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Chapter 456 4. Big Brother

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    But Li Xuanyue didn't know where her upset feeling came from. While she was thinking about it, Li Zifeng slowly landed beside her. Li Xuanyue looked at her elder brother happily, but  He didn't show it, instead he frowned and pretended to be angry: "Hey, my elder brother still knows that there is a sister like me! It's really not easy, I won't go to see your treasures!"

    As soon as Li Zifeng sat down, he heard his sister's ridicule, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly. He had no choice but to say that his sister was the only one in this family, and said with a smile: "Brother is as busy as you said  Didn't you know something happened to you, so you came out immediately!"

    "Hmph, I don't care if you've passed. From now on, let me see you at least once a day, or I'll sue my mother!" Li Xuanyue pouted, pretending to be fierce.

    "Okay, okay, okay!" Li Zifeng rubbed Li Xuanyue's hair, and said with a smile: "Then what will you do when you get married? That brother can't visit you every day!"

    "I said Li Zifeng, you are not here to be a lobbyist for your mother, are you?" Li Xuanyue said speechlessly. Her marriage has almost become a major concern of her mother.  Engagement, it's time to get out of the court, she even has children, but she is still single!

    "Do you think I look like me? Just now, my mother wanted to match you and Mo Wang, but I rejected it straight away. See if your elder brother did a good job!" Li Zifeng said as if asking for credit.

    "It's a pretty good job, but I asked Li Zifeng, do you have any special hobbies, such as sister fetishes? Let me tell you, if you stop thinking about it as soon as possible, our parents will not agree.  , even if they agree, I will not agree!" After finishing speaking, Li Xuanyue hugged herself as tightly as if she wanted to guard against a thief.

    "Get out!!!" Li Zifeng said with black lines on his face, and then looked in Li Xuanyue's direction.  Sister, even if you are kneeling, you have to pamper yourself!


    Li Zifeng tapped his toes and landed lightly on the ground. Li Wuzhan stood on the ground and waited for his son. Seeing his son's strange identity, Li Wuzhan's eyes flashed with shock.

    "When did you get so good? Why didn't my father know when you started practicing martial arts?" Li Wuzhan asked with some worry. He was afraid that his son had learned some quick formulas.  The magic formula often needs to overdraw one's own life!

    Li Zifeng couldn't help feeling warm when he saw his father's worried eyes, and then said in a straight voice: "Father, please rest assured, my child is not a quick way to learn, but I just went out a few days ago when I was wandering around the house and met an old man.  Senior, he taught the child a set of formulas, and the child found it interesting and practiced it unconsciously. Can father read it?"

    After Li Zifeng finished speaking, he wanted to take out the formula from his arms. Li Wuzhan quickly stopped him, and said happily: "At that time, your grandmother just disliked you and my father and son who did not practice martial arts, but it was a good meal."  Complain, now that you are actually interested in this martial art, as a father, you are naturally very supportive, but since this formula was given to you by an old man, you should not show it to me, if the law is not passed on to the six ears, don't provoke the old man  Happy." Li Wuzhan directly rejected Li Zifeng.

    Li Zifeng looked at his father's serious look, and shook his head helplessly. Let's find time to give this formula to his father.  Li Zifeng asked, "Father, what do you think of Don't Forget?"

    Li Wuzhan sighed softly, took a deep look at his son, and said: "All these years, I still haven't done it for my father. He is still the original him. I'm sorry for my father, old brother!"

    "Father, you and I can see these things. I want to know your decision." Li Zifeng asked firmly.

    "What decision can I make as a father? He is still my elder brother's son! I can't be so ruthless as His Majesty, I can't do anything after all!" Li Wuzhan said bitterly.

    "ButbutFather, it's not you and me that he wants to hurt, but Xuanyue. I also admire Uncle Baoguo, but what happened back then has nothing to do with you in the final analysis. As a friend  , A brother has done his utmost to benevolent and righteous, so is our Li family going to pay for their Jiang family's recklessness?" Li Zifeng was a little angry, this anger was at his father's weakness in the face of friendship, although he understood, but also  Couldn't agree more.

    "Shut up! Shut up! Li Zifeng, do you still have my father in your heart? I know, I will take care of these things, and you don't need to intervene!" Li Wuzhan said sharply.

    "Impossible! Father! You are too weak, I can't just watch them alone.The eldest and second young masters, Xiaorou privately heard that there is no other family's young lady who is regarded as the jewel in the palm like you.  Xiaorou replied with a smile, she looked at Li Xuanyue with some envy.

    "But, my lady, I will leave the court one day, but I have seen all the children of the aristocratic families in the imperial city, and there is no one who is pleasing to the eye.  You don't have much love!" Li Xuanyue sighed softly, and couldn't help but looked up out of the window, secretly thinking, my sweetheart, where are you!

    At this time, a shooting star outside the window streaked across the sky, blooming for a moment, extremely beautiful, but only that moment of beauty is fleeting.

    Tian Yu was still falling crazily, since he fell from the heaven that day, he had already forgotten the time, only this darkness enveloped him.  Tian Yu was a little depressed. Although the wound on his body had already healed, that Xulong didn't know what poison he had planted on his body, and he couldn't get rid of it no matter what. The most important thing was that the poison was not fatal, but every time he  Let go of the meridians, but feel a rush of blood!  Tianyu's consciousness kept scanning planets one after another, and they turned out to be dead stars without life. What a barren lower realm he fell into!

    Tianyu repeats the same thing every day, and now he urgently needs a planet that is suitable for survival and has true energy, even if it is barren!  That was better than the embarrassing situation he was in right now, the toxins in his body seemed to be irrepressible, Tian Yu finally felt a planet of life, although the true energy was extremely weak, it still existed!  Tianyu flew towards that planet excitedly, after Tianyu locked the route, he pinched his fingers, sensing the hexagram in his heart, but the expression on his face was wonderful!  He must have made a mistake in his calculations, it must have been true, Tian Yu calculated more than a dozen times in a row, and seeing the same result, he deeply questioned his ability to calculate divinations!

    "I'm goingwon't I?!" The corner of Tian Yu's mouth twitched slightly, looking at the planet in front of him speechlessly, unable to calm down for a long time!

    Li Xuanyue looked at the sky boredly in the room, but the servant girl came over again, holding a red post in her hand, and said to Li Xuanyue: "Miss, the Miss Wu family sent an invitation card, and Miss Wu's family will be eighteen years old tomorrow."  Sheng Yu, invite Miss to the banquet."

    Li Xuanyue's eyes lit up, and she said with a smile: "Will Qingyue give birth tomorrow? Come with me to Daddy's place!"

    Li Xuanyue jumped out of bed, hurriedly put on her shoes, ran towards the front hall, panting and ran to Li Wuzhan's room, bowed to Li Wuzhan and said: "Father, Wu Qingyue will give birth tomorrow,  You promised to let me give Qingfeng the picture of the roaring tiger, you are not allowed to play tricks on me!"

    Li Wuzhan pinched Li Xuanyue's nose dotingly, and scolded with a smile: "It's always been you, a little rascal, who cheated on Daddy, when did Daddy break his promise with you? I've already prepared it, and Steward Chen will give it to you tomorrow morning."  I've delivered it. See if you're in a hurry, if you still look like a girl!"

    Li Xuanyue smiled and said: "Aren't you in a hurry, baby? Qingyue is my best friend. Of course, I want to give her a good gift. She promised me that when I give birth in a few months, I will give it to you."  I have a thousand-year-old white jade hairpin, and I have not lost money in this business!"

    "Okay, you should rest earlier today. Tomorrow, I will let your eldest brother accompany you to the Wu family for a walk. Qingyue and your brother have known each other since childhood. In the past two years, your brother will go to the Wu family to find Qingyue if he is free.  Yue, and Qingyue has always been willing to accompany, after Sheng Yu, the relationship between the two can be finalized." Li Wuzhan said contentedly.

    "So, Qingyue is going to become my sister-in-law instead? Then I can see Qingyue every day." Li Xuanyue smiled in surprise.

    Li Wuzhan nodded, and Li Xuanyue hurriedly went to announce the good news to her elder brother with a smile.  (Remember the site URL:
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