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Launched a fierce offensive against Mr. Gu Latest chapter update list


Chapter 1 I will give you whatever you wantChapter 2 Let Me Love You AgainChapter 3 The softness in my heart is only for herChapter 4 Knowing Enough
Chapter 5 Who Sent You?Chapter 6 Seeing each other as before, deeply in loveChapter 7 Help me get a dressChapter 8 The Kiss on the Lips
Chapter 9 Happy SingleChapter 10 Is this what people say?Chapter 11 Talking about a Vigorous LoveChapter 12 Jiang Haoxuan looks like a dog
Chapter 13 Huge SurpriseChapter 14 Slag pierces the core of the earthChapter 15 Crazy SnipingChapter 16 Huge Surprise
Chapter 17 Live InterviewChapter 18 TogetherChapter 19 A quick-acting heart-rescuing pillChapter 20 I Heard You Still Love Me?
Chapter 21 Kneel in front of meChapter 22 Line up and come one by oneChapter 23 The stars in the sky are not as beautiful as youChapter 24 As long as you are not embarrassed, the one who is embarrassed is someone else!
Chapter 25 Qin Buyu, what do you want?Chapter 26 Gu Rushen, do you think about it?Chapter 27 The sky is full of little starsChapter 28 The Troublesome Reincarnation
Chapter 29 Wild ManChapter 30 Aren't you going to change my medicine?Chapter 31 I'm Not Just a WomanChapter 32 I love you, everything about you!
Chapter 33 Your Ancestral Grave ExplodedChapter 34 Get out of the entertainment industry on your kneesChapter 35 Don't let me see her againChapter 36 I want to be with him
Chapter 37 Gu Rushen, Don't Leave MeChapter 38 I Won't Give UpChapter 39 The Hangover AftermathChapter 40 The bottom of the crystal eyes seems to be rolling with heat
Chapter 41Chapter 42 Good JobChapter 43Chapter 44 CP Sense
Chapter 45 You are not worthy of the surname QinChapter 46 Bottomless abyss, beyond redemptionChapter 47 Don't touch me, stay away from meChapter 48 Seeing everything that needs to be seen
Chapter 49 Without you, my life would be meaninglessChapter 50 My Heart Is Soft For YouChapter 51 All the tenderness hidden in my heart is deliveredChapter 52 The beauty of the moment is irresistible
Chapter 53 Yu'er, are you full yet?Chapter 54 Have you experienced despair?Chapter 55 Thanks to the love, I will live up to it!Chapter 56 I just want to see you so much
Chapter 57 I want to share all the beautiful things with youChapter 58 I only wish to be with you forever! (season finale)  
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