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Chapter 108 Let's Get Married

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    After dinner with the CEO of AT, Lan Xian declined the other party's invitation to go to sea, and went back to his apartment.

    On the way, Bai Xue looked at Lan Xian who looked normal, and thought of thousands of comforting words in her heart, but she didn't know where to start

    He originally thought that Lanxian had dinner with the CEO of AT, and then sent the news back to the country on purpose to make Mo Ting anxious and concerned, but now it seems that it is not the case.

    Lan Xian's expression was as usual, without any trace of anger or anger, he seemed not to care about Mo Ting's indifference

    Seeing Lan Xian like this, Bai Xue boldly guessed that Lan Xian probably didn't love Mo Ting, she was just using Mo Ting, now that Mo Ting has a new love, of course she wants to find a stronger backer, so

    Bai Xue felt that her heart and lungs were back in place, and Lan Xian would not be affected by Mo Ting's new love, that's fine, Lan Xian will still be Star Entertainment's cash cow, and it will also be the object of Star Entertainment's praise.  According to Lan Xian's skills and conditions, if he loses one Mor Ting, he can find countless Mor Tings

    In a good mood, Bai Xue hummed to the community all the way, and sent Lan Xian home. After confirming that Lan Xian arrived home safely, Bai Xue immediately called Shaoyang to report the situation tonight

    But he didn't see that as soon as Lan Xian stepped into the room, he was pulled into the embrace of a man, but Lan Xian didn't resist at all, instead he closed the door

    "You are so courageous, aren't you afraid of thieves?" Nuanxiangxiyu was in his arms, Mo Ting was a little distracted, he hadn't hugged Lan Xian for a long time, he really wanted to

    "Only you have the key." Lan Xian was held by Mo Ting, the familiar atmosphere made Lan Xian involuntarily relax, and reached out to turn on the wall lamp.

    As soon as the room was lit up, Lan Xian turned around and stood face to face with Mo Ting.

    Long time no see, she misses this man too.

    Looking up, he saw Mo Ting's thin face and sunken eye sockets.  Stretching out his hand to caress Mo Ting's face, there was a smile in Lan Xian's eyes

    This man must be exhausted these days.

    In three days, she had to deal with the company's affairs and arrived sooner than she expected.

    However, he deserves it, who told him to be okay, and play some cheating drama.

    Hearing Lan Xian's answer, the corners of Mo Ting's mouth rose, but what needs to be dealt with now is not this, but

    "Is the dinner at the Royal Hotel delicious?" Mo Ting asked angrily, and the hand holding Lan Xian unconsciously tightened. This bad woman actually spread the news that she had dinner with the CEO of AT.  Back in China, isn't it serious enough to think him angry?

    "Are you jealous?" Lan Xian asked with a smile.

    "I don't." Mo Ting quickly denied.

    He would never admit how angry he was when he found out that he went out with other women, and instead of getting Lan Xian's attention, he got Lan Xian to have dinner with other men  ¡­

    If he hadn't been entangled in the company's affairs, Mo Ting was sure that he had flown to the United States the day before yesterday, and he would never have allowed Lan Xian to fly into the arms of other men.

    Finally, that Mo Yuntian was solved, and now there is another one, do you think his life is too long

    If it wasn't for his image being too spoiled, he would come to Lan Xian's apartment to freshen up and go again. At this time, he had already appeared in the Royal Grand Hotel. Fortunately, Lan Xian came back quickly, otherwise, hum

    Lan Xian knew that Mo Ting had a good face, so he didn't ask any more, but asked about Mo Ting's scandal: "Mo Ting, is the mayor's daughter pretty?"

    "Are you jealous?" Mo Ting's sour eyes lit up, looking at Lan Xian in his arms, there was a little bit of complacency in his eyes

    Hahaha, Lan Xian is concerned, if not, why would he have dinner with the CEO of AT right away

    Lan Xian learned from Mo Ting, and quickly denied: "I didn't"

    "Okay, okay, no, no, the mayor's daughter? I didn't pay attention to it, I don't know if it's beautiful, why don't we go and see it together next time?" After such ups and downs, Mo Ting felt that he was in a good mood, and the big stone that was stuck in his heart before  All disappeared without a trace

    Lan Xian is still his

    Hearing Mo Ting's answer, Lan Xian pouted: "No, dinner is not good, I'm hungry"

    After finishing speaking, grabbing Mo Ting's arms, this man never had a serious time

    Mo Ting hugged him tighter and tighter, just not to let the blue string move, and at the same time pointedly said: "I'm hungry too."

    After saying those words, Lan Xian felt that she was picked up by the air and fell into a strong chest.

    The man seemed to have exerted all his strength and hugged her so tightly that it hurt her a little.

    "It hurts" Lan Xian stretched out his hand, trying to push Mo Mo away.Later, there will be the Mo family, Mo Ting, and Lan Xian

    After finishing work in the United States, Lan Xian returned to China, and the first thing he did was to propose a contract with Star Entertainment.

    And it wasn't until this moment that Xingyu discovered that Lan Xian's contract, how could this be possible

    Huh, huh Lan Xian's original brokerage contract was for 30 years, but for some reason, the latest one they signed was only for 3 years.

    Three years, three years, your sister

    Will anyone in this circle sign a three-year contract?  But what they have is what they have.

    The people from Star Entertainment want to cry, the three-year contract Lanxian just became popular, and the contract is gone

    And Lan Xian has no intention of renewing his contract at all

    Shaoyang cried, Yan Mo cried, Bai Xue cried, and the happiest one would be Gu Zihan

    Don't sign with Star Entertainment, okay Sign us with the Emperor, the Emperor will definitely give you the best conditions, let alone three years, we will also sign in three months

    It's a pity that Lan Xian still didn't agree. On the day her agency contract expired, all the work at Lan Xian's hands also ended, wellexcept for Blooming's endorsement.

    Because apart from Blooming's endorsement, Lan Xian signed all other endorsements before the contract expired

    On the day when Lanxian's contract expired, Lanxian announced in a high-profile manner that she had retired from marriage, and the reason?

    Lan Xian said even more fiercely, she is married with a son

    kindness.  Yes, after going through untold hardships, Mo Ting finally succeeded in creating a human being

    Lan Xian is married, who is she married to?


    By the way, no one really knows, because Lan Xian's marriage is too low-key, and there is no trace of her marriage at all. Those who are interested go to the marriage registry to check, but they find Lan Xian's information.  Triple A level encryption

    Will you marry Mo Ting?  Everyone found that Mo Ting was still the same as before, no change at all, no marriage leave, no honeymoon, and went to work as usual

    kindness.  Mo Ting has no marriage leave or honeymoon leave because someone is having a baby at home and she can't leave

    Lan Xian's resting shadow, just like Mo Yuntian back then, left this circle without leaving any trace

    However, three years later, a female director of a certain foreign affairs department appeared.

    Then, ten years later, a deputy minister named Lan Xian appeared in the Ministry of Commerce

    Lan Xian changed her stage from the screen to the political arena

    And this is the beginning of another journey (Remember this site URL:
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