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My family is all overlords Latest chapter update list


Chapter 1 Papa, Hug~Chapter 2 Happy to be a fatherChapter 3 Really His Little Lover...Chapter 4 Having a Daughter Seems... Not Bad?
Chapter 5 Well, Dad will protect you!Chapter 6 Make Money to Raise Your Daughter!Chapter 7 The fighting scum among scum!Chapter 8 The little brother next door!
Chapter 9 Big customer!Chapter 10 So You Are Such a Big Brother!Chapter 11 Sober up!Chapter 12 Little Brother Next Door's Takeaway!
Chapter 13 The brat next door grabbed my sister's hand!Chapter 14 Finally got a chance to grow up with herChapter 15 Professional Pit Dumplings!Chapter 16 Only grown-ups make choices, and children want them all!
Chapter 17 Today's Baba is also Lemon Essence!Chapter 18 Brothers who were "sold cheaply"!Chapter 19 The first way to defend against the brat next door!Chapter 20 Don't be fascinated by sex anymore!
Chapter 21 The brat next door is really tricky!Chapter 22 Is she going to have an aunt?Chapter 23 Women Like to Be PreferencedChapter 24 The Reborn Girl
Chapter 25 Deliberately IngratiateChapter 26 Don't just pretend to be pitiful!Chapter 27 Shopping with the "little woman"Chapter 28 Be more sincere and less routine between people!
Chapter 29 I Suspect You Are Being Adorable...Chapter 30 It's Love, Not DutyChapter 31 The Famous Huo TingsiChapter 32 The snow in the world will melt for her
Chapter 33 Don't let people take off the vest!Chapter 34 The whole family is taken care of by the next door!Chapter 35 The brat next door hit it off!Chapter 36: The show is forced to make a temporary substitution!
Chapter 37: The sweet trap that fell from the sky!Chapter 38 It turns out that my son can still use it like this!Chapter 39 What Did You Do To My Daughter?Chapter 40 Wei Xiaotuanzi's first interview!
Chapter 41 Tianliang Wang Po's Presidential Overbearing!Chapter 42 My sister's mouth is a coaxing ghost!Chapter 43 Meet a Liar!Chapter 44 Find a chance to start!
Chapter 45 The Little Girl Picking Up the BottleChapter 46 Where is it wrong? !Chapter 47 Learning to Cherish BlessingsChapter 48 Only Listen to His Daughter?
Chapter 49 Something happened to the kid surnamed Huo?Chapter 50 Grab the position C!Chapter 51 Father and Daughter Have the Same Virtue!Chapter 52 Baba, You Have a Story!
Chapter 53 The baby is cheating!Chapter 54 Aunt Qin, come out and let's chat!Chapter 55 Life is not easy, brother is a performer!Chapter 56 The family is too good at making money!
Chapter 57 Don't you want to lose face for the female guest?Chapter 58 Super Dedicated Li Baba!Chapter 59 No Contrast, No Harm!Chapter 60 Is He Really a Bad Person?
Chapter 61 Peach Blossoms~Chapter 62 Are you still waiting to be selected?Chapter 63: Do whatever you want!Chapter 64 Is brother Huo dying!
Chapter 65 Are you the legendary Xiao Weizhi?Chapter 66 The padded jacket was worn away by someone else!Chapter 67 Who is the real Huo Tingsi?Chapter 68 Why are you sleeping in my bed!
Chapter 69 Who can pretend to be pitiful!Chapter 70 Bad at the starting line!Chapter 71 No one in this world owes you!Chapter 72 This man is dying!
Chapter 73 The Heir Who Has Abandoned His Succession RightChapter 74 I hope she becomes an ordinary and happy personChapter 75 Fengqiu, what a strange nameChapter 76 Lost!
Chapter 77 Weizhi...Which Weizhi? !Chapter 78 Go to Brother Huo for HelpChapter 79 The best chance God gave her!Chapter 80 Shouldn't he come up with something else?
Chapter 81 Your business is Huo brother's businessChapter 82 The Cabbage and the Little Golden PigChapter 83 Adults can't handle the big ones, she's going to handle the small ones!Chapter 84: Xiao Weizhi's Beauty Trick!
Chapter 85 Lin Siyuan's AbnormalityChapter 86 Uncle Third, Papa is Mine!Chapter 87 How can you not let her know if you are kind to someone!Chapter 88 Watching Others Do Bad Things!
Chapter 89 Stolen surprise!Chapter 90 Love House and CrowChapter 91 Now Brother Huo will protect youChapter 92 The unsolved mystery of the brain!
Chapter 93 Where did the little wild boar come from!Chapter 94 It's the middle of the night and I'm going to eat people!Chapter 95 Blame that damned charming face!Chapter 96 Wild Boar Blacklist!
Chapter 97 Baby, press a fingerprintChapter 98 You will lose me like this!Chapter 99 How can he be a villain with such a beautiful face!Chapter 100: A Cauldron Falls from the Sky!
Chapter 101 I'm afraid this is not a stick...Chapter 102 Huo Tingsi, explode on the spotChapter 103 That kid's name is Shi Yuan, right?Chapter 104 Sister, look, he doesn't really want to be your friend!
Chapter 105 Don't come again, you know?Chapter 106 Mom, take me for plastic surgery!Chapter 107 Do you think my place is a kindergarten?Chapter 108 Ah Zhi, do you still hate me...
Chapter 109 You Are Already MineChapter 110 Li Weizhi...How about Lychee Media?Chapter 111 Another Stupider...Chapter 112 She Likes To Eat Children
Chapter 113 Secretly Going to Huo Tingsi's RoomChapter 114 Teacher Li, Your Morality!Chapter 115 Who Cares About His Daughter!Chapter 116 I Believe In You Ghosts!
Chapter 117 Zhao Yuxuan's Purpose!Chapter 118 I have no rules not to hit women!Chapter 119 Airborne Hot Search!Chapter 120 A Shameless Father and Daughter!
Chapter 121: It's Not Education, It's Hitting!Chapter 122 Weizhi's live broadcast room!Chapter 123 Slap in the face!Chapter 124 Sue now if you have the ability!
Chapter 125 The Death Screen Reappears!Chapter 126 If you can't take back your dirty hands, cut them off!Chapter 127: Official media rectify their names!Chapter 128 Ancestral shameless or schizophrenic?
Chapter 129 Get rid of fans with strength!Chapter 130 Forgive you, why?Chapter 131 The group students are full of security!Chapter 132 Don't Let My Sister Be Defiled!
Chapter 133 Go! Go catch the strong man with your brother!Chapter 134 If you can't protect Ah Zhi, you might as well raise it for me!Chapter 135 It's over, it's over...won't it be revealed?Chapter 136 So It Wasn't Daddy, But Brother!
Chapter 137 Is His Daughter Poisonous?Chapter 138 Breaking into the Study Room!Chapter 139 God made a huge joke on her!Chapter 140 She Wants Men and Wealth!
Chapter 141 Can He Start to Eat Soft Rice?Chapter 142 Wow! I'm really rich!Chapter 143 Baby, tell me again?Chapter 144 Strange Dreamland!
Chapter 145 Is that his daughter?Chapter 146 The baby is not ugly, the baby looks good everywhereChapter 147 Brothers have never seen anything in the world!Chapter 148 Baba, you look so cute, you can really eat it!
Chapter 149: Sister fans are everywhere!Chapter 150 Baby, my sister invites you to watch a movie!Chapter 151 I'm the Big Brother! Don't eat what kids eat!Chapter 152 This Must Be His Ah Zhi!
Chapter 153 Am I, Film King Li, Unworthy of a Name?!Chapter 154 Who do you want to monitor?Chapter 155 Her portrait!Chapter 156 What do you want to be if you don't want to be a brother!
Chapter 157 The daughter (sister) actually has a secret with the brat next door!Chapter 158 Huo Tingsi...he has a strong taste!Chapter 159 Daughter's skills are amazing!Chapter 160 Lin Siyuan's True Face!
Chapter 161 The young master cheated again today!Chapter 162 Is there something wrong with her brain!Chapter 163 This brat definitely did it on purpose!Chapter 164 Now is the era of Xiao Weizhi!
Chapter 165 Little San, I Miss YouChapter 166 Come on! Father Sang harm acridine!Chapter 167 Ten Yuan, you little turtle who only looks at faces, break up your relationship!Chapter 168 Don't play with my daughter, I wish I could!
Chapter 169 Only when you live well can you piss off people who don't want you to have a good time!Chapter 170 My sister save some face...Chapter 171 When he finds Ah Zhi, his heart is full.Chapter 172 Live broadcast to make money!
Chapter 173 Super Local Tyrant Haunted! ! !Chapter 174 Because You Are Worth ItChapter 175 Want to steal the limelight from your sister? No way!Chapter 176 Is the evaluation so low!
Chapter 177 Little Wei Zhi Ma MaChapter 178 Unfortunate luck!Chapter 179: Serious People Deceiving People Really Deceive People!Chapter 180 He Wants To Walk To Ah Zhi Standing!
Chapter 181: Film Emperor Li teaches childrenChapter 182 From now on, you will be the most important woman in the Li family!Chapter 183 Surprisingly more narcissistic than him?Chapter 184 You Haven't Helped Me Achieve My Goal, You Can't Die!
Chapter 185: Plagiarizing Designs!Chapter 186 Have the ability to predict the future?Chapter 187 A Different Reborn!Chapter 188 Baba, you are so easy to see feelings~
Chapter 189 Let you pretend to be an adult all day long, and you will be spotted by others!Chapter 190: Film Emperor Li makes a move, you will know if there is one!Chapter 191 Completely Exposed!Chapter 192 Ms. Huo's Death!
Chapter 193 Two lives, the price can't be lower!Chapter 194 Huo Tingsi's tokenChapter 195 Get out! (1)Chapter 196 Get out! (2)
Chapter 197: Single by Ability!Chapter 198: The Crowd's Eyes Are Too Sharp!Chapter 199 I only have the boss in my heart!Chapter 200 The new target of the fierce dog thief!
Chapter 201 I Haven't Seen Me Yet, But I Must Have Been SleepingChapter 202 What Use You Are!Chapter 203 The Strange BuyerChapter 204 This setting is shocking!
Chapter 205 What to See! Have you ever seen a pure man!Chapter 206: Tyrant, Have You Installed a Surveillance System on Me?Chapter 207 God TM is too angry!Chapter 208 Flattered!
Chapter 209 What the hell did he give birth to?Chapter 210 Moved away? !Chapter 211 Another little brother came next door?Chapter 212 She wants to change the status quo!
Chapter 213 Mrs. GuChapter 214: Li Zebai's backer is dying!Chapter 215 Who is Fengqi? !Chapter 216 What do you want?
Chapter 217: Wisdom is so close to demons!Chapter 218 He Is Her Right Son in This Life?Chapter 219 Oh... Then I'm WidowedChapter 220 Large-scale destruction of the flowers of the motherland!
Chapter 221 This kid was finally brought back to the right path by them!Chapter 222 Baba, I'm called Wei ZhuoyingChapter 223's all because I'm too goodChapter 224: Is It So Stimulated?!
Chapter 225: Film Emperor Li Finds Faults!Chapter 226 Sister, Isn't This the Point!Chapter 227 He Can't Watch That Woman Go Astray!Chapter 228: Lao Li is so boring! learn!
Chapter 229: Quite Courageous!Chapter 230 Are You a Devil!Chapter 231 Is that woman coming back?Chapter 232 A new round of autism!
Chapter 233 Hmph... who hasn't got the capital to show off yet!Chapter 234 Wei actually that wild girl!Chapter 235 It's not easy to touch Li Zebai's daughter!Chapter 236 Shameless is really shameless!
Chapter 237 This Operation Is Too Exciting!Chapter 238 Why Are You So Smart Today...Chapter 239 Destiny is right!Chapter 240 Scared the baby to death!
Chapter 241 Face is not as important as a daughter!Chapter 242 Take it easy, this matter is over!Chapter 243 He hasn't been wronged yet, why is he wronged!Chapter 244 When did it agree!
Chapter 245 What a majestic and majestic name, it fits the temperament of a big mastiff...Chapter 246 Huo Overbearing BenbaChapter 247 Another domineering trench?Chapter 248 Still a familiar formula, still a familiar dog emperor!
Chapter 249 Converted to Xiao WeizhiChapter 250 I feel that this villain's IQ is not very high...Chapter 251 Never seen such a brazen person!Chapter 252 Do you know what Kong Rong means by giving pears?
Chapter 253 Do I Don't Want to Lose Face!Chapter 254 Little villain, has a purpose!Chapter 255 My sister is so preciousChapter 256 Tsk... Dad is not as good as Lin Siyuan
Chapter 257 Open the door, open the door, open the door! I know you are home!Chapter 258 So angry!Chapter 259 This is definitely a wolf!Chapter 260 Hehehe... The chance for revenge has finally arrived!
Chapter 261 Why Are You So Flexible Now...Chapter 262 Baba, Your Idea Is Dangerous!Chapter 263: One arrow hits three holes!Chapter 264: The attribute of a money fan is passed on to women but not to men!
Chapter 265Chapter 266 The childish game ends here, crushing KO!Chapter 267 Someone in the family also cares about her money! Still three!Chapter 268 I'm the strongest!
Chapter 269: Insane Brothers!Chapter 270 Brother and Sister Si Lian Pit!Chapter 271 I'm Not Grandma Xiang! Because I can't afford Grandma Fragrant anymore!Chapter 272 Broken heart for this family~
Chapter 273 Hmph... and Said He Didn't Like Me Mama!Chapter 274 Xin Weizhi, can be popular~Chapter 275 Soft Rice and Iron Bowl Go Better on Rainy Days~Chapter 276 What are you staring at? This is my bowl!
Chapter 277 Fate wants him to die in Ma Ma's mouth!Chapter 278 Baba, I Can Only Remind Me HereChapter 279 Baba's Joy Begets Sadness!Chapter 280 The Asura Field is Coming!
Chapter 281 This brainwashing method is simple!Chapter 282 Letting his people be bullied right under their noses!Chapter 283 Ma Ma personally passed on the simple and rude secret recipe for curing whores!Chapter 284 Little Huo Huo, My Sister Is About to Be Snatched by a New Neighbor!
Chapter 285 I'm LovesickChapter 286: Daughter-in-law! It's the daughter-in-law!Chapter 287 There may be two foster husbands!Chapter 288 I was so scared that I almost thought she was going to confess her love!
Chapter 289 Daughter AA system!Chapter 290: The Sneaky Dog Emperor!Chapter 291 The Love Story Series of Su Marie and Su JiekeChapter 292 Mama will definitely trample you to death when she hears it!
Chapter 293 Feng Qi...he is a pervertChapter 294 This Woman Is Absolutely Nonsensical!Chapter 295 Please don't throw dog food on me!Chapter 296: Ending Care!
Chapter 297 Ah Zhi, Only You Can Be My Little PetChapter 298 What is this perverted kid thinking!Chapter 299 You can't coax the three-year-old Ah Zhi, so you still have the face to say you beat me?Chapter 300 Got it, got it, you are the best at fighting for father!
Chapter 301 Sending Daughter to School Feels Like Visiting a GraveChapter 302 Ah Zhi's MemoryChapter 303 Announcement to the whole school! Announcement for the whole school! It is forbidden to watch the children of Li Weizhi in the second class of preschool and middle school!Chapter 304 You can only watch and take pictures, you are not allowed to touch it!
Chapter 305 The princess has become...very down-to-earthChapter 306 Double Standard Dog! No principle!Chapter 307 Fortunately, the daughter-in-law is coming back soon!Chapter 308 Don't think anything wrong with me!
Chapter 309: Ready to move~Chapter 310 Old Li, from today onwards, you will no longer be in charge of this familyChapter 311 I only want Ah Zhi, do you understand?Chapter 312 What kind of fate is this between thunder and blood?
Chapter 313 Mom's way of appearing on the stage is too unreasonable!Chapter 314 Trample Me Whatever You Want!Chapter 315 Mom's lover has found a home!Chapter 316 So Small! so cute! I miss rua so much!
Chapter 317 The days of slapping in the face are not over yet!Chapter 318 Baba, you are very good at it! ! !Chapter 319 Don't Love Me, No ResultsChapter 320 Please...
Chapter 321 OK, three positive indicators completed!Chapter 322 Young Master! good news! good news!Chapter 323 It's not about the book, it's about people!Chapter 324 I can see it, it's not the same cheap~
Chapter 325 I'm Blind, I Can't See Everything...Chapter 326 Little San, are you afraid that I will change my mind?Chapter 327 Let's make do with it, how can we still get away~Chapter 328 Baby, do you know that you are not Mommy's own?
Chapter 329: The Source of All Rebirth!Chapter 330: Dog Emperor, You Have Changed!Chapter 331 IQ is worrying, EQ basin!Chapter 332 Baby, you will be safe and happy in this life......
Chapter 333 Have you thought about marrying me?Chapter 334 The Spring of Father and Daughter~Chapter 335 This medicine is too effective!Chapter 336 My dog ??took sleeping pills by mistake
Chapter 337 What a beautiful pair of twins back then!Chapter 338 The Missing Brother!Chapter 339 She is the wife, so you are...Chapter 340 The dog emperor's bitter plan has been upgraded!
Chapter 341 So Disgusting, So Disgusting, Really Disgusting!Chapter 342 A little embarrassing...Chapter 343 Are You Threatening Me?Chapter 344 Help Ma Ma find her son!
Chapter 345 The death line is suddenly extended!Chapter 346 No, no,'s meChapter 347 Wishing is a group activity!Chapter 348 His Ah Zhi was spoiled
Chapter 350 He's Not Dead Yet!Chapter 353 Everything Happened Too Fast...Chapter 354 Joint BurialChapter 355
Chapter 356 The Final FarewellChapter 357 The situation has plummeted!Chapter 358 Beat me up first!Chapter 359 More and more tacit understanding
Chapter 360: A gang commits crimes!Chapter 361 Famous earlier!Chapter 362 Is there a wild man coming!Chapter 363 My cubs are really sensible!
Chapter 364: Son Teaches Lao Tzu to Sop With His MotherChapter 365 Thick-skinned! Don't be afraid!Chapter 366 Who is this?Chapter 367: Dog Emperor, Don't You Want to Lose Face!
Chapter 368 Baby is so Tired!Chapter 369 This Must Be Predestined!Chapter 370 Don't Want Disobedient Men!Chapter 371 I will be obedient!
Chapter 372 Don't Be Dazed by Rumors!Chapter 373: Barking Like a Dog!Chapter 374: Evil Suppressing Treasure!Chapter 375 Confession!
Chapter 376 Same-sex is true love?Chapter 377 Ma Ma's SweetheartChapter 378 The Princess Carries Memories!Chapter 379 Baba is one foot tall, Ma Ma is one foot tall!
Chapter 380 The only one who remembers what you owe me is my Zhennan King!Chapter 381 Narcissism is a very dangerous thing...Chapter 382 Gentle pseudo-boy, aunt is optimistic about you~Chapter 383 I won't get in the car! I don't get in the car!
Chapter 384 Will there be... another reborn person!Chapter 385 Comparing with her just now...he is even softer!Chapter 386 If you don't die, you won't die!Chapter 387 He and Ah Zhi Only Have CP Feelings!
Chapter 388 Why Does It Feel Like I Can't Move It...Chapter 389 Monthly Interest...does it have anything to do with her?Chapter 390: My Desire to Survive Makes Me Say Sweet Talks Nonstop!Chapter 392 There is a good show!
Chapter 393 Brother Huo is so boring!Chapter 394 Spending Money! Of course, lick where you feel the most!Chapter 395 He must have drifted away!Chapter 396 The ever-flowing light of luck!
Chapter 397 Ah Zhi unexpectedly went bankrupt because of a male supporting role!Chapter 398 Brother Huo! Mother Xuerong! stab her!Chapter 399: Really Miserable!Chapter 400 Happy New Year! ! !
Chapter 401 Proud Little Red Flower!Chapter 402: Revenge from the Princess ¡Á2!Chapter 403: On how to win the favor of mother-in-law!Chapter 404 The First Kiss of Two Lifetimes
Chapter 405 Dad is fined to stand!Chapter 406 Can he proclaim himself a new generation of leak detection king?Chapter 407 Mom cures all diseases!Chapter 408 Do I Look Like All Men Are Sleeping?
Chapter 409: The Book of Flirting Girls Taught Everywhere!Chapter 410: Scheming, scheming!Chapter 411: The hard-working little girl's girlfriend!Chapter 412 Werewolves!
Chapter 413 Babies must take good care of their mothers, you know?Chapter 414: The Nightmare Reappears!Chapter 415: It's Time to Test Zhibao's Acting Skills!Chapter 416: A Group of Senior Liars!
Chapter 417 Here!Chapter 418 The "group" committed crimes!Chapter 420 A Good Donkey!Chapter 421 I Only Like Women!
Chapter 422 This baby must be hallucinating!Chapter 423 This operation is not enough for her to double-click 666!Chapter 424 Catch That Flower Picker!Chapter 425: Seal the eggplant to death!
Chapter 427: Brother's Clue!Chapter 428 Want to get married!Chapter 429: The Indiscriminate Sealing of Eggplants!Chapter 430 Three in and three out of the Li Family Group!
Chapter 431: Fire, Theft, and Abandonment!Chapter 432 Get the first review!Chapter 433: A murder caused by a circle of friends!Chapter 434 Life is endless, and the two forces will not stop!
Chapter 435 Ah Zhi's Exclusive Live Broadcasting Room!Chapter 436: Going bankrupt and looking at the dumpling!Chapter 437 The dumplings are also working hard for business!Chapter 438 My Legs Are Sore! People also want to pinch their brothers!
Chapter 439 What If Li Weizhi's Face Was Disfigured!Chapter 440 I don't want to kill anyone!Chapter 441 Harm others!Chapter 442 Little brother, why are you swollen!
Chapter 443 Eating poison to escape suspicion!Chapter 444 I only like simple and rude methods!Chapter 445 Lend her to me for a day!Chapter 446 Do I need a reason to repair you!
Chapter 447 Get Out, Lin Siyuan!Chapter 448 Is She Going To Get Rich!Chapter 449 Mama is about to go big!Chapter 450 Light up your skills and blind your eyes!
Chapter 451 Brother Huo, why are you so swollen!Chapter 452 Excessive use of abilities!Chapter 453 Baba is going to shake the husband!Chapter 454 1vs5!
Chapter 455: Holding Golden Thighs!Chapter 456 She Is My Little Fairy!Chapter 457 Baba's head is a patch of imperial green!Chapter 458: Piracy Zhennan King!
Chapter 459 I am Yuexi, so are you Zhennan King?Chapter 460: Getting Drunk and Assaulting!Chapter 461 Bloody Kiss!Chapter 462 How old have you lived? !
Chapter 463 Infinite Rebirth!Chapter 464 Brother Huo, did you sneak into my dream?Chapter 465 The level of wretchedness is obviously much higher than before!Chapter 466 Dog Emperor: It's time for me to show real skills!
Chapter 467 Blood... the key to restoring memory!Chapter 468 The Love That Pains To The MarrowChapter 469 Love is when I greedy your face first, and then your body!Chapter 470 Get out, why are you so shameless!
Chapter 471 Are father-in-law and mother-in-law easy to mess with?Chapter 472 I only saw the tiger eyeing the tiger next door, but didn't see the wolf in sheep's clothing beside me!Chapter 473: Natural Stage Intimacy!Chapter 474 It's Good That You Destroy Other People's Families Like This!
Chapter 475 The first skin-to-skin kiss, he's a little shy!Chapter 476: It Really Is a Puppy Love!Chapter 477: Another Puppy Love! And this is even more excessive!Chapter 478 I don't know if her blood is useful...
Chapter 479 Ah Zhi is not allowed to kiss him! Just kiss me, kiss me!Chapter 480 What the fuck is he thinking!Chapter 481 Little Weizhi cheated her into getting drunkChapter 482 Don't give it away, let's go here
Chapter 483: Lan She's Power!Chapter 484: The Little Housekeeper!Chapter 485 Fengqiuzi, I officially inform you that I broke up with you!Chapter 486: Taking Blood in Steps!
Chapter 487: A Thunderbolt from the Blue Sky!Chapter 488 Wei Zhi faints!Chapter 489 Daughter is their bottom line!Chapter 490 Dreamland Warning!
Chapter 491 I like you, I like you, I like youChapter 492 In this life, I will die only for herChapter 493 One thought becomes a demon and one thought becomes a BuddhaChapter 494 Yo... Li Zebai is quite majestic!
Chapter 495 Mommy is Fat!Chapter 496 His own princess, where else do you want to go if you don't sleep with him!Chapter 497: I was a widow in my previous life, but I have to be a widow in this life!Chapter 498 Exposed!
Chapter 499 After sleeping, it is really different!Chapter 500 Sure enough, being empty for too long is easy to make mistakes...Chapter 501: All the ducks in their beaks are flying!Chapter 502 The Miraculous Effect of Blood
Chapter 503: Feng Qi kneels down with a "plop"!Chapter 504 Fortunately, the neck is still there!Chapter 505 Why did I go through this at such a young age...Chapter 506 This script is wrong!
Chapter 507 Xi'er, You Were Tired Last Night!Chapter 508 It's Scary for a Woman to Feel Empty and Lonely!Chapter 509 Although I was mentally prepared, I was still shocked by the shamelessness of my adoptive father...Chapter 510 I have decided to be your younger brother for the rest of my life!
Chapter 511 Mom and Dad are too good at playing T^TChapter 512 Is This... Brother?Chapter 513 Want to starve people to death!Chapter 514: The plan turns into an accident!
Chapter 515 My heart is half cold!Chapter 516 Ambush!Chapter 517 ...Uncle Ben needs to calm down!Chapter 518 Brother
Chapter 519 The Instinct to Protect My SisterChapter 520 Smart brother learns skills!Chapter 521 Don't worry about my brother eating iron...Chapter 522 Lan She Takes His Life
Chapter 523 Lan She's Real OwnerChapter 524 Brother Huo handles brother~Chapter 525 Another big boss in women's clothing!Chapter 526: Hold the Vengeance!
Chapter 527 This is the retribution of only tadpoles!Chapter 528 Brother Beats the Tiger!Chapter 529 Bring the little tiger home!Chapter 530: Sister-in-law patient with terminal cancer protects second child!
Chapter 531 The person my younger brother admires the most!Chapter 532 The Illusion Must Be An Illusion...Chapter 533 Let him accept the condemnation of his conscience when he sees the sofa!Chapter 534: The most filial little nephew in history!
Chapter 535 Yes, I can bend and stretch!Chapter 536 Which Unlucky One Should I Choose?Chapter 537 He's the male lead, readers will miss him if he hasn't been online all this time!Chapter 538 Come! Let's drive! Let's drive! I want to go home!
Chapter 539 Precious Blood!Chapter 540 No longer studying, what is going on with each other!Chapter 541 God! ! !Chapter 542 Pinch the Peach Blossoms!
Chapter 543 Cooperation!Chapter 544 Why does he have to endure so much at such a young age T^TChapter 545: The Dog Emperor's Divine Operation!Chapter 546 They don't understand anything...
Chapter 547 You have to live long enough to see the weird ones!Chapter 548 Come and fight here!Chapter 549: Sure enough, only daughters are good in the world!Chapter 550 Miserable Teeth Replacement!
Chapter 551 Has a second life been created?Chapter 552 Destruction of the plan!Chapter 553: Threatening My Daughter's Life!Chapter 554 Don't reason with me, I only care about appearance!
Chapter 555 Lie!Chapter 556 Boil him to death!Chapter 557: Exchange Fei Liming!Chapter 558 Poor Ah Zhi sells blood online!
Chapter 559 Scared? There are still many days to be afraid in the future!Chapter 560 I want to protect Ah Zhi, so I can no longer be a child!Chapter 561 Accelerate the burning of life!Chapter 562 Isn't This Miss Sister!
Chapter 563 It's Not OK to Find Someone ElseChapter 564 I often feel out of place with you because I am not stupid enoughChapter 565 Man... Heh, what a treat!Chapter 566 Oh, then she doesn't love you anymore
Chapter 567: Pets go to war without a blade of grass!Chapter 568 Fei Liming's AssistantChapter 569: She Actually Keeps Her Daughter's Teeth Closely! Wretched!Chapter 570 Huo Style Brainwashing
Chapter 571 Prevent brothers from being as perverted as me!Chapter 572 So he is a bug!Chapter 573 This is really a brother, the filter is too thick...Chapter 574 The master is out of his mind, and the subordinate is also abnormal!
Chapter 575 Surrounded by Reborns!Chapter 577 She just said it, how can someone be so perverted!Chapter 578 My sister's name has a high starch content!Chapter 579 Where did you come from, stupid X!
Chapter 580: You are so young and deceitful!Chapter 581: Clever Duanzi Bet Online!Chapter 582 It really is brotherly love!Chapter 583 If You Can Wash Your Face Before Evening, I'll Lose!
Chapter 584: That Demon of the Feng Family!Chapter 585 It's a joy to be a dog licker!Chapter 586 Confess that you are disgusting anytime, anywhere, regardless of the occasion!Chapter 587 Dare to eat Ah Zhi's biscuits without making much contribution, I'll freeze you to death!
Chapter 588: Mastering!Chapter 589 One word: Gang!Chapter 590: Do things collectively!Chapter 591: Feng Jizi Apologizes To Someone! ! !
Chapter 592 Brother Huo is here!Chapter 593 You have to swell your face to admit defeat!Chapter 595 What kind of Scourge is this...Chapter 596 Wait! Is she... thinking of spring?
Chapter 597 He's counting... out of thin air, in the dark, Chen Cang fabricated it out of thin air!Chapter 598 You still love yourself!Chapter 599 Is it really okay to have such a serious moment with such a large scale!Chapter 600 I Lose If I Lose My Fans!
Chapter 601 You Did Nothing Wrong, You Don't Need To ApologizeChapter 602 The Concubine Who Lives the Most Soberly...Chapter 603 Throw the bomb at someone else's house!Chapter 604 Xiao Weizhi's Great Earthquake in the Entertainment Industry!
Chapter 605 Sister Si Mian is here!Chapter 606: Taking the Path of Falling in Love and Killing Each Other!Chapter 607 This kind of thing needs my brain in our houseChapter 608 Because I Can't Part It!
Chapter 609 A hand-to-hand kiss is quite romantic, I will try it when Ah Zhi grows upChapter 610 I can be pure when I grow up and fall in love! What a pity!Chapter 611 Who Said Two Men Can't Be a Couple! From now on, we are!Chapter 612 What? You are a male!
Chapter 613 This must be moving!Chapter 614: Large-Scale Rape Catch Scene!Chapter 615 As long as you look after a good boyfriend from kindergarten!Chapter 616 My brother is so cruel to me!
Chapter 617Chapter 618 I don't care! If you don't agree, I will fall ill at your home!Chapter 619 Otherwise, it will appear that he has a low IQ!Chapter 620 Pseudo-Meteor: Received!
Chapter 621: As expected of her father's daughter!Chapter 622 It's always fun to cheat!Chapter 623: Apologizing for a Big Misconduct!Chapter 624
Chapter 625 What the hell do you want, little ancestor!Chapter 626 Those Misty Little Eyes...Drunk?Chapter 627 The brotherhood of the Li family is so weak, it's a bit pitiful for minorsChapter 628 It's better to be miserable than cute!
Chapter 629 Blatant Discrimination!Chapter 630: Ransacked by Wei Bandit Zhizhi!Chapter 631 Even an 80-year-old can't stand such a favor!Chapter 632: On the scene of receiving the certificate!
Chapter 633 Baba Mama Happy Newly Married! Little sugar eggs sprinkle flowers ~ sprinkle flowers ~ sprinkle flowers ~Chapter 634 Adults and minors, you can tell they are couples just by hearing this title!Chapter 635 Dad, marriage seems useless...Chapter 636 She's So Smart!
Chapter 637 In terms of telling nonsense, Xiao Huo Huo is the second, no one dares to be the first!Chapter 638: Coma!Chapter 639 Hope of Healing!Chapter 640: Everyone must do a happy event!
Chapter 641 I Don't Allow You to Defile My Little Ah Zhi!Chapter 642 No, Absolutely No, My Head Will Be Dangerous!Chapter 643 Come here, come here, come here if you have the ability!Chapter 644 Girlfriend, am I your real father?
Chapter 645 If you dare to touch her again, I want you to look good!Chapter 646 Finding the Reborn!Chapter 647 CardamomChapter 648 Brothers, the Best Zhibao!
Chapter 649 Release of Version 3.0!Chapter 650 Brother Tiedan, I'm Sorry It's My Sister who got You Down...Chapter 651 Group Confinement!Chapter 652 Ambiguous little spark, show up soon!
Chapter 653 Sure enough, a man's face is more important than anything else!Chapter 654 My daughter is so good, do I still need to abuse my private rights?Chapter 655 At this moment, they are all dead dogs!Chapter 656 Stuffing her to death with dog food!
Chapter 657: The Honest Zhizhi After Growing Up!Chapter 658 When a dog dies, no couple is innocent!Chapter 659 Termination of Adoption!Chapter 660 Is brother Huo confessing to her? !
Chapter 661 Her family's tradition of eavesdropping is really well maintained!Chapter 662 Coping with brother Huo's agitation in adolescence!Chapter 663 Entering a training camp is too difficult!Chapter 664: Beast Pets Enter the Camp!
Chapter 665 It's better to forget about that goblin!Chapter 666: Breaking the Secret!Chapter 668 Is this a trick of fate?Chapter 669 Scaring her to death!
Chapter 670 Two slaps! symmetry!Chapter 671: A Blockbuster!Chapter 672 You are very confident, kid!Chapter 673 Ah, ah, crazy! ! !
Chapter 674 Brother Huo, I'm so wronged T^TChapter 675 This kid is out of his mind again...Chapter 676 It's all handsome men with fresh meat (¡Ño¡Ñ)!Chapter 677 This luck is too bad!
Chapter 678 Do you dare to bet with me?Chapter 679: Wild Beasts Hurt People!Chapter 680 Direct Evidence!Chapter 681 Retire!
Chapter 682 Solve the problem by yourself!Chapter 683 How can you be so swollen!Chapter 684 Beat her up!Chapter 685: Scolding like a dog!
Chapter 686 You can grow snacks!Chapter 687: You were hit in the face!Chapter 688 Make You Spit Blood!Chapter 689: Forever My Sisters' Baby!
Chapter 690 Followed!Chapter 691 Aggressive Reporter!Chapter 692: Fight the sky and the earth!Chapter 693: Prove Your Innocence!
Chapter 694 Sisters Fight!Chapter 695: Domineering!Chapter 696: Young Master is Handsome! Master is beautiful! The young master lost the girl's leg!Chapter 697 What kind of goddamn love is this!
Chapter 698: Old Dog Li's Worry!Chapter 699 Her destination is not on this stage!Chapter 700 The vinegar vat exploded!Chapter 701 As long as it is what I want, I will definitely get it!
Chapter 702 Chapter 703 Kneeling and kowtowing is unnecessary, so embarrassing!Chapter 703 Believe me, women have always been so scary, regardless of size!Chapter 704 Even just one glance is fineChapter 705 In short...all the men except him are scumbags!
Chapter 706 No, no, no! I do not like you!Chapter 707 Have You Developed?Chapter 708 Chapter 709 Ah Zhi, brother Huo has developedChapter 709 "Buy" People's Hearts!
Chapter 710 Chapter 711 I really don't like talking to uneducated people like youChapter 711 Li Weizhi is an overly confident child! Stop exciting her!Chapter 712 You successfully caught my attention!Chapter 713 It's gone! Want it!
Chapter 714 She really wants to know what it's like to be babyed by a boyChapter 715 Director, You Asked Me to Pick Her Up!Chapter 716 Women tearing X is indeed more terrifying than World War!Chapter 717 This is to make her die!
Chapter 718 Ah Zhi, Did I Indulge You Too Much!Chapter 719 This One and Two Are Too Huge!Chapter 720 In Brother Huo's heart, she is still cute!Chapter 721 Let's Play Serious Together!
Chapter 722 Don't let the fat and water flow into outsiders' fields!Chapter 723 She Hates Li Youning!Chapter 724 The third brother can do it, but he did something big in a silent voice!Chapter 725: Hide Your Secrets Well!
Chapter 726 All Likes Are PreciousChapter 727 Young Master, this liar is too good at deceiving little girls!Chapter 728 Temporary CohabitationChapter 729 The Death of Lin Siyuan!
Chapter 730 Lin Xiu commits suicide!Chapter 731: Hiding the DiaryChapter 732 Important Information!Chapter 733 Come on! Be warm to me!
Chapter 734: Feng Qi AwakensChapter 735 You Can't Talk Well With This Dog Emperor!Chapter 736 You can think of everything when you mention Miss Li!Chapter 737: Eggplants go on an expedition, not a single blade of grass grows! (1)
Chapter 738: Eggplants go on an expedition, not a single blade of grass grows! (2)Chapter 739 He hasn't hugged Ah Zhi yet!Chapter 740 Too Bad, Brother Huo is Really Too Bad Where Did He Learn It!Chapter 741 Flirting! You just flirt!
Chapter 742: Boyfriends Who Dote on Are Surely Someone Else's!Chapter 743: The Book of Love Contributed by Big Flower Arm!Chapter 744Chapter 745 Don't! She can't bear it!
Chapter 746 Brother Huo is now a big bad wolf!Chapter 747 Can wolves be hugged casually!Chapter 748 She Became His All Spiritual SupportChapter 749 In the past, you had no conditions to spoil me!
Chapter 750 Menarche...Chapter 751 The two-person world is gone...Chapter 752 Who Has Experience...Chapter 753 Little handsome guy, buy auntie towel for girlfriend?
Chapter 754 Ah, ah, is she still a human being?Chapter 755: The Great Aunt Who Makes a Shock in the Country...Chapter 756 Young master, it is impossible to have a handsome man, let alone the most handsome!Chapter 757 I will keep our relationship in the dark!
Chapter 758 Let love sprout secretly!Chapter 759 I Didn't Peek at Brother Huo Sleeping! No!Chapter 760 Ah Zhi's Mouth Is the Tightest!Chapter 761 Give up unexpectedly!
Chapter 762 The world is so big, I want to see itChapter 763 Second Brother's Dynamite Still Blows Up!Chapter 764 Return to Class A!Chapter 765 Get eliminated on purpose!
Chapter 766 What kind of human tragedy is this, poor boy!Chapter 767 This has obviously been taken care of by Huo Tingsi!Chapter 768Chapter 769 One Knife, Two Knives... Five Knives!
Chapter 770 Big brother and sister Si, the two flower girls are a little too big!Chapter 771 Cooperating with you, the old man caught me in the pit one after another!Chapter 772 Can't wait!Chapter 773 She can't tell Sister Si that big brother is so obscene, can she? !
Chapter 774 Really developed!Chapter 775 Big Sister Didn't Take You to Kill You So Quickly!Chapter 776 She Never Dare to Like Others!Chapter 777 Man-made erotic hallucinations!
Chapter 778 Nonsense¡¤Wei¡¤Cheating the Dead Doesn't Pay for Your Life¡¤Zhen Zhi is not a vegetarian!Chapter 779 This corner was dug quite successfully!Chapter 780 Smile Gradually Perverted? ? ?Chapter 781 Hey hey hey!
Chapter 782 Hug tight!Chapter 783 Quick! Watch the big show!Chapter 784 The whole body exudes a strong aura of idiots!Chapter 785 She (He) Really Likes Me!
Chapter 786 Ah Zhi's Exclusive Personality Cult!Chapter 787 Then I'll Ask Again Tomorrow!Chapter 788: Plan to go abroad!Chapter 789 Sudden shame...
Chapter 790 She has been in pain for a long time!Chapter 791: Brother Protector, Crazy Devil!Chapter 792 This baby is upset!Chapter 793 This ability to tell lies with open eyes is really amazing!
Chapter 794 The old face is slapped!Chapter 795 Let's Kneel the Durian Today!Chapter 796 Who does the baby listen to?Chapter 797 She wants every one of her relatives to be happy!
Chapter 798 Not the same person!Chapter 799 If you dare to inform me, I will be blackened!Chapter 800 Little Huo Huo's big golden house!Chapter 801 I have become a homeowner before I am an adult?
Chapter 802: Huo's Mature Vinegar!Chapter 803 The third brother is not only an idiot but also has problems with his eyes!Chapter 804 Brother Li, is this for your girlfriend? Underground romance?Chapter 805 That sour water cut one knife at a time!
Chapter 806 Brother Tingsi's sugar coating has also been peeled off, when are you coming to eat?Chapter 807 My heart is so sweet! Sweeter than eating sugar!Chapter 808 Silently... Nosebleed!Chapter 809 Drowning in His Tenderness
Chapter 810 Eat my candy, and you will be mine from now on!Chapter 811 Why Do You Believe What Ning Yinger Says, You Don't Believe Anything I Say!Chapter 812 Brother Tingsi, you are really getting greasy......Chapter 813 Stay up late for the girls!
Chapter 814 This wolf boy!Chapter 815 I lose if this kind of marriage proposal succeeds!Chapter 816 Apart from being rich, intelligent, handsome, and good-natured, I have no other advantages!Chapter 817 They grew up with her, but she grew old with them!
Chapter 818 Come of age!Chapter 819 Brother Tingsi, let's fall in love!Chapter 820: What Should You Do When You're in a Relationship for the First Time?Chapter 821 Confession!
Chapter 822 Taisu is too ambiguous...Chapter 823 Give me this little brat!Chapter 824 Son-in-law tea!Chapter 825 It's not important to have a boyfriend in the script!
Chapter 826 Frangipani in love~Chapter 827 Secretly Falling in LoveChapter 828 Hold a Big Grass!Chapter 829 This amazing!
Chapter 830 The fragrance of white lotus~Chapter 831 Bidong is already a very trendy move for him!Chapter 832 Eggplant "Follows Order" to Go to the Battle!Chapter 833 Let's see how she teases him to death in the future!
Chapter 834 Eggplant Takes Home!Chapter 835: She is indeed an aunt...Chapter 836 Knock You Mama!Chapter 837: A new realm of finding faults!
Chapter 838 Ah Zhi Lets You Go to Heaven, You Have to Go to Heaven!Chapter 839 The dog emperor is still the dog emperor, and his style is as good as a dog's emperor!Chapter 840 What kind of little soybean are you!Chapter 841 Poisonous snake bites!
Chapter 842Chapter 843 He loves Ah Zhi's initiative to death!Chapter 844Chapter 845 My sister doesn't love me anymore if she has a boyfriend! ! !
Chapter 846Chapter 847 Revenge is as fun as it comes from behind the scenes!Chapter 848: Zhizhi, Your Thoughts Are Dangerous!Chapter 849 The most direct revenge is to scare you to death in person!
Chapter 850 How old are you and you still sue! Shame on you!Chapter 851 Cowherd and Niu have a crush on each other, and you two are still not together? !Chapter 852: Big Brother's DisappointmentChapter 853 I found myself in love with you, do you... love me?
Chapter 854 Don't talk about salty love? !Chapter 855: This King Tiger Doesn't Want a Son!Chapter 856 Gossip with brother? !Chapter 857 Big brother wants an official announcement!
Chapter 858 Underage, why are you blushing?Chapter 859: Good Character, But Not Good!Chapter 860 Cohabitation!Chapter 861 Too flirtatious!
Chapter 862 This is clearly a cannibalism!Chapter 863 Let Feng Eggplant get used to eating dog food!Chapter 864 Chestnut Spring!Chapter 865 The beast version competes for favor with the real version!
Chapter 866 Inexplicably, another mouthful of dog food...Chapter 867 Want to Unlock!Chapter 868 This sounds like a scumbag!Chapter 869 Tsk...she's still a baby!
Chapter 870 Don't try to seduce him!Chapter 871 Wedding KissChapter 872 Daughter! Let go of that beast!Chapter 873 Don't you want to lose face!
Chapter 874 I want to eat his tofu!Chapter 875 Emmm...Maybe you need to suck mouth to mouth?Chapter 876: Double Bride!Chapter 877 He is not worthy of such a posture!
Chapter 878 Confession without any sense of participation!Chapter 879 She Said She Said She Said She Liked Him Hahahahaha!Chapter 880 This is the first time for my young master! What look in your eyes!Chapter 881 Use you to change an era!
Chapter 882 Old tiger impregnates a rare species!Chapter 883 Little pervert, I'm awake.Chapter 884 You are really far-sighted, old man!Chapter 885 Want to Marry You
Chapter 887 Peeping at the Alliance...Chapter 888 Everything really happened so suddenly...Chapter 889 I'm most annoyed by people like you who flirt in the name of friends!Chapter 890 What's so greedy about other people's marriage certificates? Get one yourself if you have the ability!
Chapter 891 Every minute and every second is precious, wait!Chapter 892 Take it! Who is afraid of who!Chapter 893 He is willing to grow up with me, and I am also willing to accompany him to mature slowly.Chapter 894 He thought he could eat meat!
Chapter 895 Not liking someone is harder than liking someoneChapter 896: The rich and rich!Chapter 897 Li Weizhi, Your Good Days Are Completely Over!Chapter 898 I went crazy and even killed myself!
Chapter 899 I want to celebrate my birthday early! I just want to be a Pisces!Chapter 900 This must be a soul-level companion!Chapter 901 Let's see who has the guts!Chapter 903 Borrow an egg to give birth!
Chapter 904 Blackened!Chapter 905 Because my blood can bring the dead back to life~Chapter 906 She is a Bad Woman...Chapter 907 Think it's for me, turn around please!
Chapter 908 Finale (1)Chapter 909 Finale (2)Chapter 910: Finale (3)Chapter 911 Finale (4)
Chapter 912 Finale (5)Chapter 913 Finale (6)Chapter 914 Finale (7)Chapter 915 Finale (8)
Chapter 916 Finale (9)Chapter 917 Finale (10)Chapter 918 Finale (11)Chapter 919 Finale (12)
Chapter 920 The whole text is over!Chapter 349 Nightmare!Chapter 351 Passed away.Chapter 352 Madam Huo is Missing!
Chapter 391: Wei King Zhizhi!Chapter 419 Find an uncivilized person to commit crimes together!Chapter 426: Cute Treasure Zhibao's Online Drama!Chapter 576 Is Forced Reincarnation OK?
Chapter 594: Dumpling Exclusively for Dog Licking!Chapter 667: PastChapter 886 Is this the marriage certificate? !Chapter 902 Action!
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