232 Find itChapter 233: A Bountiful HarvestChapter 234 The Storm in the Spirit Beast Field
Chapter 235Chapter 237 ConfinementChapter 238 PreparationChapter 239 Start to make trouble again
Chapter 240Chapter 241 Are You Hungry? (The first update asks for subscription)Chapter 242 Point ExplosionChapter 243 Maybe I'm Hungry (Subscribe for the third update)
Chapter 244 I'm GentleChapter 245 You may not be able to afford it (subscribe for the fifth update)Chapter 246 Heading to Qishang PeakChapter 247 Pretend to be 13, but get slapped instead (seventh watch for a reward)
Chapter 248 One SuccessChapter 249 Only 60% (Please subscribe to the ninth update)Chapter 250: A Qualified Bandit (Tenth Watch for Everything)Chapter 251: Go to Lishu Peak
Chapter 252 Enter the Treasure House (Chapter 12, add more rewards for all.)Chapter 253 Awakening (for subscription)Chapter 254 Father's womb scheming (for subscription)Chapter 255 Maybe it is (please order in full)
Chapter 256 You go back to the inner doornagging on a dimeChapter 257 Everyone Has Miss Sisters (Please subscribe for the second update)Chapter 258 Let You Go For Ten Days (Subscribe for the third update)
Chapter 259 The Outer Sect Arrives (Subscribe for the fourth update)Chapter 260Chapter 262 Good LossChapter 263: You Can Kill
Chapter 264 Old ImmortalChapter 265 Lao Tzu's people are not so easy to bully (for subscription)Chapter 266 A little biased (subscribe for the second update)Chapter 267 Demonstrating Again (Third Update Please Subscribe)
Chapter 268 Cut off (four more outbreaks please subscribe)Chapter 269 Just say it hurtsChapter 270 Are You Cowardly?Chapter 271 You Killed Itself
Chapter 272 Possibly turning into a roast chickenChapter 273: The Battle BeginsChapter 274 Let's transform into a god (subscribe for the second update)Chapter 275 Old thing, give me a punch (third update, please subscribe)
Chapter 276 Blowing up (fourth more, please subscribe and reward)Chapter 277Chapter 278Chapter 279 Selling Too Fast
Chapter 281 BewitchedChapter 284 I'm Going to Pass OutChapter 285 Hard to Earn PointsChapter 286 Female disciples are even more terrifying
Chapter 287 I want to leaveChapter 288 Preparations Before LeavingChapter 289 Think About It For YourselfChapter 290 Leaving the sect
Chapter 291 Haitian CityChapter 292 Killing You With One Mouth of SpitChapter 293Chapter 294 Becoming the City Lord
Chapter 295 Spirit VeinChapter 296 Mysterious MapChapter 297 Qingyun SectChapter 298 Killing All
Chapter 299 Harvest in Qingyun MountainChapter 300 Eye-openingChapter 301 Liu SixiChapter 302 I'm Too Dirty
Chapter 303Chapter 304 Discussion of Four FamiliesChapter 305 The Daughter Is MissingChapter 306
Chapter 307 Invite the Immortals to ComeChapter 308 Too CheapChapter 309 Let You Laugh EnoughChapter 310 Squeeze
Chapter 311 Foreign AidChapter 312Chapter 313 Can I hear you now?Chapter 314: Stone Statue Completed
Chapter 315 Ants should be killed instantly (third update)Chapter 316 Stepping on the Face (Fourth)Chapter 317: Preparations Before Leaving (Fifth)Chapter 318 Bandit Den
Chapter 319: The Crimes of the Fengyan Sect (Second Change)Chapter 320 Preparations (Part 3)Chapter 321 Can't Stand His Torment (Fourth)Chapter 322 Diarrhea (Fifth)
Chapter 323 DepartureChapter 324 Infiltrating Baihuang MountainChapter 325 Abandoned Incarnation PeriodChapter 326 The Voice Is Too Bad
Chapter 327 Leaving the Bandit DenChapter 328 BreakthroughChapter 329 The Second Free Lucky DrawChapter 330 Mind Blast
Chapter 331 Entering the Fengyan SectChapter 332 Get ResourcesChapter 333Chapter 334 Meeting an old friend
Chapter 335Chapter 336 Start to searchChapter 337 Almost Throwing UpChapter 338
Chapter 339Chapter 340 Does Your Grandpa Know?Chapter 341Chapter 342 The Biggest Winner
Chapter 343 What is it?Chapter 344: The Fish Takes the BaitChapter 345 Leaving Fengyan SectChapter 346 Dragon Nine Arrives
Chapter 347Chapter 348 New ItemsChapter 349 Entering the Secret RealmChapter 350 Mysterious City
Chapter 351 Death Cold Iron LockChapter 352 RepressionChapter 353 RegretChapter 354 Poor Those Pigs
Chapter 355 Death Is Your GhostChapter 356Chapter 357 Leaving the Secret RealmChapter 358 The Reason of Failure
Chapter 359 Big dealChapter 360 An Angry Yuan TiangangChapter 361 Another MapChapter 363: Refining Xingfeng
Chapter 364 Three MovesChapter 365Chapter 366 Deep into the Spiritual VeinChapter 367
Chapter 368Chapter 369Chapter 370 Preparing to Breakthrough (Part 1)Chapter 371 Breaking through two realms in a row (second update)
Chapter 372 Cheng Dan (third update)Chapter 373 Old Wang Wakes Up (Fourth Change)Chapter 374 Old Wang Boards the Thief Ship (Fifth Change)Chapter 375 Everyone Prepares (Sixth)
Chapter 376: The Competition Begins (Seventh)Chapter 377 A Little Rusty (Eighth)Chapter 378 Shocking Everyone (Ninth Change)Chapter 379: The End (Tenth)
Chapter 380: The Spirit Vein Was Stolen Again (Eleventh Change)Chapter 381: Reaching the stage of transforming gods (twelfth more)Chapter 382: Not Leaving A Thing (Thirteenth)Chapter 383 Identity Exposed (14th)
Chapter 384 Surrounded (Fifteenth)Chapter 385 You Are Reasonable (Sixteenth)Chapter 386 It's too uglyChapter 387 Goodbye (Eighteenth)
Chapter 388: The Fearful Fusion PeriodChapter 389Chapter 390 The Opportunity ComesChapter 391 Rest
Chapter 392 Big CousinChapter 393 The Collapsed Li HangChapter 394Chapter 395 Strong or not
Chapter 396 Say it out and pretend 13Chapter 397 Seeing CrazyChapter 398 Yuan Kong Ancient RealmChapter 399
Chapter 400 Dare to BiteChapter 401 For FunChapter 402 Pulling HatredChapter 403 Cousin Sees Through
Chapter 404 Learning from the Older GenerationChapter 405 Give it all to meChapter 406 Understanding the Enemy's SituationChapter 407: Opening of the Secret Realm
Chapter 408 Entering the Secret RealmChapter 409 Finding a MapChapter 410Chapter 411 The Raging Bull
Chapter 412 Heart-piercing screamChapter 413 Going to the Most Dangerous PlaceChapter 414 Female AssassinChapter 415: Sneak into the Cave
Chapter 416 Land of Ice and FireChapter 417 UprootingChapter 418 Pulling the RadishChapter 419
Chapter 420 What Can I Do?Chapter 421 Leaving the ValleyChapter 422 Deep in the ForestChapter 423
Chapter 424 SleepChapter 425Chapter 426 This is Creation, ArtChapter 427
Chapter 428 Get the Treasure ChestChapter 429 Wolf Head PortraitChapter 430 Take the Wolf Head PortraitChapter 431 You Shake The Most Vigorously
Chapter 432 Watching an EvolutionChapter 433 This Is RomanceChapter 434 ExposedChapter 435: Birth of a Rare Treasure
Chapter 436 The Real Dry Blood MountainChapter 437Chapter 438 Playing StupidChapter 439 Underground Treasure
Chapter 440 Don't RunChapter 441 It's Not Safe To Be A SnakeChapter 442: Turn On Pretentious ModeChapter 443 It's your father who catches up
Chapter 444: Frontal CombatChapter 445 LeaveChapter 446 Bronze GateChapter 447 Blocking the way
Chapter 448 Why BotherChapter 449 I want to earn 100 millionChapter 450 Hurry up and do something to meChapter 451
Chapter 452Chapter 453 I have endured you for a long timeChapter 454 DisgustingChapter 455 Intimidation
456 Where there is a door, there is meChapter 457 Discount is an insult to the strongChapter 458 Uncle Qin is Playing OffChapter 459 Comprehending the True Meaning of Life
Chapter 460 TemptationChapter 461 Leaving the Secret RealmChapter 462 Start to killChapter 463 Zhou Lan's Tragedy
Chapter 464Chapter 465 Intermediate Lucky DrawChapter 466 The Value of These PointsChapter 467 Free Draw
Chapter 468 Is this dead?Chapter 469 SandbagChapter 470: The Chase Is ComingChapter 471
Chapter 472 Doubai ZhenfeiChapter 473 Make FriendsChapter 474 Don't be a little tigerChapter 475 Stewed Soup
Chapter 476 Always want to do somethingChapter 477 And My SignatureChapter 478 The Qinglian Spirit Fan Shows Its PowerChapter 479: Wind-Mie Fengyan Sect
Chapter 480 Let's go give giftsChapter 481 Arriving at the Heavenly Sword SectChapter 482: Something Happened to the Five Elements SectChapter 483 Back to the Five Elements Sect
Chapter 484 Discussion before the warChapter 485 Killing AllChapter 486 DilemmaChapter 487 You're amused
Chapter 488 I Like ChickenChapter 489Chapter 490 Picking the OpponentChapter 491 Epiphany
Chapter 492 I Heard You Have Itchy SkinChapter 493 Crossing Tribulation and MahayanaChapter 494 Against the Mahayana PeriodChapter 495 It's better to cheat you
Chapter 496: Extinguishing TribulationChapter 497: SurprisedChapter 499Chapter 500: The Past
Chapter 501: HandsomeChapter 502: Lord of Youling Mausoleum (Part 1)Chapter 503 Kongyun Sword Upgrade (Second)Chapter 504: Collection (Third)
Chapter 505 Don't give me Qin someone face (fourth)Chapter 506 Unable to escape (1)Chapter 507: Come to be a guest in the future (2)Chapter 508: A Pack of Hungry Wolves (3)
Chapter 509: The System Said Yes (4)Chapter 510 NegotiationChapter 511 Are You Really a Pulse Spirit?Chapter 512 Accepting This Monster (3)
Chapter 513 Really Don't Like It (4)Chapter 514 Going to YoulingChapter 515 Ben will take you to fly (2)Chapter 516 I'm Scared (3)
Chapter 517: The Power of Youling (4)Chapter 518 Meeting the Mausoleum MasterChapter 519Chapter 520 "Getting" Things
Chapter 521Chapter 522 Fighting Arena (1)Chapter 523 Someone is going to suffer (2)Chapter 524 Almost Died (3)
Chapter 525 Should be quite resistant to beating (4)Chapter 526 FightingChapter 527Chapter 528 The Three People Who Admire (3)
Chapter 529: The Peak of Fit (4)Chapter 530 SecretChapter 531 Live Without FriendsChapter 532
Chapter 533 She Is Your Aunt (4)Chapter 534 Zhao YunyuChapter 535 I Really Go InChapter 536: A Tough Woman
Chapter 537Chapter 538 Disciples of the Holy Dragon PalaceChapter 539Chapter 540 Time is running out
Chapter 541: Successfully ClearedChapter 542 Entering the Holy Dragon PalaceChapter 543 TestChapter 544 Are you playing to death?
Chapter 545 Make friendsChapter 546 Collective ActivitiesChapter 547Chapter 548 Cursing Special Session
Chapter 549 The fight finally startedChapter 550: Professional NarratorChapter 551 Complete VictoryChapter 552
Chapter 553 This grandson-in-law is not badChapter 554 Set a RestrictionChapter 555Chapter 556 Inquiry
Chapter 557 SecretChapter 559 Sealing the Pulse SpiritChapter 560 Too Much BullshitChapter 561: The Start of Trouble (1)
Chapter 562: Start to make trouble (2)Chapter 563 Admit defeatChapter 564 Too ArrogantChapter 565 Uprooting
Chapter 566 Leaving the Holy Dragon PalaceChapter 567: A Little Kid From HeavenChapter 568 UncleChapter 569 Entering the Heavenly Spirit Valley
Chapter 570 Can't Get OutChapter 571 Just Want to Break Your LegChapter 572 Iron scroll of alchemy bookChapter 573 Can't See Me
Chapter 574Chapter 575 Pie from the SkyChapter 576 Playing Wild (adding 1/5 to the 10000 Rewards for Saiwei Cat Dance)Chapter 577 The Alchemy Method
Chapter 578 Shocked (3/5 more rewards for Saiwei Cat Dance)Chapter 579 Success? (Add 4/5 for the 10000 Rewards of LDK Cat Dance)Chapter 580 Thunder Tribulation Appears (adding 5/5 to the 10,000 Rewards for Saiwei Cat Dance)Chapter 581 Half-Step Elixir
Chapter 582: Easy VictoryChapter 583: Fighting Man MountainChapter 584: Change the RatioChapter 585 Competition (1) (3/5 more rewards for Saiwei Cat Dance)
Chapter 586 Much Stronger Than Xiao HuangChapter 587 Almost SuffocatedChapter 588 Pulling the Braids (adding 6/10 to the leader of Saiwei Cat Dance)Chapter 589 Pointing (adding 7/10 to the leader of Saiwei Cat Dance)
Chapter 590 Maybe Not A Pro (Add 8/10 for the Saiwei Cat Dance Leader)Chapter 591 I don't even know (Add 9/10 for the leader of Saiwei Cat Dance)Chapter 592 Invincible Existence (add 10/10 for the leader of Saiwei Cat Dance)Chapter 593 No one can break
Chapter 594: The Curtain EndsChapter 595 Uncle Qin is the Most UprightChapter 596Chapter 597 Aren't you childless?
Chapter 598 Unleash the Power of GodChapter 599 He May Forgotwritten request for leaveChapter 600 Winning
Chapter 601 UnderstandChapter 602 Going to the Ten Thousand Demon SectChapter 603: I've Stabbed a Hornet's NestChapter 604 Hostage
Chapter 605 Group BattleChapter 606: Not DeadChapter 607 Crossing the TribulationChapter 608: Overcoming Tribulation Successfully
Chapter 609: Probably Didn't Find ItChapter 610 Seeing BloodChapter 611 Transcending Tribulation PeriodChapter 612
Chapter 613 Five Elements Sect Besieged AgainChapter 614Chapter 615: MistypedChapter 616 - One Severe Injury
Chapter 617Chapter 618 Just Do ItChapter 619 ChallengeChapter 620: The End
Chapter 621 Get TogetherChapter 622: TiedChapter 623 The system has a missionChapter 624
Chapter 625 Strange placeChapter 626: CaughtChapter 627 TalkingChapter 628: Order of the General
Chapter 629 FragmentsChapter 630: Finding the TowerChapter 631: Sword HiltChapter 632 The Arrival of the Powerful
Chapter 633 ConfrontationChapter 634 Battle of a Hundred PeopleChapter 635 RelaxChapter 636
Chapter 637: Phantom EyeChapter 638 I Didn't Control It Well The First Time I PlayedChapter 639 I will be crematedChapter 640: Here comes the head giver
Chapter 641: Really BelieveChapter 642Chapter 643: Beheading Wu's Third BrotherChapter 644
Chapter 645 Killing KangyuChapter 646Chapter 647 InjuredChapter 648 The Heaven Is Coming
Chapter 649 There are four moreChapter 650: Sold by TeammatesChapter 651 Self-destructChapter 652 For a Dream
Chapter 653Chapter 654 Obtaining the Boundary StoneChapter 655: All the Heavenly SwordsChapter 656 Preparation
Chapter 657 Ascension (End)End of this testimonialChapter 8Chapter 75 Positive
Chapter 76 Golden Elixir RealmChapter 78: Cultivating Physical SkillsChapter 111 Team GrowthChapter 118 The three of you know how to play
Chapter 128 Disciples send each other off (Part 1)Chapter 177Chapter 178 This is my sisterChapter 204 Do the previous event again?
Chapter 236: Big Boss GatheringChapter 261 Two Kinds of Spiritual RootsChapter 280Chapter 282 I went wrong
Chapter 283: Really RuthlessChapter 362 Tragic ReturnChapter 498: You LingChapter 558: The Chrysanthemum Has Been Developed
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