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This swordsman is a bit fierce Latest chapter update list


Chapter 2 The Spirit Enlightenment Ceremony in Another WorldChapter 3 If you don't eat, you will be beatenChapter 4 "Sword Aperture Picture"Chapter 6 Bed warming is the best
Chapter 7 Martial Art "Cannon Fist"Chapter 8 The first challenge is comingChapter 9 How many secrets do you have?Chapter 10 I Turned Into a Scumbag
Chapter 11 Hidden strength, I am the strongestChapter 12 Invitation from Squad President BaiChapter 13 A meal with hidden murderous intentionsChapter 14 The Damn Vinegar Smell
Chapter 17 The Second Genius in Tianhai CityChapter 18 The Strange Gu WanChapter 19 Girl Chai ChaiChapter 20 Love Book
Chapter 21 Dating in progressChapter 22 Heart of the OceanChapter 23 Gu Wan's SicknessChapter 24 Suppressing Strange Diseases
Chapter 25 The Shortcut to PracticeChapter 26 Go to sleep in your own roomChapter 27 The Orphanage for ChildrenChapter 28 This handwriting?
Chapter 29 This Is Not a DreamChapter 31Chapter 32 C-Class MetalChapter 33 Join the Party
Chapter 34 Black and White Fighting BeautyChapter 35 Who is the Empress?Chapter 36 I Can't Make You Like Me, I'm SadChapter 37 Two Intermediate Martial Skills
Chapter 38 The Terrifying "Xuan Jia Shield"Chapter 39 Anxious WaitingChapter 42 Finally ClearedChapter 43
Chapter 44 What about cheating ghosts?Chapter 45 Pre-Match RulesChapter 46 "Golden Mask" vs "Eagle Claw"Chapter 47 Who is the soft persimmon?
Chapter 48 Shall I admit defeat to the head office?Chapter 49 Cruel RulesChapter 50 Arrest PlanChapter 51 Traps
Chapter 52Chapter 53 RobberyChapter 54 Who is the oriole?Chapter 55
Chapter 56 The Pot Comes From the SkyChapter 57 Field TrainingChapter 58Chapter 59 Lack of water and food
Chapter 60 Precious BarbecueChapter 61 An Unusual NightChapter 62Chapter 63 A new day begins with thirst
Chapter 64 Assessment in progressChapter 65 Big HarvestChapter 66 Where did the meat go?Chapter 67 Jiang Lexin is injured
Chapter 68 DoubtChapter 69Chapter 70 The "Despicable" Master HeiChapter 71 The Storm Is Coming
Chapter 72 The Cave Sheltering the Wind and RainChapter 73 The Crow's MouthChapter 74: Plan to Block the CaveChapter 75 Rainy Night
Chapter 76 The Embarrassed Zhao PengChapter 77 What Are You...Chapter 78 Secret Agreement!Chapter 79 The Stream and the Wild Boar
Chapter 80 It Was YouChapter 81 Fang Ziqing's First BloodChapter 82 I Love Bathing!Chapter 83 The Strange Two
Chapter 84 Master Hei AppearsChapter 85 Spying on the "Enemy Situation" (Add more)Chapter 86 Special Water SourceChapter 87: Last Stand!
Chapter 88 Terrifying ResponseChapter 89 Little SurpriseChapter 90 The Tragic Second TeamChapter 91 Resources are very important
Chapter 92 This Damn JoyChapter 93 Advance! Experimental Advanced InstituteChapter 94 ProvocationChapter 95 Cruel competition system
Chapter 96 Ten StarsChapter 97 The Ring Keeper Bai YiyiChapter 98 The White GoddessChapter 99 One vs. Four
Chapter 100 Don't Want to Miss HerChapter 101 The Peak of PrestigeChapter 102 "Inch Step"Chapter 103 Return of the "Scumbag"
Chapter 104 Who is he?Chapter 105 Fang Ziqing's Female Fan? (two chapters in one)Chapter 106 Please use your strengthChapter 107 Spiritual Power Storm
Chapter 108 The Spiritual Power of the RiotChapter 109 Breaking through LV2 in publicChapter 110 Resource TiltingChapter 111 You Are Not Qualified
Chapter 112Chapter 113 Super Almighty Capable PersonChapter 114 Star GeniusChapter 115 Extravagant official
Chapter 116 The Battle for SeatsChapter 117 Fighting Zhao HengChapter 118 The Secret of the NightChapter 119
Chapter 120 Intermediate Martial Skill "Red Flame"Chapter 121 Instant crushChapter 123 The First ControversyChapter 124 Perfect Realm Martial Skill
Chapter 125 "Seriously Injured" Fang ZiqingChapter 126 Reward Gift PackageChapter 127 Come to my room at night (big chapter)Chapter 128 Do you want it?
Chapter 129 Trap CardChapter 130 Tiger ThiefChapter 131: Spirit Orb AppearsChapter 132 Unexpected harvest
Chapter 133Chapter 134 The Scary Fang ZiqingChapter 135 It's Better to Make a DealChapter 136 [Lingzhu Transmission Card]
Chapter 137 Don't dare to move, dare not moveChapter 138 Eighteen Spiritual Orbs AppearChapter 139 Super Treasure ChestChapter 140 We Are Good Allies
Chapter 141: Card Bad ReviewChapter 142 The Clown GameChapter 143 Your IQ is excellentChapter 144 Unprepared
Chapter 145 Fang Ziqing's Little SweetheartChapter 146 Encountering an AmbushChapter 147 Mission FailureChapter 148 Father's love is like a mountain
Chapter 149 Calculation and counter-calculationChapter 150 The Revolution Has Not SucceededChapter 151 The Real UndercoverChapter 152 The team competition is over
Chapter 153 Liang Ya who said the wrong thingChapter 154: Spiritual Power ReleasedChapter 155 There is something wrong with this swordChapter 156 Soaring Prices
Chapter 157 The Masked ManChapter 158 Treatment of Serious InjuriesChapter 159 Princess HugChapter 160 Difficult Choice
Chapter 161 Is this the smell of vinegar?Chapter 162 Whose hair is it?Chapter 163 Let's FightChapter 164 Weapon Showdown
Chapter 165 Leather CaseChapter 166 Breaking LV3Chapter 167 Highly cultivated and lonelyChapter 168 Martial Skill "Thousands of Zhangs"
Chapter 169 Come to sleep with meChapter 170 Fighting monster disease!Chapter 171 The Age of CohabitationChapter 172 Class C Weapon
Chapter 173 WarChapter 174 TragicChapter 175 The Truth of the WorldChapter 176 The Trial of Blood
Chapter 177 The Mission and Responsibilities of Capable PersonsChapter 178 Merging ClassesChapter 179 Trial of Blood - Snow FieldChapter 180 Adaptation
Chapter 181: Attack of Monster BeastsChapter 182 Are you the monster?Chapter 183: The Besieged Xing Fei TeamChapter 184 Rescue
Chapter 185 Be My Daughter-in-LawChapter 186 Snow Crystal Lion DemonChapter 187: Fighting Second Realm Monster BeastChapter 188 - Strong Enemy Strikes
Chapter 189 I am afraid of myselfChapter 190 ConfusedChapter 191 The "master" who repelled Thunder LionChapter 192: Trial Completed
Chapter 193 HolidayChapter 194 The War BeginsChapter 195 ConfrontationChapter 196 The Dumpling Incident
Chapter 197 Betrothing You to Fang ZiqingChapter 198: ElixirChapter 199 SickChapter 200 Breaking into the guard point at night
Chapter 201 Demon TownChapter 202 The Dream of Thousands of GirlsChapter 203 Food and Housing ProblemsChapter 204 The Boundary of Wind and Sand
Chapter 205 Stone DemonChapter 206 "Terrifying" Monster BeastChapter 207: Offering TreasureChapter 208 The Wise Designer
Chapter 209 How to write the word embarrassmentChapter 210 Inner City of Demon Town (Add more!)Chapter 211 It's all the fault of the candied hawsChapter 212 Spirit Stones and Spirit Beasts
Chapter 213 Venom Giant ClamChapter 214 It and its WifeChapter 215 ReversalChapter 216 Three Realms Monster Beast
Chapter 217 Saving PeopleChapter 218 Departure, Forest of Ten Thousand MonstersChapter 219 DistressChapter 220 Swamp Beast
Chapter 221 Deep into the Forest of Ten Thousand MonstersChapter 222: Beast Tide AttacksChapter 223 Demon KingChapter 224 The First Contest
Chapter 225: ElixirChapter 226Chapter 227 YangmouChapter 228 The Competition Begins
Chapter 229 The traitor who colluded with the human raceChapter 230 The Evil Magic FlowerChapter 231 Emergency EscapeChapter 232 - War Demon
Chapter 234 Desperate SituationChapter 235 That Sword QiChapter 236 Big Victory (Add More)Chapter 237 Strange Strange Flavored Beans
Chapter 238 Good or badChapter 239 Huang HuangChapter 240 Shy Guo TiantianChapter 241
Chapter 242 LeaveChapter 243 Returning to the CityChapter 244 Breaking through the LV4 RealmChapter 245 Sweeping the Toilet?
Chapter 246 Extreme RealmChapter 247 Evil Black QiChapter 248 Besieging Gu WanChapter 249 Four people who want to cry but have no tears
Chapter 250 Come to My RoomChapter 251 Warming the BodyChapter 252Chapter 253 Who is Trash
Chapter 254 UnreasonableChapter 255 "Friendly" ReceptionChapter 256 Three Realms Poisonous ScorpionChapter 257 Are you afraid of scorpions?
Chapter 258 The Rules of DeceptionChapter 259 Hot Dry NoodlesChapter 260 Surrogate PendantChapter 261 Number One
Chapter 262 ConspiracyChapter 263 The Storm Is ComingChapter 264 Crisis in Area BChapter 265
Chapter 266 The Power of the Secret TechniqueChapter 267 Strange black airChapter 268 Sword Qi Out, Strong Enemy Destroyed (big chapter)Chapter 269 I want to hug too
Chapter 270 The KeyChapter 271 End RewardChapter 272 Spirit SpringChapter 273 Who dares to provoke Mr. Fang?
Chapter 274 The Aquarius of GreedChapter 275 Break Through!Chapter 276 XiachengChapter 277 Pan Feng
Chapter 278 The Woman in BlueChapter 279 Aunt and NieceChapter 280: The Awakened One!Chapter 281: Tiansha's Last Stand
Chapter 282 Lv3 Dzogchen RealmChapter 283 Difficulty in choosingChapter 284 Go! water WorldChapter 285: Monster Beast Emerges
Chapter 286 Is Grilled Shark Good?Chapter 287 Bullying the original mistress?Chapter 288 The Veteran Team AppearsChapter 289
Chapter 290 Gu Wan's ShowChapter 291 The Arrogant "Little Three"Chapter 292 Sacrificial DanceChapter 293 Scarlet Spear
Chapter 294 Shocking LV4 RealmChapter 295 Isn't this a mage?Chapter 296 Blue Silk ThreadChapter 297 Forcibly breaking the formation
Chapter 298 Fusion of Martial SkillsChapter 299 I really don't know herChapter 300: Lord of Xiamen CityChapter 301 Change the plan
Chapter 302 The strongest person!Chapter 303 Not an opponent at allChapter 304 Hidden Hidden SwordChapter 305 Pan Feng's Helplessness
Chapter 306 Touching the head to kill invincibleChapter 307 The battle between the twoChapter 308 Stealing TeachersChapter 309: While Being Beaten
Chapter 310 It's embarrassing to stab me with a swordChapter 311 The Second ChoiceChapter 312 Xia HeChapter 313 The Spirit of Weak Water
Chapter 314Chapter 315 Crazy TestChapter 316 Underwater CrisisChapter 317
Chapter 318 Black Broken Sword Shows Its PowerChapter 319: Glazed TowerChapter 320 Huang Huang was kidnappedChapter 321 Water Control Formula
Chapter 322 Weak Water VortexChapter 323 Encountering a CrisisChapter 324 Great size!Chapter 325: I'm Pauper Again!
Chapter 326 Declining PalaceChapter 327 Tsundere Lanruo is OnlineChapter 328 The first level, temptationChapter 329 "Difficult" First Level
Chapter 330 That's it?Chapter 331 Palace SculptureChapter 332: The Magic Box AppearsChapter 333 Divine Skill: Shadow Clone Technique
Chapter 334 Great Change of AttitudeChapter 335 Breaking through the LV5 Realm!Chapter 336 Hate... Me?Chapter 338 Demon God Comes into the World
Chapter 339 Underground MonsterChapter 340 The Worm of the WorldChapter 341 Rebellion and Sword LightChapter 342
Chapter 343 The System Asks for LoveChapter 344Chapter 345 Gu Wan's Cold ViolenceChapter 346 Mom, Your Husband Has Been Fucked
Chapter 347Chapter 348 Dark Nest CrisisChapter 349 Gu Wan... Do you want to surrender?Chapter 350 It's so good, the two of them
Chapter 351 The Internal Enemy Is More TerrifyingChapter 352: The Struck Guo TiantianChapter 353 Me or her, who is more important? (big chapter)Chapter 355 Gu Wan, let's go on a date!
Chapter 356 Gu Wan's SecretChapter 357 Genocide and DoubtChapter 358 The Mystery of the Demon CaveChapter 359 Spring City Victory
Chapter 360 Rumors and schemingChapter 361 Unspeakable SecretChapter 362 Come and Slander MeChapter 363: The Awakened Appears! ?
Chapter 364 Do you believe in fate?Chapter 365 The Man in Black Robe in the DeepChapter 366 What about the five realms?Chapter 367 What kind of beast are you?
Chapter 368 Burn it, Blood Essence!Chapter 369 The Strange Behavior of the Dark NestChapter 370 The real purposeChapter 371 Irreconcilable Contradictions
Chapter 372Chapter 373 Infiltrating into the South DistrictChapter 374 Separate guardsChapter 375
Chapter 376 The Monster BoyChapter 377Chapter 378 Five Poison Powder and Poison AttributesChapter 379 Hey, this black pot is big and round!
Chapter 380 The Air-Fried Black Pot KingChapter 381: Two Shots!Chapter 382 The Storm Is ComingChapter 383 The Helplessness of the Seventh Master
Chapter 384 Terrible GuessChapter 385 Good News Is Bad NewsChapter 386 Which senior is here again?Chapter 387 Fang Ziqing's Choice?
Chapter 388 Oh, Your Charm Is Really "Strong"Chapter 389 "Master" Meeting CeremonyChapter 390 Leaked informationChapter 391 The Arrival of the Man in Black
Chapter 392 The Sad Seventh MasterChapter 393 Gu Wan Wakes UpChapter 394: Liang Ya AppearsChapter 395 Race against time
Chapter 396 Gu Wan Wants to Pick Seven!Chapter 397 Killing Three People in One StepChapter 398 Let Me Fight Gu Wan! ?Chapter 399 Provoking the Dark Nest Troops
Chapter 400 Race Against TimeChapter 401 Guo Tiantian: I, Wang Yiyun No. 1 ContestantChapter 403 The "Seriously Injured" Two PeopleChapter 404: Imminent
Chapter 405Chapter 406 Gu Wan is here!Chapter 407 The Seductive FairyChapter 408 Siege Plan
Chapter 409 Eternal Life? !Chapter 410 Blood DropletChapter 411 The Final FightChapter 412 The Hateful Figure
Chapter 413 Scary BloodChapter 414 Delaying TimeChapter 415 Black Spiritual PowerChapter 416: Fang Ziqing Arrives!
Chapter 417: At a critical momentChapter 418 Are You...Sword Cultivator? !Chapter 419 Crisis everywhereChapter 420 The Sword of Fate
Chapter 421 Leaving the battlefieldChapter 422 Daddy, I'm coming~Chapter 423 Is it over?Chapter 424 Who Kneel Down?
Chapter 425 The Last Backhand: The Blood-Red BeastChapter 426 Don't come back, don't!Chapter 427 Gu Wanhe Town Demon City, Choose OneChapter 428 Let's Slaughter the City, Fang Ziqing
Chapter 429 The Importance of Second HandsChapter 430: Heaven and Earth DislikeChapter 431 Gu Wan's ChoiceChapter 432 Don't Give Up, Please
Chapter 434Chapter 435 The Last Sword QiChapter 436 Countdown to Destruction PlanChapter 437: Proud Thirteen
Chapter 438 The Aggrieved Man in Black RobeChapter 439 Confirming IdentityChapter 440 Return PlanChapter 441 The Seriously Injured Trio
Chapter 442 Gu Wan Was in Love With Another ManChapter 443 Fang Ziqing as if struck by lightningChapter 444 I Was Issued a Good Person CardChapter 446 The Worried Daughter
Chapter 447 Gu Wan's SuspicionChapter 448Chapter 449 Fang Ziqing's DeathChapter 450 Showdown
Chapter 451 Husband Wants to HugChapter 452 I Actually Kissed Gu WanChapter 453 Gu Wan, I Have a ShowdownChapter 454 I Don't Want To Marry You
Chapter 455 Gu Wan's questioning I heard that you are going to marry Bai YiyiChapter 456 Fang Ziqing's punch is comparable to a nuclear weaponChapter 457 Liang Ya's Fate Hangs by a ThreadChapter 458: All things rest, the end of the war
Chapter 459 Master Hei's ConcealmentChapter 460 Meeting at last, the confrontation between Gu Wan and Bai YiyiChapter 461 Bai Yiyi's sense of crisisChapter 462 It's all the fault of the right arm
Chapter 463 This Embarrassing AtmosphereChapter 464Chapter 465: Truth, Big AdventureChapter 466 Big Adventure Kiss a Woman Present
Chapter 467 Fang Ziqing DerailedChapter 468 The Seductive Fairy Gu WanChapter 469 Sorry, I Like Gu WanChapter 470 What Happened That Night
Chapter 471: The Stalker is OnlineChapter 472 Bai Yiyi, I want to start a war with Gu WanChapter 473 The Holy Land of LoversChapter 474 I really don't want to touch you believe it
Chapter 475 Gu Wan will never be as good as meChapter 476 This damn detailChapter 477 You can do anything to me todayChapter 478 Love Will Solve All Troubles
Chapter 479 Love Tree and PrayerChapter 480 The matter in the letterChapter 481 Stupid little Gu WanChapter 482: Starry Sky
Chapter 483 Stay TonightChapter 484 What are you doing?Chapter 485 We are graduating!Chapter 486: The Favored Fang Ziqing
Chapter 487 Elixir and InstructionsChapter 488 The Two People Who Are "Tit for Tat"Chapter 489 Whose Sachet?Chapter 490 Right Arm Recovery Plan!
Chapter 491 Black and White BlendChapter 492 Residual Sword QiChapter 493 Gu Wan Cooks!Chapter 494 This damn love!
Chapter 495 Give birth to... a baby?Chapter 496 Let's start a new journey! endChapter 497 Rigorous selection and assessmentChapter 498: Defeat Gu Wan, Retake Fang Ziqing!
Chapter 499 Legion of Ten Thousand Abilities!Chapter 500 Three Women in One Drama! What about the four?Chapter 501: Fang Ziqing Shocks the Four Daughters!Chapter 502 Qingzhou, let's go!
Chapter 503 Shy WordsChapter 504 Hidden Master Li QihangChapter 505 Sour Lemon Officially LaunchedChapter 506: My Stomach Is Thundering!
Chapter 507: The Enemy Attacks!Chapter 508 Fang Ziqing, you are showing off your skills again!Chapter 509 Concerned about chaosChapter 510 Bombardment Point
Chapter 511 Woohoo, the wind is freezing assChapter 512 Destroy All!Chapter 513Chapter 514 The beauty that confuses all living beings
Chapter 515 Mickey Mouse...fried rice!Chapter 516 Stealing food plan!Chapter 517 I Guess Everyone Wants to SleepChapter 518 Self-heating Small Hot Pot
Chapter 519 How Dare to Molest Gu Wan!Chapter 520 Happy Burp!Chapter 521: The Great War Is ComingChapter 522 Her Lady Queen!
Chapter 523 Entering the CanyonChapter 524: Monster Beast CrisisChapter 525 Attack of the Five Realm Dark Claw BatsChapter 526 Killing Genius
Chapter 527: Fang Ziqing, Commander Fang!Chapter 528 Humanoid BeastChapter 529 This is a master!Chapter 530
Chapter 531Chapter 532 Suppress and kill LV5 ability users with a wave!Chapter 533 Spiritual Magnetic FieldChapter 534: Thousands of People Admire Master Fang!
Chapter 535 Not At The PeakChapter 536: She Has a Girlfriend....Chapter 537 Private meeting with Lan QinghanChapter 538 News from the Extreme Realm
Chapter 539 Good brother, forever!Chapter 540: A Coupling Trick to Deal with Gu WanChapter 542 Please let me promise you with your body!Chapter 543 The First Genius Woman!
Chapter 544 Finally Arrived!Chapter 545 Chaotic Currency SystemChapter 546 Assemble the town!Chapter 547 Liang Bo: Brother Fang, I want to kiss you!
Chapter 548 Brother Bo's LieChapter 549 Search, soldier!Chapter 550: Small Broken House!Chapter 551 Sexy Pajamas
Chapter 553Chapter 554 Song "Scum"Chapter 555 Central AcademyChapter 556 Run, brother!
Chapter 557: Void Moon Realm BossChapter 558 Lei Meng's Special AbilityChapter 559 The Dumb Brothers and SistersChapter 560 The Girl Under the Tree
Chapter 561: A Huge MoneyChapter 562 Classmate, would you like a jelly bean?Chapter 563 Green Tea Huang HuangChapter 564 The Seven Most Powerful!
Chapter 565 He is the greatest truth!Chapter 566 Everyone Shocked!Chapter 567 S-Class Genius!Chapter 568: The Pride of Transparent People!
Chapter 569 The deserted welcome ceremony!Chapter 571 Determined to be a villain since childhood!Chapter 572 After awakening, the hair will change color? ? ?Chapter 573: Fang Ziqing's Pure Land in Heart!
Chapter 575 Oh, Guo Tiantian, my good brother!Chapter 576: The Power of the Control Awakened!Chapter 577 So Extreme Realm Means...Chapter 578: Lord God King!
Chapter 579 The Second TalentChapter 580: Path of InheritanceChapter 582 Little Princess Du XuanChapter 583: The Secret Realm Opens!
Chapter 584 Duel!Chapter 585 The battle for the top ten!Chapter 586 It's a pity that he has a mouth!Chapter 587 How to Be a Good Sister-in-law
Chapter 588 Is the shadow clone technique useless?Chapter 589: A Deceitful Single-plank Bridge!Chapter 590: Stunning Demon Concubine!Chapter 591 Reiki Paradise!
Chapter 592: The Caution of the Magic BoxChapter 593 So What?Chapter 594 Reiki Disappeared? !Chapter 595: Gu Wan Gets Fucked!
Chapter 596 Three people sleep together!Chapter 597: The Ice and Snow DissipateChapter 599 You chase after me!Chapter 600 Weapon Rain
Chapter 601: Desperate!Chapter 602 Half a spell!Chapter 603 The Last DayChapter 604 Terrifying Realm!
Chapter 605Chapter 606: Su Yu Breakthrough!Chapter 607 All tests are over!Chapter 608 A Girl Exactly Like Gu Wan? !
Chapter 610: Seven S Ranks?Chapter 611 Treasures from Qingzhou!Chapter 612 The girl Huang Huang returns to the arena!Chapter 613 A Kiss, Answer a Question!
Chapter 614: Big Disaster!Chapter 615 I am the Spirit of Heaven and Earth!Chapter 616 What She Likes!Chapter 617 Heading towards the island!
Chapter 618 A free lunch?Chapter 619 Step into the island!Chapter 620 Brain Drain!Chapter 621 Battle Plan!
Chapter 622 Face-sacred monster genius!Chapter 623Chapter 624: The First BattleChapter 625 The Power of Team Combat
Chapter 626 Almighty Equals PanaceaChapter 627 Getting better!Chapter 628 Xing Fei: Suddenly want to date Fang Ziqing!Chapter 629 He won't do this, and neither will you!
Chapter 630: The Age of War!Chapter 631 Giant SpiderChapter 632 Special BodyChapter 633: Two Phoenixes Compete!
Chapter 634 Acting!Chapter 635: The Monster Clan's Conspiracy!Chapter 636: The Second Generation of the Monster ClanChapter 637 I have a thick skin!
Chapter 638 Anti-siege plan!Chapter 639: VulnerableChapter 640Chapter 641 Kill with one finger!
Chapter 642 Going to AcademyChapter 643 When Green Tea Meets a Straight ManChapter 644 Happy National Day of Qingyan Green Snake!Chapter 645 Anti-encirclement
Chapter 646: A Forty Meter Machete!Chapter 647 The Collapsed Green Rock Snake!Chapter 648 Large-scale group killing!Chapter 649
Chapter 650 The battle is over!Chapter 651 The Road to ReturnChapter 652 Go and see your little lover!Chapter 653 The Fragrance of Jasmine
Chapter 654 Parting KissChapter 655 Sealing Sword QiChapter 656 Overbearing King FangChapter 657: The Scumbag Fang Ziqing Goes Online
Chapter 658 Who is eligible to awaken?Chapter 659: The fate is sealed!Chapter 660 The Rating Has Been Released!Chapter 661
Chapter 662 Inheriting the original stone!Chapter 663 Everyone Has a SecretChapter 664 The Fierce Sword Cultivation System is Online!Chapter 665 Exclusive Kendo Talent: Unyielding Sword Intent!
Chapter 666: Ancient Era!Chapter 667 Invincible LonelinessChapter 668: The Destined One!Chapter 669: Two and a Half Elements
Chapter 670: The Gate of InheritanceChapter 671 Fang Ziqing's ThoughtsChapter 672 Strange feeling!Chapter 673: The Highest Level of Embarrassment!
Chapter 674 Spend a night with Lan QinghanChapter 675 The Weird Lan QinghanChapter 676 Gu Wan Wants to Kill!Chapter 677: The Frightened Little Boy!
Chapter 678Chapter 679 Misunderstandings can't be accepted!Chapter 680 Who is that expert?Chapter 681
Chapter 682 Changes After Awakening!Chapter 683: Emotions!Chapter 684: Fang Ziqing's Special Ability!Chapter 685: Once in Heaven
Chapter 686Chapter 687 Thousands of Awakened Phalanxes!Chapter 688 Fantasy Monster!Chapter 689 "Smart" Gu Wan
Chapter 690 Lang is affectionate, concubine is interested!Chapter 691 Come to my room?Chapter 692 Shadow in HeartChapter 693 Unsettled Night!
Chapter 694: Naturally Born Nemesis!Chapter 695: The Little Thoughts of a Secret Snooper!Chapter 696 Ready to go!Chapter 697 Pure Blood Lineage and Half-Knotted Pill
Chapter 698: Clay GiantChapter 699: The City of Los Angeles is at the End of the World!Chapter 700 Must Not Lose!Chapter 701: Ignoring Barriers!
Chapter 702 Professionals are Professionals!Chapter 703: Soldiers approach the city!Chapter 704 Candied hawsChapter 705 Talent - Breaking Armor!
Chapter 706 Talents appear one after another!Chapter 707 Weird Tranquility!Chapter 708 Fang Ziqing, go to battle!Chapter 709 Attack is Defense!
Chapter 710 Almighty talent?Chapter 711 The power of the two and a half lines!Chapter 712 Dilemma?Chapter 713 Key Person
Chapter 714 Complete turnaround!Chapter 715: Dogleg Huang HuangChapter 716 Suppress and kill clay giants!Chapter 717
Chapter 718 Exposed!Chapter 719 Where to escape?Chapter 720 Has the mission changed?Chapter 721: Take the Son of Heaven to Order the Princes!
Chapter 722 The Last Summoning Chance!Chapter 723 DoubtChapter 724: Lord of Qingfeng City!Chapter 725 The Hostage's "Awakening"
Chapter 726 The Dark SpaceChapter 727 The system has nothing to do with me...Chapter 728 Infinite SpaceChapter 729 An accident in the mountain city!
Chapter 730 Main City of Qingzhou: City That Never Sleeps!Chapter 731: The Poisonous Wolf King and the Elite Monster RaceChapter 732 Nine Void Sword Qis Unleash!Chapter 733 The battle is heating up!
Chapter 734 Gu Wan's Second TalentChapter 735: Wood Thunder Boundary TalismanChapter 736Chapter 737: Faction
Chapter 738 Desperate ExpeditionChapter 739 Unexpected ChangeChapter 740Chapter 741: City Lord Fang!
Chapter 742 Black-striped Fire CrowChapter 743 Immortal BloodlineChapter 744 Black FlameChapter 745 Rebirth from the Ashes
Chapter 746: Sword FormationChapter 747 BargainingChapter 748 Dragon King's First Chamber Pot!Chapter 749: Great Victory
Chapter 750: The Hero's TwilightChapter 751 Returning to the Mountain CityChapter 752Chapter 753 Don't Separate!
Chapter 754Chapter 755 Destiny's Choice Point!Chapter 756 Newly Appointed Lord of Qingfeng City!Chapter 757 Qingsi, Acacia
Chapter 758 Los Angeles CityChapter 759 Ren Tianya's Test!Chapter 760 The gutter capsizes!Chapter 761 Love House and Crow
Chapter 762 Two Great Talents!Chapter 763 Dragon Elephant PhantomChapter 764 Fang Ziqing's ResilienceChapter 765 Talent changes!
Chapter 766 Fang Ziqing, Get Out!Chapter 767 One Hundred Thousand Pure-blooded Monster ClanChapter 768 Lan Lincheng, cold bench!Chapter 769 City Lord and Maid
Chapter 770: True and False City Lord!Chapter 771 I want to leave the city!Chapter 772 Sharing a bed with Mr. Xuyue?Chapter 773: The bloody case caused by serious books....
Chapter 774: The Righteous Lord Comes!Chapter 775 The woman standing in front of him!Chapter 776 I Like HimChapter 777 Incarnation outside the body
Chapter 778 Three Emotional Sharings!Chapter 779 You Can't Go!Chapter 780 Yes, you are right!Chapter 781 Fall in love with me
Chapter 782 Date with "Girlfriend"!Chapter 783 That RouteChapter 784Chapter 785 Feeling Jealous
Chapter 786 Date with Xia ChanChapter 787 Tempted?Chapter 788 Lin Lan: How about I fight in person?Chapter 789 Fang Ziqing's Epiphany Nine Updates Complete!
Chapter 790 Some failuresChapter 791: Choose Your FateChapter 792: Two WaysChapter 793 The Road to Death
Chapter 794Chapter 795 The Final ChoiceChapter 796 A virtual moon card fell from the sky?Chapter 797 Return of the General!
Chapter 798 Changes in Qingfeng City!Chapter 799 Red Armored Private ArmyChapter 800 Fighting for power and profitChapter 802 Deployment of Combat Power
Chapter 803 Reconciliation?Chapter 804 Want to leave? late!Chapter 805 Surrender!Chapter 806: Lord City Lord and Lord Luan!
Chapter 807 Contradictions and differencesChapter 808: The Power of Convincing Everyone!Chapter 809 What Fang Ziqing is not good at!Chapter 810 The plan is finalized!
Chapter 811: Liar!Chapter 812 Yes, my girlfriend!Chapter 813 Crossing the Barren Mountains!Chapter 814 Invasion of the first level!
Chapter 815 Eat the Pure Blood Division!Chapter 816 Divide the troops!Chapter 817 I am enough alone!Chapter 818 Crazy nibble!
Chapter 819 Bad guess!Chapter 820 The Two of Us Surround a Strengthened Brigade!Chapter 821 Slap and Sweet Dates!Chapter 822 Strong Suppression
Chapter 823 Capture the Camp of the Third DivisionChapter 824 Immediate Attack!Chapter 825Chapter 826: The Monster Race is Really Ink Stains!
Chapter 827 Let's Go to War!Chapter 828 Fang Ziqing, a Weak Chicken?Chapter 829 Surrounding the Monster Clan!Chapter 830 Ancient Dead Tree
Chapter 832 Nine layers of planning sword array!Chapter 833 Blood-sucking Sword Formation!Chapter 834 The Adult's Wife and ConcubineChapter 835 Crazy Convincing Everyone!
Chapter 836 Everything is ReadyChapter 837 Jinyun Divine AntChapter 838 Baptism of the Dragon King: The power of Tianhe water soars tenfold!Chapter 839 One Against Two!
Chapter 840 Ninety-Nine Naturalization Sword Formation, come out!Chapter 841 Dragon Elephant ArmyChapter 842: Gu Wanzhen Kills the Three Great Talents!Chapter 843
Chapter 844 Sword Pointing at Central CollegeChapter 846: Boss Xuyue Bows His HeadChapter 847 Shred it, crush it!Chapter 848 Eighteen sword qi come out together, Qingzhou City bows its head!
Chapter 849 Atonement!Chapter 850 Finally MeetChapter 851 Changes After Three MonthsChapter 852 When Longing Comes
Chapter 853 Get lost or die!Chapter 854Chapter 855: The True Talent!Chapter 856: Crazy Voting
Chapter 857 The Women of the World Are CrazyChapter 858 Fang Ziqing overturnedChapter 859 Yiyi, I Miss You!Chapter 860 Who is the last person?
Chapter 861 Shock Luo FengChapter 862 Don't let me participate in the hegemony competition?Chapter 863 Let's RetireChapter 864 "She" Comes
Chapter 865 Is it Snowing?Chapter 866 Fang Lang, please kill Gu Wan!Chapter 867 Xuyue Beauty Shocks the Audience!Chapter 868
Chapter 869: Fang Ziqing, Conferred God!Chapter 870 Oiled Paper UmbrellaChapter 871 Marry me!Chapter 872 The Arrogant Su Family Disciple
Chapter 873 Crushing the Younger Generation of the Su FamilyChapter 874: Gu Wan's QuestionChapter 875 Fang Ziqing's Little Padded JacketChapter 876 "She" and "He"
Chapter 877Chapter 878 Gu Wan's DecisionChapter 880 I passed God FangChapter 881: The Engagement Arrives As Scheduled!
Chapter 882 Gu Wan's initiative and Fang Ziqing's humblenessChapter 883 Marriage ProposalChapter 884Chapter 885
Chapter 887 Flower Ball and EnvelopeChapter 888Chapter 889 The situation in Qingzhou has changed drasticallyChapter 890 Goodbye Xia Chan in Los Angeles
Chapter 891 Seeing An Yao FinallyChapter 892 Hui Ji Will Hurt, Gu Wan's New NeighborChapter 893 Los Angeles DilemmaChapter 894 Belated New Year Greetings
Chapter 895 Qualitatively Changed Phantom LegionChapter 896 The price of killing the full moon demonChapter 898: The Imperial Designation of the Next Successor of Luo CityChapter 899
Chapter 900 The rival in love strikes, and the jar of vinegar explodesChapter 901Chapter 902 Unknowingly, I owe you a lot...Chapter 903 "Void Secret Tome"
Chapter 904 Between teachers and students!Chapter 905: Los Angeles, Battle to the DeathChapter 906: The Nightless City Asks for HelpChapter 907 The Heroic Soul of Los Angeles Will Live Forever
Chapter 908 Re-entryChapter 909Chapter 911 No one in the world can insult me, princess of Los AngelesChapter 912 Su Family Collateral?
Chapter 913 Slaughter the Su family, the Megatron familyChapter 914 Master and ApprenticeChapter 915 Let Me Be Willful OnceChapter 916 Gypsophila can also be the protagonist
Chapter 917 InheritanceChapter 918: Up, Middle, Down Three StrategiesChapter 919 Los Angeles' best strategy, Hongye's worst strategyChapter 920 Losing Money and Making Big Deals
Chapter 921 The Final BattleChapter 922: An Early LetterChapter 923Chapter 924: The End Is the Beginning!
Chapter 1 The Girl by the BedChapter 5 Who can become the Awakened?Chapter 15 The Great NewsChapter 16 Surprised Liang Ya
Chapter 30 Back to school assessmentChapter 40 This Heartbreaking Movement TrainingChapter 41Chapter 122 What About Combined Martial Skills?
Chapter 233 Never RegretChapter 337 The Fat Huang HuangChapter 354 Undercurrent SurgesChapter 402 The Murderer's Phantom
Chapter 433 I want to marry Bai Yiyi and have a baby!Chapter 445 I Can't Conceal My DisappointmentChapter 541: True Lover!Chapter 552 There is no right or wrong, only sooner or later.
Chapter 570 Who Is Not a Big Brother?Chapter 574 The second wave of geniuses strikes!Chapter 581Chapter 598 Who is Food?
Chapter 609 I want to marry Dad!Chapter 801 The Winning HandChapter 831 Annihilation!Chapter 845 Shocking the Frontier of Qingzhou
Chapter 879 Playing in the World!Chapter 886 RespectChapter 897: Mr. An Falls from the SkyChapter 910 Almost Missed...
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