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    "Binger, why are you sleeping on the balcony! You'll catch a cold!" Early in the morning, Moyi saw Binger lying on the balcony and falling asleep.

    "Binger, wake up! I'm going to be late for class!" Moyi shook Binger, and when she saw that Binger didn't respond, she stretched out her hand to poke her forehead, Mamma Mia, it's so hot, it's over and I have a fever, what should I do!  In a hurry, Mo Yi quickly helped Binger to bed, and found antipyretics for Binger, but how could Binger take it before she woke up!  Oops!  what should I do!  Mo Yi turned around like an ant on a hot pan.

    "Ding, yes." The light bulb on Moyi's head lit up.

    "Hey, is that Ouyang Hao? You are coming to the girls' dormitory soon, Bing'er has a fever for me beep beep ¡ª¡ª I haven't finished yet!" Mo Yi complained about the speed at which Ouyang Hao hung up the phone.

    Not long after, there was a knock on the door.

    As soon as the door opened, "How about Bing'er?" The owner of the voice was not Ouyang Hao and Situ Che.

    "She has a severe fever, and I'm afraid her head will burn out if she keeps burning like this." Mo Yi doesn't care who is who, now Bing'er is the most important thing.

    Situ Che's eyes were full of nervousness and worry, he immediately picked up Bing'er and walked out of the dormitory, Mo Yi also followed after seeing this.


    Where is this?  The surroundings are white, and there is a pot of lavender on the balcony. This is the only thing that the color of the Fool's space does not match.  There is a boy lying on the hospital bed with many tubes on his body, and a little girl is sitting beside the bed

    "Cheche, you must wake up, Binger's lavender has not yet found love, as long as you wake up, the love Binger is waiting for will be you!" The little girl's eyes are full of expectations.  But the person on the bed didn't respond at all.

    The naive girl pretended to be scary, thinking that this would wake up the boy on the bed.  But what he got in return was his own helpless crying.

    Bing'er wanted to go forward to appease the little girl, but she was startled by the girl's appearance, isn't it herself!  When Binger wanted to go further, he couldn't see anything clearly.

    "No!" Bing'er on the hospital bed exclaimed, her eyes turned and it was the same as what she saw just now, except that she was lying on the bed, and Mo Yi and Ouyang Hao were beside the bed.

    "Are you awake?" Seeing Bing'er, Mo Yi immediately called the doctor.

    Bing'er looked around and pulled out the needle on the back of her hand like crazy, searched for it in the ward, and ran out of the room to look for it, but was stopped by Ouyang Hao.

    "Binger, what are you going to do, you can't go out!" Ouyang Hao stopped Binger.

    "Let me go out, I'm going to find Cheche, I can't break my promise! You let me out!" Binger's voice made people feel distressed.

    "No, you just woke up, you can't go out!" Ouyang Hao insisted, he couldn't let this sister disappear again.

    "Brother! Let me go find him, okay? He got into a car accident and she is in the hospital like me!" Binger cried. The dream he said was not fake but really happened to him when he was a child.  matter.

    "What nonsense are you talking about! Go back to bed quickly, where did Cheche and the car accident come from?" Ouyang Hao was very puzzled.

    "Hey Yu! You said she wouldn't really burn the knife out!" Min Xu asked Nangong Yu next to him.

    "Don't talk nonsense! Hao, let her sit down and speak clearly!" Nan Gongyu rolled his eyes at Min Xu.

    "Okay, Bing'er, please sit down and explain what's going on with that Cheche, then I'll let you go!" Ouyang Hao coaxed Binger like a child.

    After hearing this, Bing'er nodded and told about the memories she had dreamed and when she was a child.

    "Follow me!" Situ Che, who hadn't spoken the whole time, got up and pulled Bing'er away.

    "Where are you going?" "What are you going for?" Binger and Ouyang Hao asked in unison, but Situ Che kept pulling Binger forward without even looking back.

    When Mo Yi came back with the doctor, he couldn't scream when he saw the hurrying momentum of the two, and finally asked the doctor to make a trip for nothing.

    Angel Street in City C is a very bustling pedestrian street, but there are still many vehicles passing by in the middle of the road.

    "What did you bring me here for?" Bing'er wondered why Situ Che brought her to Angel Street.

    "Lavender was my birthday present from my mother. On this street, I met a little girl who was separated from her parents. I gave her lavender to make her happy. Then my mother told me to go back, just as I was crossing the road.  There was a car accident, that girl came to see me every day, and promised that as long as I woke up, her love would be me. I woke up from that day on, but the little girl never came to see me again, when I waited for ten years  , he still didn't show up, so he could only follow the instructions of his parents.Meaning, dating a girl I don't like, but now I meet this girl again, and now I want her to fulfill the promise back then!  After finishing speaking, Situ Che stroked Binger's lips, and slowly touched his lips. Situ Che nimbly pried open Binger's teeth, and sucked Binger's fragrance in her mouth, knowing that Situ Che  He let go of Bing'er only when he felt the salty liquid flow into his mouth.

    "Cheche?" It took a long time for Binger to utter two words.

    "Yeah!" Situ Che wiped the tears from Binger's face.  "Okay! From today on, you will be my girlfriend, Situ Che!"

    "What? Not good!" Bing'er felt that it was too hasty to associate with him like this, no matter what, there must be a confession!  And the relationship between him and Lin Xiqian seems to have not been clarified yet!

    "Why?" Situ Che was surprised.  "Didn't you say that your love will be me in the future?"

    "First, you haven't officially confessed to me. Second, you dragged me here out of nowhere to make me feel cold. Third" Bing'er didn't continue because she was afraid of embarrassing Situ Che.

    "What's the third one?" Situ Che couldn't wait to know, because in this way he could make Binger fulfill his promise early.

    "The third is Lin Xiqian!" Binger said the most important point.

    "Her?" Situ Che frowned, "I'll give you the answer." He looked at Binger with determination in his eyes.  "Okay, let's go back now!"

    "Go back? Hospital? Don't!" Bing'er was very afraid of going back to the hospital again, because the memories there were not good at all.

    "Then let's go back to school directly?"
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