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Chapter 90 Gathering

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    Maybe everyone has remembered now that Mu Yetong has completed her mission of protection and restored their memories!  She should die without regret, right?

    Xiao Ya suddenly remembered something, and quickly stood up shouting towards the canyon: "Mu Yetong! You can't die! I hate you! I hate you! That's why you can't die! How can you die! I haven't  Hate enough!" Everyone couldn't understand what Xiao Ya's move meant In short, there were only eight of them left on the entire cliff

    "Everyone get up! Shout together You must hate! You must, listen to me!" Xiao Ya turned and said to them Although they were puzzled, they still followed suit!

    "Mu Yetong, I hate you! You can't run away from me!" Lan Xuanqi shouted towards the canyon!

    "Mu Yetong, I hate you! How can you abandon me, you said that I will be your bodyguard forever!" Dongfang Mo also roared

    "Mu Yetong, I hate you! How could you steal my heart!" Han Yuze also yelled, blushing

    "Mu Yetong, I hate you! You haven't come back and be my concubine obediently!" Lan Zeyu's baby face was full of seriousness!

    "Mu Yetong, I hate you! How could you just leave me like this!" Qiao Yuhao didn't even have a smile on his charming face.

    "Mu Yetong, I hate you! I said I will protect you for the rest of my life, how could you want to leave!" Wan Yanye said this, and remembered when Mu Yetong took care of her when she was sick that promise!

    "Mu Yetong, I hate you! You haven't taken revenge on me yet! How could you just leave like this!" Han Mingfeng also roared!

    Perhaps in the eyes of others, they are a group of lunatics But there is no one on the top of the mountain!

    Sure enough, Xiao Ya had wishful thinking!

    Previously, Mu Yetong worked hard to live because of hatred. If she relaxed, she would have no hatred, and she might give up her desire to survive!

    That's why Xiao Ya made them keep shouting

    Hope I hope Mu Yetong can hear these voices, and thus ignite the desire to survive, right?

    This may be Xiao Ya's desirebut they can only believeotherwise what can they do?  They have to try any method to revive Hitomi even if they sacrifice themselves they will not hesitate!

    "Do you think Hitomi will not die?" Han Yuze looked at the cliff and saidAlthough the cliff is highbut it doesn't mean that he must die!

    "Tong is not dead" They couldn't listen to any words at this moment, they only remembered that sentence Mu Yetong is not dead!  Really not dead!

    "Should we go to the bottom of the cliff and look for it?" Lan Zeyu raised his eyes wide and made a suggestion!

    "En!" Everyone nodded in agreement, and then eight people rushed to the bottom of the cliff. This cliff is about a few thousand meters high It is impossible to see where it fell from!

    Where can I find it?  This is embarrassing The eight people can only search blindly at the bottom of the cliff and those Jingwei search everywhere!  Everyone had a serious look on their faces.

    "Masters! We found it!" Suddenly a voice sounded, and eight figures rushed to the side where the sound came out

    When they arrived only saw Wan Yanxi's disgusting face, Xiao Ya walked over to check for breath said: "I'm out of breath!"

    Obvious seeing Wanyan Ye's body behind him

    Qiao Yuhao said sarcastically: "What? Does your heart hurt? Hmph He is the one who hurt Tong. He is the chief culprit. Do you want to pity him? Or do you still care about the kindness of nurturing?" Qiao Yuhao  I don't know why I said such a thing, in short, I feel very uncomfortable!  He was the one who pulled his pupils down the cliff!  So no one can sympathize with him!  Not even an adopted child!

    "Okay, stop talking, let's continue looking for Tong!" Lan Zeyu said angrily immediately, waving his fists!

    "Hmm" Qiao Yuhao nodded slightly, and continued to searchbut Wanyan Ye walked towards Wanyan Xi without saying a word

    Squatting downPassing Wanyan Xi's cheek with his hands, he murmured: "Whyyou fight with Tong? The fault is not that you are not smart enough The fault is that you fight with Tong so  This wayyoudeath is not worth it!" Wanyan Ye's eyes were ablaze with anger, and bloodshot eyes filled his eyes Even if Wanyan Xi died!  He wants to flog the corpse too!

    "Come here!" Wan Yanye stood up and roared majestically!

    "Yes!" A member of the Jingwei team behind came out and agreed!

    "Come over there!" Wanyan Ye's eyes showed no trace of sympathy, but gradually filled with hatred, boundless resentment and hatreda chilling sense of oppression!

    aroundThe seven of them stopped and looked at Wanyan Ye's actions, puzzled

    Qiao Yuhao frowned, did he really want to flog the corpse?  Is he willing?  Ripples appeared in Qiao Yuhao's heart

    He really lived up to expectations, and he really deserved to stand beside Mu Yetong!

    Strange, how could there be such an idea?  Obviously he likes Tong, how could he agree to let others stand beside Tong?  Could it be that the attack was too confused?

    Wanyan Ye beat Wanyan Xie's body with one whip after another bloodstains the whip hit the skin, and the flesh split open revealing the terrifying bones

    People couldn't help but shudder Lan Zeyu, who was innocent in the past, didn't show a trace of fear, but felt much more comfortable

    The corner of Han Yuze's mouth curled into a smile Sure enough, he deserves to die!  If Wanyan Ye didn't make a move, he would too!

    Xiao Ya looked at it for a while, then turned around calmly and continued to look for Mu Yetong

    Dongfang Mo frowned and said, "What are you looking at? Don't you want to continue searching? Keep searching!" Dongfang Mo roared, and all the members of the Jingwei team searched for Mu Yetong

    Even though everyone knows that jumping from such a high place may not necessarily survive, but they believe it!  I believe that Mu Yetong will survive!  she will!  She is stronger than anyone

    She cares about them more than anyone else, how could she give up on them?  Is she willing to leave them?

    Maybe these are just excuses for their self-comfort maybe these are all fake!  (Remember the site URL:
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