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Ling Ran

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    Ling Ran The hero of this work

    Ling Ran is a person who is quick in action, smart in mind, and a person who cares about emotions.  Including friendship, family, and love are all extremely important.

    Age 17 At the beginning of the story, due to the car accident in Yucheng, I blamed myself endlessly. In order to fulfill the dreams of my partners, I established the "Dream and Love Department"

    And help each partner to realize their dreams.  Later, after Youcheng woke up, Ling Ran was also notified that Grandpa's family was invited.

    Under the untold hardships, You Cheng recalled his memory.  But the story is not over yet, Yucheng also began to fulfill his dream, and at this time the partners left one by one due to high school graduation.  Ling Ran and You Cheng got married as they wished, but they were retaliated by [North Korea] after they became pregnant.  Yucheng once fell into a deep sleep.

    Before You Cheng fell into a deep sleep, they gave birth to their daughter [Ling Lou].  Ling Ran blamed herself again, so she lived with her injured body for several years.

    A few years later, because the daughter realized the importance of family.  He regards his daughter Linglou as a spiritual pillar.

    In the end, Youcheng finally woke up after countless prayers from Ling Ran and her daughter.  Ling Ran's wounded scream made You Cheng recover his memory.  But because of the consumption of the past few years.  Ling Ran died the next day.

    In the last chapter, it turned out that this was a dream. In the first chapter, both Ling Ran and Youcheng lost consciousness after the car accident, so the mutual will finally made the dream come true and woke up.  (Remember the site URL:
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