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Chapter 82 Counterfeit (2)

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    "Forget it, let her go back to the room!" After Mu Yetong said a word, Lan Zeyu put down Qianmo, and Qianmo ran away, not because he let Qianmo go, but the real mastermind behind the scenes!

    When Mu Yetong turned around, Dongfang Mo was shocked!  The body also trembled!

    "You are not Dongfang Mo!"

    "You are not Dongfang Mo!" Mu Yetong's firm voice sounded, and everyone present looked at it in surprise!

    "How could it be! What do you mean, Tong?" Xiao Ya was the first to ask in surprise, the road was so far away, Xiao Ya didn't even notice it, which shows how superb this person's camouflage skills are!

    "Yeah, Tong, how can you doubt me!" 'Dongfang Mo' also quickly explained, Mu Yetong sneered, and pretended for this sake?

    "It's really Mo, if you don't believe me touch it, you definitely don't wear a mask!" Xiao Ya anxiously babbled on the face of 'Dongfang Mo', there was no trace of a wrinkled mask, and Mu Yetong's eyes were not surprised, nor  He didn't relax his vigilance, but still had a sneer at the corner of his mouth, looking at Dongfang Mo!

    "You are using a special mask ointment from the rivers and lakes. Only natural mountain springs can make your face fall off!" Mu Yetong's words sounded, and Dongfang Mo's face did not show any panic. No one believed Mu Yetong's words, it was because of them  The hand that didn't catch 'Dongfang Mo' just clenched for a moment!

    "Even if you say that, it's useless, and now I can't find the spring water!" Dongfang Mo continued.  The smile on the corner of Mu Yetong's mouth deepened!

    "That's why you decided that I couldn't expose you, didn't you?" Mu Yetong laughed wildly three times, then put his little finger to his lips, a whistle sounded, and the bag suddenly moved, and the sleeping girl in the bag suddenly moved.  The little silver fox also jumped out, jumping onto Mu Yetong's shoulder!

    "But you never thought of it! Snow Mountain Silver Fox's saliva can also take off your mask!" Before Mu Yetong finished speaking, she had already arrived at the table, picked up a cup, and put it in the silver fox's small mouth.  Next to him, he gently touched the little fox's head, and the saliva flowed down. In an instant, Mu Yetong poured the water in the cup onto the face of 'Dongfang Mo', the movement was so fast that it was unstoppable!

    'Dongfang Mo' quickly covered his face with his sleeves The flesh-colored mask also fell off the ground Everyone looked at the fake Dongfang Mo in surprise!

    "Who are you, where did you hide the ink!" Xiao Ya asked urgently.

    "Hehhahaha, I didn't expect that the legendary Mu Yetong really lived up to his reputation. He was extremely smart and ruthless!" The fake Dongfang Mo's original voice sounded, and it was obviously a middle-aged man about 4 or 50 years old. Why?  Could it be Dongfang Mo?

    "I'm so proud, so much better than the disguise technique of Dongfang Hu, the landlord of the West!" Mu Yetong's modest smile hung on his face, which made the fake Dongfang Mo stunned!

    "Uncle?!" Xiao Ya became puzzled in surprise!

    Slowly put down the sleeves, sure enough!  The eyes are shining with cold stars, and the two eyebrows are like paint.  Broad chest!  It was Dongfang Mo's father!

    "Be careful!" Mu Yetong frowned, and rushed towards Xiao Ya, pushing Xiao Ya aside, and the old Dongfang actually used Thunderbolt!

    "Cough cough cough" Xiao Ya coughed a few times and waved in the air!

    "Not good!" Mu Yetong rushed out of the room and rushed towards Qianmo's room, as expected!  Dongfang old man is going to take Qianmo's life!

    ?Stop, Mu Yetong has not had time to step into Qianmo's room, the old Dongfang has already popped out of Qianmo's room, Mu Yetong is puzzled, who is it?  Who secretly protected?  Mu Yetong hurriedly prevented the old man Dongfang from going in to frame her, but before he got close, he found the old man Dongfang cursed secretly: "Damn it, you actually poisoned him!" Then he flew away!  Mu Yetong couldn't continue chasing after her, so she hurried into Qianmo's room to check!

    Finding that Qian Mo was sitting slumped on the ground, pinching the poisonous powder he had given her earlier in his hand, Qian Mo fell down powerlessly

    Mu Yetong quickly held up Qianmo: "Qianmo, Qianmo, answer!" Then he checked his pulse, it was okay, but he was too frightened!

    Xiao Ya and the others behind him also just arrived!

    "Where's uncle?" Xiao Ya looked at Qian Mo lying in Mu Yetong's arms, and asked.

    "Escaped, preparingto assassinate Qianmo, it should be like this!" Mu Yetong said: "Let's talk about it when Qianmo wakes up, she's just overly frightened, it's okay!" Fortunately, Qianmo is clever and knows how to defend with poison powder!

    Otherwise, I really can't imagine the consequences, Mu Yetong was puzzled, why did Dongfang old man assassinate Qianmo?  And why should everyone pay attention to Qianmo and save Qianmo?  Isn't Qianmo his accomplice?

    These questions have to wait until Qianmo wakes up, and Mu Yetong just remembered, that little girlgirl!

    "Qiao Yuhao! Hurry up and go outside the door to see how Yu Shuiru is doing!" I don't know how Yu Shuiru is doing, so there should be no need for the old Dongfang to attack Yu Shuiru, right?

    "Er" Qian Mo woke up!  Mu Yetong hurried over!

    "Dongfang Tiger attacked you just now, right?" Mu Yetong asked quickly, and quickly found out the truth!

    "Who? Someone attacked me just now. It's an old man! Aboutabout 4, 50 years old, but I don't know him!" Qian Mo said reluctantly.

    "As expected!" Mu Yetong murmured.

    "Tong, what's going on? How could Dongfang Hu pretend to be Dongfang Mo? Isn't he dead? What's going on! I want you to tell the whole story, don't hide it!" Xiao Ya said immediately, he didn't want Mu Ye  Hitomi thinks alone, bears alone!  No, definitely not!

    "If my guess is correctDongfang Mo was detained by Dongfang Tiger in the Western Mysterious Building. He pretended to be Dongfang Mo and came out with you to inquire about the Dongfang Killer Building, buthe didn't expect to meet Qianmo on the way.  The Mysterious Building has two enemies, one is the Oriental Killer Building, and the other is the Lotus School!"

    Mu Yetong took a sip of tea and continued: "The Lotus School was wiped out by the Western Mysterious Building back then, but the young master left behind is still alive! That is Qianmo the lotus tattoo on Qianmo's wrist is proof! Dongfang Tiger is following me  When he arrived at Wanyan Ye's father's tomb, he saw that the coffin was empty, so he must have guessed His natural enemy Wanyan Xi (che) is not dead! So he was going to follow meto find Wanyan Xi,  But he never imagined that there would be an unknown man in black attacking the gang. The first group of men in black on the way you came attacked Lan Xuanqi, because they were arrested after Lan Xuanqi showed his token.  Attack!" (Remember this website URL:
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