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Chapter 45 Imperial Decree

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    Mu Yetong has never smiled so brightly before, and now Mu Yetong smiles, all kinds of amorous feelings surround the brows, and the lake behind him seems to be moved by Mu Yetong's appearance, causing slight ripples.

    Mu Yetong's plan has been drawn up!  The reopening is about to begin, and this time who else can sabotage her plans?  Even Lan Xuanqi!  It's impossible!  Lan Xuanqi your possessiveness is still no match for mine

    There are two most terrifying types of women in the world!

    The first type is a woman who is arrogant, arrogant, has great power, dominates life and death, and can control the life and death of others with a single word!  Such a woman, men hate, hate to the bone!

    The second type is a woman who seems to be flattering and respectful with a slight smile; she doesn't have any power position, but her power position is growing secretly, her scheming and schemes are all hidden in her heart; on the surface she is still a woman who abides by the rules and has never refused  But once a scheme is launched, people are always caught off guard, and she doesn't care about everything, only she cares about herself. This kind of woman is a hundred times more terrifying than the first type of woman, but men are still willing to be deceived!

    Mu Yetong doesn't belong to the first category!  But it does not belong to the second type!  Because Mu Yetong doesn't even care about herself anymore!  So even more than the second!  The horrifying person does not belong to Mu Yetong. The terror that Mu Yetong brings to people is not the body, but the soul!  It's the boundless spiritual entanglement of terror

    The day of getting married has finally arrived, and Mu Yetong has no intention of escaping marriage, after all, the mother of Fengguo is also a very good identity!  But Mu Yetong never puts her own destiny in the hands of others!

    Early in the morning, Mu Yetong was sitting in the room, and several nuns were sent from the palace to take care of Mu Yetong, bathe, and make up. The whole process did not require Mu Yetong's intervention, just like a string doll being manipulated by someone!  This makes it even more difficult to see a smile on Mu Yetong's face!  At this moment, Mu Yetong didn't even bother to see how those people dressed herself up, and she didn't care at all!

    The eight-carried sedan chair outside the door has been waiting outside the door, Mu Yetong covered her head, and walked into the sedan chair expressionlessly!

    Sitting in the sedan chair, Mu Yetong knew that the three of them must be in the dark, indeed!  Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo stood at the corner of the door, while Qiao Yuhao stood on the wall, and no one stepped forward to stop him It was because of Mu Yetong's confession Mu Yetong recalled the scene yesterday: Ye Li left  After that, Mu Yetong went back to the mansion, but as soon as he got back to the mansion, he saw the four men anxiously waiting at the door, and couldn't help feeling warm!

    "Tong? Are you back?" Qiao Yuhao was the first to notice the sound of footsteps walking in. He raised his head and saw Mu Yetong, and immediately stepped forward and asked around Mu Yetong!

    "Really back?" Xiao Ya and Dongfang Mo raised their heads when they heard the sound, and stepped forward nervously!  Mu Yeyuan also raised his head to catch up!

    "Get married tomorrow, don't do things you shouldn't do!" Mu Yetong stopped and said coldly!  That is to say, Xiao Ya, Dongfang Mo and Qiao Yuhao, don't be impulsive!  The three of them naturally understood, and nodded their heads!

    Mu Yetong's words and actions hurt the hearts of the four men!  She agreed to get married without any resistance, just this move!  Hurt the hearts of four men!

    The sedan chair stopped suddenly, and Mu Yetong also regained her absent-minded state and stepped out of the sedan chair!  He didn't care about etiquette at all, and just followed those nuns to the harem!  Mu Yetong sat beside the bed, hearing that everyone had walked out of the room, she silently took off the hijab on her head, and glanced around the room, but the door suddenly opened Mu Yetong quickly put the hijab back on!

    Isn't it Lan Xuanqi's breath?  is it Qiao Yuhao?  Mu Yetong was startled, and quickly removed the head cover!

    "Why are you here?" Seeing Qiao Yuhao's calm expression, Mu Yetong knew that no one had noticed!

    "Ifyou don't want to marry Lan Xuanqi, I can take you away!" Qiao Yuhao walked towards Mu Yetong!


    "I like you!" Qiao Yuhao said hesitantly!

    "I refuse!" Mu Yetong said quietly: "I said don't meddle in other people's business, getting married is my business, you like me is your business, they have nothing to do with each other!" Mu Yetong refused indifferently!

    "It'snot related" Qiao Yuhao looked at Mu Yetong in disbelief and spit out these four words!

    "Yes! If you don't leave, I won't be polite. I don't want others to disturb my once-in-a-lifetime marriage!" Mu Yetong's eyes became cold, and he raised his palm to give Qiao Yuhao a slap!

    "Idon't believe that you will hurt me!" Qiao Yuhao bit his lower lip, and then decided to take a gamble that Mu Yetong would not hurt himself!  Silently closed his eyes!

    Mu Yetong's eyes flashedThere was a trace of surprise, but it was immediately replaced by coldness, his face turned cold, and he slapped out, Qiao Yuhao didn't even hide, the palm wind quickly hit Qiao Yuhao's chest with internal force.  Bloodshot spouted from the corner of Qiao Yuhao's mouth!

    "youreally hurt me!Okay! You and I! We have nothing to do with each other!" Qiao Yuhao opened his eyes suddenly, touched the palm of his mouth, and the dazzling blood stained Qiao Yuhao's eyes.  Qiao Yuhao's heart gradually turned cold, he said quietly, and then rushed out of the room!

    Qiao Yuhao, who rushed out of the room, did not believe Mu Yetong really hurt herself for the sake of glory and wealth?  You can even kill yourself!

    But Mu Yetong's eyes in the room were covered with helplessness, maybe Qiao Yuhao would hate himself?  But if they really want to leave with Qiao Yuhao, Lan Xuanqi will definitely want them!  If Qiao Yuhao was gently let go, Qiao Yuhao would definitely pester him endlessly. If Qiao Yuhao could be protected, Mu Yetong would rather let Qiao Yuhao hate herself!  If I want Qiao Yuhao to die!  He had been poisoned long ago, instead of using the palm technique that only used half of his power!

    With the sound of footsteps getting closer outside the door, Mu Yetong quickly closed the door, walked to the bed, and sat on it.  Put the hijab on quickly, and the action is done in one go!

    Sure enough, it was Lan Xuanqi, and Mu Yetong knew their breath and footsteps very well!

    Lan Xuanqi seemed to be in a good mood walked into the room step by step!

    "Hitomi are you in a hurry?" Lan Xuanqi was in a good mood today, and his tone was too gentle.  (Remember the site URL:
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