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Chapter 63 Killing

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    "Are you okay?" Just as Qianmo was still yearning for the warmth of his chest, Dongfang Mo let go of Qianmo uprightly, and Qianmo left Dongfang Mo's embrace again, and Dongfang Mo didn't miss him at all!

    "Thank you!" Qian Mo blushed and thanked him, and sure enough he was the safest in the group of beautiful men!

    "Oops!" Just when Qianmo was relieved, Qiao Yuhao in front frowned and roared in a low voice!  Qian Mo looked up suspiciously, it turned out that the big man from yesterday came with a group of officers and soldiers!

    "Hey what Tong said before is true, I really always meddle in my own business!" Lan Zeyu looked at the officers and soldiers in front of him and shrugged helplessly, remembering the first time he met Mu Yetong the smile on the corner of his mouth  More handsome!

    "Let's go! Go to the yamen!" Xiao Ya said easily, but the four people behind also left together.

    "Hey? I thought you were going to not help me and let me solve it myself! I didn't expect to help me so kindly?" Lan Zeyu said in surprise!

    "Who said we were going to help you?" Xiao Ya, Dongfang Mo, Lan Xuanqi, and Qiao Yuhao asked in unison!

    "Then who are you!?" Lan Zeyu asked with his eyes wide open in doubt!

    "Just to watch the fun, resolutely not to participate!" The four said in unison, this sentence is Mu Yetong's behavior style, and they were infected by Mu Yetong!

    And Qian Mo who was standing behind was puzzled, they were about to be arrested, why did they look so relaxed?  But with them here, she won't be afraid anymore!

    A group of people walked to the Yamen mightily!

    "Bold and unreasonable! I heard that you are teaching my nephew a lesson!" A fat county magistrate sat in the lobby and asked angrily!

    Lan Zeyu rushed up and said, "I tell you, it was your nephew who committed the crime, and we are only helping people!"

    "Hmph, even if this is the case, you guys beat my nephew, come on! Suppress it! Hit the 80th board again!" When those guards were about to meet Lan Zeyu, Lan Zeyu couldn't bear it  Live and say!

    "I'm Lan Zeyu, the prince of Fengguo. You don't just avenge yourself and abuse your power, but you dare to commit crimes! How dare you!" Lan Zeyu roared, and the lobby fell silent, and then burst into laughter!

    "Hahaha! You are the prince? Show the evidence! Hahaha! I heard that the prince has a token! Where is your token!" The county magistrate laughed and mocked!

    "I'll just take it out and let you see it!" Lan Zeyu was just about to take out the token from his pocket, but suddenly found that his token was given to Mu Yetong!

    "That I just forgot to bring it!" Lan Zeyu still said arrogantly.

    "Huh, come here! I'll send you to the dungeon! You'll be imprisoned for the rest of your life! Let you deceive me!" the county magistrate sarcastically ordered.

    "Wait a minute Your magistrate, I think it's just a common man, so I might as well hit a few boards and let it go. In fact, it doesn't need to be so serious." A handsome official next to him came out and said.  Is this an injustice?

    "No way! If you dare to tease me, is he the prince? I'm still the emperor! But it's a pity to be the emperor! I was fascinated by the daughter of the evil Muye Mansion, who is a disaster for the country!" The county magistrate seemed to be even more arrogant.  .

    "Hey, brother, are you still going to save me? If you don't save me again, I will really be imprisoned by this fat man!" Before Lan Zeyu could finish his sentence, Lan Xuanqi's knife had already reached the county magistrate's  before!  Roared arrogantly!

    "What did you just say!" The anger on his face really frightened the county magistrate!

    But the county magistrate insisted that he dare not use the knife: "Hmph, I just said! He is the only one who is still the prince? I am still the current emperor!"

    "The next sentence!" The flames in Lan Xuanqi's eyes were burning!

    "Cut, but it's a pity to be the emperor! To be fascinated by the daughter of the evil Muye Mansion, who is a disaster for the country! How?" The county magistrate raised his head arrogantly!

    "Disaster! Country! Monster! Evil! Isn't it?" Lan Xuanqi roared every word!

    "Wait!" Qiao Yuhao hurriedly chased after him to stop himbut it was too late!  The knife rises and falls!  The county magistrate's head rolled down the stairs to Lan Xuanqi's feet!

    "You hey! Don't do it so badly!" Qiao Yuhao shrugged helplessly and looked at the head on the ground and said!

    "Ah! Youyou killed someone!" Qianmo cried out in shock!

    Lan Xuanqi walked up to the officer who stopped the county magistrate just now with a face full of anger and said, "You are the county magistrate of this county!"

    "Wait a minute, you dare to threaten people after killing the county magistrate! Come on! Get themGet up!  "Master immediately stood up and said!

    Only then did Lan Xuanqi take out Fengguo's only two tokens from his bosom!

    "I am the emperor of Fengguo, who dares to disobey! The county magistrate not only bullies others, but also pretends to be me, and is disrespectful to the prince. If I commit the following offense, can I still do something wrong! Who dares to disobey! I will show no mercy!" Lan Xuan  Qi raised his knife and roared angrily!  Shocked everyone present!

    "Long live my emperor, long live, long live!" Dongfang Mo Xiaoya, Qiao Yuhao and Lan Zeyu took the lead to kneel down first, and then the people outside the door, the officials and masters inside the door came to their senses, and they also knelt down.  Finally, I realized that I stumbled to my knees!

    "Let's go!" Lan Xuanqi said without losing face, and the five people behind followed Lan Xuanqi into the carriage!

    The atmosphere in the carriage was very embarrassing, Lan Zeyu broke the embarrassment first!

    "Hey, brother, don't be angry!" Lan Zeyu bumped Lan Xuanqi's arm with his arm!

    "Huh" Lan Xuanqi snorted, and ignored Lan Zeyu.

    "Qi, don't be angry, even if you can kill this one, can you stop the mouths of the people all over the world? You ruined Tong's reputation, okay? It's not their fault, it's yours! Don't be angry  !" Qiao Yuhao gave Lan Xuanqi a helpless look, so impolite, but they all knew that Lan Xuanqi would not be angry with his brother!

    "That's rightAlthough I know I'm wrong, but I can't help being angry when I hear them say bad things about Tong!" Lan Xuanqi muttered!  (Remember the site URL:
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