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chapter 83 ¡¾The finale¡¿

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    Xiao Chu, when you receive this letter, maybe I am no longer in this world.

    I've been waiting for you, but I still can't hold on until you come back. I'm alone in a foreign country, are you okay?

    Why don't you want to come back? Are you angry with me? During the days when you left, I never regretted it. If I didn't nod that day, wouldn't you have left?  I am despicable, you are angry with me, I also hate myself, I hate myself like this, if I have to choose again, I will definitely not let you go.

    Forgive my selfishness, forgive me, when I finally understand that there is nothing like having you by my side, you have already left me, I think God gave me the last time to let me learn to cherish, and then let me tell you  .

    If he is still the person you like, don't give up anymore, I will watch you in heaven, I hope you are happier than anyone else, you should cherish each other, this is my last wish, you must promise me!

    My best friend, Xiao Chu.

    Xin'er, Xin'er, I don't blame you at all, really how could you leave without telling me, how could

    Are you already in heaven?  Is it very warm there, is it as beautiful as Yangchuan, do you still remember that we were best friends, don't forget, we will be the best and best sisters in the next life.

    In the apartment in a foreign country, Luo Zichu was sitting in front of the computer crying, the end of the email was a photo of the two of them, Yi Xin's smile was so bright and bright.  The tears could not stop flowing.  Her friend is dead, and she will never talk to her again in this life, she misses her so much, where should she go to find her at first?

    The scenes of the past are all vivid in my mind - when they were young, they used to touch loach together in the river; when they grew up, they liked to gossip about a certain celebrity, buy obvious stickers, paste them all over the table and pencil case, and then compare whose  More; when they grow up, they will go shopping together and buy beautiful clothes and skirts; in the end, they finally meet love, and they like the same person-all of which can never go back.

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