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Extra Story of the Book "Those Years the Big Brother Raised Cubs"

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    The pure-hearted and ascetic god Ajaan was suddenly stuffed with a cub one day.

    In addition to being ignorant, I am still ignorant

    So, she threw the cub out without hesitation.

    It's just that this kid seems to be very destined to her?

    ? You will meet when you go shopping for groceries, you will meet when you are eating and digesting food, you will even meet when you think about forgetting to bring toilet paper and turn around

    [This article is an extra episode of Jiang Muyang and Ajiang]

    ¡¾Full text free¡¿

    ? First q reading, updated from time to time.

    The author is half-retired from the circle, so update as you please.  (Remember the site URL:
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