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About the reasons for writing a lot of introductions.Introduction (1)Introduction (2)Introduction (3)
Introduction (4)write something relatedNew book "Counter Attack Story"The new book "Counter Attack General Mobilization",
The new book "Fighting Spirit" uploadedturn oneXianshan Xuelinglong's New Book - Carrying the King to Conquer the Three Realmsnew book! Carrying the king and making trouble in the Three Realms
(1) Difficult girl(2) emphasize(3) The girl with the suitcase(4) Visit the kennel
(6) Joint tenancy agreement(7) Morning exercise(8) Morning exercise continued(9) Night tracking
(10) Let's make do(11) Debate character(12) You go back and have a look?(13) Are you a leftover man?
(14) Bead silk horse traces(15) Trial Boyfriend(16) That thing about Li Nan(17) Made shields twice a day
(18) I was originally a model(19) Future plans(20) On the eve of the interview(21) During the interview
(22) Open the chatterbox(23) Angry Nannan is cute(24) It's all your fault(25) Gentle Soup
(26) I just knew(27) Stay away from me(28) so tortured(29) Take a leave of absence to track down
(30) Beauties Walking Together(31) Tangled(32) Xishui Lake(33) The Origin of Modi
(34) Nan Road(35) Beauty like a cloud (1)(36) Beauty like a cloud (2)(37) Beauty like a cloud (3)
(38) Beauty like a cloud (4)(39) Closed doors(40) Woman Heart(41) Brother Fei
(42) Umbrella (1)(43) Umbrella (2)(44) Umbrella (3)(45) Umbrella (4)
(46) Woman bucket(47) I am innocent(48) Dating can be like this(49) March in the Late Night
(50) Yang Shu's offense(51) Return my honor(52) I'm going back to the company(53) Brother Fei, I will accompany you
(54) What do you love about her?(55) This is a big problem(56) more messy(57) Pool Fright
(58) Hard mouthed and soft hearted(59) Let you see enough(60) Model Fang(61) Big Rules
(62) A peaceful journey is not peaceful(63) binding(64) Shocking the Mystery of Age(65) First Love Girlfriend
(66) The Charm of Mona(68) Hibiscus out of clear water(69) The blood is still not cold(70) Woman Heart
(71) love to say(72) Push down the gourd and pick up the ladle (1)(73) Push down the gourd and pick up the scoop (2)(74) Push down the gourd and pick up the scoop (3)
(75) Press down the gourd and pick up the ladle (4)(76) Birthday Magic Disk (1)(77) Birthday Magic Disk (2)(78) Birthday Magic Disk (3)
(79) Birthday Magic Disk (4)(80) Birthday Magic Disk (5)(81) Birthday Magic Disk (6)(82) Birthday Magic Disk (7)
(83) Little noise (Part 1)(84) Little noise and noise (middle)(85) Little noise (Part 2)(86) Return to Calm
(87) stay with me(88) Charm and Pretty Shadow(89) Defense War(90) Solicit opinions
(91) You think too much(92) relative(93) Meet(94) play price
(95) The most depressed person is me(96) The matter of worth(97) Don't hurry to leave(98) very back
(99) Questioning(100) Those who mess with my heart(101) visitor(102) uninvited
(103) Above the dining table(104) returns(105) leave a mobile phone number(106) The Charm of a Woman
(107) Personality(108) Lobbying(109) Harassment is everywhere(110) work overtime with me for one hour every day
(111) Blessing dinner(112) Tenderness Like Water(114) statement(115) See Li Dan
(116) Officials don't get angry(117) Mona's Phone(118) Free Tour(119) Under the Fragrant Hills (upper)
(120) Fragrant Hills (below)(121) Abandoned Me(122) Torrent undercurrent(123) The secret in the mobile phone
(124) relationship(125) Endgame(126) agreement(127) every year
(128) select(129) shopping(130) ready to go(131) Extravagant dress (on)
(132) Extravagant dress (middle)(133) Extravagant dress (below)(134) Ticket purchase turmoil (Part 1)(135) Ticket purchase turmoil (below)
(136) Homecoming (Part 1)(137) The way home (below)(1) Entering our door for the first time(2) Cross-examination
(3) Heaven and Man at War (Part 1)(4) Battle Between Heaven and Man (Part 2)(5) Domineering Kiss(6) New Year's goods (on)
(7) New Year's goods (medium)(8) New Year's goods (below)(9) Fragrance of the body(10) red envelope
(12) Injured Bunny (Part 1)(13) Injured little bunny (below)(14) Tangled Night(15) Homecoming (1)
(16) Homecoming (2)(17) Homecoming (3)(18) Homecoming (4)(19) Homecoming (5)
(20) New Year's Eve SMS robbery (1)(21) New Year's Eve SMS robbery (2)(22) New Year's Eve SMS robbery (3)(23) New Year's Eve SMS robbery (4)
(24) New Year's Eve SMS robbery (5)(25) The Edge of Body Fragrance(26) Fleeing the door (on)(27) Fleeing door (middle)
(28) Going through the door (below)(29) Mermaid Invasion (Part 1)(30) Mermaid Invasion (Part 2)(31) War on the dinner table
(32) The matter of the child(33) Confession of the Mermaid(34) Torture(35) Embarrassing Purchases
(36) The Past of Shao Mingqiu(37) A woman's test (Part 1)(38) A woman's test (below)(40) Leave without wanting to leave
(41) career change(42) make up your mind(43) Circumstantial evidence of yellow hair(45) Three layers of temptation (1)
(46) Three layers of temptation (2)(48) Three Layers of Temptation (4)(49) Counterattack (on)(50) Counterattack (below)
(51) Mom is here (Part 1)(52) Mom is here (below)(53) Happy Shopping (Part 1)(54) Happy Shopping (Part 2)
(55) inquiry(56) blood boiling(57) Agreement (on)(58) Agreement (below)
(59) Baby, don't cry!(60) start tossing(61) Adding chaos is not enough(62) Xiaonan goes home
(63) Full Solution (Part 1)(64) Full Solution (Part 2)(65) Female Fighter(66) Love Debt (Part 1)
(67) Love Debt (Part 2)(68) Attentive little daughter-in-law (Part 1)(69) Attentive little daughter-in-law (middle)(70) Attentive little daughter-in-law (below)
(71) busy (on)(72) busy (below)(73) Li Dan's Attack (Part 1)(74) Li Dan's offense (middle)
(75) Li Dan's Attack (Part 2)(76) Destruction(77) Time flies(78) Different fragrance
(79) Lovely Encounter (Part 1)(80) Lovely Encounter (Part 2)(82) The weird girl(83) love
(84) stay away(85) Mother's exhortation before leaving Beijing(86) Journey(87) The woman walking
(88) Trailing(89) Do not pick wild flowers on the roadside(90) Surprise(91) Huang Yiyi
(92) Tongyan Wuji(93) Cute without limits(94) Those things in the same room (Part 1)(95) Those Things in the Same Room (Part 2)
(96) Things about cohabitation (below)(97) Quarrel(98) The matter of height (Part 1)(99) The Height Matter (Part 2)
(100) Surprises in the office(101) Fulfillment of the agreement(102) The so-called Ming Road(103) Bird with broken wings
(104) start all over again(105) details(106) Crisp chest pillow(107) Heat up (1)
(109) Ambiguous heating up (3)(110) Ambiguity heats up (4)(111) Ambiguous heating up (five)(112) Ambiguous heating up (6)
(113) Sanxin Botanical Garden (1)(114) Sanxin Botanical Garden (2)(115) Sanxin Botanical Garden (3)(117) Sanxin Botanical Garden (5)
(119) Sanxin Botanical Garden (7)(120) Sanxin Botanical Garden (8)(121) anti seduce(122) A woman in her arms
(123) Out of the blue (Part 1)(124) Suddenly (Part 2)(125) provocation(127) Weird Disease (Part 2)
(128) Love debt(129) Separation again (Part 1)(130) Separation again (below)(131) Goodbye Mona
(132) Misunderstanding(133) entrusted(135) Regret medicine(136) Men short of breath
(137) Meet(1) flames of war(2) Moving(3) Restless Night
(4) Kidnapping(5) fighting(6) Go to Guilin again(7) Finding a needle in a haystack with a thread
(8) Shen Jiani's home(9) Watching too much martial arts(10) A nest end(11) No one around
(12) Is it worth it?(14) Agreement(15) Back to Beijing(16) This brother is like a father
(17) Strange combination(18) several people(19) Things about the company(20) Occupation
(21) join in the fun(22) Old acquaintances(23) Never compromise(24) Nan Nan goes crazy
(25) Parting song(26) My heart is fragile(27) The big man reports danger(28) Big Formation
(29) plan(30) Liu Zhouzhou(31) Life is flickering(32) Borrowing
(33) Xiaoxue's persistence(34) Gentle time in the resort (Part 1)(35) Gentle time in the resort (middle)(36) Gentle time in the resort (below)
(37) Night alone(38) Back to Beijing(39) Making money is so simple(40) Hospital horror
(41) Mom strikes(42) Father's words(43) Sensitive Nan Nan(44) Mother's request
(45) recall the past(46) Nan Nan's Strategy Library(47) Showdown(48) An Uneasy Trip for Four
(49) born(50) Nan Dao's Smile(51) Assistant Goofy(52) Star bezel
(53) Gossip(54) Little Sweet Time(55) Holiday given by Nan Nan(56) He looks like you
(57) Unexpected Guest(58) Mermaid's Request(59) Finding the Mermaid(60) really travel far
(61) Warm moments(62) More messy audio(63) My heart is in a mess(64) Meeting Mona Again
(65) Sons and Daughters(66) Give you a surprise(67) I support you(68) Just do it
(69) What?(70) Preparations before marriage (1)(71) Preparing for marriage (2)(72) Preparing for marriage (3)
(73) Preparing for marriage (4)(74) Preparing for marriage (5)(75) Seven-step killing punch(76) The sudden second brother-in-law
(77) Depressed Li Wu(78) marriage certificate(79) Homecoming(80) How could this happen!
(81) No... no!(82) Quickly solve your doubts...(83) Women's Fight(84) The head of the Li family
(85) exhort(86) Wedding Photo (Part 1)(87) Wedding photo (below)(88) Telephone Announcement
(89) Mona Appears(90) You take care of the children(91) My body is given to you(92) Best man and bridesmaid
(93) Doubt(94) Finally get the certificate(95) planning(96) Come all who should come
(97) Dress up(98) The Great Wedding Gift (Part 1)(99) Wedding Gift (Part 2)(100) I am no longer your girlfriend (finale)
Postscript (2011-7-31)burst into tears  
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