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Chapter 130 Extra Story

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    In winter, even the wind is slightly bitter.

    However, the temperature of the air conditioner in the room was very high, more than 20 degrees.

    Shi Manman felt a little hot.

    So he untied the scarf and took off the gloves.

    Shi Jian came up with a cup of red dates and wolfberry tea.

    It is obvious that he is used to the behavior of his fiancee.

    She has always been afraid of heat.

    "The temperature of the air conditioner is adjusted too harshly, and it is easy to sweat and catch a cold."

    Shi Jian sighed, took the remote control of the air conditioner she had at hand and adjusted the temperature to room temperature.

    Then I felt that the way she swayed with bare feet was a bit of an eyesore.

    "It's okay to take off the gloves. The floor is tiled, which is not good for your health."

    "Put your shoes on."

    Shi Manman just flipped out the things caught in the pages of the book.

    Haven't had time to look at it yet.

    She gave a slow "oh" and put on her shoes.

    Be well-behaved.

    Shi Jian put the glass of jujube and wolfberry tea on the desk.

    Just opened the working page of the notebook.

    Cross your hands and rest your chin.

    It's rare to see her so obedient.

    Vaguely feel a little rare.

    Shi Manman ignored him, put on his shoes and continued to read the things between the pages of the book.

    There is some vague relish.

    The eyes are still bright.

    Then she jumped off the sofa and kissed him across the desk.

    Shi Jian shook her hand.

    A little helpless.

    "What's wrong?"

    "I saw the love letter you wrote to me before."

    He paused with his fingertips.

    "Then what?"

    "Mr. Shi." Shi Manman pursed his lips, and then called him with a drawn out voice.

    Shi Jian said "hmm", and she was quite cooperative.

    "Mrs. Shi."

    "I want to hear you read a love letter to me, what should I do?"

    Shi Manman looked at him with his forehead propped.

    Bright eyebrows and bright eyes.

    Today she wore a lemon yellow sweater with an apricot knitted skirt.

    The long white legs shrank in a corner a little aggrieved.

    A small piece of clavicle is exposed on the side of the slender neck.

    Seductively tight.

    Shi Jian's eyes darkened a little.

    Recalling the stamp that Xia Tian gave her before.

    But he coughed twice.

    "speak nicely."

    Shi Manman froze for a moment.

    Then sit upright.

    Think again.

    Then she leaned over and kissed him.

    Feeling a little coquettish.


    Shi Jian was helpless.


    What else can I do if I don't say yes?

    Miss Rong acted like a baby.

    Life can be given to her.

    Shi Jian turned off the notebook, then went to the bedroom and brought a blanket.

    Shi Manman nestled in his arms very cooperatively.

    The smell of bamboo soap is a bit strong.

    It's warm.

    "Where did you find it?"

    Shi Jian took the slightly yellowed paper from her hand.

    Then he opened his mouth and asked.

    Shi Manman covered his face and smiled, "It's in the book."

    Shi Jian raised her eyebrows.

    "I didn't expect Mr. Shi to have a habit of secretly hiding love letters."

    She smiled again and said.

    The voice is a bit teasing no matter how it sounds.

    Shi Jian snorted.

    The palm slid down and touched her palm, bringing a little warmth.

    "This is a souvenir to put away."

    Shi Jian's voice was a little low, and then she opened the paper.

    "It's just that you like to rummage around, rummaging out all my old stories."

    Shi Man shrugged indifferently.

    "Don't be distracted, I'm starting."

    Shi Jian's voice followed up again.

    She was lying a little uncomfortable just now.

    Hearing him say "oh", he adjusted his posture.

    Then he played with the wool on his sweater with his fingertips.

    ?Show that you are really focused.

    Shi Jian smiled.

    "Hello, Shi Xiaoman."

    He cleared his throat.

    "I'm Shi Jian from the class next door, and I want to confess my love to you."

    She said "hmm".

    "The sky is a bit of a leaden gray color, rendered like a light ink. It's a little bright."

    "The classroom is very quiet, I am sitting by the window and writing to you."

    "Because of the angle of view, I can see the branches swaying in the air. The poplar tree has grown very tall."

    "Slowly growing taller."

    "It seems that you are growing up slowly."

    "I have always hidden a secret in my heart, but I just feel that I should hide it carefully in those youthful years that have not yet grown up."

    "But you are already slim. Every time I do homework with you, I can find all kinds of love letters from your textbooks."

    "The wording is greasy, and a lot of flamboyant rhetoric is accumulated, which makes people feel very inferior."

    "I threw away those love letters, and then felt a little childish."

    "I like you. That's why I wrote you a love letter just like I was naive back then."

    "I want to do many things with you."

    "I want to see the snow on the Tianshan Mountains and the sunrise on the sea with you. Then you and I will grow old slowly, just in this journey."

    "Then count your eyelashes when you are very quiet at night, and watch you sleep peacefully."

    "Very beautiful stories are not true. But I hope it can happen in our relationship."

    "I want to slowly become simpler with you"

    Time Man couldn't hold back.

    Laugh out loud.

    A little sweet in my heart.

    She heard the man's familiar voice.

    Cool and dumb.

    Then I also saw the love letter touched by the perspective.

    Slightly yellowed due to time.

    But Shi Manman knew it was there.

    that person.

    Like a lonely but persistent bright star in the night.

    no idea where it is.

    I don't know when I will return.

    As long as he is there, he will feel at ease.

    There are memories of youth on that piece of paper.

    Shi Manman recalled that one day Shi Jian walked with her on the forest road of poplar trees.

    My heart was so soft that it was a mess.

    "I want to mail you the rest of my life. Then I will confess my love to you in your ear."

    "I love you."

    Shi Jian finally finished reading that line.

    bowed his head and kissed Shi Manman in his arms.

    Shi Manman blushed a little.

    But in the end she nestled in his arms.

    Did not speak.

    The cat on the tatami covers its face with its paws.

    Then stretched out the small claws again, watching the hostess hug the hostess in his arms and kiss.

    The cat ears are a little hot.

    It's snowing heavily outside.

    Just in time for winter.  (Remember the site URL:
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