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My disciple is Sun Wukong Latest chapter update list


Chapter 1 Jiuxuan Tianzun, Returns ProudlyChapter 2 Ninth MasterChapter 3 ReunionChapter 4 The Fragrance of Tea Is Still
Chapter 5 YunzhouChapter 6 Sword Demon DuguChapter 7 Three Hundred Miles of Dianchi LakeChapter 8 Into the Netherworld with a glance ¡¾Tickets¡¿
Chapter 9 Qilin Talent Zhou QilinChapter 10 The Tang Family's Contempt (ask for a ticket)Chapter 11 The ScumbagChapter 12 Xuanzun makes a move
Chapter 13 In heaven and earth, who dares to be worshiped by the deity?Chapter 14Chapter 15 Love Through Time and SpaceChapter 16 Master Jiu, can you remember your old friend? (Extra)
Chapter 17 Earn some installation feesChapter 18 Regretful Lin BingyanChapter 19 ReversalChapter 20 Someone Came to Give Money
Chapter 21 Forcibly pretending to be aggressive ¡¾Kneeling for recommendation¡¿Chapter 22 A Windfall ¡¾Recommendation¡¿Chapter 23 God-like PredictionChapter 24 God of War
Chapter 25 God of War kneels in secondsChapter 26 You Are FiredChapter 27 Commendation ConferenceChapter 28 Wendou
Chapter 29 Splendid Rivers and Mountains, Sun, Moon and StarsChapter 30 A lot of worries, old friends will never forget!Chapter 31Chapter 32 The Man Who Kneeled to Worship God (Please recommend)
Chapter 33 Winning a lottery ¡¾Please recommend¡¿Chapter 34 Let me give you a pretense feeChapter 35 The Girl's Mind (Please recommend a ticket)Chapter 36 The King of Cars ¡¾Recommendation¡¿
Chapter 37 The True Noble ¡¾Add more for 1000 recommendation tickets¡¿Chapter 38 This wine is poisonousChapter 39 Admiring Huaxia, Thinking of My GodChapter 40 The Most Honorable Person
Chapter 41 Cut off children and grandchildren ¡¾Recommendation¡¿Chapter 42: Yunzhou BossChapter 43 The Secret of the Yun FamilyChapter 44 How can this car be worthy of you?
Chapter 45 Surprised treatmentChapter 46 Immortal SoupChapter 47 Puppy Love!Chapter 48: Millennium Sorrows
Chapter 49 Tianya PavilionChapter 50 What kind of existence?Chapter 51 Young Master Su's BraveryChapter 52 Who dares to let my guest go
Chapter 53 Tang Style in West YunnanChapter 54 So ArrogantChapter 55 Mr. Duan of DaliChapter 56 Boy, don't run away
Chapter 57 Unfortunately, your fate is not goodChapter 58 The past of Li Xiaoyao and Ling'erChapter 59Chapter 60 Will Master Ye Come?
Chapter 61 The First Person in Ancient and Modern TimesChapter 62 Invite Master YeChapter 63 Young GeniusChapter 64 Seeking Master Ye
Chapter 65Chapter 66 Take advantage of itChapter 67 The main event is comingChapter 68 Sky-high price
Chapter 69 Grandmaster Like a Dragon (recommendation ticket requested)Chapter 70Chapter 71Chapter 72
Chapter 73 RejuvenationChapter 74Chapter 75 Old WangChapter 76
Chapter 77 Black and White ImpermanenceChapter 78 Hear My StoryChapter 79 Underworld UnderworldChapter 80 Ye Xuan, You Liar
Chapter 81 Teach him to be a man!Chapter 82 Brother, I'm looking forward to the stars and the moon and looking forward to you!Chapter 83 NanzhaoChapter 84 Treason
Chapter 85 Holy Spirit Divine BloodChapter 86Chapter 87 Kneeling for a rewardChapter 88 Don't deserve it?
Chapter 89 Your Home and My Home Are Like HomeChapter 90 LingerChapter 91 Great Changes in NanzhaoChapter 92 Zhongnan Yang Family ¡¾Second Update¡¿
Chapter 93 Please [Third Update]Chapter 94 Imperial Sword Art [Fourth update, please recommend]Chapter 95 West YunnanChapter 96 You Are Not Human
Chapter 97 DisrespectChapter 98 Mysterious CallChapter 99 Divine PowerChapter 100 Real Kung Fu
Chapter 101 Shopping StreetChapter 102 It's over [fourth update, please recommend]Chapter 103 Wang Rou's FamilyChapter 104 Enemy's Narrow Road
Chapter 105 Wine FightChapter 106 Cow DrinkChapter 107 When the book is in use, you will hate lessChapter 108 You Support Me [Second Update]
Chapter 109Chapter 110 TangmenChapter 111 Fighting the LandlordChapter 112 Calling the Landlord
Chapter 113 Tang MeierChapter 114 MagicChapter 115 ShoppingChapter 116 Givenchy
Chapter 117Chapter 118 Patek PhilippeChapter 119 The Perfect BrotherChapter 120 So-so, third in the world
Chapter 121 Holding Hands and WhiteheadsChapter 122 Later?Chapter 123 The Disappearing Heavenly KingChapter 124 Instant Kill All Superstars
Chapter 125 Caring for the mentally retardedChapter 126: Butterfly LoversChapter 127 InvitationChapter 128 Brother, Thank You
Chapter 129 Hire you to spray manureChapter 130 Get out of hereChapter 131 Defying LuckChapter 132 Hongguang VS BMW
Chapter 133 Meet the Classmates!Chapter 134 Hit me!Chapter 135 AngerChapter 136 Sending You to Mars
Chapter 137 Feng WujiChapter 138: Gathering of LeadersChapter 139 Heavenly DragonChapter 140 I will bet you with my descendants
Chapter 142 Return to KunmingChapter 143 King of YunzhouChapter 144 Overwhelming People with PowerChapter 145 Mysterious Statue
Chapter 146 The Green Smoke Old ManChapter 148 Martial arts performanceChapter 149 What are the qualifications?Chapter 150 Experience the World's No. 1 Excalibur
Chapter 151Chapter 152 One Finger PowerChapter 153 UphillChapter 154 Snow Leopard
Chapter 155 The Old ImmortalChapter 156 DiscussionChapter 157: StartChapter 158 Scared to Pee
Chapter 159: Exploding Sky AppearsChapter 162 Riding the Wind and Stepping on the Sky ArtChapter 163 Chapter 177Chapter 164
Chapter 165 Eat YouChapter 166: First Solution to the SealChapter 167 MonsterChapter 168
Chapter 169 CooperationChapter 170 It's HimChapter 171 It's Ye Xuan!Chapter 172 You Can't Meet Too Amazing People When You're Young
Chapter 173 Qilin PavilionChapter 174Chapter 175 Cauldron FurnaceChapter 176 Forced to Take the Stage
Chapter 177 FarewellChapter 178 Awe-inspiring RighteousnessChapter 179 Lingering SoulChapter 181 Broken Shoes
Chapter 182 Forever DesperateChapter 183 Mr. YeChapter 184Chapter 185 Retire
Chapter 186 Snow CottageChapter 187Chapter 189 The shock of the world's richChapter 190 Ye Family
Chapter 191 Engagement BanquetChapter 192 Dao Lord LingxuChapter 193 Who are you?Chapter 194 Xuanzun is angry
Chapter 195 The Underworld's First God GeneralChapter 196 Into the HellChapter 197 Once the Nine Mysteries come out, who dares to be superiorChapter 198
Chapter 199 There Are Temporary Workers In Hell?Chapter 200Chapter 201: People are like rainbowsChapter 202 Controversy over Confucianism
Chapter 203 Kitano YoumengChapter 204 NonsenseChapter 205 Don't Disdain To Bully YouChapter 206 Kneeling and begging for mercy
Feel sorryChapter 207: Slaying the DragonChapter 208: Celestial MasterChapter 209 Reserved
Chapter 210Chapter 211 Returning to Tianya PavilionChapter 212 The Goddess of YoumengChapter 213 Save Your Life
Chapter 214 StranglingChapter 215 Magic ArtifactChapter 216Chapter 217 Stealing the Cat
Chapter 218 Cannibalism without spit out bonesChapter 219 The BoyChapter 220 HopelessChapter 221
Chapter 222 Great Qin is ImmortalChapter 223: Penglai Real ManChapter 224 Great Qin GeneralChapter 225: First Emperor's Domination
Chapter 226 Reaching CooperationChapter 227Chapter 228 Kyushu TechnologyChapter 229 The Engagement Banquet Arrives
Chapter 230 Ye JiuxuanzhiChapter 231 I ObjectChapter 232Chapter 233 Overwhelming
Chapter 234Chapter 235 It's Your TurnChapter 236 A middle fingerChapter 237
Chapter 238: Eye-popping Press ConferenceChapter 239 Finally Obtained the Qilin OrderTell me about the rewardChapter 240 In the next hundred years, who dares to forget me?
Chapter 241 Resisting the Sword and Entering the WTO, Killing the HeroesChapter 242 TianyinChapter 243: Ice and Snow EmperorChapter 244 I want him
Chapter 245 Zangbian Five EldersChapter 246 Killing You With One HandChapter 247: The Eve of the ExamChapter 248
Chapter 249 Kneel down and beg meChapter 250 Hundred Schools Entrance ExaminationChapter 251 Strange Person in the Examination RoomChapter 252 Who is number one?
Chapter 253 Thanks Mr. YeChapter 254 Primordial PrestigeChapter 255 The Millennium Snow TideChapter 256 The Arrival of the Expert
Chapter 257 The Great Enemy ArrivesChapter 258 The Yin and Yang of the EarthChapter 259 Foreign FriendsChapter 260 The Truth Comes Out
Chapter 261 Why explain?Chapter 262Chapter 263 Zang Shen BingqingChapter 264 A Gathering of Heroes
Chapter 265 I want to live in the bathroomChapter 266 Drinking ice for ten years, the blood is hard to coolChapter 267 The Palace Is GoneChapter 268 The Girl's Mind
Chapter 269: Be a DogChapter 270: Beacon FlamesChapter 271: For FaithChapter 272 Standing with a Sword
Chapter 273 The Great Emperor ComesChapter 274 Zangshen Ancient PavilionChapter 275: The Heavens Will Kill Me?Chapter 276 How dare the way of heaven restrain Xuanzun?
Chapter 277 What's so great?Chapter 278 Lord of Cloud RiverChapter 279Chapter 280 Seat!
Chapter 281 Mr. Ye Wang, YunzhouChapter 282: The Prestige Shocks the HeavensChapter 283 Insatiable?Chapter 284 Who is it?
Chapter 285: Bad KidneyChapter 286 The Past and Present of the Golden CudgelChapter 287 Mount EverestChapter 288 Everest Squad
Chapter 289 The Battle of Mount EverestChapter 290Chapter 291 Ten Thousand Years of ColdnessChapter 292 Unbelievable until death
Chapter 293 Undersea PalaceChapter 294 Heavenly Spirit Holy WaterChapter 295 Where do you come from and where are you going?Chapter 296 My Wish
Chapter 297: Lantern YirenChapter 298Chapter 299 The southeast shape wins, three Wu citiesChapter 300 I have an old friend to go to thousands of mountains
Chapter 301Chapter 302 Special DishesChapter 303 PriceChapter 304 Donation
Chapter 305: The Heavenly ListChapter 306 Handsome DistressChapter 307 Do you know who he is?Chapter 308
Chapter 309 GenerosityChapter 310 Who is in Yunzhou? ¡¾Third watch¡¿Chapter 311 It's enough to have me alone! ¡¾First update¡¿Chapter 312 Scolding Out of Rhythm
Chapter 313 Sending CannonsChapter 314 Troublesome People Out of Poor Mountains and Bad WatersChapter 315 Fighting DadChapter 316 The Big Exam Is Coming
Chapter 317 Poetry Expresses Ambition [Big Chapter]Chapter 318 Eternal Famous ArticlesChapter 319Chapter 320 Your Confidence
Chapter 321 Zhu ShengChapter 322 Heaven and Earth Xuanhuang Linglong PagodaChapter 323 Haotian God EmperorChapter 324 Westbound Fengxian County
Chapter 325 Tang Monk's Buddha SoulChapter 326 Tang Seng¡¯s Horror Origin ¡¾Big Chapter¡¿Chapter 327 Innate Seal PatternChapter 328 Life Winner
Chapter 329 Golden luxury carChapter 330 Hotel TalkChapter 331Chapter 332: Big shot (2)
Chapter 334 ToastChapter 335Chapter 336: Exam ResultsChapter 337 The King of Champions
Chapter 338: Sprinkling Flowers to CelebrateChapter 339: It Doesn't Add Up to 100%340 Sing a songChapter 342 Shocking the Imperial College
Chapter 343 The Twelve Bachelors of the Taixue HallChapter 344 Dragons from the Kingdom of HuaChapter 345 Explosion on WeiboChapter 346: Report Ye Xuan
Chapter 347Chapter 348 Long Yan JoyChapter 349Chapter 350
Chapter 351: Purple Clothed Guards Reaching StarsChapter 352 Tang Seng and His PartyChapter 353 My Master Bodhi Patriarch?Chapter 354
Chapter 355: Immortal TribulationChapter 356 Eight Wise KingsChapter 357: Soul Returns to DarknessChapter 358 The Angry Dragon
Chapter 359 Returning from the deadChapter 360 The Gold Medal of ExemptionChapter 361Chapter 362 You Are Ye Xuan
Chapter 363 Little Buzhou MountainChapter 364 Fu Xi's gossipChapter 365 Taiji Zhang SanfengChapter 366: Tai Chi Originates From Eight Diagrams
Chapter 367 WorshipChapter 368 The Arrival of the Missions from the Two CountriesChapter 369: The Wendao Festival BeginsChapter 370
Chapter 371 Facing the sea, spring blossomsChapter 372 RankingChapter 373 Praise ChinaChapter 374 Angrily Praise China
Chapter 375 Return to the ProsperityChapter 376 Out of the mud but not stainedpush book + thanksChapter 377 The Genius Boy Is Not Accepted
Chapter 378 The World's Most Talented ScholarChapter 379 Please slap me in the face with your talent [Chapter Three]Chapter 380 Diary of a MadmanChapter 381 Taiji School VS Baguamen
Chapter 382 Kill AllChapter 383 Obtaining eternal life in the fire and bloodChapter 384: A Billion BratsChapter 385 Xuanzun strikes, destroy!
Chapter 386 Tai Chi ancestorChapter 387: The Most Inferior Elixir (1)Chapter 388 Sailing Against the Current (2)Chapter 389 Commoner Minister, Student Dazai (3)
Chapter 390 Overcoming Tribulation (4)Chapter 391 - Terrorist Strength Improvement (5)Chapter 392 Li Bai Su Shi (6)Chapter 393 Zhenwu Killing Formation (7)
Chapter 394 Long live the ancestors (8)Chapter 395 I am the Martial Ancestor, and the world is a slave (9)Chapter 396 Huaguo Five Dragons (10)Chapter 397 Martial Ancestor, Skin (11)
Chapter 398 Asking the Gods to Do Things (12)Chapter 399: The Immortal (13)Chapter 400 Seeing Martial Ancestor, Why Don't You Kneel? (14)Chapter 401 Named Disciple (15)
Chapter 402 Excited to ExplosionChapter 403 Long live the Martial AncestorChapter 404 Martial Ancestor PreachingChapter 405 Golden Light of Merit
Chapter 406 Colorful DragonChapter 407 Ruyi's magical powers are powerfulChapter 408 Dragon Clan Supreme TreasureChapter 409 Solar Cell
Chapter 410 The Fourth Technological RevolutionChapter 411 The intelligent system that shocked the worldChapter 412 Redefine what is called innovationChapter 413 Yang Sixuan's endorsement
Chapter 414: Freshmen Begin SchoolChapter 415 Upbringing? educate?Chapter 416 Want to become a professor?Chapter 417 The Four Major School Beauties
Chapter 418 Only For Shi YibingChapter 419 Brand ControversyChapter 420 Whose territory is it?Chapter 421 Participate in the show
Chapter 422 Poetry in Seven StepsChapter 423 Charm of Ancient StudiesChapter 424: Ye Xuan LecturesChapter 425 Don't Divorce
Chapter 426 Kyushu Technology ConferenceChapter 427: The World-Shocking ProductChapter 428 Touching people's hearts, the price is kindChapter 429: Yang Sixuan Takes the Stage
Chapter 430 PromiseChapter 431 My promise is like winning the worldChapter 432 There is a difference between you and meChapter 433 Let Her Be Prosperous Forever
Chapter 434 Who is he?Chapter 435 The Greatest Company ¡¾Big Chapter¡¿Chapter 436 Crazy SalesChapter 437 What can the mobile phone do in case of danger?
Chapter 438: Cultivation base skyrocketed againChapter 439 Purple Gold Flower Blooms, Full of Two QisChapter 440 Take the money and get outChapter 441
Chapter 442: Using Needles Like a GodChapter 443 Shocking EveryoneChapter 444 Ask Mr. Ye to helpChapter 445 Consultation Fee One Yuan
Chapter 446: Imperial Hospital InstructorChapter 447 DreamChapter 448 Entering the field of smart carsChapter 449: An Unprecedented Welcome Team
Chapter 450 Acquisition of Major Automobile CompaniesChapter 451 Meeting with the Big Three Automobile CompaniesChapter 452 Buy Rolls Royce BugattiChapter 453 From today onwards, the sky has changed
Chapter 454 Resist Kyushu TechnologyChapter 455 Summer PalaceChapter 456: One Hundred BillionChapter 457 Negotiation
Chapter 458 ArroganceChapter 459 The Crazy Eight Sage KingsChapter 460explain
Chapter 461 Shocking Design DrawingsChapter 462: Construction PeriodChapter 463Chapter 464
Chapter 465 FramedChapter 466Chapter 467Chapter 468 Peerless National Scholar
Chapter 469 There used to be Duke Zhou, but now there is Ye XuanChapter 470: Starting ConstructionChapter 471Chapter 472: A Farce
Chapter 473 Zhao Ritian is CoolChapter 474Chapter 475 Yang Sixuan VisitsChapter 476 Revisiting the old place
Chapter 477Chapter 478 Dongfang FamilyChapter 479: The son is Zhongshan wolf, and if he succeeds, he will run wildChapter 480 I advise you to be kind
Chapter 481 If time freezesChapter 482 Once the golden wind and jade dew meet, they will win but there are countless people in the worldChapter 483 Weibo FallsChapter 484 Centennial Auditorium
Chapter 485 Zen PrinciplesChapter 486 Ten thousand years is too long, seize the dayChapter 487: Divine SkillChapter 488 Painting should have a spirit, ride the wind and leave
Chapter 489 I Have Forty Million RosesChapter 490 Completion of the Summer PalaceChapter 491 The Shocked Hua CountryChapter 492: A New Journey
Chapter 493 The Terrifying Power of the Top Three FamilyChapter 494 Leave, You Are UnworthyChapter 495 The most pretentious woman in historyChapter 496: Zhao Hui's Conspiracy
Chapter 497 Wrote a SongChapter 498 Why do you need to apologize?Chapter 499 The Conspiracy of the Two Young MastersChapter 500 Audition Site
Chapter 501 Meeting Young Master Xue AgainChapter 502Chapter 503: Chasing DreamsChapter 504: I Feel Like a Superstar
Chapter 505 Superstar Ninth MasterChapter 506 SlanderChapter 507: Be SincereChapter 508: Blind Selection
Chapter 509 My DreamChapter 510Chapter 511 Bombarding the Entertainment CircleChapter 512 Kyushu Profound Dragon
Chapter 513 Out of Print BugattiChapter 514 Flying Golden DragonChapter 515 It... flew up!Chapter 516 An Angry Xue Zhiqian
Chapter 517 Five hundred and forty eighth worth 50 billionChapter 518: Everyone ShockedChapter 519: Hot InternetChapter 520
Chapter 521 Just do good deeds, don't ask about the futureChapter 522Chapter 523 PK MatchChapter 524 Evaluation from "Da Yin Xi Sheng"
Chapter 525 Shocking Oriental ArtChapter 526 Invitation from afarChapter 527 Shocking the Works of the Painting and Calligraphy ExhibitionChapter 528: The Shocking Secret in Calligraphy and Painting
Chapter 529 Something HappenedChapter 530 The Wish Before DyingChapter 531: Ignite HopeChapter 532
Chapter 533Chapter 534: The Grand Event BeginsChapter 535 Compete for the finalChapter 536: Amazing Singing
Chapter 537: During the FinalsChapter 538 Trembling SoulChapter 539 ChampionChapter 540 Love You For Ten Thousand Years
Chapter 541 Bengbo-level starChapter 542 Kyushu Automobile LaunchChapter 543 Exciting priceChapter 544 Kyushu Auto Industry Chain
Chapter 545 Rave ReviewsChapter 546: The Ye Family Takes ActionChapter 547 The Terrible Qilin OrderChapter 548: There Are Tigers In Front And Chasers Behind
Chapter 549 Are you ready to die?Chapter 550 Not qualifiedChapter 551Chapter 552 Fight! ! !
Chapter 553 Swallow it in one gulp?Chapter 554 Invite the Lord of the Qilin PavilionChapter 555 Completely CoolChapter 556: Palace Treasure
Chapter 557: Immemorial Divine StoneChapter 558Chapter 559: The End of the WorldChapter 560: One Person Is Enough
Chapter 561 I Come to KillChapter 562 Everyone on the island can dieChapter 563: The Sword Comes!Chapter 564 Flying Jade Dragon Nine Million
Chapter 565: The War Will BeginChapter 566Chapter 567: The Divine Dragon Swings Its TailChapter 568 Sworn to His Majesty Tianjun
Chapter 569 KillingChapter 570 Hold On For Five MinutesChapter 571 Lost, lost...Chapter 572 Martial Ancestor Is Immortal
Chapter 573 Super WeaponChapter 574Chapter 575 Surrender or DieChapter 576: Eight Qi Great God
Chapter 577: BattleChapter 578: Beheading the Snake's HeadChapter 579: The Dust SettlesChapter 580 Choose Surrender
Chapter 581 The super power that makes the whole world fearChapter 582: Black Palace's DeterminationChapter 583 The Summer Palace Was BombedChapter 584 Five Powers
Chapter 585: Shenwei SupercomputerChapter 586 Do whatever you wantChapter 587 Super DisasterChapter 588 The Evil of Human Nature
Chapter 589Chapter 590 Joint pressureChapter 591 It's overChapter 592 Press Conference
Chapter 593 All Nations Come to DynastyChapter 594 Returning to the Earth Immortal RealmChapter 595: Guanyin BodhisattvaChapter 596: On the Road
Chapter 597Chapter 598 Meeting Taibaijinxing on the RoadChapter 599 Wukong meets WukongChapter 600 Master and Apprentice Recognition
Chapter 601 Master becomes brother?Chapter 602: The Confused AvalokitesvaraChapter 603Chapter 604
Chapter 605Chapter 606Chapter 607: Sun Wukong's First DemonstrationChapter 608 Proving Dao Luo
Chapter 609Chapter 610 Greatly Increased StrengthChapter 611 Continue to set offChapter 612: Early Enlightenment
Chapter 613: Preaching Under the MoonChapter 614: Yellow Sand Fills the SkyChapter 615 Lingji VisitsChapter 616 The Four Disciples Gather
Chapter 617 The Four Bodhisattvas AppearChapter 618Chapter 619: Immortal ZhenyuanChapter 620 Anger
Chapter 621 Murder and Arson NightChapter 622Chapter 623 Defeat him with a waveChapter 624 I owe you a favor
Chapter 625: Lady BonesChapter 626Chapter 627Chapter 628 Baby
Chapter 629Chapter 630: The Humiliated MonkeyChapter 631 No hero at the time, but it actually made Zhu Zi famousChapter 632 The Young Emperor of the Dragon Clan
Chapter 633: Dragon Clan's ProsperityChapter 634 The sky is about to changeChapter 635 Return to EarthChapter 636 Great Changes in a Century
Chapter 637 Eight-Armed ExcaliburChapter 638 The Four Furious GrandmastersChapter 639 Why do you need to kill someone?Chapter 640 Kill all the arrogant people in the world
Chapter 641Chapter 642 First Heard of the Kunlun RuinsChapter 643 Set foot on the search for the shrineChapter 644
Chapter 645 Defeat him with one fingerChapter 646 Let's go, Jingu!Chapter 647 Asking for directionsChapter 648 Deep in the Mountain
Chapter 649 Kunlun Ruins TianmenChapter 650 Nine million sword immortals in the sky, you must bow your head when you see meChapter 651 The Void VulnerableChapter 652
Chapter 653Chapter 654: Killing the ImmortalChapter 655 Xiu'erChapter 656 Reaching the sky in one step
Chapter 657: Encountering a Huge Ship at SeaChapter 658 Looking back and smiling at Bai Meisheng, Liugong Fendai has no colorChapter 659Chapter 660
Chapter 661 Killing NightChapter 662Chapter 663 Colorful clouds are the bridge to take you homeChapter 664: Here Comes the Lord
Chapter 665Chapter 666Chapter 667 The Chaos in the Entire Heavenly CourtChapter 668 Come on, merit
Chapter 669 Breaking the SealChapter 670 The seal is broken, the way of heaven is brokenChapter 671 Call Yang JianChapter 672 Return to Heaven
Chapter 673Chapter 674 I am also HappyChapter 675: The Wheel-Running KingChapter 676 Nine Heavens Breathing Soil Light Water
Chapter 677 Innate Spirit BodyChapter 678: The Rain ComesChapter 679Chapter 680 Awakening of Tang Monk's Buddha Soul
Chapter 681 The sky and the earth net, the Buddha's soul cannot escapeChapter 682 Excuse me, how do you destroy me?Chapter 683 Xuanzun ReturnsChapter 684 Five hundred ambitions, Xuanzang becomes holy
Chapter 685: Fengxian County rearranges five disciplesChapter 686 At the foot of Lingshan Mountain, the Pure Land of Ultimate BlissChapter 687: Crushing the Great Leiyin TempleChapter 688 Tathagata, my grandson is here
Chapter 689 The Daxiong Palace is on the verge of a swordChapter 690Chapter 691 My grandson just asks, am I wrong?Chapter 692 The mighty Buddha's light
Chapter 693Chapter 694: Something Happened in the West (End)Chapter 141 SaluteChapter 147 Ancient City Tianlong
Chapter 160 Ask Mr. Ye to helpChapter 161Chapter 180 The Second Handsome? ¡¾Seven more¡¿Chapter 188 The old slave is guilty
Chapter 333 The real big shotChapter 341 It Must Be a Conspiracy  
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