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Rebirth requires being tough on oneself Latest chapter update list

author£ºInflate a Large Balloon 9

Main text Chapter 1 I can't be sorry to the society!Main Text Chapter 2 The King of Spray KingsText Chapter 3 Okay~Main Text Chapter 4 Wonderful Flowers Blooming
Text Chapter 5 Strength IssuesText Explanation on signing the contractMain text Chapter 6 The No. 1 Poor in the Eighteenth High SchoolMain text Chapter 7 Big tragedy
Text Chapter Eight Ding~Text Chapter 9 Disk AnalysisText Chapter 10 ContestantsText Chapter Eleven Hold on! come on!
Text Chapter Twelve The StrugglerMain Text Chapter Thirteen: The Man Has Gold Under His KneesText Chapter Fourteen: The King of KingsText Chapter Fifteen: Hidden Dragon in the Abyss
Text Chapter Sixteen MarkingMain Text Chapter SeventeenMain Text Chapter Eighteen: The Only Seedling in Dongou CityMain Text Chapter Nineteen: The Dignity of a Top Scholar
Text Chapter 20: A Fulfilling WeekendText Chapter 21 The world is not easyText Chapter 22 You WinMain Text Chapter 23: Township High School Entrance Examination Champion
Text Chapter 24 Killing (Part 1)Text Chapter 25 Killing (Part 2)Text Chapter 26 Killing (Part 2)Text Chapter 27: Half Pack of Biscuits
Text Chapter 28: How Nice It RainsMain text Chapter 29: Extraordinary talentMain Text Chapter Thirty: The Leading VillainText Chapter 31 Everyone has a bright future
Text Chapter 32 Geography ExaminationText Chapter 33: Return of the KingText Chapter 34 302 Divine BeastText Chapter 35: With You Without Me
Text Chapter Thirty-six: Citywide Unified ExaminationText Chapter 37 Accept with tearsText Chapter Thirty-Eight: White-eyed WolfText Chapter 39: Three Years of Learning
Main Text Chapter FortyText Chapter 41 Computer ExaminationText Chapter 42: A Good Man¡¯s Life Is SafeText Chapter Forty-Three Not Easy
Main text Chapter 44: No rushMain text Chapter 45: Mutual destructionText Chapter 46 Captain of Track and Field TeamMain Text Chapter 47 Everyone Has Unique Skills
Text Chapter 48: Yellow JacketText Chapter Forty-ninth Many IdeasMain Text Chapter Fifty CornerText Chapter Fifty-one: Society Death
Text Chapter 52: Let me teach youText Chapter Fifty-ThreeText Chapter Fifty-Four Magical CheatsText Chapter Fifty-Five
Main Text Chapter 56 AmbitiousText Chapter Fifty-SevenText Chapter 58 Rewards arrive in the accountText Chapter Fifty-ninth: Making a fortune silently
Text Chapter 60 Affecting the Speed ??of My Sword DrawingText Chapter 61 Time and History Will ProveText Chapter 62 Can't LaughMain text Chapter 63
Text Chapter 64: The Pre-examination Commando Team Was AnnihilatedMain text Chapter 65 Principles cannot be ambiguousText Chapter 66 Who else?Main Text Chapter 67 Under Control
Text Chapter 68 Making things difficultText Chapter 69 Saving a LifeMain text Chapter 70 Good people are rewardedMain text Chapter 71 Pulling the side frame
Main text Chapter 72 Engaging mentalityText Chapter Seventy-Three: After the RainText Chapter 74: The Most Handsome First Step in the UniverseMain text Chapter 75: What is lacking?
Text Chapter 76 Full MarkMain Text Chapter 77 Internet Cafe Disturbance (Part 1)Text Chapter 78: Internet Cafe Disturbance (Part 2)Main Text Chapter 79 Internet Cafe Disturbance (Part 2)
Text Chapter 80 Do as you pleaseMain text Chapter 81 Designated successorText Chapter 82: The Evil Animal Leaving the VillageText Chapter 83 Saints
Text Chapter 84 CaringText Chapter 85 Hanging up and beating (1)Text Chapter 86 Hanging up and beating (2)Text Chapter 87 Hanging up and beating (3)
Text Chapter 88 Hanging up and beating (4)Text Chapter 89 Teacher Jiang is both civil and militaryText Chapter 90: All Ruthless CharactersText Chapter 91 Returning Home
Text TestimonialsText Chapter 92: Beat the Drum and Worship (the first update of the guarantee)Text Chapter 93 Can't hide (Second update on guarantee)Text Chapter Ninety-Fourth Disobedience
Text Chapter 95: Qingshan Village (Fourth Update)Main text Chapter 96 Long way to goText Chapter 97: Lord 2022Text Chapter 98: Immortal Binding Lock (addition for simulating the invincible lord!)
Text Chapter 99 Shiligou VillageMain text Chapter 100 Dismissed from the army without fadingMain text Chapter 101 is actually an actorText Chapter 102 Narrow Death
Main text Chapter 103 Dilemma (Second update on guarantee)Text Chapter 104 Can't leave the county seatText Chapter 105: Taishang Laojun's Alchemy Furnace Explodes (Fourth Update)Text Chapter 106: Buying
Text Chapter 107: Tai Chi Magic (addition for TheIronk leader)Text Chapter 108 Open and aboveboardText Chapter 109: A Good PlaceMain text Chapter 110 Daily update 30,000, that's all
Text Chapter 111 Unfavorable startMain Text Chapter 112: A Difficult StartText Chapter 113 Creating a Friendly Working Environment (Second Change of Guarantee)Text Chapter 114: They Are All Heroes
Text Chapter 115 Protracted War (Fourth Change of Guarantee)Text Chapter 116: Thank you so much for your familyMain Text Chapter 118 Don't WorryMain Text Chapter 118 Stop Loss
Text Chapter 119 Maybe I'm a FoolText Chapter 120 Waiting to Die (Guaranteed Update 3000/10000)Main Text Chapter 121: Getting Started (Guaranteed Update 5000/10000)Text Chapter 122: Mengmeng is a Talent (Guaranteed Update 7000/10000)
Main text Chapter 123: The general trend waits for no one (Guaranteed update 10000/10000)Text Chapter 124 Is it normal to have female fans? (Guaranteed update 3500/15000)Text Chapter 125: No one is perfect (7500/15000)Text Chapter 127 Harvest Season (Part 1) (Guaranteed update 10000/15000)
Text Chapter 127 Harvest Season (Part 2) (Guaranteed update 14000/15000)Text Chapter 128 Harvest Season (Part 2) (Guaranteed Update 17000/15000)Text Chapter 129 Chaos Night (Guaranteed Update 4000/13000)Text Chapter 130 Steady High (Guaranteed Update 6000/13000)
Text Chapter 131: The Butterfly Effect (Guaranteed Update 8500/13000)Text Chapter 132 He Said He Was Not in a Good State Today (Guaranteed Update 13000/13000)Main text Chapter 133 Coercion and temptationMain Text Chapter 134: One Day Childbirth (Guaranteed Update 4000/15000)
Text Chapter 135: Bring Haiyun! (Guaranteed update 9000/15000)Text Chapter 136: Confidence (13000/15000)Text Chapter 137: I Have Foreign Aid (Guaranteed Update 15000/15000)Text Chapter 138: Haonan! call people! (Add more for playing with Baiyinmeng in your spare time)
Text Chapter 139 Chaos War (Guaranteed Update 5500/15000)Text Chapter 140 Raise Your Level and Raise Your Style (Guaranteed Update 12500/15000)Text Chapter 141: Taijiquan and Lion Roar Kung Fu (Guaranteed update 17500/15000)Text Chapter 142 Otherwise, why would I earn so much money? (Guaranteed update 2000/12500)
Text Chapter 143: The Chain of Contempt (Guaranteed Update 5000/12500)Main text Chapter 144 Splitting up (guaranteed update 7500/12500)Text Chapter 145 If It Wasn't No Choice (Guaranteed Update 10500/12500)Main text Chapter 146: The joys and sorrows of human beings are not connected (guaranteed update 12500/12500)
Main Text Chapter 147: Driven CrazyText Chapter 148 Free Soul (Guaranteed Update 2000/15000)Main Text Chapter 149: Be a New Man (Guaranteed Update 4000/15000)Text Chapter 150: Rabbit (guaranteed update 6500/15000)
Text Chapter 151 Eighteen High School Double Ugly (Guaranteed update 9500/15000)Text Chapter 152: Don¡¯t Worry (Guaranteed Update 12000/15000)Text Chapter 153: Bleeding and Bleeding, Still Willing to Die (Guaranteed Update 16000/15000)Text Chapter 154: General Ugly (Guaranteed Update 3500/10000)
Text Chapter 155: 302 Dorm Room Senge's Law (Guaranteed Update 6500/10000)Text Chapter 156: Resource Tilting (Guaranteed Update 11500/10000)Text Send a single chapter for helpMain Text Chapter 158 Just an Insignificant Achievement (Guaranteed Update 6000/15000)
Text Chapter 158: Live up to its reputation (guaranteed update 9500/15000)Text Chapter 159: The Coffin Is Ready For You (Guaranteed Update 16000/15000)Text Chapter 160 Wei Ran Takes ShapeText Chapter 161 This Is What I Should Do (Guaranteed Update 3500/15000)
Text Chapter 162: Still Ugly (Guaranteed Update 8000/15000)Text Chapter 163 New Officials Take Appointment (Guaranteed Update 10500/15000)Text Chapter 164 Lucky Stars Shining Brightly (Guaranteed Update 13000/15000)Main text Chapter 165: As expected of him (guaranteed update 15000/15000)
Text Chapter 166 Need Two Eggs (Guaranteed Update 3000/15000)Text Chapter 167: Calling Each Other Dad (Guaranteed Update 8000/15000)Text Chapter 168 Interview (Guaranteed Update 11000/15000)Text Chapter 169: A Day That Almost Breaks the Defense (Guaranteed Update 18000/15000)
Main Text Chapter 170 UC Shock BodyText Chapter 171: Open a new book! (Guaranteed update 6000/12000)Text Chapter 172 Promoting Positive Energy (Guaranteed Update 9000/12000)Text Chapter 173: Not Ugly at a Closer Look (Guaranteed Update 12000/12000)
Text Chapter 174 My Wife Is the Queen (Guaranteed Update 3500/15000)Text Chapter 175 Shuttle Between Two Worlds (Guaranteed Update 7500/15000)Text Chapter 176: The real test has just begun (guaranteed update 13000/15000)Text Chapter 177: The Team Sets Out (Guaranteed Update 15000/15000)
Text Chapter 178 Resurrection with Full Blood (Guaranteed Update 2000/15000)Main text Chapter 179: Recommended places? (Guaranteed update 7500/15000)Main text Chapter 180 Why don't you understand my beauty? (Guaranteed update 10500/15000)Text Chapter 181 Can't die? (Guaranteed update 15000/15000)
Text Chapter 182: Double StandardsMain text Chapter 183 Can code another 10,000 characters (guaranteed update 8000/15000)Text Chapter 184 Going Against the Trend (Guaranteed Update 16000/15000)Text Chapter 185 I Thought What You Would Do To Him (Guaranteed Update 4000/14000)
Text Chapter 186 Unable to Persuade Success (Guaranteed Update 6500/14000)Text Chapter 187 Freedom (Guaranteed Update 11500/14000)Text Chapter 188 Embarrassingly missing someone (guaranteed update 15000/14000)Text Chapter 189: I wish Mr. Jiang a speedy recovery (guaranteed update 3000/15000)
Text Chapter 190: The Ninth Layer of Toad's Divine Art (Guaranteed Update 9500/15000)Text Chapter 191 City Record (Guaranteed Update 17000/15000)Text Chapter 192 Erben VS Olympics (Guaranteed update 3000/20000)Text Chapter 193 Cannot Send Photos (Guaranteed Update 6500/20000)
Text Chapter 194: If I Don¡¯t Give It, You Can¡¯t Take It (Guaranteed Update 11500/20000)Text Chapter 195: Handsome in the World (Guaranteed Update 16000/20000)Text Chapter 196: The World Is Crazy (Guaranteed Update 20000/20000)Text Chapter 197: Lingering Ghosts (Guaranteed Update 3500/20000)
Text Chapter 198 Fortunately, I protected my face wittily (guaranteed update 8000/20000)Text Chapter 199: Assist Expert Pandahai (Guaranteed Update 10000/20000)Text Chapter 200 Just Like That (Guaranteed Update 15000/20000)Text Chapter 201 Tathagata Palm (Guaranteed update 21000/20000)
Text Chapter 202 Confidence (Bottom Update 4500/20000)Text Chapter 203 Hidden dangers in society (guaranteed update 9000/20000)Text Chapter 204: The City Is Blind (Guaranteed Update 14000/20000)Text Chapter 205 National Certification (Guaranteed Update 18000/20000)
Text Chapter 206 Even I Can¡¯t Beat Myself (Guaranteed Update 20000/20000)Main text Chapter 207 I want to be famous all over the world (guaranteed update 4000/20000)Text Chapter 208 Dismissal (Guaranteed update 12000/20000)Text Chapter 209: The Strongest! ! (Guaranteed update 22000/20000)
Text Modification NoticeMain Text Chapter 211 Counterattack (Guaranteed Update 2000/20000)Text Chapter 212 Number One in the World (Part 1) (Guaranteed update 5000/20000)Text Chapter 212: Number One in the World (Part 2) (Guaranteed Update 12000/20000)
Main text Chapter 213 You are waiting for me! (In order to remind the circle to remind the invitation letter activity to add more updates)Text Chapter 214: No Going Back (Guaranteed Update 20000/20000)Main Text Chapter 215: People Established (Guaranteed Update 4000/12000)Text Chapter 216 Cloud Spare Tire (Guaranteed Update 8000/12000)
Main Text Chapter 218 Arrival (guaranteed update 13000/12000)Text Chapter 218: Pengpeng is Angry (Guaranteed Update 5500/20000)Text Chapter 219: Is it cheating readers? (Guaranteed update 14000/20000)Text Chapter 220: The Holy Erjun Wencheng Wude (guaranteed update 17000/20000)
Text Chapter 221 You can do it! (make up for yesterday)Text Chapter 222: How much is it worth for you? (Guaranteed update 3000/12000)Text Chapter 223 Need to add money (guaranteed update 7500/12000)Text Chapter 224: The Body of Heaven and Man (Guaranteed Update 13000/12000)
Text Chapter 225 He just donated one million (guaranteed update 8000/15000)Main text Chapter 226: Act bravely in the name of justice (guaranteed update 15000/15000)Text Chapter 227 Toad Spirit's Super Counterattack (Guaranteed Update 11000/15000)Text Chapter 228 Famous (Guaranteed update 15000/15000)
Main text Chapter 230 I don¡¯t even have it if I sell it (guaranteed update 14000/15000)Text Chapter 231 Spending Money to Buy Your Life (Guaranteed Update 6000/16000)Text Chapter 232: Film Emperor Zha Zhahui (Guaranteed update 12500/16000)Text Chapter 233 Not to say it¡¯s not good (guaranteed update 16000/16000)
Text Chapter 234: Be There or Be Square (Guaranteed Update 2500/15000)Text Chapter 235: Pinching Eggs Each Other (Guaranteed Update 5500/15000)Text Chapter 236: A Genius Playing Stupid (8500/15000)Text Chapter 237 Cash on Delivery (Guarantee Update 11000/15000)
Text Chapter 238: Clearance of money and goods (guaranteed update 13000/15000)Text Chapter 239: Let Taoist Friends Die First (Guaranteed Update 15000/15000)Text Chapter 240 Master Tactician (Guaranteed Update 3000/15000)Text Chapter 241: Homecoming (Guaranteed update 6000/15000)
Text Chapter 242: Have an Idea (Guaranteed Update 10500/15000)Text leaveText Chapter 243: Glowing All Over (To Make Up for Yesterday's)Text Chapter 244: Women Can Hold Up Half the Sky (Guaranteed Update 10000/10000)
Text Chapter 245 Return to the original shape (Guaranteed update 6500/15000)Text Chapter 246: The Jungle (Guaranteed Update 15000/15000)Text Chapter 247 Hobbies (Guaranteed Update 4500/10000)Text Chapter 248 Complicated Moods (Guaranteed Update 11000/10000)
Main Text Chapter 249 The Acne Prince (Guaranteed Update 4000/15000)Text Chapter 250 Injustice (guaranteed update 10000/15000)Text Chapter 251: The First Internet Celebrity in 2006 (Guaranteed Update 15000/15000)Text Chapter 252 Four Phones (Guaranteed Update 4500/10000)
Text Chapter 253 Routine (guaranteed update 10000/10000)Text Chapter 254: The Good Days Have Just Begun (Guaranteed Update 6000/15000)Text Chapter 255: Choice (Guaranteed Update 9000/15000)Text Chapter 256: The place where you are destined to fight in this life (guaranteed update 11000/15000)
Text Chapter 257: Dreams and Ideals (To Supplement Yesterday's)Main Text Chapter 258 Once Famous and Known in the World (Guaranteed Update)Text Chapter 259: Back to Reality (Guaranteed Update 3000/10000)Text Chapter 260: Jiangbai Cai (guaranteed update 6500/10000)
Main text Chapter 261 You are obscene (guaranteed update 10000/10000)Text Chapter 262 Character Short (Guaranteed Update 3500/15000)Text Chapter 263 Undercurrent (Guaranteed update 9000/15000)Text Chapter 264 Radiant Radiance (Guaranteed Update 12500/15000)
Text Chapter 265 Ninety-nine into one (guaranteed update 15000/15000)Main text Chapter 266: Tomorrow is sure! (Guaranteed update 4000/15000)Main text Chapter 267 The Jianghu is sinister (Guaranteed update 8000/15000)Text Chapter 268: The Scourge Remains for a Thousand Years (Guaranteed Update 12000/15000)
Main text Chapter 269: Killing and punishing one's heart (make up for yesterday's)Text Chapter 270 Dust (Guaranteed Update 3500/10000)Text Chapter 271: The Battle of Senior Three (Guaranteed Update 5500/10000)Text Chapter 272 Bundle Hype (Guaranteed Update 8500/10000)
Text Chapter 273 Sailors and Paparazzi (Guaranteed Update 11000/10000)Main Text Chapter 274: The Thunder Fights Back (Guaranteed Update 8000/15000)Text Chapter 275 Not Yellow Mud (Guaranteed update 13000/15000)Main Text Chapter 276 Heartbroken and Heartbroken (To make up for yesterday's)
Text Chapter 277 Self-insertion (guaranteed update 3500/10000)Text Chapter 278 Mad Dog (Guaranteed Update 7500/10000)Text Chapter 279 Defensive counterattack (guaranteed update 10000/10000)Text Chapter 280 The Water Is Too Deep (Guaranteed Update 3500/15000)
Text Chapter 281 Retirement (guaranteed update 6500/15000)Text Chapter 282 Study Materials (Guaranteed Update 9500/15000)Text Chapter 283: Countdown to College Entrance Exam 373 Days (Guaranteed Update 16000/15000)Text Chapter 284: Who else is better than me? (Guaranteed update 7000/10000)
Text Chapter 285 Self-funded supplementary lessons (guaranteed update 10000/10000)Text Chapter 286 Time Waits for No One (Guaranteed Update 5000/12000)Text Chapter 287 Famous Teacher (Guaranteed Update 8000/12000)Main Text Chapter 288: Disciple (Guaranteed Update 12000/12000)
Text Chapter 289: Borrowing Your Good Words (Guaranteed Update 2000/12000)Text Chapter 290 Let¡¯s have a good time (guaranteed update 6000/12000)Text Chapter 291: Don¡¯t Make Him Proud (Guaranteed Update 9000/12000)Main Text Chapter 292 Retire (Guaranteed Update 13000/12000)
Text Chapter 293: A Big Typhoon (Guaranteed Update 7000/15000)Text Chapter 294: You Have Never Seen the World (Guaranteed Update 11000/15000)Text Chapter 295 Arrives as promised (guaranteed update 17000/15000)Main Text Chapter 296: One Model (Guaranteed Update 5000/15000)
Text Chapter 297 Breaking News (Guaranteed Update 11500/15000)Text Chapter 298 Chain Reaction (Filling Yesterday's)Text Chapter 299 Super God Matryoshka Operation (guaranteed update 6500/10000)Text Chapter 300 You Are Married (Guaranteed Update 8500/10000)
Main Text Chapter 301 Only Eyes on Papers (Guaranteed Update 11000/10000)Text Chapter 302: Everyone is staring! (Guaranteed update 8500/15000)Text Chapter 303 There is Only One Agui (Guaranteed Update 12000/15000)Text Chapter 304 Homesickness (Guaranteed Update 15000/15000)
Text Chapter 305 Self-inflicted Evil (Guaranteed Update 9500/15000)Text Chapter 306 Twenty-five Filial Piety (Guaranteed update 15000/15000)Text Chapter 307 You Are Good (Guaranteed Update 7000/15000)Main Text Chapter 308: Digging a Pit Fails and Gets Buried (Guaranteed Update 11000/15000)
Text Chapter 309: The Voice in My Heart (Guaranteed Update 17000/15000)Text Chapter 310: Countdown to College Entrance Exam 100 Days (Guaranteed Update 3000/15000)Main text Chapter 311: Crowd's Rage (Guaranteed Update 6500/15000)Text Chapter 312: Learning from Jiang Sen (guaranteed update 12500/15000)
Text Chapter 313 Reincarnated Little Expert (Guaranteed Update 16000/15000)Text Chapter 314 Make-up Lessons (Guaranteed Update 8500/15000)Text Chapter 315: I really want to help her share the pressure (guaranteed update 11500/15000)Text Chapter 316: Those with Insufficient Educational Levels Are Not Worth Chasing (To Make Up for Yesterday's)
Text Chapter 317: Zhongguancun and Wudaokou (guaranteed update 5500/15000)Text Chapter 318 Be Confident (Guaranteed Update 11500/15000)Text Chapter 319 Foreign Aid (Guaranteed Update 15000/15000)Text Chapter 320: Perihelion (guaranteed update 6000/15000)
Text Chapter 321: Kill him cleanly (guaranteed update 11500/15000)Text Chapter 322 Let's talk after eating! (make up for yesterday)Text Chapter 323 Brother Sen is a Warrior! (Guaranteed 6000/16000)Text Chapter 324 Look at You (Guaranteed 10500/16000)
Text Chapter 325: Night FightMain text Chapter 326: Atmosphere (make up for yesterday)Text Please take a day offMain text Chapter 327 Let what should come come quickly (guaranteed update 5500/10000)
Text Chapter 328 Stay tuned (Guaranteed update 11000/10000)Text Chapter 329 What else? (To make up debts 4500/12000)Main Text Chapter 330 No Concerns (Guaranteed Update 5500/10000)Text Chapter 331 Context (Guaranteed update 10000/10000)
Text Chapter 332: Trend of Thought (Guaranteed Update 4000/10000)Text Chapter 333 I think I failed the exam (guaranteed update 8000/10000)Main text Chapter 334 Who dares to be worse than me (guaranteed update 11000/10000)Text Chapter 335 You Are Not Bad (Guaranteed Update 4000/10000)
Text Chapter 336 Enrollment by routine (guaranteed update 10000/10000)Text Chapter 337 I Want a Dinosaur (Debt Repayment 7000/12000)Text Chapter 338 Four-Party Game (Guaranteed Update 10000/10000)Text Chapter 339: Champion
Text Chapter 340 Sadness and Joytext say somethingText Chapter 341: The Way of the Weak (Guaranteed 5000/10000)Text Chapter 342: Pass the exam first (guaranteed 16000/10000)
Text Chapter 343 Word-of-mouth collapse (guaranteed 6500/10000)Main text Chapter 344: So angry... (Guaranteed 10000/10000)Main text Chapter 345: No evidence of death? ! (Guaranteed 6000/10000)Main text Chapter 346: Asking for directions (guaranteed 10000/10000)
Main text Chapter 347: Contributions are worthless (guaranteed 4000/10000)Text Chapter 348 Mengmeng Stand Up! (Guaranteed 10000/10000)Text Chapter 349: Peerless Master (Guaranteed 3000/10000)Text Chapter 350: Overbearing President Falls in Love with Me (Guaranteed 6000/10000)
Main Text Chapter 351: Overall Bearishness (Guaranteed Update 10000/10000)Text Chapter 352 I am the overall situation (guaranteed update 3000/10000)Text Chapter 353: This is what I teach (guaranteed update 7000/10000)Main Text Chapter 354: Time Comes, Heaven and Earth Are Together (Guaranteed Update 10000/10000)
Text Chapter 355: Burning Into Reality (Guaranteed Update 4500/10000)Text Chapter 356: It¡¯s Safer to Take It Yourself (Guaranteed Update 10000/10000)Text Chapter 357: Reporting (Guaranteed update 4500/10000)Text Chapter 358 Announcing a News (Guaranteed Update 10000/10000)
Text Chapter 359 I'm going to sue him! (Guaranteed update 10000/10000)Text Chapter 360: Shivering (Guaranteed Update 4000/10000)Text Chapter 361: The Overall Situation Has Been Decided (Guaranteed Update 7500/10000)Text Chapter 362 Flying Dragon in the Sky (Guaranteed Update 14000/10000)
Text Chapter 363 Come quickly!Main text Chapter 364: Encountering an old acquaintance in a foreign land (Guaranteed update 5000/10000)Text Chapter 365 Missy (Guaranteed update 7500/10000)Text Chapter 366: A New Beginning (Guaranteed Update 10000/10000)
Text Chapter 367 Spoiler (guaranteed update 3000/10000)Text Chapter 368: The Gold Medal Is Stabilized (Guaranteed Update 10000/10000)Text It's almost National Day, I want to say a few wordsText Chapter 369: Save some face for the world (guaranteed update 2000/20000)
Text Chapter 370: Disconnection (guaranteed update 5000/20000)Text Chapter 371 Expedition (Guaranteed update 8000/20000)Text Chapter 372 I Don¡¯t Read (Guaranteed Update 12000/20000)Text Chapter 373: When is it qualified to be so stinky? (Guaranteed update 16000/20000)
Text Chapter 374: Lingering Ghosts (Filling Yesterday's)The text is updated a little later todayText Chapter 375: The Pressure Behind (Guaranteed Update 6500/10000)Text Chapter 376 Isn't basketball fun? (Guaranteed update 10000/10000)
Text Chapter 377 Abduction (Guaranteed Update 3000/10000)Text Chapter 378: Surprise (Guaranteed Update 7000/10000)Main Text Chapter 379: Big Name (Guaranteed Update 10000/10000)Text Chapter 380: Be a Husband! (For the leader of the world's generals to add more!)
Text Chapter 381 This road, I'm determined! (Guaranteed update 7000/10000)Text Chapter 382 Please don¡¯t let them go (make up for yesterday¡¯s)Text Chapter 383 Heaven and Man (guaranteed update 5000/10000)Text Chapter 384 Reunion (guaranteed update 10000/10000)
Text Chapter 385: Welcome to Beijing (Guaranteed Update 5500/10000)Text Chapter 386: A Ball Determines Life and Death (Guaranteed Update 11000/10000)Text Chapter 387 Mutual Needs (Guaranteed Update 5000/10000)The text is gone tonight
Main Text Chapter 388: Game SaverText continue to ask for leaveText Chapter 389 Do you have the heart to leave me alone?Text Chapter 390 Talking Like Farting
Text Chapter 391: One Less Game and Still WinningText Chapter 392: Obviously much handsomerText Chapter 393: Johnson MeatText Chapter 394: Not Small
Text Chapter 395 Can you see me?Text Chapter 396: Olympians are just like thisText Chapter 397 PrivilegesText Chapter 398 Busy New Semester
Text Chapter 399: The Smart WayText Chapter 400: If I Don¡¯t Give It, You Can¡¯t Take ItText Chapter 401 Don¡¯t Think About ItText Chapter 402: A Taboo Topic for the Reborn
Main text Chapter 403: Focus on studiesText Chapter 404: The First Step of EvilMain text Chapter 405 What mentality?Text Chapter 406: Just Be Confident
Text Chapter 407: Children's Playing HouseText Chapter 408 Professional levelText Chapter 409: I Can Get A's in Mathematics, Physics and ChemistryText Chapter 410: Get Back to Work
Text Chapter 411: Roaring TigerText Chapter 412 You Shouted OutText Chapter 413 RecruitmentText Chapter 414 I will see him tomorrow
Text Chapter 415 Can you see me?Text Chapter 416 You can't go anywhere!Text Chapter 417Text Chapter 418: No money to buy a house now
Text Chapter 419 Fake Dog and Real DogMain Text Chapter 420 Low-profile Longzhong Pair (Guaranteed update 3500/10000)Text Chapter 421: No Room Opening! (Guaranteed update 8000/10000)Text Chapter 422: Cutting Meat to Feed the Eagles (To Make Up for Yesterday's)
Text Chapter 423 Raid (guaranteed update 4000/8000)Text Chapter 424 Exactly C9 (guaranteed update 8000/8000)Text Chapter 425: The school leaders have been notified (guaranteed update 2000/10000)Text Chapter 426 This bitch is fighting against her (Guaranteed update 4000/10000)
Text Chapter 427 Busy Man (Filling Yesterday's)Text Chapter 428 Not EnoughText Chapter 429: MarionetteText Chapter 430 No more ruthless, only the most ruthless
Text Chapter 431 LeaseText Chapter 432 CharactersText Chapter 433 You must have enough food and not be lazyText Chapter 434: Survive
Text Chapter 435: The Self-Esteem of a Pseudo-ScholarText Chapter 436: On purpose?Text Chapter 437: Evening Party (Part 1)Text Chapter 438: Evening Party (Part 2)
Text Chapter 439 Your assistant got a kickback!Text Chapter 440: Stronger than Uncle BlackText Chapter 441 Who can not laugh?Text Chapter 442: Momentum for Progress
Text Chapter 443: Be careful to be buried by the little red flowerText Chapter 444: Can kneel and bendText Chapter 445 Do You Want Love!Text Chapter 446 Schedule
Text Chapter 447 MidtermText Chapter 448 No time to surf the InternetText Chapter 449 Intellectual ProblemsText Chapter 450: Zuo Lengchan and America
Text Chapter 451 2008Text Chapter 452: With my faceText Chapter 453: Snowstorm (Part 1)Text Chapter 454: Snowstorm (Part 2)
Text Chapter 455 Warm-up and hard workText Chapter 456: Not the Same as YouText Chapter 457: More than 50%Text Chapter 458 Insulting Secretary Cao
Text Leave InstructionsText Chapter 460 Waiting for your decisionText Chapter 461: Working TogetherText Chapter 462: Not worthy to be your principal
Text Chapter 463: Stay SafeText Chapter 464: The Appearance of Being Defeated by MoneyText Chapter 465 NauseaText Chapter 466: Leave me a note in the county annals
Text Chapter 467: Big CalculationText Chapter 468 Sweet and sourText Chapter 469 Why don't you close the door?Text Chapter 470: Help
Text Chapter 471: The old horse has a good physiqueText Chapter 472 Old and StrongText Chapter 473: I¡¯m Not Sorry for God¡¯s ArrangementText Chapter 474: It¡¯s Interesting to Live Long
Text Chapter 475 More important thingsText Chapter 476 Don't want to be a human being?Text Chapter 477 PositiveText Chapter 478: Conclusive Evidence
Text Chapter 479 Full Firepower OutputText Chapter 480 But He Can Do ItText Chapter 481 There is a traitorText Chapter 482 Whoever talks about feelings is an idiot
Text Chapter 483: What a Fierce BattleText Chapter 484 Who is not a staunch fighter?Text Chapter 485: Super Popular IdolText Chapter 486 Ugly
Text Chapter 487: Gesture of VictoryText Chapter 488 Your mother told you to go back to work overtimeText Chapter 489Text Chapter 490 Foreign Aid
Text Chapter 491 You also know itText Chapter 492 Another TwistText Chapter 493: The Rainbow Walking in the WorldText Chapter 494 I Can¡¯t Stand It
Text Chapter 495 Quick KnifeText Chapter 496: Team MoriText Chapter 497 is easy to sayText Chapter 498: A Pure Person
Text Chapter 499 Didn't you promise to train me?Text Chapter Five HundredMain text Chapter 501: Such an awesome aestheticText Chapter 502 Acceleration
Text Chapter 503: Depends on the situationText Chapter 504 I Admire YouText Chapter 505: VisitText Chapter 506 Not within the scope of my work
Text Chapter 507: The Best StrategyText Chapter 508 Thank you on behalf of the whole townshipText Chapter 509: Night TalkText Chapter 510: Each takes what he needs
Text Chapter Five Hundred and Eleven I Say Yes!Text Chapter Five Hundred and Twelve: Aunt SixText Chapter 513: Hello everyone is really niceText Chapter 514 Giants gather
Text Chapter 515 PressureText Chapter 516: I won¡¯t talk to my grandsonText Chapter 517: The VillainText Chapter 518: The Raptors Cross the River
Text Chapter Five Hundred and Nine: Cutting Flesh and BleedingText Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty: No MoralityText Chapter 521: It¡¯s a ParadoxText Chapter 522: What qualifications do you have to be shameless?
Text Chapter 523: The Second Round of Negotiations (Part 1)Text Chapter 524: The Second Round of Negotiations (Part 2)Text Chapter 525 Shameless enough to be honestText Chapter 526: Dowry
Text Chapter 527: My ModelText Chapter 528 Doing a big ticketText Chapter 529 Something is wrong with youText Chapter 530: Good Person Card
Text Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty-OneText Chapter 532 BrotherhoodText Chapter 533 They Are TiredText Chapter 534 Hurry up
Text Chapter 535 Di Wang Miao GongkuanText Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty-Six: Being a Man Cannot LoseText Chapter 537 Forced PalaceText Chapter 538 Young people are too naive
Text Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty-Nine: Do Your BestText Chapter 540: Something Big Has HappenedText Chapter 541: The rest of my lifeText Chapter 542: Quite suitable for business
Text Chapter 543: Shencheng has Jiang SenText Chapter 544 You won, everything you say is rightText Chapter 545: Finally InstalledText Chapter 546: Petty Bala
Text Chapter 547 Welcome to BJ!Text Chapter 548: Secret WeaponText Chapter 549: Flying FairyText Chapter 550: We Were Deceived
Text Chapter 551: Extremely InsultingText Chapter 552 Time is running out for the US teamText Chapter 553: Really HappyText Chapter 554 Conquering
Text Chapter 555 Another oneText Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty SixText Chapter 557 No cards in the preliminariesText Chapter 558 Let's do it a few more times!
Text Chapter 559: The God of Resisting StressText Chapter 560: ExampleText Chapter 561 Cat's mouth snatches foodText Chapter 562 This is a nightmare
Text Chapter 563 LuckText Chapter 564: Fifth GoldText Chapter 565 We Curse HimText Chapter 566 I want to surrender
Text Chapter 567: Saving the WorldTextText Chapter 569: The miracle has just begunText Chapter 570: Olympic God of War
Text Chapter 571 PeerlessText Chapter 572: Dongou City is not an ordinary placeText Chapter 573: Patriot Robin WilliamsMain text Chapter 574: Love from all over the world
Text Chapter 575 Stupid Political CorrectnessText Chapter 576 The cooperation between Jiang Sen and Nai Kuo will not last longText Chapter 577 Full Score Answer SheetText Chapter 578: The Most Beautiful Boy
Text Chapter 579 Violent BrainwashingText Chapter 580 Returning to Dongou CityText Chapter 581 Not a DimensionText Chapter 582 Returning with Honor
Text Chapter 583 New JourneyText Chapter 584: Aren¡¯t children funnier than bunnies?Text Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-FiveText Chapter 586: Listen to Mr. Jiang
Text Chapter 587 Give me a part-time jobText Chapter 588 Senior TreatmentText Chapter 589 Full scheduleText Chapter 590 You are already one of us
Text Chapter 591: SympathyText Chapter 592: Set sailText Chapter 593: The World Championships are none of my businessText Chapter 594: Idol Star
Text Chapter 595: Singing and dancing rap basketballText Chapter 596 Crazy Signing EventText Chapter 597: The Bauhinia MedalText Chapter 598: Humble Small Shareholders
Text Chapter 599: I have fought all my lifeText Chapter 600 The World Is DevelopingText Chapter 601 Cutting HuText Chapter 602 Bite
Text Chapter 603 I won¡¯t play with youText Chapter 604: Every DayText Chapter 605 Matter Determines ConsciousnessText Chapter 606: The person who has the right to forgive you is gone
Text Chapter 607 PlaceboText Chapter 608: City of ThunderText Chapter 609: An Dahai is in a quagmireText Chapter 610: King Kong Barbie
Text Chapter 611: Betting ExplodedText Chapter 612 I want to buy a bank! !Text Chapter 613 SeverityText Chapter 615 My son-in-law is a fool
Main Text Chapter 616: Serial Deadly BuckleText Chapter 617: Spray Wang Zhong goes onlineText Chapter 618 You've Made a LotText Chapter 619
Text Chapter 620 Sharpening the KnifeText Chapter 621 Cutting the fleshText Chapter 622 Let me knowText Chapter 623 Serving the People
Text Chapter 624: Dad¡¯s PowerTextText Chapter 626: Usury must shit!Text Chapter 627: Closing the net
Text Chapter 628 Rich and able to workText Chapter 629: My fate is up to meText Chapter 630 He makes senseText Chapter 631 Wishing
Text Chapter 632: The Wind RisesText Chapter 633: Cloud MovementText Chapter 634: ThunderText Chapter 635: Chess Fall
Text Chapter 636 Brain-damagedText Chapter 637: Stone BreakText Chapter 638: Sky ShockText Chapter 639: Poor Picture
Text Chapter 640: Dagger AppearanceText Chapter 641 Retire after Congratulations (Grand Finale)Text End of this speechText The new book has been released
text statementText Statement 2Text NoticeText Notice about new book notice
Text Chapter 229: I¡¯m Just an Ordinary Person (Guaranteed Update 4000/15000)   
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