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Mistress  please respect yourself Latest chapter update list


Chapter 1 Chen XuanChapter 2 Sturdy Mistress!Chapter 3 Practicing Medicine and Treating DiseasesChapter 4 Birthday
Chapter 5 You are not worthy of me!Chapter 6 RetirementChapter 7 Divorce you!Chapter 8 Consider it!
Chapter 9 Pretending to be a lightning strike!Chapter 10 Nine-turn Dragon Divine Art!Chapter 11 Bring Me Egg Fried Rice!Chapter 12 You Fart
Chapter 13 Beating Wu Tian Violently (Part 1)Chapter 14 Violently Beating Wu Tian (Part 2)Chapter 15 Violently Beating Wu Tian (Part 2)Chapter 16 One against a hundred!
Chapter 17 Tanglin City Shakes!Chapter 18 Han Chong!Chapter 19 Waste that no one wants!Chapter 20 Green!
Chapter 21 This wine has expired!Chapter 22 Fight again!Chapter 23 Yang KunpengChapter 24 I'm Coming to See Mistress!
Chapter 25 Take off your pants!Chapter 26Chapter 27 You have plans for me!Chapter 28: Xiao Yuhan Calls!
Chapter 29 Bidding meeting!Chapter 30 Jealousy (Part 1)Chapter 31 Jealousy (Part 2)Chapter 32 The Legendary Second Man
Chapter 33 Ruin!Chapter 34 Betting on Stones!Chapter 35 Bet!Chapter 36 Make More Money!
Chapter 37 Keep Gambling!Chapter 38 Make a fortune!Chapter 39 Master Jiu was Kidnapped!Chapter 40 How do you want to die?
Chapter 41 Sun WujiChapter 42 Visiting the Wu Family (Part 1)Chapter 43 Visiting the Wu Family (Part 2)Chapter 44 Battle Yang Kunpeng!
Chapter 45 Please forgive Master Chen!Chapter 46 Bow your head!Chapter 47 Famous!Chapter 48: People Who Can't Be Offended!
Chapter 49 Absolutely on purpose!Chapter 50 Late Night Healing!Chapter 51 Framed!Chapter 52 Debunk it on the spot!
Chapter 53: The Angry Liu Family Father and Son!Chapter 54 I Did Nothing!Chapter 55 Head to Jiang's House!Chapter 56 Who the hell dares to bully my mistress?
Chapter 57: I hit you!Chapter 58 Lockdown of Luojiang CityChapter 59 There is a killer!Chapter 60 The mastermind behind the scenes
Chapter 61 Entering the Secret ServiceChapter 62 Salted Fish Turns Over!Chapter 63 Han Chong Arrives!Chapter 64 Wash your neck and wait!
Chapter 65 Who Said Young Master Didn't Dare To Come?Chapter 66 Defeated!Chapter 67: Killing You!Chapter 68 Wang Yishan Bows His Head!
Chapter 69 Butcher Lin Zuo!Chapter 70 Keep shooting!Chapter 71: Ninth Master's Reward!Chapter 72 Coward Chen Xuan!
Chapter 73 Waiting (Part 1)Chapter 74 Waiting (Part 2)Chapter 75 Meet a classmate by chance!Chapter 76: Really Smells!
Chapter 77 I Don't Apologize!Chapter 78 I did it!Chapter 79 What are you guys who touch my brother?Chapter 80 Is My Portion Enough? (superior)
Chapter 81 Is My Portion Enough? (Down)Chapter 82 Abolish Liu Rufeng!Chapter 83 Qin Shuyi's Worries!Chapter 84 The name of Chen Miracle Physician!
Chapter 85 The Young Master is Here!Chapter 86 Abolish Lin Zuo Again!Chapter 87 Shock!Chapter 88 Old Beggar!
Chapter 89 My name is Chen Beimang!Chapter 90 I did it!Chapter 91 Beating the Evil Younger Violently!Chapter 92 Wu Mubai!
Chapter 93 Here comes the one who is not afraid of death!Chapter 94 Don't Injure Me If You Want To Die!Chapter 95 Please forgive me, Master Chen!Chapter 96 Young Mistress (Part 1)
Chapter 97 Young Mistress (Part 2)Chapter 98 Cooperation (Part 1)Chapter 99 Cooperation (Part 2)Chapter 100 Gu Ruoyun!
Chapter 101 Let Yang Kunpeng come to see me!Chapter 102 Master Chen, Here I Come!Chapter 103 Meet someone you can't afford to offend again!Chapter 104 Mistress' Cooking Skills!
Chapter 105 Murderous!Chapter 106 Join forces to fight against Liu's Group!Chapter 107 Han Chong's RequestChapter 108 Let me try!
Chapter 109 Hua Tuo's List of Miraculous Doctors!Chapter 110 Long Xiao!Chapter 111: I still have to find him!Chapter 112 Long Tianao!
Chapter 113 Too Weak!Chapter 114 Big show!Chapter 115 One against a ThousandChapter 116 Who the hell dares to touch my son?
Chapter 117 Compensation of one billion!Chapter 118 I Won to Be the Boss!Chapter 119 You have to be responsible to me!Chapter 120 Repay with a Promise!
Chapter 121 Ninth Master Niang, you are gone!Chapter 122 Leng Qianxiu!Chapter 123 Dinner with Mei!Chapter 124 Goodbye Gao Yao!
Chapter 125 Need to Kneel and Apologize!Chapter 126 Leng Qianxiu's Past!Chapter 127 No Simple Woman!Chapter 128 University roommate!
Chapter 129 Welcome party!Chapter 130 The School Belle Appears!Chapter 131 Jiang Yunlong!Chapter 132: That's it?
Chapter 133: Jiang Yunlong Ready for Revenge!Chapter 134: Being Considered a Thief!Chapter 135 Big, bigger than you!Chapter 136: Beautiful Instructor!
Chapter 137 The Fifth School Belle!Chapter 138 Treating Internal Injuries (Part 1)Chapter 139 Treating Internal Injuries (Part 2)Chapter 140 A powerful family!
Chapter 141 Three Women in One Drama!Chapter 142 Competing and Jealous!Chapter 143 Special Training Begins (Part 1)Chapter 144 Special Training Begins (Part 2)
Chapter 145: The Great People on the Training Field!Chapter 146 The third child was beaten!Chapter 147 Zhang Qing!Chapter 148 Battle Instructor!
Chapter 149: Backed by the Beautiful Instructor!Chapter 150 The School Flower Treats (Part 2)Chapter 151 Shen Chufeng!Chapter 152 Sun Wuji breaks through!
Chapter 153 Jiangdong Shock (Part 1)Chapter 154 Jiangdong Shock (Part 2)Chapter 155 Jiangdong Shock (Part 2)Chapter 156 Auntie, did I dig your ancestral grave?
Chapter 157 Report to the instructor, I want to challenge you!Chapter 158 Monkey Picking Peach, Cloud Pai Zhang!Chapter 159: First Freshman!Chapter 160 Alleyway bloody kill!
Chapter 161 The whole army is wiped out!Chapter 162 Fight against Sun Wuji!Chapter 163 Sun Wuji is dead!Chapter 164 Rising Gradually!
Chapter 165 Some people are happy while others are sad!Chapter 166 Liangzi Knotted (Part 1)Chapter 167 Liang Zi knotted (Part 2)Chapter 168 Play Bigger (Part 1)
Chapter 169 Play Bigger (Part 2)Chapter 171 Shen Chuyun who protects the calf!Chapter 172 Tangling University's top master!Chapter 173: New way to play!
Chapter 174 Tanglin University is a master!Chapter 175: Underground Boxing Arena (Part 1)Chapter 176: Underground Boxing Arena (Part 2)Chapter 177: Sister Mei!
Chapter 178 The Jealous Shen Chuyun!Chapter 179: The Punishment Department!Chapter 180 Jumping into the Yellow River can't clean it up!Chapter 181 Fans Go Crazy!
Chapter 182: Basketball club!Chapter 183 Head-to-head!Chapter 184 All-round suppression!Chapter 185 Sister, who are you looking for?
Chapter 186 Luo Meifeng's Reverse Growth!Chapter 187 Go to the Dragon Legion!Chapter 188 Sex with Mei!Chapter 189 Fierce Battle in the Jungle (Part 1)
Chapter 190 Fierce Battle in the Jungle (Part 2)Chapter 191 General LinChapter 192 Snow White!Chapter 193 The Crown Prince of Guangling (Part 1)
Chapter 194: The Crown Prince of Guangling (Part 2)Chapter 195 Desperate!Chapter 196 They Want to Cut Me Off!Chapter 197 Uncle Really Didn't Do It On Purpose!
Chapter 198 The Assessment Contest Begins!Chapter 199 Bai YutangChapter 200 The Insidious Su ChengChapter 201 Promotion
Chapter 202 Challenge!Chapter 203 Enemies have a narrow road!Chapter 204 Are you convinced? Not convinced!Chapter 205 It's Simple, Marry Her!
Chapter 206 Shen Chuyun is about to leave!Chapter 207 My name is Shen Chuyun!Chapter 208 You are out of luck!Chapter 209 Easy promotion!
Chapter 210 Winning Two People in a RowChapter 211: Here Comes the Sent to Death!Chapter 212 Kill All!Chapter 213 The whole school cast aside!
Chapter 214 Disastrous defeat!Chapter 215: The Angry Su Family!Chapter 216 Hunting Club!Chapter 217 A very cheerful father-in-law and mother-in-law!
Chapter 218 Tang Family, Are You Really Awesome?Chapter 219 I Came For Him!Chapter 220 Here I Come!Chapter 221 Guangling Master Su is nothing more than that!
Chapter 222: I am Lord Chen of Dongling!Chapter 223 Beauty Treat!Chapter 224 The first kiss is gone!Chapter 225 Return to Tanglin City!
Chapter 226 Master Ninth Is Jealous!Chapter 227 Huangfu Luoli is here!Chapter 228 Fighting openly and stealthily!Chapter 229 Meet Lu Churan again!
Chapter 230 Another appointment!Chapter 231 Still Fighting!Chapter 232 Development Direction!Chapter 233 Who said I dare not come?
Chapter 235 I promise to be your girlfriend!Chapter 236 The Amazing Luo Meifeng!Chapter 237 Shen Chufeng's Conspiracy!Chapter 238: Jiang Wushuang's Condition!
Chapter 239 Conspiracy!Chapter 240 Rent of 100 million!Chapter 241 Nosebleed!Chapter 242 Fabrication out of thin air!
Chapter 243: Everyone accuses everyone!Chapter 244: The mastermind behind the scenes!Chapter 245: Meet Shen Chufeng!Chapter 246 The lead wire is so short!
Chapter 247: The Truth Comes Out!Chapter 248 Making Regeneration Ointment!Chapter 249: The regeneration ointment that is beyond wealth!Chapter 250 Xiao Yuhan Arrives!
Chapter 251: Huangfu Luoli's Proposal!Chapter 252 Just take a look!Chapter 253 Jealous Mu Yunshan!Chapter 254 Meet Ji Xuanyue Again!
Chapter 255 Shen Chuyang!Chapter 256: The First Confrontation!Chapter 257: Emperor's Club!Chapter 258 Fairy!
Chapter 259 Head to Tai'an City!Chapter 260 Meeting an Acquaintance!Chapter 261: A Sudden Mission!Chapter 262 Born to Fight!
Chapter 263 Buy a Man!Chapter 264 Fighting Shen Chuyang Again (Part 1)Chapter 265 Fighting Shen Chuyang Again (Part 2)Chapter 266: God of War Killer!
Chapter 267 Resisting God Realm Killer!Chapter 268: Zhao Qi's Difficult Past!Chapter 269 New Trouble!Chapter 270: The Location of the Hotel!
Chapter 271: The Dog Bites Lu Dongbin, Doesn't Know Good Hearts!Chapter 272 Head to Yunzhou!Chapter 273 Jiang Wushuang's Temptation!Chapter 274 Something Happened!
Chapter 275: The Lion Opens His Mouth!Chapter 276: Jiang Wushuang Shot!Chapter 277: The Angry Wang Family!Chapter 278 Do You Like Me?
Chapter 279 Misunderstood!Chapter 280: Big Sweep (Part 1)Chapter 281: Big Sweep (Part 2)Chapter 282: Big Raid (Part 2)
Chapter 283 Entering the Wang Family (Part 1)Chapter 284 Entering the Wang Family (Part 2)Chapter 285 Mining area!Chapter 286: Divine Weapon Asura!
Chapter 287: Natural Phenomena!Chapter 288 Wanted!Chapter 289 A little tricky!Chapter 290 Practice Stealing Heaven Art!
Chapter 291: All parties move around!Chapter 292 Stone Gambling Festival (Part 1)Chapter 293 Stone Gambling Festival (Part 2)Chapter 294 Ning Zhiruo!
Chapter 295 So What If I Humiliate You?Chapter 296 Untitled!Chapter 297 Enter the top three!Chapter 298 The Actions of the Three Great Families!
Chapter 299 Super dark horse!Chapter 300 Reversing Black and White (Part 1)Chapter 301 Reversing Black and White (Part 2)Chapter 302: Ning Wanxiong's Invitation!
Chapter 303 Cooperation!Chapter 304: The First Floor of the Heaven Stealing Technique!Chapter 305: A Fox Pretending to Be a Tiger!Chapter 306: The Second Round of the Stone Gambling Competition!
Chapter 307 How to talk to your father?Chapter 308 Winning the Bid!Chapter 309 Another championship!Chapter 311 Conspiracy
Chapter 312 Help Dad!Chapter 313: The Three Great Families Are Annihilated!Chapter 314 Champion!Chapter 315 People of the Night Royal Family!
Chapter 316 Scary Old Chen!Chapter 317 Mistress Was Bullied!Chapter 318: Xiao Yuhan About to Get Engaged!Chapter 319 I want you to snatch a kiss!
Chapter 320 The egg is broken!Chapter 321 Beautiful Professor!Chapter 322 Do you know who I am?Chapter 323 Yang Qingcheng!
Chapter 324 Husband, let's go home and cook!Chapter 325 Husband and Wife!Chapter 326 Get tricked!Chapter 327 Go to grab a kiss!
Chapter 328 Master Chen of Dongling Came to Snatch the Marriage (Part 1)Chapter 329 Master Chen of Dongling Came to Rob the Marriage (Part 2)Chapter 330 Master Chen of Tangling Came to Rob the Marriage (Part 2)Chapter 331: Successful marriage snatching!
Chapter 332 I'm Rich!Chapter 334 Changing Girlfriends Again?Chapter 337 Yang Qingcheng is Angry!Chapter 338 From Today You Are My Boyfriend!
Chapter 339: A grand event of medical skills!Chapter 340: A Pack of Nonsense (Part 1)Chapter 341: A Pack of Nonsense (Part 2)Chapter 342 Walking with Beauty!
Chapter 343 Someone hijacked the plane (Part 1)Chapter 344 Someone hijacked the plane (Part 2)Chapter 345 Follow me to check in!Chapter 346 You are flirting with other women behind my back!
Chapter 347 Because You Are Unworthy!Chapter 348 Is he a miracle doctor?Chapter 349 Two women are also a drama!Chapter 350 Molesting Lu Churan!
Chapter 351: The grand medical event begins!Chapter 352 Experts Gather!Chapter 353 Because You Are Our Boss!Chapter 354 Fighting Doctors (Part 1)
Chapter 355 Fighting Doctors (Part 2)Chapter 356 Diagnosis results again!Chapter 357 Another counterattack!Chapter 358 The Last Level!
Chapter 359 From today on, remember my name!Chapter 360 Competition in Medical Skills!Chapter 361 Miracle!Chapter 362 Winning the championship, someone kicked the pavilion!
Chapter 363 You are all rubbish!Chapter 364: Call Grandpa When You Lose!Chapter 365 Old man, call grandpa to listen!Chapter 366 Shameless!
Chapter 367: Lu Churan Takes It Seriously!Chapter 368 Little husband, remember to cook for me later!Chapter 369 Auntie, I Didn't Mean It!Chapter 370 Believe it or not, you were dealt with on the spot?
Chapter 371: Jiang Wushuang Preparing to Prescribe Drugs!Chapter 372 Really No!Chapter 373 Something is wrong!Chapter 374 You are mine tonight!
Chapter 375: The Infatuated Jiang Wushuang!Chapter 376 Go to Battle!Chapter 377 You are a fucking god of war!Chapter 378 Desperate!
Chapter 379 Both sides suffer!Chapter 380 What Are You?Chapter 381 It's time to break!Chapter 382 It's All Broken!
Chapter 383 Feeling Broken?Chapter 384: Jiangdong Young King!Chapter 385 The future father-in-law is angry!Chapter 386: Beautiful classmate!
Chapter 387: Childcare Fee!Chapter 388 My boss is Chen Xuan!Chapter 389 Because The Man By Your Side Is My Husband!Chapter 390 How does it feel?
Chapter 391 Little Holy Son Zhou Huang!Chapter 392 As you wish, open a room!Chapter 393 Almost!Chapter 394: The Hero Saves the Beauty!
Chapter 395: Ji Xuanyue Was Drugged!Chapter 396 Fragrant Healing!Chapter 397 Longteng Pharmaceutical Group!Chapter 398 Forgot to take clothes!
Chapter 399 Someone Comes to Challenge!Chapter 400 Soaring above the clouds!Chapter 401 Zhou Huang is here!Chapter 402 How dare you act arrogantly in front of me?
Chapter 403: The Night Royal Family Arrives!Chapter 404 Here Comes the Crazy Woman!Chapter 405 Aunt?Chapter 406: Big and small kill!
Chapter 407: Here Comes!Chapter 408: The Son-in-Law of the Zhou Royal Family!Chapter 409 A bolder idea!Chapter 410 Get lost, the woman stays!
Chapter 411 Entry (Part 1)Chapter 412 Entry (Part 2)Chapter 413 Abandoned!Chapter 414 Call Auntie to Listen!
Chapter 415 Can't Sleep AloneChapter 416 This is the end!Chapter 417: Squashed!Chapter 418: The Father-in-Law Arrives!
Chapter 419: Let Me Slash!Chapter 420: The son-in-law of the Huangfu family!Chapter 421 Shocking Regeneration Ointment!Chapter 422 A good show is on!
Chapter 423 Plan bankruptcy!Chapter 425: One Pot!Chapter 426 Fight for husband!Chapter 427 A ditch!
Chapter 428 Killing!Chapter 429 Did I Let You Go Out?Chapter 430 Auntie, No!Chapter 431 Nearly going off fire!
Chapter 432: Danger Hidden Under the LightChapter 433 I'm Reading Martial Arts Cheats (Part 1)Chapter 434 I'm Reading Martial Arts Cheats (Part 2)435 Kneel Down!
Chapter 436 Kill with one move!Chapter 437 I Want You!Chapter 438 Do you want to take advantage of it?Chapter 439: The Handwriting of the Night Royal Family!
Chapter 440 Mission, protect the big star!Chapter 441 Investigation of the Huangfu Family!Chapter 442: Cutting Right and Wrong with One Shot!Chapter 443 Personal Protection!
Chapter 444 Killer!Chapter 445 You share a room with me!Chapter 446 Happiness Comes Too Suddenly!Chapter 447: The Tough Su Qianyu!
Chapter 448 Three mistresses!Chapter 449 You Are Her Husband!Chapter 450: The Killer Comes Again!Chapter 451 Fight against the Samurai Association!
Chapter 452 Don't Take It All Off!Chapter 453 Fragrant Healing (Part 1)Chapter 454 Fragrant Healing (Part 2)Chapter 455 Still sleeping with me!
Chapter 456 Get the hell out of here and sleep!Chapter 457: In the middle of the night, the thunderbolt beauty enters the bed!Chapter 458 We Are All Your Mistresses!Chapter 459 A Roomful of Beauties?
Chapter 460 Really sleeping? sleep well!Chapter 461 I'm Dead!Chapter 462 Marriage with the fingertips!Chapter 463: The Widow of the Ye Family!
Chapter 464: The Holy Sons of the Two Royal Families!Chapter 465 Injured again!Chapter 466: The Overlord Forces His Bow!Chapter 467: Living with Ninth Master Niang!
Chapter 468 Impulse in the dark night!Chapter 469: Night Attack!Chapter 470 Solving Trouble for Mistress (Part 1)Chapter 471 Solving Trouble for Mistress (Part 2)
Chapter 472 The relatives are here!Chapter 473 I Like You!Chapter 474 Mu Yunshan and Ning Zhiruo Arrive!Chapter 475 Betting?
Chapter 476: A Woman You Can Pamper!Chapter 477: Traces of the Warrior Association!Chapter 478 Baichuanye with a miserable ending!Chapter 480: About to be exposed (Part 1)
Chapter 481: About to be exposed (Part 2)Chapter 482 Trouble of Longteng Pharmaceutical Group!Chapter 483: Meeting with the Three Major Groups!Chapter 484: The Domineering Three Major Groups!
Chapter 485 Torn Mouth!Chapter 486 Kill Luo Lie!Chapter 487 One wave of unrest and another wave!Chapter 488 The Zhou royal family is here!
Chapter 489 I want to fight!Chapter 490: Comprehensive Interception (Part 1)Chapter 491: Comprehensive Interception (Part 2)Chapter 492: I blew you up to death!
Chapter 493: The Night Royal Family Moves Again!Chapter 494: It's on the verge of firing!Chapter 495 Make a deal!Chapter 496 Come to my house at night!
Chapter 497: Kissed by Su Qianyu!Chapter 498: All the girls crusade!Chapter 499 The old monk came to learn from the scriptures!Chapter 500: The Battle Begins!
Chapter 501: The Palace of Heavenly Kings Returns!Chapter 502 White!Chapter 503 You must be dealt with!Chapter 504 Playing for real (Part 1)
Chapter 505 Playing for real (Part 2)Chapter 506: Zhou Zongheng's Decision!Chapter 507 Return to School!Chapter 508 Crisis is coming!
Chapter 509: I'm Waiting For You!Chapter 510 Crazy!Chapter 511 You are doomed today!Chapter 512 Brother, if you have something to say, don't be impulsive!
Chapter 514 The World Shakes (Part 1)Chapter 515: Shaking the World (Part 2)Chapter 516: The Real Zhou Royal Family!Chapter 517 Touch for free!
Chapter 518 Gu Ruoyun is here!Chapter 519 Want me, okay?Chapter 520 Who is this idiot?Chapter 522 Revenge of the Zhou Royal Family!
Chapter 523 An Angry Chen Xuan!Chapter 524: Chen Xuan's Revenge (Part 1)Chapter 525: Chen Xuan's Revenge (Part 2)Chapter 526: Chen Xuan's Revenge (Part 2)
Chapter 527: Flee!Chapter 528 Vibration (Part 1)Chapter 529 Shock (Part 2)Chapter 530 The Scary Young Man in White!
Chapter 531 This is my girlfriend!Chapter 532 Thunderbolt from the Blue (Part 1)Chapter 533: A Thunderbolt from the Blue (Part 2)Chapter 534: Mistress Accompanying Drinks!
Chapter 535 Reunited!Chapter 536: The sinister Zhou Huangquan!Chapter 537 Breakthrough!Chapter 538 Terrifying skills!
Chapter 539 Conquering Huangfu Tianchan!Chapter 541: The Mo Family in the North!Chapter 542: Don't ask the sky for an appointment to fight against the sky list!Chapter 543 Scared! Scared!
Chapter 544 The Rough Stone Arrives!Chapter 545 I just want to have a full meal!Chapter 546 Gathering of the Sons of the Royal Family!Chapter 547 My name is Zhou Huangquan!
Chapter 548: Encounter with the Holy Sons!Chapter 549 What a fucking scent!Chapter 550 Zhou Huangquan's Preparations!Chapter 551 Who dares to fight?
Chapter 552: Kill Zhou Huangquan!Chapter 553 So What If I Humiliate You?Chapter 555 Luo Meifeng is back!Chapter 556 Disagree with Bibi?
Chapter 557 Accompanying the bed!Chapter 558 Gods have women, and if you get them, you can win the world!Chapter 561: Extremely Embarrassing!Chapter 563: Get Broken!
Chapter 564 Wear a cuckold if you don't make it clear!Chapter 565 Blatant Provocation!Chapter 566: The Little Internet Celebrity Fairy!Chapter 567 A new member of the medical department!
Chapter 568 Tangling God of War!Chapter 569 Someone Rapes!Chapter 570 Head to Liangzhou!Chapter 571 The Humiliated Qin Nan!
Chapter 572 Get them tonight!Chapter 573 Qin Nan's Identity!Chapter 574 Bold decision!Chapter 575 Plan!
Chapter 576 Let's Rob!Chapter 577 Enter the Gu family!Chapter 578: Shadowless Saint Cloth!Chapter 579: Before heading to the Royal Family of Fei!
Chapter 580 Surprised and Scared!Chapter 581 I want to kill you!Chapter 582: Three Beauties!Chapter 583: Called by King Fei!
Chapter 584: Verbal Battle!Chapter 585: The Imprisoned Woman!Chapter 586 Expose your identity!Chapter 587: Battle in the Black Prison!
Chapter 588 Battle Royale (Part 1)Chapter 589 Battle Royale (Part 2)Chapter 590 Sudden Change!Chapter 592 He can't do it!
Chapter 593 Blockade Liangzhou!Chapter 594 High-level God of War!Chapter 595 Old Chen is in Danger!Chapter 596 Head to Ye City!
Chapter 597: Chen Tiangang's Decision!Chapter 599 Escape from Ye City!Chapter 600 Intercepted!Chapter 601 Deadly situation!
Chapter 602 Hard Fight!Chapter 603 Counterattack!Chapter 604: I will go south to challenge!Chapter 605 Let the horse come over!
Chapter 606 They don't want to, but I do!Chapter 607 Hurry up!Chapter 608 Chen Xuan's doubts!Chapter 609 Leng Qianxiu's Life Experience!
Chapter 610 The Temptation of Hua Xingzi!Chapter 611 Something Happened!Chapter 612 Kneel down and abolish your cultivation!Chapter 613 Chen Xuan's method!
Chapter 614 Who will go to hell if I don't go to hell!Chapter 615 Meet Lu Churan again!Chapter 617: The Eye of Reincarnation!Chapter 618: The World¡¯s Attention (Part 1)
Chapter 619: The World¡¯s Attention (Part 2)Chapter 620: The Battle Begins!Chapter 621: Chen Xuan VS Xuanyuan Nirvana (Part 1)Chapter 622 Chen Xuan vs Xuanyuan Nirvana (Part 2)
Chapter 623: I Said I Want to Beat You Up!Chapter 624 Another one who is not afraid of death!Chapter 625: Something Happened to Leng Qianxiu!Chapter 626: Da Luo Tiangong makes a move!
Chapter 627 Brother-in-law, save me!Chapter 628 Get me off!Chapter 629 Bow your head to survive!Chapter 630: All Slaughtered!
Chapter 631 Don't go, okay?Chapter 632 Before heading north!Chapter 633 Ning Zhiruo has left!Chapter 634 I Really Didn't Mean It!
Chapter 635 Ye Jiuzhong's Action!Chapter 636 I'm Hungry, Time to Eat!Chapter 637: The Comer Is Not Kind!Chapter 640 Kneel or not?
Chapter 641: Horizontal pressure!Chapter 642 Hitting the Ye family!Chapter 643 Life and death battle, do you dare to respond?Chapter 644 The God City Shakes (Part 1)
Chapter 645 The God City Shakes (Part 2)Chapter 646: The most beautiful woman in the city of God!Chapter 647: Overnight at the Widow's House (Part 1)Chapter 648: Staying Overnight at the Widow's House (Part 2)
Chapter 649 Get out if you have nothing to do, I want to create a man!Chapter 650: The Wang Family Comes to Kill (Part 1)Chapter 651 The Wang Family Comes to Kill (Part 2)Chapter 652 Kill all!
Chapter 653 Head to the Wang Family!Chapter 654 Let go and do it!Chapter 656 I'm in royal service!Chapter 657: The Wang Family Is Over!
Chapter 658: Su Qianyu Calls!Chapter 659 My man!Chapter 660 Want to drink fine wine!Chapter 661 Kneel down and admit punishment!
Chapter 662 God thanked the family, is it awesome?Chapter 663 You have to call me Dad!Chapter 664 Take a kiss scene with me!Chapter 665 Really Kissing!
Chapter 667: The Tough Old Man!Chapter 668 I can't scare you to death, you old bastard!Chapter 669 How about two together?Chapter 670: The Method of Healing Huangfu Luoli!
Chapter 671 She's going to cut me off!Chapter 672 Miserable Young Master Han!Chapter 673: A Tough Woman!Chapter 674 Cuckolded!
Chapter 675 Another promotion!Chapter 677: Ye Jiuchong of Open Heaven Realm!Chapter 678 Kill with one punch!Chapter 679: Get Out!
Chapter 680 Kill him, I alone is enough!Chapter 681 Fight against Ye Wuqing!Chapter 682 Kill Ye Wuqing!Chapter 683 Invitation from the Forbidden Pavilion!
Chapter 684: No one in the gods competes with him!Chapter 685 Forbidden Land of the God City!Chapter 686 A group of old foxes!Chapter 687: Big Backer!
Chapter 688 I like it, pick whatever you want!Chapter 689 Are you really not interested in any of them?Chapter 690 One against three?Chapter 691 How about you look back?
Chapter 693 You can watch it again!Chapter 694 Give you a chance and you are useless?Chapter 695: Back then!Chapter 696 Time to fight back!
Chapter 697 Does it count to see it again?Chapter 698 There is only one way!Chapter 700 Breakthrough again!Chapter 701 Hello, Father-in-Law!
Chapter 702 Ye Wutian's plan!Chapter 703: Familiar figure from behind!Chapter 704 No need to apologize, good fight!Chapter 705 I Did It
Chapter 706: Chen Xuan's Anger (Part 1)Chapter 707: Chen Xuan's Anger (Part 2)Chapter 708: A Beauty's Night Visit!Chapter 709 Ji Xuanyue's Past!
Chapter 711: Battle in the Snowfield!Chapter 712 Terrifying Heavenly Tribulation!Chapter 713 Mistress, Offended!Chapter 714 Is Chen Xuan dead? (superior)
Chapter 715 Is Chen Xuan dead? (Down)Chapter 716 Fourth Teacher, Offended Again!Chapter 717 The fourth teacher bit me!Chapter 718 Crazy Death!
Chapter 719 You all deserve to die (Part 1)Chapter 720 You all deserve to die (Part 2)Chapter 721: I'm a villain!Chapter 722 The size is wrong!
Chapter 723 I Can't Do It!Chapter 724: Blind Chen!Chapter 725 Little friend, I miss you so much!Chapter 726 I'll Save the Door for You!
Chapter 727 Who is the Boss?Chapter 728 The Royal Family's SecretChapter 729 One against three (1)Chapter 730 One vs. Three (2)
Chapter 731 One vs. Three (3)Chapter 732 One vs. Three (4)Chapter 733 Get me out and die!Chapter 734 Ancient water patterns!
Chapter 735 Invading Langya Heaven!Chapter 736: The Truth About the Destruction of the Chen Royal Family!Chapter 737: King of Jiangzhou!Chapter 738 Li Yiren's conditions!
Chapter 739 I'm Pregnant!Chapter 740 Think about me?Chapter 741 Auntie, We Meet Again!Chapter 742 Re-enter Yunzhou!
Chapter 743 Don't Miss This Opportunity, Intercept and Kill!Chapter 744 Head to Medicine Valley!Chapter 745 Propose Marriage!Chapter 746 Her man is me!
Chapter 747: Show mercy!Chapter 748 I'm here to propose marriage, do you have any opinions?Chapter 749 At Young Mistress's House!Chapter 750: Misfortune!
Chapter 751 Hand over!Chapter 752: Battle Night Is Boundless!Chapter 753: The Leader of the Four Elephants!Chapter 754 My surname is Chen, Chen of the Chen royal family!
Chapter 755 Are you public? Or mother?Chapter 756 Power of Earth!Chapter 757: Global Shock!Chapter 758: I Fight!
Chapter 759 Head to the Ning Family!Chapter 760 If we do this again, we will be brothers!Chapter 761 Come to Find Husband!Chapter 762: I am a man of weight!
Chapter 763 Mysterious forces!Chapter 764 I Agree!Chapter 765 Hold A Big Fart (Part 1)Chapter 766 Hold A Big Fart (Part 2)
Chapter 767 Injury with one word!Chapter 768 Ye Cangmang Appears!Chapter 769: Shayye Boundless!Chapter 770 The young master is about to pretend again!
Chapter 771 How about giving me face?Chapter 772 You can call me Patriarch!Chapter 774: A Big Trouble (Part 1)Chapter 775: A Serious Trouble (Part 2)
Chapter 776: Identity is about to be exposed!Chapter 777: Ning Zhiruo's Provocation!Chapter 778 Can't explain clearly!Chapter 779: Get rid of Huangfu Tianchan!
Chapter 780Chapter 782 Ascension Group!Chapter 783 Gu King Palace, how old is it?Chapter 784 Don't lock the door tonight if you have the ability!
Chapter 785 Garbage of Garbage!Chapter 786 Are you interested in me?Chapter 787: The Goddess of the Taiyin Shrine!Chapter 788 Destroyed!
Chapter 789 Hitting the Bullseye!Chapter 790 Try touching it?Chapter 791 Another old man!Chapter 792 The size is too big!
Chapter 793: Here comes the murderer!Chapter 794 It really is garbage!Chapter 796 It's a matter of course!Chapter 797 Leng Qianxiu has fallen!
Chapter 798: Defrauding my father-in-law!Chapter 799: The Great Royal Families Join Forces!Chapter 800: Inviting Powers from Hundred Countries Around the World (Part 1)Chapter 801: Inviting Powers from Hundred Countries Around the World (Part 2)
Chapter 802: Inviting Powers from All Over the World (Part 2)Chapter 803 Let me kill a few people first!Chapter 804 Killing one person in one step!Chapter 805: I'm the Biggest Hooligan!
Chapter 806 Who dares to kill my young master of the Palace of Heavenly Kings? (superior)Chapter 808 Kill the Sun God Son!Chapter 809 Kill Another Person!Chapter 810: Both Wounded!
Chapter 811 It's Your Time!Chapter 812 Can I refuse?Chapter 813 Fourth turn, new skills!Chapter 814 The Six Royal Families Have Arrived!
Chapter 815 Besieged by 100,000 troops!Chapter 816: Zhao Qinan Returns!Chapter 817: Siege (Part 1)Chapter 818: Siege (Part 2)
Chapter 819 Kill!Chapter 821 War in the Dark Night!Chapter 822 Fight against the old monster of the royal family!Chapter 823 Kill the old monster!
Chapter 824 Killing the old monsters of the royal family in a row!Chapter 825 Difficult to kill!Chapter 826 Are you tired of living!Chapter 827: The Royal Family¡¯s Death (Part 1)
Chapter 828: The Royal Family's Death (Part 2)Chapter 829 Can I Find You?Chapter 830: Luo Meifeng's Temptation!Chapter 831: Fall short!
Chapter 832 Waiting for you tonight!Chapter 833 Scary white-haired man!Chapter 834 Help me save someone!Chapter 835 Take Another City!
Chapter 836 Before the destruction of the two royal families!Chapter 837 The action of the Warrior Temple?Chapter 838 Murong Ruonan!Chapter 839 No bragging!
Chapter 840: The Terrifying Lineup (Part 1)Chapter 841: The Terrifying Lineup (Part 2)Chapter 842 The terrifying golden dragon!Chapter 843 Donglin Mutation!
Chapter 844 Everyone is angry!Chapter 845 I Married Her!Chapter 846 The crisis is approaching!Chapter 847 Take care of the two girls!
Chapter 848 Li Yiren wakes up!Chapter 849 How about I take it off for you?Chapter 850 The second wife is here!Chapter 851 Warm my bed tonight!
Chapter 852 I know!Chapter 853: Beauty Apprenticeship!Chapter 854 Good Luck!Chapter 855 I'm Dead!
Chapter 856 Can't escape!Chapter 857 Head to the Sun Empire!Chapter 858 Lively Opening (Part 1)Chapter 859 Lively Opening (Part 2)
Chapter 860 Encountering Prajna again!Chapter 861 Breaking into the Palace of the Sun Empire!Chapter 862 Princess of the Sun Empire!Chapter 863 Prince George!
Chapter 864 Rescue Bai Mei!Chapter 865 Bai Mei's Temptation!Chapter 866 Who Are These Old Women?Chapter 867: The Angry Shenyue Qingxue!
Chapter 868 Before dealing with the Warrior Temple!Chapter 869 Your opponent is me!Chapter 870 Killing Wu Qing for a long time!Chapter 871: The leader, Chen Buhuo!
Chapter 872: Divine Photo!Chapter 873 Half step to heaven!Chapter 874 You Think Beautifully!Chapter 876
Chapter 877Chapter 878 Add me!Chapter 879 Nobody Can Stop It!Chapter 880 Kill all!
Chapter 881 Victory!Chapter 882 I can't do it today!Chapter 883 The crisis is coming!Chapter 884: A Strong Enemy Is Coming!
Chapter 885: Han Chong's Big Wedding!Chapter 886 Can I Sleep With You Tonight?Chapter 887 It's Dead!Chapter 888 Please let me go!
Chapter 889: The Immortal Descends!Chapter 890: The Battle of Immortals (Part 1)Chapter 891: Battle of Immortals (Part 2)Chapter 892: The Battle of Immortals (Part 2)
Chapter 893 Crushed!Chapter 894: The world changes again!Chapter 895 It's time to advance again!Chapter 896 Brand new skill, curse!
Chapter 897 It's God Charlotte!Chapter 898: Ancient Barbarians!Chapter 899: The Final Hole Card!Chapter 900: I Can Kill Immortals!
Chapter 901 Develop a special physique!Chapter 902 Inspire Potential!Chapter 904 I Promise You!Chapter 905 Return to Taiping Village!
Chapter 906 Goodbye Lin Suyi!Chapter 907 Zhao Nanchu's Temptation!Chapter 908 Why don't you sleep together!Chapter 909 Didn't I Do It On Purpose?
Chapter 910: Burial of Immortals!Chapter 911: King Chen takes a picture!Chapter 912 He is still alive!Chapter 913 Crazy idea!
Chapter 914: Medicine Saint Wang Ying!Chapter 915 Not bad!Chapter 916 My sister misses you!Chapter 918 Going to the Family of Heavenly Doctors (Part 1)
Chapter 919 Going to the Family of Heavenly Doctors (Part 2)Chapter 920 Confident Lu Changsheng!Chapter 921 Here we come!Chapter 922 Gao Shenghuang!
Chapter 923: Heal the Dead!Chapter 924 Please stand aside!Chapter 925 Your dog's life is mine!Chapter 926 Conquering the family of heavenly doctors!
Chapter 927 Kill Emperor Gao Sheng!Chapter 928 Empress!Chapter 929 A dangerous competition!Chapter 930 Take it easy, it hurts!
Chapter 931 Third Mistress Injured!Chapter 932 Mysterious unknown creature!Chapter 933: Rescue Third Mistress!Chapter 934 What are you doing?
Chapter 935 Animals, beasts!Chapter 936 Praying mantis catches cicada, but the oriole is behind!Chapter 937 Beastmaster!Chapter 938 Fight against the Beastmaster!
Chapter 939 Subdue the Beastmaster!Chapter 940: Zhao Royal Clan Preparing for Adventure!Chapter 941: Ancient Array!Chapter 942 Is it fun?
Chapter 943 Enter the ancient formation!Chapter 944: Dead Immortal!Chapter 945 Rewards from the master's wife!Chapter 946: Ao Yin's Lunch!
Chapter 947: All Killed!Chapter 948 Gods from the West!Chapter 949 Come prepared!Chapter 950 Lu Churan's handle!
Chapter 951 Challenge from the Gods!Chapter 952 Three more!Chapter 953: Fucked!Chapter 954 Head to the high seas to fight!
Chapter 955 Gather on the High Seas!Chapter 956: I Come To Slay Gods Today!Chapter 957 Against the Gods (Part 1)Chapter 958 Against the Gods (Part 2)
Chapter 959 Two more gods!Chapter 960 Fighting the Three Gods!Chapter 961: Slashing the Gods with a Knife!Chapter 962 God's Funeral!
Chapter 963: Brother Ao!Chapter 964 Do you want to marry me?Chapter 965 Stuck to death?Chapter 966 I will decide the time!
Chapter 967 Jiang Wushuang is Pregnant!Chapter 969: The Holy Land of Ancient Immortals!Chapter 970 Kunlun Underground Palace!Chapter 971 Discovery!
Chapter 972: The map hidden in the mural!Chapter 973 Kunwu God Comes Again!Chapter 974 Fight against Kunwu!Chapter 975 The End of the Xuanyuan Royal Family!
Chapter 976 You can watch more time!Chapter 977 Take a photo to stay in love!Chapter 978: Pay the public rations!Chapter 979 Strange woman!
Chapter 980 Consider taking a concubine!Chapter 981 Prepare to retreat!Chapter 982 Success!Chapter 983 Is it male or female?
Chapter 984 Head to Thailand!Chapter 985 Encounter by chance!Chapter 986 Solitary City!Chapter 987 Abolish Dugu City!
Chapter 988 Can you stop messing with me?Chapter 989 Battle post!Chapter 990 Murong Tianqing Arrives!Chapter 991 I'm going to kill you!
Chapter 992 Competition among the Three Great Clans!Chapter 993 Make a secret move!Chapter 994 Who the hell is it?Chapter 995 You, come up to die!
Chapter 996 Pop!Chapter 997 Who dares to touch the Murong family if I cover it?Chapter 998: Killing with one palm!Chapter 999 Encounter with a God!
Chapter 1000 Crushing the gods!Chapter 1001 Give you a chance to help the soldiers!Chapter 1002 Why is it you?Chapter 1003 The Lower Realm of Ancient Gods?
Chapter 1004 The spirit of the fairy spirit weakens!Chapter 1005 Unexpected changes!Chapter 1006 Do you want to kill me? Are you qualified?Chapter 1007 Don't dare!
Chapter 1008 Unconvinced and Come to Fight!Chapter 1009 I left you to it!Chapter 1010 Do you have an opinion?Chapter 1011 I'm Targeting Everyone!
Chapter 1012 Killing a god is like slaughtering a dog!Chapter 1013 The Ancient Gods Are Here!Chapter 1014 I am assigned the key, do you deserve it?Chapter 1015 Battle against the ancient gods!
Chapter 1017 Another Ancient Immortal!Chapter 1018 Control the Ancient Immortal!Chapter 1019 Subdue, Aoyin's old acquaintance!Chapter 1020 Gusu Immortal King!
Chapter 1021 Can we talk alone?Chapter 1022 I don't want to!Chapter 1023 Return to Taiping Village!Chapter 1024 It's My Turn!
Chapter 1025 Successfully refining the elixir!Chapter 1026 Changes in the Palace of Heavenly Kings!Chapter 1027 Another Immortal King!Chapter 1028 Opening of the Exotic Channel (Part 1)
Chapter 1029: The Exotic Passage Opens (Part 2)Chapter 1030: The Ancient Immortal is about to descend to the Realm!Chapter 1031 The only way!Chapter 1032 Goodbye Third Mistress!
Chapter 1033 Marriage before love!Chapter 1034 Favor owed!Chapter 1036 I want to break into the Palace of Rebirth!Chapter 1037 Bright Knife (Part 1)
Chapter 1038 Bright Sword (Part 2)Chapter 1039 Bright Knife (Part 2)Chapter 1041 Confrontation Between Immortals and Mortals (Part 1)Chapter 1042 Confrontation between Immortals and Mortals (Part 2)
Chapter 1044: The Ancient Immortal Enters the Human World!Chapter 1045: Killing the Immortal!Chapter 1046 I will eat this meal first!Chapter 1047 Advance to the Golden Immortal!
Chapter 1048 Try it on you!Chapter 1049 Fight against Fairy Qingyi!Chapter 1050: Ancient Pill King!Chapter 1051 Control the Furukawa Pill King!
Chapter 1052: Sky Shaking Gloves!Chapter 1053 I'm going to kill him!Chapter 1054 Invite Tangling God of War (Part 1)Chapter 1055 Invite Tangling God of War (Part 2)
Chapter 1056 I am the king in the world, and there are no immortals!Chapter 1057 I am the king in the world, and there are no immortals (Part 2)Chapter 1058: Desolate Secret Realm!Chapter 1059: The Ancient Gods Come Again (Part 1)
Chapter 1060: The Ancient Gods Come Again (Part 2)Chapter 1061 Refining the Sky Shaking Gauntlet!Chapter 1062 Murong Ruonan's Transformation!Chapter 1063 I found an apprentice for you!
Chapter 1064 Self-taught, you lie to ghosts!Chapter 1065 Immortal King Aoba suddenly wakes up!Chapter 1066 You and I Are Not Enemies!Chapter 1067 I Accept This Apprentice!
Chapter 1068 Depressed Furukawa Pill King!Chapter 1069: The Three Chiefs!Chapter 1070 Scary woman!Chapter 1071: Zhao Nanchu, a fox pretending to be a tiger!
Chapter 1073 Cooperation, is this funny?Chapter 1074 Immortals form an alliance!Chapter 1075: Killing the Way to Fight Holy Angels!Chapter 1076 Terrifying powerhouse!
Chapter 1078 Heading to the border beyond the Great Wall!Chapter 1080 Excited!Chapter 1081 Start!Chapter 1082 Fight against the gods!
Chapter 1083: Killing the Gods!Chapter 1084: The Mysterious Strong Makes His Move!Chapter 1086 Mysterious Sea Clan!Chapter 1087 Do you want to be a grandson?
Chapter 1088 Another one!Chapter 1089 Innate Spirit Embryo!Chapter 1090 A little imaginary!Chapter 1091 Entering the Divine Capital Again!
Chapter 1092 Take Over!Chapter 1093: Targeted!Chapter 1094: A must-kill game!Chapter 1095 Shameless Escape!
Chapter 1096 Enter the Great Gold Wonderland!Chapter 1097: Luring the snake out of its hole!Chapter 1099 Immortal King Mo Li is dead!Chapter 1100 The Identity of Fairy Qingyi!
Chapter 1103: Kunwu's Arrangement!Chapter 1106 Another arm!Chapter 1107 Fairy Qingyi who can't see through!Chapter 1108 Immortal King in White, Ye Baiyi!
Chapter 1109: The Immortal King in White Submits!Chapter 1110: Together in the same room!Chapter 1111: The Purpose of the Immortal King in White!Chapter 1112 Can I have another copy?
Chapter 1113 Wear it as it is!Chapter 1114 Must be asleep!Chapter 1115: The Imprisoned Phoenix!Chapter 1116 Is This Your Old Friend?
Chapter 1117 Fight against Phoenix King!Chapter 1118 Feng Wang surrenders!Chapter 1119 Saint Candidate List!Chapter 1120: Mortal Heart Awakened!
Chapter 1121 Suffering!Chapter 1122 All night tonight!Chapter 1123 Find Another Helper!Chapter 1124 Didn't see it clearly!
Chapter 1125 Ji Xuanyue's thoughts!Chapter 1126 Take the medicine!Chapter 1127 Fairy Didn't Rest, Okay?Chapter 1128 Taiyin Shrine calls for help!
Chapter 1129: The Storm Comes Back!Chapter 1130: A Very Awesome Existence (Part 1)Chapter 1131: A Very Awesome Existence (Part 2)Chapter 1132 Nine Crazy Yin (Part 1)
Chapter 1133 Nine Crazy Yin (Part 2)Chapter 1134 Kill someone for me!Chapter 1136 Heading to the Sun Empire (Part 2)Chapter 1138 Penglai Wonderland (Part 1)
Chapter 1139 Penglai Wonderland (Part 2)Chapter 1140: Reappearance of Divine Photos (Part 1)Chapter 1141 Reappearance of the divine photo (Part 2)Chapter 1142: The God of War!
Chapter 1143: Paradise of Bliss!Chapter 1145 Weird Immortal King in White!Chapter 1146: Apply the medicine!Chapter 1147 The Taoist Companion in Name!
Chapter 1148 The crisis of the Taiyin Temple!Chapter 1149 Enter the South Sea Continent!Chapter 1150: Paradise of Elysium!Chapter 1151 Come fuck you!
Chapter 1152 Ardess' preparations!Chapter 1153: Sword Slashes God!Chapter 1154: The Lower Bliss Realm!Chapter 1155 Can't Kill!
Chapter 1157 Stimulate Ad¨¨s again!Chapter 1159: Kunwu's Conspiracy (Part 1)Chapter 1160: Kunwu's Conspiracy (Part 2)Chapter 1161 The Third Way!
Chapter 1162 Be a fart!Chapter 1163 Seal the Three Great and Four Elephant Beasts!Chapter 1164 Head to Gaoyang Country!Chapter 1165 Introduce Mom to You!
Chapter 1166 Jealous again!Chapter 1167 Lied!Chapter 1168: Killing from the Night Soul Palace (Part 1)Chapter 1169: Killing from the Night Soul Palace (Part 2)
Chapter 1170 Kneel down and apologize!Chapter 1171: The Desolation Map!Chapter 1172: Wild World!Chapter 1173 The Second Immortal King!
Chapter 1174 The Terrible Second Clan!Chapter 1176 Surprised or not?Chapter 1178: Decisive Battle against Kunwu (Part 1)Chapter 1179: Decisive Battle against Kunwu (Part 2)
Chapter 1180: Kunwu dies, and Tianzun appears!Chapter 1181 Resentment by Tianzun!Chapter 1183 I'm Still!Chapter 1185 I will take responsibility for you!
Chapter 1186 White clothes, my woman!Chapter 1187 Are the two mistresses willing?Chapter 1188 Alone at home!Chapter 1189 And Me!
Chapter 1191 Shall we start now?Chapter 1192 Devouring the Ancient Golden Pattern!Chapter 1193 Want to do it here!Chapter 1194 The Seventh Turn, Triple Immortal King Realm!
Chapter 1195 Time stands still!Chapter 1196: The Great World Is Coming!Chapter 1197 Fairy Qingyi Arrives!Chapter 1198 Make up lessons first!
Chapter 1199 Terrifying Time Ratio!Chapter 1200: Chen Xuan's Plan (Part 1)Chapter 1201: Chen Xuan's Plan (Part 2)Chapter 1202 There is movement again!
Chapter 1203 Leng Qianxiu returns!Chapter 1204 The Ancient Immortal Has Fallen!Chapter 1205 Who dares to be presumptuous in the world?Chapter 1206 One-faced immortals!
Chapter 1207: Kill the Nine Layer Immortal King Realm!Chapter 1208 Who dares to fight under the saint?Chapter 1209 Help, Old Lover!Chapter 1210 Borrowing a knife to kill someone!
Chapter 1211 Kill all!Chapter 1213 The idea of ??forming an alliance!Chapter 1214 God's Photo Appears!Chapter 1215 Enter Penglai Wonderland!
Chapter 1216 Gamble!Chapter 1217 Want to sleep with me, do you deserve it?Chapter 1218 You are really good!Chapter 1220 Must run!
Chapter 1221 Not too good!Chapter 1222 Overbearing Elixir!Chapter 1223: The Immortal King in White Clothes Who Runs Away!Chapter 1224 Huge layout!
Chapter 1225 Everyone is here!Chapter 1226: Emperor Maha!Chapter 1227 The Immortal Moved, Don't Bow Your Head!Chapter 1228 Killing Immortals to Improve Strength (Part 1)
Chapter 1229 Killing Immortals to Improve Strength (Part 2)Chapter 1231 I really don't have any gifts!Chapter 1232: Someone from Yaochi!Chapter 1233 Go!
Chapter 1234 Recognized!Chapter 1235 Subdue the two powerful saints!Chapter 1236: Sixth Level Immortal King Realm!Chapter 1237 Abnormal Combat Power!
Chapter 1238 Young Mistress is the Most Perverted!Chapter 1239 The crisis in Penglai Wonderland!Chapter 1240 Close the door and beat the dog!Chapter 1241 I am your father!
Chapter 1242: Killing the saint with one punch!Chapter 1243 Fight against the middle-level saints!Chapter 1244 Breakthrough in battle!Chapter 1245 The position is wrong!
Chapter 1247 Let's Find Dad!Chapter 1248 The heroine is someone else (Part 1)Chapter 1249 The heroine is someone else (Part 2)Chapter 1250 Ardess' plan!
Chapter 1251 Head to Human Emperor's Heavenly Palace!Chapter 1252 Chen Xuan worships the mountain!Chapter 1253 Who Are You Kidding?Chapter 1254 Start the war!
Chapter 1256 Provoking the Celestial Lord!Chapter 1257 Advance to the Eightfold Immortal King Realm!Chapter 1258 Post-war Influence!Chapter 1259: The Wrath of the Heavens Comes to the World!
Chapter 1261 Do you agree to choose you?Chapter 1262 Teasing Yaochi (Part 1)Chapter 1263 Teasing Yaochi (Part 2)Chapter 1264 The old way!
Chapter 1265 The Wife Snatcher Arrives!Chapter 1266 The mysterious guardian!Chapter 1267: The Origin of the Sea Clan!Chapter 1268 Bring the girls home!
Chapter 1269: The Divine Photo Arrives!Chapter 1270 Peaceful Situation!Chapter 1271 Suffering Divine Photos!Chapter 1272 The small motor is amazing!
Chapter 1273 Two Hundred Thousand Immortal King Realm!Chapter 1274 Revealed!Chapter 1275 Head to the Phoenix Clan!Chapter 1276 Subduing the Phoenix Clan (Part 1)
Chapter 1277 Subduing the Upper Phoenix Clan (Part 2)Chapter 1279 Killing the Kunpeng High Clan Powerhouse (Part 1)Chapter 1280 Killing the Kunpeng High Clan Powerhouse (Part 2)Chapter 1281 Killing the Kunpeng High Clan Powerhouse (Part 2)
Chapter 1282: Attacking the Nine-Layered Immortal King Realm!Chapter 1284 Sea Clan, get out!Chapter 1285 Enter the Sea Clan!Chapter 1286 Don't give up until the Yellow River!
Chapter 1287 Do you want to die or live?Chapter 1288 Convinced!Chapter 1289 Conquering the QilinChapter 1290: Theater Spectators!
Chapter 1291 Time and place!Chapter 1292 Prepare in advance!Chapter 1293 Good News and Bad News!Chapter 1294 I want to kill King Kunpeng!
Chapter 1295 Yes, it's me again!Chapter 1296 Kill Kunpeng King!Chapter 1297: The Arrival of Two Women (Part 1)Chapter 1298: The Arrival of Two Women (Part 2)
Chapter 1299 Strong confidence!Chapter 1300: Someone Comes Suddenly!Chapter 1301 Terrifying Combat Power!Chapter 1302 The Battle of the West Sea Begins!
Chapter 1303 Everything Moves!Chapter 1304: All Assemble!Chapter 1305 Laugh wantonly!Chapter 1306 Fight!
Chapter 1307 I want to hit nine!Chapter 1308 Invincible under the Celestial Venerable!Chapter 1309 No Room!Chapter 1310: All the girls are captured!
Chapter 1313 Head to Yaochi!Chapter 1314 Preparations before becoming a saint!Chapter 1315 Powerful Wood Power!Chapter 1316 It's time for Zhao Nanchu!
Chapter 1318 Head to the Western World!Chapter 1319 Rescue succeeded!Chapter 1320 Revenge Begins!Chapter 1321 Terrifying spatial supernatural powers!
Chapter 1322 The Dark Day of the Western God Realm!Chapter 1323 The Lord God Appears!Chapter 1324 Main God Athena!Chapter 1325 Fight against the Lord God!
Chapter 1326 Crazy move!Chapter 1327 Desperate Ades!Chapter 1329 The physiques of the nine mistresses!Chapter 1330 King of the world!
Chapter 1332 Hold a Meeting for the Immortals (Part 2)Chapter 1333 Don't be ignorant of flattery!Chapter 1334 Overwhelm the powers of the upper realm!Chapter 1335 Are You Incompetent?
Chapter 1336 Half Venerable!Chapter 1337 Bai Mei Appears!Chapter 1338 Terrible Powerhouse!Chapter 1339 Fight against the demigods!
Chapter 1340 Killing the God for Nothing!Chapter 1342 Deeply Buried Emotions!Chapter 1343: An ancient force hidden in the world!Chapter 1344 Go to the Sea Clan!
Chapter 1345 The Guardian Appears!Chapter 1346 The Terrible High Priest (Part 1)Chapter 1348 Injure the High Priest!Chapter 1349 Too Powerful!
Chapter 1350 The reason for the outbreak of the battle between immortals and gods!Chapter 1351 The Western God Realm Moves Again!Chapter 1352 Throw yourself in the arms!Chapter 1353 Born with a vision, the genius came to the world!
Chapter 1354 Nine Tribulations Golden Lotus, Born Sovereign (Part 1)Chapter 1355 Nine Tribulations Golden Lotus, Born Sovereign (Part 2)Chapter 1356 Nine Tribulations Golden Lotus, Born Supreme (Part 2)Chapter 1357 The Three Overlords Gather!
Chapter 1358 Integrating the power of the five elements!Chapter 1359 The Supreme Bone Is Born!Chapter 1360 The decisive battle in the West Sea!Chapter 1361 Pick twenty-seven demigod servants alone!
Chapter 1363: The realm of the saints!Chapter 1364 Zhenwu Tianzun (Part 1)Chapter 1365 Zhenwu Tianzun (Part 2)Chapter 1366 Shenlong vs Zhenwu Tianzun (Part 1)
Chapter 1367 Shenlong VS Zhenwu Tianzun (Part 2)Chapter 1368 Accepting the True Martial Heavenly Venerable!Chapter 1369 Fighting against Nine Yi Tianzun (Part 1)Chapter 1370 Fighting Nine Yi Tianzun (Part 2)
Chapter 1371 The war ends!Chapter 1372 The mission of the four phenomena of heaven and earth!Chapter 1374 You Are Not Fairy Qingyi!Chapter 1375: Empress Reincarnation Appears!
Chapter 1376: The Purpose of the Empress of Reincarnation!Chapter 1377: The way to restore Zhenwu Tianzun!Chapter 1378: The Upper Realm Must Go!Chapter 1379 I dare, do you dare?
Chapter 1380 Before retreating!Chapter 1381 Continue to integrate the power of the five elements!Chapter 1382 Integrate the power of water!Chapter 1383 The Holy Master Awakens!
Chapter 1384 The Guardians Are Here Again!Chapter 1385 Fight against three puppet gods alone!Chapter 1386 Farewell to Shiba for three days, you should look at him with admiration!Chapter 1387 Take another Tianzun puppet!
Chapter 1388 Who is it?Chapter 1389: A One-Year Agreement!Chapter 1390 Capture the saint Yao Ji!Chapter 1391 Are you famous?
Chapter 1392: Su Jiu's Real Purpose!Chapter 1393 The End of the World!Chapter 1394: Daughter of the Celestial Venerable!Chapter 1395 Head to the Upper Realm!
Chapter 1396: The Purpose of the Nine Great Traditions!Chapter 1397 The Holy Land of Yaochi!Chapter 1398 You are too ugly!Chapter 1399: I, Qin Dynasty, me!
Chapter 1400 Entering the Wonderland!Chapter 1401 The purpose of the sage Zhuya!Chapter 1402 Disharmonious Yaochi!Chapter 1403 Head to Tianchi Peak!
Chapter 1404 See you at last!Chapter 1405 Give it a try!Chapter 1407 That's my cup!Chapter 1408 The Injured Empress of Reincarnation!
Chapter 1409 Life restricted area!Chapter 1410 Molesting the Empress of Reincarnation!Chapter 1411 Go to the restricted area of ??life!Chapter 1412 Encountering an Acquaintance (Part 1)
Chapter 1413 Encountering an Acquaintance (Part 2)Chapter 1415 Cannibal Teng!Chapter 1417 Seniors don't want it!Chapter 1418 Enter the Inner Circle!
Chapter 1419: Sky Swallowing Python!Chapter 1420 Terrible Situation!Chapter 1421 Expose your strength!Chapter 1422 The whereabouts are exposed!
Chapter 1423 Sealing the Upper Realm (Part 1)Chapter 1424 Sealing the Upper Realm (Part 2)Chapter 1426 Four Line SlashChapter 1427 Chen Xuan Appears!
Chapter 1428 Fight against the Emperor Tianzun!Chapter 1429 It's a tie!Chapter 1430 Subdue the Sky-Swallowing PythonChapter 1431 The whereabouts of the Stone of Life!
Chapter 1432 Capture the Stone of Life!Chapter 1433 Success!Chapter 1434 Restore the two Celestials!Chapter 1435 Communicate with the two Celestials!
Chapter 1436 Gain two major boosts!Chapter 1437 Molesting Su Jiu!Chapter 1438 The Deadly Fairy (Part 1)Chapter 1440 The angry Tianyao Tianzun!
Chapter 1441 Three-day deadline!Chapter 1442 I will protect you in three days!Chapter 1443 Woman!Chapter 1444 Prepare for three days later!
Chapter 1445: Hired (Part 1)Chapter 1446: Hired (Part 2)Chapter 1447 Three days have arrived!Chapter 1448 The Nine Heavenly Venerates Are Here!
Chapter 1449 Live to Death!Chapter 1450 Chen Xuan Appears!Chapter 1451 Two Heavenly Venerates Appear!Chapter 1452 The demeanor of a peerless figure!
Chapter 1453 It's My Time to Perform (Part 1)Chapter 1454 It's My Time to Perform (Part 2)Chapter 1455 The show is over!Chapter 1456 Fight the Emperor Tianzun again!
Chapter 1457 Kill the Emperor Tianzun!Chapter 1458 Heaven and Earth cry when the Heavenly Lord falls!Chapter 1459 What do you mean?Chapter 1460 Why stop?
Chapter 1461 Reincarnation is my Chen Xuan's woman!Chapter 1462 Ad¨¨s Comes Again (Part 1)Chapter 1463 Ad¨¨s Comes Again (Part 2)Chapter 1464 Ad¨¨s Comes Again (Part 2)
Chapter 1465 Bai Mei is Pregnant!Chapter 1466 Who doesn't know flattery?Chapter 1467 It's none of my business!Chapter 1468 I Come to Beg for Death!
Chapter 1469 Crazy Ades!Chapter 1470 Immortals are hard to save!Chapter 1471 One more thing is needed!Chapter 1472 You must have fallen in love with him, right?
Chapter 1475 The Illusion of Yongle (Part 1)Chapter 1476 The Illusion of Yongle (Part 2)Chapter 1477 I Think You Are Ugly!Chapter 1478 This is a Lily!
Chapter 1479 Let's go to bed tonight!Chapter 1480 How to play?Chapter 1481 Dangerous idea!Chapter 1482 The mother-in-law is here!
Chapter 1483 The Lord God Athena Comes Again!Chapter 1484 Lure Athena!Chapter 1486: Ways to restrain Ad¨¨s!Chapter 1487 She is Afraid of Pain!
Chapter 1488: The Lower Realm of the Eight Lord Gods!Chapter 1489 Unprecedented Lineup!Chapter 1490 Fight against the eight main gods phantom!Chapter 1491 I will kill my father-in-law!
Chapter 1492 Son-in-law, wait a minute!Chapter 1493 Change the world!Chapter 1494 The Great Heavenly Venerables Arrive!Chapter 1495 All Arrived!
Chapter 1496 The Throne of Rules!Chapter 1497: Two Heavenly Venerates Are Born!Chapter 1498 My Holy Master, Me!Chapter 1499 Draw the Empress of Reincarnation!
Chapter 1500 Let's go outside!Chapter 1501 Turn off the lights!Chapter 1502 Two Thrones?Chapter 1503 Nine Thrones!
Chapter 1504 Who dares to move, who will be killed by the Lord!Chapter 1505 Nine rules!Chapter 1506 You, come here!Chapter 1507 Pressing with one palm!
Chapter 1508 Coward?Chapter 1509 Everything originated from that place!Chapter 1510 I'm Not Going!Chapter 1511 I beg you!
Chapter 1512 The little dragon that overwhelms the country and the city!Chapter 1513 Tenth turn!Chapter 1514 Before going to the mysterious place!Chapter 1515 Go to the mysterious place!
Chapter 1516 Entering the Spirit Guardian Clan!Chapter 1517: Qiongya Appears!Chapter 1518 Fight against Qiongya!Chapter 1519 Terrifying Qiongya!
Chapter 1520 Integrating rule power!Chapter 1521 Brother-sister relationship!Chapter 1522: Qiongya Makes Way!Chapter 1523: The Sealed Land!
Chapter 1524: Opening the Seal (Part 1)Chapter 1525: Opening the Seal (Part 2)Chapter 1526 Ancient Hunyuan ClanChapter 1527 Primordial Ancient Wise
Chapter 1528 The Scariness of Ancient SagesChapter 1529 BreakthroughChapter 1530 Devouring Others RulesChapter 1531 Teaming up to break through
Chapter 1532 See you in the futureChapter 1533 Promoted to Emperor TianzunChapter 1534 Challenging the Supreme Realm (Part 1)Chapter 1535 Challenging the Supreme Realm (Part 2)
Chapter 1536: Live, Nobody, Dead, No Corpse (Part 1)Chapter 1537 No one alive but no dead body (Part 2)Chapter 1538 Invasion of the PowerfulChapter 1539 All Destroyed
Chapter 1540 Practice by the whole peopleChapter 1541 Encountering the Powerful in the Supreme Realm AgainChapter 1542: The Mysterious Strong Man (Part 1)Chapter 1543: The Mysterious Strong Man (Part 2)
Chapter 1544: The Mysterious Strong Man (Part 2)Chapter 1545Chapter 1546 Joining forces to killChapter 1547 Eighteen Powerhouses of the Supreme Realm
Chapter 1548 The Arrival of the Powerhouse of the Hunyuan Ancient ClanChapter 1549 Scary old ghostChapter 1550 Killing the Supreme RealmChapter 1551 The First Ancient King's Road
Chapter 1552Chapter 1553 A Magnificent New WorldChapter 1554 Breaking the ReorganizationChapter 1555 Rebuild the Chen Royal Family
Chapter 1556 The Arrival of a New EraChapter 1557 Qingdi MountainChapter 1559 The Origin of the Wild WorldChapter 1560 Change the wild world
Chapter 1561 Yao Ji's requestChapter 1562 Enlightenment Rules (Part 1)Chapter 1563 Enlightenment Rules (Part 2)Chapter 1564 My name is Concubine Wuxuan
Chapter 1565 Changes in the Mistress GroupChapter 1566 The Law of SymbiosisChapter 1567 Entering the Hunyuan WastelandChapter 1568 I think it's worthless
Chapter 1569 Heading to JianwupingChapter 1570 Auctioning the Sky-Swallowing PythonChapter 1571 Crazy QuoteChapter 1572 Payment in installments
Chapter 1573 Old Ancestor Save MeChapter 1574 Fighting Sword Wuping Patriarch (Part 1)Chapter 1575 Fighting Sword Wuping Patriarch (Part 2)Chapter 1576 Destruction of Sword Dance Ping
Chapter 1577 What kind of green onion do you want to move my discipleChapter 1578: Spoils of War (Part 1)Chapter 1579: Spoils of War (Part 2)Chapter 1580 The Actions of the Ancient Hunyuan Clan
Chapter 1581 Tianwu PavilionChapter 1582 No way, I still want to kill youChapter 1583 Heavenly Secret BuildingChapter 1584 Yuan Wu
Chapter 1585 Concubine Wuxuan Comes AgainChapter 1586 The Strongest Man on the ListChapter 1589 - Ancestor Wentian makes a moveChapter 1590 Old Obscene Demon
Chapter 1591 The Flower of DesireChapter 1592 useless thingsChapter 1593 The wild world changes againChapter 1594 Attacking Your Excellency Tianwu
Chapter 1595 Just kidding youChapter 1596 Battle Supreme Six HeavensChapter 1597 Heavenly Demon Arm GauntletChapter 1598 Apprenticeship
Chapter 1599 The mission of the secret buildingChapter 1601 Soul DevourerChapter 1602 Soul Devourer BeastmasterChapter 1603 Devouring the Soul of the Beastmaster
Chapter 1604 RevengeChapter 1605 The Terrifying Soul of the DeadChapter 1606Chapter 1607 Convinced
Chapter 1608 Divine Soul PillChapter 1609 continue tradingChapter 1610 Absolutely a mistakeChapter 1611 Playing Stupid
Chapter 1612 Empress Reincarnation is in TroubleChapter 1613 Finding the Empress of ReincarnationChapter 1614 The fierce manChapter 1615 Peerless City
Chapter 1616 Situ QianyuChapter 1617 Is there a woman?Chapter 1618 The old ghost who suddenly appearedChapter 1619 The Old Ghost's Purpose
Chapter 1620 Practice Sky Demon FistChapter 1621 The Terrible Demon ArmbandChapter 1622 Forced Palace (Part 1)Chapter 1623 Forced Palace (Part 2)
Chapter 1624 I took this battleChapter 1625 crush you to death with one fingerChapter 1626: OverblownChapter 1627 One Punch to Death
Chapter 1628 The Terrifying Sky-reaching RealmChapter 1629 Going to the Chaotic Demon SeaChapter 1630 The Terrifying Sea of ??Chaos DemonsChapter 1631 I am poor
Chapter 1632 My name is Old WangChapter 1633 Babel TowerChapter 1634 The Power of the Hunyuan Ancient ClanChapter 1636 Reunion
Chapter 1637 I need your helpChapter 1638 I've decided on my uncle's nameChapter 1639: Listen, Father-in-LawChapter 1640 Situ Changkong's Design
Chapter 1641 Chen Xuan, you are shamelessChapter 1642 The Reincarnation Empress Is FoundChapter 1643 Opportunity ComesChapter 1644 Good
Chapter 1645 Opening of Emperor Yan's TombChapter 1646 Attack on Tongtian TowerChapter 1647 Got itChapter 1649: Monument without Words (Part 1)
Chapter 1650: Monument without Words (Part 2)Chapter 1651 AccidentChapter 1652 Targeted by a powerful man in the sky-reaching realmChapter 1654 Sky Coffin Order
Chapter 1656 Undoubted deathChapter 1657 Please forgive me, seniorChapter 1658Chapter 1659 Crazy Thoughts
Chapter 1660 Hunting BeginsChapter 1661 I just want to kill the two seniorsChapter 1662 Seventh FloorChapter 1663 This is my uncle
Chapter 1664 Heavenly TribulationChapter 1666 Inheritance of Emperor Yan (Part 1)Chapter 1667 Inheritance of Emperor Yan (Part 2)Chapter 1668 powerful rival in love
Chapter 1671 must be doneChapter 1673 The Peak of the Supreme Three HeavensChapter 1674 Darkness FallsChapter 1675 The World Shakes
Chapter 1676 The Son of DarknessChapter 1677Chapter 1678 The old ghost is goneChapter 1679 Public Enemy
Chapter 1680 There is newsChapter 1681 brother-in-lawChapter 1682 Do you want toChapter 1683 Refining Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 1685 Accompanying the WomenChapter 1687 Heading to the Nether Holy SeaChapter 1689 Imprisoned Yaochi TianzunChapter 1690 Bai Lixu
Chapter 1691 The Auction BeginsChapter 1692Chapter 1693 Instantly kill the Supreme Nine HeavensChapter 1694 Battle of the Western Emperor
Chapter 1695Chapter 1697 InjuredChapter 1698 Going to Baichao TianyuChapter 1699 The wild world is complete
Chapter 1700 The First Battle of the Chen Royal ClanChapter 1701 Fighting against the Seventh PrinceChapter 1703 Another WaveChapter 1705 Killing in (Part 1)
Chapter 1707 Advance to the Supreme Four HeavensChapter 1708Chapter 1709 Dog Eats DogChapter 1710 God of War Armor
Chapter 1711 Obliterating the Remnant Soul of Tongtian TowerChapter 1712Chapter 1713 Head of the Holy CourtChapter 1714 Fighting against the head of the Holy Academy
Chapter 1715 The Killing Order of the God of War AcademyChapter 1717 Tune the tiger away from the mountainChapter 1719 Come aliveChapter 1720 Targeting the Royal Family of Southern Chu
Chapter 1721 The old rival is hereChapter 1723 Tsing Yi EmperorChapter 1724 What the hell do you want to doChapter 1725 Captured
Chapter 1727 EscapeChapter 1728 really did not touchChapter 1731 Give it a goChapter 1733 Crazy Advancement (Part 2)
Chapter 1734 Crazy Advancement (Part 2)Chapter 1735 Picking a Group of Heaven-reaching Realm AloneChapter 1736 Amazing Combat PowerChapter 1737 Another Breakthrough
Chapter 1738 Battle against the Night Mountain EnvoyChapter 1739 Killing the Yeshan EnvoyChapter 1740 Kill AllChapter 1741 There are more fierce ones
Chapter 1742 The Actions of the God of War AcademyChapter 1743 Shen Tiandu, Headmaster of Qingtian Holy AcademyChapter 1744 Killing the Ancient King¡¯s Way (Part 1)Chapter 1745 Killing the Ancient King's Way (Part 2)
Chapter 1746 Killing the Ancient King's Way (Part 2)Chapter 1747 I am your senior brotherChapter 1748 The Identity of the Old GhostChapter 1749 Changes of the Sky Swallowing Python
Chapter 1750 Enlightenment LawChapter 1751 World-Destroying PowerChapter 1753 The tough sister-in-lawChapter 1754 Do you want to think about it
Chapter 1755Chapter 1757: Zhanyuanliu Headmaster (Part 1)Chapter 1758: Zhanyuanliu Headmaster (Part 2)Chapter 1759
Chapter 1760 The Old MasterChapter 1761: The Great Formation Covers the Sky (Part 1)Chapter 1762: The Great Formation Covers the Sky (Part 2)Chapter 1763 The Battle of Apocalypse
Chapter 1765 Changes in the Wasteland (Part 1)Chapter 1766 Changes in the Wasteland (Part 2)Chapter 1767: The Ten Great Fiend Formation of Immemorial Sealing Demon FormationChapter 1768
Chapter 1769 Tsing Yi in DistressChapter 1770 Who Swallows Who (Part 1)Chapter 1771 Who Swallows Who (Part 2)Chapter 1772 Changes in the Law of Chaos
Chapter 1773 Killing the Different Demon KingChapter 1774 DedicationChapter 1775 One Body Dual CultivationChapter 1776: Practicing Dark Magic Art (Part 1)
Chapter 1777: Practicing Dark Magic Art (Part 2)Chapter 1778 Human EmperorChapter 1779Chapter 1780 The Old Ghost's Enemy
Chapter 1781 The bed is readyChapter 1783 Prepare for BattleChapter 1784 Five Clans LinkageChapter 1785 The Terrifying Half-Sage
Chapter 1786 Fighting against five Heaven-reaching Perfect RealmsChapter 1787 Using Dark Magic ArtChapter 1788 Advance to the Supreme Seventh HeavenChapter 1789 Continue to Improve
Chapter 1790 Fighting BanxianChapter 1791Chapter 1792 Nobody Takes AdvantageChapter 1793 I have to pay the price tonight
Chapter 1794Chapter 1795 Leaving the Baichao TianyuChapter 1796 The Woman in TianchiChapter 1797: Being Chased (Part 1)
Chapter 1798: Being Chased (Part 2)Chapter 1799 Breaking with one palmChapter 1800 The Master of Taixuan TempleChapter 1801 The name of the old ghost
Chapter 1802 Killing the Sword QueenChapter 1804 Zhou WuChapter 1805 Obtaining MemoryChapter 1806 The Secret of Taixuan Temple
Chapter 1810 GetChapter 1811: Being Targeted AgainChapter 1812 Escape into the wild worldChapter 1813 The way to deal with crazy women
Chapter 1814 Believe it or not, you will beg for mercyChapter 1815 begging for mercyChapter 1816 Get the Treasure Hunting Spirit FoxChapter 1817
Chapter 1818 The owner of the treasure-hunting spirit fox!Chapter 1819 Tuoba Zhai!Chapter 1820 Earth Tribulation Appears (Part 1)Chapter 1821 Earth Tribulation Appears (Part 2)
Chapter 1822 Before the robbery!Chapter 1823 Change your identity!Chapter 1824 Entering the Ancient Buddha Clan (Part 1)Chapter 1825 Entering the Ancient Buddha Clan (Part 2)
Chapter 1827 Hard to do!Chapter 1829 Force out half-sages!Chapter 1830 Show your fangs!Chapter 1831 The dangerous situation is exposed!
Chapter 1832 The flood flooded the Dragon King Temple!Chapter 1833 Enter the Supreme Eighth Heaven!Chapter 1834 Kill the Nanyang Sage!Chapter 1836 Mother-child instrument!
Chapter 1837 How about I be your manChapter 1838 Life and death battle!Chapter 1839 Refining Mother-in-Child InstrumentChapter 1840 Instantly kill the power of half-sages!
Chapter 1841 Creation of Divine Weapons!Chapter 1842 The Ever-changing Creation!Chapter 1843 I Didn't Do It On Purpose, Do You Believe It?Chapter 1844 The Arrival of the Ancient Buddha Clan
Chapter 1845 Playing a Big Game (Part 1)Chapter 1846 Playing a Big Game (Part 2)Chapter 1847 SiegeChapter 1848 Becoming a Father (Part 1)
Chapter 1849 Becoming a Father (Part 2)Chapter 1850 The Power of ReversalChapter 1851 The Frightened Ancient Buddha ClanChapter 1852 Overwhelming Power
Chapter 1853 The Death of the Mid-Mountain SageChapter 1854 Fighting Ancient SagesChapter 1855 Second Senior Sister, Please Lie DownChapter 1856 Heal Senior Sister
Chapter 1857 The second timeChapter 1859 Senior Sister, You LostChapter 1860 The Trail of the Little DragonChapter 1861 Refining Wordless Monument
Chapter 1862 The Black Emperor AwakensChapter 1863 Returning to the Baichao TianyuChapter 1864 Strong LineupChapter 1865 Killing Two and a Half Sages in a Row (Part 1)
Chapter 1866 Killing Two and a Half Sages in a Row (Part 2)Chapter 1867 Gu Taiyi AppearsChapter 1868 Four vs. OneChapter 1869 Fighting the ancient sages
Chapter 1870 God Killing FormationChapter 1871 Still UnstoppableChapter 1872 A tutor is invited to comeChapter 1874 The Scary Old Ghost
Chapter 1875 Can you give me a childChapter 1876: The Situation of Nine Springs Holy Island (Part 1)Chapter 1877: The Situation of Nine Springs Holy Island (Part 2)Chapter 1878 Conquering the Holy Islands
Chapter 1879 The Origin of the Battle of Life and DeathChapter 1880 Divine CoreChapter 1882 PrincessChapter 1883 Going to the Demon Forest
Chapter 1884 The genius that Tianji Building is looking forChapter 1885 Promise of Tianji BuildingChapter 1886 sleep togetherChapter 1887 Goodbye Old Wang
Chapter 1888 The Tower of Life and Death Appears (Part 1)Chapter 1889 The Tower of Life and Death Appears (Part 2)Chapter 1890 Temporarily aheadChapter 1891 The Fifth World Entrance
Chapter 1892 Say It AgainChapter 1893Chapter 1894 Need help?Chapter 1895 Find someone for me
Chapter 1897 The Person With Dark PowerChapter 1898 It's YouChapter 1900 Using Dark ForcesChapter 1901 Old Chen, do you want a wife?
Chapter 1902 I remember youChapter 1903 Robbing the Mark of Life and DeathChapter 1904 Entering the Ninth WorldChapter 1905 Entering the Demon Cave
Chapter 1906 Black sparChapter 1908 Teaming Up to FightChapter 1909 The Tenth Floor of Dark Magic ArtChapter 1910
Chapter 1911 The Deadly Demon KingChapter 1913 Leaving the Tower of Life and DeathChapter 1915 Ancient Sages ArriveChapter 1916 Why do you need a tutor to kill you
Chapter 1917 Bai Li's IdentityChapter 1918 Choose the battlefieldChapter 1919 Fighting against the ancient sages of NanxuanChapter 1921 The Fall of Ancient Sages
Chapter 1922 Shaking the WorldChapter 1924 Hypocrisy RealmChapter 1925 Chen worships the mountainChapter 1926 Terrifying aura
Chapter 1927 What do you really wantChapter 1928 Ancient Sage GarbageChapter 1929Chapter 1930 The favor owed to me should be repaid
Chapter 1931 Going to Unbearable MountainChapter 1932: Hong Mongols Part 1Chapter 1933: Hong MongolsChapter 1934 My name is Chen Xuan
Chapter 1935 BreakthroughChapter 1937 Entering Mount UnbearableChapter 1938 I Killed ItChapter 1939 Three Lives Emperor
Chapter 1940 I want you to propose marriageChapter 1941 Brain-damaged womanChapter 1942 Wu TaisuiChapter 1943 Leveraging Strength
Chapter 1946 Ceremonial Powers GatherChapter 1947 Kill another ancient sage, everyone is trustworthyChapter 1948 Bravely Confronting the HeroesChapter 1949 Marriage Proposal
Chapter 1950 Angry Wu TaisuiChapter 1951Chapter 1953 Kill Qianyi Ancient SageChapter 1954 I will surpass you in three years
Chapter 1955 Revenge Begins (1)Chapter 1956 Revenge Begins (2)Chapter 1957 Entering the Ancient Shura ClanChapter 1958 The next stop is the Devil's Wilderness
Chapter 1959 Danger is approaching (1)Chapter 1960 Danger Approaching (2)Chapter 1961 Return of Heavenly Demon Ancient SagesChapter 1962 Fight against the ancient sages!
Chapter 1963 Little Madman Part 1Chapter 1964 Little Crazy Part IIChapter 1965 Enlightenment, double space!Chapter 1966 Take the initiative to show up!
Chapter 1967 The Ancient Clans Are Coming!Chapter 1968 Asura Ancient Sage Comes!Chapter 1969 Injure the ancient sages of Asura!Chapter 1970 I won't leave!
Chapter 1971 Hold me!Chapter 1972 The show begins!Chapter 1973 You are not qualified!Chapter 1974 The arrival of the Hong Mongols!
Chapter 1975: Verbal Warfare!Chapter 1976 Fighting against the ancient sages who hate the skyChapter 1977 Fighting against the ancient sages who hate the skyChapter 1978 Conferring the Gods in World War I!
Chapter 1979 Kill Biling!Chapter 1980 Leave safely!Chapter 1981 I want you to be my woman!Chapter 1982 Reincarnation Wasteland!
Chapter 1983 Why is this guyChapter 1984 Save face and stop beating!Chapter 1986 Little West HeavenChapter 1987 Xiaoxitianxia
Chapter 1988 Mengzi!Chapter 1989 Uncle's Approval!Chapter 1990 Going to the Ancient Dream Clan Part 1Chapter 1991 Going to the Ancient Dream Clan (2)
Chapter 1992 Dream LordChapter 1993 Mother-Daughter RelationshipChapter 1994 Here comes the troublemakerChapter 1995 Humiliated
Chapter 1996 Come to plead guiltyChapter 1997 Killing the Ancient Sages of the Spirit SeaChapter 1998 The World Shakes AgainChapter 1999 The Opportunity for a Breakthrough (1)
Chapter 2000: An Opportunity for a Breakthrough (2)Chapter 2001 Mysterious and Powerful Man!Chapter 2002 Great Compassion Ancient Sage!Chapter 2003 The Dream Lord Intervenes!
Chapter 2004 All the sages come out!Chapter 2005 I Choose Both!Chapter 2006 The dream master is injured!Chapter 2007: Prove Your Identity (1)
Chapter 2008 Show your identityChapter 2009 Consensus reached!Chapter 2010 I am your father!Chapter 2011 Killing Ancient Sages (1)
Chapter 2012Chapter 2013 Killing Ancient Sages (2)Chapter 2014 My father-in-law is awesome!Chapter 2015 Swallowing God's Code!
Chapter 2016 There are many hidden ancient sages!Chapter 2017 The man the dreamer likes!Chapter 2018 Do it!Chapter 2019 The oriole is behind!
Chapter 2020 Bai Li is Captured!Chapter 2021 Bind yourself!Chapter 2022 The only way out of trouble (1)Chapter 2023 The only way out of trouble
Chapter 2024 I promise!Chapter 2025 Baili's true face!Chapter 2026 Heavenly Throne Part 1Chapter 2027 Throne of Heaven
Chapter 2028 Confrontation!Chapter 2029 I prove the ancient sages with the sky!Chapter 2030 Appear!Chapter 2031 Fighting, Devouring Part 1
Chapter 2032 Fighting, DevouringChapter 2033 Fight against three true sages!Chapter 2034 Fighting against Linggu East Emperor (1)Chapter 2035 Fighting against Linggu Donghuang
Chapter 2036 Auntie!Chapter 2037 See the clues!Chapter 2038 The realm of the monster!Chapter 2039 Two women compete!
Chapter 2040 Settle the Ancient Dream Clan!Chapter 2041 Huge wealth!Chapter 2042 Angry Ye Qianwu!Chapter 2043 Quadruple space!
Chapter 2044 Three girls retreat!Chapter 2045 Go to the Ksitigarbha Wilderness!Chapter 2046Chapter 2047 Meeting and not knowing each other (Part 2)
Chapter 2048 Meeting and not knowing each other (below)Chapter 2049 Hit the wrong person again!Chapter 2050 Ye Qing!Chapter 2052 Sister, do you need treatment?
Chapter 2056 Brothers and Sisters ArriveChapter 2057 big brother arrivesChapter 2058 A new ancient sage is bornChapter 2059 Bow your head temporarily
Chapter 2060 teach me a trickChapter 2061 I want to seize powerChapter 2062 Planning to Propose MarriageChapter 2063 the mysterious man in black
Chapter 2064 Everyone wants to borrow a knifeChapter 2065 Night Exploration of the Sword-Forging FurnaceChapter 2066 Fifth Senior Sister, You Forced MeChapter 2067 Absolutely on purpose
Chapter 2068 The Arrival of the Three Ancient ClansChapter 2070 Easily win the wrath of the three ancient sagesChapter 2071Chapter 2072 Thousands of Equipment Cauldron
Chapter 2073 The Different Demon King AppearsChapter 2075 Fighting the Different Demon King again (1)Chapter 2076 Fighting the Different Demon King AgainChapter 2077
Chapter 2078 Secret ExposureChapter 2079 The Most Holy AcademyChapter 2080 The Most Holy Desolate RealmChapter 2081 The Mysterious Woman (1)
Chapter 2082 The Mysterious Woman (2)Chapter 2083 Senior Brother InjuredChapter 2084 Location ExposureChapter 2085 I want to enter the Holy Ancient Clan
Chapter 2086 The People of Runner MountainChapter 2087 Entering the Holy Ancient ClanChapter 2088 The Most Holy TeacherChapter 2089 King Zhuanming
Chapter 2090 The Purpose of King ZhuanmingChapter 2091Chapter 2092Chapter 2093 Found it
Chapter 2094: Chen Xuan is Coming!Chapter 2095 Chen Xuan is HereChapter 2096 The Insidious Holy TeacherChapter 2097 Borrow Mancheng Sword to Fight You
Chapter 2098 The Terrifying King ZhuanmingChapter 2100 War Turning to King Ming (1)Chapter 2101 Battle to King MingChapter 2102 War Turns to King Ming
Chapter 2103 Fifty-FiveChapter 2104 the appearance of the most holy teacherChapter 2105 Fighting Again at the PeakChapter 2106 Breaking through the Heavenly Superior Realm
Chapter 2107 War to the Holy MasterChapter 2108 the seal is brokenChapter 2109 Entering the SealChapter 2110 The method of beheading the different demon king
Chapter 2111 The coming of all the sagesChapter 2112Chapter 2113 Destroy the Different Demon KingChapter 2114 The Realm of the Twelve Demon Souls
Chapter 2115 Severely Injures the Different Demon EmperorChapter 2116 Sudden ChangeChapter 2117Chapter 2118 calm treatment
Chapter 2119 The lineup is strongerChapter 2120 Chen Xuan is the Son of DarknessChapter 2121 identity determinedChapter 2122 The bloody battle begins
Chapter 2123 Self-proof of innocenceChapter 2124 kill the most holy teacherChapter 2125 bloody battleChapter 2126 The devil is angry
Chapter 2127 Taiqing PatriarchChapter 2128 Fighting against the Taiqing PatriarchChapter 2129Chapter 2130 Wu Taisui makes a move
Chapter 2131 He is hereChapter 2132 Invincible old ghostChapter 2133 the disastrous giantChapter 2134 everything ends
Chapter 2135 senior sister must repay you wellChapter 2136 I got married with my second senior sisterChapter 2137 someone cameChapter 2138
Chapter 2139 Entering the Bridal Chamber (1)Chapter 2140 enter the bridal chamberChapter 2141 Summoning the Possession of the Ancient GodChapter 2142 Realm of the Ancient Gods
Chapter 2143 The First Ancient GodChapter 2144 Ancient God Possession Part 1Chapter 2145 Ancient God PossessionChapter 2146 The Eve of Parting
Chapter 2147 SurpriseChapter 2148 see father-in-lawChapter 2149 Fighting against Wu TaisuiChapter 2150 Fighting Wu Taisui
Chapter 2151 Scared the old manChapter 2152 Looking for the God Swallowing CodeChapter 2153 The first person to advance to the realm of ancient sagesChapter 2154 add another
Chapter 2155Chapter 2156 The undercurrent has surgedChapter 2157 Lin Suyi Becomes an Ancient SageChapter 2158 something is not good
Chapter 2159 Tianjilou HeadmasterChapter 2161 Obtain the God Swallowing CodeChapter 2162Chapter 2163 Frontier Battle (1)
Chapter 2165 Human Race Chen Xuan Part 1Chapter 2166 Chen Xuan, the Human RaceChapter 2167 Baili's whereaboutsChapter 2168 Chen Xuan's Visit Part 1
Chapter 2169 Chen Xuan's Visit (2)Chapter 2170 Abused!Chapter 2171 Don't fight, I'm convinced!Chapter 2172 One day deadline!
Chapter 2173 This is a game!Chapter 2174 Get lost!Chapter 2175 Meeting Ceremony!Chapter 2176 The temptation of the little dragon!
Chapter 2177 Introduce a woman!Chapter 2178 The Gate of Wonders!Chapter 2179 Go to the Southern Wilderness!Chapter 2180 Killed!
Chapter 2181 Not on the same levelChapter 2182 Not on the same level (2)Chapter 2183 The strongest of the monster clan!Chapter 2184 Fight against the Heaven Swallowing Ancestor!
Chapter 2185 Summon the Possession of the Ancient God Again!Chapter 2186 Chen Tianmang's fortune!Chapter 2187 She is also my woman!Chapter 2188 Stronger than the ancient sages!
Chapter 2189 Land of Immortality!Chapter 2190 Mysterious Land of Immortality!Chapter 2191 Twenty-two ancient sages!Chapter 2192 Before establishing a sect!
Chapter 2193 Intermediate too monster!Chapter 2194 It's Time to Settle Accounts (1)Chapter 2195 It's Time to Settle AccountsChapter 2197 Announce to the whole world!
Chapter 2198 Women's Support (1)Chapter 2199 Women's SupportChapter 2200 Assemble, bornChapter 2201 Assembling, Birth Part 2
Chapter 2202 There are many more!Chapter 2203 Auntie, do you have a boyfriend?Chapter 2204 Done!Chapter 2205 Opening Ceremony Part 1
Chapter 2206 Opening Ceremony (2)Chapter 2207 congratulations oneChapter 2208 congratulations twoChapter 2209 congratulations three
Chapter 2210 congratulations fourChapter 2211 congratulations fiveChapter 2212 The one who owes a beating!Chapter 2213 The lineup of the monster clan!
Chapter 2214 The Great War Is About to BeginChapter 2215 Great War Will BeginChapter 2216 End!Chapter 2217 Three Lives Emperor
Chapter 2218 The Chen Royal Family That Shocked the World Part 1Chapter 2219 The Chen royal family who shocked the worldChapter 2220 The Ancient God Appears!Chapter 2221 Get started!
Chapter 2222 Battle against the Ancient Gods (1)Chapter 2223 Battle against the Ancient GodsChapter 2224 Battle against the Ancient GodsChapter 2225 Terrifying Heaven and Earth Killing Fist!
Chapter 2226 How to breakChapter 2227 The chosen one is alive!Chapter 2228 one dead and one disabledChapter 2229 one dead and one disabled
Chapter 2230 Advance to the Heavenly Consummation Realm!Chapter 2231 Fighting to Kill the Heavens (1)Chapter 2232 Fighting the HeavensChapter 2233 Kill the three giants!
Chapter 2234 Xiao Jiuzhong VS Sansheng Great Emperor Part 1Chapter 2235 Xiao Jiuzhong VS Sansheng Great EmperorChapter 2236 Three Lives III!Chapter 2237 Big boss!
Chapter 2238 Rescue as a teacher!Chapter 2239 Fight Three Lives!Chapter 2240 The terrifying fourth punch!Chapter 2241 Preparing for gang fights (1)
Chapter 2242 preparing for gang fightsChapter 2243 The Ancient King!Chapter 2244 Three Immemorial Methods!Chapter 2245 The realm of the ancient gods!
Chapter 2246 Secret!Chapter 2247 Auntie, I need your help!Chapter 2248 Still need to wait!Chapter 2249
Chapter 2250 Revisiting old love (2)Chapter 2251 Hundred Ancient Gods!Chapter 2252 The origin of the nine-turn dragon magic skill!Chapter 2253 Bad news!
Chapter 2254 Chen Xuan's plan!Chapter 2255 Nine SpacesChapter 2256 The strongest ultimate move!Chapter 2257 Breakthrough!
Chapter 2258 Crazy Yang Taixu Part 1Chapter 2259 Crazy Yang Taixu (2)Chapter 2260 Emperor Yang Qing bows his head!Chapter 2261 Madness before death!
Chapter 2262 Different Devil Emperor!Chapter 2263 Yang Taixu's preparations!Chapter 2264 Yang Taixu's glorious moment!Chapter 2265 Poor man!
Chapter 2266 Husband, uncle!Chapter 2267 Heavenly General!Chapter 2268 Great Witch Wilderness!Chapter 2269 Devil's Cave!
Chapter 2270 Realm of the Fourteen Demon Souls!Chapter 2271 Alien Tracks!Chapter 2272 Three days!Chapter 2273 The Heaven Is Coming (Part 1)
Chapter 2274 The Heaven Is Coming (2)Chapter 2275 The Chen royal family suffers!Chapter 2276 Lin Suyi is hit hard!Chapter 2277 I agree!
Chapter 2278 Enter Tianyuan!Chapter 2279 Fifth Tier Demon GodChapter 2280 Fifth Tier Demon GodChapter 2281 Fight against the different demon gods!
Chapter 2282 Achievement of Demon God!Chapter 2283 Continue to improve!Chapter 2284 The origin of the alien race!Chapter 2285 Three Immortal Lords!
Chapter 2286 Three routes!Chapter 2287 Enter the Demon Sea!Chapter 2288 The powerhouses of the demon race!Chapter 2289 Soaring all the way!
Chapter 2290 Seventh Rank Demon God!Chapter 2291 Fight against the seventh-order demon god!Chapter 2292 Kill Tianqing Demon God!Chapter 2293 The Three Great Wars Are Coming!
Chapter 2294 ReturningChapter 2295 ReturnChapter 2296 Fighting against the Heavenly Generals (Part 1)Chapter 2297 The Great War Comes Down
Chapter 2298 Completely crushed!Chapter 2299 Heaven Punisher Returns!Chapter 2300 The Fourth Key (1)Chapter 2301 The Fourth Key
Chapter 2302 The Chen royal family is dispatched!Chapter 2303 Just wait for me!Chapter 2304 Advance to Ancient Sage!Chapter 2305 Breaking the Sage Realm!
Chapter 2306 The Summoning in the Dark (Part 1)Chapter 2307 Underworld CallChapter 2308 The Strong in the Rift of the Void (1)Chapter 2309 The Strong in the Rift of the Void
Chapter 2310 The Strong in the Rift of the Void (2)Chapter 2311 The Gods Descend!Chapter 2312 Fight against Heaven again!Chapter 2313 Control the Dao of Heaven!
Chapter 2314 Now, it's my turn!Chapter 2315 Brand new skill, heavenly suppression!Chapter 2316 Demon Race Invasion (1)Chapter 2317 Demon Race Invasion
Chapter 2318 Demon Race Invasion (2)Chapter 2319 Appear in time!Chapter 2320 Fight against the demon gods alone!Chapter 2321 Little Mage September!
Chapter 2322 Horrible opponent!Chapter 2323 Eighth-rank Demon God!Chapter 2324 Defeat the demons!Chapter 2325 Yaochi hit hard!
Chapter 2326 Demon Race Mage Part 1Chapter 2327 Demon Race Mage MiddleChapter 2328 Demon Clan MageChapter 2329 life and death crisis
Chapter 2330 life and death crisisChapter 2331 Three lives come!Chapter 2332 The contest between the two strong against the sky!Chapter 2333 The sealed witch mother!
Chapter 2334 The Realm of the Ninth-Rank Demon God!Chapter 2335 Witch Mother!Chapter 2336 The Barbed Stunner Part 1Chapter 2337 The Barbed Stunner (2)
Chapter 2338 Devouring continues!Chapter 2339 Ninth-Rank Demon God Peak!Chapter 2340 head-to-headChapter 2341 head-to-head
Chapter 2342 A little inferior!Chapter 2343 All over!Chapter 2344 Chen Xuan's plan!Chapter 2345 Going to the hinterland of the demon race
Chapter 2346 Going to the hinterland of the demonsChapter 2347 Going to the hinterland of the demon raceChapter 2348 Destroy the teleportation gate!Chapter 2349 Demon Master Awakens Part 1
Chapter 2350 Demon Lord AwakensChapter 2351 Terrifying suppression!Chapter 2352 Gambling agreement!Chapter 2353 Leave safely!
Chapter 2354 I really smoked it myself!Chapter 2355 Before advancing to the virtuous realm!Chapter 2356 Enter the virtuous realm!Chapter 2357 Danger and opportunity coexist!
Chapter 2358 The Realm of the Great Demon God!Chapter 2359 The method is used correctly!Chapter 2360 It really is her!Chapter 2361 The promotion candidate is confirmed!
Chapter 2362 Goodbye Sansheng Emperor!Chapter 2363 Sansheng attaches great importance to Tianliu!Chapter 2364 Emperor Yang Qing Enlightened!Chapter 2365 Let him come to see me!
Chapter 2366 Before the invasion!Chapter 2367 Stop playing!Chapter 2368 One person presses sideways!Chapter 2369 We are convinced!
Chapter 2370 The Demon Race Comes Again!Chapter 2371 Devil Mother SupremeChapter 2372 Devil Mother ArrivesChapter 2373 All the girls join forces to fight against the witch mother!
Chapter 2374 Fight the magician again!Chapter 2376 Give it back to you!Chapter 2377 The Fall of the Old Ghost (1)Chapter 2378 The Fall of the Old Ghost
Chapter 2379 really deadChapter 2380 Shen Tiandu's suspicion!Chapter 2381 Attack on the Immortal!Chapter 2382 Change target!
Chapter 2383 The guts I gave!Chapter 2384 Official start!Chapter 2385 Fighting against the Three Elder GodsChapter 2386 Fighting the Three Elders
Chapter 2387 Fighting against the Three Elder GodsChapter 2388 Heaven, Earth and Human Three Arrays!Chapter 2389 Challenge all the ancient gods in the Land of Immortality (1)Chapter 2390 Picking All the Ancient Gods in the Land of Immortality
Chapter 2391 Challenge all the ancient gods in the Land of ImmortalityChapter 2392 Complete horizontal pressure!Chapter 2393 Old Wang Appears!Chapter 2394 The Powerhouse in God's Prison (1)
Chapter 2395 The Powerhouse in God's Prison (2)Chapter 2396 ConquerChapter 2397 subdueChapter 2398 Destined person!
Chapter 2399 It started 150,000 years ago.Chapter 2400 It started 150,000 years ago.Chapter 2401 Full-scale confrontation!Chapter 2402 Time difference!
Chapter 2403 Invitation from the Witch Mother!Chapter 2404 The Enraged Witch Mother!Chapter 2405 The situation is worrying!Chapter 2406 A way to break the deadlock!
Chapter 2407 In-laws!Chapter 2408 Evil idea!Chapter 2409 I will only give you ten minutes!Chapter 2410 Promotion
Chapter 2411 AdvancementChapter 2412 PromotionChapter 2413 Seal the dark power!Chapter 2414 Re-entering the Demon Race!
Chapter 2415 Destroy the second teleportation gate!Chapter 2416 Despicable witch motherChapter 2417 Despicable witch motherChapter 2418 Counterattack!
Chapter 2419 The Demon Lord Appears (1)Chapter 2420 The Demon Lord Appears (2)Chapter 2421 Just Beginning!Chapter 2422 War Lord Part One
Chapter 2423 Battle LordChapter 2424 Three lives come forward!Chapter 2425 The Third World Appears!Chapter 2426 The Fourth World Appears!
Chapter 2427 Three Lives Emperor vs Demon Lord!Chapter 2428 Just do it!Chapter 2429 Go first!Chapter 2430 Alternate Immortal Lord!
Chapter 2431 Indissoluble!Chapter 2432 Plan to make a move!Chapter 2433 Angry two people!Chapter 2434 Choose another day to fight again!
Chapter 2435 The only chance to come back!Chapter 2436 Who are youChapter 2437 Mysterious woman!Chapter 2438 Break through two realms in a row!
Chapter 2439 Ancient God of Seven Realms!Chapter 2440 Pangu's Will!Chapter 2441 Comprehension, fusion of Pangu's will!Chapter 2442 My name is Chuyao!
Chapter 2443 Return!Chapter 2444 Ascension, Thirty-Three Dimensions!Chapter 2445 The Dao of All Beings!Chapter 2446 The Arrival of the Ultimate Battle (1)
Chapter 2447 The Arrival of the Ultimate Battle (2)Chapter 2448 The Three Lives Emperor who advanced super fastChapter 2449 Have you forgotten me?Chapter 2450 Open Xiaoxitian (1)
Chapter 2451 Open XiaoxitianChapter 2452 Opening of XiaoxitianChapter 2453 Fighting the Demon Lord (Part 1)Chapter 2454 Fighting the Demon Lord
Chapter 2455 Fighting against the Demon LordChapter 2456 I'm afraid of a hair!Chapter 2457 Thirty-three layers of space VS magic will!Chapter 2458 Defeat the devil!
Chapter 2459 Insert a foot!Chapter 2460 Fight against the two giants alone!Chapter 2461 A horizontal pressure move!Chapter 2462 one move horizontal pressure down
Chapter 2463 Who is it?Chapter 2464 The identity of the shooter (1)Chapter 2465 the identity of the person who shotChapter 2466 Going to Xiaoxitian
Chapter 2467 Going to XiaoxitianChapter 2468 Heavenly RoadChapter 2469 shocking secretChapter 2470 shocking secret
Chapter 2471 shocking secretChapter 2472 The origin of the ancient world!Chapter 2473 on the road to heavenChapter 2474 Ascend to Heaven Road (2)
Chapter 2475 The Peak of the Ancient Gods of the Eight RealmsChapter 2476 Half a year, the end of the ancient gods (Part 1)Chapter 2478 climb to the top, TianmenChapter 2479 the realm above the ancient gods
Chapter 2480 Changes of the Great Powers of the Ancient WorldChapter 2481 all successors arriveChapter 2482 run awayChapter 2483 mobilize the strongest forces of the two races
Chapter 2484 things are not simpleChapter 2485 An Embarrassing Situation (Part 1)Chapter 2486 An Embarrassing Situation (Part 2)Chapter 2487 Promotion to Destiny
Chapter 2488 The Terrible Zhongsan DaoChapter 2489 The Enemy AppearsChapter 2490 GuardianChapter 2491 Beat back defenders!
Chapter 2492 Complete the third course!Chapter 2493 Control humanity!Chapter 2494 Nine Dao ConvergenceChapter 2495 Nine Paths Converged in One Body (Part 2)
Chapter 2496 Have you peekedChapter 2497 Peerless Tianjiao Part 1Chapter 2498 Peerless TianjiaoChapter 2499 There is a successor!
Chapter 2500 What is your originChapter 2501 The catastrophe is approaching!Chapter 2502 Gathering in Xiaoxitian (Part 1)Chapter 2503 Gathering in Xiaoxitian
Chapter 2504 You and I are the wrong size!Chapter 2505 Battle of Survival Part 1Chapter 2506 The Battle of SurvivalChapter 2507 Battle Star Lord Part 1
Chapter 2508 Battle Star LordChapter 2509 Fighting Star LordChapter 2510 Five-five combat powerChapter 2511 A Bigger Crisis Is Coming
Chapter 2512 A Bigger Crisis Is Coming NextChapter 2513 Kita Yin's AdviceChapter 2514 Is it credible (Part 1)Chapter 2516 Warlord
Chapter 2517 The first road tireChapter 2518 Successfully BreakthroughChapter 2519 super scary lineupChapter 2520 Desperate Power
Chapter 2521 The Terrifying Lord of HeavenChapter 2522 life and deathChapter 2523: The Entire Way of Heaven (Part 1)Chapter 2524 The whole system of heaven (below)
Chapter 2525 Delaying Time (Part 1)Chapter 2526 Delaying Time (Part 2)Chapter 2527 confess everythingChapter 2528 the purpose of Wang Chuyao
Chapter 2529 get and giveChapter 2530 is it a blessing or a curseChapter 2531 Leave this world collectively!Chapter 2532 Mysterious figure!
Chapter 2533 Wang Chuyao, the one who advances crazily!Chapter 2534 Fighting alone against heroesChapter 2535 Fighting All Heroes AloneChapter 2536 Fighting alone against heroes
Chapter 2537 Nanqing domain master!Chapter 2538 Mysterious powerhouse!Chapter 2539 Everything is over, a new chapter!Chapter 2540 Master-student reunion!
Chapter 2541 Opportunity to rise again!Chapter 2542 Reincarnation!Chapter 2543 comprehend the game of sages (1)Chapter 2544 comprehend the situation of sages (2)
Chapter 2545 The third stage of the Nine Tribulations Sword BureauChapter 2546 The third round of the Nine Tribulations Sword BureauChapter 2547 Nine sword intents gather in one bodyChapter 2548 Nine Tribulations Sword Intent
Chapter 2549 Unprecedented HarvestChapter 2550 Comprehending the Nine Tribulations Sword TechniqueChapter 2551 Improving Sword IntentChapter 2552 Practice Nine Tribulations Sword Body
Chapter 2553 start of wanderingChapter 2554 Helian XueChapter 2555 Going to the Star Sea of ??DeathChapter 2556 Level 8 Ancient Beast
Chapter 2557 EnmityChapter 2558 The Mysterious Species of the Unknown Universe (Part 1)Chapter 2559 Mysterious Creatures in the Unknown Universe (Part 2)Chapter 2560 Mysterious Creatures in the Unknown Universe (Part 2)
Chapter 2561 Forcibly Breaking In (Part 1)Chapter 2562 Forcibly Breaking In (Part 2)Chapter 2563 Forcibly Breaking In (Part 2)Chapter 2564 Swallowed (Part 1)
Chapter 2565 Swallowed (Part Two)Chapter 2566 Cross Flow SwordChapter 2567Chapter 2568 Aventure
Chapter 2569 Jade RabbitChapter 2570 Am I your fatherChapter 2571 EncounterChapter 2572 Soul Sword Fruit
Chapter 2573 You and I are not of the same classChapter 2574 The narcissistic Helian XueChapter 2575Chapter 2576 Sword Intent of Eighth Order All Beings
Chapter 2577 Entering the Star Domain of LifeChapter 2578 I can't bear it anymore, I don't need to bear it anymoreChapter 2579 The power of the eighth-level sword intentChapter 2580 Shocking the Whole City
Chapter 2581 Temple of All Knowledge (Part 1)Chapter 2582 Temple of All Knowledge (Part 2)Chapter 2583 Don't Give UpChapter 2584 Secrets of Each Era (Part 1)
Chapter 2585 Secrets of Each Era (Part 2)Chapter 2586 Get RichChapter 2587 Little Jade Rabbit ReappearsChapter 2588 Yun Ruobing
Chapter 2589 Meet Yingzhen againChapter 2590 The confrontation between the second ancestorsChapter 2591Chapter 2592 You and I don't want it
Chapter 2593 The Woman Who Came SuddenlyChapter 2594 I fell in love with you and wanted to take you homeChapter 2595 angry nihilistic familyChapter 2596 Advance to Ninth Rank Sword Intent
Chapter 2597 The Void Family Kills (Part 1)Chapter 2598 Killing the Void Family (Part 2)Chapter 2599 Killing the Void Family (Part 2)Chapter 2600 Fighting against the Void
Chapter 2601 All Destroyed (Part 1)Chapter 2602 All Destroyed (Part 2)Chapter 2603 another fortuneChapter 2605
Chapter 2606 small furtherChapter 2607 Yuanshen FamilyChapter 2608 Contempt from Yuanshen Family Part 1Chapter 2609 Contempt from Yuanshen Family
Chapter 2610 Murder in the middle of the night!Chapter 2611 Someone is probing!Chapter 2612 abnormal blood crystalChapter 2613 Abnormal blood crystals
Chapter 2614 please meChapter 2615 Encounter!Chapter 2616 Sword Soul Fruit Appears!Chapter 2617 Skywalker!
Chapter 2618 Get Soul Sword Fruit!Chapter 2619 Finale Part 1Chapter 2620 FinaleChapter 2621 The owner of the blood crystal!
Chapter 2622 jade rabbit is a spirit beastChapter 2623 Crazy competition!Chapter 2624 I give up!Chapter 2625 The auction is over!
Chapter 2626 Skywalker kills!Chapter 2627 kill with a swordChapter 2628 win the spirit beastChapter 2629 The Hopeless Yuanshen Family (Part 1)
Chapter 2630 The Hopeless Yuanshen Family (Part 2)Chapter 2631 I want to add another oneChapter 2632 Origin of Yuanshen FamilyChapter 2633 Conquering Spirit Beasts (Part 1)
Chapter 2634 Conquering Spirit Beasts (Part 2)Chapter 2635 the head of Yuanhuang County who came up with a bad ideaChapter 2636 fifth level ruthless sword intentChapter 2637 Yingdian County's first exit
Chapter 2638 an acquaintance is hereChapter 2639 visit Chen XuanChapter 2640 Ninth Rank Ruthless Sword IntentChapter 2642 Wang Sheng
Chapter 2643 Suspected of being fuckedChapter 2644 Bold YuanxiangChapter 2645 I'll settle you downChapter 2646 Second Order of Destiny
Chapter 2647 the enemy is killedChapter 2648 all major forces in Tianlang County gatherChapter 2649 The Arrival of the Primordial God ClanChapter 2650 Yuanbi Tianzun
Chapter 2651: Here comes the murderer (Part 1)Chapter 2652: Here comes the murderer (Part 2)Chapter 2653 there is another person looking for deathChapter 2654 Who will come first or go together
Chapter 2655 wins the Dian County ChiefChapter 2656 all were slapped in the faceChapter 2657 Killing and Winning CodeChapter 2658 blackmail
Chapter 2659 crooked ideaChapter 2660 tidy up one by oneChapter 2661Chapter 2662 Competing for Chen Xuan (Part 1)
Chapter 2663 Compete for Chen Xuan (Part 2)Chapter 2664 choose noneChapter 2665 Haven't given up yetChapter 2666 a bigger crisis is yet to come
Chapter 2667 already fermentingChapter 2669 the temptation of YuanxiangChapter 2670 Danger Is Coming (Part 1)Chapter 2671 Danger Is Coming (Part 2)
Chapter 2672 ComeChapter 2673 Come Together (Part 1)Chapter 2674 Come Together (Part 2)Chapter 2675 Shot
Chapter 2676 Instantly kill Vientiane TianzunChapter 2677 Tianzun Join Forces (Part 1)Chapter 2678 Tianzun Join Forces (Part 2)Chapter 2679 still do not choose
Chapter 2680 Mr. YuguChapter 2681 Battle of the Nine Heavenly VeneratesChapter 2682: Kill Three People, Defeat Five People (Part 1)Chapter 2683 kill three people, defeat five people (below)
Chapter 2685 Refuse to survive!Chapter 2686 Domineering Sword Qu Yan!Chapter 2687 Terrifying enemy!Chapter 2688 Escape!
Chapter 2689 The Old Ghost's Plan (Part 1)Chapter 2690 The Old Ghost's Plan (Part 2)Chapter 2691 Escaped!Chapter 2692 Little Jade Rabbit's Ability (Part 1)
Chapter 2693 Little Jade Rabbit's Ability (Part 2)Chapter 2694 Retreat (Part 1)Chapter 2695 Retreat (Part 2)Chapter 2696 Retreat (Part 2)
Chapter 2697 Kill with one knife!Chapter 2698 Fu Junru!Chapter 2700 Heavy debts!Chapter 2701 Cultivate the idea of ??demonic appearance!
Chapter 2702 Forbidden land of the Tianyao Clan!Chapter 2703 Destiny Fruit!Chapter 2704 Are you sitting in the wrong place?Chapter 2705 Xiao Tianlan!
Chapter 2706 Meditation pool!Chapter 2707 Mother and daughter with their own thoughts!Chapter 2708 The difficulty of improving sword intent has increased!Chapter 2709 Unexpected situation!
Chapter 2711 Ninth-order Hell Sword Intent!Chapter 2712 Cui Wanli!Chapter 2713 Fu Junru's instigation!Chapter 2714 Ninth-order Shura Sword Intent!
Chapter 2715 Mysterious blind man!Chapter 2716 I want you to be my man!Chapter 2717 Battle Lord of Jiuli!Chapter 2719 I'm going to kill you!
Chapter 2720 Garbage!Chapter 2721 Are you shameless?Chapter 2723 Fu Junru's decision!Chapter 2724 An accident happened!
Chapter 2725 The Man Who Turned the Tide (Part 1)Chapter 2726 The Man Who Turned the Tide (Part 2)Chapter 2727 The Man Who Turned the Tide (Part 2)Chapter 2728 Kill four people with one sword!
Chapter 2729 Destroy all!Chapter 2730 Really Got Rich (Part 1)Chapter 2731 Really Got Rich (Part 2)Chapter 2732 Chen Xuan's identity is exposed!
Chapter 2733 Destiny Level 4!Chapter 2734 Get the Destiny Fruit!Chapter 2735 The Giant God Clan Comes Again!Chapter 2736 Domain Mother (Part 1)
Chapter 2738 Make a move and kill the Jiuli Warlord!Chapter 2739 Vent your anger!Chapter 2740 The domain mother makes a move!Chapter 2741 One person dominates the audience!
Chapter 2742 You are a fart, Nanqing domain master (Part 1)Chapter 2743 You are a fart, Nanqing Domain Lord (Part 2)Chapter 2744 Fight against the Nanqing domain master!Chapter 2745 Trophy!
Chapter 2746 Should I make a mistake?Chapter 2747 The fusion of the demon soul is successful!Chapter 2748 Go to the Soul Refining Tower!Chapter 2749 Nanqing domain master's calculation!
Chapter 2750 Meet the blind man again!Chapter 2751 How about worshiping me as a teacher?Chapter 2752 Enter the Soul Refining Tower!Chapter 2753 Eat him!
Chapter 2754 Enter the thirteenth floor!Chapter 2755 Fight against the Beast Emperor Beast Soul!Chapter 2756 Fu Junru was captured!Chapter 2757 Are you sure?
Chapter 2758 The Xiao family who was almost scared to death!Chapter 2759 Go to Tianju Shenzhou!Chapter 2760 Chen Xuan Killed (Part 1)Chapter 2761 Chen Xuan Killed (Part 2)
Chapter 2762 Restricted!Chapter 2763 Self-mutilation (Part 1)Chapter 170 The background is deep!Chapter 234 Vulnerable!
Chapter 310 Implement the plan!Chapter 333 Upstart!Chapter 335 You can take it, don't touch it, don't smell it!Chapter 336 Professor Yang, You Got the Wrong Number!
Chapter 424: The Zhou Royal Family Who Take the BlameChapter 521 Seventh Master Wife is Here!Chapter 554 Threatening the Sons of All Races!Chapter 560 I want to pee!
Chapter 562 Press Conference!Chapter 598 Old Chen Appears!Chapter 638 Licked It (Part 1)Chapter 639 Licking It (Part 2)
Chapter 676 I just need one move to kill youChapter 692: Obedience to Master's Order!Chapter 710 Mass Grave!Chapter 773 Get Out!
Chapter 781 I Have No Money!Chapter 795 Take money, buy life!Chapter 807 Who dares to kill my young master of the Palace of Heavenly Kings? (Down)Chapter 820 Shocking Combat Power!
Chapter 875 Return to China!Chapter 903 I want to tell Mistress!Chapter 968: God Control Art!Chapter 1016 Killing the Ancient Gods!
Chapter 1035 Breakthrough, sixth turn, sky-defying skills!Chapter 1043 Destroy the exotic passage!Chapter 1072: Chen Xuan's Thoughts!Chapter 1079: The Three Great Protoss Races!
Chapter 1085 Molesting the holy angel Ad¨¨s!Chapter 1098 Fight Fairy Qingyi again!Chapter 1101: The Unexpected Person!Chapter 1102 Untouchable!
Chapter 1105 Immortal King Xingwu!Chapter 1135 Going to the Sun Empire Again (Part 1)Chapter 1144 Your Rival in Love!Chapter 1156 Unkillable!
Chapter 1177: Defeat!Chapter 1212 Quadruple Immortal King Realm!Chapter 1219 Husband and wife relationship!Chapter 1230 Tianquanzong!
Chapter 1260 Yao Ji Arrives!Chapter 1283 Leng Qianxiu disappears!Chapter 1311 Admit it?Chapter 1312 Controlled by others!
Chapter 1317 Saint in the Middle Realm, space supernatural power!Chapter 1328 Revenge ends!Chapter 1331 Hold a Meeting for the Immortals (Part 1)Chapter 1341 Attack Ye Baiyi!
Chapter 1347 The Terrible High Priest (Part 2)Chapter 1362 The power of horizontal pressure!Chapter 1373: God of Killing Comes For Nothing!Chapter 1406 See Through Past and Present!
Chapter 1416 Senior, I'm sorry!Chapter 1425 Amazing numbers!Chapter 1439 The Deadly Fairy (Part 2)Chapter 1474 Confronting the Moon God!
Chapter 1558 The Shock of the Old GhostChapter 1587 The Arrival of the Powerhouse of the Hunyuan Ancient ClanChapter 1588 Concubine Wuxuan makes a moveChapter 1600 Entering the Ancient and Dangerous Land
Chapter 1648 Secret ExposureChapter 1653 Nine Heavenly CoffinsChapter 1655 The Arrival of Situ ChangkongChapter 1669 The Terrifying Yang Taixu
Chapter 1672Chapter 1684 Su Jiu's CharmChapter 1688 Saw a knifeChapter 1704 Fengtian God of War
Chapter 1706 Killing in (Part 2)Chapter 1716 The Ownership of Tongtian TowerChapter 1718 A storytellerChapter 1722 The Scary Tsing Yi Woman
Chapter 1729 Gathering in the Desert King CityChapter 1732 Crazy Advancement (Part 1)Chapter 1752 The current strength of the Chen royal familyChapter 1764 Shen Tian is injured
Chapter 1782Chapter 1803 PhenomenologyChapter 1807 Automatic PromotionChapter 1809 Entering the Taixuan Pagoda
Chapter 1826 The Head of the Ancient Buddha Clan!Chapter 1828 Opportunity ComesChapter 1835 Descendants of Military Master Ye Ling!Chapter 1881 My name is Baili
Chapter 1899 Ye Xiu's IdentityChapter 1907 Terrifying Devil SoulChapter 1912 Attacking the Eleventh FloorChapter 1914 Terrible group
Chapter 1920 Difficult to winChapter 1923Chapter 1936 The Woodcutter BoyChapter 1944 Sleeping
Chapter 1952 Fighting Thousands of Ancient SagesChapter 1985 Meet!Chapter 2051 Senior sister, show mercy!Chapter 2053 Entering the Divine Weapon City (1)
Chapter 2054 Entering the Divine Weapon City (2)Chapter 2055 All Senior Brothers and Sisters ArriveChapter 2069Chapter 2099 Xiao Jiuzhong's disciples must not be bullied
Chapter 2164 Frontier Battle (2)Chapter 2375 You are in my hands again!Chapter 2477 Half a Year, the End of the Ancient Gods (Part 2)Chapter 2515 Is it credible (Part 2)
Chapter 2604 beauty trapChapter 2699 Go to the Neptune Domain!Chapter 2710 Unexplainable!Chapter 2722 Go back on what you say!
Chapter 2737 Domain Mother (Part 2)Chapter 2764 Self-mutilation (Part 2)Chapter 2765 Save me, everyone!Chapter 2766 The power of a sword!
Chapter 2767 Nanqing domain master's last resort!Chapter 2768 The ancestor of the giant gods!Chapter 2769 Terrifying Existence (Part 1)Chapter 2770 Terrifying Existence (Part 2)
Chapter 2771 Double crown Zhuge Tieqiong!Chapter 2772 Scary blind man!  
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