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Naruto strong system Latest chapter update list


Chapter 1; the beginning of time travelChapter Two; Tatsuo UchihaChapter 3; cheatingChapter 4; Ninja School
Chapter Five;Chapter 6; Try your skillsChapter Seven; Encountering InoChapter Eight; Naruto Uzumaki
Chapter IX; Transitional ChaptersChapter Ten; Genocide Night 1Chapter Eleven; Genocide Night 2Chapter Twelve; The Chen Being Watched
Chapter Thirteen; Oppression in the NightChapter Fourteen; Conversations in the Naruto HouseChapter Fifteen; The Mysterious Cave in the WoodsChapter Sixteen; Orochimaru's Old Laboratory
Chapter Seventeen;Chapter Eighteen; Being BulliedChapter Nineteen; Ino and KoiChapter 20; Tree Climbing Training
Chapter 21; Teaching Shabi TaiyiChapter twenty-two; the road aheadChapter twenty-three; the plot beginsChapter 24; Chunin Exam
Chapter twenty-fifth to twenty-six; Chunin exam in progressChapter twenty-seven; Konoha collapse plan startsChapter twenty-eight; Fishing in troubled watersChapter Twenty Nine; Killing the Serpent
Chapter Thirty;Chapter Thirty-One; Konoha's CounterattackChapter Thirty-Two; Fighting the Puppet MasterChapter thirty-three;
Chapter Thirty-Four; Kaleidoscope SharinganChapter thirty-fifth; various trendsChapter Thirty-Six;Chapter Thirty-Seven; Sasuke escapes
Chapter Thirty-Eight;Chapter Thirty-Nine; Encountering RobbersChapter Forty; Arriving at Star Ninja VillageChapter Forty-one;
Chapter Forty-two; Battle Star Ninja IIChapter Forty-Three; Battle Star Ninja IIIChapter forty-fourth; SusanoChapter Forty-Five;
Chapter Fifty-Six;Chapter Forty-Seven; Clone Tailed BeastChapter 48; Konoha investigation teamChapter Forty-Nine; Inquiry
Chapter Fifty; Sasuke who took the blameChapter fifty one; GuessChapter Fifty-two; To the Land of the WindsChapter Fifty-Three; Burn a pair of gays
Chapter Fifty-Four; No TitleChapter Fifty-fifth; Arriving at Sand Hidden VillageChapter fifty-six; Threatening GaaraChapter fifty-seven; Konoha reinforcements
Chapter fifty-eight;Chapter fifty-nine;Chapter Sixty;Chapter 61; The witty Uncle Snake has already seen everything
Chapter 62; Konoha reinforcements arriveChapter 63; The method of cracking monthly readingChapter sixty-four; finally meetChapter Sixty-Five; Questioning
Chapter Sixty-Six; DoubtChapter sixty-seven;Chapter sixty-eight; bullshitChapter 69; The duel with Kakashi
Chapter 70; The duel with Kakashi IIChapter seventy-one; The duel with Kakashi threeChapter seventy-two; leavingChapter Seventy-Three; Clone Guarding the Crane
Chapter Seventy-four;Chapter seventy-five; to the country of fieldsChapter seventy-six; goodbye SasukeChapter 78; Cooperation with Orochimaru
Chapter Seventy-Nine: Each has a ghostChapter 80; Konoha's reactionChapter 81; Judgmental InformationChapter Eighty-Two; Absolute Nonsense
Chapter Eighty-Three; Lesson SasukeChapter 84: Obtaining primary cellsChapter 85; Training in virtual spaceChapter eighty-six; increased strength
Chapter Eighty-Seven; Finding the Stone of GarrelChapter Eighty-Eight; Find the CaravanChapter Eighty-Nine; AppearanceChapter Ninety; Shot
Chapter Ninety-One; The Stone of GarrelChapter Ninety-Two;Chapter Ninety-Three; Skyrocketing PointsChapter 94; Eternal Kaleidoscope Sharingan
Chapter Ninety-fifth;Chapter Ninety-Five; Wood Dun's NinjutsuChapter Ninety-Seven; Meeting Konoha Ninja AgainChapter Ninety-Eight; Naruto with a Tailed Beast
Chapter Ninety-Nine; Reappearance Monthly ReadingChapter 100; PersecutionChapter 101; Collecting Nine-Tails ChakraChapter 102; Seeing Nine Tails for the First Time
Chapter 103; main taskChapter one hundred and four;Chapter One Hundred and Five; A Conversation Between BrothersChapter one hundred and six; leave
Chapter 107; Synthetic PotionChapter 108;Chapter 109; TransactionChapter One Hundred and Ten; Tsundere Sasuke
Chapter One Hundred and Eleven; Training Sasuke AgainChapter one hundred and twelve; go to the strongholdChapter 113; Confess the truth to SasukeChapter one hundred and fourteen; reason
Chapter 115; The TruthChapter one hundred and sixteen; the truth twoChapter one hundred and seventeen; the power of grief and resentmentChapter one hundred and fourteen;
One hundred and nineteenth chapter; whirlpool fragrant phosphorusChapter 120; Northern StrongholdChapter 121; Northern Stronghold IIChapter 122;
Chapter 123: Team FormationChapter 124; To practice in spaceChapter 125: The End of the Volumeone hundred and twentieth chapters; return
Chapter 127; Reunion after three yearsChapter 128; Challenge Chen againChapter 129; Another abuse of SasukeChapter one hundred and thirtieth; Inexplicable killing intent
Chapter 131; Orochimaru returnsChapter 132; Konoha chasing soldiersChapter 133; Assassination of Uchiha TatsumiChapter 134; The Seventh Class Reunion
Chapter 135; SpeechlessChapter 136; Evacuation strongholdChapter 137: Arriving in the Land of ThunderChapter 138; Seduced by the Wooden Man
Chapter 139; Chongwu. Shuiyue vs. EryumuChapter one hundred and fortieth;Chapter 141; Beastization from the Wooden TailChapter 142; Chen's counterattack
Chapter 143; The first confrontation with Raikageone hundred and fortieth chapters; galloping thunderChapter 145; Chen vs RaikageOne hundred and fortieth chapters; Zhan Yunyin
Chapter 147; Nine TailsChapter one hundred and forty-eight;Chapter one hundred and forty-nine;Chapter 150; Destroying Yunyin Village
Not updated todayChapter 151; Rolling Cloud Hidden VillageChapter one hundred and fifty second;Chapter 153; The Shock of the Ninja World
I'm backOne hundred and fifty four chapters; The Shock of the Ninja World IIChapter 155; The Shock of the Ninja World IIIChapter 156; Akatsuki's concern
Chapter 157; Encountering a Zombie DuoOne hundred and fifty eight chapters; arrivedChapter 159; The First Collision of Eagle and XiaoChapter 160; Eagle vs Xiao
Chapter 161; Chen vs JiaoduChapter One Hundred and Sixty Two; Last WordsChapter 163; The death of OrochimaruChapter 164; The inertia of the plot
Chapter 165; assigning tasksChapter one hundred and sixty-six; To the land of the landChapter 167; Goodbye Itachi and KisameChapter one hundred and sixty eight;
One hundred and sixty nine chapters; Ghost shark's counterattackChapter 170; The defeat of the ghost sharkOne hundred and seventy first chapter; Ghost shark's deathChapter 172; Conversation with Itachi
Chapter one hundred and seventy-three; Trouble at the doorChapter one hundred and seventy-four;Chapter 175; Return to Yinnin VillageChapter 176; Three-tailed Chakra in hand
Chapter 177; Going to KonohaChapter one hundred and seventy-eight; Payne foundChapter one hundred and seventy nine; tit for tatChapter 180; The First Confrontation with Penn
Chapter one hundred and eighty first; the battle between the chiefsChapter one hundred and eighty second; Payne's escapeChapter 183; Undercurrents under the nightChapter one hundred and eighty fourth; the fear of the past
Chapter one hundred and eighty five;One hundred and eighty-six chapters; the battle begins (ask for flowers!)Chapter one hundred and eighty seventh; fierce battleChapter 188; Guild Wars II
Chapter 189; Tell the truth of the yearChapter one hundred and ninetieth; start the war againChapter 191; Class TenChapter one hundred and ninety second; to the battlefield
Chapter 193; The Uninvited Guest of "Root"Chapter one hundred and ninety-fourth; Attacking SasukeChapter One Hundred and Ninety Five; Angry SusanChapter 196; Izanagi
Chapter one hundred and ninety-seven;Chapter one hundred and ninety-eight; Danzo who died againChapter one hundred and ninety nine;Chapter two hundred; Sasuke's calculation
Chapter two hundred and first; Danzo's deathChapter two hundred and second; Sasuke's crisisChapter 203; Shocked KonohaChapter 104; Naruto's Spiral Maru Shuriken
Chapter Two Hundred and Five; The Difficulty of the BeastChapter two hundred and sixth; Konoha's miseryChapter two hundred and seventh; Ino?Chapter Two Hundred and Eight; The Withered Rose
Chapter Two Hundred and Nine; Ino's ChoiceChapter 210; New pupil technique?Chapter 211; Kaleidoscope's new abilityChapter 212; Puppet Art?
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirteen; Yamato TenzoTwo hundred and fourteenth chapter; Naruto runawayChapter two hundred and fifteen; Naruto with six tailsChapter two hundred and sixteenth;
Chapter two hundred and seventeen; Eight-tailed NarutoTwo hundred and eighteenth chapters; Namikaze MinatoTwo hundred and nineteenth chapter; uninvited alsoChapter two hundred and twentieth;
Chapter two hundred and twentieth;Chapter 222; Konoha two advisorsTwo hundred and twenty third chapters; bad newsChapter 224; Heroes of Jiraiya
Chapter 225; Automatically delivered to your door!Chapter two hundred and twentieth; killChapter 227; Accident?Two hundred and seventieth eight chapters; Siege!
Two hundred and seventieth IX; caught up!Two hundred and thirtieth chapters; surrounded!Chapter 231; SlaughterhouseChapter two hundred and thirty second; after the war
Chapter 233; New HokageChapter 234; Go find Itachi!Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty-Five; SummoningChapter Two Hundred and Fifty Six; Meeting
Chapter two hundred and thirty-seven; to the country of waterChapter 238; The little flea screams happilyTwo hundred and thirtieth IX; raising children ninjaChapter two hundred and fortieth; Waiting for a long time
Chapter two hundred and forty one;Chapter two hundred and forty second; fightingChapter two hundred and forty third;Chapter two hundred and fortieth; Water shadow crisis
Two hundred and fortieth chapters; Baiyanqing tragic deathChapter two hundred and fortieth;Chapter two hundred and forty seventh; Dream of the water moonChapter two hundred and fortieth eight;
Chapter two hundred and fortieth;Chapter two hundred and fiftieth; angry water shadowChapter 251; DespairChapter two hundred and fifty second; at your disposal
Chapter two hundred and fifty third; Is it kindness?Chapter two hundred and fifty-four; after the battleChapter 255; Iron Country Meets Sasuke!Two hundred and fiftieth chapters; Obito appeared
Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty Seven;Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty Eight; A Brief ConfrontationChapter two hundred and fifty-nine; the conditions of the allianceChapter two hundred and sixtieth; the price of the shot
Chapter two hundred and sixty first; death with soil?Chapter two hundred and sixty second; leaveChapter two hundred and sixty-three; the conversation beginsChapter two hundred and sixty-fourth; five shadow talks
Chapter two hundred and sixty-fifth; five shadow talks continuedTwo hundred and sixtieth chapters; five shadow talks threeChapter two hundred and sixty seventh; Hunting eight tailsTwo hundred and sixtieth eight chapters; hunting eight tails two
Two hundred and sixtieth IX; the battle of Leiyun GorgeTwo hundred and seventieth chapters; fierce battle Leiyun GorgeChapter two hundred and seventy first; Chao. Shenluo TianzhengChapter two hundred and seventy third;
Two hundred and seventieth chapters; dark pupilChapter two hundred and seventy fifth; intertwined thunderChapter Two Hundred and Seventy Six; The Wrath of the SunChapter two hundred and seventy seventh; strong collision
Chapter two hundred and seventy-eight;Two hundred and seventieth IX; Kakashi's determinationChapter Two Hundred and Eighty; Strength and LightChapter two hundred and eighty first;
Chapter two hundred and eighty second;Chapter two hundred and eighty third; A gift for SiyingChapter two hundred and eighty fourth; Chen's planChapter 285; Uchiha Madara?
Chapter two hundred and eighty sixth; declaration of warChapter two hundred and eighty seventh; the decision of the four shadowsChapter two hundred and eighty eighth; absolutelyChapter two hundred and eighty nine; meet again
Chapter two hundred and ninetieth; Give you the tail beast...Chapter two hundred and ninety first; reach cooperationChapter two hundred and ninety second;Two hundred and ninetieth chapters; seal eight tails
Chapter 294: I want this tentacleChapter two hundred and ninety-fifth; eight-tailed chakra in handChapter two hundred and ninety sixth;Chapter two hundred and ninety seventh; transaction
Chapter two hundred and ninety eight; reunionChapter two hundred and ninety nine; the endChapter three hundred; Sasuke's decisionChapter three hundred and first; proud self-esteem
Chapter three hundred and second; preparationChapter 303; Clone Two Tails, Four Tails!Chapter Three Hundred and Four; Countries Beginning to ActChapter 305; The Wonderful Kirabi
Chapter three hundred and sixth; assemblyChapter Three Hundred and Seven: Going to the BattlefieldChapter three hundred and eighth; Goodbye pharmacist pocketChapter three hundred and nine;
Chapter three hundred and ten;Chapter three hundred and eleventh; blocking the wayChapter three hundred and twelve; Sasuke's departureChapter three hundred and thirteen; the person who was reincarnated from the dirty soil
Chapter three hundred and fourteen;Chapter 315; The secret of reincarnation in dirty soilChapter one hundred and sixteen;Chapter three hundred and seventeen; the result of speculation
Chapter 318; Decision after speculationChapter 319; The information brought by the birdChapter 320: Arrogant Experimental SubjectsChapter 321; The coming team
Chapter three hundred and twentieth;Chapter 323; Ninja Team's planChapter two hundred and twentieth; the battle beginsChapter three hundred and twentieth;
Chapter three hundred and twentieth; The battlefield of the water moonChapter three hundred and twenty seventh; Shuiyue capturedChapter 328; Uchiha Tatsu's ArrivalThree hundred and twentieth IX; Confrontation
Chapter three hundred and thirtieth; loreChapter 331; Ninja's shock and Lu Jiu's analysisChapter three hundred and thirtieth; Gaara's thoughtsChapter Three Hundred and Thirty-Three; Insight into the Konoha Brain
Chapter 334; Payne's decisionChapter 335; The Peaceful Way in Nagato's HeartChapter three hundred and thirtieth; Payne strikesThree hundred and thirtieth chapters; four shadows out
Chapter three hundred and thirtieth eight; strange abilityChapter 339; The ability of Payne in the worldChapter three hundred and fortieth; Difficult enemyChapter three hundred and forty one; raging psychic beasts
Chapter three hundred and forty second; Secret investigationChapter 343; Kakashi onChapter 344; Kakashi vs PayneChapter three hundred and fortieth; a powerful enemy
Chapter three hundred and fortieth;Chapter three hundred and fortieth; Asura DaoyunThree hundred and fortieth eight chapters; Raikage's offensiveThree hundred and fortieth nine chapters; Hungry ghost way defeated
Chapter 350; Have you retreated?Chapter 351; Shenluo Tianzheng launchedChapter three hundred and fifty second; Desperate Shenluo TianzhengChapter three hundred and fifty third; the ultimatum
Chapter 354; Earth Shadow's ShockChapter 355; Analysis and decision makingChapter 356; Sasuke's purposeChapter three hundred and fifty seventh; Orochimaru resurrection
Chapter 358; things to doChapter three hundred and fiftieth;Chapter three hundred and sixtieth;Chapter three hundred and sixty first; Decision with soil
Chapter three hundred and sixty second; Golden Horn and Silver HornChapter 363; Space black holethree hundred and sixtieth chapters; luckyThree hundred and sixtieth chapters; Covenant? nonexistent!
Three hundred and sixtieth chapters; hidden cloud situationChapter three hundred and sixty seventh; the battle of the shadowsChapter 368; Kakashi's battleThree hundred and sixtieth IX; Kakashi's battle II
Chapter three hundred and seventieth; Kakashi's battle 3Chapter three hundred and seventy first;Chapter three hundred and seventy second;Chapter three hundred and seventy third;
Chapter three hundred and seventy four; Tsunade's calculationThree hundred and seventieth chapters; the end of the hungry ghostChapter three hundred and seventy sixth; Seal PennChapter three hundred and seventy seventh; sequelae of kaleidoscope
Chapter three hundred and seventy eight;Chapter three hundred and seventy nine;Chapter three hundred and eightieth; develop tacticsChapter three hundred and eighty first; Battle failure
Chapter three hundred and eighty second; failed negotiationsChapter 383; Dangerous!Chapter 384; Payne's real bodyChapter three hundred and eighty fifth; eager
Chapter three hundred and eighty sixth; the endChapter three hundred and eighty seventh;Chapter three hundred and eighty eighth;Chapter three hundred and eighty IX; weird
Chapter three hundred and ninety;Chapter three hundred and ninety first; Stopping with soilChapter three hundred and ninety-two; reasonChapter 393; Conflict
Chapter three hundred and ninety fourth; helpless compromiseChapter three hundred and ninety fifth; complex feelingsthree hundred and ninetieth chapters;Chapter three hundred and ninety seventh; stay?
Chapter 398; Goodbye, Chen!Chapter 399; Ino's positionChapter four hundred; Ino's departureChapter four hundred and first; you are already a weak person
Chapter four hundred and second; unexpected encounterChapter four hundred and third; Xiaonan's experienceFour hundred and fourth; the price of revengeChapter four hundred and five; Chasing soldiers
Chapter Four Hundred and Six; Helpless XiaonanChapter four hundred and seventh; kill oneChapter 408; The Puppet ArtistChapter four hundred and nine; arrogance
Chapter four hundred and ten; when the battle is in progressChapter four hundred and eleventh;Chapter four hundred and twelve; I'm kiddingChapter four hundred and thirteen; collapse
Chapter four hundred and fourteen;Chapter four hundred and fifteen; the origin of elementsChapter four hundred and sixteenth; the origin of elements twoChapter four hundred and seventeenth; the origin of elements three
Chapter four hundred and eighteenth; the source of elements fourChapter 419; Get the source of elementsChapter Four Hundred and Twenty; Itachi and NarutoChapter four hundred and twentieth;
Chapter four hundred and twentieth; fight twoChapter four hundred and twentieth; fight againChapter four hundred and twentieth; fight again twoChapter four hundred and twentieth; The weasel under control
Chapter four hundred and twentieth; The duel with the ferretFour hundred and twenty seventh: Illusion? Reality?Chapter 428: You have changedChapter four hundred and twentieth; confrontation
Chapter four hundred and thirtieth; Dried persimmon ghost sharkChapter four hundred and thirtieth;Chapter four hundred and thirtieth;Chapter four hundred and thirtieth; Uchiha Chen's sword intent
Chapter four hundred and thirtieth; Naruto's perseveranceFour hundred and thirtieth chapters; strength returnChapter four hundred and thirtieth; the last blowChapter four hundred and thirtieth; the stubborn Naruto
Four hundred and thirtieth eight chapters; the ignorant fearlessFour hundred and thirtieth IX; the fearlessness of ignorance IIChapter four hundred and fortieth; unequal battleChapter four hundred and fortieth; Unequal battle II
Chapter four hundred and fortieth; Unequal battle threeChapter four hundred and fortieth three; two people who escapedFour hundred and fortieth chapters; was caught upFour hundred and fortieth chapters; last stand
Four hundred and fortieth chapters; Last Stand IIFour hundred and fortieth seven chapters; last stand threeFour hundred and fortieth eight chapters; inexplicable palpitationsChapter four hundred and fiftieth;
Chapter four hundred and fiftieth; the solutionChapter four hundred and fifty second;Chapter four hundred and fiftieth; within the enchantmentChapter four hundred and fiftieth; unexpected reinforcements
Four hundred and fiftieth chapters; Get out! or die!Chapter four hundred and fiftieth; then die!Four hundred and fiftieth seventh chapter;Chapter four hundred and fifty eight;
Four hundred and fiftieth IX; Candle Dragonfour hundred and sixtieth chapters;Chapter four hundred and sixty first; eat it!Chapter four hundred and sixty second; Escape
four hundred and sixtieth chapters;Chapter four hundred and sixty four; Obtaining informationFour hundred and sixtieth chapters; solve the sand ninjaFour hundred and sixtieth chapters; Encounter Konoha Ninja
Chapter four hundred and sixty seventh; Hatake Maoshuo?Chapter four hundred and sixty eight; killing intentfour hundred and sixtieth IX; confrontationChapter four hundred and seventieth; The confrontation with White Fang
Chapter four hundred and seventy first; Konoha's reinforcementsChapter four hundred and seventy second; Difficult to winfour hundred and seventieth chapters; escapeChapter four hundred and seventy fourth; that's it
Chapter 475; Immortal mode?Four hundred and seventieth chapters; real swordsmanshipChapter four hundred and seventy-seven; The second confrontation with White FangFour hundred and seventy-eighth; Immortal Law White Teeth Forbidden Art Seven Star Yaohua!
four hundred and seventieth IX; stopChapter four hundred and eightieth; confusion in the heartChapter four hundred and eighty first; restore pupil powerChapter four hundred and eighty second; soul stripping
Chapter four hundred and eighty third; a different worldChapter four hundred and eighty fourth;Chapter four hundred and eighty fifth; dumbfoundingChapter four hundred and eighty six; funny little girl
Chapter four hundred and eighty seventh; funny little girl IIChapter four hundred and eighty eighth; the villageChapter four hundred and eighty IX; RejectedChapter four hundred and ninetieth; military bandits
Chapter four hundred and ninety first;Chapter four hundred and ninety second; the panic of the village chiefFour hundred and ninetieth chapters; the frog at the bottom of the wellChapter four hundred and ninety fourth;
Chapter four hundred and ninety fifth; Bewitching eyesFour hundred and ninetieth chapters;Chapter four hundred and ninety seventh; AbductionFour hundred and ninetieth eight chapters;
Four hundred and ninetieth IX; annoyedChapter five hundred;Chapter 501; Starry Night TalkChapter 502; Starry Night Talk II
Chapter five hundred and third; GeniusChapter five hundred and fourth; Purify the physiqueChapter five hundred and fifth; Unexpected variablesChapter five hundred and sixth; the plan begins
Chapter five hundred and seventh; successful refiningChapter five hundred and eighth; Madara Uchiha in actionChapter five hundred and ninth; trackingChapter five hundred and tenth; the arrival of Uchiha Madara
Chapter five hundred and eleventh; double strong meetingChapter five hundred and twelve;Chapter five hundred and thirteen; confrontation with MadaraChapter 514; Confrontation with Madara II (thanks to Huang Yefeng for the reward)
Chapter 515; Confrontation with Madara 3 (Thanks to the reward I am a star boss)Chapter 516: Both losers (thanks to Starlight for the reward)Chapter 517; Big Reversal Thanks to Starlight Big Brother for the rewardChapter five hundred and eighteen; as expected
Chapter 519; Uchiha Madara in Secondary School (thanks to Starlight Big Brother for the reward)Chapter five hundred and twentieth; complete body Susano almostChapter 521; Xu Zuo changed his life (thanks to Starlight for his reward)Chapter five hundred and twentieth;
Chapter five hundred and twentieth; try againChapter five hundred and twentieth;Chapter five hundred and twentieth; crisisChapter five hundred and twentieth; jealousy
Chapter five hundred and twentieth;Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Eight; QuartetChapter 529; Dust Settled (Thanks to Starlight for the reward)Chapter five hundred and thirtieth; the intention to leave
Chapter 531; Konoha Fang's TensionChapter five hundred and thirtieth;Chapter 533: Scared Little GirlChapter five hundred and thirtieth; inquire about news
Chapter five hundred and thirtieth; Konoha's strategyChapter 536; Underground ExchangeChapter five hundred and thirtieth; the pressure of terrorChapter five hundred and thirtieth; panic
Chapter five hundred and thirtieth; Obtaining informationChapter five hundred and fortieth;Chapter five hundred and fortieth; Shock XiaoxiaoChapter 542; Eliminate rats (thanks to Starlight Big Brother for the reward)
Chapter five hundred and fortieth; the battle for survivalChapter five hundred and fortieth; extracting the soulChapter 546; Konoha in Parallel SpaceChapter five hundred and fortieth;
Five hundred and fortieth eight chapters;Chapter five hundred and fortieth; Lu Jiu's panicChapter five hundred and fiftieth;Chapter 551; Overwhelming people with power [Thanks to Starlight for the reward]
Chapter five hundred and fiftieth; purpose achievedChapter five hundred and fifty-three; reportChapter five hundred and fiftieth; the beginning of the dayChapter five hundred and fiftieth;
Chapter five hundred and fiftieth; want to establish a prestigeChapter five hundred and fiftieth; fight againChapter five hundred and fiftieth; unreliable methodChapter five hundred and sixtieth; the fight with White Fang again
Chapter five hundred and sixty first; The fight with White Fang IIChapter five hundred and sixty second;Five hundred and sixtieth chapters; White Fang's BladeChapter five hundred and sixtieth; punishment
Chapter five hundred and sixty five;Chapter five hundred and sixty six; panicChapter five hundred and sixty seventh; Is the lesson for you not enough?Five hundred and sixtieth eight chapters; Hinata shot
Five hundred and sixtieth IX; teasingChapter five hundred and seventieth; unstoppableChapter 571: MutationChapter five hundred and seventy second; Evolutionary process
Five hundred and seventieth chapters; evolutionChapter five hundred and seventy fourth; the external situationChapter 575; Discussion after the warChapter five hundred and seventy-six; want to send to Konoha ¡¾Thanks for the reward from Starlight¡¿
Chapter 577 - Chapter 578; the result of the discussionFive hundred and seventieth IX; get readyChapter five hundred and eightieth; The Surprise of the Three HokagesChapter five hundred and eighty first; dignified two
Chapter five hundred and eighty second; guessChapter five hundred and eighty third; misunderstandingChapter five hundred and eighty fourth; Contradictions within KonohaChapter five hundred and eighty fifth; guesses and misunderstood identities
Chapter five hundred and eighty sixth; differencesChapter five hundred and eighty seventh; ExitChapter five hundred and eighty eighth; unintentional revelationChapter five hundred and eighty IX; long-lost system task
Chapter five hundred and ninetieth; the plan to be seen throughChapter five hundred and ninety first;Chapter five hundred and ninety second; goodbye little girlChapter five hundred and ninety-three; Prepare [thanks to sddw3f for the reward]
Chapter five hundred and ninety-four; combat meetingFive hundred and ninetieth chapters; unexpected eventsFive hundred and ninetieth chapters; the wrong personChapter five hundred and ninety seventh; Hinata's persecution
Chapter five hundred and ninety-eight; broke the newsChapter five hundred and ninety nine; BarabaraChapter six hundred;Chapter six hundred and first; unnecessary suspicion
Chapter six hundred and second; before the warChapter six hundred and third; the war beginsChapter six hundred and four; the battle beginsChapter six hundred and five; lurking
Chapter 606; Hideo Kato's thoughtsChapter six hundred and seventh; sneak attackChapter six hundred and eighth; fried warehouseChapter six hundred and nine; take over
Chapter six hundred and tenth; MistakesChapter six hundred and eleventh; cold-blooded snake pillChapter six hundred and twelve; Madman OrochimaruChapter six hundred and thirteen;
Chapter six hundred and fourteenth; it is impossible to take the blameChapter six hundred and fifteen; denial of requestChapter six hundred and sixteenth; Sha Yin's decisionChapter six hundred and seventeenth; Sha Yin's decision II
Chapter six hundred and eighteenth; the situation of Yin ShaChapter six hundred and nineteenth; Luo Sha's special stateChapter six hundred and twentieth; the question of whether to do it or notChapter six hundred and twentieth;
Chapter six hundred and twentieth; a body without a soulSix hundred and twentieth chapters; Manic ShouheChapter six hundred and twentieth; unexpected resultsChapter six hundred and twentieth; Sand ninja's counterattack
Chapter six hundred and twentieth; the prey of OrochimaruChapter six hundred and twenty seventh; Orochimaru's prey IIChapter six hundred and twentieth eight; Orochimaru's prey threeSix hundred and twentieth IX; Sand Ninja Puppet Beast
Chapter six hundred and thirtieth; CruelChapter six hundred and thirtieth;Chapter six hundred and thirtieth;Chapter six hundred and thirtieth; duel
Chapter 634; Orochimaru vs ChiyoChapter six hundred and thirtieth; declared the endChapter six hundred and thirtieth;Chapter six hundred and thirtieth;
Chapter six hundred and thirtieth eight;Chapter six hundred and thirtieth; then foolChapter six hundred and fortieth;Chapter six hundred and forty one; the end
Chapter six hundred and fortieth two; the eye of truthChapter six hundred and forty-three; transformation planChapter six hundred and fortieth; see through but not tell throughChapter six hundred and forty-five; Xiaonan who lost his memory
Chapter 646; Xiaonan who wants to change his fateChapter six hundred and forty-seven; Xiaonan who is about to leaveChapter six hundred and fortieth eight; back to KonohaChapter six hundred and fortieth IX; Konoha of another time and space
Chapter six hundred and fiftieth;Chapter six hundred and fifty first; finalizedChapter six hundred and fifty second; unpopular peopleChapter six hundred and fiftieth; entering the school
Chapter six hundred and fiftieth; take the nameChapter six hundred and fiftieth; Go to the Uchiha tribeChapter 656; Encounter Uchiha ItachiChapter six hundred and fifty seventh; Goodbye Uchiha Fugaku
Chapter 658; see MikotoSix hundred and fiftieth IX; Uchiha mirror returnsChapter six hundred and sixtieth; counter Uchiha mirrorChapter six hundred and sixty first; small punishment and big commandment
Chapter six hundred and sixty second; Uchiha Fugaku's eyesChapter six hundred and sixty third; Poor ZhishuiChapter 664; Disappointment with Uchiha MirrorChapter six hundred and sixty fifth; Konoha's fear
Six hundred and sixtieth chapters; encounter assassinationChapter six hundred and sixty seventh; assassination planChapter six hundred and sixty-eight; it's time to collect debtsChapter six hundred and sixty nine; destination
Chapter six hundred and seventieth;Chapter six hundred and seventy first;Chapter six hundred and seventy second; tough stanceSix hundred and seventieth chapters; Lord appears
Six hundred and seventieth chapters; slaughter mastermindChapter six hundred and seventy fifth; Unscrupulous ChenChapter six hundred and seventy sixth; the first confrontation with FeijianChapter six hundred and seventy seventh; Headache deer for a long time
Chapter six hundred and seventy-eight;Six hundred and seventieth IX; regeneration accidentChapter six hundred and eightieth; prevent Akatsuki from negotiatingChapter six hundred and eighty first; Negotiations destined to fail
Chapter six hundred and eighty second;Chapter six hundred and eighty third; delaying timeChapter six hundred and eighty fourth; Uchiha Tatsumi's arrivalChapter six hundred and eighty fifth; strong shot
Chapter six hundred and eighty sixth; crushing the rainChapter six hundred and eighty seventh; Strange taskChapter six hundred and eighty eighth;Chapter 689; Hanzo who feels good about himself
Chapter 600 is the performance of HanzoChapter six hundred and ninety first; the caught XiaonanChapter 692; Devouring Hanzo's soulSix hundred and ninetieth chapters; save Xiaonan
Six hundred and ninetieth chapters; whim of the decisionChapter six hundred and ninety fifth; new goalsSix hundred and ninetieth chapters; rain forbearance village changesChapter six hundred and ninety seventh; sand ninja is going to make trouble
Chapter six hundred and ninety eight;Chapter six hundred and ninety nine; episodeChapter seven hundred; Wisdom familyChapter seven hundred and first; the ignorant are fearless
Chapter seven hundred and second; Disappointed ChenChapter seven hundred and third; the ignorant are doomedChapter seven hundred and fourth; Witch BauhiniaChapter seven hundred and fifth; the actions of the ghost country
Chapter seven hundred and six; people are goneChapter seven hundred and seventh; invitation rejectedChapter seven hundred and eighth; the embarrassment of the ghost countryChapter seven hundred and nine; pretending to be smart
Chapter seven hundred and tenth; the monster about to be brokenChapter seven hundred and eleventh; breaking the sealChapter seven hundred and twelve; let go of the sealChapter seven hundred and thirteenth; the real Yamata no Orochi
Chapter seven hundred and fourteenth; the temptation of the big snakeChapter seven hundred and fifteenth; changing fateChapter seven hundred and sixteen;Chapter seven hundred and seventeenth; the formidable snake
Chapter seven hundred and eighteen;Seven hundred and nineteenth chapter; the snake's retreatSeven hundred and twentieth chapters; Majia ancient bow of the skyChapter seven hundred and twentieth; teasing the big snake
Seven hundred and twentieth chapters; Eight Qi self-destructionChapter seven hundred and twentieth; Maitreya's surpriseSeven hundred and twentieth chapters; dead but not stiffChapter seven hundred and twentieth; Incredible big snake
Seven hundred and twentieth chapters; tragic snakeChapter seven hundred and twentieth; appallingSeven hundred and twentieth eight chapters; seal againChapter seven hundred and twentieth;
Chapter seven hundred and thirtieth; want to leave without saying goodbyeChapter seven hundred and thirtieth; Maitreya's affectionChapter seven hundred and thirtieth; five years laterChapter seven hundred and thirtieth; ready to shoot
Chapter seven hundred and thirtieth; Ninja panicChapter seven hundred and thirtieth; Heijue's uneasinessChapter seven hundred and thirtieth; goodbye Uchiha MadaraChapter seven hundred and thirtieth; Chen's provocation
Seven hundred and thirtieth eight chapters; black endSeven hundred and thirtieth IX; another confrontation with MadaraChapter seven hundred and fortieth; new age and old ageChapter seven hundred and fortieth; show reincarnation eye
Chapter seven hundred and fortieth; the endChapter seven hundred and fortieth three; failed five shadow talksChapters 744 to 745; Konoha's DiscussionChapter seven hundred and forty-six; ultimatum to Konoha
Chapter 747; A war initiated by one personChapter seven hundred and fortieth eight; A war initiated by one person IISeven hundred and fortieth IX; war with ninja worldChapter seven hundred and fiftieth; the war with ninja world II
Chapter seven hundred and fiftieth; bullshitChapter seven hundred and fiftieth; continue to bullshitChapter seven hundred and fifty third; before leavingChapter seven hundred and fiftieth; before leaving two
Chapter seven hundred and fiftieth; return to the original worldSeven hundred and fiftieth chapters; backChapter 757; Weird feelingChapter 758; The Influence of Parallel Worlds
Chapter seven hundred and fiftieth; more daughters?Chapter seven hundred and sixtieth; Ninja world statusChapter seven hundred and sixty first;Chapter seven hundred and sixty second;
Chapter seven hundred and sixty third; Sage of the Six PathsSeven hundred and sixtieth chapters; Do you want to wash white?Chapters seven hundred and sixty-five to seven hundred and sixty-six; outsidersChapter seven hundred and sixty seventh;
Seven hundred and sixtieth eight chapters; fierce battle spot twoSeven hundred and sixtieth IX; fierce battle spot threeChapter seven hundred and seventy;Chapter seven hundred and seventy first; Uchiha Tatsumi appeared
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-two;Seven hundred and seventieth chapters; Sakura's transformationSeven hundred and seventieth chapters; target reincarnation eyesSeven hundred and seventieth chapters; target reincarnation eyes two
Chapter seven hundred and seventieth; seizeChapter seven hundred and seventy seventh; AmaterasuChapter seven hundred and seventy-eight;Chapter seven hundred and seventy nine;
Chapter seven hundred and eightieth; Uchiha Chen, who is hard to competeChapter seven hundred and eighty first; begging for mercy?Chapter seven hundred and eighty second; other godsChapter seven hundred and eighty third; eye-catching
Chapter 784; Sasuke's Reincarnation EyeChapter seven hundred and eighty fifth; Reincarnation eye ruinedChapter seven hundred and eighty six;Chapter seven hundred and eighty seventh; angered the spot
Chapter seven hundred and eighty eighth; the irritated spotChapter 789Chapter 790; Unlimited monthly reading of failureChapter seven hundred and ninety first; the eye of reincarnation in a circle
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-two; all the spots of reincarnation eyesChapter seven hundred and ninety third; Heijue's true faceChapter seven hundred and ninety four; Otsutsuki KaguyaChapter seven hundred and ninety-fifth; decisive battle Otsutsuki Kaguya
Seven hundred and ninetieth chapters; Uchiha Tatsumi appearedChapter seven hundred and ninety seventh; the provocation between the doorsSeven hundred and ninetieth eight chapters; ready to start the groupSeven hundred and ninetieth IX; ready to start two groups
Chapter eight hundred;Chapter eight hundred and first; start a groupChapter eight hundred and second; bold ideaChapter eight hundred and third; the cheating Naruto
Chapter 804: Fighting Kaguya JiChapter eight hundred and five; chance of sealingChapter eight hundred and sixth; Zuo Ming in a hard fightChapter eight hundred and seventh; into a bitter battle
Chapter eight hundred and eight; hard workChapter eight hundred and nine;Chapter eight hundred and tenth; cooperationChapter eight hundred and eleventh; intruders
Chapter eight hundred and twelve;Chapter eight hundred and thirteen; Zuo Ming crisisChapter eight hundred and fourteenth; Zuo Ming crisis twoChapter eight hundred and fifteen; Zuo Ming crisis three
Chapter eight hundred and sixteen;Chapter eight hundred and seventeenth; fierce battleChapter eight hundred and eighteenth; the battle heats up IIChapter eight hundred and nineteenth; the battle is intense three
Chapter eight hundred and twentieth; IntermissionChapter eight hundred and twentieth; accidentChapter 822; The transaction between the mysterious person and the systemChapter 823 (on); Yi Zhengnan
Chapter 823 (below); swallowingChapter eight hundred and twentieth; follow-up reactionEight hundred and twentieth chapters;Eight hundred and twentieth chapters;
Eight hundred and twentieth chapters; surprise threeChapter eight hundred and twenty-eight;Chapter eight hundred and twentieth; Rescue SasukeChapter eight hundred and thirtieth; Uchiha Tatsumi appeared
Chapter eight hundred and thirtieth; too lazy to think of a titleChapter eight hundred and thirtieth; the battle continuesChapter eight hundred and thirtieth; the unexpected personChapter eight hundred and thirtieth; join hands
Eight hundred and thirtieth chapters; joint twoChapter eight hundred and thirty-six;Chapter eight hundred and thirtieth; Kaguya Ji was swallowedEight hundred and thirtieth eight chapters; give a helping hand
Eight hundred and thirtieth IX; finally metChapter eight hundred and fortieth; the first fightChapter 841; The Battle of the Two TravelersChapter eight hundred and forty-two; The battle of the two traversers II
Chapter eight hundred and fortieth; the real devilChapter eight hundred and fortieth; the devil's houseChapter eight hundred and fortieth; the endChapter 846: Sun Wuchen
Chapter 847: The Glory of the Full MoonChapter 848: Controllable Ape TransformationChapter 849: DepartureChapter 850 Exercising the Tail
Chapter 851 Subsystem AwakeningChapter 852: Teacher Wutian¡¯s Big TurtleChapter 853 Challenge Wutian TeacherChapter 854: Still No Success
Chapter 855: Windmill FistChapter 856: Hole Waves That Can Be BoostedChapter 857: Bulma ArrivesChapter 858: A Different Oolong
Chapter 859: TransfigurationChapter 860 Desert LizardChapter 861: The Perfect Hole WaveChapter 862: Elementary Combat Suit
Chapter 863 Lucky DjinnChapter 864 Learning Kamepai QigongChapter 865: Kamepai Qigong and Monkey King the Great ApeChapter 866 Dragon Ball Rewards
Chapter 867 First Meeting KikiChapter 868: Bull Demon King Surrounded by FlamesChapter 869: Giant Ape CannonChapter 870: Departure
Chapter 871 Hunting and killingChapter 872: Galin TowerChapter 873: New Energy¡ªAfterimage FistChapter 874: The Surprised Kalin Immortal
Chapter 875: Forest RhinoChapter 876: Rampage MonsterChapter 877 Refining WeaponsChapter eight hundred and seventy-eight empty attribute somersault cloud
Chapter 879 CompetitionChapter eight hundred and eightieth repeated fierce battlesChapter 881 Sky Cross FistChapter 882: Sun Wuchen¡¯s Kong Wushu
Chapter 883: Sun Wuchen and Sun WukongChapter 884 ChallengeChapter 885 Fist ShowdownChapter 886: Turtle Immortal Full Power
Chapter 887 Super ShowdownChapter 888: Defeated to InvincibleChapter eight hundred and eighty ninth: start againChapter 890 Eye Hypnosis
Chapter 891 Finding Dragon BallsChapter 892 The Weird Grand CanyonChapter 893 DangerChapter 894: Agreement with Carrick II
Chapter 895 Skill AdvancementChapter 896: Super - Hole Wave BeamChapter 897 Shine! artificial moonChapter 898: Great Ape Transformation and Horrible Enemies
Chapter 899 Boss-level CarrickChapter 900: Giant Ape Magic Wind FistChapter 901 Peach comes in vainChapter 902: Defeat in vain
Chapter 903 Rewards for Defeating the BossChapter 904: Mysterious GuidanceChapter 905: The Test of Mr. BoboChapter 906 Learning from God
Chapter 907: Comprehension of fighting with oneselfChapter 908 Five Elements BoxingChapter 909 Destroy the enemy with one blowChapter 910 Infinite Divine Power
Chapter Nine Hundred and Eleven: The Rebellious YamchaChapter 912: The Last Resistance of the Red Ribbon LegionChapter 913 VictoryChapter 914: Yamucha, the dog of mourning
Chapter 915 Strong KelinChapter 916 Continue to fightChapter 917: Monkey King Shows His PowerChapter 918: War
Chapter 919 Powerful Demon WarriorChapter 920: Shocking HorrorChapter 921: The Fatal Killer¡ª¡ªThe Devil¡¯s FireChapter 922: Defeating the Demon Race
Nine hundred and twentieth chapters magic lamp requestChapter 924: Strong Sun WuchenChapter 925 Continue to practiceChapter 926: Another Planet
Chapter 927: Planet of TerrorChapter 928: Warrior WrightChapter 929 Dark AreaChapter nine hundred and thirtieth shape base plan
Chapter 931: Hunting in the Starry SkyChapter 932 Exchange - Realm King FistChapter 933 Destined to be strongChapter 934: Bearing Fate
Chapter 935 Sneak Attack TacticsChapter 936: Exchange for Combat UniformsNine hundred and thirtieth chapters of the calculation of the battleChapter 938: Horror Strange Snake
Chapter 939 Desperate KillingChapter 940 Continue TrainingChapter 941: The General Assembly BeginsChapter 942: King Chaiba
Chapter 943: Nan Wu¡¯s EffortsChapter 944 Qi HequanChapter 945 Tit for TatChapter 946: Powerful Tianjin Fan
Chapter 947: Coming of AgeChapter 948: The Weird Man in BlackChapter 949: Murder HimselfChapter 950: Qigong Cannon Showdown
Chapter 951 Desperate Tianjin RiceChapter 952: Monkey King AppearsChapter 953: The Identity of SombraChapter 954 The Saiyan Who Never Gives Up
Chapter 955: Monkey King¡¯s Final BlowChapter 956: RollingChapter 957: The Despair of the Demon RaceChapter 958: The Concerns of the Immortals
Chapter 959 Training OolongChapter 960 Advanced TransfigurationChapter 961: The Newcomer Sending the DeadChapter 962 Hunting the enemy
Chapter 963: Perfect Realm King FistChapter 964: Royal Capital BattlefieldChapter 965: Big Devil PiccoloChapter 966: Demon Dimension
Chapter 967: Terrorist SituationChapter 968 Five Elements Boxing ComboChapter 969: Five Elements Guipai QigongChapter 970 Space Pirates
Chapter 971 ShowdownChapter 972: Quadruple Realm King FistChapter 973: The Scariest Monster in the CenterChapter 974: The Requirements for Raising the Realm King Fist
Chapter Nine Hundred and Seventy Five: A Journey of a Million KilometersChapter 976 Keep RunningChapter 977 Advanced World King Fist (Fourth)Chapter 978: Realm King Fist and Vitality Bullet
Chapter 979: Arrival of the Martial Arts ConferenceChapter Nine hundred and eightieth growing strongChapter 981: The First BattleChapter 982 Kiki's Breakthrough
Chapter 983 AgreementChapter 984: Brothers' BattleChapter 985: Two-handed Tracking BulletsChapter 986: Brotherly Controversy
Chapter 987 Divine Skill - Qigong Wave ReboundChapter 988: The Power of One HandChapter 989: Monkey King¡¯s EffortsChapter Nine hundred and ninetieth the strong self-improvement
Chapter 991 Elite Enemy - PiccoloChapter 992: Return of the DevilChapter 993 Carrick II under the evil starChapter 994: Humble Demon Race
Chapter 995: The Deceived Carrick IIChapter 996: Level-D Skill Demon God BarrierChapter 997 Prepare to huntChapter 998: Ten Times Realm King Fist
Chapter 999 Instant PowerChapter 1000: DodoriaChapter One Thousand and One: The Horrible BeastChapter 1002 Exchange - The Unbroken Body
Chapter 1003: Hunting InterstellarChapter One Thousand and Four: The Beaten RaditzChapter 1005: The plan is in progressChapter 1006: Exploring the Darkness
Chapter 1007: RebellionChapter 1008 Earth's "guest"Chapter 1009: Five Elements Boxing - Crazy Dragon DrillChapter 1010 Carrick II who escaped
Chapter 1011: Business StarChapter 1012: The Missing Two DaughtersChapter 1013 Blood at the AuctionChapter 1014 Desperate Battle
Chapter 1015: Super Giant ApeChapter 1016: Havoc on the Commercial PlanetChapter 1017: The Demon King After RecoveryChapter 1018 Reaction
Chapter 1019: Divine TreeChapter 1020 For the Fruit of the God TreeChapter 1021: DalesChapter 1022 Bloody Battle
Chapter 1023: Sun WufanChapter 1024 TransformationChapter 1025: The Arrival of DodoriaChapter 1026: Fifteen Times Realm King Fist
Chapter 1027 Cowardly DodoriaChapter 1028 Monkey King's Final EffortChapter 1029 Beating DodoriaChapter 1030: The Reward Arrives
Chapter 1031: Perfect Clone FistChapter 1032 Helpless DodoriaChapter 1033: Ultimate Realm King FistChapter 1034: The Arrival of the Demon Race
Chapter 1035: Slag's InvitationChapter 1036: Other Ways of ResurrectionChapter 1037 Training on the spaceshipChapter 1038: Frieza's Warehouse
Chapter 1039: The Death of Qiu YiChapter 1040: The Framed Shi LaGeChapter 1041: Return to EarthChapter 1042: Special Signal
Chapter 1043 The Last SaiyanChapter 1044 Sun Wuchen and VegetaChapter 1045: Vegeta's AfterburnerChapter 1046: The Truth
Chapter 1047: NoviceChapter 1048 Progressive WarriorsChapter 1049 Monkey King's Realm King FistChapter 1050 Piccolo's Strange Offensive
Chapter 1051: Extreme PowerChapter 1052: The words left by Sun WuchenChapter 1053: The figure in the dark undergroundChapter 1054 Falling into the Demon Clan
Chapter 1055 Killing Yamucha in secondsChapter 1056 God of Destruction?Chapter 1057 A time traveler?Chapter 1058 Decided to Rescue Yamucha
Chapter 1059 Saiyan Nappa's SpaceshipChapter 1060 The Flying Ship of the Immortals First Arrival on EarthChapter 1061: The Last Hope of Reaching Planet NamekChapter 1062 Meditation Training
Chapter 1063 Officially land on Planet NamekChapter 1064: Vegeta FollowsChapter 1065 Vegeta's Amazing Combat PowerChapter 1066: Qiu Yi's Mistake
Chapter 1067: Gui Xianren sent a mission to Tianjin FanChapter 1068: Spaceship ReleasedChapter 1069 Finding the NamekiansChapter 1070 Killing the Namekians
Chapter 1071 Wukong saves peopleChapter 1072 Received the news that Tianjin Fan is comingChapter 1073 Eliminate DodoriaChapter 1074
Chapter 1075 People from Two WorldsChapter 1076 Newcomers in the Realm King's MansionChapter 1077 Refuse to fight FriezaChapter 1078 Sabo's Ugly Appearance
Chapter 1079: Sabo Defeats VegetaChapter 1080 Immortal and PiccoloChapter 1081 The Whereabouts of Dragon BallChapter 1082 Five Dragon Balls Collected (Third Update, Please Subscribe)
Chapter 1083 Perfect FantasyChapter 1084: Vegeta Defeats SaboChapter 1085 Going to the Great Elder Area AgainChapter 1086 Training of Tianjin Fan
Chapter 1087 Attack of Evil ForcesChapter 1088 Ginyu Special Forces PersonnelChapter 1089 Gurudo's super powerChapter 1090 Guruduo's gold dressing technique
Chapter 1091 Kill GurudoChapter 1092 Three people attack Likum togetherChapter 1093: All FailedChapter 1094 The Effect of Immortal Bean
Chapter 1095 Wuchen's AngerChapter 1096 The Red and Blue Light Balls of Bart and KeithChapter 1097 Defeating BartChapter 1098 Dragon Ball Spell
Chapter 1099 Vegeta's FunkChapter 1100 Sun Wuchen's True Combat PowerChapter 1101 Looking for BulmaChapter 1102 Neru vs Frieza
Chapter 1103 Find BulmaChapter 1104 Body SwapChapter 1105 The Consequences of Body SwappingChapter 1106 Killing the fake Sun Wuchen
Chapter 1107 Geese was killed by VegetaChapter 1108Chapter 1109 Rescue Sun WuchenChapter 1110 Wish Dragon Ball Bolenco
Chapter 1111 Resurrection PiccoloChapter 1112 Vegeta's dream of immortality is shatteredChapter 1113 Piccolo and Neil AssimilatedChapter 1114 Frieza's Transformation State
Chapter 1115: Frieza reported the number of 1 millionChapter 1116 Angry Tianjin FanChapter 1117 Frieza's Tail BrokenChapter 1118 The Arrival of Piccolo
Chapter 1119 Piccolo and Frieza's heated processChapter 1120 Frieza's second stageChapter 1121 Resurrection in situChapter 1122 Frieza's Ultimate Body
Chapter 1123 Dandy is deadChapter 1124 'The strength of the Saiyans'Chapter 1125 Vegeta loses fighting spiritChapter 1126
Chapter 1127 Vegeta's TearsChapter 1128 Vegeta is deadChapter 1129 Sun Wuchen and Frieza's intense stageChapter 1130 Keep Fighting
Chapter 1131 Frieza's Confidence OfferChapter 1132 Exchange of Ginyu and BulmaChapter 1133 Ten Times World King Fist Is UselessChapter 1134 Twenty Times the Ability of Realm King Fist
Chapter 1135 Vegeta's Death WillChapter 1136 Gathering Vitality BombChapter 1137 The energy of the vitality bomb is revealedChapter 1138 The gathering stage of vitality bombs
Chapter 1139 Attacking Frieza with Vitality BulletsChapter 1140 Super SaiyanChapter 1141 Super Saiyan StrengthChapter 1142 Wuchen and Frieza's Confrontation Charge
Chapter 1143 The intense stage of the battleChapter 1144Chapter 1145 The Perfect FriezaChapter 1146 Back to the spaceship
Chapter 1147 Earth's Dragon Balls Are CollectedChapter 1148 The wish is successfulChapter 1149 Dragon Ball of Namek ResurrectedChapter 1150 The Truth Comes Out
Chapter 1151 Return to EarthChapter 1152Chapter 1153 Frieza was cut in halfChapter 1154 The Great Elder of Namek passed away
Chapter 1155 Eat Namek and finally destroy itChapter 1156 Wuchen and the others can still surviveChapter 1157 Reappearance of Namek Dragon BolengoChapter 1158 The departure of the Namekians
Chapter 1159 Change of TimesChapter 1160 Attack on EarthChapter 1161 Landing on EarthChapter 1162 The Mysterious Young Man
Chapter 1163 Fighting FriezaChapter 1164 Kill FriezaChapter 1165 The mystery of the mysterious young manChapter 1166 Sun Wuchen Returns
Chapter 1167 The Mysterious Man Tries Sun WuchenChapter 1168 TrunksChapter 1169 Sun Wuchen's EncounterChapter 1170 God-level big move teleportation
Chapter 1171 Three-year deadlineChapter 1172 Respective practiceChapter 1173 Fleeting, time has comeChapter 1174 The Arrival of Baby Trunks
Chapter 1175: Artificial Man AppearsChapter 1176 Yamucha was killed in secondsChapter 1177 Special Abilities of Artificial HumansChapter 1178 Sun Wuchen Attacks No. 19
Chapter 1179 Heart attack recurrenceChapter 1180 Nanny YajirobeiChapter 1181 Super Saiyan VegetaChapter 1182: Vegeta Defeats No. 19
Chapter 1183 No. 20 FleeingChapter 1184 Piccolo is boundChapter 1185 The Powerful Piccolo of CounterattackChapter 1186 The Return of Trunks
Chapter 1188 Trunks' life experience revealedChapter 1189 Wuchen's condition is still deterioratingChapter 1190: Arrive in Beidu and look for the research instituteChapter 1191: The Appearance of No. 17 and No. 18
Chapter 1192 Dr. Gaylor was killedChapter 1193 Mysterious No. 16Chapter 1194 Looking for Sun WuchenChapter 1195: Vegeta vs. No. 18
Chapter 1196 Endless EnergyChapter 1197 The Purpose of Artificial HumansChapter 1198 Came to Bulma's HouseChapter 1199 Klin's Thoughts
Chapter 1200 Confrontation between Piccolo and the ImmortalChapter 1201: Kelin's MemoriesChapter 1202 The Energy of the Time MachineChapter 1203 Another Time Machine
Chapter 1204 Time Machine of Ai Ji EraChapter 1205 Unknown CreatureChapter 1206 The Cyborg RobberChapter 1207 Immortal Premonition
Chapter 1208 Unidentified Monster StrikesChapter 1209 The Strength of the Super NamekiansChapter 1210 Piccolo is Dangerous! ! !Chapter 1211 A Secret That Cannot Be Underestimated
Chapter 1212 Piccolo's StrategyChapter 1213 Sharu is still on the runChapter 1214 Sharu escapedChapter 1215 Underground Research Institute
Chapter 1216 Design of No. 17Chapter 1217 Find Sharu's whereabouts againChapter 1218 Wuchen's WillChapter 1219 House of Spirit and Time
Chapter 1220 Androids Arrive at Guixian IslandChapter 1221: Piccolo Fights No. 17 AgainChapter 1222 Piccolo and No. 17's Violent AttackChapter 1223 The controller of No. 17 is completed
Chapter 1224 Piccolo and No. 17's hand-to-hand combatChapter 1225 Shalu's Sudden AttackChapter 1226 Bulma ComesChapter 1227: No. 17 vs. Cell
Chapter 1228 Unexpected No. 16Chapter 1229 Combine! Absorbed on the 17thChapter 1230 The Threat of Number EighteenChapter 1231 Sun Wuchen's Rescue
Chapter 1232 Vegeta and the others have finished their practiceChapter 1233 Escape, No. 18 and No. 16Chapter 1234 Another WorldChapter 1235 The Powerful Vegeta
Chapter 1236 Super VegetaChapter 1237 Work hard, Monkey King!Chapter 1238 Vegeta Rampages CellChapter 1239 Find Android No. 18
Chapter 1240 Destroying the ControllerChapter 1241 Dangerous! was foundChapter 1242 The crisis is approachingChapter 1243 The Premonition of the Namekians
Chapter 1244 The Perfect CellChapter 1245 Tremble! real strengthChapter 1246 The Last Flash CannonChapter 1247 Keeping Vegeta's Dignity
Chapter 1248 Trunks' Hidden StrengthChapter 1249: Trunks vs. Perfect CellChapter 1250 Unbalanced PowerChapter 1251 Sharu's new idea
Chapter 1252 Rest and exerciseChapter 1253 Construction of the venue for the Martial Arts ConferenceChapter 1254 Sharu declares war on EarthlingsChapter 1255 Sun Wuchen and Monkey King Come Out
Chapter 1256 Sun Wuchen's external trainingChapter 1257 Sharu's Warning to EarthlingsChapter 1258 Free Style TrainingChapter 1259 The National Self-Defense Force Attacks
Chapter 1260 NeonamekChapter 1261 New Immortal - DandyChapter 1262 The Divine Dragon Revives AgainChapter 1263 Dragon Ball's Accident
Chapter 1264 Superhero Satan AppearsChapter 1265 The King's MemoryChapter 1266Chapter 1267 Stupid ordinary people on earth
Chapter 1268 Tianjin Fan's Skill - Shadow CloneChapter 1269 The Crisis of the Earth¡ª¡ªShock Wave of the TurtleChapter 1270 Sharu vs Sun WuchenChapter 1271 Piccolo Regenerative Cells in Cell
Chapter 1272: Wuchen's Full BlowChapter 1273 Sun Wuchen's SurrenderChapter 1274 Sharu's Resurrection with Full BloodChapter 1275 Monkey King vs. Cell
Chapter 1276 Potential PowerChapter 1277 Monkey King's ConsciousnessChapter 1278Chapter 1279 The Strength of the Little Cells
Chapter 1280 No. 16's Last WordsChapter 1281 Sun Wukong finally broke outChapter 1282 Kiki's wife's thoughtsChapter 1283 Sharu's intense stage of fighting against Monkey King
Chapter 1284 The final blow 'Shock Wave of the Turtle'Chapter 1285 Complete failureChapter 1286 Cell explodedChapter 1287 The Incredible New Sharu
Chapter 1288 The final blowChapter 1289 It's over!Chapter 1290 Post-war ReorganizationChapter 1291 The Dragon Makes a Wish
Chapter 1292 Artificial People Are SafeChapter 1293 A Peaceful Life Has ArrivedChapter 1294 Decisive victory over the artificial manChapter 1295 Eliminate Cell, peace comes
Chapter 1296 Heading to the King of the Great RealmChapter 1297 Encounter with the King of the Western RealmChapter 1298 Bringing the ghost of the wicked againChapter 1299 Reporting to the Underworld's First Martial Arts Conference
Chapter 1300: Sun Wuchen's Racing Competition with the King of the Eastern RealmChapter 1301: Oliver's BattleChapter 1302 The Gap Between BattlesChapter 1303 Using the 'Turtle Shockwave' Again
Chapter 1304 The final finalChapter 1305 The Bet Between the King of the West Realm and the King of the North RealmChapter 1306 Real BattleChapter 1307: The Fierce Battle Between Sun Wuchen and Rib Rice
Chapter 1308 Sun Wuchen, winner of the No. 1 Martial Arts Conference in HellChapter 1309 The Mysterious Golden WarriorChapter 1310 Son Gohan's First School LessonChapter 1311 The Incredible Monkey King
Chapter 1312 New Equipment Invented by BulmaChapter 1313 Messenger of JusticeChapter 1314 Sun Wuhan's DateChapter 1315 The Past of Qiqi and Monkey King
Chapter 1316 Emergency Fire FightingChapter 1317 Not the same secretChapter 1318 The Chase of Videlee and Son GohanChapter 1319 Bideli saves Sun Wuhan
Chapter 1320 The Red Shark Bandit Kidnapper LockeChapter 1321 Sun Gohan RescueChapter 1322 Doubting Sun Gohan AgainChapter 1323 Little One is Missing
Chapter 1324 Rescue the little oneChapter 1325 The attack of Toto and his wifeChapter 1326 AwakeningChapter 1327 Great Tang
Chapter 1328 Powerful SystemChapter 1329 ImmortalityChapter 1330 ImmortalChapter 1331 Drought
Chapter 1332 Go to Chang'anChapter 1333 Land LordChapter 1334 Chang'an City, Huasheng TempleChapter 1335 Looking for Xuanzang
Chapter 1336Chapter 1337 Warm HospitalityChapter 1338 AbnormalChapter 1339
Chapter 1340 MonsterChapter 1341 WrongedChapter 1342 Fake Monkey KingChapter 1343 Constant supply of goods
Chapter 1344 Land Lord RescueChapter 1345 Innate GodChapter 1346 Strength DivisionChapter 1347 Sue
Chapter 1348 Dismembered CorpseChapter 1349 WrongedChapter 1350 Taoist RescueChapter 1351 The Truth Comes Out
Chapter 1352Chapter 1353 Wei ZhengChapter 1354 AudienceChapter 1355 Request
Chapter 1356 XuanzangChapter 1357 General PingxiChapter 1358 SwordChapter 1359 Sword Name Dragon Slaying
Chapter 1360 Appease the Sword SpiritChapter 1361 WaitingChapter 1362 WestboundChapter 1363 Treasure
Chapter 1364 Killing IntentChapter 1365 The Immortal in the Golden LightChapter 1366 MysteryChapter 1367 Flattery
Chapter 1368 Out of the CityChapter 1369 The first difficulty in Chang'anChapter 1370 Demon CaveChapter 1371 General Yin
Chapter 1372 Xiong Tiger, Special OfficerChapter 1373 Followers are eatenChapter 1374 Abnormal Monk TangChapter 1375 Golden Light Reappears
Chapter 1376 Taibai rescues each otherChapter 1377 Taibai leavesChapter 1378 Double Forked RidgeChapter 1379
Chapter 1380Chapter 1381 SavedChapter 1382 Zhenshan TaibaoChapter 1383 Visiting
Chapter 1384 HealedChapter 1385 DoubtChapter 1386 Asking for somethingChapter 1387 Excessive
Chapter 1388 Leaving Shuangcha RidgeChapter 1389 Two Boundary MountainsChapter 1390 ChangesChapter 1391 young man
Chapter 1392 Wordless Heavenly BookChapter 1393Chapter 1394 FallingChapter 1395 Void
Chapter 1396 WonderlandChapter 1397 The Land of NothingnessChapter 1398 SecretChapter 1399 Heavenly Dao
Chapter 1400 Learning MagicChapter 1401 Back to Two Boundaries MountainChapter 1402 Sun WukongChapter 1403 Pleading
Chapter 1404 Save the Great SageChapter 1405 AccidentChapter 1406 Crazy MonkeyChapter 1407 Despair
Chapter 1408 The Ant Maya Shakes the TreeChapter 1409 Go to HeavenChapter 1410 Erlang GodChapter 1411 Fighting
Chapter 1412 Fighting HardChapter 1413 Battle Heaven SoldiersChapter 1414 Ye Chen ArrivesChapter 1415 The battle is in full swing
Chapter 1416 SiegeChapter 1417 Fight TogetherChapter 1418 Monkey King Shows His PowerChapter 1419 Stop
Chapter 1420 OpportunityChapter 1421 NegotiationChapter 1422 Reaching an AgreementChapter 1423 Primordial Spirit Out of Body
Chapter 1424 ChannelChapter 1425 The GateChapter 1426 UnderworldChapter 1427 Yellow Spring Road
Chapter 1428 City of Dead DeathChapter 1429 Old ManChapter 1430 The proprietress of the bun shopChapter 1431 Yama Hall
Chapter 1432 Yama KingChapter 1433Chapter 1434 Tang Monk's WhereaboutsChapter 1435 Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva
Chapter 1436 Tang Monk ResurrectedChapter 1437Chapter 1438 Snake coiled up the mountainChapter 1439 Eagle Sorrow
Chapter 1440 White DragonChapter 1441 Third PrinceChapter 1442 Changing HorsesChapter 1443
Chapter 1444Chapter 1445 HatChapter 1446 Golden HoopChapter 1447 White Dragon Horse Wearing a Golden Band
Chapter 1448 Falling apartChapter 1449 Guanyin TempleChapter 1450 ComparisonChapter 1451: Splendid cassock
Chapter 1452 borrow cassockChapter 1453 FireChapter 1454 Burning Guanyin TempleChapter 1455 throwing cassock
Chapter 1456 SurvivorChapter 1457 The cassock is stolenChapter 1458 Black fur monsterChapter 1459 First World War
Chapter 1460 "Hungry"Chapter 1461 ScoldingChapter 1462 Fighting AgainChapter 1463 Seeking Avalokitesvara
Chapter 1464 Transformation ElixirChapter 1465 Sending ElixirChapter 14661467 Collect black bear
1468 Receive Black Bear II1469 Gold Hoop1470 Gao Laozhuang1471 Borrow
1472 Pig Demon1473 Pig Mane1474 Abnormal1475 arrived
1476 see through1477 Weapons1478 Cloud Stack Cave1479 Nine-headed bird
1480 brother1481 Patriarch Bodhi1482 Laid off1483 calculation one
1484 calculation two1485 calculation three1486 Pig Wu Neng1487 Grilled Fish
1488 Wine and meat through intestines1489 Yellow Wind Monster1490 scolding1491 Fox pretends to be tiger
1492 hairs1493 Enlightenment1494 Lingji Bodhisattva1495 really fragrant
1496 Superiority1497 selfish1498 Wordless Heavenly Book1499 Tempered
1500 Nine-turn Buddha magic power1501 Quicksand River1502 Long-haired monster1503 War Sand Monk
1504 War Sand Monk II1505 Monk Zhansha III1506 Monk Zhansha IV1507 Mouth escape one
1508 Mouth escape 21509 Mouth escape three1510 Put down the butcher knife1511 kneeling
1512 Wujing1513 Shaved1514 Buddha Statue1515 Demon One
1516 Demon Race II1517 Demon Tribe III1518 Demon Race Four1519 The Demon Suppression Sutra
1520 Unwilling1521 stories1522 Hostile1523 life experience
1524 Yao Yun1525 Negotiation1526 believe1527 six turns
1528 Happy1529 Forest Village1530 Jia Mansion1531 Old woman
1532 Not Simple1533 Appearance of the Four Holy Ones1534 Appearance of the Four Saints II1535 Appearance of the Four Saints III
1536 Appearance of the Four Saints IV1537 Tempered1538 Putting Death to Life1539 Strong support
1540 Old Mother of Lishan1541 Thunderous Snoring1542 Eleventh1543 Red Dust
1544 bad things1545 Unbearable1546 barrier1547 Blur
1548 Xiaojiu Plays1549 break open1550 Love1551 Five Villages Guanyi
1552 Wuzhuang Temple II1553 Wuzhuang Temple Three1554 Five villages view four1555 Little Daoist
1556 make things difficult1557 Road1558 Little Taoist Priest Xiaoyun1559 Intimidation
1560 Admit1561 sneer1562 Framed1563 Bureau 1
1564 Bureau Two1565 round three1566 Round Four1567 escape
1568 Fanning the Flames1569 Take people1570 explained1571 Restoration
1572 Ghost Fang Tianji1573 Ghost Fang Tianji II1574 Ghosts and Gods Fang Tianji Three1575 believe
1576 Chat1577 past1578 Torture Land One1579 Torture Land II
1580 Torture Land III1581 Truth1582 Visiting the Yaozu1583 actions
1584 Find out information1585 Finding the Purpose1586 The Great War Comes1587 Dao Demon War
1588 The decisive battle between Zhenyuan and Yexun1589 The Great War ends1590 Change of Taoism1591 Rebirth Ginseng
1592 Leaving Wuzhuang Temple1593 Young girl1594 Wukong sees through1595 Elderly Woman
1596 Father Came Out to Search1597 Battle against Lady Bones1598 Tang Seng vs. Bone General1599 Tang Seng vs. Bone General 2
1600 Tang Seng vs. Bone General 31601 Wukong vs. Bone Lady1602 The past of Mrs. Bones1603 Past Event II
1604 Absorbing Evil1605 Obtaining the Holy Pill, the Heart Becomes1606 The End is Different1607 Baoxiang Kingdom
1608 Exploring the Moon Cave, Fighting the Yellow-robed Monster1609 The Shame Princess of Hundred Flowers Helps Her Escape1610 plan1611 migration
1612 Defeating Kui Wood Wolf1613 Entering the Lotus Cave by mistake1614 Pretending to be weak and entering the hole1615 Defeated Golden Horn and Silver Horn
1616 Defeated Golden Horn and Silver Horn 21617 Sky Conspiracy1618 Battle1619 Invitation from Dream
1620 true and false1621 Rescue the King1622 Buddhist affairs1623 Fire Cloud Cave
1624 Seek Ye Chen's help to convince Hong Haier1625 The Case of Che Chi Country1626 Wukong teases the Three Demons1627 Fighting with the Three Demons
1628 Battle against the Deer-shaped National Division1629 Suicide1630 Practice on the Westbound Road1631 Chenjiazhuang event
1632 Inspiration King1633 Avalokitesvara Helps the Demon1634 Golden Cave1635 King of the Green Bull
1636 Spirit Field1637 Daughter Country1638 Seeking medicine1639 Marriage Proposal
1640 accident1641 Accident 21642 Subduing the Demon1643 Flame Mountain
1644 Borrowing a Fan1645 History of Flame Mountain1646 Looking for the Bull Demon King in Moyun Cave1647 Wukong Suggests to Take the Banana Fan
1648 Fighting the Bull Demon King1649 Turning Arms into Jade Silk1650 Encounter with a Robber1651 Drive away Wukong
1652 True and false Wukong1653 Wujing please Wukong1654 Wukong and Wukong1655 Remodeling of a newborn six-eared macaque
1656 Golden Light Temple1657 Battle of the Hydra1658 Battle of Hydra 21659 Ye Chen Helps Wukong
In 1660, Fulong Temple was built to protect the country1661 Seeing Xiaoleiyin Temple for the first time1662 Old Buddha with Yellow Eyebrows1663 Tang Seng Was Arrested Again
1664 Demon Venerable Helps Out1665 Melee1666 Subduing the Yellow Browed Monster1667 Qijue Mountain
1668 Strange monster1669 Ye Chen Tests the Monster1670 Wukong enters the belly of the snake1671 Exorcising Demons and Entering the Manor
1672 Benefiting Qijue Mountain1673 Bajie Zhu Ziguo was cheated1674 lovesickness1675 Go to Qilin Mountain
1676 Seeing Empress Jinshenggong1677 Outsmarting Jin Ling1678 defeated Sai Tai Sui1679 Leaving Zhu Ziguo
Arrived at Pansi Cave in 16801681 came to Huanghuaguan1682 Fierce battle against Huanghua Guan Laodao1683 Encounter with Gods on the Road
1684 Subduing Centipede EssenceArrived at Shituoling in 16851686 Inquiry into Lion Camel Ridge1687 Yin and Yang two cylinders
Chapter 1688 Sun Wukong fights the kingChapter 1689 Bajie was arrestedChapter 1690 Falling into the Tricks of the MonstersChapter 1691 Sun Wukong rescue failed
Chapter 1692 Monkey King in RageChapter 1693 Rescue Tang MonkChapter 1694 Fighting the Demon Bear at the Bottom of the LakeChapter 1695 Angry Ye Chen
Chapter 1696 Discuss Important MattersChapter 1697 Arriving at the Bhikkhu CountryChapter 1698 Expose the true face of the old wayChapter 1699 Zhu Bajie beats the old demon of Tsinghua Village violently
Chapter 1700 Subduing the Old DemonChapter 1701 Luyi is of great useChapter 1702 Breaking the CurseChapter 1703 Testing Strength
Chapter 1704 Tathagata descends to earthChapter 1705 Improve StrengthChapter 1706: Tang Monk Takes ActionChapter 1708 hard training under the waterfall
Chapter 1709 End of PenanceChapter 1710 The Banshee Reveals Her True BodyChapter 1711 Monkey King vs Tiger Cat MonsterChapter 1712 The fifth layer of the holy spirit, the shock wave of the holy spirit
Chapter 1713Chapter 1714 Future ImprovementChapter 1715 The Bottomless Cave of the Sinking MountainChapter 1716 Tang Seng Was Arrested
Chapter 1717 Life and deathChapter 1718: Goku Fights Bi An 1Chapter 1719 Wukong vs. Bi An 2Chapter 1720 Holy Spirit Bullet
Chapter 1721Chapter 1722 Overwhelming Mountains vs. White Tiger SealChapter 1723 Healing BreakthroughChapter 1724 The true identity of the python
Chapter 1725 Finding the Eight Precepts and EnlightenmentChapter 1726 Finding the Taishang Taoist AncestorChapter 1727 Force Ye Chen to learn alchemyChapter 1728 Xi Ling Transformation Pill
Chapter 1729 full of aura and promotionChapter 1730: Xuanyuan Feng, Lord of Moxue MountainChapter 1731 Ye Chen vs Xuanyuan Feng 1Chapter 1732 Ye Chen vs Xuanyuan Feng 2
Chapter 1733 Transformation is dangerous!Chapter 1734 Transformation is successful, Wukong's life hangs by a threadChapter 1735 Rescue WukongChapter 1736 Rest and recovery
Chapter 1737 Wukong's sudden promotionChapter 1738 Wukong is promoted to immortal bodyChapter 1739 No trace of monstersChapter 1740 Get close to Tang Seng, another powerful breath
Chapter 1741 Son of the Emperor of Heaven, Tomb SpiritChapter 1742 Defeating the Tomb SpiritChapter 1743 Subduing Tomb Spirits 1Chapter 1744 Succeeded in subduing Tang Monk in danger
Chapter 1745 Tang Monk BacklashChapter 1746 ready to goChapter 1747Chapter 1748 Poison Spirit Patriarch 1
Chapter 1749 Poison Spirit Patriarch 2Chapter 1750 Battle Bone DragonChapter 1751 AxiChapter 1752 Spirit Peeping Mirror
Chapter 1753 Peeping the spirit, the pastChapter 1754 Understand the truthChapter 1755 Controlling Demon InsectsChapter 1756 Tang Monk recovers
Chapter 1757 A stable life is very importantChapter 1758 strange voiceChapter 1759 Inject spiritual power into little AxiChapter 1760 Attacking in Three Directions
Chapter 1761 The Powerful LionChapter 1762 Catch the Big Lion's LoopholeChapter 1763 This Vest Saved Your LifeChapter 1764 big brother and the others are back
Chapter 1765 Big Brother Was Really InjuredChapter 1766 Ye Chen envied Blu-ray's luckChapter 1767 go out to find fruitChapter 1768 Avalokitesvara helps
Chapter 1769Chapter 1770Chapter 1771 Millennium GinsengChapter 1772 nothing happened
Chapter 1773 Lan Guangxian woke upChapter 1774 finally relievedChapter 1775 It's all thanks to Xiao AxiChapter 1776 sensed the breath of Lihentian
Chapter 1777Chapter 1778 Multifunctional Little GownChapter 1779 Huge ObstacleChapter 1780 Light the incense and wake up the monster
Chapter 1781 The Big Monster Comes OutChapter 1782 Millennium Vine Tree FairyChapter 1783 Concealment of LihentianChapter 1784 The Cheerful Vine Tree Fairy
Chapter 1785 More than enough heart but not enough strengthChapter 1786 Let's Go Try ItChapter 1787 Find a special tree in two waysChapter 1788 Test it with a spirit mirror and incense
Chapter 1789 Discovered the Eight DiagramsChapter seventy-seven; the battle between brothersChapter two hundred and seventy-two; the angel leading to deathFour hundred and fortieth IX; Ino's situation
Chapter five hundred and fortieth; only two people can liveChapter Five Hundred and Fifty IX; UnexpectedChapter 1187 The life experiences of No. 17 and No. 18Chapter 1707 Subdue the little scorpion
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