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Chapter 272 Final Chapter

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    Shi Fen said that she was used to it. Su Nian went to the house for three days to uncover the tiles, and ran away from home for two days. This is already commonplace.

    Seems like it started this month, with the last two blood bags in my backpack.

    Recently, the frequency of drinking blood is quite high, but as long as Su Nian likes his body, it is fine.

    "The second master may be busy."

    Behind her back, Shi Fen quietly texted Shi Fan.  And Gu Jinyan just came out of the toilet.

    The meeting was delayed for half an hour just now, and then I went to the toilet and didn't have time to talk to Su Nian.

    Afterwards, Shi Lun came to find him, and it turned out that Su Nian had something else to do.

    "Hey" He took a sip of coffee depressedly.

    Yu Zinan was a little amused, "What's the matter?"

    Gu Jinyan glanced at him, "Recently, I always feel that Su Nian's temper seems to have become weird." Not only his temper, but even his daily life is different from usual.

    Appetite is better, and I sleep more often, but I just have a bad temper.

    The first two Gu Jinyan can still understand, it may be that the appetite for happiness has improved, and Gu Jinyan is quite happy about this.

    It's just that his temper seems to be becoming more and more sensitive.

    "Has your family ever been like this?"

    Does Ji Fanxi?  I have always listened to meekness, nothing has changed much, but my mood has become worse when I often have morning sickness during pregnancy.

    Shi Wan rushed to Gu Jinyan in a hurry, "It's bad, it's bad, Madam is leaving home!"

    Yu Zinan: ?¡­

    Gu Jinyan raised his eyebrows and rushed home, and took out his nirvana. Su Nian saw him with his hips on his hips and pouting his lips to vent his dissatisfaction.

    Gu Jinyan shook the blood bag in his hand, and Su Nian, who was still at the door just now, rushed to Gu Jinyan's side with a swipe.

    Still so easy to coax, "Go, go home."

    Su Nian's so-called running away from home has never been coaxed home by Gu Jinyan even if he took a step outside the house.

    After dinner in the evening, Gu Jinyan and Su Nian walked around Liwan together, and every time they walked halfway, Gu Jinyan would carry her back home.

    It was the same today, Su Nian fell asleep on Gu Jinyan's back with his back on his back.

    Recently, I seem to be quite lethargic, probably because of the cooling weather.

    Harm, I have wronged my little brother, I haven't eaten meat for two months.

    After another week, Su Nian's weight rose to 106, and now Su Nian couldn't bear it anymore.

    She felt that her face seemed to be getting rounder, and she could pinch flesh from her stomach.

    This is absolutely impossible!

    Make up your mind to lose weight and only eat vegetables at night!  And absolutely do not eat supper.

    Su Nian's perseverance is still very tenacious, she won't eat if she refuses to eat, and she tosses and turns from hunger when she sleeps at night.

    "Nian Nian, it's not good for your health to lose weight like this. Let's eat a little bit when we're hungry." Su Nian didn't want it. She already cared a little when she was a hundred.

    "Don't eat, don't eat, don't eat!!!" People who lost weight became even more irritable, and at this moment Su Nian lost his temper.

    Knowing that he was losing weight, Gu Jinyan still tempted himself to eat.

    Persuasion was fruitless, so I could only order the kitchen to take Su Nian's nutrition into consideration when cooking.

    Sooner or later, if Su Nian loses weight like this, something will happen to his body.

    No, it will come to fruition immediately, Su Nian will go back to Tong's house for a few days every month, Gu Jinyan will come back after work, and come back together on weekends.

    "Second Master, it's bad! Madam fainted!!"

    Gu Jinyan's first reaction was that Su Nian was hungry, Ye Anruo and Su Nian were watching TV at home.

    Unexpectedly, she passed out as soon as she got up, and Ye Anruo drove directly to the hospital.

    "How is Nian Nian?"

    Su Nian had already been transferred to the ward when he came, "Brother, what's the matter with you?"

    He was scolded when he came up, but Gu Jinyan was only worried about what happened to Su Nian now.

    "She's pregnant." This is not the point, the point is that the doctor just said that Su Nian fainted due to excessive hunger.

    "Did you abuse Nian Nian?"

    Ye Anruo looked at Gu Jinyan, "I didn't"

    "Miss, it's Madam who didn't know that she gained weight during pregnancy and clamored to lose weight."

    "The second master also stopped her, but she beat our second master whenever she got angry" What Shi Fen said was as pitiful as it could be.??.

    Ye Anruo remained silent, saying that pregnant women are more likely to be irritable, but now it is her fault, "cough cough, then pay attention to everything later."

    Su Nian, this dead girl, made her miserable.

    Su Nian's expression was complicated when she heard the news of her pregnancy. No wonder she was able to eat and sleep so much recently. It turned out that the little guy in her stomach was at work.

    "What's the matter?" Noticed that Su Nian's face was not so happy, could it be that she still doesn't want to have a baby?

    "You saidwould children despise me if they knew I was a vampire?"

    Harm, he breathed a sigh of relief, so he was worried about this problem, "If he dislikes me, I will beat him."

    Su Nian smiled happily, "Okay, then I'll buy a few more pairs of slippers and beat them up one by one."

    Everyone and the child in their womb: Is this the real mother?

    After pregnancy, Su Nian drank more and more blood packs, and the proportion of blood in the grapes was also higher than before, and she often emptied them all at once.

    "Ah!!! Gu Jinyan! The blood bag is almost gone!"

    Finally one day Su Nian couldn't help protesting, "I want a divorce!"

    Who said there would be countless bags of blood after marriage!  fraud!  It's all a lie!

    Su Nian's favorite sweet and sour pork ribs were brought out from the kitchen, which successfully diverted her attention.

    Five months later, the chubby little Gu Jie was born-

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