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Chapter 14 Reincarnation

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    "No no! This is highly poisonous. I have used all my internal energy to give birth to a child I can't survive!" The woman smiled wanly and shook her head helplessly she just looked at Han Xunruo affectionately!

    "Copper leaf! Look at how bright this child's eyes are! How about calling him Tong? How about Mu Yetong?" The woman looked at Han Xunruo's big shiny eyes and said happily!

    "It's up to you!" The old man in copper leaf just wanted to let his sister leave happily

    "Copper leaf! Promise me! Now Tongtong may also have poison in her body Can you bring her back to Fengyun Villa? I just want Tongtong to live happilyjust" before finishing the sentence,  Touching Han Xunruo, no, the hand on Mu Yetong's face dropped straight down

    Mu Yetong stared blankly at the woman in front of her, and couldn't help but a tear flowed from the corner of her eyes, and she couldn't help muttering: "Mother! Mother." Even the old man Tongye couldn't believe that the newly born baby actually  He even spoke?

    Han Xunruo's heart shuddered, was he doomed to have no maternal love?  Is it also in the previous life, and also in this life?

    Tong Ye hugged Mu Yetong, put her sister into the coffin, used her internal forceto put it in the tombjust like this hasty burial?

    Tongye hugged Mu Yetong helplessly, and said to himself: "Tongtong! Do you know? Your father is a heartless person! Where is your mother? She must have been poisoned by your aunt and two wives too.  Yes!" The old man Tongye said to himself, his eyes flickered to kill Miao, but he didn't have the ability to kill Mu Yexiong, who was Mu Yetong's father!  That Prime Minister Mu Ye!

    "Uncleuncle!" The immature voice came to Tongye's ears, and Tongye stared at the child in front of him with wide eyes, dumbfounded!  Can you really talk?

    "Take me to Fengyun Mountain Villa! I want to learn martial arts, and in the futureto avenge my mother" Mu Yetong finished speaking with difficulty, her eyes shone with a light that was not like a baby, and she looked firmly at the uncle in front of her.  uncle!

    "Okay!" The old man Copperleaf didn't ask too much, just because he looked into those eyes, he couldn't help but believe in the newborn baby in front of him!

    Using lightness kung fu, he flew back to the mysterious Fengyun Villa on Fengyun Mountain I am afraid that with the power of the prime minister he can't find her, right?

    Han Xunruo, no, it should be Mu Yetong!  I'm afraid her mission has increased again!

    Not only to take revenge, but also to find and protect those five people But the God of Time and Space said it!  Those five people will automatically come to their side!

    Warmth Is it really that far away from me?

    Warmth Xiao Ya, that boy who always brings me happiness Why did I think of him first?  What does this mean?

    Did you mean that you were about to meet him?  Or have you already fallen in love with him?  Or what else?

    Possibly the former?

    And what is the extraordinary ability that the God of Time and Space said?

    Before everything is unknownit's still a secret, and you have to control it yourself, butit's safest to hold your own destiny in your own hands!

    Whether it is Han Xunruo or Mu Yetong, they will never be controlled by others, never!

    Fengyun Mountain is where the old man Tongye lives!  As the name suggests, the mountain is also at the junction of Fengguo and Yunguo!  But because of the tall and straight peaks, no one dares to pass by this road!  But of course no one knows that there is a hole in the sky!  Inside Fengyun Mountain is a large paradise It is basically bigger than the Prime Minister's Mansion!  But if you walk out of this big courtyardit will be a big mountain forest!  There are patches of forest and patches of barren mountains and wild lands!

    Naturally Beasts are indispensable!  But There are naturally a lot of yams!  ThereforeHan Xunruo, who was already very good in modern times should change his name to Mu Yetong now!  Mu Yetong naturally moved her chubby body to taste all the yams and grasses on the mountain!

    Want to say that it is not toxic?  That is naturally impossible!

    With a cold personality like Mu Yetong, if the old man Tongye doesn't doubt, who would believe it?  But Mu Yetong didn't want to say, can he force it?  Naturally, I can only obediently take a certain boss with me!  Butit's really nice to have such a good apprentice!

    It turned out that Mu Yetong had thought of Xiao Ya before because of no other reason It turned out that he really met Xiao Ya!  Xiao Ya is the baby that the old man Tongye picked up at the foot of Fengyun Mountain!  He was only 5 years old that year, but Mu Yetong, who was only 4 years old, could tell at a glance!  Because Xiao Ya has a warm scent that others don't have and that kind of smile that makes people feel very friendly

    Sure enough, the guess was right, so Mu Yetong simply pushed the boat along and asked the old man Tongye to take in an apprentice, that is Xiao Ya!  On the contrary, does this protectHow about less?  In this case Xiao Ya should be his senior brother, right?

    "Tongtong!" A certain copper leaf old man roared with his invincible lion again, and the whole Fengyun Mountain shook!  Broke the harmonious atmosphere!

    "What are you doing?" Walking out of the prosperous and splendid palace, his eyes are still hazy!  There are three poisonous hairs on the left and right of the straight hanging hair, and ten nails are also painted with nail polish of different colors!  The body is only 7 years old, but it is already beautiful!  Che's bright pupils, curved willow eyebrows, long eyelashes trembling slightly, fair and flawless skin with a hint of pink, and thin lips like rose petals are tender and tender.  Fen Dai has no color" is vividly expressed!  She is so touching at such a young age, but what if she grows up?

    "Oh, oh! Have you painted your hair and nails with poison? Your uncle, I don't want to die early! You don't want to poison the master to death because it is rumored in the Jianghu that the apprentice that the old man copper leaf secretly recruited is actually better than blue, right?  "The old man Copper Leaf greeted him with a smile. He was obviously not very old, and his hair was already graying!"  But the face is still young!  Also pretty handsome!  But compared to Xiao Ya standing next to Mu Yetong?

    "Hehe, don't worry! Tongye won't smear poison on his body before he comes out of the mountain! Anyway, Master Tongye, you can't beat Tongye!" Xiao Ya joked amusingly, holding a fan in his hand if there was any poison.  If there is no fanning!

    As soon as Tongye saw Xiao Ya next to her, her smiling face immediately pouted, like a funny and angry kid!  Because Xiao Yan's appearance!  (Remember the site URL:
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